Lionel Messi available

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… but who needs him when you have Mo Elneny back in the side banging in goals from 30 yards?

Two BIG pieces of news in football yesterday were:

Harry Maguire found guilty of assault and BRIBERY. I absolutely love all the ‘he’s a good honest boy’ pieces doing the rounds. I don’t even need to have been there to know how that scene played out.

‘Oi, speaken sie English mate? Look, let’s do a deal. Do you know who I am?’

You can imagine it… it was me when I was 19 years old, waving around 30 Euros because I’d heard the foreign police were open to it.

Shocking form from a man who really should have taken his mates to a private island. He earns £190k a week and he’s taking holidays like he’s earning £9 an hour in First Sport in Lakeside.

The second major piece of news is 33-year-old Lio Messi has told Ronald Koeman he wants out of Barca. I liked one of the Spanish papers takes on it.

‘The meeting wasn’t friendly and Koeman insisted he’d be inflexible

Can’t knock that sort of attitude.

I think it’s a great thing for Barca. Sell Messi for £150m to one of the petro-dollar clubs, get 60m off your wage bill, the rebuild with Matteo Guendouzi and Lacazette as your centrepieces.

Joking aside, who the fuck is going to pay a massive transfer fee and £70m a year? It feels like a weird threat to make of Barcelona, unless he can argue his contract is null and void because of covid… but even then, who is ponying up £70m a year? Crazy money. Let’s see if he’s truly going to stay, or he’s just kicking up a stink to show who is boss.

The third BIG piece of news is that THE Arsenal went all hype culture on us and dropped a fresh friendly with the MK DONS.

I was half in the game half out, but it was a fairly pre-seasonish performance. A lot of our big names were missing and we threw a lot of kids at the game. Odd that AMN started, not sure what that was all about. No Hector. We saw Willy Saliba in an Arsenal shirt and he looked comfortable on the ball and more than capable of dealing with the physical side of England. I think he’ll be a class act for us and suspect he’ll have a big role, though maybe not immediately.

Two early goals from Mo Elneney and Saka set nerves at ease. MK pulled one back from a stunning Rob Holding own goal. The second half saw some new faces and one of them scored. McGuiness with a bullet header into the top corner. Then Reiss finished the game off with a penalty at the end.

My guess is that Arteta is going to give the Community Shield secondary attention. The players just had an exhausting season and I would imagine Arteta understands that the most important thing he can deliver in September is a fast start. This team switches off if there’s nothing to play for, so keeping them in the mix is what he has to deliver.

Still, it must be hard. Players aren’t settled yet and there could be a lot of coming and going over the next few weeks. Far from ideal, I just hope the comings arrive earlier in the month. It’d be ideal to have our major problems solved for day one of the season… namely, a functioning midfield.

Short one today, have a good one!




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  1. GunnerDNA

    Arteta on Matteo G

    “Everybody is going to have the same opportunities. They have to show with their performance their attitude that they are better than their teammates or somehow contributing with what we want to achieve this season.

    “Yes…I’ve told him exactly that. That he’ll be part of the team and at the moment he’s like any other player in our squad. He deserves to be treated exactly the same and I will do that to my best capability.”

  2. Pierre

    “Graham – I agree with your comment on Bellerin to a point but losing both him and AMN in the same TW before a replacement is signed is a bit bonkers to me.”

    I’m not sure if it has been noted by anyone else but Willock played as a right wing back v mk Dons and did pretty good, although he probably has to work on his positioning.
    He looked pretty comfortable there so maybe Arteta has other plans for him.

  3. Marko

    First preseason game with AMN leaving and Bellerin still on holiday…I think someone is reading too much into Willock starting at RW. But sure Willock and Cedric those will be our options next season

  4. China1

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  5. GunnerDNA

    “What’s Arteta doing with the midfield we don’t have one yet”


    “I have been really clear that everybody starts from zero all the time in football. What you did two weeks ago or two years ago doesn’t really matter. It’s what you are able to contribute to the team now. Everybody is going to have the same opportunities. They’ll have to show with their performances and their attitude that they are better than their teammates or somehow contributing to what we want to achieve this season”

    Mohamed Elneny
    Mattéo Guendouzi
    Dani Ceballos
    Mesut Ozil

  6. azed

    Why do Arsenal’s Transfer Dealings take an eternity to complete?

    No other club in the EPL make life so complicated.

    We’ve got to add Raul’s cut, then there’s vat, insurance and all the other things you need to add when you want to overstate the cost of a player you don’t like.

  7. CG


    Q)””””Why do Arsenal’s Transfer Dealings take an eternity to complete?”””””

    A) KSE.
    They allow amateurs in charge

    We have Arteta – who clearly is a talented coach.

    But comparing Edu and Vinny to Chelseas world class executives is laughable.

    never had these issues when David Dein was in charge, pre KSE


    No messing.Decisiveness.

  8. Mr Serge

    CG I agree with you look at city they sign players in a couple of days as do all the big clubs
    Vinny is a joke get in some proper guy like David dein used to be
    Shane he is an old boy now
    Him leaving coincides with us becoming what we are today

  9. Marko

    Wolves remain in talks with Arsenal about a deal for Ainsley Maitland-Niles, who is closing on a £20m move to Molineux. [@ed_aarons@guardian]

    Fabrizio Romano on Arsenal interest in Houssem Aouar: “The #Arsenal board & Mikel Arteta are in love with Aouar. For sure [they will try to sign him]”

  10. Champagne Charlie

    Fat game of chicken being played right now…

    Partey, Guendouzi, Ceballos all getting the stare down.

    When AMN and Torreira make their moves I fancy the additional coin will drive matters quicker.

  11. Matt

    Saying that arsenal take time over their transfer dealings is a gross understatement. Honestly, Auba and Gabriel were reportedly pretty much over the line about two weeks ago and yet they still drag on. We have so many other moves that need to happen, both ins and outs and if these two contracts are anything to go on, they are not going to happen in time. Now there is talk or Geneouzi having a clean slate. It could just be paper talk to help negotiate the sale but honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up staying.

  12. James wood.

    Sir Chips Keswick and Lord Harris
    wanted to bring David O’Leary on
    I wonder what happened there.?
    An Arsenal man with an air about him
    like David Dien.
    He would have been ideal overseeing
    the club going forward.
    A figure head.?

  13. Mysticleaves


    You didn’t see Bergkamp in Arsenal colours? Or am I alone in thinking Bergkamp scored the most exquisite of goals? Definitely more wow goals than Henry and RVP for me.

  14. Victorious

    Since the moment Gabriel reportedly flew in for medical,Fcking Chavs have signed two players in that time! Lol

    So tedious and sluggish the way they go about transfers that they ultimately suck off whatsoever excitement left in the whole matter

    ANNOUNCE ffs.

  15. TR7

    Arteta on AMN

    ‘Yes, we’re reading a lot of news about our players which is not bad that other clubs want him but with Ainsley, he’s a player that I’ve said since I joined that I really like,”

    “The best way to show that is that I have played him in the most important games of the season and he responded really well, so that’s where we are with the player. I am always open to listening to what the player is feeling at every stage of their career and then I can give them my opinion of how I see them, what I expect from them and if we have the right understanding, then we have to move forward together. If there is something that doesn’t work then we have to assess it with the player and the club and then find the right decision for both of them.”

    Translation : I like AMN but I can’t guarantee him regular game time and if he is willing to move out for regular first team football then I have no problem with it.

  16. Marko

    “Why do Arsenal’s Transfer Dealings take an eternity to complete?”

    I dunno off the top of my head…we need to sell before we buy? Supposed targets such as Coutinho and Aouar are on holidays having just finished their season? We’re locked in discussions with Atletico about lowering the price of Partey and or swapping Lacazette? Any of the above I guess. Question should be why are Arsenal fans such moany impatient cunts had it all last summer why are we waiting to sign up Tierney this is taking too long let’s move on to a different target who joins in a timely manner. Our targets are our targets for a reason

  17. Batistuta

    Shouldn’t take so long though, it’s okay to say a lot has to happen for deals to go through like players on holidays e.t.c. but it’s also okay to recognize that we take so long to get these deals done.

    One fact shouldn’t negate the other really.

  18. Champagne Charlie

    There’s been 19 signings TOTAL in the PL through the month of August.

    Think folk are being dramatic about us taking an age, we’re a ball hair from our second major signing. City have made 2, Liverpool 1, United 0, Spurs 2, Chelsea 37, Leicester 0, Wolves 0.

    Market hasn’t flexed yet, don’t think it will until early September.

  19. Victorious

    Question should be why are Arsenal fans such moany impatient cunts”

    Says the guy that literally had his moniker recoined ‘Moan-arko’ because of his everlasting patience in all things Arsenal,

    Have some shame.

  20. CG


    “”””Since the moment Gabriel reportedly flew in for medical,Fcking Chavs have signed two players in that time! Lol

    Or look it another way.

    How comes Leicester City can continually sell above average players like Chiswell for £50 million without fuss and so quickly.

    Or Maguire for £70 million
    Or Mayhrez for £70 million etc

    Leicester City the shrewdest and best run club over in the UK.

    Canny Foxes.

  21. Matt

    I think the point people, including myself were making is that our transfer dealings seem to drag on and on compared to other clubs. I’m not sure how you can argue against that point to be honest!

  22. CG


    “”””””Chiswell and Mayhrez elite talent.””””””

    Maybe , maybe not.

    £120 million back into the Foxes coffers.

    We have Vinny & Edu- who clearly do not.

  23. Marko

    Bati I remember you last summer you fucker while waiting for Tierney the moaning why don’t we go after whoever instead look at Theo Hernandez going to Milan etc etc and here we are a year later with a better LB than what Chelsea just bought and for half the price.

  24. Marko

    Charles no no the market’s very busy it’s us that’s the problem… we’re taking our sweet ass time for some reason. Meagre budgets having to sell players first covid and quarantine none of it matters Arsenal should be getting them through the door easily

  25. Mr Serge

    Chavs are a nasty club that over spend and ruin the transfer market like city
    But city have more class
    Sick of them clubs dictating the cost of players

  26. Sid

    “Think folk are being dramatic about us taking an age, we’re a ball hair from our second major signing. City have made 2, Liverpool 1, United 0, Spurs 2, Chelsea 37, Leicester 0, Wolves 0”

    Arsenal need signings more than all the above going by the league table.

  27. Sid

    Its clear Arsenal is facing Wengeritis pandemic and theres need of quarantine and sanitizing. Quinine isnt helping
    Im telling you for free!

  28. Guns of SF

    We tend to nickle and dime every club we deal with.
    At least with Raul, we got the deal done. Paid over the odds, but brought in the big fish.

    Now its back to literally annoying and harrasing teams to reduce their prices..
    banking on the market coming to the end and teams then get desperate.

    All this the stench of Wenger.

    IT has not left.

    And why the fuck is it taking so long to sell players?
    It called being aggressive with selling and buying. We are neither

  29. CG

    cha cha

    “””””CG What are your thoughts on the Wissian signing?” “””

    Waste of money.
    will not cheer if he scores, might chuckle if he pulls up lame.

    I am sick and tired of seeing old Chelsea rejects wear the famous red and white.

    can’t be more honest than that.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    Waste of money.
    will not cheer if he scores, might chuckle if he pulls up lame.”

    What a fucking cunt. No other ways to describe him anymore.

  31. Marc

    Prior to the Cup Final I put up a comment about how perilous our finances were / could be if we missed out on any European football.

    Looking at what’s happening it’s clear that we really don’t have a pot to piss in.

    We’re selling youth players and it seems replacing them with released players from other academies.

    Why haven’t we got Auba tied down yet?

    We knew that we’d have to sell some players to raise funds but the Gabriel signing was done / about to be announced / player flying in for a medical etc etc week before last – can we not even “bridge” a signing whilst a sale goes through?

    And most disturbing of all we’re seriously looking at going into our first few matches of the league season with only 2 CM’s who aren’t for sale etc. To make matters worse those to CM’s are Xhaka and Willock – one worse than useless and the other still not proven.

    With any incoming signing most likely having to quarantine for 2 weeks and no real preseason it could be a month or more before new signings are ready to make an appearance.

    Can we afford to play players who we’re reliant on selling to raise money when they won’t be match fit and more susceptible to injuries which could then jeopardize a sale?

    Arteta’s KIP this season will be a top 4 finish.

    Right now with out current squad and lack of money I can’t see that happening in a million years.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    Welcome back from the cold.

    Nah, I’ve just said everything else there is to say about him already. None of it good in case you’ve missed it;)

  33. Marc


    Thanks mate – when you look at what people get binned on here for and what CG get’s away with you really have to question Pedro’s motives.

  34. CG


    “”””CG hates Wissian so much he hopes he gets injured. Shit’s messed up, man.”””””

    trust me
    the more Wissian is injured – the more chance have Arsenal winning the match.

    He does not improve Arsenal 1%
    absolute garbage signing- with a captial ‘G’.

  35. Dissenter

    Regarding those finances;
    I think we’ve done quite well so far when the restricted purse is considered.
    That’s why I knew we weren’t going to offer ourselves for Greek sex by Atletico. No one is going to pay 45 million and 200k weekly wages for Partey.

  36. Marc


    If I was going to make one firm prediction for next season it’s that Fat Frank won’t make it into next season as Chelsea manager. With the players they’re adding and the money they’re spending comes expectations and I don’t think he’s good enough to meet them.

    Unfortunately if we don’t get our heads out of our arses soon we may be too far back after a month or two to be in the mix if they do fuck up.

  37. Marc


    “I think we’ve done quite well so far when the restricted purse is considered.”

    We’ve signed a PL based player on a free transfer.

    Right now our squad is weaker than last season and that’s before we get into can we risk playing Laca etc in case he / they get injured.

  38. Marc


    “Welcome back. Did you enjoy those 72 virgins in the sin bin paradise?”

    Bitches stood me up – story of my fucking life!

  39. Dissenter

    Abrahamovich has this wired thing for Chelsea
    The UK government treats him like shit and still yet he won’t stop spending money like a drunken sailor.

  40. Marc


    Starting 11 doesn’t have Ceballos, bad enough Xhaka’s a fixture but we’re looking at either Elneny or Willock starting next to him.

    We’ve also got an issue with risking players like Laca / Torriera etc if we need to sell them – exhausting end to the season, no real break and no pre season is screaming injuries to me.

    I’m just really worries about where we are right now.

  41. Dissenter

    Spending the full release clause transfer on Partey and giving him a 200k weekly wages (as reported by the tabloids) is being fuc*ed in the arse by Atletico

    There are cheaper and more attainable targets

  42. Dissenter

    Gabriel is all but signed, that’s pretty much done.
    Ceballos has made his move, I reckon we will extend his loan again.
    We have awoken from the Partey dream and are wide eyed looking on more attainable targets.
    Arteta is confident about the Auba extension
    This transfer window is bizarre and is yet to properly take off.

  43. London gunner

    I’m 50/50 in fat frank he had a lot to learn but I have been impressed by some of the stuff he does not so impressed with otherstuff.

    I don’t quite think he is the donkey people make him out to be. When he got his iq tested all chelsea players do he had a genius level iq of 150 which 0.5 percent of the population.

  44. Marc


    Gabriel – has been all but signed for weeks now – get it done for fucks sake. I’m beginning to think it won’t happen.

    Ceballos – will need a 2 week quarantine period right now unless he flies back tomorrow he won’t be available for our first match.

    Partey – Our long term major target in CM is now not going to happen? So getting a new target signed will take a minimum of 2 weeks – that’s a month minimum of the new season lost.

    Auba – Arteta’s confident – oh well that’s OK then except loads on here were confident that Ramsey was going to sign as well.

  45. Marc


    Thanks mate – I got binned for chucking a rather inconvenient home truth at him.

    It’s hanging over him like the Sword of Damocles!

  46. Champagne Charlie


    As of now it’s the same squad, with Willian swapped out for Ceballos, plus Saliba.

    We’re not weaker, and the impatience to get transfers in simply ignores the landscape.

    Gabriel, Ceballos, Partey will all sign imo, then it’ll be a toss-up between Aouar and Coutinho later in September as the market gets on.

  47. Freddie Ljungberg


    Arteta just said today that we’re close to getting Gabriel over the line so that’s our backline improved considerably already.

    Our midfield is a worry of course but we’ll have to get some players out the door first I think.

    Reports are encouraging though with Holding, Sok, Bellerin, AMN, Kola, Torreira, Laca and Chambers all linked with moves this week, for actual money too, didn’t think that would be the case for some of them.

    There’s going to be a lot of teams not ready with their squads at the start of the season so we won’t be alone in that. Would rather we take our time and get the right players in so we’re set up for the long term. This window is too important to make hasty decisions.

  48. SpanishDave

    We are going to be under the cosh for the first few games , it’s a strange transfer window as it ends in six weeks time.
    Can’t get rid of our dross.

  49. Marc


    We’ll have to disagree on the current state of the squad – hopefully it will change in the next few weeks.

    I will point out that I was one of the few who last summer was telling people to have a bit of patience and give it time. I just don’t think we have time to spare this summer.

  50. Champagne Charlie

    Yea have to agree there, the idea of ditching Partey for an inferior player because this summer is a shower and Fulham are a few weeks away is not for me.

    Fuck that, get your priorities in and then deal with the covid fuckery with what you’ve assembled.

  51. Marc


    It’s a bitch of a situation and I would always advocate getting the right player over buying for the sake of it but we don’t have a midfield right now of any sort.

    I’d really rather not watch us play our first 2 matches as if we’re playing Liverpool away before playing Liverpool away!

  52. Champagne Charlie


    You’re applying universal concerns to us alone, the short summer/lack of preseason isn’t an Arsenal thing and no club outside Chelsea have made moves.

    We have Willian and Saliba added and Ceballos currently taken away from last years squad. How you consider it drastically weaker is a mystery, Ceballos ain’t KDB ffs cmon now.

  53. Marc


    Other clubs don’t need an entire new midfield.

    Saliba will be a great player for us (Praise the holy Sanllehi) but I can’t see him starting our first match.

    I’m not saying Ceballos is the second coming – I’m saying he’s out best CM by a crazy measure. More a comment on the lack of talent we have in CM than praise for Ceballos.

    Xhaka and Elneny – fuck me. Xhaka and Willock – doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  54. Champagne Charlie

    “Other clubs don’t need an entire new midfield.“

    No but they sure as shit need their own improvements, not many of them can claim 3 managers and a dumpster fire of ugly as considerable reason for their efforts last term.

    Only team to make credible gains thus far is Chelsea, and Chilwell isn’t going to solve their entire defence.

    Our midfield will survive another couple of weeks as we tie up Ceballos and Partey.

  55. Batistuta


    Again, nothing wrong with wanting the club to maybe get deals over the line a lot faster. Doesn’t warrant name calling too by the way.

    Oh and Theo Hernandez did have a better season than Tierney by the way.

    You do know it’s perfectly fine for folks to react whatever way they want regarding transfers right? You can’t police how folks perceive the pace at which the transfer take with Arsenal. It’s normal , folks will be impatient and folks will be patient and both are perfectly fine. You need to relax a bit really

  56. Batistuta

    Everyone knows it’s not a typical transfer window due to the circumstances and everyone recognizes the need to also fix our issues as best we can especially our non existent midfield.

    So while everyone’s also prepared to be patient enough with the club, it’s also okay to expect is to move a lot faster then usual not withstanding whatever else other clubs around us are doing. There’s barely any preseason and there’s the stupid internationals coming up so not a lot of time for new players to fully get up to speed and all like if it was a normal season so it should be okay for folks to want the club to do the business as early as they can finances permitting.

  57. Marc


    If we’d got a CM – Partey or what ever player we’re chasing – over the line quickly I’d be a lot happier.

    I’ve just got a sense of doom about our early matches that won’t go away.

  58. Marko

    Arteta just said today that we’re close to getting Gabriel over the line so that’s our backline improved considerably already.

    It’s very possible Gabriel is already undergoing his 14 day quarantine already to be honest I’m not worried about him and while I get it I wish all our business was done quickly and before the start of the season but I’d rather we got our business done right instead of quickly and honestly the likes of Partey and Aouar (if they are the targets) will be worth the wait.

  59. Marko

    But anyway done in a timely manner or not if we were to somehow get our reported targets through this summer it doesn’t matter the time or the day or the month it’ll literally represent our best summer. Partey or Aouar or Coutinho are worth the wait. Also selling fucking some of the dross is absolutely worth the wait

  60. Marko

    Then why on earth wouldn’t we announce the deal?

    I don’t know I’m not worried about it honestly by all reports it sounds like a done deal. It’s possible that we know what we’re doing. For example like I said it’s possible that he’s already in quarantine waiting to do all that media shit and then it gets announced while Chelsea who are signing Thiago Silva done his medical in Milan and THEN he does his quarantine period so we could be looking at a situation where Silva is “signed” before Gabriel but Gabriel is actually able to play football before him…

  61. andy1886

    Arteta has been confident on Auba for months now, about time that confidence turned into something concrete.

    Could be of course that Auba is waiting to see if certain promises on recruitment are kept, after all he probably believed them when they said that the pay cut would save jobs… Once bitten and all that.

    Welcome back Marc, just in time to witness another MA master class in the Community (it doesn’t matter if we don’t win it, but will suddenly be a big thing if we do) Shield.