Maitland-Niles looks set to join Wolves + Gabriel stalked on motorway by rabid Arsenal fans

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Arsenal has continued to rework their backroom team at a rapid-fire pace. Wherever we’re heading, Edu and Arteta are moving there FAST.

The club moved on Freddie Ljungberg and there are rumours that they might be back-filling his role with Dennis Bergkamp (Mark Irwin). I am an absolute sucker for the Dutchman. I penned a 2000 word essay on him (and Thierry) for Mundial once, what a total dream of a player/human. I have no idea what he’s like as a coach, but he’s certainly done some of it at Ajax. I also don’t know what he’d be coming in as. Still, what we do know is the man is trained in Total Football, he boasted some of the best technique the Premier League has ever witnessed, and he’s an absolute winner that can speak many languages.

Sal Bibbo is out the door, good luck to him. Arteta brought Inaki with him from Brentford. Hard to deny his impact on the keepers, Martinez and Leno have been in electric form during the backend of this season. Notable that Andreas Georgeson (seems to be spelt with an ‘e’) has already started his role as the set-piece coach. His role might be a little broader than that, but according to the data nerds, his coaching saved Brentford about 6 goals from setpieces last season. Not bad if they were theoretically in games that turned losses into points. If you want further details, James Benge has a nice write-up here.

Also, as a side note, Arsenal moved on the coordinator that had a fight at the Palace game and ran a motivational speech for the language challenged Unai Emery. Not important in the grand scheme of things, but it’s great to see Arsenal are digging out bad eggs and starting afresh. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the ‘WHY ARE YOU THERE?’ folk are still there come the end of the summer. High-performance culture means making sure every cog in the machine is elite. Great to see that we’re taking that seriously.

It was quite startling to see that we just moved on Pat Rice and Stuart Houston from scouting roles. I didn’t know they were still on the payroll. I appreciate their service, but their presence certainly spoke to the nostalgia addiction we’ve had at Arsenal over the past decade.

A manager always wants to create the right energy in a high-intensity environment like a football club, bringing in fresh ideas and new faces is as exciting for the fans as it is for the players. If the manager sets out and says he wants to make you better, seeing him deliver on that by bringing in the right coaches is great validation.

… but, you know, bringing in actual players is probably THE most exciting thing you can do. Arsenal fans are taking things to the next level today. They tracked Gabriel’s flight into Luton today and even managed to find his car using cameras on the M25. Unbelievable dedication to the exclusive. Hopefully, the club can announce his arrival with Auba signing his new deal.

PSG were beaten last night. What that will hopefully mean is this: The French press point out that what is lacking is French players and staff that truly ‘get’ PSG. Out goes Tuchel, in comes Poch. Out go a lot of international players on big money. In comes a player like MATTEO GUENDOUZI THE FUTURE OF FRENCH FOOTBALL. The price? Big. Make it English premium big. L’Équipe say they are interested and that is probably the best news Edu has had all summer.

SkySports are reporting that Wolves are interested in bringing AMN to the West Midlands. I’m a bit off about this move. I really like the player and he added a lot of value to us when he was given a specific role. If he’s off, I hope we have a good plan to replace him. The money on offer is reportedly about £20m. Feels quite low considering he’s probably out most effective right back. Still, we have to trust the process and accept that some deals that go through might not sit well with us. Hey, we might even be angling for a deal coming the other way? Who knows…

There’s also some worrying news that Sam Greenwood is interesting Leeds United. It’d be a pretty miserable summer if we lost him and Balogun. It’s very problematic that we keep losing young talent, but hey, at least we’re creating it these days. Fingers crossed something can be done there.

Right, one week until the Community Shield. Let’s see what Arsenal can make happen!

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  1. Mr Serge

    It’s the 90 m I am talking about it’s crazy money if he works out a front four of Werner pulisic ziyec and havertz is very good

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Getting rid of AMN, Kola and Bellerin this window would be great.
    that’s 250k off the wage bill and only Bellerin needs to be replaced with a starter.

    Depending on who else we get in attacking positions Saka can be back up LB.

    AMN is already replaced.

    Get someone like Max Aarons in and we have a top quality young backline that can become world class with the right coaching.
    And we’ll have an extra 20-25m to spend and a lower wage bill to boot. A lot of pieces that has to fall into place but it seems like we’re getting the ball moving now.

    Think getting Gabriel secured was seen as the starting point for culling our defenders.

  3. Mr Serge

    Max Aaron’s would be excellent for sure I like his back story too. Became a pro in a very unconventional manner

  4. TeeCee

    It was o my just after the cup final that several papers (I think) carried the story that AMN wanted out. I do t think Arteta wants rid I just think he can’t give him many assurances about playing time. Plus AMN was moaning about not being able to play midfield not so long ago so I think the move will suit him.

  5. Globalgunner

    Cedric Soares won a Ero with portugal keeping out the barca LB for that position. Meanwhile AMN cannot even hold down any position for a middling Arsenal team.

    These AMN fans are the same zealots who thought Wilshere, Ramsey and Walcott would be world beaters.

    Bye bye Ainsley. Only thing for sure is that The Wolves manager will kick that lackadaisical nonchalance out of him sharpish

  6. David Smith

    Harsh on the coordinator who has been let go. I know nothing about his role while at the club, but regarding the motivational speech, I am sure I read Emery had said the non playing/coaching staff doing the pre game motivation was the work of useless sports psychologist David Priestley, whereas at the time, some blamed Emery or the coordinator himself for muscling in
    Wonder if Priestley is still there ?

  7. Paulinho

    TR7 – I’m delighted with the transfer. AMN can be useful in a pinch with his versatility and agility, but over a longer period of time his lack of quality in terms of passing becomes apparent, as well as his inability to sustain the required intensity mentally. Maybe he will step up a level at Wolves, and he won’t find a better coach than Nuno to help him progress.

  8. Dissenter

    AMN is a relatively well accomplished player who’s played at a high level for Arsenal
    He’s played European cup games including a losing Europa cup final
    He’s also played in a FA cup final.
    Wolves are getting a good bang for their money, all the best to him.
    Our academy is recovering from the Wenger years, at least we are selling one academy player a year now for good money.

  9. Zacharse

    If i remember right the fee for aarons would be unusually high for a relegation team. Think he’s on a ling term deal there but will eventually make a move no doubt. Seems more fitting for manurd to pay the over the top fee for a young unproven player like that…hehe 19 yr old nico pepe

    Somebody said earlier that havertz isnt mentally fit for the EPL. While
    That may be the case its actually Werner going back some years now who has a reputation for folding in the face of heavy aggression. I’ll happily stick my neck on the chopping block and say he won’t fare anywhere near as well as most expect him to do.

  10. Graham62


    If only the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Ox etc had had someone at the helm who could coach properly.

    If true, pity about AMN though.

    There is a player there, as Arteta has shown us.

  11. London gunner

    I’m not even AMN fan and quite often don’t get the fuss.

    But he was far better than bellerin last season when he was played at right back.

    Not quite sure what to make of the transfer. Personally I think 20 million isn’t enough for an English arsenal player even during xovid.

  12. Paulinho

    Don – Ramsey grows stronger late in games, and plays better the more games he manages to string together- entirely the opposite of AMN, so maybe re-think your logic there.

  13. Gunnershabz

    I guess selling amn and kola is to fund for other players like partay

    Do you think torriera will stay then we can’t sell everyone

    Amn £20
    Goundouzi £25

    That should be enough for partay


    That should fund at least 30 that would cover Gabriel signing And Pablo Mari

    Now I think Arteta wants either ceballos or aouar maybe the wildcard Thiago I am sure we have to spend some money there

  14. Dissenter

    Why didn’t Wenger just run Arsenal like this in his last 10 years?
    We are still making some mistakes but it’s not from a lack of effort. I’m critical of the Soares move but even I will admit that we have to keep trying out stuff till we get it right.
    In Wenger’s second decade we went into an interminable chrysalis stage of development, scared of our own shadow.
    More of this, please ; move Kola out, sell AMN, Sell PapSok,

  15. Dissenter

    I forgot Torriera ; SELL
    Help him deal with the difficulty settling into English culture.
    He’s not physically or emotionally attuned to the league. He lost me when he cried when Xhaka was being booed, he wasn’t even the one they were attacking.
    Xhaka rode the abuse and gave the boo-boys [including out very own Marc] the middle finger – told them to eff off.

  16. Paulinho

    Don – You’re just bitter that your prediction that AMN would oust Bellerin under Arteta has gone the way of all your other proclamations – down the swanny.

  17. Mr Serge

    Le grove is on the fence about letting AMN go which is understandable he is an academy player and been at the club since he was 7 we all want those to do well don’t we ?

  18. Paulinho

    “And no. The vast majority of my predictions are bang on point. I challenge you to name me my incorrect predictions over that past few years.”

    Slating Ramsey early last season then piping the fuck down when he put in multiple man of the match performances, and then belatedly realising six months into this season how important his goals from midfield were as our output from that area dwindled to zero in the league.

    Slating Ceballos in pre-season and then piping the fuck down when he became our best midfielder in the last couple of months.

    Slating Auba constantly and (once again) piping the fuck down when scored huge goals at key moments.

    Predicting AMN would displace Bellerin at right back. Wrong.

    And many more if I could really be arsed.

  19. Buzzy

    Ramsey was a very clumsy player..he did not have good often would he go down at the slightest contact? His first touch was very poor and that made him take multiple touches when his back was againt the oppositions goal..sign of a very poor midfielder..could not strike the ball cleanly and always looked like losing balance when he dribbled past players…the only thing he was good was at coming up with unexpected goals and flicks…i for one breathed a sigh of relief when he went..never understood why Arsenal fans rated him so much..always a soft corner for the fa cup goals thought especially against Hull

  20. Shaun

    If we are looking at getting rid of AMN, LT, MG and Ozil not playing we will be short in midfield, Partey, Willian, Szoboszlai as replacements with Thiago, Coutinho as well if Ceballos doesn’t return. Should of got Santi back as player coach, would have been good for 10-15 games next season

  21. Pierre

    “Slating Ramsey early last season then piping the fuck down when he put in multiple man of the match performances”

    To be fair to Ramsey, he did put in a couple of half decent performances when he actually played the central midfield role how it should be played .

    Not sure about multiple mom performances…a slight exaggeration one would think.

    It’s a pity that he was allowed to play with such a lack of discipline for all those years.

    I’m sure Artera would have had him playing for the team instead of glory hunting at every opportunity,with a total disregard of any defensive duties.

  22. Guns of SF

    AMN screwed us in the EL final.
    He was responsible for some shit play and 2 goals at least.

    He did better in FA final… and the run in.

    Sell him,,, i dont care, but if you dont upgrade RB then that is fucking shitty.

  23. Aaron

    AMN, homegrown, talented, versatile, pacey, a winner.
    $30 mill not a penny less, don’t care about coviD
    guen, whiner, poor attitude everywhere he has played, PSG interested.
    $40 mill not a penny less.

    Get ride of the rest of the driftwood while they are at it!

  24. Pierre

    Not sure that 3 is multiple and anyway, man of the match is subjective.

    As I said , it’s a pity Arteta wasn’t around to manage him after Wenger to install some discipline into his game.

    Wenger did him no favours really.

  25. Paulinho

    Don – You’ve been chastened into humility and naunce.

    You’re a far better poster when you drop the BS tabloid analysis.

  26. Paulinho

    “PierreAugust 24, 2020 22:08:48
    Not sure that 3 is multiple and anyway, man of the match is subjective.”

    Subjective from an OBJECTIVE source.

  27. Pierre

    Playing for Wales, Ramsey was given licence by Coleman to play wherever he wanted and that suited his game.

    He and Bale were the top dogs and the team was set up to play to Bale ( especially) and Ramsey’s strengths.

  28. Receding Hairline

    Dunno much about this Gabriel fellow same way I didn’t know much about Kos, Monreal and Sagna, they all turned out to be great defenders for us so here is hoping for more of the same.

    Never bought into the Upemecano hype so I’m glad we didn’t go that very expensive route.

    Don’t care about AMN,he is mid table player, has had some great games, good games and horror shows, has the potential to improve but a move away suits both parties.

    Soares here on a four year deal stinks, no amount of dressing up saves that. Very average nothing footballer who will end up bouncing around on loan.

  29. Rude Boy

    Everytime you say “see you in the comments” and then you proceed to disappoint us. When will we actually see you in the comments? This burns mate!
    (Be Excited!)

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Suddenly there are a number of posters who want to keep Maitland-Niles. So
    let’s provide solid reasons why he should leave.

    Arsenal need to sell players this summer so that we can increase our transfer budget.

    AMN is one of a small number of players in our squad currently available with
    a realistic chance of a transfer fee rather than a swap or loan.

    We have currently too many defenders in our squad so some will need to be
    offloaded this summer. AMN has been selected primarily as a RB or LB where
    he has been considered neither automatic starter nor indeed preferred sub.

    No manager has selected him to play in MF or on W which are the player’s
    preferred options. He has never been considered good enough to play there.

    Arsenal’s priority this summer is to improve our Starting X1 + Bench. We have
    recruited 4 new players in defence and we need also to undertake a similar
    exercise in midfield as well.

    The player wants to leave unless he is offered regular place in starting lineup.
    That is not going to happen this season.

  31. MidwestGun

    The great AMN debate.. huh.?. Well For me he is another project.. He can be very good in a specialized role where he is assigned a defensive shutdown duty from the midfield or as a wingback. I’m not sure how much we will play 3-4-3 next season. As a RB, I am far from convinced, he has had some horror shows from there.. I think Arteta has enough projects to keep him busy, Saka, Willock, Martinelli, Nelson, maybe Saliba.
    . So if we can get 20-25 mill for him,to buy players who don’t need constant oversight and encouragement and demand for playing time in a role that may not exist for him, then great. Taking sentimentality out of it, it’s another Iwobi situation in my view. Had some moments of great potential but never really settled into a role. He has value so get what you can. I don’t miss Iwobi.
    Move AMN on, wish him well and be done with it . He has had more then enough chances. And there has been more then enough reports that he wants out to believe that to be the case. It’s a 2 way street

  32. mb

    AMN situation is sad, but then we are signing Gabriel, Saliba is coming in, tierney is a great prospect, Auba will re-sign, Saka contract extended. For the first time in years, I am feeling positive about the transfer window.

    It will be better of we get couple of mids from the AMN + Laca(?)/Torreira/Guen funds!

  33. Johnno

    We need to upgrade parts of the match day squad. We have no money. Which means we must sell. Selling fringe players to other English clubs is the easiest route to get some cash. European clubs have less cash and only want “names “. Holding and CHambers next in the block. If we can’t offload torreira of laca or guendouzi then the likes of Nelson might be vulnerable.

    The state we are in requires hard work and tough choices. AMN has never cracked first 11. He must be expendable. Let’s move on

  34. Moray

    Happy to see AMN go. The move will bring in much needed funds and also be good for him. There’s a good Player in there Who needs to make a position his own, develop some consistency and show he can work hard over time.

    While he wouldn’t be my first out, by a Long chalk, we still need a couple of new players to have the team ready to compete for top four next season and we only have a week to go. Doubts remain though over Bellerin and Soares on that side – I hope one of them can step up next season or our right side could be a weakness Other teams seek to exploit.

  35. Overmars

    If we’re going to sell Maitland-Niles, I think we should be getting at least 30 million pounds.

    Serge Aurier went to Spurs for 20 mil.

    Chilwell to Chelsea looks to be done at 50 mil. Is AMN 30 million pounds in value behind Chilwell? I don’t think so.

    A young, English, versatile full back who can play either side with 3 years left on his contract. Arsenal should be demanding more than the 20 mil reported.

  36. Useroz

    Arsenal should price like the level we pay. No way AMN should be off for £20m even with add ons rising to 25m.

    Should be closer to 30m for reasons people already listed here. Insert a sell on clause too.

  37. Useroz

    Arsenal ranks 29th in world football !!

    Make Gabriel sign before he/ agent find out…

    No wonder AMN is gunning for the Wolves!

    Source :
    Project 538 recently released the rankings of the top teams around the world and Arsenal ranked below the likes of Wolves, Villarreal and Getafe.

    The ranking was compiled using a number of data including the league that a team plays in.

    Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Liverpool made up the top three, but Arsenal came in at a disappointing 29th on the table

  38. The+Godfather

    Selling Ainsley for anything less than 35 million is stupidity for a home grown player … keep him here until we get the right price … end of.
    Why strengthen Wolves and cost us one of the few players we have with pace and power?
    You can never underestimate the ability of Arsenal to annoy and fack things up

  39. Dissenter

    “Democrats will “disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home, and invite MS-13 to live next door.””

    That’s laughable
    Why not volunteer your services to Arsenal if you can sell if for more.
    AMN is going for what the market is dictating. Wolves weren’t the only club interested and must have offered the best numbers for the player and the club.

  40. Dissenter

    “Selling Ainsley for anything less than 35 million is stupidity for a home grown player … keep him here until we get the right price … end of.”

    ”That’s laughable
    Why not volunteer your services to Arsenal if you can sell if for more.
    AMN is going for what the market is dictating. Wolves weren’t the only club interested and must have offered the best numbers for the player and the club.

    *Got it right now.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Please don’t compare valuation of AMN with Chilwell.

    Chilwell is a regular first team player at Leicester and amongst the best left
    backs in Europe. He is also an established full international with 11 senior caps.

    Moreover he is wanted by Chelsea and could probably move into the starting
    lineup of Man City and Man Utd as well not to mention the leading clubs in

    AMN is by contrast a squad player at Arsenal, a utility player with some potential, and a U21 International. He is wanted by lower level clubs who have
    more limited funds and transfer budget.

    A transfer fee of £20 million in current market is very good business. For all the rhetoric and current valuation of Guendouzi we will be lucky to get £25
    million for this player with his baggage.

  42. Dissenter

    Godfather is forgetting that there has to be a buyer willing to pay more than 20 million, a buyer that acceptable to the player.
    £20 million is an excellent fee for AMN, honestly Wolves are paying on the higher side of the range for him, maybe we started a bidding war between several clubs.

  43. Habesha Gooner

    Rumors are saying at least it is around 25 mil. 20 mil upfront and the rest in add ons. Whichever way you look at it, Selling a player who hasn’t taken his chance and divides opinion for good money and Strengthening your first XI is a no brainer. Basically his fee can cover Gabriel’s transfer fee.

    If we were trying to sell the likes of Saka then we should be very upset. Those are the kind of talents we should keep. AMN is our equivalent to Liverpool’s harry Wilson, Man city’s Jack Harrison and Chelsea’s pasalic. Anyway I am glad we are selling players on their top form if they won’t amount to anything. Chambers was valued at 20 to 25 mil, Joel Campbell was rumored to be sold for 15 mil, Mustafi was around 25 mil after his first season, Sanchez went for miki instead of 66 mil and so many more. The Iwobi and this transfer give me hope we can move forward by sustaining our spending.

  44. Aussie+Gooner

    AMN, Bellerin and Kola out would be a good start! Keep Greenwood FFS! Utilise the U/23 squad talent and then buy smart.

    Arsenal being ranked 29th in world football does not surprise me. The last player we had in the PFA team of the year was Sanchez!

  45. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s priority once we have completed acquisition of Gabriel is to bring in
    a couple of Midfielders and that will cost us almost certainly in region of £60-70 Million based on current valuations.

    My guess is that Arsenal are aiming to raise £40-45 Million from sale of AMN and Guendouzi neither of whom will make the starting lineup.

    I am surprised that there were suggestions yesterdays that Arsenal had offered Bellerin for sale to PSG. That is illogical unless a] Bellerin is agitating
    for move or b] we have lined an upgrade first choice right back. Currently
    top class right backs are rather thin on the ground.

  46. Captain Tierney

    35 mil for Amn for what exactly ?
    Being versatile? 23? Not having a fixed position ?
    Having lapses of concentration every game ?
    or putting 3 or 4 good performances at the end of last season ?

    And comparing him to Chilwell is just insane.
    If Amn was half as good as Chilwell he would be an automatic starter at RB.
    Even Aurier when he came to Spurs was a regular for PSG and is starting RB for his country.

    20-25 mil is a very fair price for an inconsistent , rotational player who certainly has talent. And Wolves are paying that much money solely for his talent , hoping they can get the best out of him
    Nobody pays 20-25 mil to buy a squad player who doesn’t have a fixed position at 23 .

  47. Captain Tierney


    I believe club will look to sign a new RB if the reports of Bellerin being offered to PSG are true.
    If fans can see how weak our RB position is then certainly Arteta and Edu can see it too.
    Maybe they are hoping to sell Bellerin for 25-35 mil and know PSG can dish out that amount easily. Then use some of that cash to buy someone like Aarons and use the remainder to upgrade our midfield.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Captain Tierney

    I am sorry, but I am in the minority who post on here.

    Bellerin was rated one of the best right wing backs in Europe and yes he had a
    very serious injury, which resulted in him being out of action for 12 months.

    However, he is only 25 and unlike others I saw some improvement in his performance at end of last season. If he is as bad as some suggest why on earth would PSG want to buy him? They could just as easily throw money at the cream of the crop.

    Arsenal have brought in four new defenders this year and it will take time to
    bed them in. Soares is a solid squad player but he is not a starting X1 player.
    Are we going to buy yet another defender?

    It make no sense especially if it is Aarons from Norwich a team which finished bottom of league and whose defence leaked like a sieve.

  49. Captain Tierney

    To put it into perspective how good the Willian (5mil per season) and Gabriel (2-3mil per season) deals , remember that Chelsea are paying 6mil a year to Thiago Silva.

    Gabriel’s agent -“Arsenal was nowhere near the best proposal [money wise]. Gabriel chose them over more lucrative offers because Edu convinced us of the project. It’s 100% because of Edu Gaspar and Arteta.”

    Sauce and Sauce.

  50. Tony

    If we can’t afford to-keep AMN as a utility player to play specialised roles and cover for injuries/rotations, we should make sure we have first buy back option and sell on clauses.

  51. Captain Tierney


    I do remember Bellerin being very highly rated in his early 20s. But it was mostly down to having excellent physcial qualities and bursting on to the scene at a very young age. It was hoped that with time his on the ball skills and defending will improve but there is little evidence of any of those things happening.
    His crossing and defending is still average at best and he looks to have lost a yard after coming back from the ACL injury.

    Sure there were some improvements to his game in the final games of the season but it was mostly down to Arteta I believe. Most of the players have upped their game since Arteta came in. Even Mustafi was performing to a very high standard before his injury and Ceballos went from a total flop to being a key cog in the Arteta system.

    I would have forgave Bellerin and given him some more time had he at least worked on his technique.
    But countless times even post lockdown he gave easy balls away , failed to control long balls , misplaced/over or underhit simple 5-10 yard passes and constantly panicked when put under pressure.
    On top of that he is still an average defender and wingers get the better of him quite a lot after he lost his recovery speed .
    So all in all , I would be happy to replace him.

    As for Psg , dont worry about them . They need an instant upgrade on Kehrer. There aren’t many world class Right backs in the world. And Bellerin’s name still has value.

    And from what I’ve seen Aarons has a very high ceiling. He might already be better than Hector.

  52. Useeoz

    Our RB should at a minimum be defensively very good Even better if can bomb forward and play a WB in a back 3 configuration. In that regard, Bellerin today is not consistent and would be a pass and score a credit from time to time.

    To me , selling Bellerin, or not , would also depend on the differential between fee and get say from PSG and what we pay the next starting RB Good money from PSG why not?

    But if we have not preferred target(s), ok to stay put for another couple of TWs, just because (and hope) that we have a better defense overall with Saliba and Gabriel

  53. Useeoz

    Btw, Covid market aside, the fee AMN may fetch could reference Iwobi though with pros and cons.

    Whatever the fees, there’s always a buyer if we have good salespeople , agents or brokers.

    Surely Lille wouldn’t have dreamed of a £70m+ price yah on Pepe! A bit extreme but that’s the idea.

  54. Terraloon


    Silva reported wage is indeed 6 million but that’s € not £

    Without somehow or the other transferring players that are currently injured then other players that are solid squad players, and that’s what AMN are going to have to be sold or other players who are considered to be deadwood are going to have to be sold for a fraction of what some believe these deadwood players are considered to be worth.

    In effect AMN is being sacrificed to bring in Gabriel. So who next?

  55. Captain Tierney

    Lets see if the Daily Mail add up all the Vat , bonuses , clauses , agent fees , etc etc to make it sound like Thiago Silva will earn 250k a week at Chelsea.
    Or do they publish such trash to make Arsenal look bad?

  56. Aussie+Gooner

    Let’s be honest, AMN has had plenty of opportunities to show us what he has got. Unfortunately all we have seen from the supposed 2nd fastest player is disinterest, lethargy, lack of drive/initiative, unwillingness to be a team player etc etc.

    There are many kids that would bite your arm off to get half the chances he has had. Let’s not shed too many tears on his departure and look forward to players with drive, energy, a desire to win and a willingness to die for the club.

  57. Up 4 grabs now

    I can see both sides of the argument for selling ANN.

    Yes we need to start to bring in some cash, technically he isn’t a first eleven player. Etc etc.

    The problem I have is 20 million isn’t huge money in the scale of things. Bellerin according to reports is being touted to PSG.
    Which leaves us with an injured chambers or soares
    (still looks a strange transfer even for a free) at right back.

    So we’re going to have to spend more than 20 million to get someone better than bellerin, AMN or soares.
    When money’s tight that doesn’t make sense.
    Especially as right back isn’t the most pressing issue.

    Bellerin after a long layoff was improving the more games he got under his belt, unless he’s asked for a move maybe look at the situation next summer.

    Midfield is still a mess, with a minimum two needed to be brought in.
    I’d rather see ANN kept and played in midfield than see xhaka, torriera, guendouuzi or ozil in the first eleven again.

  58. Up 4 grabs now


    Hope your well buddy.

    I think you could be right about partey. There’s a buyout clause, we keep being linked but nothing definite and its only us linked, why nobody else?

    Unless arteta throws a curveball and plays Luiz or chambers as a defensive midfielder? And hopes ceballos can be retained and solves the creativity problem. I’m not sure where he’s going with it. Midfield is a mess.

  59. CG


    “””””20-25 mil is a very fair price for an inconsistent , rotational player who certainly has talent. And Wolves””””””

    Cheerleading guff- typical ES.

    Arsenal , are selling a very talented and versatile young player to a team that are actually BETTER than themselves.

    Wolves are currently superior. We should not be selling our best players to them and certiainly not for a pittance.No way, he should be sold less than the £ 40 RELEGATED Bouremouth recieved for Ake.

    (we also paid £72 million for Pepe last season and he had never has played one game in the prem. AMN last game for AFC was at Wembley where he was immense.)

    This is not squad strenghtening by any definition.Its squad weakening.

    As always with Arsenal. Two steps forwards followed by 2 steps backwards.

    (new executive team urgently required)

  60. Emiratesstroller

    Reflecting on the Bellerin story there could be an alternative surprise possibility.

    Mustafi was playing well before his recent injury and there were even rumours that Arteta wanted to extend his contract.

    If my memory serves me right he played for Germany in the World Cup in the
    right back position rather than CB. Could this be the surprise scenario.

  61. Up 4 grabs now


    Hoping that midfielder deals are being kept quiet, so no last minute teams trying to swoop in, maybe that’s why the links are so vocal about partey joining?

    I though Gabriel was due to be announced yesterday and auba seems to be taking ages to find a pen to sign his new deal.
    Typical arsenal transfer window!

  62. Up 4 grabs now


    Mustafi has looked slightly better under arteta,
    And I think your correct he did play right back but he will get roasted by anyone with pace at right back or wing back if we play three at the back.
    Just not good enough for an arsenal defence.

  63. Gbat

    I wouldn’t mind keeping AMN as he’s a good squad player and home grown. But that’s all he is. He’s never been a starter and probably never will be.
    We’ve got 2 right backs and I expect another left back to come in.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    If AMN wasn’t English and didn’t graduate from hale end, we wouldn’t have this debate. We would say take the money and run. None of our other players are sellable assets for good money. And I think selling bellerin instead of AMN would have been stupid. We have made the right choice. More often than not these players end up a midtable player. Ibe, Solanke, Iwobi and so many more. There are exceptions like Gnabry and Zaha but AMN won’t be one.

  65. CG


    “””””CG Yeah I’m with you on that. It doesn’t make sense. This can’t he Arteta’s choice surely?”””””

    Relegated and useless Bournemouth just sold their goalkeeper Ramsdale for £18.5 million to Sheffield United.

    And we are selling our boy – who has been at the club since he was 7 for roughly the same amount?

    the club continues to be totally clueless.

    As for Arteta- if actually wants Willian IN and AMN OUT he ain’t going to be hanging around the club for too long.

    I am pinning this one though on Edu.

  66. SpanishDave

    At the moment we don’t have an attacking midfielder.
    No guarantees that Ceballos and Coutinho will be coming and Partey is also not forthcoming.
    Without midfield reinforcement we will not be top four contenders.

  67. Captain Tierney

    ‘Yeah I’m with you on that. It doesn’t make sense. This can’t he Arteta’s choice surely?’

    When people are agreeing with CG , then most of the time times they are in the wrong side of the argument 😜.

    So I am supposed to believe Amn is one of our best players but cant get start over Bellerin and Soares at RB and Ceballos , Willock and Xhaka in midfield.
    Mad this fanbase.

  68. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Got to say I’m underwhelmed over the Midas we are lookin* at signing

    I like what he is doing but not jumping up now down at the links tbh

  69. Up 4 grabs now

    AMN, Started the cup final and had a run of games in defence the last few weeks of the season.

    He isn’t a creative player like ceballos, and hasn’t had a run in midfield like others have.
    But I’d still pick him over xhaka.

    And is seems to me willock is in the same position as AMN.

    If money’s tight and we don’t manage to raise some funds to reboot midfield (and we need more than 20 million to do that) I’d rather keep him and give him a run in there.

  70. Chika

    “Just not good enough for an arsenal defence.”

    Wrong. Mustafi is good enough for an Arsenal defence. How many of the defenders that finished in the top four are better than Mustafi?

    You think Liverpool wouldn’t have won the league with Mustafi next to VVD?

  71. CG


    “”””””Season starts on Saturday, so are we combining Joke Friday this week with CG’s predictions (buy…)?”””””””

    I am refraining with my predictions for the season ahead (unless specifically asked in writing)

    Suffice to say. This one wont be ‘A season from Hell ‘like the last.

    This season is all about the ‘Book Launch’. And the return of our Wenger at Arsenal in some capacity.

  72. Aussie+Gooner


    “And we are selling our boy – who has been at the club since he was 7 for roughly the same amount?”

    That sentence says it all – been at the club for so long and failed to make an impact in a very ordinary Arsenal team! I really don’t know how you can’t see this. AMN has reached his ceiling – he won’t improve sufficiently to be more than a ‘jack of all trades’ at the very best. We do not need to retain more average players – we have a squad full of them and most of them have little fiscal value. If we can get 20m for him then out he goes!

    Honestly some people on here have fixations about certain players and don’t let the facts get in the way of their fantasies. Watch AMN drop off the face of the earth at Wolves, Everton, West Ham or who is stupid enough to pay good money for him. After all he only came good in the last few games due to the fact that he knew he was becoming surplus to requirements. If you hero worship a player like AMN God knows what you would have thought of Bergkamp, Veira or Henry! It is indicative of how low Arsenal have fallen in recent years that a player of AMN limited ability would even be considered as a squad player!

    Go watch the under 23s and see some real developing talent!

  73. Aussie+Gooner

    Captain Tierney

    Spot on!

    “So I am supposed to believe Amn is one of our best players but cant get start over Bellerin and Soares at RB and Ceballos , Willock and Xhaka in midfield.
    Mad this fanbase.”

  74. Up 4 grabs now


    Mustafi isn’t good enough.
    Don’t look at the top four look at the seven teams that finished above arsenals defence.
    He was a bad buy especially at 35 plus million.
    He has only got worse over time. A few good games don’t make him sol Campbell. Same situation with xhaka.

    Both need to be moved on.

  75. Northbanker

    I’m not fussed about selling AMN – he’s a squad player. Sure if we were in a better financial position we’d probably get more as we would be less desperate to offload. It is what it is but AMN ceiling has to be £25m tops.

    And yes Soumare is a much better player than AMN and I have wondered for a while whether Partey was a ruse to get ether Soumare or Sangare at a lower price.

  76. Up 4 grabs now

    James Milner is a Jack of all trades. Sometimes players like this have there uses.
    You need a squad not just a first eleven.
    There’s six or seven players you can move on before looking at the lower end wage youngsters that may come good or be good squad players.

  77. Gbat

    AMN is getting over rated on here. He’s currently not good enough for the starting 11. Maybe one day he will be but at the moment he’s a utility player. If selling him will help us improve the starting 11 then I’m all for it.

  78. Valentin

    Arteta has already said publicly that he wanted to keep AMN. So I think that is is a combination of Edu decision reinforced by AMN being keen to leave. The reason AMN wants to leave is he knows that elsewhere he can get

    1) a regular starting position in the position he wants to play
    2) a better pay package (at all clubs not just Arsenal successful academy players tend to be underpaid compared to other players)

    So with good will, we could get AMN to commit for an extra year with the promise that Arteta will try him in his preferred position.
    Arsenal are just choosing the easy money which is to sell a player who has already publicly said that he wanted to leave.

  79. Danny+S

    People saying ‘AMN is such a good utility player’ forget one thing. Utility players need to be happy with being utility players. Phil Neville, Milner, Parlour etc all happy to jump in and fill in when possible and give their all in any position.
    By all accounts AMN does not want to be a utility player, he doesn’t want to be a full back. He wants to be first 11 and CM. He won’t get that at arsenal.
    It’s not arsenal selling him, it’s him wanting to leave.

    Also ask yourself this – as a prospective manager buying AMN would you pay more than 20m to have him in your midfield? You’d probably pay 30+ to have him as a full back. But not in a central position in your team.

  80. Chika

    Up 4 grabs now

    “Mustafi isn’t good enough.
    Don’t look at the top four look at the seven teams that finished above arsenals defence.”

    Please, go ahead and mention the defenders in the top seven sides that are significantly better than Mustafi and how these defenders would have taken us above 8th place last season.

    Also, do you believe Liverpool wouldn’t have won the league with Mustafi playing next to VVD?

  81. Thorough

    Partey isn’t a deflection for anything. If we don’t buy him it’s simply because we can’t raise the cash and as always resorted to a backup plan. Charles Watt said 100% Arsenal are interested in Partey and he hardly sticks his neck out on bs.

  82. Valentin

    I doubt that Partey was used as deflection. Circumstances have just changed. Partey may have been Raul’s preferred option but now with the new reality he may not be the top option anymore. Too expensive and salary demand too high.

  83. Uwot?

    With regards to Bell ends poss replacement.Would prefer Denzel Dumphries of PSV whom were rumoured to be sniffing about as opposed to Max Aerons & the British premium we’d have to cough up.Plus Denzel is a BEAST.As for Partey.could be smoke & mirrors.Cheaper ,younger alternative rumoured to be Boubacar soumare.Now that’s interesting 🧐

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    Dry your tears, it’s embarrassing. AMN minimum a 6-7 whenever he plays? Bollocks, maybe in a few select games but he has had 10 times more terrible, and I mean absolutely terrible games for us than he has had good ones.

    He’s also one of the players that has benefitted by us playing all the defenders so any mistakes he makes is masked, just like Mustafi and Xhaka and why Luiz looks better in a back 3.

    With Gabriel and Saliba coming in and hopefully a competent DM/CM we’ll be moving to a back 4 asap so that won’t be the case anymore. Smart to sell while his value is high.

    He also wasn’t chosen over Tierney, Tierney was required to play CB or he would have been nailed on there.

  85. Freddie Ljungberg

    Reports we’re backing away from Partey because of the cost and immediately being linked to Soumare? Me likey very much.

    Get Gabriel and Soumare in and anything else would be a bonus. That’s still a pretty good window, including Willian and if Auba signs a new contract.

    Still think we’ll do more though judging by all the noise.

  86. Batistuta

    Yup, time to sell and suddenly AMN and Mustafi are good enough and should be kept.

    Such sentimentality is maybe why we’re stuck where we are squad wise.

  87. Freddie Ljungberg

    Osei-Tutu has gone on a season long loan to Cardiff so he won’t be back up next season. Not surprising honestly, he wasn’t trusted as RB in Bundesliga 2 so no way he was going to be considered for us now. Hope he can step up though.

  88. Jamie

    Incredible that Emery is sending Osei-Tutu back out on loan instead of integrating him into the 1st team to the benefit of the club.

    Wait, I mean Arteta.

  89. Champagne Charlie

    This is precisely why emotional attachment serves little purpose in forwarding a big club that’s at a low ebb.

    You end up keeping overrated players because they’ve a history here and not using the finances they generate to actually develop a plan or improvement now and beyond.

    AMN will be gone, it’s looking like 22 mil plus add ons that could reach 28. We also 100% want Partey, he’s not a smokescreen for anything he’s our number one midfield target and it’s been an open secret for nearly two months. We literally have to raise cash to adhere to the payment demands of his buyout fee.

    Jack of all trades AMN out, specialist defender and specialist midfielder in (Gabriel, Partey). Club is better.

  90. Freddie Ljungberg


    Soumare is a CM/DM so more a Partey alternative.

    Would love to get a Cam in, Aouar is on the expensive side and will have plenty of other options but not impossible maybe, especially if we back away from Partey and go for a cheaper younger player.

    Still want to see us sign Szobozslai, Willian can and probably will play Cam a fair bit so we don’t need to buy someone there with immediate impact I think. Same applies if we buy Aouar btw, just that he would cost twice as much.

  91. Captain Tierney

    From what I’ve seen Dumfries is always in panick mode when he gets the ball a la Kolasinac.
    Immense pace and power but not good enough technique and composure.

  92. Dissenter

    ‘ Reports we’re backing away from Partey because of the cost and immediately being linked to Soumare? Me likey very much’

    Remember when I said Le-grove was more in love with Partey than Arsenal? There are cheaper and better alternatives around. Why pay 45 million for. A player demanding 200k weekly wages when you can pay less transfer fee for a Soumare who will accept one third of the wages Partey is asking for.

  93. Freddie Ljungberg


    Reports today Atletico refuses to budge on the buyout and we won’t stump up the cash.

    Imagine we’d prefer more staggered payments so we can maximize our budget. If we play this window right, and it’s looking like we might be there won’t be need for much more than some tinkering in the following windows.

  94. Champagne Charlie


    Speculation of that, but every source worth a listen to on Arsenal has reiterated numerous times that Partey is our target. Talking Watts, Ornstein, Romano, Benge etc.

    Soumare isn’t a Partey alternative, one is an established top class player and the other is a youth player with as many first team games as ESR.

  95. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, I’m very much in favour of that if it happens. Think Soumare will end up the better player too and he has 6 years on Partey. Or 16 depending on the sauce I guess.

    Soumare apparently a humble guy who leads a quiet life outside the pitch despite being labelled the next Pogba.

  96. Uwot?

    Hmmmm.*Interesting times.*One thing for sure.Doesn’t look as if MA & Edu are f****ng about.So refreshing getting our ‘respect’ back amongst clubs.

  97. Uwot?

    Hmmmm.*Interesting times.*One thing for sure.Doesn’t look as if MA & Edu are f****ng about.So refreshing getting our ‘respect’ back amongst clubs.

  98. Batistuta

    Lol CG would probably have some sorta aneurism if it was Arsenal signing Thiago Silva at what 35 years old.

  99. Freddie Ljungberg


    Soy boy eh? Strong words there Bigot Mcbigotface.

    Yeah, Tierney was chosen at left centerback because our alternatives are terrible, if they were not he would have played LB/Lwb and AMN would have been on the bench. So no, AMN wasn’t chosen over Tierney. He was chosen over Saka and Kolasinac though but no reason to lie

  100. Freddie Ljungberg


    I don’t deny that Partey was outr first choice, probably just ended up too expensive when Atletico wouldn’t budge.

    Soumare would absolutely be seen as a Partey alternative if we went for him.

    ESR has had a very different developing curve and been plagued with injuries, also played on a lower level and isn’t ready physically like Soumare is. Not really a good comparison.

  101. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    I do not understand your logic in wanting to keep AMN.

    He is not remotely a first team regular at Arsenal if they want to compete for
    top four place and he is frankly one of very few squad players likely to generate a decent transfer fee in current economic climate.

    As I have suggested very few clubs are able or willing to meet a transfer fee of
    £20 million for such a player. Most of the clubs on the Continent would offer a
    swap or loan.

    Arsenal are not short of youngsters with more potential talent coming through our ranks such as Tierney, Saliba,Gabriel, Smith-Rowe, Saka and Martinelli.

    There is a finite limit of players in this age category who can be accommodated in first team/squad.

    What we need now is to bring into the club is a higher threshold of players
    who can play in first team. One suspects that Arsenal will bring back Ceballos
    and perhaps raise the funds to buy Aouar. Both players are in a different class
    to AMN particularly if we are discussing midfield.

    One final question do you think that Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd or Chelsea
    would keep this player on their books if another club made a £20 million offer for him?

  102. HighburyLegend


    Guendouzi’s diva mentality would perfectly fit with a club like Paris!!

  103. Aussie+Gooner


    Can I borrow your rose tinted glasses that you watch our games with? Perhaps I will then see the superstar that is AMN in action! And please don’t mention Ray Parlour in the same breath as AMN when talking about utility players. Parlour bled for the club, had a fantastic engine, played his heart out in any position he was placed and was not short on the skills front either.

    Enough of the AMN nonsense. We should all be concentrating on the players coming in that will enhance our starting 11, not worrying about journeymen that will never make the grade.

  104. SpanishDave

    Sell AMN and Bellerin and get a quality right back.
    Both are well below the standards we need to challenge for the title.

  105. Champagne Charlie


    You’re treating speculation from nothing verifiable as concrete because you like Soumare lol please stop. We haven’t moved on from Partey, and if we do eventually decide to for whatever reason then I bet my house it won’t be for a prospect.

    “Soumare would absolutely be seen as a Partey alternative if we went for him.“

    No he wouldn’t, idk why you hunker down when it comes to youth players like him and that Hungarian teenager. They’re not ready to be starters for us next season, what is so hard to fathom about that?

    Thomas Partey has over 200 appearances in Spain, he’s not comparable to Soumare who has 23 starts in his entire career. Playing style and position aren’t the only relevant factors when signing players, ability to perform now and professional maturity are huge.

  106. Moray

    AMN. I remember similar comments about the Ox, when we sold him to Liverpool. If Liverpool want him, he’s better than we think…we will regret letting him go…he was just starting to deliver…I hope we get a buyback clause….

    We are a broke club needing serious rebalancing. Of course, we would rather see Mustafi, Chambers, Torreira leave first, but sometimes you have to take advantage of the market. We need to sell to buy, and we need to buy. The market knows it. If we can do some out trading then it puts us more in control of negotiations over Sok, Penalzette etc.

    AMN is like Walcott. Occasionally effective but not a regular player in a TOP four team. And I suspect he wants out for regular playing time. Good on him.

  107. Batistuta

    It’s Arteta and Edu in charge of transfers now by the way so no reason to try and say Arteta doesn’t want to sell a player or that the decision is being made over his head.

    Whatever outgoings this summer would expressly be approved by the current manager and thankful he doesn’t have rose tinted glasses on regarding certain players or at least i hope he doesn’t anyway.

  108. Dissenter

    We have to consider Gabriel to be a starter so long as he doesn’t show up for preseason drunk and wearing his underpants around his neck.
    He wouldn’t have ditched his other choices to warm our bench.

  109. Crabregas

    Let’s be honest, AMN is a homegrown player which we all love and want to succeed at the club. However the reality is that at best, he is probably a 6-6.5 out of 10 and that is not going to take us where we want to go.

    He has strength and speed, even had a great game against Man Utd at Old Trafford with a Paul Pogba love in, but still couldn’t usurp LT, MG or GX from the starting line.
    No doubt each of us think that at least one of those 3 are not good enough for Arsenal yet AMN couldn’t get into the team ahead of them. That says a lot itself.

    I am surprised so many are trigger about his loss to be honest.

  110. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Soumare began his career at Paris-Saint German before moving to Lille in 2017 for first-team opportunities.

    Since his move to northern France three years ago, the midfielder has played 70 times in all competitions for Lille, scoring only once.

    He played 20 times for Les Dogues in a curtailed Ligue 1 season last term, helping his side secure a fourth-placed finish in the French top-flight, thereby qualifying for the Europa League.”

    Sounds a lot better than only 23 starts right?

    I’m not taking the reports as gospel but I can see the logic behind them.
    It’s a lot of money to pay upfront for an older player and the salary mooted is huge too.

    I’m for signing top talent before they break out and become world class and they’re out of our reach,both Soumare and Szoboszlai is in that category.

    We’re not going to catch up to City and Pool by stacking up expensive older players.
    I of course wouldn’t say no to Aouar, but I don’t think our chances are great there unless Lyon fancy Guen or Laca back.

  111. Dissenter

    Unai na
    Give it up.
    AMN is gone and rightly so. I think he’s better off in a setting where he he plays more often.
    We can’t keep every good player we raise up from our academy.

  112. Tee

    August 25, 2020 10:34:41

    If Wolves pip Arsenal for 4th.
    Arteta will be out of a job.

    Like Watford pipped us to it?

  113. Champagne Charlie

    “Sounds a lot better than only 23 starts right?“

    Might sound better, but the reality of 23 starts is the important factor. Making nearly 50 substitute appearances doesn’t qualify you as ready to start 38 PL games for Arsenal.

    Partey started 29 la liga games this season alone, and that’s the established calibre we’re looking to add. Same way 19 year old Szoboszlai playing in the Austrian league isn’t comparable to what Coutinho would offer next season despite your preference.

    “We’re not going to catch up to City and Pool by stacking up expensive older players.“

    We’ve got the second youngest average age in the PL, we won’t make top 4 acquiring all your fave teenagers around Europe – and that’s the first step in bridging any gap between ourselves and City/Liverpool.

    Our midfield has no established talent in it outside of Xhaka. Willock, ESR are kids, Guen and Torreira are out, Ceballos is in limbo. We want starters or we’re going nowhere. Aouar is the ideal because he’s mature enough to start and has a high ceiling/resale, Soumare isn’t because he’s not got nearly the games under his belt at the top level. Have no doubts he’s a profile we like, but he’s not replacing Partey, if anything he’s alternative for Ceballos if that one doesn’t move.

  114. Gbat

    I see the potential in Soumare but he’s not a regular starter for Lille.

    Partey for me would be an excellent signing. Experienced, good passer, wins the majority of his duels and he’s also a very good dribbler.

    I wonder what type of player Arteta wants at the base of midfield.

  115. Aussie+Gooner

    “Prosecutors claim Maguire tried to get out of his arrest by saying: “Do you know who I am? I am the captain of Manchester United, I am very rich, I can give you money, I can pay you, please let us go.”


  116. DigitalBob

    Kola on loan can happen if they pay all his wages for the duration of the loan AND there is an obligation to buy. He’s easily worth £15 million or so despite the consistent brainfarts.

    I agree with Un, in a sense that AMN is certainly more valuable than the £20 million + add on’s its looking we’ll get from Wolves. Unfortunately they know he wants out and that we are cash strapped so he’ll go for less than he’s worth.

    I would hope we have a clause inserted to get a bit more money should he move on again in a couples years time to a bigger club.

  117. Aussie+Gooner


    As long as Kola goes I don’t care if we only get a loan fee. He will never make the grade and has very high wages!

  118. CG


    “”””If Wolves pip Arsenal for 4th.
    Arteta will be out of a job.

    Like Watford pipped us to it?”””””

    Watford was very rare observation/forecast that I got wrong.
    Even I could not predict, that they would got through 4 managers last season.

    ( their 3 zero win against Liverpool though – proved they could play)

    As for Wolverhampton Wanderers. If they keep Traore and add players like AMN to their armoury- they will finish ahead of Arsenal.

    They will be fresh throughout the next 12 months too ( No Loosers Cup to navigate)

    How do you get top 4- when you are gifting players like AMN to your competitors for the same prize?

    Edu again!

  119. Valentin

    I disagree with regard to the Ox and Walcott.

    I thought that Wenger mismanaged Walcott career and that with better coaching he would have been able to become a striker a la Aguero. Trying to transform him in a striker a la TH14 when he does not have the physical presence to hold the ball was as stupid as using Arshavin as a striker with his back to goal. Despite all the bad opinion Arsenal fans have of him, Theo Walcott is a very efficient player. I was sad to see him leave, but I understood that it was time to move him on.

    The Ox, I initially had high hope but then I realised that he has all the physical attributes to be an outstanding midfielder, but that his decision making was poor. He hesitates and then the chance is gone. He is brilliant when he does not have to think. He is shy and introvert ridden with self doubt. He bring that aspect to the pitch and no amount of coaching can change his character. When you add his constant injuries problem, I thought that it was a good move to sell him especially at that price.

  120. mb

    If all the transfers are done, Saliba back, Gabriel coming in, Partey joining – it would be interesting to see our line up for the first match.

    Will Arteta start with fresh signings or the same team plays with new players settling in over a course of 10 matches?

    A bad start is gonna ruin the motivation and either way it’s possible. What do you think le-grovers?

  121. Karsa

    rare observation/forecast that I got wrong.

    Alongside PSG and Mbappe goals?

    Anyway, here’s my predictions…

    Arsenal to finish higher in the Premiership than Wolves.

    AMN not to be called up to the national side.

  122. Bojangles

    A few facts about the AMN situation. Arteta wanted to keep him but has been overruled by the board. That may have changed in recent days. One news
    source mentioned stated he wanted to leave but it hasn’t been repeated. According to AMN, he never said he didn’t want to play RB.

    Some of you guys believe everything the media throw out there or make up your own facts to suit your arguments.

  123. Tom

    I like AMN but to see him as a difference maker in achieving top four , whether at Arsenal or the Wolves, is some next level optimism,CG.
    And we all know what the next level is ,right?
    “Next level is……the next level” as Mr Wenger said correctly.

    Has anyone come in for Torreira or Guen yet?
    People keep saying we have a lot of equity ready to be unleashed with these two but I’m not so sure.

    Arteta is in the same boat Emery was once he realized he was faced with a Frankenstein type squad in a desperate need of augmenting the ungodly body parts of the monster.
    Apart from a handful of players the Arsenal squad could be the supporting cast in Stallone’s sequel “the expendables 4”.
    I’m sure AMN wasn’t the first name on Arteta’s list but the Wolves came for him and off he goes. Why would you even think a player on such modest wages would be sold against Arteta’s wishes btw?
    Arteta’s decision for sure.

  124. GS88

    For me a GREAT transfer window would be,


    1. Willian (already done)
    2. Aouar/Dominick Szo
    3. Gabriel (almost done)
    4. Max Aarons
    5. Soumare
    6. Sangore


    1. Kolasanic
    2. Mustafi
    3. AMN
    4. Guendouzi
    5. Torriera
    6. Holding

    I’ve said on here a few times already that I don’t rate AMN. He lacks a number of things including – concentration, awareness and positional sense.

    I don’t see us getting Thomas Partey, as our budget doesn’t allow us to. I think Aouar is also a long shot but Arteta and Edu could possibly work their magic and convince him and sell our project to him, like with Gabriel and Willian.

    Our middle really needs surgery, it’s not even funny. Been that way for 10+ years.

    Let’s see what happens.