Maitland-Niles looks set to join Wolves + Gabriel stalked on motorway by rabid Arsenal fans

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Arsenal has continued to rework their backroom team at a rapid-fire pace. Wherever we’re heading, Edu and Arteta are moving there FAST.

The club moved on Freddie Ljungberg and there are rumours that they might be back-filling his role with Dennis Bergkamp (Mark Irwin). I am an absolute sucker for the Dutchman. I penned a 2000 word essay on him (and Thierry) for Mundial once, what a total dream of a player/human. I have no idea what he’s like as a coach, but he’s certainly done some of it at Ajax. I also don’t know what he’d be coming in as. Still, what we do know is the man is trained in Total Football, he boasted some of the best technique the Premier League has ever witnessed, and he’s an absolute winner that can speak many languages.

Sal Bibbo is out the door, good luck to him. Arteta brought Inaki with him from Brentford. Hard to deny his impact on the keepers, Martinez and Leno have been in electric form during the backend of this season. Notable that Andreas Georgeson (seems to be spelt with an ‘e’) has already started his role as the set-piece coach. His role might be a little broader than that, but according to the data nerds, his coaching saved Brentford about 6 goals from setpieces last season. Not bad if they were theoretically in games that turned losses into points. If you want further details, James Benge has a nice write-up here.

Also, as a side note, Arsenal moved on the coordinator that had a fight at the Palace game and ran a motivational speech for the language challenged Unai Emery. Not important in the grand scheme of things, but it’s great to see Arsenal are digging out bad eggs and starting afresh. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the ‘WHY ARE YOU THERE?’ folk are still there come the end of the summer. High-performance culture means making sure every cog in the machine is elite. Great to see that we’re taking that seriously.

It was quite startling to see that we just moved on Pat Rice and Stuart Houston from scouting roles. I didn’t know they were still on the payroll. I appreciate their service, but their presence certainly spoke to the nostalgia addiction we’ve had at Arsenal over the past decade.

A manager always wants to create the right energy in a high-intensity environment like a football club, bringing in fresh ideas and new faces is as exciting for the fans as it is for the players. If the manager sets out and says he wants to make you better, seeing him deliver on that by bringing in the right coaches is great validation.

… but, you know, bringing in actual players is probably THE most exciting thing you can do. Arsenal fans are taking things to the next level today. They tracked Gabriel’s flight into Luton today and even managed to find his car using cameras on the M25. Unbelievable dedication to the exclusive. Hopefully, the club can announce his arrival with Auba signing his new deal.

PSG were beaten last night. What that will hopefully mean is this: The French press point out that what is lacking is French players and staff that truly ‘get’ PSG. Out goes Tuchel, in comes Poch. Out go a lot of international players on big money. In comes a player like MATTEO GUENDOUZI THE FUTURE OF FRENCH FOOTBALL. The price? Big. Make it English premium big. L’Équipe say they are interested and that is probably the best news Edu has had all summer.

SkySports are reporting that Wolves are interested in bringing AMN to the West Midlands. I’m a bit off about this move. I really like the player and he added a lot of value to us when he was given a specific role. If he’s off, I hope we have a good plan to replace him. The money on offer is reportedly about £20m. Feels quite low considering he’s probably out most effective right back. Still, we have to trust the process and accept that some deals that go through might not sit well with us. Hey, we might even be angling for a deal coming the other way? Who knows…

There’s also some worrying news that Sam Greenwood is interesting Leeds United. It’d be a pretty miserable summer if we lost him and Balogun. It’s very problematic that we keep losing young talent, but hey, at least we’re creating it these days. Fingers crossed something can be done there.

Right, one week until the Community Shield. Let’s see what Arsenal can make happen!

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  1. DigitalBob

    Sad to see AMN leave, I still believe he could have been a great player for us given the right amount of time on the pitch. That £20 million + will help with the reinvestment the squad needs. I wish him all the best, hopefully he does great things at wolves.

  2. crimson

    I’m not against signing ‘rejects’ as you said like the kids from Huddersfield or spuds as Nketiah was rejected by Chelsea and is diamond. But selling Greenwood is a bit weird. There is a awful lot of things going on behind the scenes. BFG is heading the youth side set up and a clever guy, so it’s strange.

    I might be the only one but I like the new marble kit.

    Getting the guy from Brentford as a specialist set piece is a good move. As as we all know we are utter shite at defending them.

    Selling AMN will be a mistake, hopefully Arteta has the power to veto it. We have other sellable players that can bring in the money required for other signings.

    BERGKAMP back at Arsenal 💗
    Sanogo off to Middlesbrough with Neil Warnock. 🤣🤣🤣

    Thanks for all the content Mr pedro

  3. Dissenter

    I wish we never bought Soares so that AMN can be kept in the team.
    He offers decent coverage for the RB position and more versatility than most other players we have.
    It’s just that we rendered him redundant once we brought Soares in on loan and then gave him a 4 year deal.
    AMN is wise to move on. We forced his hand.

  4. Rich

    I really like Niles, I’d happily move on most of our squad, but I’ll be disappointed to see him go.

    He’s been at the club since he was 7, he’s been through some rocky patches, looks to be coming out the other end, and then we sell him, and replace him with Southampton’s backup right back…..

    Niles had clocked the second highest speed in the league last season, he’s rapid, and he’s at that age 22-24 where he’s adding some power as well.

    £20mill is peanuts, hopefully we at least get a hefty sell on fee included.

  5. Champagne Charlie


    No, I don’t. The reason I don’t is because I’m honest about where we are right now as a football club and appreciate we need to make decisions that have now in mind, and later in mind too.

    We’re an organic club and unfortunately or otherwise we need to make money and back ourselves to evolve through succinct leadership and strategy. The latter part was heavily absent in recent years but I’m confident it’s here now.

    No player is off limits, we need to lessen the emotional attachment and think more critically and logically about next season and beyond. I like AMN, have long talked up his ability, I like Lacazette, I like Holding….but I like a successful Arsenal more.

    This is why Cedric was smart business, and why the critical gaze that got was totally knee jerk. You don’t have to be in awe of the player, you can think he’s average, but the club comes out of it with a big net gain. That’s the type of business we should be applauding at the club.

  6. Rich

    Dissenter I’d happily sell Kolasinac, and use Niles as competition for Tierney.

    The player I really like is Max Aarons, hopefully someone comes in for Bellerin, and we can get Aarons, looks a really top talent.

  7. TR7

    Sad that AMN has to leave. He has many qualities I really like. That Wolves are interested in him says a lot about his ability as a player.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg

    Getting in a back up RB/LB for the mighty fee of 1m (and VAT and all that jazz) while getting 20m+ for another backup in the same positions isn’t bad business by any metric. Could come back and bite us later on but I doubt it, he’s not that good and was always unlikely to cement a starting place for us in any position.

    This gives us 20m extra to add to the CM or Cam budget. More outgoings now please. Holding and Sok next?

    A shame about Greenwood and Balogun both but they’re probably looking at what they have in front of them if Auba signs his contract. They’re not overtaking Martinelli so the best they could have hoped for was 3rd choice striker.

    Wish we could have held on to them a couple of years longer and farmed them out on loan to drive up their prices though, not always in the clubs hands however.

  9. Dissenter

    We have to sell AMN since we have bought his replacement in the squad. It’s similar to selling Iwobi.
    It is what it is, just wish we didn’t supplant him with a player who was not exceptional at Southampton.
    I don’t rate Soares, obviously you rate him more than I do.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg

    20m+ is only what we would get in that deal, then there’s VAT, agents fees, happy meal vouchers and wages so if we’re doing the new way of counting established here lately it’s more like a 50m outlay for Wolves. Outrageous fee for a player of AMNs limited ability, run by a super agent indeed…

  11. Rich

    Niles is 23 at the end of the month.

    This is the type of age players start finding consistency.

    Signing Soares, and selling Niles is a serious downgrade.

    Not a good start from Edu.

    Luiz new contract
    Mari 4yr deal, when we already have 7 other centre halfs, 6 of them who aren’t up to standard.
    Soares 4yr deal
    Niles to Wolves

    Absolute shocker

  12. DivineSherlock

    I will not lose sleep over AMN . Bring in midfield additions with it . Promote Osei Tutu to Europa league games. Internal solutions

  13. Captain Tierney

    ‘As Tony Adams recently alluded to.
    Edu is out of his depth with regards to squad building and has no experience of it.’

    With all due respect , theres a reason clubs dont hire extremely emotional personalities like Adams and Keown.

    As for Edu , this window is showing he is not here just for a fat paycheck and the london life .
    – Convinced Gabriel ( who is a top prospect) to join Afc over Napoli , Manu and Everton. That too on a very low salary ( 2mil net a year reportedly)
    – Making wholesale changes in the backroom staff that are perceived as being very positive ( Would love for Bergkamp to join as an assistant . The expertise that he can bring along with the respect , class and feel good factor would be a dream)
    -Reportedly started the in-house investigation which ultimately led to Raul’s sacking/ resignation / whatever.
    -Has a great rapport with Mikel and wont have ego problems when signing new players.

    As I’ve said before , I would love to keep Amn for at least another season. But currently we are cash strapped and his stock had never been higher.
    25mil + and that would be a quality sale

  14. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ffs, people need to get a grip. So we’re downgrading slightly (debatable btw) in a back up RB? Big deal if it gives us 20m+ to actually strengthen the first XI. We don’t have unlimited funds and a weak starting XI, still there’s people out there whining about selling someone highly unlikely to ever become a starter for us for very decent money? Smh

  15. Habesha Gooner

    Well to go from 8th to top 4 contenders won’t be easy. So we need to make sacrifices. I am hearing 20 to 25 mil for him. He is a good player but he isn’t irreplaceable. If that accelerates the move for Partey, I am glad it will go ahead. But if we lose Both Torriera and Guendouzi that would mean we will need another CM.

  16. Captain Tierney

    ‘Getting in a back up RB/LB for the mighty fee of 1m (and VAT and all that jazz) while getting 20m+ for another backup in the same positions isn’t bad business by any metric.’

    That is great business however way you look at it. And its something wr have to do to raise cash.
    And lets not forget that Amn will cost them 50-60 mil when you include all the VAt , pension , insurance, wages , bonuses , etc etc.
    And I dont think Amn is a 60mil player or even close.

  17. Champagne Charlie


    Yea rating Cedric is a complete irrelevance in the face of the deal, the fact you continue to argue from that POV shows you fail to grasp the argument.

    We had Bellerin our injured and AMN was deputy RB. There’s been no clamouring for AMN to be permanent RB until the last two months when it’s looked like he can go.

    What the club have done is make 20+ mil on a squad player and replaced with another squad player for 1 mil. That’s excellent business for a club that has first XI needs extending beyond RB.

  18. Valentin

    I can’t understand how it can be good business to bring an INJURED inferior player at a higher salary than an academy player.

    Soares may have been cheap, but when he cost us a goal like he nearly did against Wolves (he got saved on the day by AMN), then it would become clear that bad cheap players are never a good deal.

    Before people start arguing that it is squad building, I would say this exactly the opposite of squad building. Getting an experienced, mediocre player is acceptable only as a stop gap measure. A 4 years deal is not a stop gap measure. Using a free academy player or getting a cheap youth player with potential is the way to do it. Cheap, experienced bad players suck money out of the club for absolutely no benefit.

    It remind me of the Lichsteiner debate. At the time of his arrival, I got roasted by some for daring suggesting that getting a player who was deemed not fit to play in the slower, less physically demanding Italian League was an idiotic move rather than a master stroke. The so called experience premium proved to be quite elusive.

  19. The+Godfather

    Maitland-Niles has improved tremendously both in his mental and technical approach. Selling him would be insane.

    I also don’t see why the lines and daggers are drawn so wide and long with Guendo.

    Surely his transgressions were not that bad that he can’t be rehabilitated back into the squad. It’s not like he is blunderpuss like Xhaka who cursed at the fans, openly talked of leaving and threw off his jersey. Or petulant prick like Ozil who has openly dissed the club and shown repeated petulance when getting subbed and given crappy performance on top of another.

    Hey Guendo has been deemed the anti Christ for standing up for his teammate.

    Don’t get it

  20. CG


    “””””As I’ve said before , I would love to keep Amn for at least another season. But currently we are cash strapped and his stock had never been higher.”””””

    We are cash strapped because we keep buying over priced garbage. And undervaluing players like AMN.

    He is a better than Ake of Bournemouth and he is going for £40 million.

    Ps. Good Luck to The Postman.
    Hope he delivers promotion to Middlesborough

  21. Freddie Ljungberg


    You know you can’t keep Marko in the sin bin if we sell AMN right? That would just be cruel, he might implode from unreleased joy.
    Free Marc too while you’re at it.

  22. Captain Tierney

    ‘He is a better than Ake of Bournemouth and he is going for £40 million.’

    LOL , Are you kidding 😂. Your British bias knows no bounds.

    A player who could not usurp Bellerin at RB and baby Willock , Injured Torreira and unsettled Xhaka and Ceballos in midfield is better than a player who just signed for one of the best teams in the world. Wow.

  23. crimson

    Soares is not a replacement for AMN. He will be a able back up for Hector. I can see the logic on his signing. But four year contract is a bit funky. Wait to see if we can get rid of other sellable assets before we let Ainsley go.
    Please play him in the middle.

  24. TR7

    AMN has got the ability to become our first choice RB. So it is not quite ‘selling a back up RB’ for good money. Plus he is versatile too which is overlooked by many. Bellerin won’t be looking over his shoulder anymore which could result in a drop in his performance level. Bellerin has been very complacent about his game anyway.

  25. Captain Tierney

    ‘We are cash strapped because we keep buying over priced garbage. And undervaluing players like AMN.’

    The strategy you are describing is the one which your sweetheart Wenger used for decades.
    High profile examples being – Ashley Cole , Henry , Rvp , Cesc , Xhaka , Mustafi , etc.

  26. Champagne Charlie


    With respect you talk some absolute bollocks at times, and your penchant for getting in ahead of the curve to outline your pretty rigid views of a player are something chronic.

    You’ve been outspokenly critical of Pepe, Tierney, and Cedric with barely 90 minutes played. You’ve since had to walk back your Tierney view, you continue the Pepe agenda, and no doubt Cedric will be under a quite unbelievable microscope as your “ Soares may have been cheap, but when he cost us a goal like he nearly did against Wolves” alludes to.

    Thank fuck AMN has never *nearly* cost us a goal before. My word. Cedric is a backup, he’s in for cheap, competent despite your protestations, we sell a more valuable player for profit, we improve the critical areas of the team. THAT is clearly smart business for a club that has to manufacture its own coin.

  27. Captain Tierney

    ‘A player who could not usurp Bellerin’

    I should have said , a Player who could not usurp Bellerin and at times Sokratis at RB.

  28. DivineSherlock


    Where is this RB thing coming up last I saw him play was on left . Infact since restart he was playing Left wasnt he ? He was usurping no one .

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    And couldn’t get a game in the weakest midfield in the last 2 decades. He’s had what? 1 game in midfield for us at senior level and people think he’s the solution there despite 3 full time managers refusing to give him any playing time there. Mind blowing stuff really.

    If we get rid of Bellerin we would need a new Starting RB anyway, AMN isn’t good enough to start in a back 4 for us. Most likely never will be.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    1. I am 100% in favour of Dennis Bergkamp returning to Club. He is an experienced coach with an Arsenal Background. He is also an intelligent man
    with a world class football background.

    2. I suggested some weeks ago when the Club were talking about cutting our staff that I saw absolutely no logic in having 2 goalkeeper coaches for first team. Clearly the one who arrived from Brentford is the more highly rated.

    3. Maitland-Niles is a decent footballer, but he is not a first X1 starting player
    and there are frankly better players in the squad/bench who can play full-back, winger or midfielder. For a start we need to accommodate Saka on the left side of the pitch and whilst I am not an enthusiast but Soares has been brought in as a backup right back and Nelson is ahead of AMN on wing. The money can be better spent where it is needed.

    4. I don’t understand what is going on with both Greenwood and Balogun. Why do they want to leave the club when both have only just recently been
    promoted to U23s I still think that one or the other could overtake Nketiah
    in pecking order.

  31. Guns of SF

    AMN is arguable the best RB we have.
    Soares is shit. Bar his debut, he is limited physically and is a wimp ( nose whack versus liverpool) that lead to a goal. He stopped running altogether.

    It is what it is…. 20M to go to a DM

    I worry about RB tho. Bellerin is average. He is smoking away on holiday.
    Soares is not going to cut it…. if Bell gets injured again, which is likely.

  32. GunnerDNA

    Selling AMN because he’s probably one of the few sellable asset is ok, but on the other hand handing contracts to Soares and Mari is just lunacy. Two players who the Club will have to give free transfers or loan them and pay 70% of their wages to get them out the Club just like Elneny. At Arsenal most times it’s 1 step forward and two back. I’ve accepted that we’re just a cup team and will be for a very long time. Hopefully I’m wrong but you can’t luck your way to a PL title

  33. Emiratesstroller

    Guns of SF

    There is too much negative talk about Bellerin. He has come back from a serious injury and is only 25. Judge him after a full season playing for us.

    I agree that Soares is not a great acquisition but he is no better than a bench player and probably accepts that role when doing the club.

    We need to recruit starting X1 players in midfield and clearly the club needs
    to generate transfer budget to do this. If AMN is sold for £20 million+ it is a
    very good price in the current market considering that he is probably below
    the level of Iwobi who was a full international.

  34. Habesha Gooner

    “AMN is the best right back we have”
    Am I the only one that remembers Baku and every shit game he had before arteta?

    The kid isn’t a RB. He might be a good wing back because he doesn’t have to defend that much but as a RB his flaws are always exposed. Wolves play a 343 and that’s why they are after him.

    And on top form Bellerin is miles ahead. Even if bellerin doesn’t find his form, We need to sell him and bring an upgrade. AMN wasn’t going to be his replacement. Arteta is moving to 433 and there is no place in the team for him except in midfield. And there are better players than him. And we are investing to bring quality players there. I just see all these reactions as sentiments not logic.

  35. Samir

    Looks like AMN is off to Wolves. Would rather have sold Bellerin but apparently it’s Niles that wants to leave, good luck to him.

    AMM -Wolves.
    Sokratis – Napoli.
    Holding – Leeds interested.
    Chambers – Fulham were interested a while back.
    Elneny – loan to Turkey.
    Torreira – Lazio, Fiorentina and Roma interested.
    Guendouzi – PSG?

  36. Rich

    Habesha Gooner.

    Young players improve, at 20, 21,22,23 you’re not dealing with the finished article, you’re dealing with potential.

    Giving definitive Judgments of players under 24, or players in their first season coming from another league is a mugs game

  37. Valentin


    Don’t get your knickers in a twist, because people disagree with you.

    You like the Soares deal, I don’t.
    I just don’t rate him as a player and I think that giving him a 4 years deal is a stupid move. He will have absolutely no incentive to leave us. So we have just created a new Winston Bogarde situation for ourselves.
    Also If Bellerin gets injured, he will be automatic choice and he will cost us goals. Against Wolves he was all at sea and was replaced by AMN who did a much better job to stop the influence of Traore. He is one of those false economy. The true cost of a substitute show when you actually needs him. So if next season we have to upgrade our Swiss army knife backup, it will cost us more than we would sold AMN for. Borrowing on a new shiny credit card because of the introductory rate to repay your mortgage may look like a good move initially, but in the long run it isn’t.

    Regarding Pepe, I said at the time he was never a £72 millions player and I think that it is now agreed that is the case. Some think that he will come good, I don’t. I believe that he is a limited player who can be devastating in a set of circumstances. A situational coach could make use of him, but I don’t think that Arteta will be able to maximise him without negatively affecting the balance of the team. He is another one of those player, coaches either build a team around or use as an impact player to unlock defences.

    Regarding Tierney, I would readily admit that I underestimated his defensive quality. I thought that he was just good offensively, but due to the lack of quality in the Scottish League he would be exposed as a defender. That has not been the case. I also mentioned at the time, that I hoped to be proven wrong like VVD proved doubters wrong when moving south of the border.

  38. Champagne Charlie

    AMN transfers should be a staple of our academy, wish him the best but park the sentiment when it’s weighed against making Arsenal the best version of themselves.

    Bellerin and AMN as RB options vs Bellerin and Cedric with money for Partey/Aouar to join is such a no-brainer.

    There’s still fans wanting us to hold onto Chambers and Holding for dear life ffs, thank goodness we appear to have people running the place now with the intent on making us better and more suitable to challenge all targets.

  39. Emiratesstroller

    Bellerin played well in the Cup Final and is better going forward than AMN.
    He can not only cross a ball better, but is also more capable of beating a defender.

    AMN was poor in RB position whenever he played there last season and by his own admission he did not want to play full-back.

    The club has got currently at least 6 players who can play on the wing who are
    better than him namely Aubameyang, Willian, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka and

  40. Bergkamp63

    AMN is on record stating he doesn’t like the RB position, he has been playing on the left recently also,

    What gives with all the RB talk ?

  41. Champagne Charlie


    Nobody is getting anything twisted, disagree with whatever you like just don’t introduce bullshit metrics to score points and pass them off as unique to a particular player.

    Cedric will make mistakes, AMN has made numerous, Bellerin has made numerous. Is a nonsense POV.

    That deal is smart and I “like” it because we get better overall from it. Simple as that

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I was under the impression that amn was all sorted n settled after a chat with art.

    Personally think it’s paper talk.

    Possibly selling Mattie g will quash selling amn talk.

  43. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I was under the impression that amn was all sorted n settled after a chat with art.

    Personally think it’s paper talk.

    Possibly selling Mattie g will quash selling amn talk.
    Onwards and upwards

  44. Guns of SF

    I think AMN is better at Bellerin going forward. He is quicker and in the cup final, caused all sorts of problems in the first half getting down the flank.

    Bellerin crosses automatically when outside the box, AMN can do that but he gets into the box plenty as well….

    AMN is flat out the better athlete than Bellerin.

    and Soares.

    But it is what it is…….. take the money

  45. CG

    Anyone knows ,selling AMN to Wolves is just good old fashioned , plain incompetence.

    Good luck to Wolves.
    AMN with Traore and all their other excellent players , give them a great chance of getting in the top 4- probably at Arsenal’ s expense

    False Economy.

    The Edu Effect.

  46. azed

    I don’t like to Soares and Mari deals but I don’t think we will miss AMN and the money will come in handy.

    Let’s look at it this way
    AMN gives us Gabriel (assuming Gabby is €24M) which in my opinion makes us better.

  47. azed

    “AMN with Traore and all their other excellent players , give them a great chance of getting in the top 4- probably at Arsenal’ s expense”


    Do you remember your Watford prediction last season?

  48. Habesha Gooner

    I am talking about the probability of him succeeding to make us regret it. He will be a good player but chances are he won’t be a world class player. Even if he turns out to be great and if we do enough with the funds we aren’t going to be pulling our hair out. Sanchez succeeded at arsenal but Barcelona didn’t care because they signed Suarez.

    Anyway these are comparative stats of AMN to the best potential RBs in the league. Dos he look like some one we should turn down 25 mil for when we have a huge hole in midfield and are skint?

    See how AMN is only comparable to Kwp. Now if we are selling those potential player, I would be mad too but AMN hasn’t justified anything so far so 25 mil is a great price.

  49. Northbanker

    The Sam Greenwood move seriously pisses me off and the club need to explain why they are letting him go so cheaply. This lad had talent from the games I’ve seen

  50. Captain Tierney

    ‘Bellerin played well in the Cup Final and is better going forward than AMN.
    He can not only cross a ball better, but is also more capable of beating a defender.AMN was poor in RB position whenever he played there last season and by his own admission he did not want to play full-back.The club has got currently at least 6 players who can play on the wing who are
    better than him namely Aubameyang, Willian, Pepe, Martinelli, Saka and

    On point here.
    Dont really get all the Amn sentiments. He didn’t have more than 20 odd good games for us. Personally I can only remember 5 or 6 games in which I thought maybe he can make it here , not more than that.

    People are crying out here like we got 200 mil warchest and are selling Amn just to accommodate Soares who we think is a better player. When in reality we need the funds right now to upgrade our midfield big time and Amn is one of our few sellable assets who we dont need to find a replacement for.

    Everyone wants us to operate like a proper football club and then crying over a player who at his best was a backup Lwb , Rwb and RB.

  51. Habesha Gooner

    Max Aarons a World class potential RB is being valued at 20 to 30 mil and our fans are mad as hell we are getting 20 to 25 mil for an inconsistent player just because they like him. I am shaking my head. I liked Eboue too but it didn’t make him good enough.

  52. Sid

    Now that AMN is off, up next should be Holding the homegrown premium should help in funding a quality midfielder.

  53. Captain Tierney

    ‘AMN with Traore and all their other excellent players , give them a great chance of getting in the top 4- probably at Arsenal’ s expense’

    And someone was out here saying CG is always right 😂

    Amn has stats similar to KWP.
    Lets see the Amn obsessives/ or should I call them Edu haters? come with a new stat that shows how Amn is the second coming of Paul Scholes or Nigel Winterburn. CG , I’m waiting for it.

  54. Chika

    “AMN is arguable the best RB we have.”

    He is not a RB, he doesn’t want to play RB and he’s not good enough in a back four.

    £20M+ for a squad filler like Niles is good business for a team under a rebuild job.
    Some of you need to cut the emotional crap!

  55. GunnerDNA

    A club that thinks they deserve to be in the top 4 of the PL don’t sign Mari and Soares. Two journeyman who are average at best. With a team of atlest 17 deadwood players adding two more is just incompetence. If the rumor is true that Wolves are interested AMN is because he’s a good athlete with decent technique that is likely to improve

  56. Guns of SF

    Anyone feel confident with Bellerin and Soares the entire season as RB?

    Worst case, who is our third choice?

    Both are not the fittest not fastest nor most skilled RB’s in the EPL

    RB for me, is becoming a red flag position.

  57. Danny+S

    Not sure why people keep saying about AMN and keeping him as he’s the better RB and a good back up LB. I’m pretty sure he has said he wants to play CM, and that is why he is leaving as he won’t be first choice CM at arsenal.

  58. Rich

    Habesha gooner

    I agree about Aarons, if anyone offers us £25-£30mill for Bellerin?
    Then we should move him out providing we could get Aarons.

    I’d also happily sell Kolasinac and replace him with Jamal Lewis.

    Still be gutted if we sell Niles though.

  59. DigitalBob

    Sokratis, Mustafi should be the next ones gone due to the amount of time left on their contracts and of course limited ability.

    Mustafi has been more consistent but he’s not signing a new deal to be 3rd/4th choice CB and he has somewhat increased his transfer appeal since Arteta has taken over. He’s gotta go now.

    Guns of SF – Nope not at all confident in that position heading into the new season. We have Jordi Osei-Tutu out on loan who does have some potential. I’d like to see him as backup instead of Soares.

  60. DaleDaGooner

    Some dumb posts here about Cedric and Mari’s abilities. Soares isn’t a bad RB to have as backup and you obviously know nothing about Pablo Mari. AMN wants to leave, sell him, invest in other areas, let’s move on.

  61. China1

    Yeah man Ronaldo literally does have a different jumping technique than any other halfway decent player – it’s specifically different how he uses his legs

    There was even a study done on how he seems to get so much height and hang in the air that way he gets all those headers and it was specifically related to not just the build up to the jump (what everyone else focuses on) but how he uses his legs in mid air (he throws them upwards behind him unlike everyone else)

    If jumping high was just down to physiology, that was be a matter of what though? Muscles? Those can be trained by anyone his height to be just as strong – yet none are doing it like he does > because it’s 50% good physique and 50% technique

    It’s no different than Olympic athletes at high jump or whatever – they get that extra advantage on top of physical quality with exceptional technique. CR7 is one of extremely few players who is *really* paying attention to technique outside of big standard passing shooting and skills like most players. That’s why he has stayed one step ahead of his competition (besides Messi) for his whole career

  62. China1

    I’d rather we sold Bellerin but if the money for AMN will improve our midfield noticeably than we will be net in the black and I’ll be happy with that.

  63. DigitalBob

    I would have also liked Malang Sarr to come in and provide some competition in that LB/LCB position so we could have possibly got rid of Kolasinac, who is always a blunder away from costing us the game, but it looks like he’s Chelsea-bound.

  64. Habesha Gooner

    True bellerin hasn’t been good enough. I admit I like him. But If a club come with a really good offer I would sell him too. We can get another great RB. Bellerin being not good enough doesn’t make AMN good enough. At least bellerin has shown elite potential before. Injuries have hampered him. Even if I like him, We need to sell him too next summer if he isn’t great this coming season.

  65. Fire

    AMN changed his agent mid season. He has always wanted out. Thankfully his display after the break will give us some needed cash.
    I wonder where he will play at wolves .

  66. China1

    What I want to know is how much money do we really have to play with right now assuming Gabriel is done.

    All this talk of bids for Partey etc > but how much do we need to bring in if we want to meet his release clause etc? Does AMN just pay for Gabriel or does this free us to bid for a midfielder?

  67. Dissenter

    AMN has to go, for his on good and Arsenal’s
    The moment we signed Soares to a 4 year deal, his place in the squad became untenable.
    Sell him for a good fee and the Gabriel signing is all but paid for. That’s how it should work.

  68. Guns of SF

    Another position that we need closure on is CM,
    Is Dani C coming back? if not, we need to be shopping for that position as well.
    if we get Partey, does Xhaka sit?

    CM is up in the air as well…. hopefully we get this resolved fast

  69. TR7

    Ornstein : Gabriel undergoing medical in London as we speak ahead of completing transfer from Lille to Arsenal for €26m + €4m in add-ons. Permission to do medical before starting quarantine.

  70. Northbanker

    AMN had a good end to the season but he is never going to be first choice for any position inc RB, a role he doesn’t want anyway. Bellerin is a more complete player and we can’t sell both. So happy we sell AMN now and we purse a higher quality RB next summer TW.

    We can’t solve every problem now.

  71. Trask

    AMN gone then

    I suspect Bellerin will be gone by next summer as well

    A new RB is gonna be needed the way I see it

    Shame Hakimi is now off the table

  72. Danny+S


    AMN does not want to be a FB. Soares signing has zero ducking impact on his bro g at arsenal. Not sure why you can’t comprehend that.

  73. CG


    “””””AMN had a good end to the season but he is never going to be first choice for any position inc RB””””””

    If Jurgen Klopp was in charge of Arsenal.

    AMN would not be Molineux bound.

    Arteta is clearly a talented coach. But has yet to show ,any real excellence in player recruitment .Probably learned that from Pep- because he can’t buy a decent player for toffee either.

    Absolute idiocy to sell a player who has been at the club since he was 7 and has been showing some real signs of promise.

    He will regret this .

  74. Karsa

    AMN wants to lave. He’s been at the club since he was 7 years old and still hasn’t nailed down a first team place.

    Any ambitious player would want to seek pastures new.

  75. Freddie Ljungberg

    Really shrewd business from Middlesbrough looking to pick up the 50m player, the one and only postman Yaya Sanogo on a free.

    Heard they need someone to keep their physios occupied to avoid redundancies.

  76. CG


    “””””Any ambitious player would want to seek pastures new.”””””

    Well Wolves finished ahead of Arsenal last season despite playing 1000 games in The Loosers Cup.

    the last time AMN was at Wolves- he had Traore in his pocket.
    Not only have Wolves got a great talent- they have got him a a brilliant price.

    Whoever agreed to sell him for £20 million needs sacking tonight.
    We shelled out £24 million last season for D. Luiz..

    The Dopes on Fire today.

  77. Ricky

    AMN should not be sold. If anything, he should be loaned out. If he insists in going, he should seek a move abroad to Germany, Italy or Spain, and under a coach who can progress his development.

  78. Karsa

    the last time AMN was at Wolves- he had Traore in his pocket.
    Not only have Wolves got a great talent- they have got him a a brilliant price.


    No-one actually knows what price is being asked however. This 20 million is merely a guess.

  79. Zacharse

    Amn was due for a new contract after this season after what he showed. Perhaps thats part of it. No one Has found and nowhere can u find out what his contract at wolves will look like. No way he was on more than 20/wk w us
    Def wish he was staying

  80. Captain Tierney


    Assuming we cant generate enough funds to shore up our midfield, Arteta believes Emi Martinez is good enough for the no. 1 spot and we get a good offer for Leno with a replacement No.2 lined on the cheap then I’ll be happy with Leno’s sale ( even though I like him a lot . And he’s done tonnes more for the club than Amn has )

    Re-Amn. He is 23 now and doesn’t have a well defined position. He’s got talent and his versatility makes him a good player to have in a 25 man well settled squad challenging for the title .
    Unfortunately we are far away from the title and tho Amn is a player I would like to keep around we cant afford that in our current state.
    To put into perspective all the proceeds from Amn sale (assuming in the 20-25 m range) can on itself fund Gabriel. That is a 2nd or 3rd choice RB/ rotation option at LWB / Final 20 minutes player being swapped for a Starter at a position we lack quality who is also tipped to become world class.
    Thats one damn good trade imo.

  81. DivineSherlock

    Suddenly AMN is the best RB we have , having only played less than Chambers there. Remember Arteta made even Chambers look good before he got injured. You lot also forget that he refused to play RB and wanted to play in midfield , which is why he got binned by Arteta. He forced our hand to buy Soares.

  82. DigitalBob

    Un – It does feel like it should have happened by now but maybe we are waiting for the majority of the Partey fee to come from the sale of Guendouzi and a few others.

    Also given the requirement for new signings to go into quarantine if not arriving from the travel corridor it makes sense to really push ahead with these transfers now so the new guys are ready for our challenging early fixtures.

  83. DivineSherlock

    Suddenly AMN is the best RB we have , having only played less than Chambers there. Remember Arteta made even Chambers look good before he got injured. You lot also forget that he refused to play RB and wanted to play in midfield , which is why he got binned by Arteta. He forced our hand to buy Soares. Its like people are pining for Iwobi to stay.

  84. The+Godfather

    I would take Suarez on a free and sell Lacazette in a heartbeat. Laca isn’t faster than Suarez who can hold the ball up better, will win some PKs and is definitely much more clinical.

    Would be a perfect complement to Auba

  85. Dissenter

    Marc called the Kola situation correctly
    His wife doesn’t like living in England and he wants out. The problem is that we pay him too much and Shalke can’t afford to continue those wages.

    Marc, keep enjoying those 72 virgins in your paradise bin.

  86. Terraloon


    Suarez will not have had his contract cancelled by Barca without his agreement.

    He will have been told he isn’t wanted or won’t feature in the first team plans and the numbers will be agreed.

    If a club like say Barca just cancelled his contract then that, in FIFA terms, would almost certainly would be viewed as being without just cause.

    Fifa have strict and simply to follow guidelines in such

    13 Respect of contract
    A contract between a professional and a club may only be terminated upon
    expiry of the term of the contract or by mutual agreement.
    14 Terminating a contract with just cause
    A contract may be terminated by either party without consequences of any kind (either payment of compensation or imposition of sporting sanctions) where there is just cause.
    Any abusive conduct of a party aiming at forcing the counterparty to terminate or change the terms of the contract shall entitle the counterparty (a player or a club) to terminate the contract with just cause.
    In the case of a club unlawfully failing to pay a player at least two monthly salaries on their due dates, the player will be deemed to have a just cause to terminate his contract, provided that he has put the debtor club in default in writing and has granted a deadline of at least 15 days for the debtor club to fully comply with its financial obligation(s). Alternative provisions in contracts existing at the time of this provision coming into force may be considered.
    For any salaries of a player which are not due on a monthly basis, the pro-rata value corresponding to two months shall be considered. Delayed payment of an amount which is equal to at least two months shall also be deemed a just cause for the player to terminate his contract, subject to him complying with the notice of termination as per paragraph 1 above.
    Terminating a contract with just cause for outstanding salaries

    20 IV. Maintenance of contractual stability between professionals and clubs
    Collective bargaining agreements validly negotiated by employers’ and employees’ representatives at domestic level in accordance with national law may deviate from the principles stipulated in paragraphs 1 and 2 above.
    The terms of such an agreement shall prevail.
    15 Terminating a contract with sporting just cause
    An established professional who has, in the course of the season, appeared
    in fewer than ten per cent of the official matches in which his club has been involved may terminate his contract prematurely on the ground of sporting just cause. Due consideration shall be given to the player’s circumstances in the appraisal of such cases. The existence of sporting just cause shall be established on a case-by-case basis. In such a case, sporting sanctions shall not be imposed, though compensation may be payable. A professional may only terminate his contract on this basis in the 15 days following the last official match of the season of the club with which he is registered.

    Here’s what happens if a club cancels a contract with sporting just cause

    In addition to the obligation to pay compensation, sporting sanctions shall be imposed on any club found to be in breach of contract. The club shall be banned from registering any new players, either nationally or internationally, for two entire and consecutive registration periods. The club shall be able to register new players, either nationally or internationally, only as of the next registration period following the complete serving of the relevant sporting sanction. In particular, it may not make use of the exception and the provisional measures stipulated in article 6 paragraph 1 of these regulations in order to register players at an earlier stage.

  87. Dissenter

    It just goes to show that Messi’s power at Barca have been curtailed.
    Suarez was his best buddy and Messi would have had to agree to his exit to make that happen.
    I suspect those rumors about Messi leaving Barca may very well have some truth in them.

  88. Rich


    It’s great news, providing we don’t replace one subpar player with another subpar player.

    The 4 year contracts for Soares and Mari, along with the Luiz extension has put me on edge.

    Talk of Kolasinac 1 year loan, with an obligation to buy next summer, but we pay a percentage of his wages this season.

  89. Valentin


    The usual strategy on squad building is based on the theory of replacement cost. You replace the players who give you the most benefit without negatively impacting your team.

    Taking into account that AMN versatility means that in order to properly replace him, we need either 2 players to cover (RB, LB, RWB, LWB) position, a player with similar ability for a cheaper price or a much better player. If the overall cost is higher, then there is no benefit in selling him. You may not like it, but games have shown that there is a big drop of quality and physicality between Soares and AMN.

    Ultimately it is also a question of judgement on the player itself. I do believe that in 2 years time AMN will go to a top club such as Liverpool, ManCity or ManUtd. In 2 years time, we will have to fork a lot more to get a player of similar aptitude.

    Two years ago, I said that selling Jeff for peanuts was in my view criminal. Good squad building is that you sell first asset with the lowest ceiling at the highest price possible assuming you can get a similar asset for a lower price.

    Using being cash poor to justify bad decision does not change the fact that this is a bad decision that Arsenal will regret.

  90. Dissenter

    “Dissenter surely your not suggesting Barca allow Messi to dictate who they buy and sell?”

    Messi has had a lot of power at Barca, not suggesting he dictates their transfer policy but it was well known that Suarez was off-limits because he’s Messi’s best friend.

    The fact that they are moving him on means the Messi power axis is being broken.
    Messi supposedly had a clause that let him leave for free or very little money, we’ll soon see if that’s true.

  91. azed


    AMN asked to leave (at least that’s what was reported).
    We’ve basically replaced AMN in the squad with Gabriel who would most probably end up being a starter by the end of the season.

    ” I do believe that in 2 years time AMN will go to a top club such as Liverpool, ManCity or ManUtd. In 2 years time, we will have to fork a lot more to get a player of similar aptitude.”

    All I can say at this point is lol.

  92. Jamie

    “Two years ago, I said that selling Jeff for peanuts was in my view criminal.”

    Yeah, but did you get lambasted/roasted/pilloried for it? Asking for a friend.

  93. Fire

    AMN will go to a top club as what???
    RB or CM or LB
    It will be interesting to see his position at Wolves

  94. Captain Tierney

    Bouhafsi – one of the most reliable Journos in France says PSG are looking for a RB and are interested in Bellerin.
    30+ mil and he’s all yours oilman.
    Aarons or the sort for 20. Another 10 mil added to the midfield budget.
    We Move.

  95. Champagne Charlie

    “You may not like it, but games have shown that there is a big drop of quality and physicality between Soares and AMN.“

    Do spare me this pseudo-concrete analysis you’re desperately pushing forward. We’ve seen exactly 250 minutes of him in an Arsenal shirt, nvm mind the fact he’s joined a new team, or made his debut some 6 months after last kicking a ball following injury and unusual circumstance. You want to use that elite sample verbatim.

    “Taking into account that AMN versatility means that in order to properly replace him, we need either 2 players to cover (RB, LB, RWB, LWB) position, a player with similar ability for a cheaper price or a much better player.“

    Cedric is of similar ability to AMN at RB. We also gain funds this window to make gains elsewhere on the pitch. It can’t be explained clearer than that, you can bitch and moan because you don’t rate a player but the circumstances of the purchase and subsequent sale leave the football club in a much better position – that’s the actual goal here.

    “Using being cash poor to justify bad decision does not change the fact that this is a bad decision that Arsenal will regret.“

    It’s not a bad decision when it allows us to further the squad for next season. Speculating where you think AMN will end up in two years is of no significance to us right now, he’s behind Bellerin in the pecking order so we’re not missing anything with his sale and the club is valuing the improvements they can make in this summers transfer window over the improvements AMN might deliver two years down the line as a RB over Bellerin. There will be no regrets here, just reimagined tales of AMN every time he has a good game elsewhere and Bellerin/Cedric don’t.

    The academy is doing its job developing players like AMN, they threaten our squad but ultimately can also be used to generate funds for external improvement. He’s wished well, but needs must and Arsenal will be better for it.

  96. G8

    Pedro, as average and inconsistent AMN can be he a better option than Soars, Bellend, and ofcourse Kolasniac..
    Unless he refused to play the full back position, I think we would regret selling him now ,even if we manage to get a decent fee for him
    We don’t have a decent option for a full back apart from Teirney who could get a lengthy injury yet again!

  97. Sid

    For every Gnarbry theres a Chambers, Joel Campbell, Carl Jenkinson, Xhakalson

    AMN falls in the latter group, take the money and run

    Im telling you for free!

  98. Habesha Gooner

    WTF is going on! suddenly all our players are desirable? Kolasinac and Bellerin now. O hope teams aren’t looking for cheap deals to fleece us. I don’t think bellerin will go. But I think kolasinac might because arteta would be happy to let him go.

  99. SpanishDave

    Pedro doesn’t like free speech.
    The banter here is harmless , part of the English sense of humour , a lot of wokes want to change it though so don’t play into their hands.

  100. Chukwudi

    AMN must not leave Arsenal, Arteta must including him in his plans he deserved it. I personally rate him more than Guendozi. Arsenal should not make this horrible mistake.

  101. Words on a Blog

    1) AMN is better than Soares
    2) AMN is faster and more athletic than Bellerin
    3) AMN is more positionally versatile than Bellerin or Soares
    4) We need cash and AMN is a valuable asset
    5) We need to upgrade our central midfield and need cash. RB/LB is not a problem position.
    6) Sell AMN for £20-25m and raise the cash to do what we need to do.

  102. Words on a Blog

    The point is, if we are gonna upgrade our squad, then we will sometimes have to sacrifice very, very good players.

    If: a) other clubs want them, b) they want to go, and c) their departure does not leave Arsenal short in a particular position, then it makes perfect sense to sell.

  103. London gunner

    What’s so good about AMN can someone spell it out?

    Not trying to argue im genuinely interested about why he is so highly rated on here.

  104. Words on a Blog

    At the moment, the only 3 players I wouldn’t sell are:

    Auba, Saka, and Tierney.

    Upgrades are available for everyone else. And we have two excellent goalkeepers, so if one has to go to raise cash for upgrades elsewhere, then fine.

  105. Habesha Gooner

    London Gunner
    He is home grown. He has had a few good games, He has athletic abilities. And people like him. So they don’t see his flaws. They think he can become very consistent.

    There are a few players on our books that we can’t afford to lose for the right price. In my eyes these are the players I would refrain from selling this summer. Mari, Willian, Gabriel and Soares aren’t included because they signed now.
    I wouldn’t sell, Martinez, Leno, Saliba, Tierney, Bellerin ( next summer entirely possible though), Aubameyang, Saka, Pepe, Martinelli, Willock, ESR, Nelson, and Nketiah. All the young players need chances before selling them like AMN. So 13 players. I am okay with selling everyone else provides we can replace them adequately.

  106. TR7

    ‘What’s so good about AMN can someone spell it out?’

    If we diaregard temporary lapses in comcentration and lack of commitment at times, AMN is a good footballer.

    1. Technical ability – He looks comfortable with the ball at his feet and keep the ball in tight situations. He is an okay dribbler.

    2. Pace and athleticism : He has got good recovery speed which helps him get back in to defensive positions from positions high up in the opposition box.

    3. Versatility : He can be your typical utility player who can play in 3 positions.

    4. Not saying he is already very good at it but in flashes he has shown he can be very very good in one on one situations.

  107. Habesha Gooner

    Havertz is a great player but I don’t think the premier league suits him. He is a bit of an introvert and sometimes hasn’t got the best body language. The premier league massacres players like that. Werner and Ziyech are different though. They are made for this league.