Arsenal Women Gun For Glory

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One of the pleasures that comes with creating content about Arsenal is meeting people that are crazy talented and all they want to talk about is The Arsenal. Guest blogger Demian and I have been meeting for a few years, last time we hung out I watched him play percussion for the Jonas Brothers in Brooklyn. He warned me to bring earplugs, I was like, errr, been to Wembley mate, reckon I can handle this… oh my, was I wrong. I’ve never heard shrieks like it. He wears elite jackets and one of his major loves is the women’s game. He asked if I’d write about the game this weekend, instead, I threw it over to him. Enjoy the piece and give him a follow on @DemianArriaga.

Just like you, I LOVE ARSENAL.

But sometimes, I need a little reminder here and there.

I am a proud Venezuelan gooner who fell in love with Ian Wright watching him on old VHS tapes before I even had any idea what club he played for. That summer I saw Dennis Bergkamp score THAT goal against Argentina and when I saw on my Panini sticker book that he played for Arsenal, I just knew that was my team. Oh, that and the JVC logos which were the same from my stereo which became the single most important object in my life, as I later became a professional musician.

The post-Wenger era was just as difficult for me as during his latter years. I wasn’t really enjoying the matches, always expecting the worst and found myself tweeting more during the gameplay than watching the TV. Even still I would wake up at 4am here in Los Angeles if I had to. Game not on? I would listen to on the radio or try to find a feed. If not, I would open a live score app and refresh that sucker every 5 seconds.

However, the reality was that I was falling out of love with Arsenal. I didn’t feel like I was connecting with the players or with the Manager and style of play. There was so much fan division that even living in the USA, aka very far away from London, I was feeling alienated.

No. 10s that couldn’t hold a candle to Dennis and still no DMF since PV4 left. We all know that and to a degree I can come to terms with that because it’s on us. Nobody else. But beyond that, the absurd wages football wide, the racism, the corruption, the drama and all the things we love to hate, it was just becoming too much. Perhaps if Arsenal were doing great I might have conveniently exercised my selective amnesia but honestly my friends, I was just getting overwhelmed.

Then last summer it all changed. During the Women’s World Cup, a Dutch player made me fall in love with football and more importantly with ARSENAL FC, harder than ever before. The Notorious DVD aka Danielle Van De Donk. She instantly became my favorite player, let alone my favorite female one. Her poise, her control, her bite, her vision. She had it all. When the commentator mentioned she played for our club I felt like I had found something I was missing for who knows how long. I felt whole. Complete. It all made sense again. Later I came to find that the greatest and most prolific striker in the game was also our player. Then one of the Dutch’s most impactful subs who could start in any team, would be ours later that summer.

I was hooked. And I hadn’t even seen them play!!! I went online and started watching past matches, hearing interviews, and studying the history just like I had once done it 22 years ago. This is a team that has so much history, unlike any other in Europe and the current squad is very special.

Last season they were pure joy to watch and if it hadn’t been for COVID they could’ve won the WSL title. I wanted that, I yearned for that, and I had it all along. Right in front of me. I didn’t follow the when they won the CL or the league or countless FA cups… and I’m ashamed of that to be fair.

Not fully related but I recently tweeted out at TalkSPORT, mentioning how I wasn’t a Londoner but loved Arsenal since 98 and Goughie and Adrian basically called me a glory hunting fan, and even though I was bothered by it and thought it was harsh, I think they might have a point. Yes, I seek glory, don’t we all?

And that is the point… we have it. WE HAVE IT. And I’m not talking about 89 or the Invincibles. I’m talking about Arsenal Women.

We have the joy and privilege of witnessing some of the world’s best athletes right at our club. You want “one of our own” then look no further than Leah Williamson, a better defender than any at the men’s squad. A Dutch genius on the ball who can make time stop and also not be bullied? We got DVD. English, stylish with flair AND engine, a forward who can bend it like Becks? Beth Mead. Want a left-footed full back, that puts in glorious crosses and rough tackles, who tucks their shirt in? Katie McCabe. The deadliest, most fear inducing centre forward on planet earth? Miedema.

The list goes on and on and on.

We are truly privileged at Arsenal FC and supporting that badge to me means supporting all of it. Not just half.

I understand you may have apprehensions, or don’t think they have the quality that the men possess, etc and I’m not here to argue. I will say you will never ever see Jill Roord, Kim Little, Jordan Nobbs or Lia Walti not give anything less than 110%.  If you value commitment, pride, love for the crest and victory through harmony, all you have to look is at our Women’s squad.

They love each other and fight for each other and they are without a shadow of a doubt the most tight-knit AFC squad I’ve seen since the Invincibles.

So, although I’m not trying to convince you, give them a shot.

Saturday is massive, as they play their Champions League quarter-final tie against PSG and we must show up for them, online, virtually and in every which way possible.

Don’t we want to be the best fanbase we can? Not be compared to any others but just to feel good about how we treat our own?

I encourage you to watch the matches, follow the players, support them and buy they Merch. Not because they need it, but because it’s our team too. Also, because they are worth it.

They play outstanding football. They just do and more than anything, they LOVE our Arsenal.

And I love them.

Good luck to the team tomorrow!

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  1. Pierre

    “We know that Ozil has employed a team that carefully manage his ‘brand’, I’m sure that could extend to making favourable comments on blogs too……”


  2. Moray

    “Knowing Un**ed fans they probably are proud too.“

    Smiling as they eat their prawn sandwiches?

    Can’t really blame Maguire, to be honest. I’m sure we’ve all done worse. I Just still don’t understand why people are going abroad on holiday in a pandemic…it makes zero sense. An overseas holiday is not a basic human right.

    If these guys come back sick, which many will, the league is off again and the clubs in even bigger shit.

    Yet people carry on as though everything is now fine. Humans are real cunts.

  3. Moray

    Can we not leak some anti-Putin rhetoric through Ozil’s twitter account? That’s one way to mitigate our losses for this useless Bug-eyed prick.

  4. Bojangles

    “What’s the word on the street with Marghalaes?all very quiet”

    Depends what you want to believe. He’s already signed for us, he’s considering his options, Un**ed made a last ditch effort for his signature, only between Napoli and Arsenal…lots of bs out there.

  5. Champagne Charlie


    Your gaslighting is a bit of a joke. You were flippant about us cancelling Ozil’s contract and made comparisons to Juventus.

    You’ve just made the claim that Ozil’s absence from the team is down to his refusal to take a pay cut. You’re utterly shameless, and yet call others obsessive. Weird guy.

  6. Nelson

    “{Ozil is a greedy prick that is sucking money out of the club that could be going to better use elsewhere in the squad”

    I don’t agree that Ozil is a greedy prick. He has donated more money than any of we noisy posters could have done. Let’s call a spade a spade. But Ozil is not fair to Arsenal. He is the highest paid footballer. His priority should be Arsenal. Instead, he has spent more energy in other issues such as China’s treatment of Muslims.

  7. Santan

    “What’s the word on the street with Marghalaes?all very quiet”

    Apparently he’s completed the medical and is set to sign but idk how tru that is

  8. Terraloon

    Forget all this talk about players unilaterally having their contracts cancelled by a club.It quite simply has not happened.

    The only way a players contract can be ripped up by a player is due to three reasons:

    1) Not being paid for two Consecutive months
    2) Not being selected to appear in 10% of first teams games
    3) Webster ruling. Players can walk away from their contract after completion of a set number of years determined by their age

    A manager, a club has to honour the terms of a players contract unless their is gross misconduct or the two parties agree to cancel it.

  9. Pierre

    “Your gaslighting is a bit of a joke. You were flippant about us cancelling Ozil’s contract and made comparisons to Juventus.”

    not flippant at all..totally serious..if Arteta isn’t going to use him then cancel his contract, it’s the most sensible solution.

  10. Radio Raheem

    If it wasn’t for the boxing I’d watch the women’s football later today. Women’s football has come on a lot especially at the top end. The only part that doesn’t seem to have improved is their goalkeepers. You get one or two that buck the trend but generally they’re awful.

    Women’s boxing on the other hand, wow! Better to watch than men on occasions.

  11. Radio Raheem

    Dillian Whyte

    I’m leaning towards Taylor but I’m expecting Peerson to bring it. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Belgian won.

    The one I’m most looking forward to is Babic vs Winters. The build-up has been funny 😂😂

  12. Graham62

    Massive congratulations to Sevilla.

    Six Europa league triumphs. Fantastic achievement.

    Just imagine if we had that record.

    Would you take six Europa League titles or top 4 year in year out? Difficult one, right?

    Those that are calling it “utter filth” would be gloating left, right and centre.

    If Wenger had won even just one European title, can you imagine the rhetoric on here.

    It wouldn’t be a “trash” tournament then would it.

    Of course not.

  13. Emiratesstroller

    According to Transfermarkt Mkhitaryan’s loan to Roma ends on 31/8. So one assumes that a decision whether to release him on freebie will be announced then.

    Since the player wants to stay in Roma my guess is that Arsenal will release him on freebie so long as Roma pay his wages for next season.

    The player may follow the Sanchez route and accept a lower wage to stay in Italy.

    Regrettably I don’t think that Ozil will follow a similar route. He wants his pound of flesh and his current wages irrespective of whether he plays or not.

    My guess is that Arsenal will need to make a decision whether or not to write
    off his wages for next 10 months or keep him on register. No club in Europe is
    going to cover his wages let alone buy him.

    This is why I have changed my mind about offering Aubameyang a new contract this summer. Clubs are no longer willing to pay a sizeable transfer
    fee + inflated wages for 30+ year old player.

    We are seeing that problem also with Ronaldo, Messi and Bale. If they want to
    move then it will be on a freebie and almost certainly a lower wage.

  14. andy1886

    Pierre, if you think that Ozil’s PR team wouldn’t think to post positive comments about their employer then you’re naive. Surely you’ve read comments from his agent about building his ‘brand’?

    As as already been said, he concentrates too much on matters off the pitch which has probably contributed to his decline.

  15. Graham62


    I agree 100%.

    I also “can’t understand why people are going abroad on holiday during a pandemic”..

    Stupid and exceptionally selfish.

    Says a lot about someone when they put not only their own health at risk but also the health and lives of others.

  16. Northbanker

    All looks really positive on the Gabriel front – reports are that he has been massively impressed by Arteta who has persistently contacted him while his agents have tried to persuade him to stall to get the auction effect

    He’s done the medical so let’s how it gets done and we can focus on the midfield

  17. Champagne Charlie

    “not flippant at all..totally serious..if Arteta isn’t going to use him then cancel his contract, it’s the most sensible solution.“

    It’s exactly what it is, you’re completely disregarding the financial implications associated.

  18. Northbanker

    Concerned about the Lacazette rumour of a swap deal. Federico Bernadeschi their winger is the latest rumour

    Looks a really good player but why would we want a winger? Club really need to focus on getting cash as swap deals are lost strategy. You simply get the wrong player and don’t plug the holes you need to plug

  19. Graham62

    Irrespective of Ozil’s off-field generosity and charitable gestures, he remains a thorn in Arsenal’s side.

    His PR team can’t disguise that.

  20. CG


    “””””Those that are calling it “utter filth” would be gloating left, right and centre.”””””

    The Loosers Cup is so appallling, there are some actually games being played today for the next campaign. It never ends.

    Just a constant barrage of excrement and always seemingly played on a Thursday.

    I will always cheer the oppostion when Arsenal are in it. Regardless.
    Out of principle.

    Its designed for the naughty clubs that need to punished or mongrel clubs like Seville.

    Proper soccer tonight .
    Buy PSG goals.

  21. CG


    “”””This is why I have changed my mind about offering Aubameyang a new contract this summer.”””””

    100% Correct.
    Sheer vanity from The Dopes.

    PEA has 12 months remaining on his whopping contract.

    extend in 12 months, if necessary or part company with respect.

  22. Uwot?

    Nortbanker- never trust a slimy agent.If fee agreed with Lille,personal terms agreed & medical completed & passed wtf is the hold up.Unless…..

  23. Goldinho

    I’ll be honest mate,all I’m doing is applying a bit of common sense to it.
    If you go from a place with a higher infection ate to a place with a lower infection rate,surely your cutting the odds of getting it,and spreading it.

  24. Mr Serge

    I am abroad right now in Cyprus have been for four weeks
    My entire family had a test 48 hours before flying and got the all clear. Over here we all wear masks and sanitize whenever we go t a shop
    I have my own home so the chance of getting the virus is virtually nil
    As I have been tested me passing it on is also nil Graham
    So what’s your point ?

  25. Goldinho

    Povetkin is no mug
    He’s still fighting at the same weight as he was in his 20s
    I know someone who’s sparred with him .
    He says don’t take him lightly,he is double professional
    He doesn’t fuck about when he’s training
    I think he could upset whyte

  26. Mr Serge

    We also got the all clear at the airport when we arrived and the virus here was managed properly so it’s far safer her than in London where I live

  27. Chris

    “ The Loosers Cup is so appallling, there are some actually games being played today for the next campaign. It never ends.”

    The Champions League qualifiers for next season started last week alongside the semi finals.

    I guess that competition never ends either.

  28. Chris

    “ I will always cheer the oppostion when Arsenal are in it. Regardless.
    Out of principle.”

    Expand on this ‘principle’ if you can?

  29. Tom

    “I will always cheer the opposition when Arsenal are in it. Regardless.
    Out of principle.”
    Even when Wenger’s Arsenal was playing Atletico M, CG?

  30. CG


    “””””“ I will always cheer the opposition when Arsenal are in it. Regardless.
    Out of principle.”Expand on this ‘principle’ if you can?”””””

    I am a traditionalist,
    I believe the games should start at Saturday at 3pm. (GMT)

    Thursdays evenings are for bridge, bingo, opera , theatre or cinema anyway.

    If they made The Loosers Cup immediate knockout ( like the FA Cup ) and played it on a Wednesday, I might come round.

    until then, I will have nothing to do with it.


  31. CG


    “”””””Even when Wenger’s Arsenal was playing Atletico M, CG?””””””

    Even when our Wenger was in charge,

    Mind you – he was only in it for a handful of fixtures in 20 years.

  32. Tom

    “Can we not leak some anti-Putin rhetoric through Ozil’s twitter account? That’s one way to mitigate our losses for this useless Bug-eyed prick.“

    Are you suggesting Ozil gets poisoned by Putin the Navalny style?
    A bit extreme , no?

    Besides , no one would believe Ozil made these comments since his best man Erdogan is fast friends with Putin now.
    Ozil’s righteousness clearly knows some bounds.

  33. CG

    CG ( Cali Goon)

    “”””CG – rooting against your team makes you kind of a dipshit.”””””””

    Don’t worry, I am sure there are others that will soon do likewise.

    I am hearing Europa League 2 is on its way. Another abomination concocted up by UEFA.

    That will be a bundle of laughs.

  34. Radio Raheem


    Fair points, there’s always a chance of an upset in the heavyweight. I watched his last fight against Michael Hunter and thought him lucky not have lost that. I know Dillian (31/32) didn’t look great on the night as well but he has age on his side. Povetkin is 41 and has surely fought his best fight. I don’t see Povetkin making the type of improvement needed to upset this ‘lean’ mean Dillian.

    But when all is said anything can happen in heavyweight boxing.