Sexy midfielder linked, but is he too sexy for our budget?

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It’s that time of year when Arsenal launch a new kit and everyone has a massive fight about fashuuuuun and tradition.

I like the white kit with a hint of marbling. Adidas is doing a pretty decent job of making kits acceptable to the level where normal people can wear them, but they still feel like they’re cool for the youfffff. This third kit is based off the Marble Halls from Highbury. It’s a nice nod to the past and shows again that the people in charge their end actually have something invested in Arsenal.

I can’t be having the traditionalists whining about how the execution doesn’t meet exacting standards. ‘Iconic’ happens when you take chances. That bruised banana kit was one of the biggest chances in kit making history and now everyone loves it. A good kit supplier should respect the past, but also take chances on the future. I’m down with this attempt. I reckon it’ll sell very nicely.

I also love the video. A David Seaman nude? Why not… we’re only human. I cannot imagine how much fun it must have been to shoot work like this. If anyone knows the directors or advertising folk that work on that account, drop me a DM or e-mail me… I want to talk to you about this on a podcast.

In other news, the internet is ABLAZE with transfer rumours I actually LOVE.

Firstly, it seems like it is inevitable that Gabriel is going to join. There are about 15 publications I’ve never heard of all saying the same thing. The player would be mad to choose the Napoli project over the Arsenal one. This was interesting from the Lille CEO.

“I feel he’s among the top 5 dominant central defenders in Europe right now. His statistics, which aren’t well covered outside of France, shows that his percentage for winning duels is pretty unheard of in a league that’s extremely physical”

He’s exactly the type of player we should be looking at. Young, athletic, aggressive, technically sound, and Brazilian. Give me 11 of those.

In slightly sexier news, Matt Spiro, the French journo, reckons Arsenal have a bid on the table for Houssem Aouar.


The 22-year-old midfielder is still a baby, but he has it all. He didn’t shame himself at all against Bayern in the Champions League and he was the midfielder all the City players were talking about after they exited. He would be an outrageous coup. The only reason I think there’s an outside chance we bring him to the club is 1) We have Matteo as a make-weight. 2) He might not want to go to Madrid or City as his first club out of Lyon. He’d get game time at Arsenal in a great City with a young manager that’d give him a bit of the Pep coaching experience.

It’s a huge longshot, but at least we’re sniffing around a player like that, versus some bum on the book of a super-agent we really have to try hard to pretend is right fit.


Joelson has signed a new deal for Sporting Lisbon. Shocker, it was almost like the media was used to get a better deal? Glad that sort of carry-on will be less prevalent moving forward.

The fixtures are OUT.


Well, not the easiest way to open 10 games, but on the positive side of things, we get some of the big away games out the way early on. City, United and Liverpool dusted by October will be handy.

December is also a bit of a monster. It’ll be incredibly physical. All those teams will give us big games, so we’ll have to be in really good shape confidence-wise there. Spurs away after an international break really isn’t handy!

Still, if we’re on for winning the league, from April 10th onwards, we have a nice run of 8 games to close out the season. With this squad of players, it’s imperative we have a good open to the season. We need to be in spitting distance of the top 4 by December because the players need to feel like they’re in the mixer. From there, who knows what will happen.

I FEEL HOPEFUL. That is all a fan can ask for. Well, a fan could also beg for the return of Mo Elneny…? Wait, what?! The Egyptian string-puller is BACK at the club.

Right, see you in the comments x

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  1. S Asoa

    Gabriel reportedly is deciding tomorrow after the Old Toilet Mugs tried to offer him a higher salary.
    But Mr. Serge might be right Who wants the Old Shithole, the Flatchester town ?
    At Arsenal there are buddies Gabriel, Caramba David Luis and London here we come.
    We shall know tomorrow

  2. NEEG


    The reason I ask is the Royal family have already been through the process of removing family members from the payroll. A hard decision but driven by her.

    In the 1960’s the then King of Norway (35th in line to the throne) was receiving an annual income from the UK for what?

    The two pensioners previously mentioned still get (when allowed) to see games free of charge but do nothing else. They were being paid for nothing. Somebody compared them with Fergie and Charlton at Man U – they still work for the club.

  3. China1

    I don’t think the club needs to pay pat rice For life

    It’s called a pension, of which his must be sizable. The guy should be a multimillionaire with a fat pension to boot. Appreciate his contribution forever, but we don’t need to pay him in 2020 if he isn’t actually doing valuable work for us.

    Wenger has a huge contribution to the club, do we need to keep paying him too? How about Henry or DB10? George graham was a huge part of our modern history. Pay him?

  4. Nelson

    Does Arsenal has a pension fund like some other big corporations? Does players contributing to the fund while they were in the active playing squad?

  5. CG


    “””””The reason I ask is the Royal family have already been through the process of removing family members from the payroll. A hard decision but driven by her.””””””

    And is she adding ageing Brazilian courtiers to her entourage at the same time?

    Because right now at Arsenal ,

    Ageing multi millionaire Brazilian rejects are coming in ,well past their best – the precise moment Arsenal stalwarts and loyalists who didn’t make the money these primma donnas get the chop.

    It simply can not be defended. (I won’t any way.)
    You can though.

  6. Valentin


    The culture of downsizing for the sake of it has been proven to be counterproductive as has been the process of outsourcing your core competency.

    In fact the guy who invented the concept of downsizing acknowledged it as much and tried to rename it right-sizing. He went into a world tour where companies invited him to talk about it. I remember being forced to attend one of those ridiculous event that were nothing more than a book selling tour operations.

    Some company need to downsize because they are getting too fat, but most of the time it is a problem of competency. Keep the same size but get rid of the useless people who clog the enterprise.

    Regarding Arsenal, the problem with the Legend Tour is that it is not profitable in those social distancing time, but also that most of younger people who attend those tours have absolutely no idea who Charlie George or Pat Rice or Perry Groves are. We are talking about people who don’t even know who Freddie Ljungberg is.

  7. CG

    The G

    “””””he problem with the Legend Tour is that it is not profitable in those social distancing time, but also that most of younger people who attend those tours have absolutely no idea who Charlie George or Pat Rice””””

    I doubt very much the modern day millionaire player would want to ‘take’ the tours. Can hardly see Willian or Luiz doing it in a few years.

    No, They will be back in Rio, on the beach- quaffing the champagne and cavorting with some nubile , heavily buxomed ladies from the local favellas.

    (Arsenal Stadium Tours will be the last thing on their mind.)

    For the old timers, like CG and SN ( true Arsenal Legends)- I would imagine it was a real help to their finances.

    This is your Arsenal under KSE.

  8. Sid

    MorayAugust 21, 2020 11:49:08
    Are they sure it was Maguire? It could be any thick Inglo hooligan Lunk on holiday…

    Is Don/Un nai in Greece?

  9. Aussie+Gooner

    Abu not given a contract to sign? Gabriel going to Manure? Bellerin smoking like a chimney on holiday? WTF is happening?

  10. Santori

    Record Sixth win by Sevilla Europa.

    Good value for the money. Again, Monchi we did not pursue sufficiently would have helped Arteta better for second season.

    As much as I like Edu, we could well do with people who have been in the trenches like Campos at Lille or Overmars at Ajax.

    Much of our current business looks like snatch and grab whatever is in font.

    Willian I feel we jumped the gun too soon considering there are a number of players in the wide position that are subject to move with Coman at Bayern and Dybala at Juve likely candidates amongst others.

    220K per week for 3 years on a 32yr old is poor business. And we’ve been compounding these with an inability to find good money selling on players in market (Mhkitaryan Elneny and famously Ozil on high salaries for their worth and not attractive to many teams given options in market)

    BUT we have also compounded that by buying and extending on senior players (latest is Auba to extend) which may become problematic in near future. Add to that paying too much on deals for Pepe and Saliba and beholden to 20m each summer for 3 more successive windows and we are digging ourselevs a ditch to fall into if we do not achieve goal of CL return.

    recently we also hear unsubstantiated rumours we are making a bid for Aouar. This is a good thing which even if we do not lend him may have impact on Ceballos extension attempt as RMadrid also in for the Lyon midfielder.

    BUT we need to have an experience person on the helm IMO particularly negotiating with difficult clubs like Lyon. It is not a given either that players like Aouar may not be left on the cold shelf end of transfer window bc their owners prefer to imagine a high price.

    Last season Liverpool were in for Fekir and Lyon over reached asking over 60-70m for the Frenchman. In the end (rightly) Liverpool pulled out and Lyon then panicked and sold Fekir to Betis for low 20m+

    You can only imagine had we had the fortitude and experience to hold instead of rush into the Pepe deal, we would have paid slightly more than the initial princely sum of 16m for Pepe’s signature on Fekir and without need to continue paying 56m in installments.

    And I don’t feel we have people on the helm who are experience enough to read the market well at the moment.

    We were first (rumours of course) rushing in and tabling a large bid for Partey, player not entirely interested in us and club prefer to explore rest of market, then we decided instead to go in for Manghales.

    meanwhile we have huge potential holes in midfield still to fill and not a given we can successfully move on Torreira or Guendouzi for prices we prefer to imagine in a covid impacted market.

    I mentioned one alternative for us was to load up a place holder in midfield with experience to back up/compete with granit instead of go full hilt for Partey (or a lesser alternative in Diawara.

    Players like Khedira and Banega surplus to use at Bayern and Sevilla respectively still could give one good season for us to propel us back into CL but critically also not cost as much allowing us to concentrate money in other positions.

    Banega (Great today for Sevilla and their 6th Europa), on his way to Al Saad. Khedira surplus to use.

    Either on a 1+1 far better than say Willian on 3 years at 220K which again seems a silly amateurish move by Sanlehi likely the straw that broke the camel’s back (The Pepe ‘investigation’ the excuse to push him out)

    We have been poor in transfer market for a long while now. There was promise that we could sharpen our practise and free Wenger to concentrate on coaching with addition of Mlsintat but he was in many ways hit and miss and also out of his depth (A glorified scout, Zorg was the real genius behind the scenes)…and it told with his signings Mhikitaryan in particular.

    Rather than sell Alexis on to city where he was wanted, Mslintat conspired to work with Superagent Mino Raiolla but also left us beholden to the one remaining bidder left for Sanchez. Raiolla of course dictated terms from there on and pushed Henrik over to us….some cheered this as a stroke of genius, I cautioned otherwise and results speak for themself

    BUT Raul’s on documented mis-steps and clumsy (seemingly too clever) actions in market also point to a continued lack of practical experience, the Spaniard had no direct role at Rmadrid buying and selling in particular.

    In many ways Emery was too polite and should have pushed Raul harder, grabbed a firmer voice into his second season. Continued Band aid solutions at Cback first with Luiz and then with Mari and now with Mangheles shows we have still pretty much not got a firm grip on fixing a particular problem area persistent for over a decade almost.

    Current willingness to add yet another Cback in Gabriel Mangheles could be potential good but also potentially trouble given we will now rely on 3 relatively new Cbacks to gel in a short amount of time in Mari, Saliba (Both jury still out) and Mangheles should he sign.

    It feels like we have less structure to what we are doing in market still and we are groping around in the dark willing to pay high without knowing what else can come on market and without influence to stay hand and play the poker game.

    Then there is the selling part.

    Again we are likely not to get great prices for many of the assets deemed surplus. Maybe we will get better value in swap/make weight deals which seems to be where many of the clubs are going. Given permutations with Napoli and City potentially on Koullibaly and how it may effect Mangheles (but also Sokratis), this is certainly good option.

    Also some potential with regard I believe Roma with Torreira for Diawara.

    BUT ceballos as mentioned still very much up in the air and I feel personally we are being too hasty/emotional on GUendouzi situation.

    He is still a very good player if impetuous at the moment.

    We have seen Arsenal relinquish good young talent in Gnabry, the Jeff, Malen all going on to good things. You get the feeling its the same with Guendouzi.

    And given as mention midfield situation at our club (potential if we add an older placeholder), you’d think if we don’t get a great price for him (no one wants a young player exhibiting too much temperament), then maybe a strong loan will do him good.

    If he does well, we can only sell him for higher in a year, if he finds feature difficult on loan, he will be chastened by the experience of reality.

    And we can return a good player potentially back into fold.

    These little things seem to me to suggest we are a bit lost at the moment trying to reconstruct without giving Arteta a stronger architect for the squad to pull in deals and sell or manage issues beyond Edu, much as we did with not pursuing on Monchi and allowing Emery to be left to the whims and fancies of Raul Sanlehi.

    Sorry long piece…just ranting and vexing.