New signings show focus on youth, what’s slowing the seniors?

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It’s starting to feel like the good old days when Wenger was in charge. We need first-team signings badly, but the club is out here bringing in teenagers. Yesterday it was Tim Akinola, today it’s Jonathan Dinzeyi from SPURS. We’ve landed a centre half for the U23s. It seems the club is keen to add low risk / high reward players to the setup next season.

I am totally game for these sorts of signings. Just because a young player leaves a club, doesn’t mean they can’t make it elsewhere. Look no further than some of the young players we’ve exited. Gnabry, Jeff, Malen, and Bennacer tells you all you need to know about how footballers develop.

The DM reckons we’re going to land Gabriel. ESPN’s James Olley is saying we have landed him as well. There’s a lot of smoke around this player. We clearly have a good relationship after we broke our transfer record with them last year. I really don’t think there’s much of a choice between Arsenal and Napoli. Do you want to be barked at by Gattuso? Or work under the tutelage of Mikel with Edu there to shoot the shit over Brazilian politics? I know where I’d be going, sorry Genaro.

The interesting part of the story is that the Italian club is going all out to bring Sokratis the other way. The Greek centre back has fallen massively out of favour with Mikel, likely because of his passing and love for on-pitch wrestling. I can’t be arsed to look, but Sokratis and Gattuso might have played at Milan together way back when. If we can move him on, that’d be great news for Arsenal considering the weight of his contract.

There’s a tantalising story doing the rounds that Champions League minted Rennes are interested in bringing David Luiz over for a couple of seasons. He’d give them a lot of experience and the slower pace of Ligue 1 would probably work really well for the 33-year-olds fitness. I like David Luiz the leader behind the scenes, but it’s hard to look past some of the problems he had last season. If you could get FA Cup Luiz week in week out, I’d be fine, but I don’t think that exists anymore and it’ll only get worse as his pace dissipates. I also don’t think he’s a bench kind of player. If he’s not playing, he’s a nuisance. Could be best for all parties if there’s a huge role for him in France.

There are many other questions fans are asking:

What are we doing about Thomas Partey?

Is there any truth in Aouar?

When will Auba sign the contract?

Are we going to be able to sell effectively?

Will we play the swap game?

One thing to note, the transfer window is open for quite a bit this season. We have until October 5th. It’ll be interesting to see if clubs wait to see what is going on with covid precautions. More fans means more money and less reason to sell. I also think it’s clear that a lot of the cash merry go round will start when the big clubs enter the fray. It’s a little slow everywhere. Champions League and Europa League hasn’t finished yet. Patience shall be the virtue of this summer.

Long and short, don’t panic yet, there’s a bit of time to warm things up. The club wanted a flying start, I suspect that recent events have tapered our speed to market, but I’m still confident we can have a very good summer.

ESPN Brazil reckon both Manchester clubs and Bayern were in for Willian. The scales were tipped our way because of Edu and London. Nice. I really hope he has a good 3 years with us.

Right, see you in the comments!

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  1. CG


    “””””They actually had a decent squad in recent years and achieved a grand total of bugger all”””””

    Yes not easy.

    Winning FA Cups
    Balancing the books
    Cementing top 4 positions in the table for 2 decades
    Playing in a swashbuckling style
    Moving club into a new stadium
    Overseeing the best young academy
    Growing the fan base
    And always acting with the clubs interests. ( with class, elegance and style)

    not easy at all.

    Our Wenger has turned down The Netherlands , he has declined Barcelona too,

    He knows an executive position at Arsenal will soon be vacant.
    probably all to coincide with the book launch too.

  2. China1

    Xhaka is going to be in the arsenal first team for another 7 years. He’s only about 26 now.

    We just have to accept he will always be the spare key monster

    We could sign Partey, Ndidi and Kante and we’d still have xhaka in the team and Kante and Ndidi on the wings lol

    It’s inevitable

  3. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Spurs may be ranked currently at a similar level to Arsenal, but when you look
    at domestic trophies they are not remotely on the same planet.

    I have compiled a list of trophies won by the so-called six major clubs in England since the Premier League started in 1992-3 season. Here are trophies won.

    Man Utd 13 EPL FA Cup 5 League Cup 4 Community Shield 11 Total 33
    Arsenal 3 EPL FA Cup 9 League Cup 1 Community Shield 7 Total 20
    Chelsea 5 EPL FA Cup 7 League Cup 4 Community Shield 2 Total 18
    Man City 4 EPL FA Cup 2 League Cup 5 Community Shield 3 Total 14
    Liverpool 1 EPL FA Cup 2 League Cup 3 Community Shield 2 Total 8
    Spurs 0 EPL FA Cup 0 League Cup 1 Community Shield 0 Total 1

  4. CG


    “”””CG Didn’t Wenger turn down the Bayern job as well?
    Whatever made him do that CG ?”””””

    Quite simply, he just wants to come home.
    And Arsenal is where is home is.

    ( Right, reminds me -Another email off to Lewis)

  5. Daniel Altos

    VictoriousAugust 18, 2020 21:07:53
    No one seems to have watched this Gabriel at all, then why the over the top praises for the lad? Would be so bad if he comes and totally stinks the place out

    @Vic…I said the other day I have watched him in like 10-13 games including champs league,dont know whether that counts.He is pretty much a modern day defender,ball playing,he takes risks with the ball in terms of passing and he is good in the air.He is good in the tackle too.Even though he isn’t that quick,I think he marks space well like van dijk which enables him to deal with quick players.I remember watching him against some rennes winger I think it’s raphinha(who is good btw) and he did so well against his pace.The only worry is I have seen him have some ‘brain freeze’ moments but hopefully they can be caoched.

  6. Ishola70

    The blame game going on about who was responsible for signing Mustafi.

    Reports that Cagaggio warned against signing him and he was a stats based signing brought in with the blessing of Wenger.

    Then we see another report that Wenger didn’t really fancy him either and he was over-ruled by guess who? yes that Gazidis.

    What I don’t understand is if the report about stats based signing is true if we are going by stats regarding Mustafi in his last season at Valencia why was it overlooked that Mustafi managed to receive 13 yellow cards there in one campaign? That one stat right there is telling you red for danger.

    As has been said so many times on here that double purchase of Mustafi and Xhaka really damaged the team.

    On Gabriel he looks really busy and very physical. Just one thing I think Weagle pointed out though is he has got to cut going to ground so easily. We saw youtube highlights of Mustafi at Valencia going to ground far too often and ultimately Verrmaelen ended up a liability in the end because he did the same. Not a great trait in a CB. One thing that is encouraging about Gabriel though is that regarding player characteristics he is noted as having strong concentration.

    So we may have two very physical CBs. That will just leave the need for a truly physical holding midfielder to complete the job.

    Both Saliba and Gabriel will be seen as raw signings but at the same time exciting signings.

  7. Ishola70

    The necessity for a replacement for Xhaka is still very much there.

    We saw against Chelsea in the cup final the Arsenal midfield and Xhaka get scarily swamped in the first 15 minutes and they got one goal in that period and on another day could have easily got two goals and from there it is a long way back to try to win the match.

    We keep seeing the warning signs.

    Alleviate them please Teets.

  8. Goobergooner

    Ishola, also Perez in that same window. I always thought he was a productive little player who should have been given more game time. Maybe I’m the only one there 😂.

    But mustafi and xhaka as core components of this team are why we are where we are, among other things obviously.

  9. Gbat

    I like the look of Gabriel. He’s no Upamecano on the ball but he’s good in the air and wins a high percentage of his tackles. Doesn’t get dribbled past very often or make many fouls. Only 22 and makes a few errors but I’d expect him to improve in all areas.

  10. Ishola70


    Yeah Perez was a poor purchase as well but at least Arsenal had other options in attack and he wasn’t as damaging to the team as Mustafi and Xhaka were.

  11. Ishola70

    “So it was statdna that brought us those 2? Who else?”

    Seems so originally but I can quite imagine Gazidis sticking his nose in and insisting Mustafi is signed even if Wenger and the respected scout gave their reservations about him.

    How the fuck can you overlook a player receiving 13 yellow cards in one season if it is a stats based signing?

    Truly awful stuff.

  12. Graham62


    Our problem here in the UK, is that we’re far too soft on crime.

    We also have a system that allows scumbags like these three kids to gloat in the knowledge that the authorities will help them out( in more ways than one).

    I guarantee they’ll be out in six years and back inside again within two.

    I’m all for the severest of punishments, especially when it comes to promoting a sense of justice.

    This all comes down to respect and an understanding that if you commit such despicable acts, you will be punished accordingly.

    They deserve life.

  13. Graham62

    Left testicle

    I’m with you on that one.

    It sets a precedent.

    This is what the judicial system needs.

    Create a fear of justice.

  14. Ishola70

    That has been said about Mustafi numerous times but it matters not if he has one or two very big clangers up his sleeve amongst his overall better play in a game.

    The indications are that he may finally leave.

    We can all talk about “improvements” regarding Mustafi and Xhaka and Teets can keep going on about it but Mustafi and Xhaka are big reasons why Arsenal find themselves in the position they are in the year 2020 from what went on previously.

  15. Left testicle

    And, I forget her name, that ‘mother’ who hid her daugter under some blocks bed for the reward money.

  16. The+Godfather

    The signing of Chaka and Mustafi more or less ended the career of chief scout Steve Rowling or whatever the heck his name was.
    Twas said he spent innumerable trips scouting Chaka and still compelled the team to spend nearly 40 million on the turd.

    Again people who keep binning the Kroenke’s don’t get it. The Americans have spent some major coin but far too frequent it’s been spent unwisely.

    In what world was Pepe worth 70 mill plus?
    How do you think they feel paying Ozil a Kings ransom only to have him sit in the stands with a brolly?
    Do we need to rehash Xhak, Mustafi and almost £90 million plus on Tomas Lemar? Jeez Lawd have mercy what a bullet dodged !

  17. China1

    Un yeah I was going to sorrento. Sounds like you’ve been? That was a fucking lovely town, Pompeii was awesome too. Went on a trip up Vesuvius as well but it was a bit retarded that the top was cordoned off and you have to pay to access the summit and it was covered in gift shops.

    You’ve been to that neck of the woods? Where did you go and do you agree Napoli was a shit hole lol

  18. Bojangles

    “It is inconceivable that any other Manager whether it is Ferguson, Wenger,
    Mourinho, Guardiola or Klopp would adopt such an attitude to winning the

    If memory servese correctly, Ferguson pulled out of the fa cup in 1999.

  19. Bojangles

    “Our Wenger has turned down The Netherlands”

    Thought you needed to have something offered before you actually turn it down.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg

    “According to L’Equipe journalist Raphael Boucher, his sources have confirmed that the Brazilian has chosen north London over Naples in a deal which will cost Arsenal around £28 million.

    Napoli had been hoping to sign Gabriel to replace Kalidou Koulibaly, who looks set to leave the San Paolo, and even offered him better terms than the Gunners to try and secure his signature.

    The Lille centre-back has chosen Arsenal though, who according to Boucher could offer Sokratis to Napoli as they look to offload players in the coming months.”

    Napoli must really hate us right now, not only do we steal all their signings but we’re taking the piss offering them our cast offs in return. Hate to see it.

  21. Habesha Gooner

    I think he will choose Arsenal. There are too many things going in our favor right now. Edu, Luiz, Martinelli and Willian will be in his ear and his mind. So will his former team mate Pepe. And I have heard Arteta is pretty convincing. We have already agreed terms with him and Lille. Napoli will have to sell Koulibaly before signing him. So everything points to us signing him. I will be shocked if he chooses Napoli.

  22. mb

    Luiz + Mustafi > Maguire + Bisaka. You can’t get all of your decision going your way.

    What bothers me is we continue to live with that. Xhaka was about to fetch 30m+ in January. Luiz was not needed for another year.

    Willian – a max of 2 years should have been enough. I don’t see anyone playing at 35 in a competitive league unless he is ZLATAN!

    Seems like Partey rumours are dying down. Same old stuff each year – start with good names and ends up the worse of the lots!

  23. Mr+Serge

    Habesha he won’t go Napoli that place is a shit hole of epic proportions
    It’s like living in bow or peckham fuck that

  24. Ishola70

    I wonder why Partey has nearly double the yellow cards season just gone in comparison to the previous season.

    He got 13 yellow cards in La Liga just gone.

    That’s more than Xhaka’s EPL yellow cards.

  25. Goobergooner

    Haha Samir.
    Patience was what they told us when Wenger was still here. It’ll be next season. Just one DM or one striker or one CB.

    This time it actually makes sense

  26. Ishola70

    “Does that mean you wouldn’t take him?”

    Well I’d like to know the reason why he has nearly doubled his yellow cards from the previous one.

    Once a player hits 10 and over yellow cards then questions are asked.

    Xhaka has got 10 EPL yellow cards in succesive seasons and we all know he has problems with aspects of his game.

  27. Uwot?

    Habesha.Money talks.Napoli trying to throw the kitchen sink at it.Based on dropping price for Koulibaly so citeh cough up the £60 million they want which allows them to outbid us for Gabriel both in fee & wages.Could depend on the oilers.Id be more optimistic if he was turning up for a medical v soon.but no mention?

  28. GunnerDNA


    “@Gunner DNA : Napoli belongs to the great Italian football teams”

    How much times were they relegated again? They’re somewhat relevant, don’t know about “belongs to the great Italian football teams”.

  29. Uwot?

    Napoli have won jackshit since Maradona in the 70/80s .Should be f** challenge competition.Except….Money talks.

  30. Batistuta

    They’ve got some players that’d walk into our starting eleven so they do have an idea about getting the right players.

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m in a small club but I don’t want partly at Arsenal.

    Think we can do better either within or elsewhere.

  32. Ishola70

    Quote on Partey

    “He can let his emotions get the better of him. This endears him to the working class Atletico Madrid fanbase”

    I see he picked up 13 yellow cards in season 14/15 in La Liga as well playing for Almeria.

  33. Ishola70

    I actually like Partey’s overall profile but if there is a question mark regarding his temperament then doubts remain.

  34. Ishola70

    Xhaka picked up 20 yellow cards over two season for Moechengladbach seasons 2013 through to the end of 2015.

    The warning signs were there.

  35. CG


    “””””Think partly is over rated.Give amn a shot before lumping out large on him.””””””

    Well said, but then again you know the game. ( you have witnessed Forest/Cloughie teams)

    Partey is rank average. (Just checked him earlier on you tube.)Runs around alot and crashes into people. No finesse, guile or craft. Stoke City buy these types.

    AMN is better.
    You watch my boy this year.

    England regular and wanted by every top club in Europe within 12 months

  36. Habesha Gooner

    Those who say Partey is overrated haven’t seen him for successive games. List 10 better players in his position and Let’s compare them. Price age, quality will also be considered. Make your points.

  37. Goobergooner


    “Xhaka has got 10 EPL yellow cards in succesive seasons and we all know he has problems with aspects of his game.”

    You have a point. And how will Arteta deal with his discipline if he can’t handle guen?

  38. Ishola70

    I don’t question his ability footballing wise.

    I’m questioning his temperament and discipline.

    What a pigs ear it would be to get in a Xhaka replacement who may show the same weaknesses although of course Partey is much superior physically.

  39. Ishola70


    “You have a point. And how will Arteta deal with his discipline if he can’t handle guen?”

    Xhaka has improved his temperament and discipline in recent times.

    It’s his physical limitations that hurt him now more than ill discipline although it can rise again at any time.

  40. CG


    “”””Those who say Partey is overrated haven’t seen him for successive games””””

    (I don’t need 10 games or even 10 minutes Just 2 minutes on you tube for me)

    He is like Pepe. Good player, no more or no less but coming with a world class price tag. He basically runs around and crashes into players ( hence the high bookings count)

    We have been duped before , hopefully post ‘The Spiv’ we wont be duped again.

    And he is another old crustie too.

  41. Goobergooner

    I mean it has a lot to do with Arteta being able to reel xhaka in after his outburst and falling out under Emery. But hes been wise to pull his neck in haha

  42. Gbat

    I see Partey as better than Xhaka in every department except passing. Wins more of his tackles and aerial duels. More interceptions. Better dribbler. Also quicker.

    I’d actually like Declan Rice even though he’d cost even more than Partey.

    As cheaper option, Ibrahima Diallo at Brest looks talented.

  43. Habesha Gooner

    Players of comparable quality at DM to partey are either very expensive or unattainable.

    As I see it, This is how the list goes
    Kimmich, Casemiro, Fabinho, Kante are the players above everyone else.

    Then there is Partey, Brozovic, Rodri and may be Ruben Neves. How much do you think some one on that list would cost? Certainly not 44 mil.

    Then there are Prospects and Very good upcoming players and some good senior players like Jorginho, Rice, Camavinga, Soumare, Ndidi, Zakaria, Tonali and some many more. All these players aren’t equal to Partey in quality but would cost just as much if not more.

    If Partey had signed a new contract his release clause would have been so much more than 44 mil.

  44. Graham62


    I agree with you on this one as well. Shite! I must go and see my doctor.

    AMN has shown in the past couple of months that he has it in him to maximise his talent.

    The only player I’ve seen capable of dealing with Adama Traoré. In both the Cup games against MC and Chelski he was excellent. He has pace and power and, imo, when he puts his mind to it, he is a major asset to the team.

    Arteta has got him to respond in a way Wenger and Emery never did.

    We must try and keep him.

  45. Graham62

    I’ve been more than critical of him in the past, mainly his lethargic attitude, but the lad is finally starting to blossom.

  46. Ishola70

    I was impressed with AMN’s footballing ability when he first came on the scene.

    But he has a lot of repairing to do yet in regards his overall demeanor and application that he was badly lacking thereafter.

    It’s going to take more than a couple of months to get people thinking he is a proper footballer rather than just a footballer with ability but lacks overall application. There are thousands of those type footballers.

    He needs to show up over a whole season to make amends.

  47. CG


    “””””I’ve been more than critical of him in the past, mainly his lethargic attitude, but the lad is finally starting to blossom.””””

    Thats just his demeanour. That wont change.
    Like Tierneys demeanour is bellicose and belligerent. Nor will his.

    I have no faith with Edu’s squad balancing nonsense he spouts- so who knows where he will end up?

    Edu wouldn’t know if Messi was a good player or not.

  48. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    How can you qualify an argument by saying name 10 players whose better..
    What in school yard ?

    I personally don’t rate him

    He will need a deacon to settle in so season after he is 29.
    Not a positive signing in my view

  49. Ishola70

    Shame that Lille kid is out of price range Soumare.

    I think he said he wants one more season with Lille and then the really big hitters will be in for him.

    That’s the problem with holding midfielders. The scarcity of them being good at a reasonable price.

  50. azed

    I’m not sure why City want koulibaly. He’s left footed, Larpote and Ake are also left footed.
    They should be looking for a right side CB in my opinion.

  51. The backpass

    So many hot takes here, you could tell that some people actually don’t watch other leagues. City were stupid to buy a 27/28 fernadinho, shame about his age he could have played for 20 seasons nevermind the 6 quality years he gave city.

  52. The backpass


    “I’m not sure why City want koulibaly. He’s left footed, Larpote and Ake are also left footed.
    They should be looking for a right side CB in my opinion.”

    He is right footed who plays on the left side of defense.

  53. Habesha Gooner

    There are two ways to settle that. First you compare stats for extended period of time of the said players, say the past two or three seasons. He definitely has been better than most on stats.

    The other way is you watch players play. Now you may not rate him but most people who watch laliga do. That means you are the anomaly. People say he is quality. A lot of rave reviews means what the stats say matches his quality on the field. That’s what makes him in the top 10 DMs in the world.

    Anyway who do you suggest we target? Let’s compare the player to Partey.

  54. Batistuta


    That’s the problem isn’t it? Full on English league and the occasional European game. Never seen a fan base so obsessed with a player’s age before, absolutely stunning really.

    I mean someone wants us to try AMN more in midfield because Partey is apparently over rated, crazy stuff

  55. Karsa

    I mean someone wants us to try AMN more in midfield because Partey is apparently over rated, crazy stuff


    AMN may well be a prospect but that is all he is atm. A consistent run of performances from him is 2-3 games in a row max so far.

    Hardly the player to build our midfield around for next season.

  56. Ishola70

    Guys don’t cry because a player is questioned.

    Folks on here convinced themselves that Xhaka was a very good buy because he was in the Bundesliga team of the year in some perodical.

    Some people just don’t like a player being questioned it seems.

    He’s good. That’s it. End of discussion.

    13 yellow cards in one season is high. That is an undisputable fact.

  57. The backpass


    Thinking AMN can do a good job in midfield is funny really, he has had only one senior start in PL there under four different managers. The less said about him the better.

    Romagnoli would be more expensive than Koulibaly, the heart of Milan’s defense.

  58. Batistuta

    There is no prefect player with perfect stats.

    You’re already almost hung up on the yellow card thing and he’s not even here yet or might not be even. Pretty sure having him there beats Guendozi and Torreira or whatever other combination with Xhaka we can muster up.

    More positives than negatives really

  59. Ishola70

    The league was much more physical back then with more challenges flying in everywhere.

    In today’s football world a player who picks up too many yellows can be a problem.

  60. Champagne+Charlie

    “13 yellow cards in one season is high. That is an undisputable fact.“

    How many cards isn’t relevant, the point you’re trying to establish based on the number of cards is.

    What are you saying about Partey that’s evidenced by 13 yellows?

    Poor tackler? No discipline? Rash? Stupid? Bad decision maker? Slow?

  61. Freddie Ljungberg


    Don’t think Soumare is out of our price range, seen figures of 25-35m so a fair bit cheaper than Partey.
    Haven’t seen any links to him for a while though.

  62. Ishola70

    Well Bats I think people should be wary.

    We signed two duds in Mustafi and Xhaka who also had too many yellows against their name for their previous clubs.

    As said before I like Partey’s overall profile but there can’t be any doubts about him apparently. Not allowed.

  63. Batistuta


    Yea Romagnoli is the man alright, but he’d maybe not cost more than an extra 30 million added to the 60 City will pay for Koulibaly. They do have money to burn so why not burn it right.

  64. The backpass


    “Guys don’t cry because a player is questioned.Folks on here convinced themselves that Xhaka was a very good buy because he was in the Bundesliga team of the year in some perodical.Some people just don’t like a player being questioned it seems.He’s good. That’s it. End of discussion.13 yellow cards in one season is high. That is an undisputable fact.”

    Cry? Last, you are such a drama queen.

    Watch him play and make up your mind if you think he is good or not.

    Hardly anybody really watched Xhaka except in champions league so they also just watched him on youtube, but the consensus here was that he needed a runner a la Krammer.

  65. Batistuta

    It’s okay to recognize no players perfect mate. Mustafi was always a disaster signing and no one needed his yellow card stats to see that really.

    Wenger didn’t even know Xhaka’s best position at the time too.

    Anyway, doesn’t look like we’ll be getting him anyway, actually worried about that midfield to be honest, we’re absolutely pants in that department

  66. Ishola70


    I think most people have watched him play.

    I have already said I like his overall profile.

    But there is a little concern with his high yellow card count.

    Now get over it please.

  67. The backpass

    Casemiro had 11 yellows this season, but anybody who watched madrid this season would know that Casemiro was lucky not to get more. Would you be against signing Casemiro?

  68. Habesha Gooner

    Nothing is guaranteed. Even with his quality he might come and flop. But as it stands he could be our best option.

    He brings drive to our midfield. Tackling and Interceptions makes him the Ideal fit to our midfield. Yes that’s a lot of yellows but as long as they aren’t reds and He is doing the job we will be okay with it. Xhaka even with those yellows, but we complain because he doesn’t do the job.

    We need someone who can cut passing lanes in our midfield. Torriera does it but his contributions in attack aren’t great. Surprisingly Ceballos was also doing it. Anyway with Partey in the middle there is less chance of our midfield getting overrun too many times.

  69. Champagne+Charlie

    Still links to Morgan Sanson of Marseille.

    Maybe he serves as a safety net to the Ceballos situation, or potentially he’s a player of interest in a swap deal for Guendouzi? Looks a pure CM.

  70. Champagne Charlie

    “13 yellow cards in one season is high. That is an undisputable fact.“

    How many cards isn’t relevant, the point you’re trying to establish based on the number of cards is.

    What are you saying about Partey that’s evidenced by 13 yellows?

    Poor tackler? No discipline? Rash? Stupid? Bad decision maker? Slow?

    Still links to Morgan Sanson of Marseille.

    Maybe he serves as a safety net to the Ceballos situation, or potentially he’s a player of interest in a swap deal for Guendouzi? Looks a pure CM.

  71. Freddie Ljungberg


    Just checking;)


    Lille accepted a 35m bid from Newcastle in January though so it can’t be that much more, probably less because of covid.

    He refused to move there so you know he’s not a dummy either.

  72. G

    ” Partey is rank average. (Just checked him earlier on you tube.)Runs around alot and crashes into people. ”

    lol.. Are you serious or did you state that for a laugh

  73. The backpass


    It is atletico textbook signature move, if Lodi and Tripper overlapped ( who were playing their first season in La Liga and under Simeone), it is left to Partey to disrupt the flow,something fernandez does to perfection.. Last season he had Godin and Jimenez and this season they have used Felipe ( not good enough) ,Hermoso ( not good enough) Jimenez ( drop in form) and Savic ( best defender this season).

    In Midfield he had Rodri to stop the flow of the opponent with koke and saul on one side. But this season has really been poor from Koke, and Simeone is at fault for this by constantly changing his position.

  74. Ishola70

    So how many yellows a player gets isn’t relevant.

    That’s why Arsenal signed Mustafi and Xhaka then because high yellow card count is an irrelevance.

    Believe it or not a high yellow card count can indicate a weakness in a player.

    In the case of Mustafi and Xhaka this high card count along with them not being real top class players means they turned out not good buys.

    I’d rather not see high yellow card count against a player even if his overall ability surpasses and over-rides this.

  75. Ishola70

    Well there was a question mark at the start about Partey and his high yellow card count and team structure, players around him having an effect could have been one of the answers.

  76. Chris

    Paul Scholes used to foil constantly until he got booked, and then he would stop. Like clock work, every game.

    Perhaps Partey is, could be the same. High Red card count would be a definite concern.

  77. Habesha Gooner

    You have to Consider the team he is playing in and how it affects him. Athletico always play deep and try to counter with full backs and wide players in a 442. That leads to a lot of exposure. 2 main CMs have to deal with a counter against athletico. Saul Niguez also has 10 yellows in laluga alone.

    Casemiro also has the same issues playing next to Kroos and Modric. He is tasked with anchoring the midfield. 13 yellows for him too.

    Then Compare it with Rodri of city and Fabinho of Liverpool, They have 7 and 8 yellows respectively I think. They both play in a more fluid midfield with a pressing team so the are less exposed.

    That’s why Partey has a lot of yellows.

  78. Sid

    Athletico do not play an expansive gave yet Partey has many yellows shows poor positional play/decision making.
    Hecwould be a disaster in a team aiming ti play an expansive game.
    Casemiro is crap,

    Um telling you for free!