Auba ready to start a better Arsenal news cycle?

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Well good morning my DARLINGS.

Nothing nicer than starting a Monday with a nice coffee as you sit down to read the shrieks of misery from Manchester United fans on the internet. It’s pure joy, I am not going to lie.

I sat down yesterday to watch OGS, the guy that the press have been desperately trying to paint as ‘getting things right’ tank to Sevilla FC in the semi-final of The Europa League. It was a great watch, I have to say. OGS just doesn’t cut it for me. He’s bought the most expensive defender in the world, the most expensive fullback, and he landed Bruno in January. He’s also been gifted 22 penalties this season, the most in Europe… and he still couldn’t take out a Spanish club living off peanuts.

What makes it better is the press around OGS love him. The deepest the criticism goes is ‘GIVE HIM MORE MONEY.’ That suits me. The danger at United is if they put that cash in the hands of an elite coach and a proper Sporting Director. I am more than happy to see OGS at the wheel for another couple of years. If their level is celebrating the lowest ever points total to make the automatic places in the Champions League, then long may his tenure continue.

The Athletic gave some more colour to the Raul exit over the weekend. There’s a lot of ‘streamlining but look here, here, and here…’ and some of it is really not great reading. Particularly paying over the odds on asking prices for Torreira (who had a buyout clause), Leno, and Nicolas Pepe. You have to read the room when you take a job… I’m not sure the Kroenke’s were built for that sort of money management.

God bless Tim Lewis, the unsung hero that got to grips with the nonsense.

One of the more salacious pieces was the unveiling of Willian at Kia’s house. There are a thousand ways you could paint this as innocuous, but for me, what it tells you is Raul just didn’t understand the magnitude of the role he had at Arsenal.

Reasons that would have made any normal exec think twice about the unveiling location:

  1. There was a lot of bad press around Arsenal’s close relationship with certain agents
  2. We had done some very weird deals with Kia. The David Luiz fee was reported at an astronomical level a month ago and we also added Cedric Soares who looked good for glue before we weighed in. You can say that the fee in The Athletic was misrepresented, but I have not seen a retraction from the publication. I would always err on the side of believing Amy Lawrence sourcing on subjects as big as this.
  3. The agent himself had horrified people at Arsenal when he went on Talksport to discuss David Luiz. Not just that, he also alluded to the structural changes that were coming to Arsenal (55 redundancies). A deep breach of trust that an outsider was privy to such information, even worse that he shared it on national radio. Cannot have been good for people at the club fearing for their jobs.
  4. Last week, Kia went on blast again, this time to say he doesn’t influence Arsenal, whilst slating Sven Mislintat and his record
  5. Edu then rolls out his first signing of the summer, it’s Willian, a Kia player, and the unveiling is at Kia’s home.

For the agent, that’s a power move. For the exec team, it’s incredibly bad optics. Top leaders are always considering how things will look to the wider world. Doing an official signing at a super-agents house under massive scrutiny really is beyond the pale. It was also a really unnecessary decision. Do it at Colney. Do it at Raul’s pad. Or Edu’s. Or at The Emirates. Not like they don’t all have massive houses, right? For me, things like that look like a middle finger to the fans, it’s an ‘I’m in charge, fuck you’ message.

Well, a few days later and here we are. No Raul. So no real need to keep going over this subject. He can go and work for Lille in France and Arsenal can crack on with a brighter future.

Talking of Lille. Their CEO, Geraldo Lopez, reckons Gabriel is interested in joining Arsenal. That’d be a great way to start the week. We are in desperate need of a shape up in central defence. I’d be pretty happy going into the new season with Luiz, Mustafi, Cal Chambers, Saliba, and Gabriel. There’d be a changing of the guard at some point, but it’d be good to have two centre backs at the latter stage of their careers, supporting the development of two extremely talented young players we hope could be an elite partnership.

There’s HUGE rumblings that the main man, AUBA, is about to sign a new deal. What I love about this noise is the player and his family both seem equally excited about signing on. There is so much buzz around Arsenal at the moment and I’m thrilled we could land the best sharpshooter on the planet for his best years. There’s a little bit of noise that Raul led the negotiations on his own, which would be odd because I thought Huss did that, but I’m sure it’s not a problem. Getting him tied down to the club would be a MASSIVE shift in the news cycle as well.

Another subplot of this transfer window that I’m following with interest is the Arteta/Edu blend. Both absolutely need to have a gold standard window. Arteta needs to move the football on next season, Edu needs to show people that he’s more than a pretty face. I’d imagine it’s also big for Mikel, not many managers are given power over transfers. I’m not sure it’s the best way moving forward, I’m a big believer in brain trust like structures, not sure going back to the old way is great longterm, but it’ll be fascinating to see if he has the Midas touch like Wenger did when it comes to player appraisal.

I have to be honest, the jury really is out for me there. So far, we’ve seen him fawn over Luiz, Mari, Soares, and suggest he’d have taken Xhaka to City. Maybe we can write those off as teething/political comments… because those names are not exactly moistening loins of any sort.

… but we’ll see. This is a clean slate for everyone. I love starting from an unknown position. The world truly is our lobster.

Right, see you in the comments you feral internet beasts.

Update: We signed Huddersfield Tim Akinola. The tenacious midfielder was so impressive, we brought him in without a trial. This is a low risk / high reward type of deal that I’m more than happy to see happen. Good luck, Tim!

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  1. Left testicle

    We signed a player called Akinola,
    He liked to drink Pepsi Cola,
    We found him on YouTube,
    It looks like we’ve made a boob,
    He does nothing except fall over.

  2. Tim Bartley

    You would prefer Callum Chambers to stay, over Rob Holding, or Sokratis.??
    The longer you’re out of the team, the better you get.!! What are you smoking amigo.?

  3. Left testicle

    Something a bit fishy here as well…
    A little digging shows that this Tim Akinola has the same agent as George Lewis?

  4. Dissenter

    Left testicle
    “Something a bit fishy here as well…
    A little digging shows that this Tim Akinola has the same agent as George Lewis?”

    This was a buy one … get one free deal

  5. raptora

    We signed a player called Sanogo,
    but he turned out a massive NO GO.
    Wenger said he’s worth 50 million,
    but he was no Kylian, more of a civilian.

  6. Left testicle

    We signed a player called Willian,
    Of his, I am a fan,
    He has fantastic hair,
    He played for Chelsea but I don’t care
    He’s now an Arsenal man.

  7. DigitalBob

    Thanks Pedro, as usual a good and informative post!

    Gabriel on the left side of the defense, with Mari backing him up, Saliba on the right with Luiz backing him up till Chambers is back and fully fit. The rest of the CB’s need to be sold this window for whatever we can get.

    What ever happened to Malang Sarr? Has he signed for anyone yet?

    If Willian’s unveiling was done in Kia’s house can we use this “relationship” to OUR advantage for once and get Coutinho for a cut price in wages and fee?

    Barca are desperate for a rebuild so Guendouzi should be enough. Someone should tell Kia to send them some Youtube highlights of our moody young french midfielder!

  8. Champagne charlie

    “Do it at Colney. Do it at Raul’s pad. Or Edu’s. Or at The Emirates. Not like they don’t all have massive houses, right? For me, things like that look like a middle finger to the fans, it’s an ‘I’m in charge, fuck you’ message.“

    They’re bound to with the bias you have against Kia.

    How anyone can read so far into where a players pictures are done is beyond me, and apparently we’re just accepting Daily Mail exclusives as fact now – unless you’re confirming the authenticity of the claim?

    They need a win on the Willian front, they already completely bullshitted his weekly wage. My god, its guilty no matter what on here right now.

  9. China1

    Can you imagine how Tim must feel right now

    Yesterday he was unwanted by Huddersfield. Today he’s an arsenal player.

    Proper fairy tale out of nowhere for him

    On paper the move by arsenal to sign him is baffling but at least he’s free and young. Who knows, maybe he’ll surprise everyone

  10. Left testicle

    Le-Grove is written by Pedro,
    His love for Arteta he does show,
    A comment caused a spark,
    So he decided to ban Marc,
    For his views, he had to go!

  11. TB

    Has anyone also thought about the fact that Raul wanted to sell Maitland-Niles against Arteta’s wishes. Now that Arteta has more of a say in the transfers surely we will be keeping keeping him now, which is good news seeing how much promise he showed in the matches against Man City and Chelsea

  12. englandsbest

    Forget Edu, he hardly counts.

    As for Stan and Son, it seems they have finally twigged that they have been taken for a ride. Nobody to blame but themselves. The ace corporate lawyer has opened their eyes.

    Making everything public won’t bring the wasted money back, but it will make them look kinda stupid Which perhaps explains why everything is being done kinda tiptoe.

    On the other hand, I imagine the ace lawyer is working on money that CAN be gotten back, like the overpayment for Torreira. the £52 million residue for Pepe.
    I’m hoping it goes to the court of sport jurisdiction and finishes the reign of parasitic super-agents.

  13. Left testicle

    There was a young man called Sid,
    Of me, he would like to get rid,
    He would tell us all for free,
    About his dark meat, the size of a tree?
    Just who does he think is he trying to kid?

  14. Emiratesstroller


    You raise a couple of points, which need further discussion.

    First you hope that Man Utd will continue to bomb as they did last night against Seville a run of the mill Spanish Team.

    What is seldom discussed by many posters on Le Grove who are constantly moaning about Arsenal’s poor performances is that we have actually outperformed Man Utd since Fergies departure post 2012/13 season.

    In SEVEN seasons since his departure Arsenal have finished ahead of them in
    EPL in five. Man Utd have also failed to qualify for Champions League through
    Top 4 in EPL in four. Also they have won fewer trophies in that period than we
    have done with 3 against our 4.

    When you consider their annual earnings compared with ours and the figures
    spent in the transfer market including record signings you would begin to
    understand that Arsenal have actually punched above our weight.

    That is not an excuse but a reality.

    I agree with you also about the Centre Back situation. I am not an expert on
    Gabriel and Saliba, but both are physically impressive in size compared with
    many of the recent CBs who played at Arsenal. Let us hope that they can blend into a strong unit. If they become our first choice then I am perfectly happy to keep on books players like Luiz and Mustafi until they are properly integrated in squad. For all the criticism of Luiz he has only one more season guaranteed
    at club.

  15. Valentin

    Every days, there is more noise about smelly past deals. They now include Torreira’s purchase, but also the Iwobi transfer.

    For Torreira it is about the fact that we paid more than the release clause. To me that could just be not being informed or incompetence rather than malfeasance.

    However for Iwobi, it looks like Arsenal receive a lot less than what published at the time. It may have cost Everton what was published at the time, but it was because some agents were inserted in the deal at Arsenal behest instead of directly negotiating with Everton like it was done before. Proof that those agents have done any actual work on the deal seems to be very hard to find.

  16. Valentin


    Best to forget about that money.

    Unless you have concrete proof and can either threaten the parties involved mismanaged and misappropriated funds are gone forever.

    Even if Arsenal were to go to court, the accused could well drag for a very long time. And even if Arsenal were to win, they could then pre-arrange their insolvency so you can’t even get back your own lawyers’ fees.

    The quickest way to put things being us was to do what Arsenal did. Sit down in a room with Raul and offer him the choice between

    Resign and keep your reputation intact.

    And Be sacked and we will expose you and drag you through mud to the point that you would not be able to find a job as a ballboy for Accrington Stanley.

  17. Rich

    Not sure Saliba and Gabriel will be too involved this season at 19+22.

    But like Soyuncu at Leicester, they knew Maguire was off the following season, so they got their replacement in 12 months early to give him time to settle.

    We might have to put up with another 12 months of Mustafi/Luiz getting fairly regular time, until a changing of the guard.

    Both Saliba + Gabriel look the part, 2 athletic powerhouses who both look at least 6ft3

  18. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s transfer performance has been abysmal for many years both in buying
    and selling.

    It is not helped by the inflated transfer fees paid by Man City, Chelsea and Man
    Utd who can always outbid us.

    Also we have been held to ransom in wage negotiations and length of contracts.

    However, I need to be convinced that money is being syphoned illegally into
    pockets of agents. I think that the club have been very poor in their business
    dealings and Arsenal’s enormous bank balance has been targeted by other

  19. englandsbest


    Same applies

    Pay us the money back and keep your reputation intact

    But you are right, it’s hardly likely to reach the courts. Wishful thinking on my part.

  20. Dissenter

    “Not sure Saliba and Gabriel will be too involved this season at 19+22.”

    Gabriel played 34 games for Lille this season, including 6 CL games. If he heads out to Napoli to replace Koulibaly, who’s likely to be sold – meaning he will be s starter.
    Why would he come to Arsenal to be less involved?

    Maybe Saliba needs time since he’s just returning nack from injury

  21. Captain Tierney

    Pedro oh Pedro

    ‘Not just that, he also alluded to the structural changes that were coming to Arsenal (55 redundancies). A deep breach of trust that an outsider was privy to such information, even worse that he shared it on national radio.’

    Kia said this on June 18.
    And I know you like to believe whatever Amy says even tho it seems that she doesn’t really have an inside source.
    Tim Lewis was signed on July 1 and according to Amy on the Athletic, it was Tim who proposed the 55 redundancies and multiple people have said Raul was against that decision.

    So if you keep using Amy’s athletic report about Luiz’s package then you have you stop with this Kia knew the redundancies and whatnot thanks to his buddy Raul to keep trashing the man because Amy says Tim proposed the redundancies.

    Also , just let the Raul and Kia topic go now. Man is not even at the club anymore.


    Looks like we are moving from a club ran by super agents to a club ran by the mini agents. 😂

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Really glad we got rid of Raul.

    Raul was letting his mates run amok at the club and a stop had to be put.

    Really glad to see Kroenke actually take a hard stance against this behaviour at the club. Good see some actual stewardship.

    Raul seemed more interested in finding creative new ways of making money and involving his cronies deep in the Arsenal structure (I mean, why did Kia absolutely need to have the player signed and photographed at his property?) so that they can make some money as well.

    After this and being kicked out of Barca, i don’t think that he will be finding another job in a football club.


    On the news that Auba is looking to resign a new contract, this would be fantastic (🤞). It really shows how much they all believe in Arteta and his plan.

  23. Rich

    Pepe also came off the back of 18 months of fantastic stats, Ceballos came as a Spanish international from Real Madrid.

    Players generally take time to settle, players who hit the ground running are the exception and not the rule, look at Lacazette, poor first season, player of the year the next.

    Maybe we’d play Saliba + Gabriel in a 3? With Luiz sitting in between? But I don’t see either playing in a 4 in any games of real importance next season, not unless we get a shed load of injuries.

    We’re buying the right profile of players, but they’re both fairly raw potential

  24. Zacharse

    I think at least 1 will be an immediate replacement for mustafi as both are bigger and mari sok and holding are our only big boys at cb.

  25. Rich


    I want to see us move to 4 at the back, particularly against weaker sides at home.

    If we get Partey, Ceballos, Gabriel to add to Willian and Saliba?
    We’d certainly have added some experience mixed with youth and dynamism through the centre of the pitch.

    Hopefully Arteta is given a couple of seasons to build an exciting competitive team, we’re light years away from
    Liverpool/City, and our squad isn’t in a great place, you don’t undo years of mismanagement in 1 transfer window, hopefully the FA cup win hasn’t set expectations too high.

  26. DigitalBob

    Rich – I’d rather have them playing, we know what we get with Mustafi, Sokratis and Luiz, and it ain’t much. Maybe Mari will start but should Gabriel be our next signing I’m all for having both he and Saliba starting from day 1 and saying its yours to lose.

  27. Sid

    There was a poster named left testicle
    Liked to suck dark choc like popsicle
    Rode a dark snake like tricycle
    His 3rd leg was miniscule
    It made mrs left testicle miserable

  28. zacharse

    i agree 4 at the back. by end of season a rotation of gab if he signs, saliba and mari, or those in a back 3. luiz as cover.
    partey and willian alone transform the side.

  29. London gunner

    I think something is going on at this club and the rot is deeper than raul.

    I think this is a war between two fractions. I think gunner blog , arse blog and le grove are on someone’s pay list.

    Seems like people with way too much vested interests.

    Let’s be honest this super agent stuff is a red herring. Super agents aren’t necessarily bad look at how they got Monaco a ligue 1 title and upgraded wolves from championship to a mid table pl side

    I cant jump on this band wagon just because a lot of the mistakes we have been making in the transfer window started way before any super agent involvement. We been buying duds for over a decade.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    “There was a poster named left testicle
    Liked to suck dark choc like popsicle
    Rode a dark snake like tricycle
    His 3rd leg was miniscule
    It made mrs left testicle miserable”

    How can you not love the le grove comments section, lol.

  31. The backpass

    “There was a young man called Sid,
    Of me, he would like to get rid,
    He would tell us all for free,
    About his dark meat, the size of a tree?
    Just who does he think is he trying to kid?”

    “There was a poster named left testicle
    Liked to suck dark choc like popsicle
    Rode a dark snake like tricycle
    His 3rd leg was miniscule
    It made mrs left testicle miserable”


  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yours was good too btw.


    Can’t believe you gave that one away for free. The one chance you had to actually make some cash. Smh

  33. Champagne Charlie

    The following from DarrenArsenal on Twitter:

    Arsenal have today warned most of the media regards coverage of the Pepe transfer
    “We want to be clear to you all that there has been no investigation by the club into the Nicolas Pepe transfer……” cont …..

    “To suggest there has been an investigation is grossly inaccurate and unfair and we request you remove it from your coverage. We have informed our lawyers and will take further action as necessary”

    Been sent this afternoon to most of the media


    “Willian’s unveiling photos as an Arsenal player were taken at the home of his agent Kia Joorabchian rather than at the London Colney training ground or Emirates Stadium to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19. [@TheAthleticUK] #afc”

    Daily Fail got their shit from the Athletic, who say it was Covid adherence.

  34. MidwestGun

    Hello everyone this is Midwest’s friend using Midwest’s account. I just wanted to say stop talking about Midwest when he is not here, it makes him angry and annoyed because he is not able to defend himself. You are all dipshits for doing this. Thanks for stopping your false attacks. Midwest appreciates it.

    And also I am right about everything.. I mean Midwest is right about everything, just ask 50% of everyone here. And also OGS is under rated and a fine manager and Manchester United is a better team.. so stop slandering them on an Arsenal blog.
    Thanks on behalf of Midwest. Ill look forward to your responses that I won’t be reading because I don’t miss this place at all.
    I mean Midwest doesn’t, when he is not here.
    Oh and please honor your fake internet bets with people you have never met or you are all not real men.
    Thank you.

  35. Freddie Ljungberg


    Oops, that’s a bullet in the head of a couple of narratives on here.

    Can’t wait for Val and his inner sauces proving the club wrong.

  36. Batistuta


    It’s all pretty boring the incessant bad news being churned out regarding the club, haven’t seen this kinda microscopic reading into a club before and it’s it helped by actual Arsenal blogs running amok with the constant negative news.

  37. raptora

    It’s frightening how in such a small period of time The Athletic became the omnipresent lawgiver. It’s good to have such a dedicated and ambitious project cover more than your typical media outlet, but we shouldn’t think of their coverage like black and white facts. All journos are gonna be journos. It’s good to have a grain of doubt in our minds.

  38. The backpass

    “CCOops, that’s a bullet in the head of a couple of narratives on here. Can’t wait for Val and his inner sauces proving the club wrong.”

    Oops 😂 😂 😂

  39. Champagne Charlie


    Interesting to see where the narrative goes. “Optics” is the Arsenal buzzword of late on social, I’ve seen it written about numerous times to the point it’s almost as if a clique of journos are spinning a self fulfilling prophecy.

    I’m particularly curious about the Kia one though because for years our inability to venture out the bubble was detrimental, and now every sniff is met with condemnation.

    So Willian poses for pics at his agents house due to covid is the official claim. Either you accept it for what it is, or you rubbish it – but if you rubbish it what exactly are you saying is being gained here by Kia?

    Still very unaware what is ‘good’ use of super agents, because while every top side is using numerous intermediaries to facilitate transfers each window we’re sat deliberating as Arsenal fans over whether we should sign players strictly because of their agent. I almost feel Willian as a footballer has had next to no airtime because the fixation has been him being a Kia player. Like fuck me, and?

  40. GunnerDNA

    “Arsenal statement to media: “We want to be clear to all media that there has been no investigation by the club into the Nicolas Pepe transfer.”

    “To suggest there has been an investigation is grossly inaccurate and unfair and we request you remove it from your coverage. We have informed our lawyers and will take further action as necessary.”

    All the ITKs clout chasing, I hope the Club hit them with a lawsuit. Tarnishing people reputation for followers and likes is just embarrassing.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    Arsenal agree 4-year deal with Partey (footballghana)

    Think this week sees a good lot of a PR come our way, and the inevitable 55 redundancies resurfaced for each deal.

  42. Rich

    You’re innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.

    I certainly wasn’t happy with Soares, Mari, Willian and a new deal for Luiz, and I’m happy Raul has gone, but the trial by media and social media has been a disgrace.

    Unless there’s evidence to the contrary? Then innocence must be presumed.

  43. Dissenter

    Are we allowed to poo-poo that official account of the unveiling in peace, without a volley of snarky barbs pointing in our direction?

    I mean …to “minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19”!!!!

    Did he do his medicals at Kia’s house too?
    Didn’t the Arsenal media team have to go to the agents house, so what risks were being mitigated?

    To each his own

  44. Pedro

    Rich, it wasn’t trial by media. Arsenal investigated costs, they had a Clifford Chance partner do it, Raul is now out.

    If ‘trial by media’ is people questioning how we operate, then thank fuck people were doing that.

  45. Batistuta


    Man exactly what’s the big deal with exactly where the deal was signed and do you think most Arsenal fans should be concerned with where his umveling photos were taken or how he actually performs on the pitch?

  46. Dissenter

    The Raul thing may not necessarily have to do with fraud or malfeasance
    It could just be business practices that are incompatible with how Arsenal want to operate.
    In fairness, Pedro has never insinuated it was fraud. It is other posters that have hinted at shadiness.

  47. raptora

    Just wanted to mention that at the time of Pepe’s deal we were all ecstatic about it happening and from what I remember (almost) everyone was perfectly okay with the money paid. (Almost )Nobody believed it was possible for that particular player to join Arsenal. So when it happened we were all stunned. If we overpaid a bit so we could get the deal over the line? Who cares? Wasn’t this exactly the type of approach we wanted from the club to try? We were ruing the Luis Suarez’ and the Ronaldo’s type of deals cause of penny-pinching.

    If we want top talent, there will be cases where we are going to pay over the odds. At the time we had Zaha for over 60m or Pepe for 72m. At the time (almost) everyone thought Pepe is worth the extra millions. He might as well still prove so.

    I don’t get the problem. If we hold on to our money and miss top players under our nose = fk the club/KSE/directors. If we pay up the required money to get the deal over the line = fk the club/KSE/directors…

  48. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah as you say it’s a self fulfilling prophecy at this stage. Kia gets absolutely hammered in the Arsenal blogosphere and by certain newspapers and when he gives n interview to defend himself he gets castigated for having the nerve to respond.

    That Willians pics where shot at Kia’s house isn’t a big deal either and makes sense versus opening up the emirates and bring in all the people that would entail just to do it there. Seems like common sense and logic has gone completely out the window lately.

    I’m peronally not a huge fan of the signings of Mari and Soares but I can see the logic behind it.

    If we get Gabriel in as first choice LCB we have Mari as backup without having to switch systems.

    Soares allows us to make a profit on either AMN, Bellerin or both and bring in a new starter.

    Both of them cost very little and are on reasonable wages.

    Dealing with super agents is unavoidable nowadays if you want the best talent. I don’t care if we have to pay a couple of mil extra to get a deal done for a top player, better than sitting there in 10 years with another “nearly signed XI” of superstars.

    Partey and Gabriel this week would be amazing, have to carbon date Partey first though so he isn’t a highlander or some shit but as long as that checks out…

    Would fix our defence and DM for the first time in about 15 years.

  49. MidwestGun

    I honestly thought the Willian picture was a stock photo that had been Photo Shopped to an Arsenal shirt. Never really thought about any publicity photo in terms of where it was produced and by whom.

    Anyhow… Let’s get some signings going and some exits, clearly this transfer window is making everyone a little bit crazy. It has the potential to be incredibly good or it could be an epic fail.. I think that angst is what is driving a lot of the frenzy. It seems like Arsenal is under the microscope, now and we have a very short time before the season gets back underway. We need better quality midfielders that can start every match that can not be ignored.

  50. Luteo Guenreira

    Need some exits pronto. Sokratis, Holding, AMN, Torreira, Guendouzi. There’s a lot of work to be done these next few weeks, need to hurry.

  51. Champagne Charlie


    That’s just it, you can be hot or cold to particular names but still understanding to the idea behind the moves themselves. Nobody was clamouring for Mari or Cedric, ones and unknown quantity and the other is pretty basic which is fine in the context of the deal.

    But seems it’s not because *enter Kia*, his presence overrides the clear and obvious statement from Arteta that he wanted a left sided player at CB, and cover at fullback.

    I’ll criticise our use of super agents when we land players that don’t fit into our requirements. Arteta has brought Mari and Cedric on board, he’s extended Luiz, and signed Willian. He downs get absolved, if you don’t like the players then point a finger at Arteta as much as anyone. Be consistent.

    Also, forgive me but I see agents as tools, plain and simple. You either use them to your advantage or you don’t. If Kia or another lands a player here that we don’t want then it’s not him I’ll have the issue with, let’s get that clear. That’s Kroenke levels of dissonance where Wenger was the figure everyone fixated on and ignored the bigger cogs.

  52. Captain Tierney

    Everyone wants to believe the Athletic when it says Luiz deal cost 24 mil but of course its not reliable when they say Willian was clicked at Kia’s house to maintain minimum contact between the parties involved.
    Hypocrites at Athletic running the show . Dont they know Kia is an evil reincarnate and Raul his twin.

  53. Captain Tierney

    Its also not reliable when it says Tim Lewis proposed the redundancies and Raul wad against it.
    Again those hypocrites should know Raul is twin of an evil incarnate and Tim Lewis is the saviour of Arsenal football club.

    Also , haven’t seen CG since I posted his precious Tim is the one who removed 55 loyal Arsenal workers. Waiting for the story to go away , maybe?

  54. Captain Tierney

    Mohamed Toubache (First to break the Guendouzi to Arsenal story): David Luiz and Rennes in negotiations. Both sides interested in striking a deal

    Get it done monseur Edu.

  55. Habesha Gooner

    “Well, a few days later and here we are. No Raul. So no real need to keep going over this subject. He can go and work for Lille in France and Arsenal can crack on with a brighter future.”

    Everything above this paragraph isn’t worth reading. But as you said he is gone. So we don’t have to talk about him. Anyway I am looking forward to objective posts from now on.

  56. Rich

    Pedro until proven otherwise, we have to assume that was just the way Raul did his business.

    The one headline from the Athletic suggesting Raul wouldn’t let Arteta speak to a board member without him present, which suggests he’s got some type of psychotic, obsessive bunny-boiling ex-girlfriend syndrome going on.

    I’m happy Raul is gone, but I’ve seen a lot of suggestions of corruption about the place, with people stating their opinions as facts, and unless anyone has facts to back up their theories? Then it’s entering dangerous territory.

    You can’t accuse people without facts, in the same way the police can’t arrest you without allegations or proof.

    And if the club were covering something up? They’d be charged as co-conspirators, so I doubt that anything dodgy has been done.

  57. Champagne Charlie

    How likely would it be for us to sanction a move for Luiz to Renne and bring in John Stones on a loan to buy..

  58. salparadisenyc

    Obviously the light at Kia’s crib is pure glow, that kind of luminousness usually can be only found in the gloaming of photographic minds.

    Willian doesn’t look a day over 31 in that shoot, kudos to all involved. I truly salut the effort.

  59. Rich

    Champagne Charlie, why swap one clumsy centre half, with another clumsy centre half?

    We’re packed to the rafters with subpar centre half’s, don’t see the point in adding another injury prone one to the list,

    if Stones was any good? Pep wouldn’t be trying to move a 26 year old English centre half out the door.

    I know it’s Henry’s birthday, but the wankathon over him today seems a bit extreme.

    Not on his way back I a coaching role is he?

  60. Pedro

    Rich, I’m not here to accuse anyone of anything illegal.

    I can shine a light on deals that didn’t look good for the club.

    Arsenal moved on the exec in question. If you think that was unfair, send a note to Arsenal.

  61. Nelson

    According to Vinai Venkatesham’s interview, both Arteta and Edu report to him. That would mean a promotion for Arteta.

  62. The backpass

    “There’s other things that we need to do better as well. I think we can do better a job of communicating with our fans. We’re not going to be able to give them a running commentary of everything that we’re doing, nor are we always going to correct or be able to correct some of the misinformation there is about the club.”

    Official statement from the CEO yesterday.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    I would hope we keep luiz and Clear out everyone for some money if possible. David Luiz is a car crash but he is the only one experienced to play in the league that brings something to the table. The rest are Mustafi, Chambers, Holding and Mavropanos. Sell all and loan out Mavropanos. The way he is going we can make a good profit in a year or two but not now.

    I would sell him if we can’t move the rest we though.

  64. Champagne Charlie


    Stones is a ball-player, and while he might not be good enough for a City side aiming for another PL title and first CL, I’m not sure we’re at that level of equivalency. We’re Europa trying to crack top 4 again.

    Would I want him? Hmm, not for me.
    Could I see him fit on paper? Actually yes.

    Arteta knows the lad inside out is all, if we’re doing a CB purge and Stones is being talked up for a loan then don’t discount us if he rates him.

  65. Chika

    I clearly remember when Pedro declared John Stones would go on to become a Stalwart for City and England for the next ten years. 😂

  66. Rich

    Pedro I never said you said there was any wrong doing, but plenty have made accusations without any evidence over the past 60 hours.

    My point was a broad one, people shouldn’t go throwing around accusations without proof.

    We should see if Rennes want a buy one, get two free, we can throw in Soares and Mari at the same time.

  67. Chika

    I’d rather keep Mustafi than sign Stones. Musti is as good as if not better than most of the defenders that finished in the top four.

  68. Rich

    Forget Stones, if we could get Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers, Holding off our books?

    We should then go punt big on Soyuncu or Upamecano, and solve a long term problem for the next 8-12 years, by doing what’s necessary now, instead of subpar short term fixes

  69. Champagne Charlie

    Sokratis 32
    Mustafi 28
    Chambers 25
    Holding 24

    David Luiz 33
    Pablo Mari 26
    Saliba 19
    (Gabriel 22)
    (Stones 26)

    Would be a complete overhaul if we pulled that off, I’ll say that much.

  70. Nelson

    I wonder whether Inter will start Christian Eriksen. The last two matches, he was subbed in.
    Sanchez is injured.

  71. Radio Raheem

    I won’t write Stones off so quickly. Pep isn’t renowned for organising a defence is he? Stones might benefit from a change of clubs.

  72. Habesha Gooner

    That sounds like a swell Idea. But If Gabriel, Saliba and Mari perform to the required level it would be hard to convince Upamecano to come here knowing we will have to bench someone out of the three. What I am hoping for is we can get a cheap young center back that could grow in to the league. Preferably English. Like Joe Gomez of Liverpool. Holding didn’t workout but some one else might. Full backs is where I would be looking to improve next summer. Kolasinac and Bellerin might need a review.
    We would need to phase out the likes of Xhaka too if possible.

  73. Champagne Charlie

    Because he’s wank Nelson, Danish David Bentley.

    Ozil might’ve went to shit professionally at the club, but deary me folk used to actually entertain Eriksen as his superior. Mad

  74. Pedro

    Rich, I’ve seen some of them, really silly stuff… there’s a voice note going around on whatsapp about one of the deals and it’s ridiculous.

    My take has always been that we don’t operate like a modern club, simple as that.

    I really liked John Stones, but at 26, can he be rehabilitated?

  75. Champagne Charlie

    Shakhtar are flooded with Brazilians, always been a queer fit out there in Ukraine. Must have next to no visa tape to deal with.

    Do they have any quality youngsters to kept an eye out for? Willian II if you like.

  76. CHEN

    Unpopular opinion: Sell Mustafi, Luiz(rumours are he is in contact with rennes anyway) , kolasinac.

    CB for next season: Saliba, Gabriel, Mari, Holding
    Shift Calum chambers to DM back up (where he did well in Fulham and could still play back up cb in cups).

    Btw I wanna know about homegrown quota, does holding and chambers included in that quota?

  77. Rich

    Habesha gooner

    I’m not convinced Saliba and Gabriel if we sign him, would be for now.

    They’re 19 + 22, they fit the profile of defender we’ve been lacking, but i doubt they’ll be used in the league in a 4 this season, unless circumstances dictate.

    Getting a Soyuncu or Upamecano would set us up nicely, I’d probably go with Soyuncu, simply because of PL experience.

    I’d also sell Bellerin in a heartbeat providing we could get Max Aarons from Norwich, and I’d keep Niles.

  78. Rich

    Nelson is 20, how many fought Gnabry, Bennacer, Adelaide, Malen we’re rubbish at 20?

    Writing off 20 year olds at the start of their career isa mugs game.

    Maybe Nelson could do with a loan, renew his deal, and send him out to pick up 40+ games in the championship.

  79. MidwestGun

    Maybe it’s just my crap stream but the grass there looks about 4 inches tall and it seems like if they don’t pass it hard enough the ball could come to a complete stop. Or maybe the pace is just agonizingly slow so far. Anyhow.. it definitely favors the Italians.

    Oh and a goal.

  80. Habesha Gooner

    I know they will need time but a year of football must be enough to think they can hold the fort at 23 and 20. Mari will be 27/28 by then. And I don’t think we should be spending 53 mil on him while we would have problems in fullback and Midfield areas. I would spend that on Upamecano if we are close to a title challenge. Like when Liverpool went all out for Van Djik. We have to see how Bellerin, Soares, Kolasinac, Xhaka will perform.

  81. Steven Davis

    Captain Tierney,
    Your missing the point it’s not about who suggested the cuts and not even to a more series than that degree how Kia came to be privalage to such sensitive iner workings at the club due to all who might represent the cuts. It’s the lack of respect and betrayal of who did tell kia he showed by talking about it on public radio when for all intensive purposes it has absolutely nothing to do with him, his job and further more unless he was given the information first hand him speculating about it has no context. It is simply stupidity as he gained nothing bringing it up and total disregard for the collateral damage he might have caused. I definitely think when Tim submitted his opinion he did it professionally with the promise it would be kept inhouse and in no way reach public radio. He might be really good and do the things that are hard but I highly doubt he enjoys his entire process and realizes families are involved so being professional about means a great deal. Being speculated on the radio was up there as the least likely things he could possibly want while verifying his work isnt of the utmost delicate club only report.

  82. Rich

    Habesha gooner

    Not impossible, but how many 20+23 year old successful PL defensive partnerships have there been since the PL started?

    Gabriel and Saliba have less than 100 professional appearances between them.

    Throw one in maybe? Throwing both in together is seriously risky.

    We’ll be buying potential in both cases, even the guy at Lille says Gabriel is still raw.

  83. Dissenter

    ‘We’ll be buying potential in both cases, even the guy at Lille says Gabriel is still raw.”

    He’s not going to come and sit on the bench when he played 34 games in France and in the CL last season.
    There’s no little or no class in our defense at the moment so why buy players for so much money and not play them?

  84. MidwestGun

    Italians are playing it the classic Italian way… taking the steam out of the match. And defending in solid lines. Shutting down the short passing flair game.

  85. Habesha Gooner

    Yeah, But Upamecano is 21 now and bossing it. We would also buy a young defender with him.
    Saliba won’t probably start next season but Gabriel definitely will. You buy a 22 year old to play him. Anyway it will depend on how successful they are. If so we won’t need to spend big on a CB. It would be a low fee high potential scouted signing.

  86. Rich


    Depends what Arteta does?

    We’re buying a 22yr old for 5 years, we’re not buying the finished article, he’s potential.

    Many much more experienced players have come into the PL and taken a season to settle.

    Playing on the left side of a 3 in games Arteta doesn’t go with a 4, and then cup games in the first season is the way I see things going.

    Hopefully we can get shot of Luiz to Rennes

  87. Champagne Charlie


    Incredibly diplomatic of you there lol they’ve been drab as fuck to me. Shakhtar piss on them technically but they’ve no cutting edge at all. Thank the high heavens this isn’t a two-legged affair.

    Sevilla must be watching this with half a chub.

  88. MidwestGun

    Henry was Henry. Won’t be another like him. My favorite player ever, still. Miss those O2 shirts as well

  89. Rich

    How many were writing off Ceballos and Pepe before the Covid break?

    Fans never learn, don’t write off players under 24, and don’t write off players in their firs season coming from abroad

  90. Ishola70


    “It’s frightening how in such a small period of time The Athletic became the omnipresent lawgiver. It’s good to have such a dedicated and ambitious project cover more than your typical media outlet, but we shouldn’t think of their coverage like black and white facts. All journos are gonna be journos. It’s good to have a grain of doubt in our minds.”

    It’s just because it’s paywall.

    For those stupid enough to pay for their stuff.

    Gunnerblog writes for them lol

  91. MidwestGun

    Incredibly diplomatic of you
    Ha! maybe.. Godin at on point was walking so slowly forward with the ball I thought my stream had frozen.

  92. Nelson

    It is easier to adapt the CB position than the attacker position. An attacker has to initiate a play while a CB is mainly reacting to a play.

  93. Nelson

    Shakhtar Donetsk doesn’t play fast counter. They play this kind of passing game. With that, it will be very difficult to break the Inter defense.