Auba ready to start a better Arsenal news cycle?

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Well good morning my DARLINGS.

Nothing nicer than starting a Monday with a nice coffee as you sit down to read the shrieks of misery from Manchester United fans on the internet. It’s pure joy, I am not going to lie.

I sat down yesterday to watch OGS, the guy that the press have been desperately trying to paint as ‘getting things right’ tank to Sevilla FC in the semi-final of The Europa League. It was a great watch, I have to say. OGS just doesn’t cut it for me. He’s bought the most expensive defender in the world, the most expensive fullback, and he landed Bruno in January. He’s also been gifted 22 penalties this season, the most in Europe… and he still couldn’t take out a Spanish club living off peanuts.

What makes it better is the press around OGS love him. The deepest the criticism goes is ‘GIVE HIM MORE MONEY.’ That suits me. The danger at United is if they put that cash in the hands of an elite coach and a proper Sporting Director. I am more than happy to see OGS at the wheel for another couple of years. If their level is celebrating the lowest ever points total to make the automatic places in the Champions League, then long may his tenure continue.

The Athletic gave some more colour to the Raul exit over the weekend. There’s a lot of ‘streamlining but look here, here, and here…’ and some of it is really not great reading. Particularly paying over the odds on asking prices for Torreira (who had a buyout clause), Leno, and Nicolas Pepe. You have to read the room when you take a job… I’m not sure the Kroenke’s were built for that sort of money management.

God bless Tim Lewis, the unsung hero that got to grips with the nonsense.

One of the more salacious pieces was the unveiling of Willian at Kia’s house. There are a thousand ways you could paint this as innocuous, but for me, what it tells you is Raul just didn’t understand the magnitude of the role he had at Arsenal.

Reasons that would have made any normal exec think twice about the unveiling location:

  1. There was a lot of bad press around Arsenal’s close relationship with certain agents
  2. We had done some very weird deals with Kia. The David Luiz fee was reported at an astronomical level a month ago and we also added Cedric Soares who looked good for glue before we weighed in. You can say that the fee in The Athletic was misrepresented, but I have not seen a retraction from the publication. I would always err on the side of believing Amy Lawrence sourcing on subjects as big as this.
  3. The agent himself had horrified people at Arsenal when he went on Talksport to discuss David Luiz. Not just that, he also alluded to the structural changes that were coming to Arsenal (55 redundancies). A deep breach of trust that an outsider was privy to such information, even worse that he shared it on national radio. Cannot have been good for people at the club fearing for their jobs.
  4. Last week, Kia went on blast again, this time to say he doesn’t influence Arsenal, whilst slating Sven Mislintat and his record
  5. Edu then rolls out his first signing of the summer, it’s Willian, a Kia player, and the unveiling is at Kia’s home.

For the agent, that’s a power move. For the exec team, it’s incredibly bad optics. Top leaders are always considering how things will look to the wider world. Doing an official signing at a super-agents house under massive scrutiny really is beyond the pale. It was also a really unnecessary decision. Do it at Colney. Do it at Raul’s pad. Or Edu’s. Or at The Emirates. Not like they don’t all have massive houses, right? For me, things like that look like a middle finger to the fans, it’s an ‘I’m in charge, fuck you’ message.

Well, a few days later and here we are. No Raul. So no real need to keep going over this subject. He can go and work for Lille in France and Arsenal can crack on with a brighter future.

Talking of Lille. Their CEO, Geraldo Lopez, reckons Gabriel is interested in joining Arsenal. That’d be a great way to start the week. We are in desperate need of a shape up in central defence. I’d be pretty happy going into the new season with Luiz, Mustafi, Cal Chambers, Saliba, and Gabriel. There’d be a changing of the guard at some point, but it’d be good to have two centre backs at the latter stage of their careers, supporting the development of two extremely talented young players we hope could be an elite partnership.

There’s HUGE rumblings that the main man, AUBA, is about to sign a new deal. What I love about this noise is the player and his family both seem equally excited about signing on. There is so much buzz around Arsenal at the moment and I’m thrilled we could land the best sharpshooter on the planet for his best years. There’s a little bit of noise that Raul led the negotiations on his own, which would be odd because I thought Huss did that, but I’m sure it’s not a problem. Getting him tied down to the club would be a MASSIVE shift in the news cycle as well.

Another subplot of this transfer window that I’m following with interest is the Arteta/Edu blend. Both absolutely need to have a gold standard window. Arteta needs to move the football on next season, Edu needs to show people that he’s more than a pretty face. I’d imagine it’s also big for Mikel, not many managers are given power over transfers. I’m not sure it’s the best way moving forward, I’m a big believer in brain trust like structures, not sure going back to the old way is great longterm, but it’ll be fascinating to see if he has the Midas touch like Wenger did when it comes to player appraisal.

I have to be honest, the jury really is out for me there. So far, we’ve seen him fawn over Luiz, Mari, Soares, and suggest he’d have taken Xhaka to City. Maybe we can write those off as teething/political comments… because those names are not exactly moistening loins of any sort.

… but we’ll see. This is a clean slate for everyone. I love starting from an unknown position. The world truly is our lobster.

Right, see you in the comments you feral internet beasts.

Update: We signed Huddersfield Tim Akinola. The tenacious midfielder was so impressive, we brought him in without a trial. This is a low risk / high reward type of deal that I’m more than happy to see happen. Good luck, Tim!

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  1. Rich

    That’s 9 Henry tweets today, if he’s coming back as a coach?
    Let’s hope his coaching is more interesting than his punditry…

  2. Dissenter

    If Inter win the EL, it will be Conte’s first European cup trophy.
    Someone try telling him the EL is crap.

  3. Dissenter

    There ought to be a mechanism in football to allow a manager to just throw in a white towel to end the game.

    What’s the point of the last 10 minutes?

  4. London gunner

    I was always thought inter milan would win.

    Second in seria A team is going to be many levels above any Ukrainian team

  5. andy1886

    “Shakhtar were being slightly over-rated on here the other night.”

    Let’s hope that Raheem and Weagle didn’t put their money on that forecast.

  6. Aussie Gooner

    Real Madrid to target Upamecano. But worry not Arsenal have signed Tim Akinola, a reject from Huddersfiled!

    “Arsenal have signed 19-year-old Tim Akinola after he was released by Huddersfield.

    Akinola struggled to force his way into first-team reckoning for the Championship side and also had a spell on loan at non-league Brighouse Town.”

  7. Valentin

    Anybody knows if David Luiz has actually signed his contract renewal rather just a temporary extension?

    Rennes is in the CL the coming season, so they should be able to afford him. However I would have thought that David Luiz would want at least 2 years to be worth moving to Rennes.

  8. CaliGooner

    Saw links to rodrigo de Paul at udinese. Anyone know anything about him?
    Comparable to coutinho for instance?

  9. The Godfather

    The Community shield is next Saturday, and we are still pussyfooting with new signings and outgoings.
    Is anyone awake at the Emirates offices?
    Conclude or move on from Partey and Ceballos.
    Make a bloody decision on yer deadwood.
    This season has us starting on some real shaky ground

  10. Dissenter

    Napoli are in the EL too, at least they can’t use the leverage of Arsenal to beat us to Gabriel.
    …and we have a Brazilian community to rival any other club.

  11. Captain Tierney

    Steven Davis

    Yes but Kia couldn’t have known about the redundancies because Tim Lewis wasn’t even at the club yet so there was no talk of redundancies and changes at the club , and no sensitive info to Kia to speak about .
    That interview was about sorting out Luiz’s and loan contracts which Pedro has been trying to spin in a different direction forever.

  12. The Godfather

    It’s always the same old modus and the same old excuses for Arsenal. Again the community shield is next Saturday.
    Liverpool is already in training camp in Austria and we still have
    El Neny

    To name a few still on the roster.

    Our needs, as well as the dead wood that needs to be moved are pretty obvious so get on with it

  13. Tony

    During the 90s I had dealings with several newspapers at editor level and found them to be a law unto themselves in what and how they reported their agenda driven news.

    In his own way Pedro is a watered down version of the press in driving Le Grove’s traffic.

    “Never let the truth spoil a good story” the ex deputy editor of the Sun & Star once told me at a bar opposite the Express building.

    It’s just the way they are and will never change. It’s all about sales and profitability in increased readership.

    So I don’t get why some here are pillorying the DM for doing what all the press does.

    “Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang agrees new Arsenal contract worth massive £250,000 per week as club draw up final paperwork… and deal for Lille defender

    Gabriel Magalhaes could be next

    Arsenal are drawing up the paperwork for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s deal

    Aubameyang verbally agreed a three-year contract worth £250,000-per-week

    The club are also working on a switch to sign Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes
    Arsenal’s transfer business is taking place after head of football Raul Sanllehi left”

  14. Bojangles

    According to the Mail Online, Wenger has approached the Netherlands putting himself forward as a replacement for Koeman.

    Is the Mail Online real news or fake news, it’s hard to keep up.

  15. Emiratesstroller

    The Godfather

    The Transfer Window is going to be far more complex than in recent seasons.

    a] The Season in England ended in June and not May.
    b] European Competitions are still incomplete
    c] Most clubs have little or no money, because their revenues are limited.
    d] The Transfer Window will not close until beginning of October [not start
    of season as was case last year].

    Arsenal have finalised sofar 3 signings and I doubt that there will be more than 2-3 more incoming arrivals. I suspect that if Gabriel is recruited that will
    be finalised by weekend.

    The critical contract extension for Aubameyang is likely to be completed also
    this week.

    Frankly any outgoing transfers are unlikely to impact on squad planning and
    training. Arteta may not know his final squad, but I am fairly sure he knows who will be leaving.

  16. Valentin

    After Gazidis learning the rope as football club CEO at Arsenal and then moving to AC Milan, looks like Puma has been doing the same with the away kit.
    Wtf, they just changed the club logo, the advert motto and the collar of the Arsenal Puma away light blue shirt of a few years ago. The advert motto changed from Fly Emirates to Emirates Fly better.
    Talk about recycling idea, did they really thought that nobody would notice?

  17. Valentin

    Some newspapers have a slightly different take on why Huddersfield released that central midfield kid that Arsenal just snapped. The club had an extension option, but exercising that extension would have meant paying him higher wage which at the current time Huddersfield cannot afford.
    So it may not be a case of not being good enough for Huddersfield, but more Huddersfield cannot afford him due to COVID-19.
    I have never seen play, so I won’t comment on the player itself, but it does make sense that Arsenal would be able to pay higher wage than Huddersfield.

  18. Henry Root

    Liverpool is already in training camp in Austria and we still have
    El Neny

    Who gives a toss about the Community Shield.? Neither side will play anything like their first team . In the circumstances we are making good progress in signing. key players and we will jettison others . The window doesn’t close until October and tge season doesn’t start until September 12. We don’t even know the fixtures yet.
    Who has their squad sorted for the new season? It’s a pretty exceptional time

  19. Northbanker

    Godfather – the transfer window has only just started so if you’re losing the plot now you’ll be in pieces by October. Reality is that this is the toughest TW ever and eac deal is one to savour rather than get frustrated by.

    You can’t shift the deadwood until someone actually wants them and by virtue of who we’re talking about there isn’t going to be a high demand. I suspect many of these deals to sell will be the last minute and so will the purchase of Partey And extension of Ceballos loan. It’s a shame because an earlier Partey purchase might have given us the opportunity To offload Xhaka but it is what it is

  20. Northbanker

    Valentin – thanks for the info on Akinola. That explains a lot – I just couldn’t understand why we were signing a Huddersfield reject. I still think this will end up being a nothing moment – we’ll say goodbye to him in a couple of years almost forgetting who he is but time will tell. By then he’ll be 83!

  21. Bojangles

    “Talk about recycling idea, did they really thought that nobody would notice?”

    Possible that Emerites decided on the change?

    Sure are a lot of drama queens here of late.

  22. Valentin


    No drama queen, just find astonishing that Puma would reuse nearly identical kit for different clubs.

    Marketing dictates that each club have their own well defined image. The home and away kit are part of that identity. That is exactly why fans buy kit. I would not want an Arsenal kit to look like a Newcastle kit or worse a Spurs one, would you?

    Puma decided that it was cheaper and more expedient to reuse Arsenal kit for AC Milan rather than invest in a new AC Milan kit respecting their tradition. It is a lack of respect for both clubs. With so many people on social media, it was stupid to think that fans would not notice.

    From a marketing and PR pov it is a big miss.

  23. Bojangles

    Looks like it’s Emirates new logo to me. If they want “Emirate fly better” then that’s what they get.

  24. TallestTiz


    Not necessarily Arsenal paying a higher wage. The boy can equally chomp at the chance of playing for The Arsenal, and even take a lower wage – If Per Mertesacker knows his salt in the business.

  25. Bojangles

    Doubt if Puma have a say in what is put on the shirts, they just design the shirts and add logos that are presented to them.

  26. Valentin


    You missed the point.
    What a lot of people thought strange was that Arsenal signed a player released by Huddersfield. How can he be good enough for Arsenal if he is not even good enough for a Championship club?

    Going with what some of the newspaper wrote, his quality was not the issue, but his cost was. He was released by Huddersfield not so much due to competition but because exercising his option would have cost them more.

    So Arsenal may have decided to pay him the same wage, less or more than what was promised to him at Huddersfield, it is irrelevant. It just put into context the reason why he left Huddersfield.

  27. Valentin


    That is exactly my point. The logo is the club responsibility, the advert motto is up to the sponsor. Their only work was to chose a design or colour that respect the club tradition and is still on trend.

  28. Bojangles

    So what is your complaint? That Milan and Arsenal have the same sponsor? The kits look totally different, where’s the confusion?

  29. Emiratesstroller

    There are going to be very few “actual sales” this summer because money for transfers is going to be in short supply.

    Many of the so-called transfer valuations are frankly complete nonsense. The idea that Guendouzi is worth £40 million is complete ludicrous in current economic climate.

    Frankly on the evidence I have seen of his game I don’t think that he would be
    worth that figure in a normal season. Also you have to factor in his behaviour
    at not only Arsenal but with his previous employer.

    I have always maintained that Arsenal will have some money for transfers and
    we are not nearly as broke as being portrayed, but funds will be less than in
    previous years.

    Personally I think that we will have a budget of around £80 Million to spend
    compared with budget last year.

    Incidentally Arsenal appear to have a new sponsor in CADBURYS.

  30. Bojangles

    Still don’t see the problem. Obviously it’s enough for you to get your knickers in a twist over. More important concerns doing the rounds, like is the tea lady getting the sack.

  31. CG

    He was linked to Arsenal at one stage.
    I sometimes wonder what club is more ineptly run.

    Arsenal or Barcelona?
    Our Wenger ,in the frame for The Netherlands.

  32. Mr Serge

    ES I agree having seen Guen in the flesh lots of times I don’t see what the fuss is about. He is a headless chicken and chases the ball around like a 12 year old Sunday league player with no end product
    Good riddance and if we can get 40m I would be amazed.
    Also agree that this window is unlike any other and we will not be able to sell for a good price so anyone with two years or more on their contract will be retained unless there is a couple of clubs interested in the player.

  33. Ishola70

    Ah the Martinelli goal has been recognised has it.

    It was being downplayed on here because a Chelsea player slipped at the beginning of the counter attack.

    “Slipped Sir”

    Ray Winstone reckons that the original play version of Scum was better than the film version. Can’t agree with him.

  34. TallestTiz


    “I have never seen play, so I won’t comment on the player itself, but it does make sense that ARSENAL would be able to pay HIGHER WAGE than HUDDERSFIELD.”

    Sounded like you were critical of the deal. I had to point out that we might not necessarily pay hip higher wages but the draw of playing for Arsenal might convince him to come on current wages or lower.

    All the same, he night turn out good for us or fetch us a decent fee in 3 years time

  35. Captain Tierney

    One thing I would say is dont expect much from the new academy signings.
    This is more of a squad building/filling for academy than high potential signings for the first team.
    With Nelson , Saka , Esr , Joe , Medley , Tjj , Nketiah , Smith all promoted or loaned out there is a big void in the U23 squad and the signings of Lewis , Tim and the new Spurs CB will help fill that void and remain competitive in the U23s.

  36. Terraloon


    Cadbury’s ( Mondelez) used to have a central partnership with the PL. That deal has come to an end

    What Cadbury’s have no embarked on is a partnership with what they perceive to be the top 6 clubs in the PL.

    I haven’t been following this closely but I know that City , Utd and Chelsea announced their partnerships some days ago.

    I wonder if this will start a trend and others who have central advertising contracts target the top 6 . In truth that’s where the value is .

    Ok the money from these central partnerships historically generate circa £5 million for each of the 20 clubs but my guess is that the biggies such as Cadbury’s and maybe the likes of EA sports, Budweiser and Coca Cola will follow

  37. Captain Tierney


    Someone named Jonathan Dinzeyi. The only other thing I know about him is he is an England Under 18 International
    Anyway these are low risk high reward signings which I hope to see more of under Edu and Per.
    Even if we can find 1 starting quality player out of 10 and sell at least 3-4 at for respectable fees. Its a massive win-win.
    This is how Chelsea generate a lot of funds.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Cadburys is owned by Kraft. So it is part of a very large food manufacturer.
    Chocolate is a very big business so I would imagine that the sponsorship does
    have some value unlike many others, which are probably fairly notional.

  39. CG


    “”””Someone named Jonathan Dinzeyi.””””””

    Well if he is contention for the first team and this Gabriel arrives, and Arteta ( rightly ) wants to keep Holding.

    Arsenal will now have x 10 center backs on the books,

    By my calculations ,Liverpool have 3 or maybe 4.

    I guess this is ‘Squad balancing’ Edu style.

    Del Boy might have gone , but Rodney is still here.

  40. Terraloon


    Cadbury, formerly Cadbury’s and Cadbury Schweppes, is a British multinational confectionery company wholly owned by Mondelez International (originally Kraft Foods) since 2010

    There are couple of the commercial partners that are National but the majority of the biggies are Mulitl National.

  41. Emiratesstroller


    Sokratis and Mustafi will leave this summer as they are both in final year of contract.

    Mavropanos is out on loan and I suspect that at least one more player either
    Chambers or Holding will probably be loaned.

    That means that the club will have on books Saliba, Luiz, Mari,Chambers or
    Holding and Gabriel if he arrives.

    Five in squad is acceptable.

  42. Ustyno

    Emirate and Terralon convo is always funny, trying to beat each other with inside information,I’m imagining you guys know each other personally

    Anytime one post the other must look for something to pick out of the post

    Funny people 😂

  43. Captain Tierney


    Kidding ? mate.
    You expect a player released by Spurs academy to contend for Arsenal first team.

    And I think at the end of the window we’ll only have 5 first team CBs on our books. Maybe . Considering Mari , Chambers , Mustafi are injured and it will be very difficult to move on injured players in the market .

    Anyways why arent you still hung on the 55 redundancies topic? You were moaning about that in your every post before it was revealed your Darling Tim was the one behind it. 😉

  44. Captain Tierney


    In all honesty Nico is a RB and Hoever also has played RB for Liverpool. Lovren recently left
    That makes it about 3 experienced first teamers and two young but high potential players.
    Which is a good mix but imo the best would be 1 absolutely top quality CB a la VVD, 2 very good ones like Joe Gomez , 1 experienced rotation option a la Lovren and 1 young high potential player like Van der berg.

  45. Terraloon


    I was lucky that I was able to retire aged 52, I am 64 on Friday.

    One of the funniest memories I have was at a board meeting where one of my fellow directors and myself were discussing a certain manager who he wanted to promote and I didn’t. ( After I retired he was promoted but was dismissed within a year)
    Anyways as the discussion went on the other chap said to me “ The trouble with you is that you always want the last word. “
    My only response was “ No I don’t”
    As for ES and myself we don’t agree on certain matters and that’s ok as long as neither resort to name calling etc.

  46. Captain Tierney


    The thing is CG’s opinions are never to be taken seriously.
    He never speaks without a British/Wenger/Anti- Edu, Raul , Kia bias.

    He will turn signing a young CB on a free as a bad thing for the club because it was Edu who is doing it.

  47. Mr Serge

    Un lovren left at the end of the season
    Having 5 cb is enough plus we are getting Gabriel so

    Chambers when fit if they don’t sell him to Fulham
    Sok and misti see ya

  48. Champagne Charlie


    Speaking of….

    The Malang Sarr char has died a death hasn’t it?my sauces tell me it’s a John Stones loan we fancy on top of Gabriel should we pump some floaters out.

  49. Ustyno


    What you just said about yourself is exactly who you are at least here,no name calling,just counter argument even though some times it is needless but it’s okay

    Happy for you that you retired early,good to know too

  50. Emiratesstroller


    This is a blog about football and not as you quite correctly point out about
    name calling or personality.

    I am older than you and also retired and living comfortably. I have always enjoyed my football albeit that I played rugby.

    I have several other interests.

    My main concerns at the moment is career uncertainty for my children who
    are respectively in their late 30s and early 40s. Both have never been out of
    work, but in the current pandemic that could happen.

  51. CG

    Captain T

    “”You expect a player released by Spurs academy to contend for Arsenal first team.””””

    Yes otherwise,
    Why are we buying him then?

  52. Captain Tierney


    Yup. Was looking forward to Sarr. His position is Left Centre back in a back 3. The worry about him tho is that he is not good in the air and therefore if you play him in a back 4 you need to have tall and strong midfielders , good in the air to make up for his aerial weakness.

    Gabriel rn is a better player imo with a higher ceiling.
    As for Stones its a no from me. He is like a less athletic Mustafi with slightly better concentration.
    Next season our CB should be

    Sell/loan rest of the lot.
    Chambers was our best defender before his injury this season. He is a much better player than Holding and can also cover Dm and Rb. So its a no brainer for me to keep hold of Chambers unless ofc nobody wants to buy our Holding and Sokratis and we dont have another option to raise funds.

  53. Captain Tierney


    To fill up the academy. He is free agent and maybe the club believes he can be sold for a profit.

  54. Champagne Charlie


    Agree with all that, but while I’d prefer other players to Stones I think he’d be an interesting loan if all other dominoes fall (Luiz to Rennes included). Gives me Jonny Evans vibes, where he’s fallen out of favour at the very top but would have a rebirth a level below.

  55. Terraloon


    We went to Swanage a year or two ago. Other than the fact that Jonathan Ross is said to have a holiday home there it’s not a bad place to visit.

    In Swanage High Street there is a shop selling bits and pieces most of it alien to us Dorset people.

    Anyways my dear wife ought me a plaque which reads:

    “ Warning retired person on the premises. Knows everything and has plenty of time to tell everybody “

    Ouch but probably true!

    Luckily both my two and their partners are thankfully working and one a painter and decorator has so much work on he doesn’t know when to say no.

    Thankfully Dorset hasn’t been as badly impacted as many areas the most noticeable thing is the £000s of millions worth of cruise lines moored up in Weymouth bay.

  56. Valentin


    I was not criticising the deal, because I don’t know the player and I have no idea how much we are paying him nor what will be his purpose.

    Some were surprised that we snapped what they called a Huddersfield reject. I just put the info out there giving a different explanation of the deal.

    Like I explicitly wrote before I don’t know the player. For all I know he could be the next Vieira or the next Stepanov. It could a good or a bad deal, only future will tell.

    However what it does not look like is a stupid move for a player who has no chance of ever making it at Arsenal which is exactly what some were describing it.

  57. HighburyLegend

    “Mara Özil. This is the name given to his daughter by an Arsenal fan from America. In March, Jack Robinson challenged Mesut Özil on Twitter: “”My wife will give birth in July, she says if I get a response from you I can name our child Özil, please don’t let me down”.”
    To which the Gunner had responded favorably, asking to see the birth certificate. Baby Mara Özil Robinson was born August 16 in Missouri, and her father kept his promise by posting the snap.”

    Nope, this is not the 1st of April.

  58. Terraloon


    Dorset is both an beautiful and very interesting county.

    I don’t get to Bridport that often but when we do love to walk fro West Bay out toward Seatown.

    Of all the places that are odd in the county like Portland where the locals actually have a poster that reads Keep Portland Weird”

    There’s some strange names such as Shitterton & Piddlehinton . My favourite is Iwerene Minster famous for one thing it’s the setting of the infamous episode of only fools and horses where the chandelier crashed to the floor.

  59. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Arsenal set to sign £22m star Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille as Mikel Arteta’s men agree a deal to snatch Brazilian defender away from Manchester United and Napoli

    Arsenal have won the race to sign highly-rated Lille defender Gabriel Magalhaes from Lille after beating off interest from Manchester United and Napoli”

    They seem pretty sure, not sure what else they have to do to make it a factual statement.

    I’m not saying it’s true but seeing as the daily mail is now taken as the absolute truth here in all matters Arsenal, well, it has to be.

  60. CG


    “””””CG To fill up the academy. He is free agent and maybe the club believes he can be sold for a profit.””””

    Why dont Spurs think they can sell him on a for a profit?

    Mr. Outsmarting the Market might have been unceremoniously sacked but his smart – arse mind set still permeates.

    (They have far superior executives than us by the way )

    I am a firm believer in the old adage.

    Quality not Quantity.

    We hear about streamling the organisation and then 24 hours later recruiting players Huddersfield Town and Spurs dont want.

    Let’s hope, I am wrong and and they turn out exceptional talents through.

    Dunk was the man for Arsenal 18 months ago.
    And Arsenal should be attempting to sign midfielder Rice not MORE BLOODY center defenders.

  61. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Terraloon and the stroller
    Two perfect gentleman who disagree in a orderly fashion.

    That’s what it should be.

    Es as for the uncertainty in jobs, lord knows what the future holds. All industries being his , software technology and post productions being farmed out to India in abundance last couple of years will only ramp up.
    Banks shutting all around as it’s all on phones pads etc.
    Only safe jobs are building works and possibly civil service jobs but with Cummings looming over changing .
    Is there anything as s safe job anymore.

  62. Dissenter

    We may have just signed Gabriel.
    It seems Charlie’s intense media campaign of convincing every one of his family to like Arsenal on Twitter has worked.
    We didn’t have Brazilian players and now we can’t stop having some very good Brazilian players.

  63. Dissenter

    When do the first team players return for the abbreviated pre-season training?

    This summer window is bizarre. I read that Liverpool are already back in training. Shouldn’t the players be given enough time to recharge?

  64. Dissenter

    CG has been proven right about Arsenal more than most people here, especially on the big stuff.
    I recall when he wrote. Torriera was no good because his legs were too small – meaning the lad’s physical attributes are incongruent with English football.
    His writing style may be annoying but he’s no dunce.

  65. TheLegendaryDB10

    I feel that now that Raul has left the building, we have a much better chance of pulling ourselves back in the right direction.

    This situation should now allow Mikel and Edu the chance to forge a proper plan for the team and execute it.

    And I am far more confident in Vinai, who has worked at the club for 12 years, in backing them as he will want to do his best for the club.

    We are heading towards some exciting times!!!

  66. TR7

    Sky Sports reports that Mari/Luiz/Saliba/Holding are likely to be the 4 main CBs at Arsenal while Chambers could stay due to his versatility. Mustafi and Sokratis are more likely to be offloaded.

    If this is true then it’s a good news indeed. I want us to keep both Chambers and Holding and offload Sokratis and Mustafi.

  67. Leedsgunner

    Mustafi and Sokratis out? Good. Hopefully we’ll receive more than a paltry sum for the

    If we received decent amounts for Chambers and Holding (say £20m each) I would not cry too many tears…

  68. Bojangles


    Why are you saying Arteta is keeping holding?

    I read that Arteta has changed his mind about him. Apparently Leeds were sniffing around but Arteta said no.

  69. Valentin

    Just caught on SkyNews the interview with the education minister, the journalist was brutal.
    Your ignorance is not a defense. In fact it seems to be the problem here.

  70. Daniel Altos

    Is it just me that is wondering how much the athletic report about arsenal? Everytime I go on Twitter and see an athletic article it’s always Arsenal,don’t they have another club to write about?And it always amazes me how much people take them as the gospel truth ffs

  71. Radio Raheem

    This summer window is bizarre. I read that Liverpool are already back in training. Shouldn’t the players be given enough time to recharge?


    They had 3 months off.

  72. Champagne Charlie

    “We may have just signed Gabriel.
    It seems Charlie’s intense media campaign of convincing every one of his family to like Arsenal on Twitter has worked.“

    *Making sense has left the chat*

    I don’t speak Brazilian……

  73. Captain Tierney

    CG the man who is always right
    Believes Arsene doesn’t have one bit share in Arsenal’s decline.
    Wants Arsene Wenger back at the helm.
    If not as a manger then as upper management.
    Wants Dyche or Pearson to be Arsenal Head coaches.
    Berates most of the foreign player Arsenal are linked to or sign.
    Thinks Ings is a better player than Auba.
    Believes Declan Rice is better than Partey .
    Says Amn is our best midfielder who can start for most of the top teams when 4 managers in a row haven’t trusted him in the Midfield role ( including his sweetheart Arsene)
    Was recently spouting non-sense about how Raul and Kia are responsible for the redundancies and how they are working against the values of the club by doing just that (all the while having 0 facts to prove his point)
    And when it was found it was a Brit Tim Lewis and not the A Spanish spiv responsible for the redundancies he suddenly stopped talking about the topic ( a topic he was moaning about everyday since the day it had happened)
    Wanted Arteta out when he had lost his first game.

  74. Alexanderhenry


    I like the sound of this Tim Lewis guy.
    He’s a proper enforcer which is makes up for the lamentable negligence of the Kroenkes– at least to some extent.

    He’s also a ‘lifelong arsenal fan’ allegedly.

    It’s also interesting he’s slimmed down the much vaunted modern management structure designed by gazidis.
    From the outset I thought – too many cooks.
    He’s cleared the way for arteta to take a bigger role than just team coach and I’m hoping Lewis and arteta can form a partnership similar to Dein and Wenger.

    Interesting times

  75. CG


    “””:I like the sound of this Tim Lewis guy.”””””

    I do too.( Uber competent in my recent dealings with him)
    Is it not a truly amazing thing..

    You appoint proven professionals with integrity and a proven track record what one can achieve.

    Shame we still have third-raters Hussey, Edu and Vinny still stinking the place out.

    More Tim Lewis &
    More Arsene Wengers at The Arsenal any day of the week for me.

  76. Emiratesstroller


    Dorset is a wonderful place to live. I am fortunate that I live in one of the nicest
    districts in London within 2 minutes walking distance of Hampstead Heath.

    Obviously skilled craftsmen like builders, decorators, plumbers and electricians if they are good at what they are doing will have a good livelihood so long as they are working, but if they are self employed dependent on good

    My son works for a major USA IT Firm and is specialist so I am not too worried
    about his career.

    My daughter works for a FTSE 100 company in a managerial role. She is good
    at what she does and well paid. However, the company has announced that they will be making redundancies including at management level so at the
    moment she is understandably stressed. One of the directors has already been
    laid off and the managing director has just stood down so that no-one is immune from what is going on.

    One of the consequences of what is going on is that it is most likely that earnings will never be the same.

  77. CG


    “”” I am fortunate that I live in one of the nicest
    districts in London within 2 minutes walking distance of Hampstead Heath.”””””

    You might bump into Raul walking his dog on the heath.
    He will have a lot of time on his hands now.

    If you see him tell him for me.

    “”” there is indeed a different type of knock!”””

  78. Sid

    Cross breeding the Dorset sheep with persian blackhead sheep produces sheep with the tastiest mutton.

    You heard it here 1st!

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Picking up players from spurs n vice versa is not new.
    They picked up youth captain Rohan ricketts .
    Played a few first team games for them.

    Early days but who knows what’s going to happen round the corner.

  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Does anybody else think that if gabs signs then we will continue to play 3-5-2

    Saliba. Luiz. Gabs

    Hold Luiz. Mari

    So gabs n Mari left footed
    Holding mustafi papa chambers all right footed so two will go .

    9 players covering a back 5
    Bel n Cedric right back

    Kt n Saks left back .

  81. Valentin

    I find it both encouraging and disappointing that Arsenal is now following the Brentford academy path to the first team model.

    Here is Brentford’s plan as I remember it from an interview with the Brentford CEO written either in the evening standard or Metro from a couple of years ago.

    Because of the change in the academy restrictions that highly benefited category A academy, Brentford decided to disband their lower age group academy and focus on the age group from 17-23. Their plan was to pick up academy A players who have failed to go into their club first team. They coach them extensively both physically, tactically but also psychologically for six months. They then gradually introduce them to the first team.

    It looks like Arsenal is following that model and bring a lot more older English players from other academy.

    I think that may have been driven by BREXIT.
    With BREXIT, English club may not be able to recruit the best of European 16 and 23 years. The new rule stipulates that only players worth £10 millions are automatically granted a work permit.

    So Arsenal is pivoting to more English players. The idea is clearly to fill more place in the academy, put a better loan system. So that those players may be ready to become squad players. If they can’t make it, they can still be sold at a profit or at least at the cost of their coaching. So the academy could become self sufficient instead of drawing resources from the club.