Thomas Partey benched you say? + Willian numbers eye-watering

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Mesut Ozil dropped the big interview in The Athletic. TL;DR, he wants to stay.

This isn’t new news. He loves it in London, he’s paid a fortune, no one is going to make him take a substandard playing option.

I think we should just leave it there. If we’re asking Madrid to pick up £30k of Ceballos’ wages, chances are, we’re not finding £18m to buy him out.

Question is, what does Mikel do about it?

We can’t have another season of the first question in every press conference being ‘what about Mesut?’

It’s not good for the squad, it’s not good for the project, it’s not good for Arsenal… but here we are.

The second bit of meaty news waaaaas… Kia. He spoke to TalkSport again to give us a boardroom update.

  1. He doesn’t influence Arsenal
  2. He thinks Sven is shit
  3. He hasn’t offered us a bunch of players despite journos saying he has

I can’t say it enough, it is outrageous that an agent speaks so freely about Arsenal, going to the depth of critiquing how we recruit really is drunk dad stuff. Those are the words of someone far too comfortable with his Arsenal connection. It really is unreal.

It also just shows you that words like ‘LIVERPOOL DATA STYLE’ are basically nonsense until we stop seeing his name attached to every link in the media.

More worrying, the Daily Mail is reporting that all in, Willian is going to set Arsenal back £220k a week. That feels quite a long way from ‘bargain’ and it’s exactly the sort of thing the exec team at Arsenal can’t stop doing. We’re skint and throwing that sort of mega-money at a player that will go to Qatar after Arsenal on a free.

… no wonder Kia is so confident in the media. He still calls the shots at Arsenal. It is embarrassing.

Finally, Thomas Partey benched for the Leipzig game… we wouldn’t? Surely?

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. englandsbest

    What I was hoping for most of all this summer was the final disappearance of Ozil. That can still happen. Even if he stays on the payroll.

    Mikel should continue to ignore him, carry on pretending that he doesn’t exist.

  2. Marko

    I wouldn’t even swap Guendouzi for him. A decent sellable asset for a somewhat injury prone player with a year left on his contract? Nah. His numbers honestly aren’t great. Nothing about him these days interests me. In fact I’d be absolutely livid if we were to move for him this summer while Szoboszlai moved elsewhere

  3. englandsbest

    I say again what I’ve said before: what I am hoping for most of all is the final disappearance of Ozil. That can still happen. Even if he stays on the payroll.

    Mikel should continue to ignore him, carry on pretending that he doesn’t exist.

  4. Moray

    Juventus is worse than us when it comes to handing out contracts and wages. No way they are buying Partey, at least not now.

    I also very much doubt that Spanish teams have cash either.

    We are still waiting for the recession proof teams like Man City and PSG to start throwing their Blood-stained petrodollars Around before the wheels start turning.

    The problem for us is we’ve already committed to millions for next year by resigning Soares, Luiz etc. And bringing in Willian.

    I doubt we can do much at the moment unless it’s a swap. As always, the biggest question of our transfer window is how much of our shit we can flog on.

  5. Richard

    Willian was not signed on anywhere near that 220k being reported. The daily mail is just selling papers, please don’t buy.

    Common sense says he was signed to
    1) allow auba to play centrally.
    2) allow saka et al to play on one wing while somewhat clogging the other wing, so the team can be managed better. He is a better version of milner for liverpool
    3) provide depth without demotivating our exciting youngsters