Transfer round-up because why not?

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Well good morning to YOU.

We’re reaching peak shit-show in the media.

Agents are hawking their wares to the journos.

ITKs are hedging their bets.

Fans are lifting up all the rocks for clues.

Everyone is a little frustrated that there’s no clear direction as to where we’re heading this summer.

Clues you should care about.

Madrid don’t want to loan Dani out. They want to have a cheap summer and bring him and Odegaard back. Though apparently he still doesn’t feature in Zidane’s plans. The story is Arsenal tried to get a loan deal where we’d pay only 50% of his £60k a week salary. Worrying opening bid if you ask me. This is the danger of loaning young players, you make them good and important, the price goes up.

Torreira is being linked with a move to Italy, today, it’s Roma in a mooted swap deal for Diawara. I have no idea about the player from Roma, but the football scouts on Twitter seem to think he’s a bit of a nothing player, with the main advantage over Torreira being athletic suitability to the league. This clue matters because I think the club will do whatever they can to move him on this summer, he’ll be a swap.

Thomas Partey rumours are still hanging in the air, though it is now reported he wants £200k a week to join. I don’t blame him, he’s 27, a Champions League midfielder and he’d be moving to Arsenal who are coming out of a mess. That would mean we either pass on him or we move on a player with an equal salary.

Heeeeello Alex Lacazette. The Frenchman is a big name whatever you think of him and he can be relied on for goals. Napoli are holding fast on Milik and reports are that Juve might focus their attention on someone they can get for a better price and maybe even a swap deal. Lacazette earns about £180k a week, he’s a big earner, that might be the key to other big names. Swap deals mooted are Gonzalo Higuain, Douglas Costa, or Cristian Romero.

Cal Chambers is attracting interest from Scotty Parker’s newly-promoted Fulham. The player was relegated there in the past, but he knows the place and he’s well-liked there. Could be a good recuperation loan move, or a decent £12m deal for Arsenal in the climate. We need to move out centre-backs if we want to bring them in. He’s young, he was looking good before the break, but I think we can do better.

Final few…

Aouar for Matteo? Would be nice.

Joelson for a fringe player and a lot of cash? Hmmm? Maybe nice?

Gabriel to choose Napoli over THE MIGHTY GOONERS? No way. Don’t believe it. Finding this Napoli/Lille love-in interesting though.

Right, that’s me done, unleash speculation on my F5!

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  1. Luteo Guenreira

    You allow lunatics to run the asylum- you will get anarchy.

    It’s almost like he’s talking about himself.

  2. Zacharse

    DplanetAugust 13, 2020 15:00:35
    Wow, so many imperial apologists on here.

    Have you ever read the comments!? This place is packed w some of the most naive and willfully ignorant people outside of standard social media politics. If youve ever read coates’ essay on reparations then that would make 2 people on here who know what reparations would actually entail. Let these basement dwelling tory freaks argue about british engineering and christianity, save yr breath dood

  3. Champagne Charlie

    “Arsenal are not interested in signing Sergio Reguilón despite Kia Joorabchian offering the player to Arsenal. [@Kike_Marin_]“

    Marko’s a fan of this lad, here is the benefit of Super-duper Agents where we essentially have first refusal.

  4. Marc


    Sorry I just refuse to believe that we’ve been offered a player by Kia and Sanllehi turned him down.

    That’s not how it works at Arsenal now.

  5. Sid

    Starting with documented recent atrocities is very easy trying to buy time so that it goes away and bringing up unclear cases about africans enslaving each other thousands of years ago is a mockery of peoples intelligence

  6. China1

    if we need to penalize ourselves for what our country did centuries ago then we’re just going to be punishing ourselves 24/7. England also fucked the celts, the scots welsh and Irish hate us to this day lol. But then the dominant English was comprised largely of continental conquerors in the first place, such as the romans. How about the Vikings?

    The closer you look at history the more you see that it’s been pretty much total war since forever and everyone has been a victim countless times. The whole reason we have the Tower of London is because when the French took over and subjugated the native English they wanted protection for the ruling class (French) from the savage natives (English). Should the French apologize to us for it? Nah. Much better to visit the Tower of London and see it for what it is – an interesting historic relic that is no longer relevant to how we live our lives

  7. Gentlebris


    Whatever happened much more distant into the past had no form. The uncoordinated jungle war by one savage against another had no form whatever the eventual nationalities of A and B.

    The form began at Berlin in what is now known as the scramble for Africa.

    In the instance of England, the crimes were committed in the name of the queen.

    The queen is still there and the people who were oppressed and robbed in their own land have their direct grandchildren alive.

    The form is so clear and that’s the big deal.

    No matter how you wish this away, you carry it on you because you can be clearly identified as the seeds of the perpetrators, unlike it’s obtainable in the history of a jungle war which happened 700 years ago.

  8. China1

    ‘The Queen is still there’ you mean voluntarily accepted in a handful of commonwealth countries which are free and independent to remove her as they wish?

    Also why act as if aid and charity is not a thing? Talk of reparations as if the worlds wealthiest countries and their citizens haven’t been voluntarily donating countless billions through charity causes and government aid to Africa for several decades.

  9. Pierre

    “Through this article Ozil has indicted the club in a way. I wonder if there is a clause in his contract which kicks in now and we can dock a part of his wages”

    I’m not sure that telling the truth is a crime these days.

    Of course you are an Ozil obsessive, and it warps your judgement I’m afraid to say, similar to your wenger obsession.

    There is no cure for you.

  10. Double

    If you went out tonight and killed a man should your child punish themself in some sort of apology? The crime will not have been undone and the perpetrator is not even involved in the penalty.

    That’s a false equivalence, reparations isn’t about punishment.
    Are you aware that up until 2015 British taxpayers were paying off government debt from the compensation that they agreed to pay the wealthy slave owners?

    Also the slavery that occurred within Africa wasn’t race based unlike the trans Atlantic slave, not that slavery of any kind is acceptable but there is a difference.

  11. TR7

    Saudi’s crown prince has been instrumental in ushering Saudi Arabia in to a new era. Israeal-Saudi Arabia-US deal is really a historic deal. Hoepfully the entire middle east will slowly gravitate towards greater assimilation with rest of the world and a more liberal outlook in its domestic and international policies.

  12. Marko

    Not a fucking chance they offered him the Barcelona job let alone he turned them down. No chance. So we’re to believe that since leaving us the only offers he’s reportedly gotten were Fulham and Barcelona and he turnedthem both down despite wanting to go back into management? I’m not buying it at all

  13. Gentlebris

    ‘No mate I sleep easy at night because I didn’t enslave your granddad’

    Your grandad dared not even come near my grandmum because my grandmum would kick them so hard he would puke.

    Not everyone limits his view to the ones that favour him like you are doing now.

    That my granddad were too strong to be conquered doesn’t mean I can’t speak for others does it?

  14. China1

    Lol sid I just don’t owe anyone anything for something I didn’t do, don’t condone, actively and openly am against and finished before I was born.

    I was extremely proud to see Bristol dumping a statue of a slaver into the harbour. It was a fitting act and symbolic in many ways. By all means rename the Bristol streets and schools named after slavers etc. all good by me.

    But don’t ask me to penalize myself as a gift to someone on the other side of the world who is not a slave and whose ancestors I did not enslave. I owe them no more than I owe any random stranger on the planet

  15. China1

    Gentle no mate my actual ancestors from those times were Scottish on my dads side and Latvian on my mum’s side and all very poor so highly unlikely to be slavers

    But do go on and tell me what they did wrong that I should be sorry for

  16. China1

    Gentle limiting your view is exactly what you do when you tell foreigners who don’t know you that they shouldn’t be able to sleep at night because of the shame of what some people from my country did to your ancestors hundreds of years ago

    The fucking cheek of it lol. Put your hands back in your pockets and get a job mate

  17. TR7


    What truth ? That Ozil despite earning more than any other player in our team could not afford a pay cut because he had financial commitments towards his family back in Turkey ? Do other players not have financial commitments ?

    As for Uighur muslims issue, Arsenal is a football club not an NGO or political organization that it needs to take a stand on political matters. That Ozil picked up only the issue of plight of Muslims in China shows his double standards. If he really bothered about justice and human right, he would have spoken about atrocities on Kurds or conversion of Hagia Sophia in to a mosque in his native country Turkey. He had Erdogan as his best man in his marriage for God sake, he is no paragon of virtue.

    That he constantly lies about his injuries is not a secret to anyone. I don’t know what truth are you referring to. Even if what he said had any ounce of truth, dragging your own club in to disrepute is totally unacceptable.

  18. China1

    that silver spoon was actually plastic. My enormous stately slaver home was actually a tiny council house. That easy route through university was in fact all paid for by me and as an adult I work 60 hours a week to give my family a better life

    I’ve seen pain and suffering and lived it and I at no stage became a victim because I’m not. Live is hard. The only useful response is to get on with it and make the best of it

  19. Habesha Gooner

    FFS are we still talking about slavery? Everyone has an opinion so let’s leave it.
    Anyway back to football. Thomas Partey will be in action later tonight. We will get to see what we will pay for.

  20. Marc


    “I guess Latvia had slaves at some point in its history. Ok let me get my wallet out”

    Well as Latvia was also “enslaved” by the Soviets you might actually be owed some money!

  21. Double

    That’s right
    So why the fuck should we pay again when we’ve already bought the freedoms of the ancestors of free black peoples today

    Why’d you seem angry about it? I never suggested that it should be done just that it was a false equivalence. You are aware that when I say British taxpayers that includes black British people right?
    So possible ancestors of slaves were paying taxes to slave owners and you’re response is ‘We’ve already bought the freedoms of the ancestors of free black peoples today. It’s hard not to deduce that when you say ‘We’ve’ that black British people aren’t included?

  22. Frost

    Mr Serge
    “Can I just say most of you guys on here are proper weird ? Is that ok to say ?”

    No that’s not okay you fucking tea bag

    Get in the fucking le grove ring & trade blows or shut t…….

    Oh I’m sorry, got carried away there.

    Blog of Lube people…. Sorry love!

  23. The backpass


    “Partey not starting”

    He is not fully fit, injured against sociedad and was set to miss this match, surprised he made the bench tbh.

  24. Marko

    Partey not starting

    Yeah I saw that. I was thinking it could be a sign or something but no he just picked up an injury in the last league game of the season and was in a race against time to be fit for Leipzig. You could interpret maybe they don’t want to risk him before a transfer I dunno.

    For certain though don’t listen to the halfwit’s comments on him he is very much an important player for Atletico. 46 appearances and on about 3500 mins for the season

  25. CG


    “””CG is Partey not a product of AM youth so his age should be correct no ?””””

    No comment.

    (But he does look like an oldie…)
    Madness to spend circa £100 million to find out.

  26. Marc


    Just goes to show the difference between us,

    I judge a man on his actions and abilities – you judge him on his lineage.

    Think I’m happier with my take on the world.

  27. Marc


    Does raise a few questions about Pedro’s choice of sex toys but will have to leave that one there – I haven’t eaten yet.

  28. CG

    “”””Partey couldnt wait to be officially arsenal for the back injuries to start””””

    Was thinking the same, Sid

    Let’s hope it aint rheumatism or arthritic…

    He sure does look an oldie….

  29. Radio Raheem

    I know Upamecano is a le Grove favourite. He isn’t mine. There’s something Darren Moore about him, maybe it’s just his build. I’m not a fan of such build

  30. TR7

    Fabrigio Romano : Liverpool are in contact with Bayern Münich for Thiago Alcantara. The player would love to join and Klopp wants him (still working also for Wijnaldum to sign a new contract).
    Bayern want no less than €30m to sell Thiago. It’s up to Liverpool now… 🔴 #LFC #Bayern #Thiago

  31. Words on a Blog

    All you have to say to get Un going is that he doesn’t care too much for Nigerians…….and he hates anyone “third worldy” on a boat on the way to England (unless it’s a yacht which they own)

  32. Samir

    Upamecanos new contract has a 53Million release clause in it.
    Worth every single penny.

    Add him and Partey and we’d be an absolutely different team.
    Never going to happen though, I don’t think we’ll even get Partey.

  33. Double

    The vast majority of the U.K. has been white british for the past 200 years so the odd black immigrant may have contributed since the 60s but it’s a drop in the ocean.

    Am I misunderstanding or are you suggesting that they’re are only black immigrants in England and no black British people?
    And that only white British people have contributed anything more than a ‘drop in the ocean’to British society since the 60’s?

  34. MLC

    Upamecano is excellent, great composure on the ball, great defensive awareness, fast, strong, complete CB in my opinion

  35. Chris

    Someone earlier in the comments mentioned Ozil probably ending up being pound for pound Arsenals worst signing and unfortunately that may not be far off the truth.

    His current contract should be a case study. On how not to do contracts. I have no interest in the political side of things but his personal ties to well known figures who may or may not have been responsible for some dreadful things should mean he should refrain from speaking in public about other injustices and drawing his employer into it also.

    Unfortunately I simply can’t wait to see the back of him, as talented a player as he once was, he could still perform very well elsewhere but he is taking the easy way out. Like others, a lot of respect lost for him. The only thing the club can do is learn from this and not repeat the mistake.

  36. Chris

    Sad to see the underdogs couldn’t hold on in the CL, tonight and last night.

    I cannot see anyone stopping Bayern anyway, I think they will swat Barca aside tomorrow.

  37. Marko

    Don’t get me wrong I like Diego I like Atletico Madrid I like that they made Spain no longer a two club league but my god do they play some ugly stuff sometimes.

  38. Habesha Gooner

    What’s more annoying is they have the players to play some attacking football. I think Simeone is holding back a squad he built. Decent Forward Line with a superstar in felix, A wonderful group of CMs, And A dependable backline. I think they can do better.

  39. TR7

    ‘Don’t get me wrong I like Diego I like Atletico Madrid I like that they made Spain no longer a two club league but my god do they play some ugly stuff sometimes.’

    Exactly why I never advocated Simeone for Arsenal.and don’t count him among one of the top managers in the world. ATM has so many good players but still always bore death whenever I watch them. Simeone is a one trick pony and barely plays football against any team with a pulse.

  40. Radio Raheem

    Poulsen (Leipzig) needs to retire he’s done at this level. Truly shocking performance.

    Leipzig have been mostly poor defensively this season Atletico should have stuck to their more expansive style early on. Anyway all in hindsight eh!

  41. Trask

    Dude has got a bunch of players delivering way above their level

    Did it at hoffenheim too

    I must have seen them move through at least 3 different formations whilst playing

    Really should have been hired by Arsenal

    A real shame

  42. Nelson

    Leipzig’s midfield is good. But their final passes suck.

    I would love to have Upamecanos. He is defensively solid. His passes are accurate. He can also carry the ball upfield. He is a perfect CB.

  43. WengerEagle

    Glad Atletico were dumped out, atrocious side to watch and that first half was damn near a cure for insomnia.

    Like Marko said you can’t help but admire what Simeone has achieved at Atleti breaking up the Barca/Real duopoly for a season and consistently punching above their weight in the CL but they really are anti-football and an absolute bore to watch.

    Rare that talented forward/midfield players go there and shine and you have to wonder just how much that is to do with their awful style of play that’s primarily designed for most of their work to be done off the ball.

  44. WengerEagle

    Leipzig will give it a real go against PSG and that will play in the Parisians hand’s.

    Expect Neymar and M’Bappe to savage them and win by a couple of goals.

  45. Thorough

    Felix has stunk the place out for the better part of the season. Today’s performance was an exception and not the norm.

  46. WengerEagle

    Literally only Messi and Ter Stegen would get into a joint Bayern/Barca XI and that’s not even exaggerating.

    Possibly De Jong too but he’s been pretty lukewarm in his first season over in Spain.

  47. TR7


    Over two legs Barca wouldn’t have stood a chance but anything can happen in a 90 minute game. De Jong is back. Rakitic has been playing well. Let’s see.

  48. WengerEagle


    True and in these kind of games grabbing that first goal is absolutely crucial.

    PSG would have decisively won vs Atalanta over 2 legs but as we witnessed last night, going a goal down and being wasteful they were very nearly dumped out and it took a massive effort right at the end to get across the line.

    Can’t ever categorically rule out a side with Lionel Messi in it to be fair. An early goal would be a huge confidence boost for Barca and would unnerve Bayern. Hoping for plenty of goals and entertainment, would slightly prefer Bayern to progress as I can’t stand Barca but would be happy for Messi were he to pull it off.

  49. Marko

    Bayern or City to win it for me. Want Lyon to knock out City sure but just in case we are seriously considering Aouar the sooner they’re out the better

  50. WengerEagle

    Hard to look past Bayern to win it but I fancy PSG to pull it off with M’Bappe looking back to his best now. They’ll blow past Leipzig in the SF and that will work to their advantage given Bayern/Barca/City will have to win a scrap and a half to get there.

    Just think between him and Neymar that they have enough firepower to get over the line against City/Bayern/Barca over 95 odd mins. They’re decent at the back as well, don’t give up as many chances as City or Bayern do although their midfield really is ordinary.

  51. RockyRoe

    Such a shame Gabriel won’t be coming, seems like napoli have a gentlemens agreement in place for him. Really like what I saw if the player.

  52. RockyRoe

    That 220k figure you are pulling is from:

    1. Daily fucking mail
    2. Includes the signing bonus divided over 36 months
    3. Includes appearance fee
    4. Includes goal bonus

    If you weren’t such a retard you would know any fucking free agent gets a signing bonus and every player in the world gets playing and goals bonus. Doesn’t mean it is added to the weekly wage.

    Even the shoddy article that goes ‘sources this’ and ‘sources that’ says the weekly wage is 100k and yet you are here spouting utter garbage.

  53. Overmars

    Que the Le Grove faithful going into meltdown about the Willian article.

    1. That Daily Mail article is a load of shit. It’s just another ploy to wind Arsenal fans up which seems to have worked.

    and 2. Judge Willian on what he does on the football pitch first before criticizing the club.

  54. Champagne Charlie


    Lille have a gentleman’s agreement with Napoli to accept their bid, if Gabriel says no to them then he doesn’t go. Table open

  55. Sid

    What you have witnessed with AM is where arsenal is headed. There will be days of excitment winning ugly but mostly dull antifootball

  56. Captain Tierney

    Athletico have made some great sales but their purchases have been awful. If they had utilised the money better ,I believe they could have challenged for the league again.
    55m each for Costa and Morata. 🤯 Costa has 11 goals in his entire Atm second spell. That is Lingard levels or even below.
    126 mil for Felix. Great talent but 126mil for a player who’s had 1 good season in the Portuguese league is toooooo much.
    45 mil for Llorente¿
    63m for Lemar who has 0 G/A in 29 appearances this season

    Thats like 150 mil wasted on 3 average players and Massively overpaying for a high potential player.
    And wasting 63 mil on a player who doesn’t fit Simeone’s profile.

    Nagelsmann is a 💎.
    Upamecano is worth all the hype.