£100m summer?

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Listen, I’ve had my say on Arsenal this week. The bad news must surely all be out, so I’ll move on and land more positive vibes.

We’ve ditched our scouting department. From what I understand from multiple places, this is a really smart move and we shouldn’t fear it. Our hit rate has been miserable for years and we’ve wasted a lot of money.

If Edu says he wants to move to a Michael-Edwards-Liverpool-style of data intelligence, then let’s see if he does it. Nothing he’s done at Arsenal so far suggests that’s what he’s about, so the onus is on him to make the right promotions, bring in the best talent, and move beyond CHECK DIS GUY e-mails from Kia for his transfer inspiration.

With regards to the layoffs, it sounds like they went right at the areas of business that are, well, pretty redundant for the foreseeable. Sales, admin, and premium partnerships. I’d have had them on commission for selling our best players for ‘very good price’ to the highest bidder this summer, but it is what it is, Arsenal wants to be a cost-conscious business in a pandemic, so there we are.

What all the bad news won’t change is that the manager we have at the club is the real deal. The players finally have someone in charge that commands respect, the training ground is buzzing again, and there is a very clear and ambitious vision Arteta is trying to unlock.

So what next?

Well, summer is about to start. Let’s walk through the smoke and see if we can identify where the fires🔥 are at.


Our BEST player is apparently nearing a 3 year £250k a week deal to stay at Arsenal. He’s happy, the elders are happy, the deal is close. This would be huge news and a testament to the coach that he’s managed to convince a man in his absolute prime that 8th place Arsenal is the destination for him. Auba has been committed, he’s developed his game, and his leadership has been all about setting an example for others. What a deal that’d be.

One of his stipulations is that he wants to see that Pam in accounts safe in her job… along with some big money spent on this squad. Some papers are saying the club is looking to drop £100m… if we can shift on talent.

QUESTION: How long does the club wait on the deal? What happens if he says no?


One of the players who has been put up for sale is Ainsley. The versatile midfielder turned right-back has been told if the big money comes in for him this summer, he’ll be moved on. The caveat is that Mikel doesn’t want to see him go. Bit of a weird caveat. One thing is for sure, we’re stocked down the right and no one is buying Soares out of his freshly minted 4-year deal. A £30m fee is being mooted, which seems quite high given the moment. I don’t fully understand the thinking here, I think the player has been excellent when called upon, he seems to pick up Arteta’s instructions quicker than most, and he’s executed plans to the T at the highest level. Maybe we’ve pumped his value? Maybe the player wants to be the name ALWAYS on the teamsheet? Seems an odd one, but if that’s what the management brain trust wants, then there we are.


I read a tweet where someone said ‘I feel like Torreira has been talking about leaving since joining’, and I agree.

“Today I need to think about my future very well. I have a contract with the club and I have to respect it, obviously if I have to leave it will be for the best. We have to be calm and wait”

Look, this is what happens when you bring in the right profile of player and pay them market rate. LT had some promise… it didn’t work out, so we’ll sell him back to the country he came from at a similar price point. Torreira looked like he made sense, aggressive, good on the ball, with sharp technical skills. The problem has been that he just isn’t at the right level physically for the Premier League. If we can get a deal from Milan (YO IVAN) or Torino (his old coach now there), then everyone would be happy.


There are also a lot of rumours doing the rounds that the socially conscious right-back wants to lay down roots (geddit) in another league. He’s been with us for 9 or so years, I’m not sure he ever recovered physically or mentally from that injury so it might be time to try another catwalk. He is a good player, he’s young, and he’d fetch a pretty decent fee.

… I’d have to find another muse, but it’s fine, I’ll be ok.


Look, it’s obvious we need to shift on some of the centre backs, especially if we’re bringing in Gabriel. Sokratis is on a big salary, so he might have to be offered a way out of his deal in the same way Mikhi was. No one is going to him with £90k a week and a fee. Rob Holding would be perfect for a sale. He’s currently on his holidays with Jenks. I think he’d do well in the Premier League, he’d fit perfectly in a setup that didn’t require too much passing under pressure, like, maybe Burnley? We also have to exit Kola. He’s on a big contract because we bosman-d him a few years back, but he just hasn’t hit the mark, he’s not up to the mental rigours of the game, and his defending is really, really poor. There could at least be a fee there.


I think we’ll see some movement with the young players for sure this summer. I have no doubt that Matteo will find a new home, absolute LOLz from the back of the room that BIG UNAI is sniffing around for a loan deal, not sure that’s what the Frenchman had in mind. We really need to max out the fee for Matteo or get a major swap involved. Lyon beat Juve last night, they are back to the big time, we know they are interested, so maybe something can be done there with Aouar? We know that Balogun will be moved on for a fee of £8m, I’m having GnabryMalenJeffBennacerHOTsweats over that potential exit. Talking of Bennacer, he’s on his holidays with Reiss Nelson. Another player I expect to fetch a good fee this summer.


‘There ain’t room in this town for the two of us’ is what Auba apparently said when Edu told him the money for his new deal was coming from selling Lacazette. It’s apparent the French striker maybe doesn’t quite fit what we need in our forward line next season. He’s apparently drawn to Juventus. He’s a top goal scorer, he has a great attitude, and he’s a big name. We’ll either need to max out the fee there or make the swap count hard. We’ll also need to find a replacement, we can’t be heading into the next season relying on just Auba and Eddie.


This summer is likely to be nuts. Stretched clubs trying to save money and face. Rich clubs trying to pick off the weaklings. There will be opportunities that pop up that could surprise. Mesut Ozil, our contractually obliged rock, might not fancy spending a year in Turkey doing nothing, hardly good for the profile. Someone might make a sexy offer for one of the players we thought unmovable (Granit/Mustafi/Leno). There are many things that could unexpectedly happen and I think we have to be open to them.


We have to come out of the summer with a squad that is shaped to the vision of the manager. We need technically proficient players. That doesn’t simply mean being good on the ball, it means having the intelligence to absorb and execute complex ideas. We need to have a set of players up the physical challenges of the league. The right size, explosive pace, the ability to go 3 games a week without injury or loss of form. The major difference between ok players and the elite is the lack of mistakes. Pep always says that Garcia, who wants Barca, doesn’t make mistakes. Our Didier-Drogba-like-nightmare last year wasn’t a player, it was ‘UNFORCED ERROR.’ We need to change that up. We also need to bring in players that have the right mentality so when things inevitably go off the rails, we don’t have lower back pain issues for big away days.

We also need to start buying with long-term value in mind. Willian should be the exception, not the rule. If we’re a cost-conscious club, then we need to focus on players that have value if they don’t work out. We should look for opportunities in the market, like Gabriel and Saliba. That applies to the other end of the scale as well because we bought Pepe at 24 years old, but we spent so much on him, it’s very, very unlikely we’ll ever recoup that.

One last thing on the vision of Edu now focusing on data and analytics. We had a bit of a debate about it in the comments yesterday, some saying that it was logical that the Brazilian focused on restructuring the youth setup in his first year, over the scouting. I can’t for the life of me unpack those mental gymnastics. Firstly, you can do more than one thing at a time. Secondly, the youth setup, for all its failings, has produced Saka, Eddie, Willock, ESR, Balogun, Tyreece, and Smith.

The burning hot mess at Arsenal was surely our transfer approach? Why would you wait until year two to implement data and analytics? Because at best, if you are starting from scratch, it’s going to be at least another year before you see the fruits of a new centralised approach? Unless there is some tech partnership I’m unaware of? I mean, look, there is obviously a lot that I am unaware of, I’m just asking why you’d wait an entire year to decide all those people you’ve been working with are shite and that the approach was backwards. Surely the red flag was having to sign David Luiz to replace Laurent Koscielny when the club had a 3-month headstart? It seems like the corporate version of starting a job at Blockbuster Video and focusing your first year on a logo redesign versus addressing the Netflix issue.

Regardless, it’s done. Let’s see who Edu brings in or promotes and what sort remit they are given. I am more than game to see us try and behave like Liverpool and I’m glad that people at Arsenal think this move is a good one IF Edu is capable of hiring the right people.

Right, on that note, fuck off, see you in the virtual bar. xx

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  1. Kenyangunner

    Age cheating is a real problem. Not all cheat but some are known to be notorious. For example, if signing a Cameroonian, just add 4 years to the reported age.

  2. Champagne Charlie

    “Denmark are in a good phase of very good young players of which Pierre-Emile Højbjerg is an example.“

    Why the sudden fascination with him? Talking him up earlier instead of Partey, makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Bojangles

    The latest on Willian

    “The player announced his Stamford Bridge exit on social media and is ready to put pen to paper on a three-year deal at Arsenal. The 32-year-old rejected a two-year offer from the Blues as well as interest from Barcelona, and is expected to earn around £100,000 per week.”

  4. Bojangles

    ”Eerste Divisie side MVV have confirmed the loan signing of Arsenal’s 19-year-old defender Zak Swanson.”

  5. Valentin

    Anybody know when Mustafi is supposed to be out for? There was a report that he might be available sooner than anticipated but no dates.

    If Mustafi has recovered, then he may be sold during this TW and then getting a cheap right footed CB make sense.

  6. Radio Raheem

    Why is this Willian signing dragging on this long? He’s a 32 year old Bosman for goodness sake. Get it done and move on or forget about it. The same ‘update’ has been on repeat the last 2 weeks. I get the Jadon Sancho saga, he’s young triple digit millions involved and all that. But for Willian? Why?

  7. salparadisenyc

    Imagine being Ramsay, occupying same space Pirlo did and having him step in to manage.

    ‘Ramsay non è un regista.”

  8. CaliGooner

    ‘Ramsay non è un regista.”

    Ramsey would replay, “huh? Is he talking to me? Thought I heard my name.”

  9. Goobergooner

    There is quite a few people suggesting that we don’t need the destroyer type (aka Partey / Doucoure etc) in midfield ATM, that we are lacking a bit of santi-esque technicality in the the cam/cm spots, even LW for that matter.

    If we get Willian on a free transfer I will be stoked (gathered that he is on reasonable wages). First he might not be the assist king ozil used to be, but he is a very technical, high paced forward moving player, that can play anywhere along the front line or behind the striker. We all know this.

    His age isn’t the end of the world, and we have sooo many youngsters who can be our bale or Coutinho sale in the future, we don’t need resale value in every single player; if said player can help us achieve our short term goals (2-3 years, as long as his contract).

    What we do 100% need is someone to fill that gaping hole that xhaka can’t. He’s supposed to be our deep lying playmaker, yet Ceballos played and received the ball deeper than him (as xhaka is shit at that unless given acres of space).
    Xhaka passing is great, only in acres of space.
    The tactical use of xhaka dropping into defence is definitely on him being immobile in getting back and forth up the pitch, and also giving him a way to actually use that long ball of his without opponent mids and forwards pressing him (so he takes up CB positions in early build up instead of midfield). That is also on our CBS not being up to standard, and Arteta giving our lwb free reigns to bomb forward needing cover.

    I think if we have a proper midfield combo, we won’t have to rely on our forwards dropping so deep to break up play, then stuttering forward with the ball (and play that slow shit across the backline), as there is no-one in good advanced positions.

    Kante is what we need haha. Or Partey.

  10. Words on a Blog


    Was that Smiths song You linked to a comment about the Willian transfer?

    Coz if it was, the way I feel about it, heaven knows I’m miserable now.

  11. MidwestGun

    Think we will start to see some signings soon.. as long as we don’t plead poverty, and get Don Raul the closer on the case. I think the holdup for most is waiting for CL to wrap… Now that Chelski has been bounced out of the tourney. I bet Willian will be announced soon. I still feel the same way, I will be happy with Willian if he is part of a bigger transfer window package. If that’s all we get well then I will be like most, unenthused and probably slightly irate.

  12. Luteo Guenreira

    I know he’s actually French but with a name like N’golo Kante you’re obviously 10 years older than your listed age.

  13. Words on a Blog


    Kante is 45.

    My sources tell me that Wenger got wind of the fact that Kante was lying about his age and went for Xhaka instead.

  14. Words on a Blog

    The amazing thing about African players is that they can keep going well into their 40s. Drogba was still tormenting Arsenal’s defenders at 48.

    Must be their genes.

  15. MidwestGun

    Maybe it’s just one of those pedantic days.. but if your “padding” your age, that would actually mean your younger. If your older then you say then that would be fabricating your age.
    And also in other news.. Sources close to me say Partey is actually his father disguised as his son.. so he is 48.

  16. Dissenter

    Why are you [like many others] so fixated on Partey?
    These situations come up a lot on this site, once it was Draxler … that’s all that was mentioned here. There was a time when Serge Aurier was the fad.

    If you’re spending 50 million in this depressed market, then it better be an extraordinarily brilliant player that moves the needle up several notches. I’m not sure Partey is that guy, certainly not for 50 million.

  17. Kenyangunner

    I don’t about others. But Victor Wanyama cannot be under 30 years.
    Christian Bassogog of Cameroon has been 24 since 2015. The guy is rumoured to have a son a aged 12 years.

  18. Gentlebris

    See guys, if you understand African football you would understand that 25 year olds play the under 17 world cup.

    It’s just the culture in Africa.

    Your age is what you say it is in Africa, and so guys who left high school seven years ago would claim they are just turning sixteen.

    As a coach working with international youth team in Africa, they say this to you, you laugh; they laugh.

    But you want to win, so you agree they are just turning sixteen since nobody in football can sufficiently prove different.

    The situation is now changing though, because they now make them do some bone scan to determine their age.

  19. Gentlebris

    ‘The amazing thing about African players is that they can keep going well into their 40s. Drogba was still tormenting Arsenal’s defenders at 48.’

    Drogba must have retired around 45. So you weren’t far from the truth.

    Most black people, unlike most white people, carry their youthful speed and strength into their late 40s if given proper sporting care.

  20. Gentlebris

    ‘At major European clubs in major European leagues? No it doesn’t.’

    I suppose the European club hiring from Ghana would hire CIA to investigate the age of the player even when the boy’s parents can’t remember because they don’t have his birth recorded.

  21. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there are too many people who post on here who are concerned about age of athletes.

    The professional athlete can have today a much longer career in sport including reaching peak much later than in the past dependent on genes, lifestyle,diet, injuries and even ambition.

    For the record Stanley Matthews played professional football for Stoke in First
    Division at age of 50 and for England at age of 42.

    Dennis Bergkamp was 37 when he retired at Arsenal and had a 1 year extension if he wanted it.

    Ronaldo is 35 and still scoring goals prolifically including 2 for Juventus against Lyon. It would not surprise me that he is still playing at top level at

    Arsenal are extending contract of Aubameyang and recruiting Willian at ages
    of 31 and 32. Both are still performing at the highest level and have consistent
    injury free careers.

    On the other hand Wilshire was already a medical wreck in his early 20s and
    Ozil for all his talent lacked the mental capacity and will power to maintain
    his career beyond his late 20s.

    So it is more important to assess players on their performance and fitness rather than age.

    Most of the players in our current squad are fairly young. So having a few experienced players is not a bad thing.

  22. Kenyangunner

    Stereotyping is wrong. Partey could be 27 but fact is age cheating is rampant in Africa.
    Also have to understand the concept of age groups in Africa. Persons within the age of 20-25 years are in the same age group so doesn’t matter if you are 22 or 25.

  23. Receding Hairline

    Partey says he is 27 and for all intents and purposes he is 27. He will be awarded a contract based on that age.

    He isn’t 27 though, no matter how many insults Marko throws around.

    Macaulay Chrisantus was the highest goal scorer in the under 17 championship back then, he was supposed to be 17 obviously, dude was 25/26 then already and not hearsay, he was a senior to a guy I knew back then in secondary school.

    Kanu was much older than he said he was too, didn’t stop him playing though.

    Point is if people dislike the Willian deal because he is 32, or says he is anyway, then don’t champion Partey for 50m because he is 27 because he isn’t, nor is he even good enough to be a 50m pounds player. Whole Partey mania here mirrors the Morgan S episode, defensive enforcers that we absolutely should get or we are doomed when they weren’t really that good

  24. TallestTiz

    In all honesty.
    I personally believe that Partey is closer to 35 than 27.
    It’s be a poor deal for Arsenal if we pushed it. I hope we find a younger alternative.
    Few Africans say the truth about their age I’m football. However, same applies to every other Continent. Just that it’s easier to get away in Africa as Birth records aren’t kept untill you age towards 35-40. Then it dawns.
    Players like Osaze, Mikel Obi actually bare closer to their real ages. Maybe a year or two difference tops.

  25. Emiratesstroller


    You are making an assumption that Partey is much older than he claims to be.
    You have absolutely no evidence that this is not correct.

    I am pretty sure that Athletico Madrid will have done due diligence including
    medical tests before they recruited the player.

    Please stop the rumour mongering unless you have clear evidence to contrary.

  26. Goobergooner

    Well said as usual.

    I’d say that everyone stressing about resale value is on the same level of annoying.

    Not every single player needs to have a resale value if their input over a season is worth their wage.

    We have heaps of players we can make some moolah from. Willian and Auba going into their mid 30s by end of their contracts, considering the level they are still playing at in their early 30s doesn’t bother me one iota.

  27. Sid

    “I am pretty sure that Athletico Madrid will have done due diligence including
    medical tests before they recruited the player.”

    Do you know how easy it is to alter your official date of birth on goverment passport, birth certificate, national ID card in Africa?
    Thats all that clubs follow.
    Scouts are involved and football officials in African countries. It helps their countries win competitions.
    When i see guys talking about due diligence, it shows how clueless they are about the whole system.

  28. Sid

    In a season or 2 just when he starts adapting to the EPL he will start getting niggling injuries like Victor Wanyama at spurs. Who is definitely not 29yrs.

  29. Receding Hairline

    ES Partey is not 27 …dunno why u are getting all bent out of shape about it. If you rely on due diligence by Athleti then you are missing the whole point, it pays them that he is 27 on paper

  30. Habesha Gooner

    My God
    PARTEY IS 27. If you don’t like the player, Say so. There won’t be any age cheating in a top European Club. Do you think If he was 35 his performance levels wouldn’t show it. He moved to Athletico when he was 11 or 12. This is crap. I think he is Exactly what we have needed for years. We haven’t had a really good defensive midfielder since Gilberto Silva. Some have been Decent but not as world class as Partey.

  31. Sid

    There is no known foolproof, scientific test that will allow doctors to determine an young individual’s age correctly.

    What due diligence? Football officials are among the most corrupt in Africa.

    Thomas Partey came to Europe 10nyrs ago. Things could be different now

  32. SpanishDave

    Typical Twitterarty make something up to get hits.
    That’s the problem in today’s make believe world that some chose to live in.
    Maybe he’s Peter Pan!

  33. Sid

    “The reference used for this test is a 1959 atlas compiled for doctors to assess healthy bone development, not age. It includes 1000 X-ray images of wrists of white middle-class American children, and the fully mature wrist of a 19-year-old. Yet wrists can be fully mature in children as young as 15.”

    Like i said wrist scans are also not fullproof.

  34. Tony

    Stop giving your wisdom away for free then you might be able to get the things you listed a while back when you grow up.

    You could get them while you’re young.

    That is the only free advice I’d offer.

  35. The backpass


    Why are you [like many others] so fixated on Partey?
    These situations come up a lot on this site, once it was Draxler … that’s all that was mentioned here. There was a time when Serge Aurier was the fad.”

    Do you think most people dont watch football outside the premiership? I’ve been watching Atletico for a long time and Partey is simply a fantastic player,the only thing you might say is related to his age… Football wise, he improves us.

    Was watching a betis/ athletics yesterday again and he was simply electric.. The only bad game Partey has had this season was against barca after the restart, if any arsenal player had that sort of performance we will call it solid.

    All this, was because I said Hojbjerg is a shit coquelin…he can’t recycle the ball, pass well and the only thing he does is tackle, and apparently that is what spurs need him for.

    Again, Just wanted to point it out that a lot of people here do watch football Outside the Premiership.

    Baba at Mallorca (relegated ) is someone similar to partey or Ronaldo Viera sampdoria ( has english passport).

  36. Ustyno

    Didier Drogba was 24 when he joined Chelsea and he gave them solid 8 years

    Yaya You’re was 27 when he joined Mancity and he gave them solid 6 before bit par

    Mikel Obi was 18 or 19 when he joined Chelsea and he gave them solid 10+ before moving on

    They are all Africans and they were good,whether they were falsifying their age is another thing entirely,if you are good you will play well if you’re not good enough your age will count for nothing

    If Partey is good enough to give us 5 years I’m struggling to see this age dragging

    In Africa documentations is an issue and that’s why all those discrepancies

  37. Emiratesstroller

    I pose a simple question on the so-called experts who think Partey is 35 and not 27?

    Partey arrived at Athletico Madrid supposedly as an 18 year old. Do you think
    that under medical examination the doctor would not know the difference between an 18 and 26 year old?

    I might accept some of the arguments if some increased age by a couple of years but certainly not eight.

    It is noticeable that the most vociferous making these allegations like Sid are
    the ones who do not rate the player.

  38. The Backpass

    True, age cheating his common in Africa and south america( BRAZIL? ).

    I see Chrisantus been mentioned when everybody and his dog knew he simply wasnt 17 then. Now Ihenacho must be 33 now same with Iwobi who would be 34 going to 35, or Pepe should be close to 36 right?

    Same with Fernadinho because some brazilians actually age cheat,I’m guessing he is closer to 46-47 years now. Or is it only different from partey?

  39. Tony

    please define:

    “like you, Tony”

    If you meant working what ever it took hours, days, months even years for long term goals and guiding those by a strong moral compass for both in business and personal life, then you’d be along the right lines, Syd.

  40. China1

    I don’t doubt the age cheating thing exists but if it’s commonplace why don’t we see loads of Africans dropping off their levels surprisingly early (age says 27, real age 34 etc)?

    The Africans are playing until their ages are early to mid 30s the same as every other country and this applies at all levels from bottom to top.

    If drogba, etoo, the toures, etc etc etc has all been dropping off a cliff for form and fitness by the time they were ‘officially’ late 20s there’s no way they’d last until their early-mid 30s as they did.

    Unless we’re now saying Africans bodies are able to play 3-10 years longer than the rest of the worlds? Maybe Etoo was 40 when he retired?

  41. CG


    “”””I pose a simple question on the so-called experts who think Partey is 35 and not 27?””””‘

    I’ll pose another.

    Why are there are no other top clubs paying his mercenary release clause?

    Is it.

    A) They dont think he is worth £50 million, because he doesn’t score or create?

    B) They have similar ‘ age padding ‘ concerns, that he might older than the reported 28, (which in itself fairly old )?

  42. CG

    Partey may well be 28 and not 35.

    But I personally would not pay £50 million to find out.

    Declan Rice for £50 million
    Best midfielder outside of the top 4 clubs.

    Had West Ham purring back end of the season. Ran the game at Old Trafford.

  43. China1

    Yeah and what percentage of white guys play until 40 outfield? 1%?

    Yet coincidentally almost/all of the age cheaters from Africa can do it?

  44. Emiratesstroller


    You do not know that there have not been other enquiries for the player.

    Also most clubs in current economic climate are opting to spend money on younger players.

    Arsenal’s current requirement is to recruit players at the top of their game.

  45. China1

    I guarantee you will find more white people who played up until 40 than Africans who retired at ‘27’ because their legs had mysteriously gone

  46. CG


    “”””Also most clubs in current economic climate are opting to spend money on younger players.””””

    Yes, that’s because they are sensible and shrewd.

    (Arsenal are not.)
    Arsenal are in complete and utter disarray.
    totally aimless with no plan except signing a few ageing high profile ,big name players.

    Attempting to get into the top 4 with ageing players ain’t a plan.

    That’s called doing a Leeds United.
    Except we ain’t got Risdale , we have got Raul.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    As a matter of interest do you apply the same prognosis to Koulibaly another
    African player who is aged allegedly 29?.

    If so why are clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea and Barcelona all supposed
    to be interested in this player and one assumes likely to pay top dollar for him.

  48. Champagne Charlie

    Hope someone tells Liverpool Mane is about to retire at 28, and if they sell him he’s only worth 2.5 mil

  49. Batistuta

    If the manager wants Partey and his release clause is 50 million pounds or whatever then the club has to pay it and move on to other targets, not sure anything strangers on the internet say is meant to change that.

    Dissenter championing Holjberg whom I’ve quite liked for a while but again, he doesn’t give us that cover in defence a Partey would give.

    Those suddenly against Partey and saying they won’t pay the quoted amount would have to come up with other suggestions really of players who are better in that position we’re trying to get him for.

    Always funny when Arsenal fans turn accountants when a player is about to be signed, looking at resale value e.t.c. Hardly have fans of other clubs do all that mathematical gymnastics when they’re pursuing a player.

    Does Thomas Partey upgrade our midfield? Yes he does

    Are there younger players we could get for less? Maybe but again might not be at the level required for what looks like a serious push for top4 next season

  50. Sid

    Lets be clear, not all Africans are age cheats, so its case by case.
    2nd Partey does not have to be 35, he could be 32, the point is its a gamble that might end up like Victor Wanyama,
    what is clear is that there are many West Africans that are doubtful about his age they are likely to know better.

  51. Sid

    “If you meant working what ever it took hours, days, months even years for long term goals and guiding those by a strong moral compass for both in business and personal life, then you’d be along the right lines, Syd.”

    We are on the same page Sir!

  52. Champagne Charlie

    “what is clear is that there are many West Africans that are doubtful about his age they are likely to know better.“

    How are you likely to know better about Thomas Partey simply by virtue of being West African? Do West Africans all know each other?

    Dumbest fucking comment in a while, telling you that for free.

  53. Terraloon

    Anyone recall Mourinhos comments about Samuel Etos age ?

    He signed for Chelsea when 32. Interesting age because he did ok at Chelsea over one year scoring 9 in 21 . Chelsea let him go after one season

    The speed of decline in his performances after leaving Chelsea firstly at Everton who offered him a two year deal ( even though he left on a free halfway through the first season ) at the top level was quite dramatic .
    From Everton Eto moved on to Sampdoria on a two and a half year deal but was moved on again after months to Turkey to what is clearly not a top five European League.

    I mention all this not just because of the age claim and also the rapid decline in performances . The fact that Chelsea despite the half decent return knew that any further contract wouldn’t be justified that or more likely they not prepared to match Everton’s offer so Eto left on a free

    Ring any bells?

    Now read this article . Its not my writings but sums up my thoughts


  54. Terraloon

    Just a warning , ok it’s not my job but just a view

    This debate about players ages and in particular their origins could easily slip into the same sort of territory that commentators were being taken to task over.

  55. Sid

    better.“How are you likely to know better about Thomas Partey simply by virtue of being West African? Do West Africans all know each other?

    You are likely to have friend or know people that went to school, were classmates with said players.

    Know players siblings who are younger than said players so it will be possible to have an estimate of said players ages.

    Have parents who are friends to parents of players cheating their age, they will have an idea when the player was born

    Im telling you for free!

  56. Champagne Charlie

    “You are likely to have friend or know people that went to school, were classmates with said players.“

    Yea West Africa isn’t like the West End you melt, slightly different scale.

  57. Champagne charlie


    Hard to take an article seriously when it’s entirely speculative and written clearly from a negative gaze.

    Got a kick out the “scientifically proven” decline part of over 30 footballers and no citation – which I have since found. Reason for omitting such an article is because within the piece already there’s several remarks that clash with the overriding sentiment about Willian being a ‘waste of 30 mil’.

    It’s here if you’re curious, I’m sure you’ll see why it was left out: