Arsenal flood fans with GOOD and TERRIBLE news. Where should you look?

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Arsenal aren’t messing around. They are flooding fans with so much news, they don’t know where to look. It’s an avalanche that almost looks like a distraction.

First, we won the FA Cup… hooray!

Then it’s leaked that we’re going back in the Kia trough for Willian… hmmm?

Then we officially tell the world we’re laying off 55 Arsenal workers… say what?

buuuuut… Coutinho… maybe… PARTEY?

Back to lay-offs. A large chunk of that sits in the recruitment department… names like McDermott and Cagigao… SAY WHAT?

THEN the David Ornstein of Lille newspapers announced that Gabriel Magalhães will be joining Arsenal as our right-sided centre back. That’s a fucking coup. Tall, aggressive, great on the ball, and one of the hottest young defensive talents in France (video)… SEXY?

Where do you start?

First, let’s start on the redundancies aspect of things.

There are two ways of looking at this. The first is that billionaire owners have some responsibility to stand up and be counted when the world is hurting. This was Wenger back in the day.

‘What matters to me is when you have a club with 600 employees you have the money to pay them at the end of the month.’

Letting go of 55 people when society is sick is heartless. Stan K is rumoured to have personally gained over $400m during the pandemic. The Walton Family, of which he is married into, has amassed $25 billion during the pandemic. Josh K said he wanted fans to ‘be proud’, I’m not sure slashing 55 peoples livelihoods at this time levels up to those words.

The other way to look at this is pure play capitalism: Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Businesses around the world have been given the cover of a pandemic to cut the fat and get lean. It’s grim, but there’s always 10% of a workforce that could be improved, and in this moment, there’s not only substandard talent to be rid of, there are also people that have nothing to do, so why keep them?

For me, this looks like a blend of self-sustaining-business-model ‘necessity,’ opportunism… and a bit of a power grab.

The biggest sledgehammer apparently went to the scouting department. That’s where a lot of the cuts will be directed. Are we really surprised though? The 3 years of Don Raul, Sven, and Edu was not the moment the weird recruitment started. We’ve been pretty bad at bringing through the cream for a very long time, so it’s hardly a surprise leadership is looking to upgrade there.

The big question Arsenal fans will have is: What is the plan post-lay-off-shake-up looking like? At the moment, this has the feel of a dictator hollowing out government institutions to concentrate power.

Most fans are spitting feathers because we’re not hiring in expert talent, we seem to have outsourced decision-making to cronies of Raul and Edu. Jason Rosenfeld of StatDNA quit, Sven Mislintat was moved on because he despised the approach, a whole collection of youth scouts didn’t have their contracts renewed, Cagigao who was promoted post-Sven is out, and Brian McDermot has apparently been moved on. We can pay £24m for David Luiz for a year, but can’t afford scouts and some corporate admin, really?

5 or so weeks ago, Kia J, the Shadow Tech Director numero 1 said this when he was asked about David Luiz’s deal.

‘There are several issues within the whole structure that will be resolved.’

Kia isn’t just a fee printing machine and an average talent spotter, he’s also clued into Arsenal’s restructuring plans that involved people losing their jobs. That comment on Talksport Radio now looks even more disgraceful than it did at the time. How can that not be a breach of trust or some sort of corporate protocol? It’s basically him admitting that ‘problems’ at Arsenal will be resolved. What problems were they I wonder? One can only speculate. Either way, if I came out and said something like that about one of my clients in the media, I’d be kicked off the business and I’d be in big trouble.

The whole thing is very sloppy. The worst thing is that Arsenal aren’t out ahead of these very obvious PR problems. That press release doesn’t cut it with a fanbase that chases down the planes of players on transfer deadline day. Where is Raul to explain what the future holds?

I understand that staff are having conversations this week on the redundancies, so maybe they are waiting to make things official before they come forward with a plan. However, from my understanding, if you make someone redundant, you have to kill the role, or the redundant parties can file for constructive dismissal. If the scouts are being made redundant in that 55, we can’t legally replace them, so we’ll be running with a severely depleted department or relying on junior talent to pick up a lot of important slack.

We’ll have to wait and see where that lands because I’m sure Arsenal’s head of HR is well aware of the law and will have made sure Arsenal has the maximum flex to do what is best for the club.

Regardless, I’ll say it again, days like this remind you that Arsenal is not being run properly. The lack of leadership, true expertise and empathy is palpable.

Gutting data, scouts, and dissent is not a plan, if KSE thinks it is, we’re in trouble. If cronyism is the strategy, watch Arsenal burn, I’m sure QPR fans loved it initially when Kia was pulling the strings at their place, ask them how they feel about that now. Ask Barcelona how their ‘we don’t need scouts’ approach has gone for them… no, ask Lionel Messi. We’re gravitating towards football structures most clubs are trying to get away from.

Doing things the hard way is the only way, shortcuts always end in tears, especially when super-agents are close by. Our infrastructure should be built out with elite specialists in every department. Technology and data should support experienced people making tough decisions. Our staff should feel empowered to find marginal gains, innovate processes, and eke out advantages where others aren’t looking. Raul should have the whole club pulling in the same direction with a grand vision for the ages. There should be no doubt about where his priorities lie because he should bleed Arsenal like Arteta and the fans do.

Still, there’s time for a plan. We might see it this summer. We might make some elite backroom hires in the vacant positions. We might mix it up with the players. I might be totally wrong about our leadership. This summer could be the one. My worry is that all the things I’ve told you to watch out for haven’t just happened, they’ve gotten markedly worse in a very short space of time.

This summer feels scary, promising, weird, exciting, and a little bit sad.

Fingers crossed it works out. We can’t afford another disaster. Arsenal has to get it right.

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  1. Champagne Charlie

    Milan apparently fancy Torreira, they never strike me as a club with money so is there potential swaps there to those that know Serie A well?

  2. Marc


    “The majority of the U18 are not players who have joined Arsenal since they are 9 years old. Most joined between the age of 14 and 18. That’s why you have youth team scouts.”

    Can you give me some names of the players who joined aged 14 – 18 that I should keep an eye out for next season?

  3. Freddie Ljungberg


    We shipped out 15 players last summer and brought in 4 long term starters, 5 if Ceballos is getting signed. And 1 short termer in Luiz

    Not much to be done with some of the wasters on long expensive contracts, hopefully easier to move some of them on now when they have a shorter amount left.

    But yes, still much to be done. If we could do all of it this window it would be fantastic but I’m not expecting it. We’ll probably still have 1-2 positions with questionable players in them next season.

  4. Marc

    Right now if you are honest, remove any agenda and take the emotional aspect out of the equation what do we see.

    A club being torn to pieces so Super Agents can pick over the bones or a club under going major and over due restructuring in all areas?

  5. China1

    I feel bad for the scouts but as well our first team has been supplemented by very few genuine quality players from the academy in the last decade so not sure how great that setup really was

  6. Captain Tierney

    ‘Edu wants the club to move to a more data and analytics-driven approach which has proved so successful for the likes of Liverpool and Man City, and away from the old fashioned system of having scouts specialising in different locations around the world.’

    But…But…. Edu is Sanllehi’s pet and the two are with bed in Kia

  7. Captain Tierney

    With how things are goings-

    I would say ‘BE EXCITED’


    Looks like the dictator is getting weaker day by day. All the agendas are going down the drain.
    We might have a Don after all.

  8. Marko

    A club being torn to pieces so Super Agents can pick over the bones or a club under going major and over due restructuring in all areas?

    Well I’ve never been one to just believe in bullshit so I’ll have to go with the long overdue restructuring of a club firmly in decline. Promising sounds coming out from the club despite the bad publicity but nothing would address that more than addressing the squad and going in to the next season with optimism actual optimism.

  9. Captain Tierney


    We were reportedly interested in him along with their midfielder cant remember his name.

    Arteta wants a Left footed CB tho and thats why Gabriel seems a more viable target. Also a higher ceiling imo.

  10. Captain Tierney


    Tbh the sounds coming out of the club werent that bad , but it was made to sound like by some of the agenda driving bloggers and clickbait Media.

  11. Marko

    Lucas Torreira: “Today I need to think about my future very well. I have a contract with the club and I have to respect it, obviously if I have to leave it will be for the best. We have to be calm and wait”

    So he’s definitely off.

  12. Freddie Ljungberg

    Captain T

    Mady Camara b2b, probably as a Partey alternative if anything but likely low on the list. Think the links to him are more supporter driven since the game against Wolves yesterday.

  13. Captain Tierney

    Would only take money from Milan for Torreira tbh.
    Kessie in a direct swap if we cant get Partey ( who I think we will).
    So maybe 25mil + add ons should do it.

  14. Marc

    It’s looking increasing like there is a disgruntled individual or two at the club who are briefing against the changes – for what reason who knows it could be anything from worried about their job security to just being a miserable old sod who thinks sending a fax is still better than email.

    My guess is that it’s stuck a chord with Pedro’s thought process and tied into his disappointment that Mislintat was hot air.

    First time I’ve ever watched a conspiracy theory evolve in front of my eyes.

  15. Captain Tierney


    The like started popping when Olympiakos defeated us.
    Our 2nd option to Partey should be Soumare and not a Diawara or Danilo or Mady.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg

    As long as we get our money back for Torreira I’m happy, not many Italian clubs flush with cash. Good little player but not what we needed in the end, one of the best attempts we’ve done of fixing the DM position in a long time but it just didn’t work out. Not going to be many of Svens signings left soon;)

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    The interesting explanation that I have received regarding Bellerin’s possible
    departure is as follows:

    1. The player has realised that following his serious injury that football may not be a longterm career for him.

    2. Someone who interviewed him recently believes that he is now more interested in a fashion career than playing football and that may also be a reason why he would be happy to move to Italy.

    3. Arsenal are not promoting his sale but if a decent offer is made and Bellerin
    wants to leave they will consider it.

  18. Champagne Charlie


    I’d put him on the transfer list for that attitude alone tbh. Would much rather sell Bellerin than AMN, think the latter gives the squad more in terms of flexibility and utility.

  19. Captain Tierney

    I believe Torreira is just not a player for Arteta.
    He’s got great defensive qualities and is also physically capable ( some might oppose but he only has a height disadvantage. Other than that he’s got good strength for someone his size and also decent pace, agility , acceleration. He’s certainly faster than our 2 starting midfielders and also Guendouzi)
    He would do well under a coach who requires a specialist defensive midfielder. Someone like Mourinho.

    Just not good enough to play under Arteta. I would be happy with his sale if we can recoup our investment or make some profit.

  20. Marko

    It’s looking increasing like there is a disgruntled individual or two at the club who are briefing against the changes

    Maybe not. Could just be news dropping and the usual journo spin into something negative.

  21. Marc

    Bellerin’s stand out attribute was always pace and it appears he’s lost some of that with the ACL injury.

    If we can generate a decent fee it would be sound business.

  22. Marc


    I’m theorizing but it seems to be coming from a section of journo’s etc who had close ties / connections to the club that look to have weakened with Gazidis having moved on.

    Think about it Amy Lawrence suddenly finds shes out in the cold because of Sanllehi – is she going to write nice things about him?

  23. Marko

    No no no that’s good money for a utility player right there in AMN. Look he’s never going to be anything more than a squad player take the 20 and reinvest it in an actual starter for the first team.

  24. Nelson

    I agree that we should improve our scout department to Dortmund level. In a long run, the club should rely on scouts and not super agents. Scouts are dedicated employees while super agents works for his clients.

  25. Captain Tierney

    ‘Are you saying Pedro’s going to be made an offer he can’t refuse?’

    We all know his knock is a different knock.


    I held that opinion for a while too but after watching both of them many a times on YT I think Soumare needs to improve his first touch and decision making to play in a possession based team. Partey tho would be one of the first names on the team sheet.
    For now Partey is definitely a better option , Soumare has enough potential to be even better than what Partey is now , but thats a question of if not when and id Arteta wants a quick fix in midfield (which he does) then its Partey all the way.


    Bellerin should be sold even if his interest was in football. Need an upgrade because full backs who are good on the ball are like a necessity to play free flowing football a la City.

  26. Marko

    Look even during his supposed good run there at the end of the season he was still dropped for games between the semi and the final. Let’s be honest with ourselves he’s only started in those games because Kolasinac can’t be trusted and also to double up on opponents with Tierney. Now that sort of mentality isn’t a long term plan that negative approach because you don’t have the players to play differently isn’t something that we’re striving for so it makes no sense to keep on AMN. Take the money and reinvest

  27. Captain Tierney

    I wouldn’t sell Amn unless we Really Really have to our get a 30m+ offer for him.
    Like Un said , he is Arteta’s swiss knife and if Arteta wants to surprise someone or needs to tweak the tactics mid-game Amn is the man he turns to.
    He was instrumental in the Semi and Final of the FA cup. Tho he rarely focuses for 90 mins he’s got a good understanding of the game and usually performs the variety of different roles Arteta has for him quite well.

  28. Marc

    AMN came out and said he wanted to move on a few weeks ago – this might not be a case of do we want to sell him but do we want to force an unhappy player to stay.

    Low £20’s million with a sell on clause and Sanllehi would have done great business – again.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg

    Captain T

    Yeah, short term Partey is better, if we’re going for a long term plan I’d take Soumare before him in a heart beat.

  30. Captain Tierney


    With the noise around the club , I’d say we are looking for a short term fix in Midfield. But Partey is not necessarily short term he is short-medium term unless you believe Sid saying Partey is 144 yo or something.

  31. Marko

    So since the restart AMN started once in 10 games in the league. He’s been primarily a cup player. In fact he has been not in the squad/on the bench not coming on 11 times under Arteta. That is the definition of a squad player if I ever saw it. Anyone suggesting that we should forget 20 million for a squad player needs to have a look at themselves. This club needs to make tough and obvious decisions for the betterment of itself. That’s not even a tough decision it’s 20 million for a bit part player during a financial crisis. It’s a no brainer

  32. CG

    Sell AMN for £20 million
    Buy Cedric £5 million loan fee and reward him with a 4 year contract….

    Outsmarting that market again.

  33. Captain Tierney

    ‘Glad you’ve joined the revolution.’

    Great to see the hardcore opponent getting on the right side of the revolution.

  34. CaliSteve

    Re AMN – not only did he play a key role in the semi-final and final, but Wolves away. Just when Traore was tearing our left side apart he came on and restored order. Same against Mahrez in the semi. He’s significantly improved under Arteta, has crucially, he has pace and a physical presence. Exactly what we should be looking for more of.

  35. Ashwin Gunner


    the reason AMN didn;t play much in the league is due to his strained relationship with Arteta. His not playing was not due to footballing reasons.
    He was very significant whenever he played.

  36. Marko

    Again Traore and Mahrez it’s more doubling up on someone with someone else. If that’s the strategy going forward then by all means keep him we can always take a forward off and bring him on with 20 minutes left and double up on someone to run the game out ala Gibbs.

    No but seriously you can’t complain about the squad complain about a lack of funds to address the squad and then complain when met with the opportunity to sell a squad player for 20 million. It makes no sense.

  37. azed

    “Mustafi, Sok and Holding?”

    Roll a dice and pick any three. Chances of you getting it wrong is the same as the chance of me having a night Rihanna.

  38. Marko

    the reason AMN didn;t play much in the league is due to his strained relationship with Arteta

    Perfect even more of a reason why we should sell him

  39. Marc


    Emirates posted that he’d heard we’d sell 3 of our CB’s – I was making a stab at who was likely.

    Curious to see what others think.

  40. Ashwin Gunner

    So AMN has
    pace, power, can dribble, someone you cant bully, pays attention in training and most importantly young academic graduate..

    but we have to sell him because he wanted to play as a central midfielder as opposed to make shift RB..
    Right. that;s the right reason to sell the player.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    I do wish this short term nonsense would die a death for 27/28 year olds.

    They’ll fulfil 4 year contracts easily, and the amount of progress that can be made in that time is unreal.

    Arsenal cannot fixate solely on season 2024. The long term success and health of the club relies heavily on the short term, let’s avoid the delusion that simply focusing on the long game is a how to crack it.

  42. Marko

    but we have to sell him because he wanted to play as a central midfielder as opposed to make shift RB..
    Right. that;s the right reason to sell the player.

    That’s actually another great reason to sell him. Wants to play in a position he’s not good enough in and that we need to improve upon. Great use the money from his sale for a CM easy clap

  43. CG


    “””””So AMN has space, power, can dribble, someone you cant bully, pays attention in training and most importantly young academic graduate..”””””

    We don’t want them types.

    We prefer Chelsea, Saints, Liverpool rejects instead,

    ‘Kia rejects’ a dumping ground at The Mighty Arsenal

    We moved stadium and removed Wenger for that!

  44. DigitalBob

    If AMN is leaving I wish him all the best, if Brighton or whoever have decided to give him a starting CM position its the best move for his career.

    Ideally we’d have a first refusal option as well as a buy back inserted into any deal to avoid a Gnabry situation later on.

  45. Pierre

    “Low £20’s million with a sell on clause and Sanllehi would have done great business – again.”

    I get the impression that you like Raul Sanllehi and will defend him to the bitter end , similar to the stance you took on Emery actually.

    What I do like about him is that he gets it done , I am sort of 50/50 on him.

  46. Captain Tierney


    Theres nothing else to like about Raul.
    His only job is to get things done. Thats why Gazidis hired him because he couldn’t get things done himself.

  47. Marc


    Not at all – as I keep saying my only loyalty is to the club. Everyone else is either doing a good job or a bad job, I don’t make instant judgements and just like with Emery I’m prepared to give player’s, manager’s or even behind the scenes staff a chance – unlike many.

    Don’t actually know Sanllehi but he gave us the best TW last summer in years and did well with some of the sales we did – £30 plus million for Iwobi for example, I’ve nothing against AMN but I can’t see him having a long term future at the club and by all accounts wants to move – £20 plus million for him is good business.

    No Golf today?

  48. CG


    “”””His only job is to get things done. “””””

    I thought his job was to get us up higher in the league table.

    we finished 8th this season
    he arrived when we were 5th.

  49. CG


    “”””Don’t actually know Sanllehi but he gave us the best TW last summer in years “”””

    Oh tubby won The Transfer Window trophy.
    (I forgot that)

    Could not have been that good.
    We finished 5th the season before.

  50. Captain Tierney

    Grealish and Martial have been nominated for young player of the year award.
    Both turn 25 this year.
    What a Joke.
    Add to that both have 150+ senior appearances I think.

  51. Freddie Ljungberg


    Soumare is 21 and has more than 50 games for Lille in ligue 1 and CL. He can still do a job in the short term too,we don’t have to wait 3 years for him to develop, he’s already a top player, with scope to get better. So he only gives us 80-90% of what Partey does season 1, for 15m less, but then he potentially gets even better and we either have a top player for a decade or we sell him on for enough cash to buy a replacement after 5 years.

    Depends on how Arteta sees the squad building going though, just saying that’s how I would have done it.

  52. Marko

    Don’t engage with the cunt Marc he literally said if Brentford got promoted Arsenal would be his second club. Definition of a mauldy cunt who can’t let go of Wenger’s berries.

  53. Captain Tierney


    Yes , by getting good deals done for the club. He ain’t gonna rock a new pair of adidas and bang 40 goals a season to get us up the table.

    ‘Could not have been that good.
    We finished 5th the season before.’

    One day you are moaning about us signing short term players ( mari, Soares , Willian ) , next day you want instant improvement.

    4/5 signings last summer were made for the long term.

  54. Captain Tierney

    Before Arteta Arsenal hadnt won against ManU , City , Liverpool , Chelsea in the same season since 2001/02.
    Arteta did it in 8 months.

  55. DigitalBob

    Cap Tierney – Young player of the year has been a joke for a while, I’d rather they amend it to something like most improved player similar to the NBA.

    Or create the MIP award so young player can actually go to a young player and not a player with over 100 first team games.

  56. Champagne Charlie


    Whoscored has him at 2800 minutes league and CL since 2017. 23 league starts, 6 CL starts.

    – Saka played 2300 minutes this season by contrast.
    – Thomas Partey has played 3300 minutes and made 29 league starts this season alone.

    I think the imperative of experience/maturity is devalued by shitty over the hill signings that masquerade as that. The difference between a green young player and establish top player is massive in consistency and reliability.

    I don’t dispute upsides etc, that’s clear. But 80-90% of what Partey would offer immediately? Can’t agree there, that’s being very optimistic imo. Would have Soumare types once there’s a basic CM covered.

  57. CG


    “””””4/5 signings last summer were made for the long term.”””””

    Spurs have just made the best signing of the summer

    The Saints player

    Everything about that signing is perfect.
    He would have perfect for Arsenal too.


  58. Captain Tierney


    He would still be here just under a different name.


    Young player imo should be someone below 22-23 yo and has played less than a certain no. of top flight Prem games.

    Saka not even included is a joke.

  59. CG


    “”””CG Hojberg is a good fit for Mourinho.
    Partey who we are targeting is way better tho.””””

    Not for me.
    You dont pay £50 million for 28 years old who dont score or create.

    Page 1.

  60. Freddie Ljungberg


    Didn’t check any details, wiki had him at 52 games since 2017.

    Sure, there’s a clear upside with experienced players too, as long as they’re actually good so no argument from me there.

    Think it depends on how the rest of the window goes, if we’re only signing 27-32 year olds I think it’s going to hurt us financially in the long term when it’s time to replace, same as we’re hurting now from Wengers terrible recruiting. If it’s sprinkled with a Gabriel here and a Ceballos and Aarons there for example I won’t complain.

    It’s already 1 32 year old signed and 1 31 year old resigned so I’m waiting for some top younger talent now and see how it unfolds.

  61. Pierre

    Wimped out of golf today ..too hot ,even down here on the coast.

    Though I did go up the golf range this morning…in case you wanted to know.

  62. Marko

    Don’t get me wrong I like Soumare but no way is he a first choice target over Partey. I think the two of them could work very well together though

  63. Pierre

    “Not for me.
    You dont pay £50 million for 28 years old who dont score or create.”

    You do if he does the job he’s paid to do , protect the defence..

    People get too hung up on stats on Le Grove, stats will only give you half a picture .

  64. Terraloon


    As you drive down the M4 / Great North Road the view of Brentford’s new stadium really is impressive.The trouble is that the capacity is going to be 17500 and if I read it right there is no chance of increasing that number.

    Winbledon A.F.C. have now vacated Kings meadow and gone back to a new ground at Plough Lane. Not a huge capacity at the moment but they have plans to increase capacity to 20k. Got to applaud them.

    Kings meadow is interesting as I think Chelsea now own that ground and are planning to use it for their Woman’s/ Youth team games.

  65. Marc


    Sounds short sighted to build a new stadium of that size and not allow for any expansion even if only to 25,000.

    The gate receipts must be negligible.

  66. Champagne Charlie


    Arteta has made noise about his love for coaching young talent so that no doubt bodes well for us longer term.

    I think the vague plan this summer is to put a skeleton squad in place that can satisfy Arteta-ball for next season, then the subsequent windows we can introduce talents and such more aggressively.

    Biggest issue for me is our midfield: Ozil, Torreira, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Willock, Ceballos is so flimsy.

    Turn that into: Coutinho/Aouar, Partey, Xhaka, Ceballos, Willock, ESR and immediately we have options.

    Personally see two additions to midfield, and three additions if we get our outgoings done right.

  67. Pierre

    Yeah cheers ….I missed it more than the football to be honest.

    Will be up your way soon for a round ( of golf) with my brother in Radlett ..porters park golf course.

  68. Terraloon


    Got a feeling they wanted greater capacity but Hounslow Council said no

    To be fir the stadium is crammed in to a very small site

  69. Marc


    You also have to take accessibility / transport options.

    One of the things we’re very lucky with at Arsenal – the Spud’s have terribly transport connections.

  70. CG


    “”””You do if he does the job he’s paid to do , protect the defence..””””

    Who does that job at Liverpool or City?

    We should not be shelling out £50 million on another mercenary** like this Partey chap.( aged 28?)

    We should be buying Declan Rice for that money.

    A proper all round player.
    Team him up with AMN _ and that’s a center midfield combo.

    ** all players with buy out clauses avoid.
    They are by definition mercenary.

  71. Terraloon

    My local non league team wanted to build a new stadium on its current site.. At most the attract 1k although once every so often maybe 2k.

    The current stadium currently has a capacity of 6.2k . When it was built it was 9.9k

    The new stadium was going to be around 4K. The planning process was a nightmare and the transport plan had to be changed several times before eventually getting the go ahead .

    In reality how people got to the games, got away from games, parked their cars etc etc didn’t change.

  72. Kesses gunner

    Before AMN goes misfits first sok,hold,xhaka,kolas sell and invest on hungry players not these Brazilians mercenaries.niles is a solid utility player must stay

  73. izzo

    I love how some of you have the patience to still engage the likes of CG and Valentine with their false facts. Hey ho at least it gives for funny reading. 😀

  74. Valentin


    The problem is that most of UK don’t have a global long term transport/infrastructure policy. So they ask private companies to pay for building transport infrastructure. Most clubs can’t afford those demands. It should be the other way around. Invest and Build proper infrastructure and then charge for it.

    Government distract people by spreading a little bit of big projects: crossrail, HS2, but there is no global vision.

    France is not as bad, but it also share that tunnel vision and lack of global understanding. For years everything was done for TGV and now they realise that most of the daily traffic is not on TGV but regional TER that have neglected for 30 years.

    Worse COVID-19 and its potential impact on people commuting may even render some of those vanity projects obsolete before they open. If banks like Barclays decide to close down their Canary Wharf building and open more regional hub and the rest people will work remotely, then suddenly transport to canary wharf will be irrelevant.

  75. SpanishDave

    Funny how short memories are.
    AMN was lambasted very time he played for being lazy, unfocused, poor play etc.
    He plays suddenly a couple of good games and now he’s a budding superstar.
    Maybe just maybe he bucked himself up to look good for a transfer to a club with lower standards.
    Leopards don’t change spots.

  76. Marc


    I’m not sure you’ll see such drastic actions taken by company’s like Barclays. There will be some layoff’s in this but once a vaccine is developed it’ll go a long way to calm fears.

    The other issue with people working from home is they’ll see a drop off in productivity – not straight away but it will happen. Also a lot of people won’t like working from home long term – they’ll miss the interaction with other people.

  77. Habesha Gooner

    Probably not. I am sad people lost their jobs. And I didn’t agree we couldn’t take a 2 mil hit on football staff. But we can’t hire everyone while we damage what’s on the pitch. It is a football club after all. Those people had jobs in the first place because arsenal are a good team on the pitch.

  78. Pierre

    “Who does that job at Liverpool or City?”

    Fabinho and Fernandinho

    You wony6find many goals or assists amongst those 2 ….a vital component in a well balanced midfield.

    Dembele is a miss at Tottenham, they haven’t been the same team since he left.

    Makelele, kante, Gilberto

  79. CG

    “”””Leopards don’t change spots.”””””

    They dont I agree Spanish.

    But this one has the all raw materials to be an absolutely phenomenal player.

    Our best left back ,
    Our best right back,
    Our best athlete,
    Our best center midfielder?

    No progressive, sane thinking, modern soccer club sells these types.
    (Homegrown too.)

    Only clubs with chronic vested interests,that are very very sick, or competely aimless do that.

  80. Pierre

    What one had to take into consideration, is that Partey plays in a very defensive side under defensive manager.

    Maybe there is more to Partey’s game under a more expansive manager .

  81. Pierre

    AMN wouldnt be the first player I’d sell, that’s for sure.

    For Arteta to play AMN ahead of Saka in the cup final took most by surprise.

    It would be interesting to know if Saka hadn’t already signed a new contract, would Arteta have started Saka in the final , use it as a sweetener .

    We will never know the answer to that but my guess is that he would have started Saka.( could be wrong though.

  82. Valentin


    I am not talking about layoff, but working habit corporate change. Some of my former colleagues work now exclusively online and it works great while pre-covid their employer was dead against it.

    Barclays CEO has publicly stated that he is reviewing their working arrangement.
    A few months ago he said: ‘putting 7,000 people in a building may be thing of the past’.

    The lease of Barclays colonnade building in Canary Wharf is up for renewal in October. He is seriously considering not renewing it. Some people will then be moved into smaller building.
    However a large part will then be working remotely with some local hub.

    After seeing the success of the remote working and in some case no loss of productivity, the IT team have sounded to see how many people could be permanently authorised to work remotely up to 4 days per week. Remote working and hot desking means less space required. Hence smaller building.

    Some companies like We work have done very well of COVID. Instead of having a large workforce in a single building, companies split them into multiple smaller WeWork site.

  83. Graham62

    What Arteta has achieved with AMN shows that if you deal with players in the correct manner , you get a response.

    AMN needed to look at himself in the mirror, which Arteta most likely told him to do, and be honest with himself. Arteta saw what we saw. A player with talent and abilities to go much further but also a player who wasn’t focused and willing to change his ways.

    Ok, so he may be leaving (I’m not so sure) but at least he has shown over these past few games that he is capable of taking that step forward, whilst proving to himself that he can adapt, show hunger and, ultimately, benefit the team. Good for him and maybe good for us.

    Just a pity other players in our squad are incapable of thinking this way.

    You know who I’m talking about.