Redundancies sharpen concerns over certain expenses.

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Arsenal announced that they’ve gone into consultation with staff over 55 redundancies at the club due to the covid nightmare that’s gripping businesses around the world. I can’t imagine the decision was easy and I feel dreadful for the people going through the process. This moment in time has been awful for many reasons, but the damage it has done to the jobs market is especially difficult to deal with because the people it affects haven’t done anything wrong. Covid induced redundancies, particularly in entertainment, seem unavoidable. Remember, this is a club that was fretting over electric bills last year.

Without meaning to tack this onto an agenda – this is why the club needs to be responsible with how they dish out the ‘it’s just the way it is’ fees to the hangers-on around player entourages. A successful football team is obviously essential to a successful business, which is why I hope the club is taking the same cost-cutting eye to agents as it is to the loyal servants that are having their lives rocked at the moment.

Speaking of deals, Willian looks close.

I have accepted the reality here and I won’t argue this all summer, but before I depart on the subject, I want to clarify two things.

  1. I like the player, he would add something to the squad.
  2. I do not like the concept of a Shadow Technical Director/Directors

I will move on from that because I don’t want to put a grey cloud on the window, it’ll be what it’ll be, and we’ll just have to hope the powers that be are working their magic behind the scenes to ensure the club is being run professionally.

Mark Irwin reckons the deal is going to be worth £130k a week. If that is all in, I can deal with that sort of number. We’re not paying him a premium, though we are giving him what in all likelihood will be a dead year for choosing us over a more lucrative deal in Miami or Barcelona. The player is top quality, fit, and a professional. We have done worse over the last few years.

Part two of our ‘hold your nose’ window could very well be Coutinho, as reported post-cup final. The club clearly sees this as their marquee opportunity, the new, errr, Ozil. Barcelona is desperate to clear the wage bill and save some face. Arsenal is in need of creative players that can move the ball at speed. I have no idea what sort of plan Mikel would have for the Brazilian, but I’d imagine he’d try and reshape his game to maximise his explosive power and unlock the maximum creativity of our forwards.

I don’t know what the deal would look like here. Some are talking of a loan, some are saying it’ll be a swap with Matteo, some are saying we’ll pay a fractional fee much in the way Inter are for Alexis.

We’re in a ‘the jury is out’ moment here. On the one hand, it is impossible to deny that he’s not far better than anything we have in our starting 11. He’s moving into the peak of his powers, having just turned 28 years old. He’s played in the Premier League, under Jurgen Klopp. He had 91 goal contributions in 200 appearances. In his final full season there, he racked up 25 goal contributions in 36 appearances. Things haven’t been great at Barcelona, but let’s be honest, not many of their transfers have worked out as planned. Along with Griezmann and Dembele, it’s been a rough run for the Catalans.

Would I prefer us to be looking at players like Dejan Kulusevski and Saïd Benrahma? Sure. Do I understand why Arteta wants to bring in players with more experience? Yes. Should I be grateful that a player of his quality wants to come to a team that is in its 3rd year of Europa League football? Probably.

I think I’ve been hoisted by my own hype-train a little a bit on the player thing. I’ve spent 3 years saying that Arteta is a world-class coach that can extract more from players, now he’s picking up players like Coutinho and Willian, I can’t really moan, I have to trust the process. If the coach is in, it’d be rude of me not to go along with it… UNLESS IT FAILS THEN I WILL DOUBLE DOWN.

Business-wise, going for older players on big money with no longterm value doesn’t make sense. Especially if you’ve tried it for 3 years and consistently regressed. Dortmund invest in young players, they make the Champions League every year, and by the end of this summer they’ll have received £600m in transfer fees over 5 years (Arsenal, £200m). They’ll start next season with Haaland and Jude Bellingham, two of the most exciting young players in the world. We are told that Arsenal can’t afford to invest in top young talent, yet we’re out here finding £22m for Willian who is 32 in a few weeks. Sorry, I said I wouldn’t do that. But I find it frightening that we might be moving on Cagigao and handing over the scouting reigns to someone that gets his info from his mates.

Question, do you still think the Raul power grab is an agenda thing from me? Doesn’t look good if there aren’t replacements.

Again, this summer could shift up a gear, there are still young players we could be sniping in the background. I like the sound of Gabriel Magalhães from Lille, the right age profile we should be looking at as we look to move on from Luiz and Mustafi this season. I’m hoping that some of the swap deals we’re looking at involved players of a younger profile. I’d also like to think our youth scouts, if there are any left, are working hard to bring in top talent.

So let’s see where we go. I’ll judge the body of work when it’s finished and hope that maybe this summer is one that Raul and Edu feel under pressure to deliver on. Josh and Stan can’t continue to watch the club leak money if progress isn’t being made at every level, Edu’s job is squad shaping, he has to come with the goods this summer, so let’s see if he can be a little more creative than working with his own agent.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments.


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  1. salparadisenyc


    This particular summer with all thats gone down globally, bring it closer to the club and the season we’ve had? Really have no idea where it goes this summer we could replace the entire MF, left flank and even dare I say sell Bellerin.

    OR do very little.

    It’s a mental time, but if we want to be opportunistic an incredible moment to strike owner willing. Not as optimistic with what played out today, but that could be knee jerk on my part.

  2. Danny S


    We were never the best team in Europe, not officially, ever. And Wenger had some of the best players in the world available to him.

    Class or no class. We always lacked that edge in Europe.

  3. Champagne Charlie


    Totally agree, very stick or twist depending on the gaze.

    Optimist in me says it’s a perfect storm to shake things up proper aka 5 good sales and 5 good additions. Be nice to start the season with a new car smell about the place, that plus Arteta would give us a great deal of excitement and anticipation for “new era, take 2”

  4. Marko

    I think it’s Aouar if I had to guess, because November we had a similar convo (mainly about incoming managers) where he talked about Coutinho, Aouar, and Odegaard being names we looked at last summer

    Oooo nice Odegaard would be incredible could be Soler. Well keep us posted if you hear anything on who it is. I like the idea that we’ve quietly been going about our business behind the scenes.

  5. salparadisenyc

    I’m a huge fan of Auoar, Fekir another who pretty much proved the body still works and could be an outstanding buy for club .

  6. Luteo Guenreira

    Who can honestly defend Trump without sounding like a gap toothed idiot at this point though? It’s been a horrific presidency, in so many ways. Not much good to say about it, objectively speaking.

    People who’ve already made up their minds will do what they feel on both sides, and their opinions don’t really matter. The moderate thinking independents do though, and I can’t imagine America falling for that shit again.

  7. Matt

    Arsenal signing other teams cast offs. The joy from winning the FA cup is fading by the day. We never learn.

  8. Luteo Guenreira

    We’ve been linked to Lyon players for how many years without a single one coming off, I’d be genuinely shocked if Auoar came to us. Would love to have him though of course.

  9. Danny S

    Got to be pretty thick if you still support trump after the circus that has been the last few years.
    He’s the president of the biggest country in the world and he fucking tweets everything like a 15yo schoolgirl.
    Honestly a joke of a man. You couldn’t make up some of the shit he spews. Haha

  10. Daniel Altos

    Daniel AltosBacking up what I said earlier. This is why Arteta didn’t get the job over Emery I think, when Raul wanted to be transfer man. It’s only the mail I know but might have had some truth.

    Danny and now he is here meaning he has full control over the transfers so we can’t just blame whoever we see fit and let the manager run free…after all,we were told he isn’t going to be pushed around.For example if willian fails,it will be on arteta since he is the one pushing for him and sanlehi and co. for recruiting him….if he is a success,then it’s masterstroke from all parties.

  11. Danny S


    Yeah that’s what I was getting at. I doubt Arteta changed his stance, it was probably a ‘non negotiable’ that he have last say on transfers and rightly so.
    He will take full responsibility for the success and for the failures though, he seems like that kind of person.

  12. Danny S


    All I can say, from the bottom of my heart is that I’m so fucking glad I live thousands of miles away from that place.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    Auoar would be great but We won’t get him for anything less than 40 to 50 mil. Jean-Michel Aulas is a pest when it comes to negotiating. Odegaard is being lined up to be Modric’s Successor. Him,Take kubo along with Rodrygo and Vinicius are the players zidane is lining to faat track in the next few years. So no chance there either.

    It depends on how much money we can play with if we pull off both party and Gabriel. Van de beek and Auoar are in the same range money wise. Fekir will be at 30 mil range. Buendia, Kokcu, Szoboszlai maybe from 15 to 25 mil. All depends on Arteta’s wishes and our spending power if we aren’t going for coutinho.

  14. Champagne Charlie

    I can’t say I know much of Aouar but swapping him for Guendouzi might work for all involved idk.

    Talent for talent

  15. Luteo Guenreira


    Oh you’re so right, I forgot about Laca. Dunno why I blanked on that one. I was only thinking of Fekir.

    Which means welcome Auaor!

  16. Leedsgunner

    Something immoral about sacking 55 scouts including Francis Caggagio in order to save money whilst willing to sign an over 30 player on a contract for 130k for three years…

    A good scouting department will take our club further than one player imo.

  17. salparadisenyc

    Odegaard is going nowhere, Madrid were smart in loaning him out he now seems ready.

    He’ll own their MF for years to come.

  18. Marko

    Odegaard might go out on loan again. And you know Madrid they’re just as likely to sign Pogba or Van Der Beek than give Odegaard his chance

  19. Champagne Charlie


    Not in Europe this year though are they?

    Guendouzi plus little money maybe would attract them idk, Aulas is horrible for dealing with mind.

  20. Dissenter

    Jesse Lingard ‘s goal celebrations are so annoying.
    I absolutely detest him, I hope United move him out this summer.

  21. Luteo Guenreira

    Really confused as to what degree Guendouzi is rated across Europe, his value has obviously gone up and all but I never really took it seriously when I read he was being considered for swaps with Barca. I don’t know if he’s actually highly rated or it’s just the result of being included in rumours since he’s on the outs at his current club. I never once saw him as a Barca level of player whilst he’s been here. But what do I know, if some teams are willing to part with good players in exchange, I’d snatch that opportunity ASAP.

  22. Habesha Gooner

    They aren’t but they rate him 45 mil+. They won’t give him up easy.
    I hope they keep lingard. The only thing more annoying would be for them to realize he is a crappy player and decide to upgrade on him. I can take the stupid goal celebration 3 times a year.

  23. andy1886

    “Jesse Lingard ‘s goal celebrations are so annoying.
    I absolutely detest him, I hope United move him out this summer.”

    You know that we were linked with him don’t you?

    Let’s hope they keep the c*nt.

  24. Valentin


    Our defense has learned how to overcome pressing but that does not mean that it is creative.
    When facing a low block, with Ceballos being neutralised by tight marking when in the opposition half, we rely on the long passes by our CBs. Hopefully those new CBs (Saliba, Gabriel/Sarr) will be able to release the attackers.

    The extra benefit to have CB with good long range passing is that the opposition has to adapt to counteract that threat. The opposition is forced to either press them freeing somebody in midfield or to drop deeper creating space in midfield.

  25. salparadisenyc

    If we signed Lingard Arteta’s getting an email, unsavory would be a decent way of describing his read.

  26. Valentin


    You miss two points:

    1) Next year we will most likely revert to a back 4. So any move made with the help of the 3rd CB stepping up and launching attack is not something that will happen.

    2) both Chelsea and ManCity were trying to high press. Arteta has found a way to combat that. However the games we lost were when we faced a low block defense. Against such opposition our midfield is not creative enough to open them so we overcommit and get sucker punched by a counter-attacking move. If the CBs can release players without having the team to over commit, then no counter-attacking.

  27. Nelson

    “Something immoral about sacking 55 scouts ”

    I read that Arsenal has 724 non_playing employees. Of the 55 layoff, a lot are from the commerce department. We got quite a bit less sponsors compared to other top EPL teams. That commerce department must be pretty useless.

  28. Marc


    I’ll always feel sympathy for someone who’s made redundant but with what’s going on Arsenal are hardly unique and as a percentage of total staff 55 is pretty small.

    Instead of everyone whinging we need people to be positive so we can start getting all economies out of this. The sooner the better.

  29. Ashwin Gunner

    So let me get this straight. We are firing 55 people ( who have families) , who probably earn a few thousand pounds a month so that we can keep Auba, buy Coutinho ,Willian and some other players, who will earn almost a million pounds a week????

    Vinnai, Raul and Edu have the balls to release a statement on how difficult financial situation is, and they are doing it with heavy heart, while on the other hand they are giving blow jobs to super agents…

    For what it is worth, with Wenger we had heart and soul. Now we have neither. We have no class left….

  30. zimmie2652

    “Jesse Lingard ‘s goal celebrations are so annoying.
    I absolutely detest him, I hope United move him out this summer.”

    Good thing we don’t get to see many of them. 🙂

    1 every year or so at this rate

  31. RockyRoe

    John Cross saying arsenal were offered cuotinho but are not pursuing it as we have agreed with William. Will not pursue both deals.

  32. Nelson

    I agree with Ashwin

    Wenger:” “What matters to me is when you have a club with 600 employees you have the money to pay them at the end of the month.”

    Wenger is much more respected than Raul. The players must feel cheated. They agreed to a pay cut to save job. Where is the money gone?

  33. Nelson

    Sanchez has cancelled his contract with Manure. The contract still has two years left. Sanchez received a payout and signs a new 3 year contract with Inter. It is a free transfer to Inter.

    Arsenal can do something similar to Ozil although I don’t trust this incompetent board.

  34. CaliGooner

    Arsenal can do something similar to Ozil although I don’t trust this incompetent board.

    Ozil has to cooperate in that scenario and I don’t think he’s all that interested.

  35. MidwestGun

    Where is the money gone?
    It’s not the money that is gone … it’s the money the Club won’t be getting. It’s not a normal situation.. Sorry but Wenger didn’t have to deal with a pandemic. The pandemic is lasting much longer then anticipated.

    Barca for example is estimating they will lose another $180 mill in gate receipts. Arsenal won’t be that bad perhaps but nobody knows when fans can return. Think the reality is starting to sink in for many Clubs.

  36. China1

    Yeah how much money are all those employees really worth in the grand scheme of things

    Maybe we’ll save a few million a year… then buy Partey for 45m + wages, willian’s wages and then some if we can’t work some absolute magic with sales

    Seems legit

  37. China1

    Yes lingaard is just smug as fuck. Nothing worse

    He’s like a not very talented Griezmann. Smug with a capital S

  38. Bojangles

    “hard to say what is real and what is Fake News.”

    Your not paying attention. I’ll spell it out for you. Fox, Brietbart and now apparently The Athletic are real news, all the rest are fake news.

  39. China1

    Lingaard thinks he’s a top tier player just like Griezmann thinks he’s as good as Messi

    It’s a no from me.

  40. Words on a Blog


    The Athletic equivalent to those 2 venerable and highly respected institutions, Breitbart and Fox?

    Now that’s what I would call fake news.

  41. Dark Hei

    “Sorry but Wenger didn’t have to deal with a pandemic. ”

    Mid, don’t condone the owners please.

    For a company and an industry that is still making $$, this is stupid pathetic.

    How much $$ can they save from sacking those folks.

  42. Dark Hei


    From one AKB to another, I think Trump needs to go.

    The Democrats are cynical bastards. But Trump is just pure insanity.

    I for now can do with a leader that at least pretends to be good rather than one that dispenses with common sense.

  43. China1

    Christ now kindergarten cop is getting cancelled for ‘glorifying police brutality and school to prison pipeline’ deary fucking me people are trying so hard to get offended these days

    If you’re going to cancel that then cancel all of fucking Hollywood because what’s even the point? Home alone glorifies violence, die hard glorifies violence over peaceful negotiation, the fast and the furious promotes violence and vigilantism, as do basically all superhero movies. By 2030 super hero movies are going to consist of an ugly fat guy wearing just a speedo (hey you better not judge him!) peacefully negotiating with bad guys.

    I’m a feminist and very tolerant of minorities, people with disabilities etc etc, but this culture of everyone trying so hard to get offended by harmless fun has to stop. It’s toxic as fuck

    Anyone who watches kindergarten fucking cop and feels upset after is so far shy of having a brain that I don’t know what to even say.

  44. China1

    Imagine the day when a police officer gets hauled in for excessive force and when asked about why he did it, he’s like ‘I learnt this behavior from watching kindergarten cop’

  45. MidwestGun

    To be honest, I’m trying to think of a news agency that is believable when it comes to possible transfers and none are coming to mind. It’s all speculative unless they have a phone tap on Arteta’s smart phone. I think most of it based on whatever the agents or the players let leak out. I think most Clubs are pretty airtight about things and certainly wouldn’t be talking about things with any journalists.

    Dark Hei-
    Not condoning anything.. think they will save very little maybe 3 mill.. More likely they are using this opportunity to streamline the staff. My issue is that quoting Wenger from yrs ago.. doesn’t really apply to now and the current situation.. From what I remember Wenger did pretty much what Kroenke wanted which was not spend money. Whether he would have kept every single staff member on indefinitely now given the uncertainty of revenue? , I have no idea. Class or no class.

    Agreed, the kindergarten cop thing is ridiculous.. world gone mad.

  46. MidwestGun

    It was just a passing comment Marc made in jest.. banter. which is how most topics get started on here.

  47. Dark Hei


    I think the world has gone mad too.

    Though the younglings would just say we are a bunch of dinosaurs.

  48. Leftfootcurler

    Redundancy is different from sacking.
    It means there is no work for those scouts anymore.
    But we will still have to recruit players.
    How do we do that?

    Letting go of StatsDNA now letting of of top football scouts and buying players via contacts and agents is a different approach from what we had before.

    It can work.
    But its heavily dependent on Arteta being absolutely top class on player recruitment himself.
    And,players also should not be forced on Arteta.
    He should have the final say,veto power to reject any player.
    Players he wants to buy,should be given a higher priority.
    Ultimately its his system of play. Players’ impact depends on suitability to his system. A top class player may not suit a team and hence may flop.
    For ex: Griezmann and Coutinho at barca.

    Recruitment via super agents is a riskier approach.
    A better approach would have been,having top class scouting and data analytics department.

    Manager should say which positions he needs to upgrade in his team and what type of player he wants in those positions.

    He should be given a list of those players found by the scouting team and the data analytics team

    Then the Manager can watch videos of those players and decide who he wants.

    And Raul goes to negotiate and get the player.

  49. China1

    Dark Hei I’m only 30 but this shit is nuts!

    There are so many legitimate causes out there to be fought for and kindergarten cop doesn’t fucking feature on that list

  50. Leftfootcurler

    Whatever the approach.
    Top class recruitment and a top class coach are the most important things in football.

    Not been a fan of recruitment via this new approach so far.
    Pepe and Tierney have been the only good signings so far.

    And we overpaid for Pepe by a significant margin too.
    He is a 40-50 mil player not a 72 mil right now.

    We did a lot of good scouting at the youth level.
    AMN,Nketiah,Bennacer,Saka,Martinelli,Guendouzi,Willock,ESR,Martinez,Iwobi,Rene Jeff Adelaide,Nelson etc all have the potential to make it in the premier league if not for Arsenal.

    Not seen Saliba yet so no judgement.

    A good bunch of players.

    All those responsible for that,should stay.

  51. Overmars

    Left footcurler

    How can you say recruitment has been bad? If we were to judge all the signings since the summer of 2018 purely on performances on the pitch:

    Torreira – Played in the wrong positions, but he’s been a success.
    Leno – One of the best keepers in the league.
    Sokratis – A good stop gap last season, fallen out of favor this season.
    Guendouzi – A great prospect, it’s a shame about his attitude but at least we’ll profit 30m plus.
    Suarez – Crap.
    Lichsteiner – Crap.
    Pepe – Our most exciting player in my opinion. Next season is the one.
    Saliba – ?
    Tierney – Top top class.
    Mari – Haven’t seen enough yet. Been unlucky with injuries.
    Luiz – Hot and cold. Has improved since Arteta came in but mistake prone.
    Martinelli – Top quality prospect.
    Soares – Early signs are good.
    Ceballos – Second half of the season he’s been top quality.

    So out of 14 new signing, I would say the only duds are Luiz. Sokratis , Lichsteiner and Suarez. Luckily we haven’t spent a lot on them. But you’re always going to get a few dodgy signings, every club does.

    I’m happy with what we are doing. Hopefully this window we finally see a quality centre back and midfielder.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    Every business on the planet is reviewing their staffing and costs in the current economic climate and pandemic.

    Football is not immune from that situation and you need also to factor in the
    increase of technology as well.

    Arsenal have had a bloated staffing for a very long time and that applies I suspect to our coaching and scouting systems as well. Frankly there has been
    much criticism of the latter for a very long time.

    Okay the coaching system has identified some very good players, but if we are
    being totally honest there have been also some fairly poor recruitment as well
    over the past 25 years.

    I am not personally a great fan of the agent system, but it is unfortunately a fact of life just like the introduction of “bosman” which has shifted too much
    power from clubs to players in recent years and resulted in transfer fee and
    wage inflation at the top of the game.

    The Ozil situation highlights what is wrong with football at the moment. We
    are saddled with an unwanted player earning double the wages of any other player currently in our squad for the privilege of not playing football and that
    is frankly obscene.

    I am all in favour of a meritocracy in football but it should be properly structured and provide value for money.

  53. Captain Tierney

    Arsenal had over 600 staff members and Per and Edu have reportedly tried to trim the staff since they joined.
    Its sad to hear that 55 staff members have been made redundant including Cagigao who’s been a great servant. Maybe some will be rehired after the club is financially stable . Who knows.

    But the talk of whole scouting department sacked is idiotic. Maybe Cagigao and the other scouts were on very generous bloated wages.

    And the work of the scouts for this window has already been done and Arteta must already have detailed reports of the players he wants.

  54. Captain Tierney

    Looks like Gabriel and Willian will be signed in the coming days or weeks.
    I would love a Coutinho but not signing him doesn’t make me unhappy. As we already have Ozil , Esr in that position for next season.
    Maybe we could go for someone like Szoboslai.
    Partey will most probably be pursued after Athleti’s CL campaign.
    Second midfield signing then will probably be Ceballos.

  55. Nelson

    A scout will do the best for the club so that he can get credit. A super agent will do the best for his agents. That’s the difference.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Captain Tierney

    I think that Ozil is not in the plans of Arteta. The only question now is how he is offloaded with the minimum financial damage.

    Arsenal appear to be spending transfer budget this summer on two centre backs [Mari and Maghalaes] plus maybe one midfielder [Partey].

    Two other players are coming in on Bosmans namely Soares and most probably Willan and if the stories are to be believed Coutinho can be secured
    on loan.

    Saliba and most probably Smith-Rowe will be also added to first team squad. So my guess is that up to eight players are likely to be offloaded.

  57. Captain Tierney


    Everybody knows Ozil is here next season.
    And if he is here I’m sure he will work to get back in the squad. How successful he is in that , only time will tell.
    I believe we’ll get at least 2 midfielders in , Partey and Ceballos most probably. Gabriel as a CB and Willian as an attacking option. Any other signings made will then depend on sales.


    Yes I found it shocking at first. I thought it was just banter or something.
    And tbh , I’ve been here for some time now under the name Wasi.

  58. Captain Tierney


    He is the Sporting director , not a chief scout.
    The scouts report to him .
    Maybe he along with Arteta determine which specific players our scouts need to scout. Sometimes the scouts come to after finding a gem in lower leagues .
    He doesn’t go to scout players physically like a Cagigao.
    At least thats what I think a sporting director’s/his job is.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Edu’s title is technical director, but I am pretty sure that he is also responsible for recruitment of first team players.

    Arsenal look at players all over the world. I suspect that much of the preliminary work is accessessed through technology and the club has probably a network of people around globe to take a look at players without
    being employed full-time and on payroll.

  60. Hoksilato

    Think we need to wait a bit to understand what is happening recruitment wise….
    Raul and Edu don’t really need to get rid of Cagigao or McDermott for a “power grab”, Stan’s never heard of them. Other things at play…

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Some people posting on here give Cagiago credit for scouting Martinelli.

    Is that really the case? Martinelli was identified by a whole host of clubs around
    Europe and then given a trial by Arsenal amongst others.

    I am fairly sure that Edu knew more about this player before he arrived than Cagiago did.

  62. Tom

    A law and order party?
    If by law and order you mean giving cops carte blanche to do whatever they want without much recourse then yes.
    Although be careful who you call noodle arms……..your boy, officer Derek Chauvin – a true poster boy for noodle arms – might kneel on your neck for 9 minutes or so while four others hold you down.

    Trump and his government have most likely stolen more in six months than all the looters in the World throughout history bar maybe the Nazis.
    Ask yourself this, Mr law and order, why would Trump’s administration make every effort to block accountability and oversight into the $3 trillion ( and counting)COVID relief.
    You won’t hear about it on FOX or Breitbart though so it must be fake news then.
    As you were.

  63. Habesha Gooner

    Fabrizio Romano saying we are pushing to sign Willian. He also confirmed talks between us and Lille for Gabriel Magalhaes. United still in touch with his agents. Napoli also Interested if Koulibaly is leaving. It could go either way.

    Coutinho is also offered to us but We aren’t considering him so far. No talks and Nothing advanced yet.

    We may have a bit of money to play with than we thought I think. We are going to have to sell players to trigger Partey’s release clause though. Lacazette, Guendouzi,AMN, Holding are prime candidates that can generate enough to get Partey and A CAM. Let’s see how everything will play out.

  64. Valentin


    Tactically football has changed since the Invincibles era. Most clubs don’t have a No10 anymore. Creativity has been delegated to either wide men or fullback.
    Liverpool for example has a trio of attackers, a trio of energetic midfielder but delegate most of their assists and pre-assists to the fullbacks. Liverpool compress team and attack very directly vertically.

    ManCity plays with 2 wide attackers and try to stretch team horizontally. Sterling and whoever players on the other side stay very wide.

    I think that Arteta preferred style of play will be a mix of both. He is recruiting energetic, willing runner players in Willian and Partey. Both will have assists and goals, but none are creative per se. They like to receive the ball and run with it. They are not really passers.

    Our fullbacks will be used to stretch the opposition playing very wide. Centrally One deep laying midfield will then drop to help covering our defense when we have the ball. Exactly like ManCity.

    Against low block, one CB will therefore have the ability to step up, forcing one opponent to close him down. Once the opposite players is committed, then a long ball switch a play or sliding pass can be played to a free teammate.

    I believe that’s why Arteta wants a left footed CB on the left who can make those passes. Instead of delegating the creativity to the fullback as Liverpool does, Arteta will delegate it to the CBs. Evidently not all of it, but against low block, those will be his main weapons.

  65. Sid

    Majority of Hollywood movies should be banned(kindergaten cop and sesame street included), total garbage for the mind body & soul.
    It has stunted the population intellectually and assisted in getting them fat.
    Kids should be in libraries, playing fields, in the outdoors, art galleries, working

    Im telling you for free!

  66. Freddie Ljungberg


    Martinelli was on trial 4 times apparently at Man U so he wasn’t some nobody that was completely unknown, full credit to us for actually signing him though. He’s going to be a monster.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, bring back child labour, not enough of it these days. Those little fuckers have coasted for too long. Smh

  68. Captain Tierney


    You are wrong here. Martinelli was found by Cagigao’s sub-scouts(I dont knkw what to call him) who notified Cagigao.
    Cagigao then heavily scouted Martinelli before pushing Raul to finally sign him.

  69. Sid

    1. Partey does not provide goals and assists
    2. Against a low block creative players are better tactic to penetrate.
    3. Using a long ball from CBs is a tactic to beat teams like liverpool and man c since you are defending with 10 men

  70. Sid

    @Freddie theres a difference between child labour and child work (Particularly in family development projects, children’s work can provide significant contributions. )

  71. Bojangles

    We’ll we’re either not bothering with Coutinho if we sign Willian or were still chasing him irregardless of signing Willian. We are not going to trigger Partey’s release clause yet we’re still looking to sign him. Gabriel is incoming. Apparently only 3 new signings this summer.

  72. Valentin

    I believe that the best place to find some gems will be England lower leagues. We need to keep some scouts for that market, because otherwise we will come too late to the party.
    If you spot the players early and can get them cheap, the club would save a lot. Why spend £80 millions to get a fully fledge Grealish, when you could get him 4 years before for £5millions. You just need 1 out of 16 punts to be successful to be quids in. The club could make money even on those who fails to reach the expected height.

    Those players are unlikely to have super agents.
    So if we only buy players on the recommendation of a small number of agents, we lose the ability and know-how to recruit on our own.

    Moreover, Looking at the history of such deal in Spain, Belgium those marriage of convenience have never ended well for the clubs.

  73. Dark Hei

    From Edu’s interview, he is like the bridge between Arteta and the suits at the club.

    Arteta does his football speak to Edu, who then actions on it along with the rest of the hierarchy.

    So yeah, Edu isn’t exactly a scout.

    Removing Cagiago means that Edu is simply reduced to browsing through KJ’s dossiers for Arteta’s requirements.

  74. Dark Hei

    “@Freddie theres a difference between child labour and child work”

    We already have them. It is called academy football.

    I am telling you for free too!

  75. Sid

    Man c have a minimum of 3 creative players(sometimes more) at time on the field to unlock a low block (2 silvas and kdb)

    Wenger would use a technical player on the wings to increase creativity thats why he was very successful against lower table teams

    Direct hard working runners are effective against football playing teams like liverpool and man c not low blocks

  76. Valentin


    Read today’s article by the Athletic about the fact that the players feel cheated and mislead with regard to their pay cut.
    Like I wrote, the players took the pay cut thinking that would preserve jobs, but it did not. Unless management explain fully what they are doing, this is bound to create resentment and mistrust.

    This is exactly why in Germany and in France, whenever such concessions are extracted from employees, there is always a memorandum of understanding of what the employer will do with the saved money.

    If in six months, the management need the players to accept defer or lower wage, they will be a lot less receptive. Arteta would then be smart to stay out of it.

  77. Pierre

    Not advisable to make wholesale changes, as history will show that it often has a negative impact on the following season.
    Unless of course a club brings in true world class talent.

    It hasn’t worked for Arsenal in the previous few years , that’s for sure.

    Our league form has suffered through lack of continuity in the squad.
    Should be 2/3 brought in , taking into consideration that we already have Mari, Cedric and Salibas having just arrived at the club and have played no more than a handful of games between them.

    Centre mid is the priority, we need 2 quality midfielders to come in.

  78. Terraloon


    You are fairly sure you say that Edu knew more about the player before he arrived that Cagiago

    Bold statement but based on what ?

    There is no plus or indeed Brownie Points for Arsenal in this whole matter and if as you have been saying for weeks that Arsenal are in a better financial position that most on here believe why the statement and cost cutting that is minute in the over all scheme of things ?

    Other clubs are struggling of that there is no doubt. Other owners are injecting capital but here at Arsenal panic because winning the FA cup triggers significant refunds to the players which means around £7 million plus normal bonuses is payable by the end of July. But never mind the owners get praise for helping re the financing arrangements on the residue of the stadium debt.

    PEA gets his unique CL qualification bonus even though it’s only EL

    Arsenal are in a mess. Of that there is no doubt.

    In the PL it’s inevitable that other clubs are feeling the pinch but no others are taking the approach that Arsenal are doing namely ploughing ahead with committing millions to ageing footballers and at the same time disposing of employees whose total wage combined is almost no where near half of the signing on fee paid to a near 32 year old.

    Arsenal have opened the door to agents dictating which players sign. Pedro has been highlighting the problems for a while now and some po poed his concerns.

    The talk was all about a dynamic, young team. Many thought the most important issue to be dealt with was the Saka signing. Some say signing Willian and getting CL football is the way forward.Heads we win . Tails we loose.

    Arsenal are a club in absolute dis order. Is there a plan ? If there is it’s difficult to see it.For instance how many CDs are on Arsenals books and how many more will be recruited?

    Here’s a couple of snippets that are bubbling around.

    First the two year deal with a third year option that’s now being suggested isn’t quite what Willian thought was on offer. And now that Chelsea know what he has been offered they might now match as their two year contract rule wouldn’t be broken
    Second if a sequence of events happen and Leicester end up with a significant transfer out will result in Tierney being sold.

    Winning the FA cup should dominate the conversation but I can’t but help feel that joyous occasion wasn’t looked on in the same way behind closed doors.

    EL qualifications a minimum at Arsenal should be looked on as a given but via the league where finishing say three places higher in the league would generate decent additional revenue.

    Alas winning the FA cup isn’t that lucrative so now you have a situation where the players get a bonus for winning the FA cup, a bonus for EL qualification and a significant refund on their salary reduction.

    It’s easy for supporters to be ok with the statement about ploughing money into the playing budget of course all supporters want to see success on the pitch but something just doesn’t feel right .

  79. Valentin


    Exactly, but Arteta can’t change the entire team in one TW. So he has made the decision to add more energetic runners first: Willian, Partey.
    He still need technical passers and at least for one season that responsibility will be delegated to the CBs when both Xhaka and Ceballos are neutralised.

  80. Pierre

    “Direct hard working runners are effective against football playing teams like liverpool and man c not low blocks”

    Exactly .

    Skilful, technical, intelligent players are needed to beat teams outside top 6.

    They are the games we need to dominate the ball and show patience in our play.

  81. Hoksilato

    Incredulous that many seem surprised our billionaire owners lack empathy and would not inject their cash to save jobs…. believe me FSG at Liverpool are the same kind of bastards but they are way smarter and that’s a much bigger issue for us. Kroenke is very very mediocre.

  82. Dream10

    Arsenal players not happy with 55 staff being made redundant. They agreed 12.5% wage cut in April after receiving assurance nobody would lose jobs. Yesterday’s news left squad angry & they plan to raise it with #AFC bosses – David Ornstein

  83. Habesha Gooner

    I would be upset too if Someone told me to take a pay cut to save jobs but in the end fired them either way.

    This is just a stupid decision at the wrong time. We were United and were expecting a good summer but they fucked it up at the wrong time. Auba also may rethink his stance now. Saving 2 mil wasn’t better than keeping the club unified.

  84. Terraloon


    It’s worth reading the comments that go with that article.

    Arsenal Beira year getting absolute pelters

    As an aside here’s Willians comments re his insistence about a 3 year deal

    Chelsea only offered me two years and I asked for three,” he recently said. “My goal in the next contract is to sign for three years, so I haven’t had a deal with Chelsea yet.

    “This is what I asked the club for, three years of contract.”

  85. Dream10

    Wonder how players will feel about Arteta after this. He is the one that did the bidding for the Kroenkes.

  86. Ashwin Gunner

    i dont understand , how in gods name can you defend sacking of 55 folks. if money was the problem, then the top executives who earn millions should forgo their salary (or atleast part of it) to keep the ship floating. Pandemic is worst than we thought, but why is that only people in the lower strata have to take the hit and the ones who are already rich wont let go of a penny.

    Irony died, when you sack the scouting department to spend money on super agents… There is a clear conflict of interest here. I am not a Wenger fan. specially in the latter years of his tenure. but i can see why it was a good thing that a man with soul and conscience had a good grip on day to day affairs of the club. he would never have let these good for nothing clowns do somethign like this.

  87. Hoksilato

    When players accepted the 12,5% reduction ,the executives accepted a 30% reduction in salary if I read correct

  88. Tee

    “Sanchez has cancelled his contract with Manure. Arsenal can do something similar to Ozil although I don’t trust this incompetent board.”

    The major actor there is Sanchez not man u. If Sanchez refused to cancelled his contract then there’s nothing man u can do about it.

    So, it isn’t about the board but the player. The hunger for success and play time in Sanchez shows Ozil to be a lazy fuckwit.

  89. Gooner Gtant

    While it’s not nice to be made redundant, Arsenal Football Club is 1st and foremost a business. Any business that wants to be successful, can not be run on sentiment. On the grand scheme of things 55 redundancies. Although horrible for those 55, in a business the size of Arsenal are small figures. At the end of the day I’m pretty sure 90% of fans, wouldn’t be very happy. If the club sold Abua and made no signins, but said hey we stopped 55 people losing there job.

  90. Graham62

    If professional football, at the top level, is to survive, the governing bodies have to implement far stricter rules in respect to these “super agents”.

    The problem is, the governing bodies remain corrupt institutions and are basically only in it for themselves.

    It’s farcical.

  91. Pierre

    Maybe Ozil had a point when he questioned the pay cuts.

    Mind you , he has paid for his stance by losing his place in the side .

  92. Dream10


    Agreed. Wonder who are the other two players who declined to take a pay cut?
    In April, ESPN mentioned three players.

  93. Valentin


    You seems to have disappeared.

    It looks like the point that I was making is being proven at Arsenal. Employees willing to make financial sacrifice, expect management to tell them the full truth and be bound by their words. Technical legal obfuscations and omissions are unlikely to be met with approval.

    I think that Raul and Vinay have tried to pull a fast one on the players and it is starting to backfire.
    They either knew that the redundancies were going to happen and which case they lied or at least mislead them.
    Or they genuinely did not anticipate further redundancies, in which case what kind of plan have they put in place where it need to alter 4 months in when the FA Cup victory and with it qualification to the EL should be viewed as a plus.

  94. Dream10


    Really interested to see how the players will feel about Arteta. He did the bidding for Kroenkes in the dressing room to drive thru the pay cuts

  95. Valentin


    I was making the point to Marc yesterday that usually in Germany and in France, it is common practice for management to extract financial concessions from employees in exchange for a proper plan for the next few years.

    That plan can have contingencies, but those are clearly detailed: stadium can’t open all of next season, can open but only bring a quarter of revenue, half of revenue, etc.

    For each of the contingent elements description of the financial mitigating steps to be taken. X redundancies, pay cut, etc.

    Before people cry a river for the poor management team who had to take a 30% pay cut, I would remind that 30% is still less than a 100% the people made redundant will have to take..

  96. Terraloon


    Whilst Sanchez agreed to cancel his contract it came at a cost to Man U.

    I believe that the numbers work well for him.

    For instance the fact that he is moving to Italy on permanent contract of two years means 50% of his income is tax exempt.

    I personally don’t think that this is Sanchez making some sort of financial sacrifice but it starts from Utd probably sweetening the post to the tune of several million

  97. CG

    Outstanding post(s) Terraloon,

    Both Cagaillio and Sven were in the frame for the Technical Directors position and both cynically have been removed from the club.


    So this new ‘progressive’ Arsenal ( post Wenger) basically means real footballing experts like Sven and Cagaillio leave and sleazeballs Kia and Raul arrive.

  98. Nelson

    Listening to all Arteta’s interview, he never closed the door completely to Ozil. My guess is that this corrupted board is trying a last kick in the can and hopes that Ozil leaves this Summer. They will give up after this TW. Arteta will then have a free hand to use Ozil whenever he sees fit.

  99. Uwot?

    Arsenal staffing was apparently over the 1000 mark.They appear to be re- organising like 99% of companies are unfortunately having to do.Prior to the pandemic it was on the cards a reduction in these levels was coming in a shake up.Sadly people have lost jobs.No different to other companies. What’s compounded the issue is requesting the players to also take cuts when they themselves( the players) did this in order to help the club maintain staffing levels.Not a good PR move.

  100. Uwot?

    Arteta is NOT responsible for the administration of the day to day running of the club.Those decisions ( unlike wenger) who ran everything really Is out of his control.

  101. Valentin


    Like I wrote at the time, don’t volunteer to wash somebody else laundry, because soon you end up everybody’s maid. And if something get wrong with the clothes, you’ll be blamed even if you were doing somebody a favour.

    It was a rookie mistake based on the fact he genuinely believed Vinay and Raul to be honourable competent men who knew what they were doing and would not lie/misled to him and the players.

  102. Dissenter

    Whatever you think of Alexis Sanchez, he’s showing more honor than Mesut Ozil.
    He wasn’t afraid to go go out on loan and had accepted a negotiated ending of his contract with United. Reports are that this may save United as high as £40 million.
    It takes a lot of guts to walk away from that type of money when you’re a 31 years old footballer.
    I don’t think Ozil is that kind of guy.

  103. Dissenter

    How much did we really make by winning the FA cup, the FA. Up cash prize is a paltry sum just about the same money we committed to getting Soares on a 6 month loan.
    Qualifying for Europe also meant the previously agreed wage reduction was reversed.
    It was obvious that some staff would have to be let go but the scouts should have been spared. Scouting is the blood of a football club. Firing some many scouts including Cigagio is a Freudian slip that shows where the priorities of the club are.