Shadow Technical Director Strikes Again – Can We Rationalise?

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Ok, so this is where we are.

Willian has expressly leaked that he wants to stay in London with his family. He has the choice of Spurs or Arsenal (Not sure Miami or Barca is real).  His agent, Kia, is Arsenal’s Shadow Technical Director, so it looks very likely the Chelsea man is going to join us.

As I told you before the break, he was basically a done deal. The world went to shit, finances followed, and we weren’t sure if we’d be making Europe. Now we are, the deal is back on the table.

I have gone back and forth on whether I like it because it is a very, very complicated one when you compare it to signing David Luiz last season.

Let’s start on the positives because it’s Tuesday and everyone needs some light in their lives.

Willian is a very good player, that isn’t in doubt. He’s not moving to Arsenal under a cloud. He’s coming to us as one of Chelsea’s form players this season. When you compare him to Nicolas Pepe, who is in his first season with us, the numbers look quite similar, Pepe had 18 goal contributions this season and Willian 20… lift the hood and you start to see what might be appealing to Mikel.

Willian made 75 passes that led to shots this season, compared with 38 for Pepe. Across the season in all comps, I’ve seen 145 to 66. Tough to compare because the two clubs had very different seasons with very different squads, but the numbers don’t lie.

I think some other attributes that work in our favour is the Brazilian looks in very good shape. There’s a new generation of players that are looking good well into their thirties. This is very hopeful though because Mikhi had lost all his physical capabilities by the time he arrived with us and he failed because of it. Still, Willian was explosive over short distances this season. Additionally, he can move with the ball like a demon. He has very tight control, he moves through gaps like Santi, and he’s a professionals pro for sure.

One of the criticisms I’ve had of Pepe this year is that he gives the ball away cheaply. It doesn’t stick to him when we’re moving forward. I think Willian is very reliable on the ball in comparison. We also have a lot of young wide players at the club, so much in the same way Luiz has been a good influence on the kids, maybe Willian can bring that our way as well.

On the experience thing… we’ve been here before.

Yes we have lots of young players, but we also have a lot of older players. So, do we need a different profile of attacker? Yes. But I’m not sure they need to be 32 years old.

Here’s the main crux of the issue for me: We keep making the same mistakes over and over.

We have tried to sign experienced players with ‘winning’ mentality, where did it get us? We finished 8th last season and had to back door the Europa League. Most fans seem to be overjoyed we’re signing in Willian because it feels big and exciting to land a ‘name’ like that on a free transfer. I get that, these sorts of harmless deals always look good on paper, my worry is that we’re not building the club out properly and every time we move on an expensive older name, we bring a new one right in behind them that fails. Gallas, Cech, Lichtsteiner, Mikhi, Sokratis, Silvestre…

Do we really think Willian, a player reliant on pace and power, is going to be tearing up the Premier League in year 3 of that deal? I’m not so sure. There is no long-term value in signing older players that have a max shelf life of 2 years if you are incredibly lucky to have someone with genes like Jamie Vardy or Cristiano. Getting to the Champions League is no good if you don’t have squad ready to compete for it. If we’re giving players 3 year deals, I kind of expect they’ll be at the top of their game in year three.

It’s also disgraceful that the most creative option Edu has managed to find in a year is someone that is on Kia’s books again. Amazing how lucky it is that every time we have a need, one of the 3 or 4 contacts Raul and Edu have are ready with a very good solution. The conflict of interest is so clear and it’s a shame because it sullies the deal from the off.

However, what would make this all a little more palatable is if the deal was one that was right for the club. I said that I’d heard the deal was being held up because the numbers changed from where they were pre-covid. My hunch is that Tim Lewis is now scrutinizing where the Kroenke’s money is going, in fact, that’s not a hunch, he said as much on the .com. That story was still semi in play today when David Ornstein said the deal is not that lucrative. Remember, Willian is staying in London for family reasons, that gives Arsenal leverage. If we landed a lower number at the cost of an extra year (like we did with Mikel when he was a player), it makes it feel a little more normal… versus what happened last year with David Luiz where we were completely shafted.

It still doesn’t change the fact that he has no long-term value, but it makes it an easier pill to swallow.

Other things that could make the deal more palatable is if the rest of our summer business counters the factors going against him. Younger players, higher ceilings, better profiles that feel coherent.

When the summer ends, it’ll be interesting to see where we land. Did we go back into Lille with mega money? Did we sign more Kia players like Coutinho and Joelson? Did we inject agents into deals? Or did we start to behave a bit more like a club that has ideas outside the WhatsApp group? Did the scouts and analysts have a say? Did we learn any lessons from the last 3 years? Did we progress?

We’ll see… but whatever happens this summer, there has to be a squad that makes sense by the end of it. My main hope is that Arteta has a bit of cash in the bank and proper voice at the table. He seems very passionate about bringing Arsenal back to the top. Fingers crossed he can get that done with Raul and Edu.

Right, that’s me done, what do YOU think?

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  1. Ashwin Gunner

    Just saw news from Beruit. Explosion was caused by some 2500+ tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate kept unsecured in the warehouse. Completely avoidable.

  2. Words on a Blog


    Just read the article in the Athletic about Raul and his “contacts-led” approach.

    Lots of nods and winks and hints that something is “off” about this approach in that clubs/agents are paid over the odds for player transfers and that the agents and, ahem, certain key executives, also benefit.

    Good article, but crucially, No Smoking Gun.

    Tim Lewis is here, and presumably, his job is to make sure that new fish is landed and shipped out without anything smelling too fishy and stinking the place out.

    Meanwhile, we have (i) a bright FA cup winning manager who has specificity in his plans for the type of new players he wants and may even have some individuals in mind, (ii) analytics and scouting teams still in place (even if according the article certain members of the analytics team feel cut out of the loop), and (iii) very close contacts with agents representing “top, top” players as well as lesser types, close relations with management of many of the clubs they play for, and deal-making capability in Raul and Edu, even if that is uncomfortable for some.

    Best to wait until the transfer window plays out before going too hard with the narrative that Arsenal is being run like a banana republic or whether it’s more like Singapore.

  3. Pierre

    Saliba could be a Mustafi mk2 by the looks of things.
    Is a little impatient and tends to dive in.

    Looks half decent on the ball but, although tall and naturally wins balls in the air , his heading is quite weak( unlike Mustafi) and he has a poor heading action.

    He is young though , so can iron out his

  4. izzo

    @ Pierre
    Saliba is 19 and a CB what did you expect? he is one for the future and I hope we don’t throw him into the deep end and ease him into the starting 11.

  5. MLC

    The last season of everton soares was not good, he is promising but still very unstable, even so I would like to hire him, would pay a maximum of £ 20 million

  6. Marc

    Guendozi’s gone from one of the brightest young players in Europe to being worth £100 million in a part exchange with Barca to going on loan to Villarreal.

    I’m just glad that football journalists integrity is beyond reproach.

  7. Nelson

    I wouldn’t want to meet Villareal in the Europa Cup competition. The whole team would be fired up to beat us.

  8. Words on a Blog


    Are you questioning the ethics and integrity of sports journalists?

    These guys are the very bedrock of our great country and our great democracy, NewsNowArsenal-landia.

  9. Marc


    You say bedrock of whatever I say a bunch of cunts I wouldn’t waste bullets on.

    I’m glad that we can agree to disagree though.

  10. The Godfather

    Ages of players signed under Sanllehi last summer when they arrived here:

    Gabriel Martinelli – 18
    Kieran Tierney – 22
    Nicolas Pépé – 24
    William Saliba – 18
    Dani Ceballos -22

  11. Nelson


    I can see that Guen would finally give his apology to Arteta after he helps Villareal to eliminate Arteta’s team.

  12. CaliGooner

    Gabriel Martinelli – 18 – outstanding debut campaign. Greatly exceeded expectations but slightly marred with the late injury.
    Kieran Tierney – 22 – outstanding debut campaign after his injury issues. Looks a future captain.
    Nicolas Pépé – 24 – mixed results at best but I think will come good if never exactly meeting the price tag.
    William Saliba – 18 – We will see but everyone has high hopes to say the least.
    Dani Ceballos -22- let’s hope he’s brought back. Possibly Arsenal’s greatest loan? Not saying much I know but has been nothing short of great since the restart. I wonder how it will go when he can’t hear arteta barking instructions at him all game.

    In short it could be a pretty great transfer window if ceballos stays and Saliba comes good.

  13. Leedsgunner

    With Fulham now in the EPL, let’s see if they will take Chambers from us. He was their player of the season when we loaned him to them a while back… £5m loan fee with an additional £20m to make it permanent at the end?

    A win win for both clubs.

  14. Leedsgunner

    So Emery wants Guendouzi? Why not propose a swap for Pau Torres? One of the best young CBs in Spain today… good age with plenty of experience.

    Although if this did happen, we would need to get rid of the likes of Sokratis and Mustafi first.

  15. Crewesader

    First time I have posted, pissed of with you all just excepting we have no doe we are ARSENAL we do generate doe lots of it it’s just if they are prepared to spend it we are ARSENAL not Aldershot we are not going bump so get on the boards back and remind them who we are ARSENAL .

  16. Crewesader

    We are fans not money men we don’t have access to the REAL books don’t just believe what they tell you because our owners prefer NFL to real football and they put our money into that instead should pxss you off, don’t just except it get real get angry yes for me Willian is a good signing but so would be Sancho , do not tell me we couldn’t afford him hard to attract him yes, unless we stop being excepting of mediocracy Thursday nights is booked up for the foreseeable !!!!!!

  17. Captain Tierney

    Everyone saying we need to get Benrahma.
    Where are you going to find the extra 25m+ lying around to get him after fixing the midfield and defense.

  18. Alexanderhenry


    Our midfield is problematic and William will improve it.
    Also, these are the sort of deals you have to make if you’re not spending big.

  19. Terraloon

    Just to add to the mix it is now being reported that any offer to Willian is dependant on Mikitaryan being moved on.

  20. China1

    No idea if it’s true Pedro but reports are that Arteta wants Willian

    If that’s the case the fact he’s Kia’s will be irrelevant.

    I’m going to assume this gets over the line now so I just hope the salary is not silly and we will move on to our next targets. Willian and Coutinho wouldn’t be players I would buy or loan normally but if we do and at prices we can afford then it would in the very least be exciting work being done in areas of the pitch we are a bit gash

    Willian on a free
    Coutinho for Guen + 10m
    Partey for 45m

    + any other under the radar deals on the cheap funded by sales.

    It would be a very good summer if it played out that way

  21. China1

    Everyone talks about how this covid transfer window will be very muted but there are already several major signings for major sums of money.

    It’s not quite as poverty out there as we were led to believe

  22. Habesha Gooner

    Willian Coutinho/Buendia Pepe
    Ceballos Partey
    Tierney Gabriel Saliba Bellerin

    Saka ESR/Willock Nelson
    Xhaka Torriera
    Kolasinac Mari/Chambers Luiz/Mustafi Soares

    Kolasinac isn’t moving
    This would definitely be a champions league team on paper. Performances would have to match it though.

  23. DivineSherlock

    It would be great if we see a few departures too namely Kolasinac , Elneny , Sokratis , Ozil and Guendouzi. Chambers and Mustafi wouldnt be sold cos of injury . Bellerin , Torreria , Lacazette looks likely to be sold if we get a great offer .Thats possibly 6 outgoings which is good.

  24. Habesha Gooner

    In my imagination he has already gone to Turkey.

    Did you guys read the article that says arteta gave him a chance again after lock down and How he failed the parameters. I just hope we don’t go in to the new season with this speculation. He needs to be like Sanchez FFS.

  25. HighburyLegend

    So, after Cech, Willian ??

    Chelsea players wants to play with us – but only because it allows them to stay in London ??
    This embarrassing situation has to change,ffs!!

  26. CG


    “”So, after Cech, Willian ??””””

    Not forgetting Gallas,
    And Luiz.

    Next season we will probably end up buying Caballero ( aged 40)

    Season 22/23 will see Giroud return.
    Season 23/24 Azpulleta arrives
    Season 24/25 Ross Barkley follows

    And you know what will happen….?

    The same fans ( Delinquents and/or Deplorables) that are praising this Willian deal will be out in force praising these ones.

    Unable to think for themselves they just accept their sorry lot.

    They say we need the experience, the versatility, the Xg factor ( whatever that is), the winning mentally, the workrate.

    All utter cobblers of course.

    Willian is a pudding of a player, neither one thing or another and we are stuck with him for next 3 bloody years.
    Like with Cedric and Mary

    Kia 3 Arsenal 0

  27. Graham62


    Though I’m not in total agreement with the Willian deal, he is by no means “a pudding of a player”.

    Far from it in fact.

  28. CG


    “”””Though I’m not in total agreement with the Willian deal, he is by no means “a pudding of a player”.”””

    He is a 100 % pudding.
    Not a midfielder nor a winger.
    Cant tackle, scores very few.
    Not aggressive, not dynamic, lightweight.
    And we are already stocked with these type of players.

    he is used to playing on that small , tight pitch at the Bridge
    he will be exposed on that ginormous Emirates pitch.

    An utter shocker.

  29. Jamie

    Cazorla is 36 in 4 months.

    Willian is 32 (in a few days). He’ll be younger than Santi is today by the time his contract expires.

    Apples to oranges.

  30. CG


    “””””No mate. Coutinho instantly makes us better””””””

    How ?

    Whose position does he take?

    Another shocker.

  31. Jamie

    Un –

    “Santi was 32 when we let him go.
    Same age as Willian now”

    Santi was 33 when we let him go. Willian is still 31.

    Santi hadn’t kicked a ball in almost 2 years. We all loved him, but you gotta let him go. We’re looking forwards, not backwards.

  32. GS88

    Morning all.

    I’d be very happy with both these scenarios.

    1. Gabriel
    2. Partey
    3. Willian
    4. Coutinho


    1. Diego Santos
    2. Diawara
    3. Willian
    4. Coutinho

    Coutinho and Willian have both been among my favourite players in the PL over the past 4 or 5 years. So I’d like to either or both signed.

    We definitely need about 4 players, through the spine of the team, no question.

    The likes of Saar, Danilio and Behameia (spelling) I’m not sure if they are quite good enough to take us forward.

    Saar is also under 6ft, we need physically imposing defenders.

    Willian retains the ball very well, which our midfield hasn’t been able to do for at least 2/3 seasons.

    If and when we fix the defence and sign Partey/Diawara, it will allow us to play more advanced, up the field.

    We need to get a move on, as we also have lots of players that don’t quite cut the mustard, to move on.

    We need to get busy.

    Hopefully we see some action this or next week.

  33. Thorough

    The only Watford player we should be after is Doucoure, especially if we get rid of Torreira. My favorite replacement for Torreira would actually be Hojberg. What a player! Sarr scoring against Liverpool has skewed people’s opinion of him – he’s an average player.

    I’m telling you for free.

  34. mb

    Don’t have money to invest in good players but still gonna buy a 32 year Chelsea reject and a highly paid Barca guy who failed to live up to expectations?

    Everyone’s checking the best case scenario when Willian hits 10+ goals and Coutinho gets back his old charm.

    What if it don’t happen? An injury to Willian and you are paying him 3years in wages for nothing. Coutinho still a flop after an year and you loose Guen money + 9m and can’t shift him anywhere!

    Anyone agrees we should check the worst case since we are short on £££?

  35. mb

    Adding to it, worst case for Tierney / Saliba / Martinelli was nothing. Less wages and you can always recoup the transfer money.

  36. Marc


    The new fogeys aren’t being signed having just almost lost a leg to a fresh eating bacterial infection.

    Jamie’s right everyone loved Santi but it’s a miracle he’s walking let alone playing football again.

  37. Marc


    Well if that’s the case – we shouldn’t sign any youngsters because there’s no guarantee that they’ll come good. We should extend contracts for any older players no matter how well they are playing in fact we should sign anyone because they might get injured.

    Fuck knows what I’m going to do on Saturday afternoons now Arsenal has shut down.

  38. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Very good point.

    If he don’t go then maybe some truth in rumours

    If he does then all stories. Are bollocks

  39. Valentin


    That would mean that people follows the minimax logic and there is ample proof that the average Joe does not follow that rule.
    If people did, lottery, casino and luck based games would have closed down a long time ago.
    Hope over experience!

  40. Habesha Gooner

    I am sure all these people saying these things about Willian are going to eat their words.

    Not too sure about coutinho though. Quality player but the way his confidence was badly shaken when he was playing for Barcelona doesn’t give me confidence. I don’t like we are loaning a CAM either. I want a permanent solution to our creative problems. Couthino and Ceballos will be like rebuilding the midfield again next summer. If we have no money I can understand it on half his wages and a modest loan fee but not for the fee Bayern paid.

    We are signing Willian, an experienced player that can also play at No 10. I would like a Buendia, Szoboszlai, Auoar, or a Vande beek to go with that experience. Young, Energetic and Dynamic CAM/CM players.

  41. Emmanuel

    Pls sign Coutino Willians nd Ceballos they can play a vital role in arsenal’s mid field , we have to be contenders for trophy

  42. Jamie

    Un –

    “Shut ya pie hole and agree it was a fucking mistake letting santi walk when we are happy to sign new fogeys
    Stop nitpicking”

    I wasn’t aware that’s what was being discussed – whether or not we should’ve kept Santi on two years ago. I thought this was about Willian’s age concerns.

    I wasn’t nitpicking, I was fact-checking. Santi was not 32 when we let him go, and Willian is not 32 either. You regularly use erroneous data when you’re trying to make a point about age/transfer fees/wages.. It’s either deliberate or lazy at this point.

    The issue about not extending Santi wasn’t just his age, there were huge question marks around his ability to even play football. But clearly some folk love talking about their perfect hindsight.

    As for Willian, if Arteta is convinced he’ll be a useful squad member, I’m backing him. Arteta will live and die by those kinds of decisions, and we’ll all watch it play out like we always do. I’m also surprised you think 32 is an old fogey. Just the other week you were telling me how we needed experienced heads in the squad, and Willian fits the bill. Not sure what’s changed for you.

  43. Guns of Hackney


    Willian 32. Coutinho 29 and around £300,000pw on those two. Throw in £250,000 for a 31 Auba and you have the makings of a fuck up that would make the Ozil deal look shrewd.

    So much for Arteta being a trailblazer. He appears to be throwing cash at old pros and hoping they get us into the CL. We did this before and it backfired.

    Arteta has to go.

  44. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney
    Trust you to say it like it is , just like the raging manic you are.
    This sauce loves old spices. You have to wait for the trail blazing.

  45. mb


    It’s not that simple. We are not in Champions league trying to win it this year hoping Willian can improve our chances. We don’t have city-like money which we can afford to loose.

    If it’s to take chances, why not in a better way selling Guen separately and getting Partey IN, or Szo for that matter with that money.

    A Leno or Martinelli can recover from injury, regain his position in the team. Is it same with a 32year signing?

  46. Captain Tierney

    ‘When Sven Mislintat joined as head of recruitment in 2017, the scouting department collectively felt somewhat ostracised. Mislintat had his own methods and his own network, and there were communication issues across the department. ‘

    Saint Sven.

    ‘He(Cagigao) remains a huge part of Arsenal’s transfer strategy, having played significant roles in the acquisitions of both William Saliba, who is currently on loan at Saint-Etienne, and Gabriel Martinelli, who has made a deeply impressive impact on the first team.’

    Hopefully this shuts Valentin up once and for all.

    ‘When the business of football gets going again, Cagigao will make his voice heard to Arsenal’s transfer committee. Sanllehi’s charm might be what gets a deal over the line but it’s Cagigao’s eye that puts it on Arsenal’s agenda — and his persistent voice that ensures it’s executed.’

    Sanllehi only works with Kia , bla bla bla.

  47. The backpass

    Captain Tierney

    “Hopefully this shuts Valentin up once and for all.”

    I doubt, he might add why Raul wasn’t the one scouting him.

  48. Uwot?

    GS88👍That’s what I call a v.good window for where we’re aiming next season.Top 4 & a trophy.Then we kick on to the next level.Which we all know is “ the next level”!

  49. Captain Tierney

    ‘I doubt, he might add why Raul wasn’t the one scouting him.’

    This is so true. 😂

    And then go, okay but at least Tierney was scouted by Sven.

  50. GS88


    Yeah cheers.

    We need to really concentrate on the midfield and creative aspects this summer. The centre of defence also needs surgery.

    The spine has been totally neglected for over 10 years.

    Also wanted to mention Dominik Szobolazi?? His name is a conundrum!

    Think we should make a move for him, but noises around him have gone quiet. All the talk is now of Coutinho and Willian.

    With our supposed limited finances, we would have to sell 3-6 players to buy both Dominik and loan Coutinho. I’d like both signed.

    As well as rebuild the defence and midfield.

    Lots to do, let us see what Arsenal do in this transfer window.

  51. Kenyangunner


    Most championship clubs can’t afford Willock.
    Benrahma is a poor man’s Mahrez
    Watch this space

  52. Marko

    When Sven Mislintat joined as head of recruitment in 2017, the scouting department collectively felt somewhat ostracised. Mislintat had his own methods and his own network, and there were communication issues across the department.

    But Sven was supposed to be a saint. That article was good it paints Cagigao as the real power behind the scenes and makes a case for being very careful of trusting data analysis solely on signing up a player.

  53. Guns of Hackney

    Mark my words. Sign Willian, Auba and Coutinho and we will sink to an all time low.

    We have to go with youth. I want our squad next season to be 22 years old average age.

  54. Tom

    “We have to go with youth. I want our squad next season to be 22 years old average age.”

    Which he’s never been done in the PL and would guarantee a relegation.

  55. Uwot?

    GS88- yep The Boz( can’t spell his name) would be icing on the cake & the spine of the side would pretty much taken care of.what a dream.

  56. CG


    “””””Mark my words. Sign Willian, Auba and Coutinho and we will sink to an all time low.”””””

    I make you 100% right,

    Failure to find a buyer on Ozils £350 000 per week,
    and then:

    Add PEA £250 000 per week
    Add William £150 000 per week
    Add Courtinhio £ 200 000 per week
    Add in Luiz £150 000 per week

    Equates to £1.1 million per week
    Equates to £ 57.2 million per annum

    Average age of those 5 players alone 31.2

    Arsenal FC an investment vehicle for KSE,
    A gravy train for retiring players,
    And a pigs trough for the Spivs.

  57. Tom

    “Failure to find a buyer on Ozils £350 000 per week,…”

    CG, remind us who it was that put Ozil on these lofty wages again.

  58. salparadisenyc

    Dudes been gone longer than he was here with much happening in the interim but thats lost Le Groves Marko.

    Get fucked pal.

  59. James wood

    I’m sure people are swayed by a bit of dye in a players
    hair .?
    The guy is average and finished second.
    I was not impressed by Brentford.
    Fulham without Mitch looked the better side through out.
    Tierney -Reid – And Hector specially all looked good players.

  60. Marko

    Hey fuck face a very interesting article from the athletic about Cagigao was shared and in it Sven was slammed. What’s the problem? We can’t talk about it because you feel butt hurt your talking points on Sven aren’t true? Relax pal you can just overlook a discussion about Sven if it gets you so upset.

  61. Marko

    Marc it also shows how analytics overruling an actual scout can be very costly with Lucas Perez and Mustafi signings cited. Has to be a balance between the two

  62. salparadisenyc


    I don’t give a shit about Sven or Raul or whomever is doing the signings as long as they are getting it right. Whats weak is when Sven is weaponized to prop Raul up, when neither have really set the field a fire with glory.

    Was widely reported Cagigao was man behind Martinelli, good thing club kept him around.

  63. Marko

    Whats weak is when Sven is weaponized to prop Raul up

    Not one single mention of Raul by either me or the person who shared the article or Marc either. Not one. You just want to connect those dots that way

  64. GS88

    Where is Cesc Appeal? Romford Pele? N5? Tits MaGee? There are others who have ‘gone missing’.

    Four of Le Grove’s finest all time posters.

    Would love to hear from you.

  65. Marc


    I don’t there are many who think any other wise.

    I’m coming more and more to the opinion that Mislintat is an almighty fraud and it was another person / persons who did the magic at Dortmund. It makes sense – if you have someone really high profile go and watch a player it gets out – if you use them as a distraction it could still be valuable.

  66. Marko

    But agree it is good that Cagigao is still around at the club and it’s seems he has the ear of the manager and management as well which is very promising. Could be that it was his relationship with Sven that actually lead to what happened. Seems like they value Cagigao more than Sven

  67. Marc


    “Whats weak is when Sven is weaponized to prop Raul up”

    Utter tripe – it’s the exact opposite that happens.

    “when neither have really set the field a fire with glory.”

    Martinelli, Saliba, Ceballos, Pepe?

  68. Marc


    You come into the club and look at things with a clean slate. The Head of Recruitment then goes and buy’s Torreira, Guendozi, Lich and Sok.

    It wouldn’t exactly make you give him a blank cheque book would it?

  69. Marko

    Marc I wouldn’t say Sven is a fraud no. I was very happy when he was coming in honestly very excited that we were getting in someone with a good eye for talent and signings after all those years of Wenger in the transfer market. But it didn’t work out at all in fact his time was a complete failure and when you get people trying to argue otherwise it’s an absolute joke in all honesty and shifting the blame elsewhere is just as worse and attributing signings to him after he’s gone is just mind boggling.

  70. HighburyLegend

    “Three year contract offered to Willian?
    Are yer kiddin me?”

    Arsenal is the new retirement home for ex-chelsea players.

  71. Marc


    I was exactly the same – at long last we were going to stop faffing about in the market and having someone who could spot talent with that reputation was fantastic news.

    Think about it this way – you recruit a salesman who has a reputation for being the best in the industry – 6 months later he hasn’t sold a bean when all the other sales guys are all over target.

    You’d ask some serious question on the guy’s reputation.

  72. Marko

    Reports that we might be thinking of loaning Guendouzi to Villarreal are I hope false. Has to be a sale or a swap. Honestly I’d have hoped that they maybe tried to swap him for Guimaraes at Lyon. No European football for them next season so Lyon will be selling some players

  73. Jamie

    “I mainly work off memory
    I’m not sad enough to recall every fucking age of every player at every team during every season
    And don’t have the time to constantly refer to google for the odd comment on a blog”

    Your memory constantly lets you down. Rely less on it and you won’t get upset when if fails you.

  74. Captain Tierney


    Guendouzi is one of our very few valuable bargaining chips this summer.
    Dont think the club will just let him leave on a loan.
    A sale or a swap is most likely.

  75. Nelson

    Arsenal is proposing 55 redundancies and SPUDS just signed Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Kyle Walker-Peters. Looks like the Arsenal Exec’s are doing a very bad job. Some of them should be the first to let go.

  76. Marko

    Arsenal is proposing 55 redundancies and SPUDS just signed Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg and Kyle Walker-Peters.

    The connection between the two is incredible. But yeah it’s a swap with Southampton making 3 million so yeah

  77. Marko

    I dunno man that arseblog article is all well and good but they’re just as likely to criticize the club for overspending on areas. Players taking pay cuts has happened throughout European football and people are going to lose their jobs as a result of the current climate in football it is just the way it is right now. Until it passes and until people are allowed back into the stadiums that is. I’m sure these jobs will open back up once things are better.

  78. Guns of SF

    Kroenke out. These wankers are just a joke.

    Had Ozil taken the pay cut, Im sure some of these jobs could have been saved.

    not sure who the other 2 players were that did not take the cut.
    I wonder if the club mentioned to the players that the pay cuts would offset the costs for keeping these 55 employees?

    I get the need to cut where needed, but 55 employees is a lot…
    Maybe Ozil can be redundant. How can we make that happen? Im sure he is working extra hard for that 350K per week

  79. Guns of SF

    Kroenke could have easily covered these salaries.
    Its not a hardship for him…
    Its a moral question overall…

    An unattached business man owner who runs the club like a business only is why we are where we are.

    He has no love for Arsenal FC. Its another investment for him, and like stocks and bonds, is waiting for the conditions to turn to make a profit.

    I hate the guy

  80. crimson

    We don’t know the specifics of the 55 people going. Bye bye Gunnersaurus and the awful online arsenal TV team.

  81. Guns of SF

    i dont know… but 55 employees cannot be too high paid is my guess.
    Hence, my irritation at Stan not being able to cover this…

    Its the little guys who get the shaft.

    We have a big fat rat eating up 350K per week that refused a pay cut. Who is working doubly hard for that salary right?.

  82. Marko

    He probably could have covered them sure but people like him don’t. Believe me he going to be last owner to trim the fat during this difficult period. The wording of the statement I thought was quite telling basically in advance justifying investment in the team with the redundancies. Which imo is very fair. Whether or not these jobs stayed or not doesn’t change the fact that the team needs addressing and investment. I don’t wanna hear about 55 people losing their jobs everytime we sign someone this summer. They shouldn’t be connected

  83. HighburyLegend

    “Hence, my irritation at Stan not being able to cover this…”

    He’s perfectly able.
    But he just don’t care.

  84. Captain Tierney

    Leave it to Le grovers to divert the redundancies to Ozil ( who was(is?) reportedly ready to take a larger pay cut granted the club details his team how the financials are affected) , while the billionaire owner increases his net worth by hundreds of millions in a depressed financial environment.

  85. Guns of SF

    Yeah welcome to planet earth. You’d think as an American you’d know that by now

    Typical Brit answer.