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It is here, another FA Cup final for the mighty Arsenal. We’re going for number 14. Mikel Arteta is going for his first as a coach. The young players are going for their first-ever trophy. We have Europe on the line.

It’s different this year and it’s a shame. I’ve never missed an Arsenal FA Cup final. I usually go with my football family, we meet up, get drunk, celebrate or commiserate together, and then it’s a beautiful memory forever locked (even the losses can be fun after).

My Uncle, who is a Leeds fan said to me a few years ago that trophies were about parties. If you’re having a lot of parties, life is good, but if you’re not, then what’s the point?

Arsenal fans might not have had a lot of major-trophy parties of late, but we’re certainly advanced in FA Cup shindigs. This is our trophy, no one has won it as often as us. You feel something in the air whenever we head to Wembley. Wenger took these games very seriously, he loved the FA Cup, and I expect some of that has rubbed off on Arteta, who played as his captain in a winning side. Let’s hope Mikel has a similar relationship with the trophy.

Today is going to be tough, we’re not favourites which is unusual, and the squad of players we have available can be a little bit like that box of chocolates Forest Gump always bangs on about. You don’t know what you’re going to get. However, after thinking about it, under Mikel Arteta, it is more likely than ever that we’ll be picking out a chocolate that doesn’t have a sour liqueur hiding inside.

We’ve beaten United, Liverpool, and City this season. Both our Chelsea games, whilst not optimal, saw solid performances. We’ve had some very good away wins in 2020 as well. Arteta tailors a game plan to the match, the players understand it, and if there are no mistakes, we usually have a pretty good chance of making it very difficult for the other side.

I think we’ll see more of that today. There are rumours that Kieran Tierney is being considered as a centre back today, Ainsley is apparently getting the nod, then it’s with the gods how we set the team up from there.

This isn’t the same game as City or Liverpool. Chelsea has a pretty exciting collection of players that can move the ball through midfield. They play very attractive football at their peak, they are quick on the counter, and they can also pick apart a deep block. They have Olivier Giroud, say what you will about him, but he’ll be motivated, he’s a brilliant link-up striker, and he can score outrageous goals. Willian is in blistering form and along with Kante, is in the squad today.

Their weak spot is in defence. Frank Lampard teams often have a soft underbelly through the middle of the park, and this particular team has struggled with the goalkeeping position. Chelsea actually conceded more goals in the league than Arsenal this season, clocking in at a whopping 54. That is a massive opportunity if you can deal with them going forward. Tough to see how we bring exciting football to unlock their defence after bumming around without a #10 for so long, but we have seen glimpses of good play, particularly the first half against Leicester.

Our challenge is defence, individual errors, and in-game management. We don’t have Mustafi and in this squad, that’s a problem. He’s been huge for us under Mikel, bar a couple of games I think he was fatigued in. There aren’t many good options for us, but nor was there in 2017 when Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding put in a BEASTLY performance for us. The individual errors issue always lurks, our xG has been shocking this season in part because of that, the players know this, and they have to be at their best today to avoid being ‘that guy’ in a final. I also think Lampard has been adept at times at changing things up during the game. Arteta needs to make good decisions when that happens today because Chelsea has more from the bench than we do.

In Arteta’s first run out in the league, a game I attended, we were really unlucky. Callum Chambers picked up a nasty injury, then Frank made some smart changes from the bench and got quite lucky with Jorginho staying on the pitch. The second game we managed to rescue the game with Xhaka and Mustafi sitting on the bench. This is our third crack at Chelsea, arguably the most important on, we have to deliver. Lampard will come with something interesting tactically and we have to counter it, and then move fast to deal with whatever he does in the second phase of the game.

Moments like today define managers and projects. A trophy in your first season, whatever it is, can be absolutely huge. It builds trust from the players, it bonds squads, it builds rapport with the fans, creates forward momentum, and it’s just a beautiful feeling to know you’re on the right path.

This is massive.

Enjoy the game, have fun with your friends and families, let’s make some memories of a different kind today.

Big love from everyone at Le Grove, COME ON YOU GUNNERS xx

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  1. Bojangles

    I know some are saying that Martinez hasn’t played enough games to fully gauge his ability but from what I’ve seen I think he has enough qualities to be world class. Emi has two years left on his contract, so Arsenal will be looking at renewing but I don’t see him agreeing to being number 2 now, nor Leno so Arsenal are going to have to make a decision. I’m really hoping Martinez comes out on top. I’d be gutted to lose him, not so with Leno.

  2. Leedsgunner

    I would love Auba to stay… but if he is going, what a gift he has left to us!

    Thanks Auba and wish you the best whatever you decide to do. You made one father and son very very very happy this afternoon!

  3. The Godfather

    There is a complete moron here that has repeatedly called Auba overrates and claims he never steps up in big games.

    Guess ousting City and Chelsea should silence the vermin but ya never know

  4. Leedsgunner

    Martinez has won with the club. He waited for his chance and when it came he took it with both hands and led the club to victory.

    After Auba, we need to tie down Martinez for sure.

    Like I said, I don’t want Auba to go, if he does I won’t begrudge him.

    So… if we have to think of a new captain… my top two choices

    1. Tierney (I love his humility and toughness… and his no nonsense style of play)
    2. Martinez (Longest serving player, fighting and succeeding to achieve his dream.)

  5. James wood

    Come on Red.
    This surely is better than reading back through
    the Labour Party manifesto again and seeing
    what went wrong there.
    Your a funny old sod?
    You just need more sugar in your tea.
    Lighten up replicating former years might be difficult.?

  6. Leedsgunner

    I absolutely love it that we’ve relegated Spurs to the Europa qualifiers too… what a come down from contending for the UEFA Champions League Final… 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

  7. China1

    Yeah Danny zero sympathy or fucks given for Chelsea’s woes apart from Pedro

    IDGAF. We got Fucked anally by the ref in artetas first match against them. Absolutely hideous display where they shouldve has a man sent off and separately another foul ignored just before their goal. Total BS

    The way things didn’t go their way with decisions and injuries was incredibly reminiscent of arsenal over the years and it was beautiful to see them getting frustrated. They fucking deserved what they got and we were the better team anyway so fuck them

  8. Emiratesstroller

    Good Morning All

    What a great day after yesterday’s result. I am beginning to feel far more positive about the future.

    1. Arteta is most definitely a first class appointment despite all the negatives
    posted on Le Grove since his arrival. He is intelligent and methodical in how he works and thinks. The chemistry between him and players also tells you a

    2. The team is becoming more difficult to beat and despite its limitations has
    managed to beat Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and now Chelsea. That would
    have been unlikely under previous management.

    3. The priorities this summer must be to offload Ozil and Guendouzi as well as
    secure contract extensions with Aubameyang and Ceballos.

    4. The owner and board must invest in the team. All our major competitors are
    doing so and it would be madness not to bring in at least 2-3 new players. Our
    midfield in particular needs more control and creativity.

  9. Pierre

    Many thought that Holding was the weak link in defence and Giroud would dominate him…nothing could be further from the truth, he was a rock at the heart of our defence.

    Holding put on a masterful display at the back , he’s a proper defender.
    Yesterday’s performance was reminiscent of the 2017 cup final when he dominated Costa.

    Yesterday he had Luiz by his side and they held firm after a dodgy opening 15 minutes..

    Looking at the comments, Lacazette received a lot of unfair criticism for his performance.
    I disagree., i said at half time that he was playing a role for the team that occupied defenders to allow the space for Aubameyang and Pepe to utilise.

  10. TR7

    Very happy to see AMN putting in good performances. As I have always said he is a talented young player whose only real limitation is his lack of focus and application at times but for me there was never a doubt about his ability. I don’t like the rumors linking him to a move away from Arsenal. He can be a very good player for us. Holding too gets a lot of stick from people but give him a good run of games and he will put in good performances on a regular interval.

    AMN, Tierrney, Chambers, Holding, Saka and Martinelli – for me these 6 youngsters have it in them to do well for Arsenal.

  11. Gonsterous

    Hope we build on this, get a cracking summer and move on to challenge for top 4.
    We have the saucy one,(hope this doesn’t go to his head) and we need reinforcements (midfield, no more of this willian and other links to wingers crap).

  12. Thorough

    I’m going to enjoy this even though I think Arteta’s subs suck.
    I’m going to enjoy this even though they think the ref did us a huge favor.
    I’m going to enjoy this whatever negativity there’s.
    I’m going to enjoy this for for supporting this club for nearly 20 years of my 40 years on earth.
    And If the Kroenkes don’t move heaven and earth to buy Arteta what he wants then we should come down on them with the might of Spartans.
    We shouldn’t start every season on the weak foot.
    We can start by giving Arteta and this club a firecracker of a summer that it so deserves.
    Fuck it I’ll drop my fantasy right here:Malgalhes, Partey, Zaha and Coutinho. Then add Dani boy on loan with an option to buy.
    Let’s start next season having blown everyone out of the water in the transfer window.
    We deserve this cup for our undying loyalty.
    We deserve a great summer too.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    I think we should sell AMN. We need to sell players at the height of performances to get more money out of clubs. He was good yesterday but I don’t think we can afford to turn down a reported 20 mil fee that we can get for him. He hasn’t been consistent enough and because we are cash strapped, We are going to have to make some sacrifices to reach the top. Same with Holding. They are good players but we need the money to improve the team.

  14. Leedsgunner

    We have assets we can sell before we sell AMN. Kolasinac, Elneny, Sokratis, Guendouzi should all be sold.

    If they are Holding will be a useful squad player in my opinion… although he didn’t have the best game yesterday.

  15. DivineSherlock

    London is Red bitchesss . Mikel Arteta is a genius , I think both managers were good in final but where Arteta edged it was asking Maitland -Niles to push forward . Between Reece James and Azpilicueta they didnt know who to mark left plenty of gaps. Later it was Zouma . That one tactical shift did it . Massive game from AMN .

  16. Mysticleaves

    What a game yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed it after the first 12/15 mins and bar the last 7 mins (added time). We have a romance with the fa cup certainly. Feels like 2017 all over again. Man city and Chelsea in semi final and finals.

    Really glad for Martinez. I hope he doesn’t get dropped now. I mean Leno was still 4th best goalkeeper in the league this season (he’s awesome) but Martinez has potentials to be the best. He’s so calm and assuring. His long kicks aren’t the best but his short kicks and passes are equal or better than anyone’s in the League. His handling is top class and his confidence levels are through the roof. And he loves the club, is a competitor and has waited for his time. I love him.

    Also pleased for AMN. A lot of doubts but he played against Man City and Chelsea in high pressure games and ABSOLUTELY dominated the left flank (in different scenarios; defensive wise against city and attack wise against Chelsea). I hope he stays. He has it in him to be a very good player for us.

    Ceballos. If we let him go now it’s crazy. We NEED to pay 23m and sign him up. He’s awesome and everything we need in a midfield conductor. Bundles of energy. Is very aware of space. Can start attacks as well as stop them, can beat a man with a deceptive spin/drop of the shoulder to make space. If we are looking for a midfield rebuild and are letting Ceb go, we are stupid. When he had a tough patch le grovers like Un were gloating. Now everything we do moves through him. Sign him up!!

    Auba has to stay. He’s the leader. The atmosphere he has managed to create is exciting.

    But like Pedro said in his “you can’t coach character” post, I think we know this team can perform to high levels against teams like this already. It’s what happens when we play the other teams. We need to have a non negotiable standard and this is it. Big or small team, play them with the same level of concentration, purpose and competition and we will be in the top 4 next season insha’Allah

    Ooooh to be a gunner

  17. Habesha Gooner

    I like the optimism but we have to make sacrifices even if they are assets. We need a Starting CB that can partner Saliba and Compete with Mari. Holding alongside Sokratis are the odd men out. I don’t mind keeping AMN. Although he has been inconsistent, he deserves a year more with us to truly know whether he can cut it. But If our budget is as reported 30 mil before sales we can’t turn down offers for him. You guys remember Joel Campbell. We were being offered 15 mil+ and we turned it down. In the end he didn’t cut it and we didn’t get much money for him either. These are the type of Sacrifices we need to make.

  18. Pierre

    “I’m going to enjoy this even though they think the ref did us a huge favor.”

    Someone mentioned on here yesterday how we seem to get decisions going for us in the FA cup that we would never get in the league, and I agree.

    Same refs as the league games so how does that work.

    In normal circumstances , the ref wouldn’t have awarded the pen ( or gave it outside), no red card for kovasic of Chelsea (diabolical decision) and for our winner, Bellerin would have been pulled up by the ref for going in late on the Chelsea defender.

    Of course, the Chelsea defender could/should have had a red card for bringing down Aubameyang for the pen(similar to Luiz red card recently) , so it wasn’t all one way.

    What it shows is sadly , referees still have too much influence on the outcome of games.
    It is very easy for a referee to influence a result.
    Yesterday’s game could very easily have had a different outcome and probably would if the ref had his premier league(anti Arsenal)head on.

    This is not to say that we were handed the game by the officials.
    As I said , it WAS actually a penalty and the Chelsea defender SHOULD have been sent off but it was strange to see us get decisions that we never normally get.

    The one poor decision was the Chelsea red, though I dont believe Chelsea would have come back as they were shot to pieces as physcologically they were beaten as they knew we wouldn’t cave in due to our superb results v liverpool and city.

    What this proves is that Arteta is a winner, he wants to win trophies which is great news for us fans.
    He certainly knows how to set a team up to win an important game of football.

    We just need to become flat track bullies again to go along with our new found resilience against top teams and we will be sorted.

  19. TR7


    ‘We need a Starting CB that can partner Saliba and Compete with Mari. ‘

    Saliba is yet to play a game for us. Mari has barely played for us. Let them prove themselves first and then we can talk about selling Holding. Sokratis and Mustafi should be sold as they are clearly not good enough.

  20. Markymark

    Delighted to see Chelsea supporters whinging that the referee decisions are always granted to the “Big Clubs” in Cup Finals. Ultimately it reveals much.
    Chelsea are a pimped up Millwall.
    Apologies though to Millwall As they’ve actually got The better supporters

  21. Thorough

    Absolutely. Arteta’s shown himself to be a winner even though I don’t agree with some of his ways. I actually felt Kovacic’s first tackle deserved a red. I heard John Terry fuming the second was ‘never’ a yellow. He even said our second goal shouldn’t have stood as Christensen was fouled in the process.

    Funny enough that makes it sweeter – a win that keeps the opponents wondering what could have been

    Now the board must absolutely back Arteta. He’s earned it.

  22. Habesha Gooner

    Mustafi isn’t going anywhere. He is injured till October. And Arteta doesn’t trust Holding over mustafi. I don’t think Holding will ever become top class. He is 25 now and his purple patch came before he got an ACL injury. Since then he has been Inconsistent. He can fetch us around 15 mil. I would love to sell Ozil, Kolasinac,Mustafi, Sokratis,Elneny too but I don’t think it will raise enough cash. Chambers will be ahead of Holding when he comes back too because he can pass the ball better than him. We need to be proactive. Keeping players because we fear our recent signings might not do well is not a great way to build a team. And they will be better in Artetas system than Holding. Anyway Selling squad players is what we have to do to get to the top.

    Klopp sold some promising youngsters to get Liverpool where they are. Ibe, Solanke, Danny ward, Andre Wisdom, Kevin Stewart, Brad Smith, Luis Alberto, Ryan Kent in his term so far. There are also senior players like Danny ings, Mamadou Sakho, Joe Allen, Martin skirtel, Christian benteke and the big one Coutinho that were sold. We don’t need sentimentality to reach the top. Of all the promising young players klopp sold only two have made major impacts. Luis Alberto of Lazio and Danny Ings of Southampton. We don’t regret selling Iwobi and we won’t regret selling Holding.

  23. Useroz

    Terry-the-Ugly was reportedly ANGRY … about the second yellow that was NEVER one and our 2nd goal should have been chalked off because Bellerin fouled in the build up blah blah blah…

    We can all tell him where to go.

    Same as those commentators and pundits. Really disgusting and unprofessional (as they are paid to do a job).

    They should ask (other than go fuck) themselves when last they debated whether Arsenal got exceedingly high proportion of yellows and not awarded (and receiving )pens?

    Ffs, Xhara got yellow for less. Luiz was red carded and City got a pen at the same time… did they say anything at all, let alone moaning throughout rest of the game, live on air?? And the bastards are still talking about it.

    Bitching (and bias) from Terry is understandable as Chelsea’s ex Captain. But these supposedly professional talk shite all the time and can go to hell. Sadly some ex Arsenal players were part of this rubbish.

  24. DivineSherlock


    Not everyone needs to be sold, It depends on how Arteta wants to play next season. 4-3-3 or 3-4-3 . Kolasinac has to go as does Elneny & Sokratis . Saliba , Mari , Luiz , Holding , Chambers and Mustafi remain as CBs . If we play with 3 at the back then we need 6 CBs If not we can manage with 4CBs

  25. Mysticleaves

    Yea, I don’t get Holding over Mustafi too. I mean going by games since Arteta came nobody is taking Mustafi’s shirt from that defence. He’s been the best we have had in this period. Holding was very shaky yesterday when we had possession and looked to struggle to get the passing game going (You also immediately noticed it when Sok came on). However, Holding, defensively when we didn’t have the ball didn’t put a food wrong all through.

    So I don’t know what you make of that. Like Habesha said, as much as I like to keep some players, this isn’t the summer you turn down excellent looking offers for ALL of our players really, even Auba😄😄

  26. Pierre

    It was about time that we had a few decisions go our way…

    Don’t worry we will suffer for it next season when Mike Riley reminds officials of their duty of giving us absolutely sweet FA.

  27. Useroz

    Players who need to go and whether they go are two different things. Unfortunately.

    Mari just got a contract so how would he go? A poor decision all you’d say really.

    Media says the Turkey runner up wanted Elneny, on loan! Forget it. Sell him to the highest bidder and move on. Too many loose ends is a distraction and bad for business. Think Ospina.

    Sok doesn’t want to go, so his agent says Tell the agent to fuck off and there won’t be business from Arsenal if he does that. Well hopefully he isn’t one of Raul’s friends.

    Just bad timing with Chambers and Mustafi injured at the same time. Both should go and would have raised 30m+ easily.

    All youngsters in the first team should be reassessed for fit for (let’s say Arteta’s) purpose vs how good they may become. If they don’t fill some roles, sell to raise funds.

    But you can’t exactly do this without a plan of where we want to be and how and therefore who you need to get there… some positions simply have too many fillers and must trim eg CB.

    That’s when we need Arteta to be ruthless. Sentimentality has no place for top coach if Arteta aspires to become one soon.

    Happy culling.

  28. China1

    All arsenal eyes on the transfer market now

    Can we pull off a quality summer? I hope we can make some proper moves in the next 2 weeks as I’ve always fucking hated the long protracted wenger transfer windows of will we won’t we guessing and BS that so often ended in disappointment or panic moves on deadline day

    I believe Arteta understands this and doesn’t want the club to fuck around tho

  29. Habesha Gooner

    I think Arteta wants to use a back 4 formation eventually. We have vulnerabilities and that’s why he is playing 3 at the back. It’s based on that assumption that I think we will sell Holding. He will use a 4231 or a 433 formation if we get our targets.Partey and Coutinho are being targeted to fill two out of 3 positions in midfield.

    I would love to keep everyone under 25 if we had enough cash or our senior players were worth something. But they are not and we have to make sacrifices on players that we can afford to lose.

  30. China1

    Our old transfer windows were so rife with excuses it was awful

    Before the window ‘we will sign super qwalidee’

    Start of the window ‘no one else has made any moves yet!’ <-why this meant we couldn’t sign anyone was always baffling

    Few weeks later ‘players and agents are on holiday’

    Few weeks later ‘we are preparing for this preseason game’

    Few weeks later ‘our squad is actually really good. Well only sign if we find the right player’

    Few weeks later we lose a preseason game badly ‘we’re in the market for qwalidee!!!’

    One week later ‘we will see’

    Starts the season horribly and reaches deadline day ‘OMFG TIME TO MAKE SIGNINGS’

  31. DigitalBob

    This week we’ll see some player movement out or at least confirmed offers for targets. Arteta is all business so there will be no faffing about on his part however I guess it depends on if we continue the Arsenal negotiating method of low-balling other teams. This is where Raul is meant to earn his salary.

    I think we have to start by getting concrete bids and fees for the likes of Sokratis, Elneny, Kola and of course Guendouzi. I would have added Mustafi to this but his injury means he’s an Arsenal player till at the winter transfer window.

    I like AMN so wouldn’t sell him at this stage. His issue is solely concentration and a young player can develop that in a hurry with the right mentality and coaching. As well as he played yesterday Holding isn’t needed and won’t get game time once Mari, Mustafi and Chambers return from injury so he might be sold. However selling Holding for £15 million to buy Stones for £20 million is a meh move in my opinion, not needed and a waste of money.

  32. Mr Serge

    Arteta is going to sauce up the transfer window
    We have to do business quick as we are back in 4 weeks
    I agree Kola Guen Sok Ozil have to go
    Plus holding who is decent back up but that’s it’s
    AMN should stay he was excellent again and is not the problem unless we get an iwobi type silly bid
    It’s time for kronke to fund the sauce campaign and bring in 3 first 11 players

  33. Pierre

    It’s simple, If you have money to burn like city, united and Chelsea have had over the years, they target the player they want , offer the money the club and player wants ..job done.

    With Arsenal it’s a completely different scenario ..they shop at Harrods, we shop down Chapel market..

  34. DigitalBob

    Mr Serge, yep I think we need at least 3 new first 11 players and maybe a one or two more within the squad if we are talking about quality depth to get us back up the league.

    I would have added Ozil to the list of players Raul has to get rid of but I think even that is beyond the most shrewd football negotiators, Ozil has no appeal to any clubs due to his bloated contract, couple that with the fact he doesn’t want to leave london and I think he’s staying(probably exiled barring an injury crisis) till his contract expires next summer.

  35. Northbanker

    Stones would still be an upgrade or Holding and Mustafi. But we need someone who is better than all 3 as a powerhouse CB.

    It seems our first signing though might beFernandes. That is pure Wengerism- whenever the defence looks shit lets go and buy a young untested striker

  36. DivineSherlock


    But before we even consider selling Holding . There are lots of players like Sokratis , Kolasinac , Elneny and certainly Guendouzi . Partey is by all accounts a priority for us . Ceballos should be too . After that maybe we can decide to sell Torreria or keep him as backup .

  37. Nelson

    – I think we could keep both GK for now, one plays the EPL games and the other plays all the Cup games.

    – I don’t think that we can get a lot of business done in this TW. Our team will have difficulties beating defensive teams in the EPL.

    – Against top teams, our fast break with long ball to Auba or Pepe bypassing the midfield will be quite effective.

    – To get back to the CL competition, we’ll have better chance winning the Europa Cup next season than finishing in the top 4. Our team is not strong enough to beat teams consistently playing low block in the EPL.

  38. DigitalBob

    Northbanker – Thats my point, its not exactly a big upgrade, on the ball Stones is elite level for a defender but he also suffers from defensive lapses in concentration similar to Holding/Mustafi.

    Does this Fernandes transfer really have merit? Where exactly will he play, we have a wealth of wide attacking players. If it happens then its likely we are losing at least two of our wingers/forwards.

  39. G

    Re AMN ” but I don’t think we can afford to turn down a reported 20 mil fee that we can get for him.”
    I’d keep him.. There’s enough players to sell{some who want to go to raise money}
    Just these 3 alone is 80mill so we need to just pay Parteys release clause and get him

  40. Wasi

    No to Stones please. Gabriel Megalhaes is reportedly available for a similar price.

    Need to get our business done early so Arteta can work on the new players.
    The dopamine is still rushing through the veins , so lets just enjoy it for another day or two.
    After that its business time.

    Bin the dross. Sort out the contracts. Prepare a dossier and go at it aggressively like last summer.

    Personally , I wouldn’t sell Amn , he is like Arteta’s joker card. Can perform various tactical roles , just need to be concentrated throughout the game. Keeps overhitting/underhitting simple passes .
    But if someone came in with a 20mil + offer Id be willing to let him go .

    Sokratis , Guendouzi , Elneny should be the first ones out. 5 , 35 , 8 totalling about 45-50 mil from these 3 sales.

    Next out should be Kolasinac. Get in Sarr/young LB from the lower leagues as a replacement.

    If we are able to sign Gabriel then Holding can be moved on.

    Torreira up next and other loan departures.

  41. Zacharse

    Not sure i’d want stones but the guy has room to grow and if we’re gonna be passing the ball around our defensive 3rd all the time before we launch it, we’d do worse than having him n mari back there. Who knows, he might like london, might gain a little grit being out of his hometown and lose some mental frailty

  42. Receding Hairline

    Stones is a no please, a players who simply can’t defend. He was being coached by Arteta at City too so unless you think his incompetence is due to Guardiola I don’t see why we need him here.

    Target defenders who like to defend.

    We were being pegged back by a Chelsea team one man down, even in this FA cup run we were outplayed in more than 70% of the fixtures under Arteta,only Bournemouth and City to an extent where comfortable wins.

    Still a lot of work to do with this squad or else we keep playing deep and hoping Auba scores.

    On the subject of Auba so happy for him, insane numbers he has put up since coming here and deserves to win something.

  43. Dissenter

    Did you notice how Nkettiah’s sluggishness yesterday. He was pressing for the ball like a grandpa and ran out of gas very quickly.
    What’s with that?

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s priority this summer has to be to upgrade our midfield.

    We know that Guendouzi will be sold/exchanged and that Ozil will be offloaded or sit out his contract on gardening leave. Also there is no certainty that Ceballos will return.

    The only certain addition is perhaps Smith-Rowe who returns from loan but lacks EPL experience.

    Arsenal need to bring in at least 2 new experienced midfielders. Whilst we
    may look better organised in second half of season the team has been outplayed in this department in far too many games this season.

    Defence is also a weakness but with current 3 CB formation can maybe be
    improved following arrival of Saliba.

    I still believe that it will take at least 2 summer transfer windows to make Arsenal genuinely competitive for a top 4 finish. Our main goal should be to
    move up the table ahead of Spurs, Leicester and Wolves and close 10 point
    gap with Chelsea.

  45. Receding Hairline

    And no Lacazette wasn’t being selfless or playing to instructions, he has been struggling for a while now and cannot be relied upon, sell and sell fast.

    If you can sell AMN for good money to bring in someone who enjoys playing fullback/wingback by all means sell. We are a good cup team, we know that so nothing new was discovered last night. No more second or third chances for inconsistent performers.

  46. CG

    Martinez( Wenger) 9/10
    Bellerin ( Wenger) 8/10
    Tierney ( Non Wenger) 7/10
    AMN ( Wenger ) 9/10
    Holding ( Wenger ) 8/10
    Luiz(Non Wenger ) 8/10
    Cebollas ( Non Wenger ) 7/10
    Xhaka ( Wenger) 7/10
    Lacazette ( Wenger) 8/10
    PEA ( Wenger) 10/10
    Pepe( non Wenger ) 6/10

    Arteta ( signed by Wenger) 9/10
    (Would have 10/10 but no Arsenal blazer.)

    X 9 players signed by Arsene Wenger.

    I don’t think its unreasonable to state
    Our Wenger has now won 7.5 FA Cups now.

  47. Champagne Charlie

    “We are a good cup team, we know that so nothing new was discovered last night“


    You put Baku’s embarrassment squarely on the likes of AMN, and yesterday just proved how inept actually Emery was.

  48. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s current defensive problems is not the bench players, but our starting X1 defence.

    Players like Soares, Luiz, Mustafi etc are good enough as squad players, but lack the quality and consistency to play regularly in starting team.

    As far as I am concerned our CBs should be playing in every game and not rotated.

  49. Habesha Gooner

    People are saying we have to sell Torriera and Guendouzi. We can’t sell both. If we do, we will need to buy two CM/DM and that’s on the assumption Ceballos comes back. Assuming Partey is joining we will need another one. And there is an issue of signing a CAM. That’s a lot of turn over of players. And I don’t think it’s possible to do that in six weeks. Kolasinac won’t have takers on the wages he is on. Mustafi is injured and he will stay. That leaves Holding, AMN, Sokratis, Guendouzi and Maybe Lacazette as possible sales. And AMN is a player that can fetch us decent money from these players next to Guendouzi and Lacazette. If we can get 30 mil for both I would keep AMN. if not we need to sell.

  50. Receding Hairline

    Rubbish mentioning Emery on a day like this… Yes AMN had a horrible second half at Baku that cost us the game, a player can have a good or bad game independent of who his manager is. I haven’t read you attribute all individual errors since Arteta arrived to Arteta, maybe you should check up the meaning of shameless.

    We won the FA cup three times in four years under latter day Wenger so yes good cup team. Thrice we have by been in the EL, one semifinal one final so again a team that can keep up in the cups.

    Consistency in the league though is what we are aiming for. Don’t tell me United and Chelsea will swap their league finishes for yesterday.

    A lot of work to do and yesterday should not lead to third or fourth chances for some players, sell who you can and upgrade.

  51. Receding Hairline

    Emirates we are already overloaded numbers wise in defense and none of them have proven they can be consistent starters so I don’t need the squad players lecture.

    If Soares and Mari were brought in as squad players great, let’s hope we see the outgoings that will make way for the starters to come in.

  52. Pierre

    “* Did you notice Nkettiah’s sluggishness yesterday”

    It’s a toss up who is more gormless, jamie or dissenter.

  53. CG


    “”””CG crediting Wenger for Arteta’s cup win. Predictable.”””””

    Well they are most of Wengers players are they not?

    But huge credit to Arteta with his tactics.
    And engendering a good spirit amongst the players.

    As soon as I heard , Arteta had been in fairly frequently contact with Mr. Invincible – I knew FA Cup No. 14 was in the bag.

    Our Arteta and our Wenger combined won the cup yesterday.
    And both deserve the plaudits.

  54. Champagne Charlie

    Oh yea, so we’re a cup team when Wenger was here, and now Arteta bagged the FA cup.. it was just last season that mantra escaped.

    Very good. And I’ll mention Emery as I please thanks, we’ve just been slapped into reality regarding that period. Eat your crow and shhhh.

  55. Jamie

    “It’s a toss up who is more gormless, jamie or dissenter.”

    It’s a toss up who knows less about football, CG or Pierre.

    Tell us again how Arteta values Ozil’s intelligence on the pitch, or how we need to start Eddie in an FA Cup final in order to win, or how we should be paying Saka at least £130k a week.

    Super hot takes. Keep them coming. Careful what you wish for. Wenger went 11 years without a cup, it took Arteta less than 11 months to bag one. Couldn’t have worked out better for genuine Arsenal supporters. The Arsene-obsessives are hurting today. Hate to see it.

  56. Wasi

    Ox , Nasri , Rvp, Cesc were all Wenger players .
    Guess he did win the League in his latter years too.
    What a legend.

  57. Leedsgunner

    I said a few days ago that we lost RvP because we failed to show the ambition to go for the biggest trophies.

    Arsenal please please please learn from our past mistakes and support the team with the signings we need!

  58. London gunner

    Arteta anf his team did a very good job with certain players.


    Have all shown marked increases. This aint no coincidence.

    Arteta right now is showing he is a good coach the summer window and next season will show what kind of manager he is.

  59. Dissenter

    Honestly, do you have any sense as to why Ozil wasn’t welcome at Wembley yesterday.
    Arteta doesn’t even want him around his squad of players and clearly the didn’t miss him. Do you ever question why you’re so tethered to the one player who would rather vacation in Turkey than to stand with his team mates?
    Let’s leave aside that he’s the highest aid player in our existence.

  60. Dissenter

    * Let’s leave aside that he’s the highest paid player in our existence
    …however Ozil-aid does come into plain view too.

  61. Pierre

    “Couldn’t have worked out better for genuine Arsenal supporters. The Arsene-obsessives are hurting today. Hate to see it.”

    I feel you are a little confused Jamie , wenger obsessives (WOBS)and genuine Arsenal supporters are not something you would usually put in the same sentence..

    Try and enjoy the moment jamie and rid yourself of the constant snide remarks, or better still , give an opinion on the game.

  62. Receding Hairline

    Rubbish response from an utterly rubbish poster. Looks for silly arguments because asides that he has nothing to offer. Need I remind you we were still in the EL when Arteta took over, wonder why our season is over now and we are celebrating qualification to the EL, that same EL no one really fancies.

    Our run to the EL final shows we are a good cup team, a final is a final, lots of stuff contributed to yesterday’s victory, only a prime fool like you thinks it’s all down to Arteta.

  63. Pierre

    Honestly, do you have any sense as to why Ozil wasn’t welcome at Wembley yesterday.”

    Nice try but not interested…

  64. RockyRoe

    I personally would be happy with 5th next season, as long as there is a noticible improvement in the football on display.

    Truth is that a lot of our squad needs changing and most of the obvious ‘get-rid-of’ players might not get a buyer no matter how much we want them to go. This team rebuild will take a couple of seasons minimum (2/3 players each season). With a few contracts expiring in a season, we will have some wiggle room. Quoting 5 million for sokratis and 8 million for elneny on here doesn’t mean there is a buyer out there preparing to pay these.

  65. Pierre

    I think you’ll find we are celebrating winning another trophy ( except for the one’s who are more interested in provoking)

  66. Champagne Charlie


    Oh fuck off you boring cunt, on here the day after an FA cup final dropping bullshit about us being a cup side and that yesterday we learned nothing new.

    Back to your rock you fucking spastic, start your Arteta bullshit next season when you’ll inevitably be front and centre praying for leverage to stick the boot in. You’re a waste of air.

  67. Dissenter

    Of course you’re not interested.
    You backed one of the most disinterested players in our existence. The one player who won’t even stand by his team mates.
    You are the super fan.

  68. andy1886

    Just a quickie, I hope that all recently departed Gooners are up there enjoying yesterday’s result. All our friends, family and I’d like to mention Yogi’s Warrior (Stuart) late of ACLF who would have enjoyed it immensely.

    Raising a glass to you all. Cheers.

  69. Valentin

    Tactically Lampard disappointed me. He blamed his players for retreated after the initial onslaught when it was due to Mikel tactical adjustment.
    It was noticeable after the first water break that suddenly, AMN who was initially very wide and attacking between Reece and Azpi was slightly inside to help out Xhaka and Ceballos. So we were not outnumbered anymore in that area in the centre of the pitch.

    Instead of blaming the players, he should have made adjustments of his own. Second half he changed it and dropped the high line, but then that meant that there was more space between the lines. As AMN, Bellerin were faster than their opposite player, that made it easier for Arsenal to recover whenever their midfield was running ahead.
    I am not complaining, but I do not understand why he never instructed Chelsea to go long and to run systematically in the right channel behind Bellerin. The few times they did, Bellerin struggled.

  70. Graham62

    Well done Arsenal.

    Thoroughly deserved.

    Yes, it was a penalty and yes Kovacic had to go because he’s a dirty little basket.

    Auba’s trophy fiasco was pure comedy and yes we need to keep him.

    AMN has come of age and Tierney is a gem.

    As for Arteta 👍🍺👏

    Europe here we come.

  71. Graham62

    Turning point for me was when Pulisic left the field.

    Their main threat(what a player) left Chelski without a viable outlet.

  72. Jamie

    “I feel you are a little confused Jamie , wenger obsessives (WOBS)and genuine Arsenal supporters are not something you would usually put in the same sentence..”

    Two separate sentences, moron.

    How did Norwich do this season? Maybe take a break for offering up your opinions, you won’t look quite so stupid. Remember when you were loving early-days Arteta for selecting Ozil, then started berating Arteta for dropping Ozil? We all remember, you were still crying about it last week.

    The rest of us backed the manager and his decisions, because that’s what supporters do. And he delivered. Couldn’t have worked out better for us.

  73. Dissenter

    Why is the FA cup not tethered to its base?
    All Auba did was to carry it.

    I loved the routine where the players went up those stairs to receive their medals and the FA cup trophy because it helped the fans love them some. I missed that part yesterday. They just left the medals for them like a self-serve petrol station.

  74. andy1886

    As has been mentioned, MA reminds me more of George Graham than AW. There are a lot of parallels too:

    Taking over a mediocre mid table team lacking direction.
    Immediately asserts his authority, no time for under performing ‘stars’.
    Builds from the back, develops a defensive plan and executes it.
    Trusts in young players.
    Wins cup in his first season.

    George went on to finish fourth, let’s hope that MA can do similar in his first full season. Under GG you could see the team getting better and more cohesive every year leading up to our famous title win in ’89. If we can see that happen again that’s good enough, improving year on year, that’s the aim.

  75. Dissenter

    I hope the FA come out and to make a statement about the use of baby oil in football.
    Shouldn’t it be a performance enhancing agent?

  76. CG

    the G

    “””””It was noticeable after the first water break that suddenly,………”””””

    Well observed,

    Arteta is the best ‘water break’ coach out there.

    I’ ve been watching him like a hawk- during these timeouts.
    Dressed like a cat burglar , quietly animated, always alert and always escaping with the jewels or Cups in this case.

    Maybe PedRo was right about these coaches clicking their fingers and having different patterns of play.

    Arsenal post water break- kept hitting long balls down the channels to pin Chelsea back and nullify their superior midfield.

    And they were pretty clueless with their response.

    How far Arsenal would be in their advancement if the Fat Spiv had not chosen his Clown and appointed Arteta in the first place?

  77. Valentin


    My initial commeny may have come across as being disappointed by Arsenal victory, but nothing could further from the truth.

    I am over the moon that Arsenal won the Cup and said so yesterday, but listening to Lampard comment about the defeat just got me riled.

    So yes I wrote that Lampard disappointed me. He should front the responsibility of the defeat instead of hiding behind the players, but also for the tactical decision HE made.

    Instead of blaming the players and the referee, he should look in the mirror. Yes he was unlucky with the injuries, but I do believe that two hamstring injuries may be due to his players conditioning and tactic. So again he may have brought that upon himself because of the preparation and tactic. He asked his players to run a lot and in the hot humid condition that sapped the energy of his players.

    Regarding the tactic, he had Giroud on top and he made no use of his talent in the air or ability to link-up. If he wanted somebody to run behind Arsenal, then Giroud was the wrong choice and Abraham should have started.

  78. Pierre

    “The rest of us backed the manager and his decisions, because that’s what supporters do. And he delivered. Couldn’t have worked out better for us.”

    “us”…have you thought of changing your name to Rodney

    what a total plonker you really are..

  79. CG

    The G

    “”””””Regarding the tactic, he had Giroud on top and he made no use of his talent in the air or ability to link-up””””

    Diego Costa
    Oliver Giroud

    Rob Holding eats these for breakfast.
    Didn’t need a left sided bespoke passing center back yesterday.

    Holding and AMN must be starters next season.
    British is best.
    Am I right Wasi?

  80. Gentlebris


    Pocket your ramblings about any favour from the ref.

    The ref knew Chelsea should have been a man down from the first half and he corrected that with only 20 minutes on the game. We were still cheated, it wasn’t a favour, and we were already leading before the red.

    If anything, Chelsea got saved from real embarrassment by the red, cos I felt we could have damaged Chelsea further if we were under any real threat. Our second goal was long coming be it happened. Auba had a pass from Laca he could have scored. We were in control for more than 70 of the 95 minutes of play. Chelsea had fifteen minutes in first half and ten minutes in second and nothing more.

    Ask fat Frank, he would tell you we DESERVEDLY beat Chelsea. Tactically we were better, and we were more technical on the ball.

    So don’t run down the big win please.

  81. Jamie

    “sacking that clown Emery and bringing in a manager who (unlike some fans) recognises Ozil’s quality couldn’t have worked out better for me.”

    What kind of a total plonker actually writes this though?

    We all know why you stopped praising Arteta. Embarrassing. Try to enjoy the cup win even though he binned your sweetheart. 🐸

  82. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t think so. It actually allows to play by the rules. Arm pulling isn’t part of the game. Players who pull arms and complain their opponents are using baby oil are ridiculous. Professional fouling is championed and It is annoying.

  83. SP

    Arteta has showed tremendous courage by kicking out Ozil. It’s not easy for a rookie coach to stand up against a player earning 350k weekly. Ozil right now has support only from his coreligionists. So in case you are wondering why some people still support Ozil , the answer lies in religion.

  84. RockyRoe

    Since his debut, auba has scored more goals across all competitions (70) than anyone else in PL. That’s ahead to salah, sterling, mane, augero, and kane.

    He certainly doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

  85. andy1886

    “So in case you are wondering why some people still support Ozil , the answer lies in religion.”

    Do you mean worship of the individual?

    As opposed to supporting the institution as a whole. So not Arsenal fans then…

  86. Al

    New coaches also incoming supposedly at Arteta’s request so that should really help him get the people he needs to mould his vision/goals.

  87. Valentin

    I don’t understand how people can complain about a player putting baby oil on his arms to avoid opponents pulling on them. Especially after that player suffered two serious injuries because of it including one shoulder dislocation.

    As long as it is legal, I have no problem with players using all the tools at their disposal to gain an advantage.

    BTW, PV4 used to put Vicks a medical decongestant paste on his shirt, and he regularly sniffed on it during game because that helped him breath better. In today’s climate that would be deemed cheating.

  88. Gentlebris

    ‘Arsenal post water break- kept hitting long balls down the channels to pin Chelsea back and nullify their superior midfield’

    Yo, CG.

    Yes we did send some long ball behind Chelsea, but it wasn’t just that.

    Whenever the long ball was not a success and Chelsea had the ball, we closed them down in their own half and took the ball from them before they could come at us and that was how we won that game.

    Because if we had allowed them to keep coming at us, it would have been disastrous as we do not have a DM or CBs that could excellently deal with such.

    To that end, Laca was joint man of the match with Auba for me.

  89. RockyRoe

    It’s good to see AMN towing the company line now, ‘I’m happy to play in any position, yada yada’.

    And thats a good thing, unless you are exceptionally talented, you play where asked and do a job for the club to the best of your abilities. Especially when you are a young and have everything to prove.

  90. Wasi


    Amn surely has talent but he will probably be Arteta’s joker card next season too, if he isnt sold

    As for Holding , rotation option at best.

  91. Dissenter

    The problem is that players will start preparing themselves with specially designed lubricants pretty soon to become more slippery.
    I mean who wants to defend against a winger that smells like a day-old baby 😀

  92. Dissenter

    Traore is not the first winger who’s been pushed around by defenders, is he?

    I mean, he has to have the baby oil topped off during games now. It’s not enough to douse himself in the dressing room, now it has to be recoated during live games.

  93. azed

    You can always trust Le grove to revert to form after 24hrs.

    You guys should chill, we are still celebrating the cup. You can resume hostilities on Wednesday.

  94. CG


    “”””AMN surely has talent but he will probably be Arteta’s joker card next season too, if he isnt sold””””

    Every club in the premier league will be contemplating bidding for AMN if we stupidly put him for sale,

    Arsenal have played:
    Wolves, City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    and he has been the best player on the pitch each time.
    And not ONCE has he been played in his favored position.

    We don’t need the Ghanaian Carlton Palmer for an absurd £50 million we have the far far superior player in AMN.

  95. Valentin


    It may be excessive, but then if referees applied the law, any pull should result in a foul, a yellow card or even a red card, soon that would stop.

    Yesterday in a FA Cup final, Azpi just pulled on Aubameyang arm not once but three times in a row. It was a clear red card. But then you have that pathetic excuse that he tried to play the ball and Rudiger was in close proximity. When the reality is that Azpi did not tried to play the ball at all and Rudiger would never have been able to stop Auba from a scoring. Also the only reason why Rudiger was in the vicinity was because Azpi pull slowed down Auba.

    AMN stopped Traore without having to resort to those tactics, so it is possible. Players should learn to defend better rather than make petty complaints.

    Same thing about the towel for long throw. Some wanted it to banned. Learn to defend against long throw instead of complaining about towel.

  96. Dissenter

    During the Covid-19 break, We discussed the concern that scousers wont respectthe social distancing norms when they win the league
    Did you see the reaction of gunners yesterday?
    We’re you one of those gooners hugging random strangers after we beat Chelsea?

  97. Habesha Gooner

    Hahaha, I don’t know about the smell but Regarding being slippery, It wouldn’t matter if you don’t pull the player. It’s because of shoulder injuries he started putting it on in the first place.

  98. China1

    not Gonna lie I don’t like the water breaks. Feels very American football with the interruption

    I don’t like having so many subs either. Just feels like a mess imo

    I hope the rules revert to what has worked for decades when covid blows over

  99. Wasi

    ‘Arsenal have played:
    Wolves, City, Liverpool and Chelsea.and he has been the best player on the pitch each time.’

    This is a joke right?

  100. Dissenter

    It’s not the defender’s fault that his arms are the size of oak trees.
    Honestly, that injury excuse doesn’t.cut if for me. Most athletes who get caught for doping started us sing performance enhances to come back faster fir injuries. I’m not implying that baby oil falls into the same category, it’s just that it makes him harder to defend against and that’s not fair to defenders to.
    What next, start rubbing on the lubricant used to ease penetration?

    He could apply for an exception, like Cech did after his Stephen Hunt assaulted him in 2006.
    Italy once tried to use skin tight jerseys to reduce the chance of sort pulling. FIFA quietly told them off because it’s a slippery slope.

  101. Dissenter

    The water break has been a success. It lasts for about a minute and the game is restarted. Play gets held up for lesser things like a cat got on the field or for naked streakers.

    Football has been due practical reforms for a long time. The sponsors and broadcasters too will like it too. The water break won’t go away after Covid, just my opinion of course.

  102. Sid

    Laca has been playing as a #10 basically
    Keep AMN sell one of Kola or Soares(lol)
    Do you know what would work better than baby oil? Eat plenty of eggs, garlic, beans and keep releasing the byproducts during the game

    Im telling you for free!

  103. China1

    I don’t know if AMN is *that* good or ever will be, but is he a useful squad player? 100% yes. He has a role to play and he costs fuck all in wages, plus he might keep improving

    As far as I’m concerned this kind of player is a very valuable product of the academy. They don’t need to all be first 11 monsters, just players who can be depended on to do a job without fuss and at low cost to the club is more than useful enough

    If someone bids good money for him we should consider selling at the right price but we shouldn’t be taking less than 25m imo because at the end of the day if we sell a player like him we will need to replace him and if we don’t have a ready made utility man coming through we’d notice the loss when we need to depend on squad depth

    We must prioritize offloading the proper dross and expensive dross first and can sell players like AMN but only if financially the deal really makes sense. We need not low ball ourselves on him just because we want money

  104. Valentin

    Years ago, when an US friend suggested that “soccer” should be divided into 4 periods of 30 minutes, I laughed at it.

    But I must admit I quite like the water breaks. It gives coaches more influence on games. Tactical adjustments can be made straight away and not at half time. That can only improve the overall quality of the play.

    Also having 5 substitutions means that youngsters may have more opportunities to play. I still think that they need to refine the no more than 3 changes overall rule when the changes are made for injuries rather than tactical substitution and time wasting.

  105. andy1886

    Nope, I’m with China, water breaks disrupt the flow of the game and five subs is too many. Actually I think that not going big on early substitutions helped us yesterday, it takes a while for the team to adjust.

  106. CG


    “””””‘Arsenal have played:
    Wolves, City, Liverpool and Chelsea.and he has been the best player on the pitch each time.’This is a joke right?”””””

    Best/influential/significant player in all those games was AMN.
    No AMN and we don’t win those matches. FACT!

  107. China1

    Also whilst it might not be saying all that much, there is a fair case to be made that AMN is our best RB and RWB currently…

    If his head is now switched on and he’s motivated and ready to go, there’s a chance he will put down a real stake to that RB spot next season. It would allow us to sell Bellerin at no real loss to the squad imo and if he doesn’t do any better next season, we could go in for a proper RB next summer

  108. Valentin

    Anybody else read the the article in the guardian that explain that paradoxically having 5 substitutions would not necessarily benefit big team?

    His explanation is Teams that benefit from the higher number of substitutions are the teams with the greater homogeneous squad.

    Outside of ManCity who could have 2 first eleven of very quality, most big team have a first 15, then a big drop in quality. While at Burnley, Norwich the difference in quality is a lot less if it exists at all.

    So if a player is tired or injured, the team with the most homogeneous squad is less impaired than the big team whose big game changer is out.

  109. Gentlebris

    All we need to immediately take this team forward is a DM who is really really good to pair Ceba at the base and Xhaka/AMN as backup. Then a complete 10 who can dribble, pass and shoot at 2013 Carzola levels. Then a big, experienced, no nonsense CB to partner and guide Saliba. Luiz as backup to both.

    After that, create a free role for Pepe as it looks like it’s what he needs to really unlock.

    Sell Laca and Nketia for decent money to raise fund, and always put Auba up top.

    Go to Celtic for Edouard or Rangers for Morelos as backup for Auba.

    You need more money?


    Holding: £15m
    Elneny: £5m
    Leno: £40m(minimum, and buy a £10m top prospect to replace him)
    Kola: £20m
    Balogun: £8m

    Arsenal is actually in a good place to move forward.


    Chelsea are going all out for Pope who is far inferior to Leno. Could we push Leno in their faces and get £70m?

  110. salparadisenyc

    Guess Wolves miss out on Europe with the Arsenal taking the trophy, had Chelsea won they’d of had all the glory of Europa league footie.

  111. Sid

    Holding is average, can only defend against a slow Giroud, when Lampard decided to change tactics and have Pedro run at the defence Holding was out of his depth.

  112. China1

    Seriously tho we talk about sales but why should we sell AMN before Bellerin? Bellerin is a few years older, is playing consistently worse, doesn’t appear to be improving much and the rest

    Makes much more sense to let AMN have a go at the RB slow again next season and see if we can get 20+m for Bellerin as based on his performances for the last 3 years we won’t be missing much

  113. Marc

    ” The water break won’t go away after Covid, just my opinion of course.”

    The water break will be gone by September, COVID will be here for a long time.

  114. CG


    “””””””I don’t know if AMN is *that* good or ever will be, but is he a useful squad player? 100% yes. He has a role to play and he costs fuck all in wages, plus he might keep improving””””””

    no one knew Martinez was any good.
    he is a late bloomer at 27.

    AMN at 27 years of age- will be coveted by every top club in Europe
    And as Sid would say,

    You heard that first and its free!

  115. Nelson

    Val “The few times they did, Bellerin struggled.”

    Good observation. Bellerin’s defense is getting worse. I was so worry that Pulisic will continue to give us trouble on that side. After Pulisic pulled the hammy, Bellerin became a better player.

    I would keep AMN and sell Bellerin. Or we keep Bellerin and sell Soares.

  116. Valentin

    I would say that over a Nick Pope is better/more consistent than Leno. Does not make extraordinary saves, but commit a lot less howlers than Leno.

    Right now Chelsea wants a keeper who keeps the ball out and does not commit mistakes on a regular basis. The only big surprise for me is that Nick Pope does not really go after high balls and with Chelsea defense so poor at corners and set pieces, Nick Pope may be an odd choice for Chelsea.

  117. Dissenter

    Where you one of those gooners jumping all around the streets of north London last night.
    Honestly the water breaks are so fleeting, they don’t disrupt the game anymore than the odd injury does.

  118. Gentlebris

    The big positive of the water break is that it get coaches actually more involved in the game rather than just standing by the lines making hit movies like Jose.

    It told yesterday that both coaches were involved at the water break and Arteta was the smarter of the two. No water break and we didn’t get to equalize when we did plus we conceded another. So the coaches had more opportunities to direct the game and this should be encouraged.

    Then the water break is just sixty seconds and we will always get those through injuries and even extended simulations! Those, unlike the water break, are a waste of time whereas the water break is good for the game.

  119. Wasi

    ‘Arsenal have played:
    Wolves, City, Liverpool and Chelsea.and he has been the best player on the pitch each time.’

    This is supposed to be a joke right?

    And also you want us to keep Amn until he is 27 in hope he can do a Martinez .
    Maybe the hangover is still there CG , take some rest.

  120. China1

    Anyone else notice Martinez is unusually hench for a keeper lol

    Most keepers are pretty lean but he’s not only tall but much heftier than most of his peers

    It’s kinda surprising that he is as dependable as he is with that frame but I suspect it’s because he compensated for less cat like reactions and agility with superior reading of the game and decision making

    Such is football that smarter players who read the game will often outperform technically superior but less intelligent players 9 times out of 10

    It’s the differences between being asked to make a world is and pulling it off/conceding a goal or making a pretty routine catch because you had half a second and half a yard earlier movement with better anticipation taking all the sting out of the situation

  121. Marko

    I think our Wenger would have struggled with these constant water breaks they ain’t his thing.

    Giving out worthwhile instructions during wasn’t his thing you’re right.

    Dissenter and baby oil of course of course.

    On the topic of AMN he’s still not good enough and if we get a decent offer for him we’re hardly in a position to say no given our circumstances. Sure he did great in the semi final and yesterday he did alright but previously and overall he hasn’t been great for us and let’s be honest here he’s not a who’s going to improve us and we need to be looking at improving.

  122. Dissenter

    ‘ Martinez is dat guy. Awesome keeper. Needs to be first choice and put on a new contract’

    Welcome to the club. Now get ready it be accused is being ultra-reactionary and amnesic of all the good Leno has done.
    Leno is a good keeper, too good to be number 2 anywhere
    Martinez is a good keeper, too good to be number 2 anywhere. He got his chance after so long and boy did he grab it.

    People like to fight for the underdog, Eni is exactly that. How could this guy have been languishing on our bench for so long?

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