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It is here, another FA Cup final for the mighty Arsenal. We’re going for number 14. Mikel Arteta is going for his first as a coach. The young players are going for their first-ever trophy. We have Europe on the line.

It’s different this year and it’s a shame. I’ve never missed an Arsenal FA Cup final. I usually go with my football family, we meet up, get drunk, celebrate or commiserate together, and then it’s a beautiful memory forever locked (even the losses can be fun after).

My Uncle, who is a Leeds fan said to me a few years ago that trophies were about parties. If you’re having a lot of parties, life is good, but if you’re not, then what’s the point?

Arsenal fans might not have had a lot of major-trophy parties of late, but we’re certainly advanced in FA Cup shindigs. This is our trophy, no one has won it as often as us. You feel something in the air whenever we head to Wembley. Wenger took these games very seriously, he loved the FA Cup, and I expect some of that has rubbed off on Arteta, who played as his captain in a winning side. Let’s hope Mikel has a similar relationship with the trophy.

Today is going to be tough, we’re not favourites which is unusual, and the squad of players we have available can be a little bit like that box of chocolates Forest Gump always bangs on about. You don’t know what you’re going to get. However, after thinking about it, under Mikel Arteta, it is more likely than ever that we’ll be picking out a chocolate that doesn’t have a sour liqueur hiding inside.

We’ve beaten United, Liverpool, and City this season. Both our Chelsea games, whilst not optimal, saw solid performances. We’ve had some very good away wins in 2020 as well. Arteta tailors a game plan to the match, the players understand it, and if there are no mistakes, we usually have a pretty good chance of making it very difficult for the other side.

I think we’ll see more of that today. There are rumours that Kieran Tierney is being considered as a centre back today, Ainsley is apparently getting the nod, then it’s with the gods how we set the team up from there.

This isn’t the same game as City or Liverpool. Chelsea has a pretty exciting collection of players that can move the ball through midfield. They play very attractive football at their peak, they are quick on the counter, and they can also pick apart a deep block. They have Olivier Giroud, say what you will about him, but he’ll be motivated, he’s a brilliant link-up striker, and he can score outrageous goals. Willian is in blistering form and along with Kante, is in the squad today.

Their weak spot is in defence. Frank Lampard teams often have a soft underbelly through the middle of the park, and this particular team has struggled with the goalkeeping position. Chelsea actually conceded more goals in the league than Arsenal this season, clocking in at a whopping 54. That is a massive opportunity if you can deal with them going forward. Tough to see how we bring exciting football to unlock their defence after bumming around without a #10 for so long, but we have seen glimpses of good play, particularly the first half against Leicester.

Our challenge is defence, individual errors, and in-game management. We don’t have Mustafi and in this squad, that’s a problem. He’s been huge for us under Mikel, bar a couple of games I think he was fatigued in. There aren’t many good options for us, but nor was there in 2017 when Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding put in a BEASTLY performance for us. The individual errors issue always lurks, our xG has been shocking this season in part because of that, the players know this, and they have to be at their best today to avoid being ‘that guy’ in a final. I also think Lampard has been adept at times at changing things up during the game. Arteta needs to make good decisions when that happens today because Chelsea has more from the bench than we do.

In Arteta’s first run out in the league, a game I attended, we were really unlucky. Callum Chambers picked up a nasty injury, then Frank made some smart changes from the bench and got quite lucky with Jorginho staying on the pitch. The second game we managed to rescue the game with Xhaka and Mustafi sitting on the bench. This is our third crack at Chelsea, arguably the most important on, we have to deliver. Lampard will come with something interesting tactically and we have to counter it, and then move fast to deal with whatever he does in the second phase of the game.

Moments like today define managers and projects. A trophy in your first season, whatever it is, can be absolutely huge. It builds trust from the players, it bonds squads, it builds rapport with the fans, creates forward momentum, and it’s just a beautiful feeling to know you’re on the right path.

This is massive.

Enjoy the game, have fun with your friends and families, let’s make some memories of a different kind today.

Big love from everyone at Le Grove, COME ON YOU GUNNERS xx

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s make it simple

    Great Result.

    Congratulations to the team.

    Arteta absolutely the right appointment as Head Coach.

    Let’s hope that Aubameyang decides to stay because he is absolutely indispensable.

  2. China1

    The second auba goal was iconic for a cup final

    That one will be remembered for 15-20 years

    When people are discussing arsenal cup finals they’ll refer to it as they one with the auba chip’

  3. Moe

    Arteta is freaking bold and knows the game. Upwards is the only trajectory fit Arsenal if he has his way.

    Imagine a proper RB, great DM, and playmaker CAM added to this team. Bring in a LW if money is left and fuck off about 5-8 useless lumps.

  4. Champagne charlie


    Can it, we’re sealing all 3 this week, you’ve been told.

    Then we’ll sell a handful and try and sneak in Zaha and Ginter before the window ends.

    Then we’re winning the league.

  5. Moe

    Just saw Areta on Being Sports say he had a conversation with Auba and believes that Ayba wants to stay. One down, four to go!

  6. DivineSherlock

    Mikel Arteta has already managed to win more matches against the Big Six than Unai Emery . Real Real Sauce

  7. Guns of SF

    We did have success going down the middle…
    The lob was kinda middle ish with Auba running onto it.

    The Bellerin run was not expected down the center… that was key as it pulled Christensen out…

    Bellerin had an ok to poor showing bar that move…
    If there are buyers I would cash on in him and get a proper RB

    Ahem, we have an AMN that is actually better IMO

    AMN actually was an unsung hero today… in attack and adding to defend… I would like to keep him if we can and sell BEll

  8. Guns of SF

    Just hope Arteta doesn’t get too sentimental and keep some of these that need to be sold….

    Give it a few days Arteta… come to your senses

  9. Marko

    Can it, we’re sealing all 3 this week, you’ve been told.Then we’ll sell a handful and try and sneak in Zaha and Ginter before the window ends.Then we’re winning the league.

    I like the optimism. That would actually represent a pretty good window Zaha, Gunter, Partey and Coutinho with Aubameyang signing on. A little too good

  10. Leedsgunner

    Dear Arsenal

    Please please please could we finally get on with our transfer business and early this year?

  11. Elmo

    With those Chelsea injuries today, Edu and Tets have to be thinking about how much depth we need to maintain for next season.

    Our new season starts now with the Community Shield on 29th August (4 weeks). With the Europa alongside the PL, it’s going to be a long season after this late finish.

    Need to have enough bodies about to not pick up avoidable serious injuries to our key players.

  12. Guns of SF


    Good points… cant wait around for the close of the window.
    Need to grab players now…. Coutinho, Ceballos, and sell early….. I dont want our players to be on super sale prices late in the window

  13. Guns of SF

    I hope its just “details” that is holding the Auba deal up.
    No doubt buyers will look at this game and might be sniffing around now. Perhaps that is what he wants… but I do not know who would offer him what he desires. He is already very highly paid.

    I think the key is trying to rid Ozil this summer… somehow. Freeing up salary can help.

    Hell, the prize money alone should be enough to pay Auba his extension

  14. CG

    Arsenal 2 Chelsea 1

    Liverpool next…

    Congratulations to Arteta and his Arsenal band ……
    But more importantly than that

    Congratulations to Spanish and Miss Spanish.

    50 years with many more to come.

  15. Kenyangunner

    The young players were scrambling for the medals.Up came Sok and handed them to players and he didn’t get one for himself.
    Great show of maturity!

  16. Elmo

    There is a later transfer window this summer : closes October 5th.

    Hopefully the Kroenkes have given clear guidance on what we can do, any incomings are agreed early to provide first team depth to rotate and rest, then have until October to move on unwanted players.

  17. Left Testicle

    The fecking useless BBC dedicating a whole half an hour to the FA Cup Final highlights tonight.

    They’d give more time to Accrington Stanley vs. Gumbly Gasworks.

  18. Muppetman

    So why support Arsenal? I really don’t get it. You are saying you’ll only be happy if we win the champions league?

  19. BacaryisGod

    Hate to say it but we’re in for a rough summer. The best thing for all of us to do is avoid the papers and the website rumours. There’ll be no Partey or Coutinho and Auba might want to stretch out negotiations until he sees real ambition from the club.

    Look at it this way. We need to secure Ceballos and Auba to avoid going g backwards. Ozick would rather stay home playing Fortnite and pick up 350k then actually go somewhere else to earn it. Guendouzi and Torreira may be our only valuable assetsand of our six CBs (Luis, Mustafi, Holding, Sokratis, Mari and Chambers) amazingly only Mustafi has 3 year starting potential under Arteta. Fingers crossed that Saliba proves to be as good as we’re hoping because we really need quality over quantity in that position.

    Still, what a great day for everyone, and really pleased for Auba-remember when people thought he was just a flashy troublemaker? He’s already a legend.

  20. Left Testicle

    Not very classy of us to have the ‘Always Forward 14’ shirts already printed.

    Could have back fired if leaked to the press before the game.

  21. Freddie Ljungberg

    Thought we were fucked after Xhaka gave away the ball inside 5 minutes and Emi had to make a save to then concede a minute later, well done the lads for coming back and pretty much controlling the game after the opening 2-25 minutes.

    Auba was immense, Pepe was great after a disappointing first 20 minutes or so where he had to drop too deep to collect the ball, as soon as he started getting the ball higher up the pitch he cause Chelsea problems, drawing fouls and providing pinpoint delivery all night. Too bad the goal didn’t stand, great finish. He ran at defenders more and put more effort in in this game, more like this please.

    Laca is the odd man out in that front 3, imagine having a third player of Aubas and Pepes quality
    up there…

    Ceballos again very good and Tierney could very well become an Arsenal legend.

  22. Leedsgunner

    Am I the only who hates Sweet Caroline as our anthem?

    What anthem would you have?

    Personally I wouldn’t mind something like “Our House” or “I won’t back down”.

  23. David Smith

    A trophy this season, when so many things have gone against this team, can only be called special sauce

  24. Henry Root

    There will be some severely depressed and quiet Grovers on here tonight.
    They will be gutted
    We won the Cup. For the fourteenth time and Matt Smith has more trophies than Harry Kane.
    S***s have to qualify for the Europa now !

  25. Muppetman

    Redtruth perhaps you could support Man City and win the champions league this season? Might make you happy?

  26. Pedro

    Danny, no idea!

    We are skint.

    Club is going big this week on deals. We need to raise cash. Let’s see!

    China, Bris, means a lot. I’m so happy Mikel has more trophies than Poch

  27. G

    Played Luiz both today and in semi was very good..
    Couldn’t see how Cellabos was a real madrid player a few months ago.. Glad I was wrong..
    Pepe to follow suit

  28. Champagne Charlie


    Sit that dickhead on the naughty step, Arsenal just won the FA cup and he’s on here making his usual pathetic trolling comments. He’s a cunt at the best of times, can we have some peace from the dickhead for a weekend?

  29. Freddie Ljungberg


    This gives us a nice boost in the budget though.

    An extra 30-45m depending on how far we go in the EL + whatever prize money they give for winning the FA cup nowadays.
    Add that to our reported 30m budget before this and it’s not as doom and gloom as many here predicts.

    We’ll still need to sell players but that’s a decent baseline.

  30. GunnerDNA

    Congratulations to y’all gooners! Magical performance from the team and Mikel Arteta. Mikel surely won me over today. Seeing him lift the trophy is super specical. Can’t wait for next season. COYGs

  31. Freddie Ljungberg

    Anyone see the pictures of Saliba in training btw? Looks an absolute monster already at 19, towers over everyone else in the team. Going to be massive if he adapts quickly.

  32. Danny S


    I’m not so interested in weather we need to sell him, I’m more concerned with how mercenary he is.

    From his reaction to the question of will he be staying, I’d say he’s off. Anyone with any respect for the fans and the club would choose that moment to reassure fans they were on board.

  33. BacaryisGod

    Totally agree Leeds. ‘Sweet Caroline’ is appalling-we have a diverse team from around the world and there surely is a better song we could have. At least it’s better than ‘The Wonder of Your.

    Basically our two songs are from two Americans who have no relationship to the club anyway. Time to get is a fresh song. ‘Our House’ is our because Suggs did a terrible FA Cup song with Chelsea. Instant disqualification.

    I think Jay Z is an Arsenal fan. Surely something from him would be better. John Lydon is a big fan so maybe the intro to ‘Rise’ by Public Image Limited would be a good opening song as the team comes on to the field . Even Starsky and Hutch’s David Soul is a supporter so of course ‘Don’t Give Up on Us’ would be fitting after any home defeats.😂

  34. RockyRoe

    1. Tierney has been a monster signing an d well well be top 5 lb in the world in a year or so.

    2. Martinez Has to keep the no. 1 shirt, its always sooo satisfying to see a player who has come up through the ranks performing well. His post match interview says it all, arsenal man through and through and could be a mainstay for 5-7 years.

    3. Wonder what’s up with saka?

  35. Johnno

    There is literally no point supporting Arsenal if you only acknowledge “big”trophies and not the FA Cup. Arsenal have owned the FA Cup over the years because it’s their level. Almost always has been.

    Anyone thinking the last 10 years was shit because the previous 10 were great hasn’t gone back far enough. The previous 10 were the aberration – not these 10.

    Either that or they stupidly believed Ivan’s bullshit when he said we would push to kick on and be the best. We have literally never done that. We’ve squandered so many good teams with lack of ambition.

    Based on over 100 years of history – supporting arsenal and demanding a league or a european cup is like supporting the Miami Heat and moaning when all they win is the NBA and never a Stanley Cup.

    Either you’re a plastic fan from the 2000s or you’re just a sad troll. Which is it Redtruth?

    Oh and running down the FA Cup – a trophy that fans of at least 88 other clubs would kill for – will just have those fans of other teams thinking you’re as big a cock as all the arsenal fans do.

    Just a heads up

  36. Leedsgunner

    Kolasinac, Elneny, Guendouzi, Sokratis, Mustafi and Özil… thanks but I think it’s time to say goodbye…

  37. Danny S


    If I was going to chose an arsenal song, it would be one of 2 from the idles.

    Danny Nedelko, or never fight a man with a perm

  38. Markl

    What is the point of Red Truth the relationship he has with Arsenal is poisoned he needs to leave it and move on for everyone’s sakes
    The sight of Emiliano sobbing shows how much it means
    3 cup final wins over Chelsea , 3 wins let that soak in. We know that Chelsea supporters thought they only had to turn up on the last two occasions. They’ll get all bitter now as their delusions of being London’s biggest club is blown up in their faces

  39. OCGooner

    SF, Day drinking for sure at lunchtime!! Yea!!!

    Auba definitely needs to be kept. He’s freakishly fit for his age, he could easily have 2-3 more years in him at top level. Get what we can for Laca and let Auba play 9 as he should. He’ll keep getting goals but would increase his goal creation as well with Mart, Saka, Nelson, Pepe running the channels off him. But we have to bring in a Bruno type at No. 10 to unlock. Ceballos is not that guy, no one currently in the squad is. And get a proper rangy CB (young) to pair with Saliba.

    Arteta is the man. You can see that the ones on board will run though a wall for him. Hope the club will be smart with player acquisition/purge during this window. Looks more likely that the Rams won’t play this year (NFL doesn’t have their shit together at all). Come on Kroenke, look after your team that’s actually playing!

  40. Leedsgunner


    I remember hearing Amy Lawrence saying that Sweet Caroline is Neil Diamond thinking about Caroline Kennedy who was 11 at the time when he wrote it… talk about creepy and totally inappropriate!!!

  41. winordie


  42. OCGooner

    1. YES
    2. YES
    3. Think Saka just going through a rough mental patch. Last few times he played, looked like he was trying to do too much. Think Arteta just pulled back a bit to take pressure off. Kid’s still 18.

  43. Words on a Blog


    The anthem should be changed from Sweet Caroline (meaningless) to Sweet Aubameyang!

    Brilliant performance from Auba, AMN, Tierney, Martinez, Ceballos and Pepe.

    Arteta 2 – Lampard 1

  44. Tom

    There’s no doubt in my mind Arsenal get a short end of the stick from refs in the league most seasons ,but for some weird reason we do get the calls from the same refs in the FA cup and I think I probably like that better.
    We are not winning the league either way but a couple of lucky calls can make a difference in a cup competition.

  45. DigitalBob

    Fucking buzzing right now, what a great way to end the season. Well done to our great coach, he’s gonna be a revelation if he’s supported in all aspects of his management. He’s gonna make mistakes but we and the board need to keep the faith and he’ll return us to our rightful place in the league!

    Auba is supreme, first order of business come monday is to sort this mans new deal out, no ifs and or buts. He needs to stay on its vital.

    Also time to say goodbye to a few players once they sober up after this weekend and no more silly offers for potential targets, lets get these deals done.

    Special praise(again) for Pepe, hes a worldy, and any talk of him being sold this summer is silly, he’s going to be great we need to build around this lethal attack of ours.

  46. RockyRoe


    True that, I suppose it better in the long run.


    Give auba keys to the kingdom, man’s gonna be vital (and who knows even more deadly with a better midfield) next season.

    How much to get a 30 goal a season striker? 120-130 million? Maybe more?

  47. Redtruth


    You’re talking shit.
    Man City and Chelsea’s history is nothing compared to Arsenal.

    So yes in the modern game I expect Arsenal to win Ol’ Big Ears.

  48. Jim Lahey

    @Redtruth –

    Even if we won the PL or CL you would be on here chatting shit about how is was “the softest year” or we “lucked” our way to victory. You’re just a miserable person. If you gain no happiness from winning then what is the point? Why not just forget the club and go do something more productive with your time?

  49. OCGooner

    I think the COVID situation (no fans) for Arsenal and Arteta was a blessing in disguise. A clinical atmosphere for Arteta to judge this “who do I have and who needs to go” period. Not an ideal atmosphere for winning and lifting a trophy, but I think in the long run gave Arteta a more un-muddied head start on a rebuild. Love to hear any thoughts on that.

  50. Minden Raider

    How did Michael Owen’s prediction go. Not wrong again surely Michael lol. You must hate Arsenal with a vengeance. Oh well maybe you will be right next year lol.

  51. Marko

    No he isn’t, check his agent

    Ohhhh I get you. Eh yeah he’s shit and probably costs about 60 million and not the 18 million reported. Hidden fees and VAT and all that

  52. luke

    I just dont see who is going to come in for Auba realistically. Both Barca and Madrid have huge finance problems, Bayern have Lewandowski, so that leaves Juventus and maybe Inter? Juve already have Dybala, Higuain and Ronaldo – Inter have Lukaku and Lautaro. I know a lot of clubs are interested in Lautaro Martinez so maybe Inter, but is going to Inter that much better than Arsenal? Would Inter really splash the cash on Auba? Seems doubtful to me.

  53. DigitalBob

    Rocky – Exactly we cannot replace that productivity finishing 8th and with no money. He may not be a vocal captain but hes clearly loved by his team mates, coach and fans, and incredibly productive on the pitch so we have to get the contract signed and then kick on with improving this team.

    4 weeks till the Community shield tie against Pool, I’d really like to see a couple new faces in that line-up!

  54. Dissenter

    whatcha thinkin bout Xhaka tonight

    What a performance for the ages. He bossed the referee and lived rent free in his mind for 100 minutes. He didn’t even get a yellow card.

  55. Dissenter

    Ceballos turns 24 years old this week.
    Make it happen, even if it means spending some of next summers transfer budget.

  56. Words on a Blog

    Apologies if anyone else has already mentioned this, but one added bonus of today is that we go straight into the Europa League main draw. This means that The Mourinho Scum are pushed down into the Europa League qualifiers.

    This means they could face the mighty Koloa Kovalifka FC or perhaps the mighty Cypriot legends Anorthosis Famagusta or even the terrifying Logan Liberec.

    Haha, fucking Spuds mired in the backwaters of Europe before next season even begins.

  57. Words on a Blog

    Apologies to any Slavs out there, but autocorrect discriminates against them when it comes to their football teams.

    It ain’t Logan Liberec but Slovan Liberec that Mourinho’s minions might well end up having to face in the gruelling Europa qualifiers.

  58. G8

    Fantastic win ,over the moon
    Always forward 14 get in..
    I am also glad that the AKBs would shut up now about the past his sell by date Wenger winning the FA cup so he should have stayed and all that careful what you wish for bullshit..
    A novice manager has won the thing in his 1st 6 months
    Love it..

  59. Valentin

    Lacazette did not had a good game, but his selfless constant run did help tired Chelsea defense.
    For Aubameyang second goal with Christensen on the floor, his run across the box confused the defense and those extra seconds of indecisiveness meant that Zouma was too far to intercept and stop Auba.

  60. Northbanker

    What a great day

    14 FA Cups and I’m proud to say I’ve aeen 11 of them

    Redtruth – you really are a miserable bastard when you can’t even be happy on a day like this

  61. Habesha Gooner

    Loaning ceballos again is the smartest option. If we can’t make it work, Let them Include an obligation to buy next summer. That way we will keep more of our funds to buy other players. These performances from him have been really Convincing. If he Consistently plays like he has, He will be our main CM.

  62. Johnno


    That’s such a shame. I had hoped you would finally admit to having a laugh on here and to being a troll. I would have respected that.

    I’m not saying that I think that’s all arsenal should aspire to be – but I’ve supported them for 45 years and they’ve always surrounded the power to 2-3 teams in that era. We just have never followed through and given it the biggun.
    So I’m realistic that anything other than an FA cup will be rare. So I don’t set my bar there. I also don’t set my bar at 8th btw.
    We should expect arsenal to be 3-5th but close to the top 2 and occasionally challenge.

    And as for all the weakened team stuff. Pep is the biggest winner in world football and he even tries to win the league cup. Lower level teams field weakened teams because they can’t risk players in a competition that they cannot win. We aren’t that club and do we should be aiming to win it. I think you were suggesting that the fans of lower teams don’t care about winning the cup and that’s why they play weaker teams!

    If you were then you are an even bigger bellend that I thought.

  63. RockyRoe

    Spurs have to play 3 qualifier matches to get into the europa group stages.

    Combined with the short rest between seasons, it could well have a negative effect on their early pl ties.

  64. Gentlebris

    It has to be said to Raul and Edu though; we got four crucial goals against Citey and Chelsea, all by one player. It would be criminal to let such a player go.

  65. Gentlebris

    ‘4 weeks till the Community shield tie against Pool, I’d really like to see a couple new faces in that line-up!’

    You all not gonna let me sleep with all these music in my ear!

  66. RockyRoe


    Absolutely, auba has to be renewed at whatever cost. Next year we will have the leech ozil off our books and raul/edu should be telling auba, take 200k now and we’ll increase to 300k the next season.

    Auba is one of those freaks of nature physical player (like ronaldo) who would go downhill physically when 32-33, I’m willing to bet he will be banging them in and would not have lost a lot of pace in 2 years. So a 3 year contract where he can play the no 1 for 2 seasons and a no 2 for a season would suit us just fine. The goal scoring pedigree he brings would be critical in the next 2-3 years and could well be the difference between CL and el/nothing.

    With a better midfield we could be playing higher up the pitch next season which might mean even more opportunities for auba. We Have To Get It Done!!

  67. Guns of SF

    Auba is a skinny man, the wear and tear isnt too bad on a physique like his.

    As long as he takes care of his knees, avoids needless muscle injuries he will be ok. He is not a physical player and avoids that type of style of play ala aguero, suarez

    He will be good to go for a few more years…

  68. Gentlebris

    We beat Citey and Chelsea to win a trophy, leaving Pep and fat Frank fuming in our trail, and this sick fucker thinks he could troll down this massive achievement.

    You need your head shoved under some very cold water, Red.

  69. Tom

    GentlebrisAugust 1, 2020 23:02:20
    We beat Citey and Chelsea to win a trophy, leaving Pep and fat Frank fuming in our trail, and this sick fucker thinks he could troll down this massive achievement.

    I’m not the biggest FA cup fan but didn’t Arsenal face tougher opposition this season than any other under Wenger’s FA cup wining sides ?
    Two top four clubs in City and Chelsea, another top half of the table club in Sheffield, and a very exciting, soon to be promoted Leeds.

  70. RockyRoe


    Auba has scarred zouma forever. Eveeytime he faces auba in future, he will be thinking, ‘would he go right of left?’

  71. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    You can be a funny cunt, I often chuckle to me self

    But FFs coating Arteta. Ipomoea his first award

    Sad fella

    Your better than that

  72. Samir

    I think it’ll be a little harder for Arteta to get rid of players after the clear bond he has with many.

    AMN has been very very good recently, he’s changed my mind and I wouldn’t want to see him leave. Not even for 20M.

  73. China1

    Lol Pedro you got yourself a free pass on the I told you so post today. Better get it in fast and take the chance to make it a smug one because we’ll all have moved on in a few days. The window is tight 😁

  74. Countryboy

    AMN is worth more than 20m. This match proved it.

    Bellerin is worth 35m

    Holding is 20m+ defender – English premium and all.

    This match should not lull MA into believing that this team is enough long term.

    Irrespective of today’s performance, this team needs major culling. This is the right time to do it.

    A major issue in the last ten years is that the club held on to certain players for too long.

    Now we have about 150m worth of talent in the squad, let’s go out there and press the reset button.


  75. Danny M.O

    I have been talking about AMN for ages. Told all of you there was a player there!

    Mount and RJ on lock. Him and tierney had that side in a spliff.

    Not going to lie i was celebrating injuries and yellows like they were goals!. Fist pumping to azpi, pedro and pulisic going off.

  76. salparadisenyc

    Replication of 2017, City in the semi, Chelsea in final.
    Both equally sweet, one an ending of sort this a beginning.

    Arteta capped off our worst year in decades with a trophy, unprecedented circumstance. Were in for a ride deal with it Red Truth.

  77. Gonsterous

    Congrats Arsenal. Missed the game but saw the scoreline early this morning.

    The sauce is real.. I’m over the moon. Back in Europe and a trophy for the saucy one. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

  78. Bojangles

    I’m always last to the party. Anyway, great win for us. Didn’t fancy us after going a goal down, not sure what Arteta said during the first drink break but it sure fired the lads up.

    Special thanks to our tap-in merchant, that second goal has to be the best tap on I’ve ever seen.

    I may be wrong but I think that was the first game that Pepe played 90+ minutes. His last 3 or 4 appearances he has been more involved.

    Finally, Arteta. A great achievement to win a trophy after just 6 months at the helm. Looking forward to seeing what he can do with a better squad (hopefully) in a couple of months.

  79. Dan Ahern

    Arsenal, THE Arsenal!

    Feels great to be lifting silverware after hitting rock bottom this season. So glad we got the right manager in. What a game, what a game.

  80. Bojangles

    I know some are saying that Martinez hasn’t played enough games to fully gauge his ability but from what I’ve seen I think he has enough qualities to be world class. Emi has two years left on his contract, so Arsenal will be looking at renewing but I don’t see him agreeing to being number 2 now, nor Leno so Arsenal are going to have to make a decision. I’m really hoping Martinez comes out on top. I’d be gutted to lose him, not so with Leno.

  81. Leedsgunner

    I would love Auba to stay… but if he is going, what a gift he has left to us!

    Thanks Auba and wish you the best whatever you decide to do. You made one father and son very very very happy this afternoon!

  82. The Godfather

    There is a complete moron here that has repeatedly called Auba overrates and claims he never steps up in big games.

    Guess ousting City and Chelsea should silence the vermin but ya never know

  83. Leedsgunner

    Martinez has won with the club. He waited for his chance and when it came he took it with both hands and led the club to victory.

    After Auba, we need to tie down Martinez for sure.

    Like I said, I don’t want Auba to go, if he does I won’t begrudge him.

    So… if we have to think of a new captain… my top two choices

    1. Tierney (I love his humility and toughness… and his no nonsense style of play)
    2. Martinez (Longest serving player, fighting and succeeding to achieve his dream.)

  84. James wood

    Come on Red.
    This surely is better than reading back through
    the Labour Party manifesto again and seeing
    what went wrong there.
    Your a funny old sod?
    You just need more sugar in your tea.
    Lighten up replicating former years might be difficult.?

  85. Leedsgunner

    I absolutely love it that we’ve relegated Spurs to the Europa qualifiers too… what a come down from contending for the UEFA Champions League Final… 🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

  86. China1

    Yeah Danny zero sympathy or fucks given for Chelsea’s woes apart from Pedro

    IDGAF. We got Fucked anally by the ref in artetas first match against them. Absolutely hideous display where they shouldve has a man sent off and separately another foul ignored just before their goal. Total BS

    The way things didn’t go their way with decisions and injuries was incredibly reminiscent of arsenal over the years and it was beautiful to see them getting frustrated. They fucking deserved what they got and we were the better team anyway so fuck them

  87. Emiratesstroller

    Good Morning All

    What a great day after yesterday’s result. I am beginning to feel far more positive about the future.

    1. Arteta is most definitely a first class appointment despite all the negatives
    posted on Le Grove since his arrival. He is intelligent and methodical in how he works and thinks. The chemistry between him and players also tells you a

    2. The team is becoming more difficult to beat and despite its limitations has
    managed to beat Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd and now Chelsea. That would
    have been unlikely under previous management.

    3. The priorities this summer must be to offload Ozil and Guendouzi as well as
    secure contract extensions with Aubameyang and Ceballos.

    4. The owner and board must invest in the team. All our major competitors are
    doing so and it would be madness not to bring in at least 2-3 new players. Our
    midfield in particular needs more control and creativity.

  88. Pierre

    Many thought that Holding was the weak link in defence and Giroud would dominate him…nothing could be further from the truth, he was a rock at the heart of our defence.

    Holding put on a masterful display at the back , he’s a proper defender.
    Yesterday’s performance was reminiscent of the 2017 cup final when he dominated Costa.

    Yesterday he had Luiz by his side and they held firm after a dodgy opening 15 minutes..

    Looking at the comments, Lacazette received a lot of unfair criticism for his performance.
    I disagree., i said at half time that he was playing a role for the team that occupied defenders to allow the space for Aubameyang and Pepe to utilise.

  89. TR7

    Very happy to see AMN putting in good performances. As I have always said he is a talented young player whose only real limitation is his lack of focus and application at times but for me there was never a doubt about his ability. I don’t like the rumors linking him to a move away from Arsenal. He can be a very good player for us. Holding too gets a lot of stick from people but give him a good run of games and he will put in good performances on a regular interval.

    AMN, Tierrney, Chambers, Holding, Saka and Martinelli – for me these 6 youngsters have it in them to do well for Arsenal.

  90. Gonsterous

    Hope we build on this, get a cracking summer and move on to challenge for top 4.
    We have the saucy one,(hope this doesn’t go to his head) and we need reinforcements (midfield, no more of this willian and other links to wingers crap).