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It is here, another FA Cup final for the mighty Arsenal. We’re going for number 14. Mikel Arteta is going for his first as a coach. The young players are going for their first-ever trophy. We have Europe on the line.

It’s different this year and it’s a shame. I’ve never missed an Arsenal FA Cup final. I usually go with my football family, we meet up, get drunk, celebrate or commiserate together, and then it’s a beautiful memory forever locked (even the losses can be fun after).

My Uncle, who is a Leeds fan said to me a few years ago that trophies were about parties. If you’re having a lot of parties, life is good, but if you’re not, then what’s the point?

Arsenal fans might not have had a lot of major-trophy parties of late, but we’re certainly advanced in FA Cup shindigs. This is our trophy, no one has won it as often as us. You feel something in the air whenever we head to Wembley. Wenger took these games very seriously, he loved the FA Cup, and I expect some of that has rubbed off on Arteta, who played as his captain in a winning side. Let’s hope Mikel has a similar relationship with the trophy.

Today is going to be tough, we’re not favourites which is unusual, and the squad of players we have available can be a little bit like that box of chocolates Forest Gump always bangs on about. You don’t know what you’re going to get. However, after thinking about it, under Mikel Arteta, it is more likely than ever that we’ll be picking out a chocolate that doesn’t have a sour liqueur hiding inside.

We’ve beaten United, Liverpool, and City this season. Both our Chelsea games, whilst not optimal, saw solid performances. We’ve had some very good away wins in 2020 as well. Arteta tailors a game plan to the match, the players understand it, and if there are no mistakes, we usually have a pretty good chance of making it very difficult for the other side.

I think we’ll see more of that today. There are rumours that Kieran Tierney is being considered as a centre back today, Ainsley is apparently getting the nod, then it’s with the gods how we set the team up from there.

This isn’t the same game as City or Liverpool. Chelsea has a pretty exciting collection of players that can move the ball through midfield. They play very attractive football at their peak, they are quick on the counter, and they can also pick apart a deep block. They have Olivier Giroud, say what you will about him, but he’ll be motivated, he’s a brilliant link-up striker, and he can score outrageous goals. Willian is in blistering form and along with Kante, is in the squad today.

Their weak spot is in defence. Frank Lampard teams often have a soft underbelly through the middle of the park, and this particular team has struggled with the goalkeeping position. Chelsea actually conceded more goals in the league than Arsenal this season, clocking in at a whopping 54. That is a massive opportunity if you can deal with them going forward. Tough to see how we bring exciting football to unlock their defence after bumming around without a #10 for so long, but we have seen glimpses of good play, particularly the first half against Leicester.

Our challenge is defence, individual errors, and in-game management. We don’t have Mustafi and in this squad, that’s a problem. He’s been huge for us under Mikel, bar a couple of games I think he was fatigued in. There aren’t many good options for us, but nor was there in 2017 when Per Mertesacker and Rob Holding put in a BEASTLY performance for us. The individual errors issue always lurks, our xG has been shocking this season in part because of that, the players know this, and they have to be at their best today to avoid being ‘that guy’ in a final. I also think Lampard has been adept at times at changing things up during the game. Arteta needs to make good decisions when that happens today because Chelsea has more from the bench than we do.

In Arteta’s first run out in the league, a game I attended, we were really unlucky. Callum Chambers picked up a nasty injury, then Frank made some smart changes from the bench and got quite lucky with Jorginho staying on the pitch. The second game we managed to rescue the game with Xhaka and Mustafi sitting on the bench. This is our third crack at Chelsea, arguably the most important on, we have to deliver. Lampard will come with something interesting tactically and we have to counter it, and then move fast to deal with whatever he does in the second phase of the game.

Moments like today define managers and projects. A trophy in your first season, whatever it is, can be absolutely huge. It builds trust from the players, it bonds squads, it builds rapport with the fans, creates forward momentum, and it’s just a beautiful feeling to know you’re on the right path.

This is massive.

Enjoy the game, have fun with your friends and families, let’s make some memories of a different kind today.

Big love from everyone at Le Grove, COME ON YOU GUNNERS xx

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  1. Valentin

    Today the best players were Ceballos, Aubameyang and AMN in that order. Xhaka had also a very good disciplined game.

  2. Luteo Guenreira

    My wife just now re: Auba

    “He’s leaving? He needs to stay, he scores all the goals.”

    Simple but hard to argue with that logic though.

  3. Dissenter

    There won’t be any one arguing against an Auba extension again, certainly not me.
    He’s the inspiration of the team. He’s more than just the goal scorer.

  4. TheLegendaryDB10

    Martinez 100% should be our number 1 keeper!!!

    I an so fucking happy!!!!

    Shame we can’t celebrate this properly.

    Right now we should all be in Blackstock road celebrating!!!!!

  5. Wasi

    Martinez the brave.

    Auba the clinical.

    Pepe the unpredictable.

    Ceballos the fidget spinner.

    Up the Arsenal. !!!!

  6. Buzzy

    Martinez had been nothing short of inspiring in each game he has played..people will remember goals but no one will remember the important corner he came out for bravely and gathered safely towards the end..those kind of things are as important as goals! Ive got a man crush on the guy. Has to be number 1. Dont think ive ever felt so safe with any of our keepers ever.

  7. Valentin

    Martinez definitely deserves to be No1. The fact that he catches any high balls on corners and set pieces really help the defense.

  8. Champagne Charlie

    Massive day for team spirit and hooking the lads to the Arteta vision. Thrilled to have him leading the club into a new era

  9. TheBayingMob

    The commentators on ESPN are still belly aching about the red card

    Too right, who’s this jock cunt spewing his guts up on the analysis? Fucking cunt. Swallow it like a five dollar crack wh0r3 you fucking jock wanker

  10. Tom

    andy1886August 1, 2020 18:40:14
    The only downside – Pedro will be unbearable!! But we’ll live with it.


  11. Chris

    BT Sport

    “We will certainly be discussing the referee performance after the break”

    Of course you will, some 50/50 decisions went Arsenals way!!

    14 times!!

  12. Radio Raheem

    Still the biggest club in London. We’ve a bigger trophy than City quite something considering the season we’ve had.

    In Sauce we trust.

  13. Dissenter

    Xhaka looked like an elite cultured central midfielder tonight.
    He was full of guile and game management today.

  14. Chris

    Saw Auba dropping the cup as soon as he picked it up awkwardly haha.

    He might not live that one down.l but I doubt he cares!

    He has also silenced the people who laughably claimed him to bottle the big games. He must stay.

  15. Wingdings

    @Guns of SF

    We beat Liverpool, City and Chelsea in FA

    Who would have thought?

    The Liverpool game was a league game.

  16. Leedsgunner

    I love it that all the Liverpool luvin’ Tottenham tutting and Manchester worshipping pundits are sick to their teeth tonight… they can’t bring themselves to say Well done Arsenal…

    Finish the season 8th but still finish with a major trophy!!!

  17. Dissenter

    Quick question?

    Surely Mesut Ozil is DONE at Arsenal.

    There’s no coming back from this, is there?
    Even the crocked players with crutches were in the stadium.

  18. TheBayingMob

    Thinking of you young Gooners,many of you never lived AnfIeld 1989.Today was similar. I am so Happy.

    Nah no way. 1989 will never be rivaled. We were ten years without a trophy (ignoring the league cup) and 18 years without a title. 1989 was awesome. I would compare it to that ‘87 league cup win over Liverpool though, that was a catalyst for the Graham years and a good crop of youngsters …

  19. Wingdings

    Guns of SFAugust 1, 2020 18:55:03
    Auba simply cannot leave us now….

    Can you imagine if he did? Arsenal would be a relegation team.

  20. NJ Gooner

    We need a ‘sign da ting’ campaign for Auba.

    Spent the game texting with my brother-in-law in London. He’s a Chelsea fan, and even he thought we deserved to win!

  21. Dissenter

    “‘The Sauce is the Boss! Long live the Sauce!’🤣🤣🤣”

    Tonight, you are Don Pedro the prime minister of le-grovia.
    You really by decree, all dissenters will be out to the sword.

  22. Saladin

    That dope fiend cock sucker Rio sounds so butt-hurt. He just cannot stomach to give us any praise. What a fucking bitch.

  23. Guns of SF

    I dont think he will leave us. I hope this was not his swan song!

    His family seems happy in London, he seems happy as captain.

    We got 33M to spend now… lets do it wisely

  24. Pedro

    Dissenter, couldn’t be happier.

    All I want is a better Arsenal, I think we’re on the right path.

    Today, we were better than the sum of our parts.

    Fans believe, players believe, and I think the club do.

    Momentum and Europe going into next season is SO important.


  25. Dissenter

    Anthony Taylor has done a number on us so many times
    I dont give a damn whether he had a bad game or not,.

  26. Marko

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang wins Arsenal the FA Cup + secures their place in next season’s Europa League. His 69/70th & most important goals in 109 games. Now comes a huge decision for the 31yo + #AFC – will he stay or go?

    70 goals in 109 games is frightening

  27. Alex James

    I’ve never been an Arteta fan but I have to say to him tonight, well done. Really proud to be a proud Gooner again

  28. Dissenter

    It makes it sweeter to see all these commentators bleating like idiots

    Arsenal were the better team. We wanted it more and it showed.

  29. Cotswolds

    So fucking pleased v Chelsea fuckers, we had the run of the ref decisions for the first time this season. Amazing result. Need Aubu to stay.

  30. Guns of SF

    Chelsea had the ball often but did shit with it.
    we had the better chances-
    Pepe did well coming inside more… he cannot hug the sidelines all the time… good decision- not sure it was his or Artetas

    His dribbling in the middle was crucial today

  31. MidwestGun

    Yep all the announcers are crying about it .. like a bunch of children.. We won it!!

    Fuck off. The better team today won.

  32. Danny S

    Guns of SF

    Pepe kept popping up on that left side. He was also closing down really well.

    Great game from him.

  33. China1

    After a horror opening 15 mins that was a fabulous turnaround by the whole team

    Full credit to all of them for picking things up after what felt like it was going to be a horror show in the opening. Arteta has done extremely well to get us over the finish line this season

    Coaching players to be a bit better is one thing but management is about getting results and doing it when it matters to win trophies. Despite adversity in the league he’s pulled out all the stops to qualify for the EL by the FA cup and the win was thoroughly deserved.

    The benefit of winning a cup in arteta’s first season is enormous in terms of confidence this will bring the players as well. It was an all or nothing game and arsenal chose all. Great job, well done.

    We’ve won the cup a few times in recent years but it always felt like we as a club we’re on a downwards trend and it was papering over the cracks. This one feels different as despite coming from lower, the trajectory feels upwards. Massive result imo

    Also let’s all stop and think about how much credit poch got for winning fuck all with considerably better squads than this. Really underscores how over rated spurs typically are and full credit to Arteta in his first (half) season. That was NOT easy

  34. Gentlebris

    ‘Winning the FA Cup is no indicator on Arsenal moving in the right direction just ask Wenger.’

    Shut up you sad monster.

  35. Habesha Gooner

    I am so happy to see so many people so salty after this. It makes it even sweeter. And Tottenham playing qualifiers also makes it better. It’s great being on the other side. Let’s go back to when every team hated is but wanted to be like us.

  36. Buzzy

    This is a huge win for this club’s career. Make no mistake. This was really needed. Lose this and everything would gave gone down including vital contracts. This win has put us in Eurpope and completely saved this season with a renewed hope.for the next one! Onwards and upwards!

  37. Tony

    Really happy for Arteta and a great team performance.

    A huge lift for us going forward financially, so let’s hope Raul has a plan in place for the win.

  38. Batistuta

    Yes we fucking did it, absolutely pleased for the team. Loved how Arteta bounced around at the final whistle with everyone, can see why you’d want to play for him.

    Absolutely can’t afford to lose Auba now dear Lord, man’s a fucking world class

    Hopefully the board backs the manager now, need to get this summer right as much as we can.

  39. LittleG

    @dissenter 100% on the red. We had so many poor decisions against us. If their players give him a decision to make that’s their issue. It’s happened to us enough! Plus their lucky they got away without a sending off for the penalty! So chuffed for today though. Massive result!

  40. Batistuta

    14 times man, love the arrogance in printing the shirts knowing we’d fucking win the thing. Probably should just let us have the trophy for keeps now

  41. Danny S


    Ozil gives zero fucks. Man has no pride, as long as he gets his 18m next year he couldn’t give a fuck.

    Says a lot about him and those who support him really.

  42. Cotswolds

    Been reading your blog for about a year, tried to comment a few times but left in moderation, Arsenal supporter since kenny Samson and Willie young days, what do I need to do to comment.

  43. China1

    Lol you guys are so naive

    For ozil to be hurt he’d have to you know… care about arsenal… or even football… lol

    He probably didn’t even watch it. Why would he? He gets paid all the same

  44. gnarleygeorge9

    Redtruth, just go & swallow a bitter pill, & watch your DVD collection of tottenham cup triumphs, on your grand father’s black & white television, no one gives a fuck about what’s rattling around inside your cranium right now.

  45. Just Another Customer

    what a roller coaster ride of a season and what a way to end it

    do our business right and we will have more momentum when the new season starts

    keep the faith
    believe in sauce
    trust in rolodex

  46. Wasi

    Arteta’s Arsenal are going straight to the top.
    First trophy in only half a season with a poor squad that was broken mentally.

    Sauce is actually the boss.

  47. China1

    I heard spurs won the ‘pundits most overrated team of the 21st Century’ award and credit to them they fully deserved it

  48. RodneyKing

    Really, really happy for the boys and Arteta. The “14” on the jerseys sort of reminded me of Henry and the good old days.
    And now we’ve got Auba. I hope the best decision is reached regarding his contract.

  49. China1

    The beautiful thing is that spurs didn’t achieve shit in mourinho’s honeymoon period. How will they look when the wheels fall off his bus in the next 12-18 months?

    Fucking spud cunts forever in arsenals shadow

  50. Gentlebris

    ‘Ozil gives zero fucks. Man has no pride, as long as he gets his 18m next year he couldn’t give a fuck.’

    Danny S,

    Yes I know, but he got served all the same and it makes me sooooooo happy!

  51. China1

    Nelson ozil got 350 thousand medals this week to sit in a 200 sq meter 6 star hotel room on the Turkish coast playing fortnite

    He won more than you’ll ever know this week LOL

  52. Champagne Charlie

    “Arteta has won more trophies than both Lampard & Solskjær and Spurs in the last 11 years“


  53. China1

    That second auba goal was soooooo satisfying

    My wife and kid were asleep next to me so I couldn’t make a noise and I found myself compulsively clicking my fingers after for the next 30 seconds because I couldn’t find any other outlet for how sweet that was 😂😂

    On the training ground that would’ve been outrageous but on his weaker foot and in an FA cup final to look so utterly blasé in the face of the onrushing keeper and to then actually pull that off was solid 10/10

  54. Gentlebris

    ‘Arteta did in 6 months what Pochettino couldn’t do in 5 years.That’s well beyond sauce!’

    Arteta: Substantial Sauce.
    Pochettino: Abstract Sauce.

  55. Danny S

    Where’s Pierre?

    Is he sulking because Wenger, ozil or Eddie didn’t have a hand in winning arsenal a cup?

  56. G

    “” rookie winning the FA Cup puts Wenger’s FA Cup wins into perspective.”

    And that’s the best u can come out with.. Lol

  57. Habesha Gooner

    For all the money Chelsea are spending Their defense and keeper is insanely crap. They will still suck next season if Lampard goes in to it with these defense. They don’t need Havertz as bad but They need a Van Djik of their own. Of not and we get our business right we might even finish above them.

  58. China1

    Charlie if we pulled up auba Partey and Coutinho signing this week it would be our best week in over a decade as arsenal fans

    Martinez, saliba, Partey, Ceballos, Coutinho, auba as a spine would be compelling in the least

    Btw huge props again to emi today. He made a few lovely saves but much more than that he’s just such a calming influence. I like Leno a lot and rate him but emi deserves to be #1 without a doubt. He’s not put a foot wrong and he’s done so much right but like I said he just dominates the box and we haven’t seen an arsenal keeper consistently do that since Lehmann in the CL final season

  59. Gentlebris

    Fat Frank’s face at the final whistle was another trophy for me.

    He was so mad that he lost a final to Le Sauce.

  60. Danny S


    You haven’t answered my question yet. Do you think Auba will sign?

    And Pierre, although he makes some consessions he likes to pick a contrary point and stick to it.

  61. Kay

    Awesome day!
    We usually wilt under pressure but not today.
    Hopefully Arteta can bring us back CL football next season.
    Thank you Arsenal 😊😊

  62. China1

    Pedro credit for pushing the Arteta train. We don’t know what the future holds but it’s safe to call his end to the season a job very well done and you did call that

    You’ve redeemed your Gazidis love in 🆒

  63. Danny S


    Emi has been phenomenal, and his humbleness will be key to him keeping up form. He’s an arsenal man and we should give him every chance to be our number one. Leno needs to wait for a chance now. No automatic path back to number 1 for him.

  64. Gentlebris

    Sir P is in the house!

    Now you gonna flog this until your arms ache.

    But it’s all good, LE SAUCE BEAT FAT FRANK in a cup final is melody to me!

  65. China1

    Yeah Danny. When asked how it feels considering he had to work so hard and for 10 years at arse al to get this opportunity he just started sobbing

    Fucking guy deserves this and then some. He needs to be #1 now. He’s simply earned it

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