Thomas Partey rumours will NOT die (still no money though)

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… and so on.

It seems that we’ve offered them the deal I suggested a few weeks ago… they get an u20 French midfielder + some money. That is not tickling Simeone.

Remember though, Atleti is in deep shit on the money front. They used one of those fancy lending firms that ‘ease cashflow in football’ to fund a bunch of their deals, now they are drowning in shit. They likely want the £50m because that’ll help ease their €500 million debt burden. They’ll also want to save face, a bit like Palace last season with Zaha (lol).

I have no idea if they’ll do a deal with us, but it might be easier for them than forking out a double-your-salary deal for the Ghanaian.

Talks seem to be gathering pace that Dani Ceballos has no chance under Zidane next season, and he’s believed to be keen to join Arsenal for another year, when it is hoped Arsenal might be able to muster the funds to buy him. That works for me, he’s been a revelation since he returned from the breaks. He’s an all-action player that needs to work on his final ball, but it certainly looks like he could be capable of growing into that role in the double pivot. He might looks quite good next to someone like Partey.

ESR is 20! Happy Birthday, let’s hope he lands some minutes next year, the hopes are VERY high for him.

The Coutinho and Willian rumours continue to stink out the internet, I really think you need to brace for impact there. I think at least one of the players will end up at Arsenal next season. No offence to the player, who I think is decent, but the deal will just double down on two things.

  1. Raul doesn’t learn from his mistakes
  2. Leadership at Arsenal is a touch bland
  3. Raul and Edu do not care one jot that the English press is scrutinising their super-agent best friend deals

Edu really is embarrassing, brought in to be a fine smelling, very handsome, Invincible™-so-he-must-love-us cover to allow Raul to do whatever he pleases. It’s all super disappointing, but I won’t lose too much sleep over it until it happens. THEN I WILL NOT SLEEP AND I WILL RAGE.

David Ornstein says we’ll hear offers for Reiss, Sokratis, Holding, Guen, Torreira, and Mustafi. To be honest, I think we’d listen to offers for most of our players. There aren’t many that are indispensable.

Man, I’m depressing myself out here. A short one today, listen to my LATEST podcast with an actual person this week. Then tomorrow, we start talking FA CUP FINAL WOOO YES HIT ME WITH THE JOY BATON! No, that sounds weird. Inject joy into my veins? No… just, you know, show up tomorrow and we’ll have lovely post for you.


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  1. Leftfootcurler

    Problem with trying to pay as less as possible is that United can swoop in at any time.

    Utd if they buy Sancho and Partey,they will be a 90 pts team in terms of personnel

  2. Victorious

    Tbf Pepe would certainly have been a better player under big Weng,no doubt, he’s the sort of player the man likes working with,he would have provided him a platform and given him the freedom the lad needs to totally beast defenders

  3. andy1886

    Haven’t heard of any other interest in Partey which is something that should be borne in mind. Yes, he’d probably improve us (difficult not to in that area of the team tbh) but is he really going to be a game changer? I’d imagine MA would like him, but only at a cost that he feels is reasonable.

  4. CG


    “””””Edu really is embarrassing”””””

    I said that from day 1.
    Raul deliberately waited a year and then dropped us this patsy,

    At least with the Fat Spiv- he is good at being a Fat Spiv. He certainly sounds like one.
    As for Edu.

    he might as well just put his dog collar on and Kia can take him for walks around Hampstead Heath

    Absolutely clueless.

  5. Vintage Gun

    “Problem with trying to pay as less as possible is that United can swoop in at any time.”

    Was saying the same thing to a friend yesterday.

    A United Midfield three of Bruno and Pogba anchored by Party gives me anxiety

  6. andy1886

    @ Habesha

    It’s the culture, sit tight and take the money. If you take a look at the players we’re looking to move on how many would get the same wages elsewhere? Maybe some of the younger lads (Nelson, Guen) but PapaSok? Mustafi? Kola? Ozil? Xhaka? even Chambers or Holding? Not likely (or no chance in many cases).

    As with Mikki we will probably have to give most of them away (or more likely loan a few out while subsidising their wages).

  7. Vintage Gun

    Also it’s clear the Party is Artetas main summer target in a position we’ve been lacking in pace and power since PV4 left.

    Back Arteta man

  8. Victorious

    The more transfers get dragged on like this the less likely its going to happen

    Zaha.. Etc

    Partey won’t be happening, Arsenal rarely benefits from this sort of deals when it becomes too public.

  9. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal rarely benefits from this sort of deals when it becomes too public.”

    He’s got a point, a typical Arsenal tradition.

  10. Habesha Gooner

    Matic Just signed a new contract and Mctominay had a decent Season. United aren’t in for Partey. Neither are Chelsea and Liverpool. City need one bit he isn’t going there to be Rodrigos rotation. They still have fernandinho. Tottenham though need him but may be priced out of a move. He is ours if we negotiate a price for him. He wants to come to the premier league.

  11. Vintage Gun

    £40 is more than reasonable for Party. He’s a top 5 DM in world football. He’s robust, consistent, technical with pace and power schooled under the dark arts of Dirty Diego.

    We’re screaming out for a guy like him for years now

  12. andy1886

    Vintage, if he’s top five in world football why aren’t bigger clubs than ours in for him? Truth is we’re not even top five in the premier league as much as it pains me to say it.

  13. Mattb

    The club needs to get back to one guy in charge – the manager. Sets the playing style and specifies which players to keep or let go and who we need to buy in. The rest of the roles (Raul, Edu, etc) are ancillary to support the manager. They should all be under cover scurrying away fulfilling the manager’s wishes. The only person I want to hear from is the manager to show he’s leading this ship. Can you imagine Klopp operating with the BS which is our setup? Time for Arteta to stand up and say these are my decisions and we’ll all get behind that.

  14. andy1886

    Player of the season vote is up and running on Choice of Auba, Leno or Saka. I voted for Auba although if the season had gone on much longer Tierney would also likely have been in the mix.

  15. Habesha Gooner

    He is a top 5 DM in the world. But teams have other issues to fix. That’s the only reason we aren’t competing with anyone yet. Rodrigo, Kimmich, Kante. He belongs to this set of players in terms of quality.

  16. Rich

    Moving players on for any type of fees is going to be much more difficult that many seem to think.

    We’ll likely have to subsidise wages to get players out, and forget about any potential fees, similar to the mooted Mkhitaryan deal, interesting the player is still on our books.

    I can understand the argument for renewing Nelson, Willock, Smith-Rowe, Niles, and then loaning them out, I see no argument for selling them at the bottom of the market when everyone outside billionaire owners are on their knees.

  17. Uwot?

    With vic on this one .We ain’t having a partey cos too much f*** ng about by Arsenal.We have a history of this & it doesn’t bode well.

  18. Hoksilato

    Most clubs want cash if selling but trade if buying…that’s going to be a conundrum…Post covid rapid price expectation adjustment also difficult (as real estate market for instance) and may create a long deadlock period.
    I am afraid the transfer movements may be very back ended towards the later part of the window

  19. useroz

    a genuine big club would trigger the exit clause (assume one) and pay the €50m for partey

    and sell guendouzi to the highest bidder – cant rauls super agent friends help?

    seeing headlines like £50m plus guendouzi for coutinho makes u puke

    if we could afford 40/50m, why not van de beek? at 23 yo! the manure was to sign him but bought fernandes instead. this is sort of talent needed and from whom our kids can learn

    not c.30 has been @200k+ pw that rauls friends push our way –help us clear our dross at premium fees and we may think about it

  20. Vintage Gun


    He really is a top 5 DM. just because other top teams haven’t bid doesn’t negate the fact as it depends on who they currently have and their needs for the season ahead.

    For example Auba was a top 10 CF when we signed him despite us being a declining force. And we got him unchallenged

  21. Sid

    Partey is past 30, will not improve us creatively and has not played in a team that plays expansive football.
    There are players cheaper, younger and with better passing range than Fartey

    Im telling you for free!

  22. Nelson

    Do we still have any scouts? You always need a 2nd choice when you try to negotiate a deal. DM is not a difficult position to play.

  23. useroz

    did edu recommend martinelli b4 he actually joined the club…

    but now that he’s here…

    has partey’ reported exit clause @€50m true? works out to around £44m and raul just needs to trigger and knock 4m off

  24. Vintage Gun

    Sid he’s 27 and a Defensive mid. Creativity’s not his primary job. For creativity with our budget i’d look at Buendia or maybe Benrahma even Wilian at a bush.

    But NO to Coutinho at the reported £27m loan fee.

  25. Jamie

    It really is a shame that we can’t make Torreira work at the base of a 3 man midfield.

    He’s a decent DM and underutilised, imo. I guess his height is an issue. Still, if we can sell for £25m, no harm no foul. Replace with someone a little more dominant.

  26. Muppetman

    Partey was a beast in the second league of champions league against Liverpool. I would take him in a heartbeat, same with Coutinho not had the best couple of years but the question you have to ask is would they improve us and the answer is yes!!!

  27. Nelson

    MC plays with one DM and 2 CM formation. Torr can play the DM position. But then we’ll have to play Xhaka higher up. That is a NO. Xhaka is forcing Arteta to play a double DM formation. It has the advantage of helping out our sucky CB’s. But our attackers will not get much support from our DM’s.

  28. Sid

    Lets be clear Partey is NOT 27, has poor positioning which would be disastruos in a team playing an expansive style, not good at long range pass.

    If he is Artetas choice it means next season he plans on playing the same type of football we have been playing this season

  29. Josh

    Would love to know more on the insights to Edu….I may be wrong but his role is more of a co-ordinator on the football side between manager, youth and the board and is not responsible for transfers….which is Raul’s job.
    Also, Pete mentioned this and was also said on the Arsecast, that we should bring in a load of top young talent….Pete mentioned 5 players for the salary of Coutinho…..with what money? We spent £25m+ on Saliba who had a few games behind him. Talking upwards of 200m to sign 5 top talented players.
    I think these Raul needs time. We might not like the Kia route on transfers but you need to keep the experience and quality of the squad high while you bring in players like Martinelli and Saliba. Willian and/or Coutinho would do that. Imagine a first team where Nelson, Willock are regulars….would be relegation candidates.

  30. Daniel Altos

    I am seeing alot if diawara links …he is more a Defensive midfielder while partey is more b2b….Lolo pellegrini ofvroma would be more interesting though.

  31. Marc

    On a serious note everyone was bitching last season over the Tierney deal, whether it was because it was too much money and he wasn’t good enough or because we wouldn’t pay a lot more for him.

    We got the deal done and got a good player. If Pedro could lose the agenda bullshit I’m all up for a conversation on agent’s having too much influence in the game and how they’re paid but right now the fact remains Sanllehi produced a good window for us last summer let’s hope he can do the same again.

  32. Rich

    Parted is the most successful dribbler in Europe’s top 5 league’s, of players who’ve attempted at least 50+, with a success rate of 88.3%.

    But he’s also the player who’s made the most mistakes, leading to clear cut chances this season in La Liga.

    It’s easy to assume our lack of creativity is down to a lack of attacking midfielders, which certainly holds some truth.

    But it could also be our inability to beat the press, play through the lines, and get the ball early into the likes of Pepe, who constantly gets crowded out by 2-3 defenders, because our midfielders are so one paced.

    Ozil’s best form in an Arsenal shirt came with Cazorla at the base of our midfield, Cazorla had the ability to take the ball in deep, beat the press, and get the ball early into Ozil + Alexis, with Camorra at the base of our midfield our win rate was 74%, which is insane.

    In both the 2015/16 and 2016/17 season, we started really well, then our form nosed dived when Cazorla got injured.

    Partey’s ability to to beat the press could be vital to unlocking Pepe, Saka, Nelson, and creating more chance for Aubameyang, who’s only behind Vardy in chance conversion stats

  33. Habesha Gooner

    Diawara has been talked about as an alternative. He is similar but he is younger and unpolished. He would need time to make an impact. And Partey Dribbles his way out some times unlike Diawara.

  34. Sid

    Well over 30 yrs, do not believe that official age.
    Thomas partey 13 yellow cards during this season la liga this season.

  35. Sid

    If the intention is to play Partey as b2b there are better ones like someone commented Van de Beek is one.

  36. CG


    “”””” but right now the fact remains Sanllehi produced a good window for us last summer let’s hope he can do the same again”””””

    Bloody marvellous.
    Spent £100 plus million and went from 5th to 8th.

    Does anyone actually look at league tables any more ?

  37. Pierre

    Maybe our coaching staff need to take a look at the barca documentary ” take the ball, pass the ball” ..

    Let the ball do the work.

    It started with cruyff who changed the way the game was played and Pep took it another step further with the pressing and splitting the centre backs to play out from the keeper.

    Under Emery it was ” take the ball and lose the ball ” and Arteta is fighting to return to the Arsenal/Arsene way of playing the game.

    Because of Wenger , Arsenal are known world wide for the quality of their football and the enjoyment they bring to the game, though you wouldnt believe it when you read the miserable bastards on Le Grove.

    Arteta understands how important it is that Arsenal return to our values of how the game should be played , though it’s fair to say that he’s struggling with that side of it.

    To me, Arteta looks like a man who wants to succeed and win trophies and the FA cup will be a great place to start..

  38. Vintage Gun

    Oh i get you now Sid we’re playing silly buggers. Let me guess Auba’s 39 and Saka’s 29 next Tuesday.

    Anyways i think we need three midfielders this summer if we keep cellabos. A Party type a Donny Van der Beek type and a Buendia type.

    I’d sell Guen, Torriea and maybe sacrifice Laca to fund this. It’s time to fix our Center now for once and for all

  39. Rich

    I don’t think last season was good.

    But there’s mitigating circumstances.

    Tierney £25 mill, was injured, had no pre-season and is only now settling, we also lost Monreal who was our best defender.

    Loaning Ceballos with no option was insane, we know players take 6-12 months to settle, and only now we’re starting to see him settle, hopefully we can keep him, because I think he has a high ceiling, you can see things starting to click into place with him.

    Pepe wasn’t worth £72million, but you’d have to think he’ll still produce improved numbers next season.

    Saliba is potential, but we’ll unlikely to see the benefits for a few years, it was a medium-longer term punt.

    We lost the experience of Mkhitartan, Iwobi, Welbeck, Ramsey.

    We replaced with Willock, Nelson, Saka, Martinelli, in the immediate that was always going to hurt us, even if in the medium -longer term we’d benefit.

  40. The backpass

    Arteta’s handling of Guendouzi so far as proven to be wrong.

    We can’t seem to raise quality amount for him and instead shopping around him for swap deals, Atletico are not stupid. Arteta has effectively devalued the worth of an asset like Guendouzi. It would have been nice if we could sell him for at least £30 million. Now we will be lucky to get £15 million, big shame.

  41. Ashwin Gunner

    “Raul and Edu do not care one jot that the English press is scrutinising their super-agent best friend deals”

    No offence, but why are Arsenal fans dying to see something good about the club in teh local press. English media is biased against the club. They always will be. its time we stop waiting for approval from them.

  42. Ashwin Gunner

    I would rather prefer to take some upcoming kid from teh academy than Coutinho. Coutinho is expensive and is not going to make us PL champions. why spend that much money on someone who is marginally better than what we have.

  43. Ashwin Gunner

    “Bloody marvellous.
    Spent £100 plus million and went from 5th to 8th.@

    its not Raul’s fault that manager was shit. He did his job by getting the players Emery wanted.

  44. Ashwin Gunner

    “though you wouldnt believe it when you read the miserable bastards on Le Grove.”

    🙂 Pedro. this one is on you. What the hell were you thinking.. 😛

  45. CG


    “”””Because of Wenger , Arsenal are known world wide for the quality of their football and the enjoyment they bring to the game, though you wouldnt believe it when you read the miserable bastards on Le Grove””””

    ( they ain’t a happy bunch on here, that’s for sure)
    Well said.

  46. Champagne Charlie

    “Coutinho is expensive and is not going to make us PL champions. why spend that much money on someone who is marginally better than what we have.“

    Who is Coutinho “marginally” better than at Arsenal?

  47. Paulinho

    “Maybe our coaching staff need to take a look at the barca documentary ” take the ball, pass the ball”

    That’s all well and good but when was the last time Barca produced anyone close to Iniesta, and even Thiago?

    Watch Barca now and their midfield is shit. Doesn’t matter what how many times coaches say “take the ball, pass the ball” if your players are not talented enough.

  48. andy1886

    Sorry Pierre, the pass the ball to death style of play bores the living crap out of me. None of our title winning sides played that way, only latter day Barca-lite played that way and never troubled the top of the table.

    You can stick to aesthetics over results if you want to but for me it’s a big old ‘no thanks’. After all, football is a sport, it’s not ballet or synchronised swimming with points for artistic impression.

  49. Champagne Charlie


    Already addressed the argument of youth last night, the squad is littered with it and the vague fantasy of doing a Dortmund 2.0 is precisely that when you’re in a league that has 6 CL calibre clubs.

    Arsenal don’t have a midfield currently, we need to establish a competency balanced side for next season and beyond. If you spend forever concerned with the behind you miss your short term targets.

    Why the fuck do you think the club is so keen on signing 31 year old Aubameyang to the highest wage at the club?

  50. Champagne Charlie


    Depay and Lamar aren’t in the same league as Coutinho, or even the same function as players.

    Your Hungarian favourite isn’t joining us at 19 from Austria and being the conductor of a creative force we were missing last season this next one.

    Partey isn’t youth which makes my point for me you donut, we have a midfield that is crying out for established quality and suitability.

    Ozil – 31
    Xhaka – 27
    Torreira – 23
    Ceballos – 23
    Guendouzi – 21
    Willock – 20
    ESR – 20

    Full of promise, but lacking maturity and some obvious characteristics the likes of which Partey/Coutinho offer. Adding another 19 year old to the pack isn’t moving the needle for next season.

  51. Wasi


    Definitely , I’d be all over Buendia.
    But if Arteta wants a CAM solution right now to qualify for CL next season , then Coutinho on loan is not bad unless the total package costs less than 15m total.

  52. Wengaball


    “Even if we land champions league next year.”

    We won’t. Top 4 next year is going to be the same as this year. We are not overtaking City & ‘pool. Chelsea and United are both strengthening their already stronger squads way beyond what we will. So the gap is going to only widen.

    No chance of CL for a few years. We will be fighting in the 5th to 8th bracket, and will occasionally get lucky with a club.

    Unless a sugar daddy pumps in a billion or half. Or if we get lucky with a couple of Coutinho/Bale kind of sales. Neither is happening anytime soon.

  53. englandsbest

    Absolutely spot on, Pedro. You generally are when you’re feeling low and mournful. That’s the way it is at the Emirates.

    You say Arsenal will listen to offers for MOST players. I will go a step further: the Club will ACCEPT offers for ANY player, provided the price is high enough. Even Auba. What other choice does Arteta have?

    The need for an exceptional creative midfielder is paramount. Otherwise the Club is going nowhere, except maybe downwards. And (unless Edu digs up a Brazilian gem) the price will be high.

    Let’s hope (whoever he is) the midfield genius is an early signing. Any others can be picked up as late bargains come September.

    As for the rest of the season, I am an optimist: I expect Arsenal will win the Cup Final.

  54. CG


    “””””Coutinho on loan is not bad unless the total package costs less than 15m total.”””””

    Coutinho will probably come to Arsenal kicking and screaming: he will start off well , score in 2 of his 5 games , and then loose interest when the rain comes.

    An appallingly lazy signing from Arsenal.
    But par for the course these days.

    Barca dont want him
    Bayern dont want him
    So why do we ?

    Think Torreira on roller skates.

  55. Champagne Charlie

    “Chelsea and United are both strengthening their already stronger squads way beyond what we will. So the gap is going to only widen.“

    Boring narrative.

    United have made 66 points the last two seasons with huge investment and OGS at the wheel. Chelsea no more than 72 points in any of the last 3 seasons. Yet every year the same thing is being written about rivals spending etc.

    With stable management this season we’d have comfortably returned in the low 60’s in points. So the club needs to aim to pick up 10 points realistically on that to challenge. Very achievable with a coherent plan in place, and that’s irrespective of what the rest do.

  56. Wengaball

    CC – so we will add 10 points, and the others will stand still?

    Would love it, but the optimism is misplaced.

  57. Champagne Charlie


    No, we only have to concern ourselves with our own improvements. What the rest do is academic.

    The history of the top 4 tells you that around 72 points is the average for making the CL over the last 15 years. Arsenal worry about that and that’s the first step regardless of eventual outcome.

  58. CG


    Our Top 4 trophy days are just memories now.

    Top 6 if it clicks next season
    Top 10 if it unravels.

  59. RockyRoe

    Perdro is as usual over reacting on Raul but than that’s par for course.

    Remember arteta wanted Luiz contract extended, arteta wanted cedric given a 4 year deal, arteta said in a press conference to the whole world that he will have the final say in transfers so if we get Willian in, arteta would have green lighted the deal. Same for coutinho.

    So if arteta know what he is doing then he might be able to get value out of these players, if he doesn’t then he made some bad choices and would have to live with them. I didn’t see arteta being mentioned in what might be a underwhelming trabsfer window when he has as much a role to play in ti as Raul or edu.

  60. Wengaball

    The need of the hour is to change the game.

    The man with the longest sword in the world doesn’t care about the man with the second largest sword. But he sure as hell worries about a small boy with a sling.

    Arteta needs to invent a new way to play.

    Do you know where the ‘press’ originated? In Junior League basketball – played by 12 year olds. Fascinating story, if you have never read it.

  61. Tom

    I always thought Atletico were shrewd with their transfers…..getting $132m for Griezmann from Barca and all that, but then I saw they turned and spent that money and some more on a 19 year old Joao Felix.
    Was that nuts or is that kid really that good?

  62. Nelson

    “The need for an exceptional creative midfielder is paramount.”

    I expect Arteta would train ESR to fulfill this requirement. But we don’t have another who can become a decent DM and replace the handicap Xhaka.

  63. Marko

    I’m quite flummoxed by the turning on Edu I really am. What has he done that’s so wrong? Or is it because of links to Kia and the one deal with him that we done? Poor lad hasn’t even got started on his first summer window and people have the pitchforks out

  64. Champagne Charlie


    When I say we need established additions in midfield and you say ‘Partey isn’t young’, it makes my point.

    By your logic Ceballos is a dead end deal because it’s not long term. Was he a waste this season? Is he next season on the same terms? Yet somehow you insert Coutinho’s name and the premise of an initial loan is forsaken.

    “but someone who will benefit long term. That’s not a 28 yo who’s been hawked around Europe for 1 season“

    This is just nonsense. He turned 28 last month and spent a year on loan at Bayern ffs, hawked around Europe?

    Since when did a 28 year old not represent long term? You’d get 5 years from a 28 year old. Auba is about to sign a new 3 year deal at 31. Any idea the evolution a club can make in 5 years?

  65. Terraloon

    If AM insist that Partey buys himself out of his contract, as opposed to a conventional transfer and fee, then it’s going to cost a whole lot more than €50 million. but irrespective whatever the sum would be would have to be paid in its entirety upfront

    AM need cash and need it quickly .

  66. Wasi


    Definitely , I’d be all over Buendia.
    But if Arteta wants a CAM solution right now to qualify for CL next season , then Coutinho on loan is not bad unless the total package costs less than 15m total. And ofc am option to buy about 50-60m later.

  67. Wasi


    Coutinho is a world class player. Period. He will be the best player in our team if he comes here and has the ability to single handedly solve the creativity issue.
    He’s also put up 20 g/a seasons consistently for last few years.

    With Coutinho in , we wont suffer against deep blocks and to get top 4 that is paramount.

  68. Marko

    Yeah Coutinho’s 28 he’s hardly at the end of his career. In saying that I would prefer a Szoboszlai, Almada, Ihatteran, David type who’s got some serious promise going for them but who’s to say if it’s one creative type going to be targeted.

  69. Dissenter

    Going off the last two seasons, ESR will match anything Ozil has given us. That’s one player I want to see more of next season.

    Where will we find 15 million for a loan for Coutinho when we can’t afford to sign Ceballos permanently?
    We are seeking extend his loan rather than just purchase him.

  70. Graham62


    “Because of Wenger”, Arsenal also became the butt of so many jokes as the years progressed under his leadership.

    Those that sat and tolerated these jokes, are the same folk that are only now questioning so many aspects of the clubs operation.

    Strange that.

  71. HighburyLegend

    Still amused by all those fans who still believes – even after all this time – that our transfer window will be hugely animated…

    I mean, c’mon guys… lol

  72. Graham62

    Can anyone explain to me how the fudge(why) 600, 000 Brits are on holiday in Spain at present?

    Is this what they say is acting responsibly?

    “Yeh, but I need to get a suntan and eat my Fish and Chips on foreign soil”


  73. Marc


    What’s pissing me off is the media’s response to the quarantine instructions – they slag off the government for implementing it yet would slag the government off if they hadn’t.

  74. Pedro

    Marko, it’s because I hear things before you do.

    Szoblazi, wot a talent. 19 years old, exactly the profile we should be looking at.

  75. Pedro

    Marc, Palace will have to do deals this summer and there aren’t many clubs that’ll come in for Zaha. They can’t afford for him to sulk for another year, they might see Reiss and another young player as enticing.

  76. Marko

    Marc for the price that you would likely be looking at for Zaha you could get two players that we should be looking at signing instead. It’s that simple. Even talk of him being available for 40 million it sounds great in theory but when you hear Szoboszlai has a 22 million euros release clause and Gabriel of Lille could be going for about 25 million it looks a silly deal that Zaha one.

  77. Marko

    Marko, it’s because I hear things before you do.

    What? Oh about Edu? Well with all due respect your views on him and the management at Arsenal are pretty much set and there’ll be no changing that. I’m more interested in actions and not words or rumours and with that in mind given its Edu’s first summer in charge of transfers I’m going to hold off on whether or not his head should be on the chopping block.

  78. Batistuta


    What club in the world would pay 25 million for a player on loan? Aren’t you exaggerating that a bit

  79. Marko

    What club in the world would pay 25 million for a player on loan? Aren’t you exaggerating that a bit

    He always does man. His Bayern loan fee is about 7/8 million with an option to buy and now a year later and with Barca desperate for him to go and also lowering his value we’re to believe that a loan fee has gone up exponentially? Nope not buying it it’s more hysteria that’s all

  80. Batistuta

    Un na

    But the Coutinho thing would be just a year loan wouldn’t it? We have ESR coming back and hopefully we secure Europe this weekend and the lad has enough time to not just impress but also learn if you will.

    We could pick up a Coutinho on loan for less than 5 million and then sign a Partey and instantly out midfield is better for it and so is the attack if you will.

    We don’t have the money apparently to sign any of the upcoming youngsters for that position so I’d be more inclined to pick up a Coutinho on loan for a year than not do anything in that position

  81. Champagne Charlie

    “Ok Coutinho COULD work but the chances are slimmer than a younger, more long term investment with resale value
    It’s not smart“

    Is it smart to ignore the fact we finished 8th this season and have a glaring imbalance in CM?

    You keep preaching about “long term”, but just how fucking long term are you going that a 28 year old player isn’t a contributor? Makes no sense at all.

    “Coutinho has more chance of going the way of ozil”

    Based on what?

  82. andy1886

    Marc, word is Palace want £40m, which probably means they would take £30-£35m. That ship may have sailed though, we have other priorities.

    Coutinho? Doesn’t matter how good he still is (or isn’t) if we don’t get him some decent support. Can you imagine him getting the ball and being surrounded by three or four opponents and no-one to give the ball to? That’s our midfield right now.

    I’d rather have someone who can carry the ball and release it to our forwards around our opponents box. We lack strength and energy more than anything in the middle of the park.

  83. Batistuta


    Yea a 6/7 million loan fee wouldn’t be the end of the world really, truth is he instantly improves out midfield and if we can get him and find some change to bring in Partey, I’d be quite happy with that

  84. Marko

    I wouldn’t categorize Coutinho with regards to anything related to Ozil. Even a loan considered to be underwhelming (by some) he managed better production than Ozil in the last two seasons.

  85. andy1886

    BTW Coutinho would be something like £250k a week that’s £13m a year plus £7m/£8m loan fee plus whatever other fees are involved (agents etc.). That’s easily £20m total which is most of our alleged budget. No thanks.

  86. Marko

    Bati it’s simple we need players that improve us this summer that’s different than anything we’ve got right now and someone who Mikel can work with. The things that Coutinho can do we don’t have anyone that can do that and he’s affordable. Sure there’s others that I would prefer but I would take him at that price if it meant we could still improve in other areas.

  87. Uwot?

    A poor transfer window this summer & I can see the #we care do you?Raising its head v.soon.Not a dickie bird coming out of the Yankee mouths either.

  88. andy1886

    Add Partey to the mix then that’s £20m on Coutinho (loan) plus £50m on Partey (transfer fee, agent costs, plus wages). Does anyone really think that we’ve got £70m laying around?

  89. Marko

    Andy if we’re adding in wages and agent fees to every deal we do compared to our budget then we’d only ever sign one player every summer. Besides no one knows what our budget is going to be it certainly isn’t going to be 30 million.

  90. Marc


    So we’re going to start unloading the likes of Nelson, Nketiah, Willock etc?

    Personally I’m not over struck on Zaha anyway – think he’s over rated and over priced so would prefer other options anyway.

  91. Marc


    “Besides no one knows what our budget is going to be it certainly isn’t going to be 30 million.”

    Why not? Do the math on where we could be financially in a few days.

  92. Marc


    I can’t see us paying that sort of loan fee at the moment – we just don’t have the money.

    Everyone seems convinced we’re going to see a repeat of last summer spending wise – I don’t think we will and if we miss out of EL football it could get much worse.

  93. Pedro

    Marc, we’ll certainly try to unload Reiss Nelson, possibly AMN if a good offer comes in.

    Not sure on Eddie, I think the club like him, and it seems most of our coaches like Willock as well.

    This summer should be about cutting the wage bill, changing the athletic and technical profile of squad and refreshing the culture.

    Not sure how Coutinho for 250k a week works for the wage bill. It’s pissing money down the drain and there’s no future in the deal. We’re much better off buying someone, than spending money on loans to help out a financially fucked Barca

  94. Marko

    Why not? Do the math on where we could be financially in a few days.

    Doesn’t matter. Pick anything you want billionaire owner 3 billion pound club or a new manager whose comments recently suggest that promises have been made. I just don’t see it being a 30 million budget besides that the reporter who said that said could be and it might be more if they win the Fa cup and make Europe and blah blah blah he was plucking the figure out of his arse. Same with last summer and look what we did. Certainly there’s going to be more sales this summer needed but what’s new there

  95. andy1886

    Pedro, only a complete moron would pay that. Raul may be dodgy but he isn’t stupid.

    Marc, it’s either a low key window or if we win on Saturday we might do a modest amount of business. There’s no point in going on about who we can sell and what we can sell them for when most of the players we would be glad to get rid of couldn’t be given away.

  96. Champagne Charlie

    “Because he has no resale value
    We aren’t in a position to keep signing players for big fuck off sums and thats what he will be, without being able to offload them wether it goes well or not.“

    Thought you didn’t want him because he was a loan and not a long term deal like Partey? Now it’s because he’s a fuck off amount we won’t be able to shift? Get the story straight mate.

    Arsenal need creativity in midfield for next season, name me the players that are going to provide that quality immediately AND have resale value, AND not have a big price? Grealish? Not so much.

    “Because Coutinho is already in decline. He’s already over priced. He’s already a big ego. And he’s already being rejected by some of the best clubs in Europe if not all. And his numbers aren’t much different to Pepe who according to you isn’t justifying the money spent.“

    So nothing factual, just views you’re painting as truths?

  97. Marc


    The squad needs some major surgery no argument there. Problem is the COVID situation means nearly all clubs are going to be short of money compared to a “normal” summer so unloading some of the players we need to won’t be easy.

  98. Champagne Charlie

    “Barcelona say the German side will pay 8.5m euros (£7.78m) to take the Brazilian, 27, on loan while the option to buy stands at 120m euros (£109.84m).

    Bayern will also pay Coutinho’s wages for the duration of the loan spell.“

    Please can people stop using gossip rag bullshit as fluff to support their view. Arsenal are going to pay 27 mil for Coutinho when Bayern paid 8.5 mil?

    Yes, I’m sure we are. I blame Kia right?

  99. Marc


    “Doesn’t matter” I think you’ll find it does. Normally a ST comes with 26 matches on it – 19 PL matches and 7 cup credits for FA and European matches.

    Give me an educated guess how many matches will be on my ST when the club offer it?

  100. Champagne Charlie

    “Problem is the COVID situation means nearly all clubs are going to be short of money compared to a “normal” summer so unloading some of the players we need to won’t be easy.“

    That’s why swapsies is going to be a real trend apparently, and also why domestic talent could be more our pool given the players we have to offer won’t want to leave the UK.

    Deals like Zaha become Holding plus Nelson sort of affairs, which are messy with so many moving parts.

  101. Champagne Charlie

    “As first reported by ESPN and since confirmed by Goal, informal discussions have taken place over the 28-year-old Porto star, Danilo Pereira, although no offer has been made.”

    Uff, can’t say I’m a fan in the limited games I’ve seen him play. Seems like a sizeable step down as a Partey alternative.

  102. Marko

    Marc I have no idea. I’ve also got no idea of what the actual budget is going to be and neither do you. But yeah 30 million for us while most of the big teams in Europe look like they’re gearing up for maybe not quite more of the same (outside of likely Chelsea and United) but still decent spending. I just don’t buy it it’s too speculative. Besides they’re planning on reintroducing fans in October right? Probably less in the stadiums and maybe at reduced prices but money is money

  103. Josh

    Why are people obsessed with re-sale value? You need top quality players aged 27-31 to compete at the top level and you have to accept when they come to the end of their deal they might not be worth much.

    However, if they give you their peak years then it has to be worth it.

    Look at the people deal….massively overpaid for an average player based on his “potential” given his age. Would love if he proves me wrong and we sell him to Real Madrid in 2 years for 100m…but highly unlikely.

  104. DivineSherlock

    I dont understand why people are averse on Coutinho . Is he not an improvement on every other CAM we have ? Do we not need a CAM ? A 1 year loan deal with option to buy wont hurt anyone . By that period we’ll have Saka + ESR learning from him. Wages is the only issue I see here that is a red flag.

  105. Champagne Charlie

    “There are cheaper players in Europe with better numbers, better mobility and better all round game play“

    Go for it, unveil a handful that tick all the apparent boxes.

    Saying Coutinho has “baggage” over and over doesn’t make it true btw. He’s not fit into a Messi Barcelona and Bayern don’t want to pay the money for him because they have other more pressing needs – but you conveniently omit the fact Bayern, after Barca, wanted Coutinho in the first place. Must have something in all that baggage he’s carrying.

  106. Champagne Charlie


    Your Kia crusade is getting personal, bet he mugged you off in a hipster London restaurant a few years ago and you’re finally getting back at him for it.

    Arsenal midfield is Xhaka and Ceballos with Willock and ESR to pad the numbers. Madness you’re going full tilt at Coutinho. If he lands here don’t you dare pump a fist when he scores a banger against a low block to win it.

  107. Marc


    Our match day income is £100 million a year – we miss out of EL and the cup credits will have to drop by 4 or so tickets and then you’re hoping that we’ll have a good FA Cup run and be drawn at home in 3 of the 4 matches.

    ST Holders make up 40,000 of our capacity so if they decide to allow fans back into the ground at 50% that means that ST holders will miss a quarter of matches (how they’d sort the logistics will be a nightmare) so that’s another 5 tickets, you then have to include the 6 credits we are owed for this season just gone.

    All in all we could be looking at ST revenue being 40% of normal revenue, add that to losing EL money and we could be facing a drop in turnover of £70 million when we were losing over £20 million a season with EL football.

    Do you see why I’m concerned?

  108. Wasi


    How can you advocate the signing of Depay after saying Coutinho could go Ozil’s way.

    Coutinho worked hard enough to get into a Klopp system so I don’t think there’s an attitude/ hard work issue there.

    + Coutinho on loan ( total package below 15m ) + option to buy at 50-60 m should be a good deal imo.
    This player is absolutely world class. If we make CL with Coutinho or get very close to it with Coutinho performing well , then we trigger thr clause or else we let him go.
    I very much appreciate the idea of signing a Szoboslai or Buendia.
    But in the case of Szoboslai theres no saying how much time would he need to adapt to the league and if he can single handedly solve our creativity problem.
    In case Buendia , he’s shown he can create chances but his goal numbers are very low for a 10 and I beleive theres a very small chance he becomes as good as Coutinho.

    The only problem I see with Coutinho is that he does his best work in the inside left channel receiving the ball between the defense and midfield lines.
    But we have Auba playing in that channel now albeit a little higher up ( on the shoulder of the last defender).
    If Arteta believes he can make it work and Raul can get him for low cost then it should be a good deal.

  109. Pedro

    CC, things with me and Big K haven’t been right since we missed out on Tevez and Masch.

    Never forgave him.


  110. Valentin

    Some still don’t understand basic economic reality.
    When buying or borrowing a player, you look at the overall cost versus the benefit.
    A player who cost £100 millions who give you goals, assists, commercial interest and has a resale value at the end of his contract may well be worth it.
    A £8 millions upfront fee player on extremely high wage for his talent who keep getting red card and giving away penalties is expensive.

    That’s why a €100 millions CR7 was a smart and relatively value for money for Juventus while a cheaper but poor David Luiz was an expensive mistake.