Thomas Partey rumours will NOT die (still no money though)

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… and so on.

It seems that we’ve offered them the deal I suggested a few weeks ago… they get an u20 French midfielder + some money. That is not tickling Simeone.

Remember though, Atleti is in deep shit on the money front. They used one of those fancy lending firms that ‘ease cashflow in football’ to fund a bunch of their deals, now they are drowning in shit. They likely want the £50m because that’ll help ease their €500 million debt burden. They’ll also want to save face, a bit like Palace last season with Zaha (lol).

I have no idea if they’ll do a deal with us, but it might be easier for them than forking out a double-your-salary deal for the Ghanaian.

Talks seem to be gathering pace that Dani Ceballos has no chance under Zidane next season, and he’s believed to be keen to join Arsenal for another year, when it is hoped Arsenal might be able to muster the funds to buy him. That works for me, he’s been a revelation since he returned from the breaks. He’s an all-action player that needs to work on his final ball, but it certainly looks like he could be capable of growing into that role in the double pivot. He might looks quite good next to someone like Partey.

ESR is 20! Happy Birthday, let’s hope he lands some minutes next year, the hopes are VERY high for him.

The Coutinho and Willian rumours continue to stink out the internet, I really think you need to brace for impact there. I think at least one of the players will end up at Arsenal next season. No offence to the player, who I think is decent, but the deal will just double down on two things.

  1. Raul doesn’t learn from his mistakes
  2. Leadership at Arsenal is a touch bland
  3. Raul and Edu do not care one jot that the English press is scrutinising their super-agent best friend deals

Edu really is embarrassing, brought in to be a fine smelling, very handsome, Invincible™-so-he-must-love-us cover to allow Raul to do whatever he pleases. It’s all super disappointing, but I won’t lose too much sleep over it until it happens. THEN I WILL NOT SLEEP AND I WILL RAGE.

David Ornstein says we’ll hear offers for Reiss, Sokratis, Holding, Guen, Torreira, and Mustafi. To be honest, I think we’d listen to offers for most of our players. There aren’t many that are indispensable.

Man, I’m depressing myself out here. A short one today, listen to my LATEST podcast with an actual person this week. Then tomorrow, we start talking FA CUP FINAL WOOO YES HIT ME WITH THE JOY BATON! No, that sounds weird. Inject joy into my veins? No… just, you know, show up tomorrow and we’ll have lovely post for you.


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  1. andy1886

    Agent confirms that there is almost no chance of ridding ourselves of his client and his crippling salary for another year…

    “Mesut Ozil will not leave Arsenal in the summer transfer window but there’s a high chance he will depart next year, according to his agent.

    The German playmaker has failed to make an appearance since the Premier League restart, leading to speculation his Arsenal career is all but over – and he will be one of the players likely to be earmarked as a transfer away from the club.

    Reports have claimed that Ozil – who was again left out of the Gunners squad for their 3-2 win over Watford – is said to be keen to leave at the end of his £350,000-per-week contract next season.

    And Mikel Arteta reportedly wants to sell him this summer, if the right buyer can be found – but Ozil’s agent Erkut Sogut has dismissed any notion he will leave before next campaign.

    “I do not think there will be a change in the case of Mesut Ozil until the summer of 2021,” Sogut told Turkish outlet Fanatik. “He has a contract. There is no change. He will remain with Arsenal.”

    On the possibility he could depart next year following links with Fenerbahce, Sogut added: “There’s a 90 per cent chance he will leave Arsenal in 2021. Mesut to Asia, America or Turkey? Yes, maybe.”

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    “There’s a 90 per cent chance he will leave Arsenal in 2021”

    What’s the remaining 10% then if not him leaving this summer? There’s a bigger chance of him spontaneously combusting or getting hit by lightning on a clear day than getting a new contract. Get Kia on the case.

  3. Leedsgunner

    Between Arshavin and Özil alone we’ve spent near to £200m on wages and transfer fees by the time they are done sucking the club dry.

    Özil has taken over the mantle from Abou Diaby as the world’s most expensive gym goer.

    That’s not even counting Abou Diaby and Jack Wilshere…

    The powers that be at Arsenal FC elevate not learning from one’s mistakes into an art form.

  4. Habesha Gooner

    The only way to get ourselves of the Ozil contract is to pay him half and tell him to walk for free. If not tell him he will sit out the season with no training. Let him go on a holiday for the whole year. I can’t believe I am starting to dislike a player I adored so much.

  5. HighburyLegend

    ““There’s a 90 per cent chance he will leave Arsenal in 2021””

    Who ?? Stan K. ??
    No ?? Then who cares ??

  6. Habesha Gooner

    The only way to get ourselves out of the Ozil contract is to pay him half and tell him to walk for free. If not tell him he will sit out the season with no training. Let him go on a holiday for the whole year. I can’t believe I am starting to dislike a player I adored so much.

  7. Jamie

    If anyone needed convincing that Ozil is a cunt of the highest order, that’s it.

    Happy to sit on his ass and rinse the club for another £20m knowing he’s lower in the pecking order than youth players. No professional pride/integrity.

  8. Dissenter

    Why would Ozil care about sitting in the bench?
    It’s not like he’s trying to get selected for the German National team is something.

  9. NEEG

    Basaksehir want Ozil but their request that AFC still pay a large percentage of Ozil’s wages has stalled discussions.

  10. london gunner

    People might think Ake is shit but I expect him to be a very good signing for City always rated him

  11. Trap

    Coutinho a Brazilian international who’s played for inter, Liverpool ,Barca and Bayern (all top level teams) would take time to settle more than a 20 year old Hungarian rookie from the austian league ?

  12. HighburyLegend

    @london : it’s a question of logic, the very good players always sign for other teams than Arsenal.

    But why the fuck do you have Brenda as your avatar ???)

  13. Marko

    Yeah Ozils agent’s comments are really concerning but what do you expect they’re both cunts of the highest order. Someone should tell the agent though that there’s more potential for a payday for himself in a transfer and who knows a year from now Ozil interest could be less he could be injured he could be fat he could say something stupid in football you never know. Anyway I hope it’s eye opening for some what type of footballer and person Ozil truly is

  14. Dissenter

    This Coutinho talk is the quintessential sugar high short-termism that has bedeviled this club.
    Does anyone really think he takes us over the hump to the top 4 next season?
    I would rather get the Hungarian kid and finish top 6 next season while he settles in than splurge out big money on Coutinho for one season so that we can finish 5th.

  15. Dissenter

    There are good Turkish players out there. . We resigned a German international with high marketability and instead got a sulking admirer of a despot. It’s Ozil, not the Turkish angle.
    Wouldn’t you have like to have Soyuncu in your squad this season.

  16. Batistuta

    The target is still top 4 for next season though, starting to see folks keep going on about 5th/6th or stuff like that. Arteta would have had half a season, a pre season and hopefully some incomings so top4 is the actual target next season

  17. Uwot?

    Yeah Freddie Gabriel would be a move.considering the reasonable price.But I expect the cheap as chips option as per usual hence I mentioned Axel.would be very happy with The Boz & Rocky coming in.if were not having a Partey( which looks the case)

  18. Marko

    Bati top 4 is always the target always. The lowering of expectations is certain people trying to cover both ends and themselves if we fail. Now granted depending on the way we miss out it shouldn’t mean an automatic sacking of Mikel. The most important indicator of him is going to be this summer and who we bring in imo

  19. salparadisenyc

    Agree w/ you there Dissenter we should be looking more long term than Coutinho which then begs the question is our crew capable of doing that.

    His goals would be so welcome, astronomical wage not really, its the kind of move that if comes off looks genius if not total mare. But nobody should raising their nose at Coutinho w/ MF options we have at moment.

  20. Wasi

    I dont understand why Lille would allow Gabriel to leave for 20mil when there’s ManU , Napoli , PSg , Everton , Arsenal circling around and they know they can still good money for talent ( Osimhen)

  21. Champagne Charlie

    Can people qualify this “long term” chat as they see it?

    Because we’ve not been in the CL for 4 years and missed the mark worst last season.

    Are some of you really that numb to the current needs of the team for next season?

  22. Uwot?

    Of course outside of Gabriel the other option is Malang Sarr a freebie.Which means he jumps to the head of the queue straight away……

  23. Batistuta


    I also can’t seem to understand the whole long term chatter. Football clubs can do both short term and long term deals i believe. Not saying fill the squad with 29/30 yr olds but we have a pretty young squad already especially in key areas like midfield, we should be able to do both long and short term deals too to make sure we don’t drift so much farther away from the rest while giving youngsters who need 2/3 years to adjust most times

  24. Batistuta


    Yea as long as we can get some handy players to add to the structure the manager seems to already be building, then top4 has to be the target. It was when we spent 70 million a couple of summers ago and should still be now

  25. Habesha Gooner

    I expect Us to sign a CAM and ESR to be his understudy. Ozil will Go or rot till we have an injury crisis. One or both of Torriera and Guendouzi will go. If they do We will go for two DMs, Ceballos on loan to compete with Xhaka. There is also a CB crisis. Signing Sarr is a cheap option but it will allow us to sell Kolasinac if there are any takers. He can Cover CB positions and Tierneys for a few months.

  26. Trap


    We are going into the 3rd season of our supposed rebuild and we haven’t even started making any serious strides,The manager has alluded to wanting to get back into the ucl as soon as possible, but some fans would rather we become Dortmund a selling club(no resale value this,he’s too old) well knowing we aren’t in Germany were it’s Bayern and Dortmund then the rest, this is arsenal ffs, in the epl against Mancity,manutd, Liverpool, Chelsea ?

  27. Nelson

    “It’s about time we take some risks with ESR. He is a CM, and couldn’t be worse than Willock.”

    I also like ESR more than Willock. Up to now, Willock appears to be just a runner while ESR is a player.

  28. Marko

    Yeah I also don’t get how someone can throw it in managements face with regards to thinking about or signing long term considering in the last season we’ve signed up highly rated teens and players in their early 20’s and also our manager is fresh of the teet so I don’t get it. Oh no they signed up Luiz who’s 30+ let’s just disregard all the kids we also bought.

  29. salparadisenyc

    If were taking Ozil last year of wage and putting it into Coutinho on loan, I say go for it, but to bring him in on a long term deal with transfer fee is silly risk.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    The age thing isn’t only about resale value, it’s how many years we get out of a player.

    If we’re paying top money for someone it’s nice to get more than 4-5 years out of them and then get 0 when they leave and we have to replace.

    We simply don’t have the budget to operate like that, especially with the squad still needing so many upgrades after 2 years of rebuild.

  31. DigitalBob

    Coutinho and Ozil on the books for over half a million a week, and for a team that is at the moment firmly outside the top 4. Crazy, just crazy.

    In regards to Ozil, I think if he’s told by arteta to stay away from the first team for a year he’d happily do it and expand on his gaming/fortnite shit and philanthropy for 12 months. we are stuck with him till 2021 for sure.

  32. Habesha Gooner

    It’s not that I don’t want to have coutinho. We aren’t building a team with him. He would improve us but we could get a better deal with a permanent player. We need to start building a top 4 team first. Loaning both Ceballos and Coutinho at the same time will live a huge hole the next season. And Coutinho costs huge wages that we can put towards a good player. For Example, Buendia is rumored to cost between 15 and 20 mil. He is on 8 k a week at Norwich. 50k a week for the season would see him at 2.4 mil in wages and 20 mil transfer fee. Coutinhos loan would cost 7 mil in loan fee and 13 mil in wages. That means we could have Buendia for the next 5 years with room to grow with a similar fee for the first year with the coutinho loan. Szoboszlai is in the same boat and he is 19. That’s my thinking behind it anyway.

  33. Gbat

    I don’t see Malang Sarr really improving us. Unless it’s to replace Kolasinac. But not as our main cb. Not good enough in the air or in the tackle.

    Zagadou, Gimenez, Dias, Kimbempe, Djiku, Godfrey are interesting options numbers wise.

  34. salparadisenyc


    Not saying Coutinho will ever turn into the waster Ozil has become, but theres a pretty decent example of the potential pitfalls of putting Coutinho on long term big money deal.

    Grealish is the kind of madness i’d be up for.

  35. Marko

    I mean it’s a loan that’s being talked about with regards to Coutinho so the pitfalls of a long term deal don’t apply. Hey look I get it I’ve got some preferences that happen to be younger but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at Coutinho and I also wouldn’t dismiss his quality as of right now a quality we’re severely lacking might I add. Unless of course your objection to the deal is Kia related?

  36. Champagne Charlie

    “The age thing isn’t only about resale value, it’s how many years we get out of a player.“

    David Silva still playing at 34
    Fernandinho still playing at 35
    Aguero at 32
    Willian 31 (new deal offered)
    Pedro 33
    Aubameyang 31 (new deal offered)

    Is 4/5 years not value suddenly because 7/8 is better?

    We’ve finished 5th and won the FA cup, slumped to 6th and had banners over head, sacked and hired a manager that finished 5th and got us to the EL final, then sacked and hired the next manager that’s starting his first season this upcoming one.

    4 years is a fucking long time in football.

  37. Dissenter

    Gone are the days when you demanded to see an over-arching plan to get us back to competing. Now, it seems you are all about the next season.
    Do you sincerely think Coutinho gets us over the hump to the top 4 next season? Do you think he can do enough to drag us past Chelsea and/or United bearing in mind we are likely to have a limited budget for the summer?

    This is why some are arguing for the bigger picture.
    If he’s not going to be enough, then invest in a younger player with a high ceiling on a permanently transfer. Let that player use next season to settle in, since the 4th-7th position is where we are headed anyway.

  38. Dissenter

    We also need to suspend buying squad players. The emphasis should be on signing guaranteed or highly probable starters on long term contracts, not loans.
    Scout them for the their current level of performance, improvement potential and character.
    Stop these freaking loans. At some point we will discover that we’ve become a shop window for other clubs to display their unwanted players. The model we are operating is unsustainable.

  39. andy1886

    CC – I suspect the lack of resale value is key. Until we get back onto the CL gravy train we’ll be trying to buy cheap and sell on for a profit. Of course that’s a kind of catch 22 situation but I guess Wenger used to do it so the expectation is we can go back to that model again.

    And before CG goes on about ‘his Wenger’ again I’d add in his latter days Wenger was buying expensive rubbish that we now can’t even give away.

  40. Valentin

    ESR needs to spend another year on loan before being close to Arsenal first team. Whenever he is put under pressure he disappear. If he already struggled on that aspect in lower leagues games, he is not going to dominate midfield in the premiership.
    At Huddersfield, he has had a few games where he was anonymous and substituted. If Arsenal is serious about competing for top 4, Arsenal does not have the luxury to have him learn the position.

  41. Champagne Charlie

    “Gone are the days when you demanded to see an over-arching plan to get us back to competing. Now, it seems you are all about the next season.“

    Only a pleb argues that it’s one thing or another so do spare me the silly bugger stuff.

    Have a look at our signings from the last two summers, tell me the emphasis.

    Now explain to me that the following midfield needs a talent/project in it:

    Ozil 31 (gone)
    Xhaka 27
    Torreira 23 (going)
    Ceballos 23
    Guendouzi 21 (going)
    Willock 20
    ESR 20

  42. Steveyg87

    Every arsenal thread I read, somebody mentions Coutinho, FFS!!!! Supporting Arsenal really tests you as a human being sometimes

  43. Steveyg87

    We need bastards not glamour players, Partey is about as close to the Alex Song/Yaya toure kinda players we have been craving for how long. Make it happen Arteta!!!

  44. Steveyg87

    “Grealish is the kind of madness i’d be up for.”

    Massive gamble but could work out well for us like Fernandes did at United

  45. China1

    Highbury apparently we earned about 30m from the EL last season, so there’s every reason to think if we qualify for it our financial situation will be marginally more optimistic

    People always seem to think only the CL brings in the cash but the EL is a small financial boost as well

  46. CG


    “””””And before CG goes on about ‘his Wenger’ again I’d add in his latter days Wenger was buying expensive rubbish that we now can’t even give away.””””””

    by Wengers immaculate standards- you could call them rubbish: thats not unreasonable comment.

    But Xhaka, Laca, Mustafi ARE still 3 of our our better players.
    And they will still be lynch-pins next season.

    With clubs from Brighton to Bayern already formulating plans for next season and recruiting – Arsenal under Stan are as clueless and aimless as ever.

    You will all learn ( if you have not done so already)- our Wenger managed Arsenal as well as anyone possibly can under KSE.

    because if he can’t satisfactorily, no one can.


  47. salparadisenyc


    I literally said out of the gate we shouldn’t be putting our nose up at Coutinho w/ midfield options we have.

    In the end the club is in the place it is from years of shit recruitment, enabling multiple egos ahead of what’s best overall for the club. We’re now into the fail safe of really falling off if we don’t get it right and claw back up the table. Last summer was a massive dive roll as well.

  48. Habesha Gooner

    Lucky us though. I was so not looking forward to another Arab country funded club. And Newcastle do have History. We didn’t need another competition at the top.

  49. Gonsterous

    News out that ozils agent is saying he is going no where this season, and apparently arteta is demanding we sign coutinho.
    Jesus it’s like a double fk you to my face. It’s hard being an arsenal fan.

  50. MidwestGun

    Cleary, y’all haven’t heard of the new position created at the Club, Player Gaming Liaison. It’s important that we have an expert player consultant for all the indoor time due to Covid. No amount of money is too high to spend for creating a stress free environment where players can do fuck all and play some Fortnite.. I think you will agree mental health matters. I think we should all congratulate Ozil in his new role.

  51. Graham62

    I see the Saudi Arabian-backed consortium or, should I say, the Saudi Arabian government, have pulled out of the takeover of Newcastle United.

    What a shame.

  52. Chris

    Zola came in at 28/29 and he did rather well. Cantona? Both a long time ago, mind. Can’t think of too many others on the spot.

    However Coutinho has good PL experience, I don’t think it would take him long to readjust.

    I have mixed feelings about Coutinho. On one hand he would obviously improve us instantly, but there are questions about how much he would be costing overall. I would be just as happy to see us invest in the likes of a Szoboszlai or Grealish with a view that they could not only help us realise making it back into the CL but also going great on from there and being part of a title challenging side.

  53. Marko

    Bubble smubble it’s because of all the bad press surrounding those dirty cunts and it was dragging on and they likely wouldn’t have passed a means test anyway.

  54. MidwestGun

    No… just, you know, show up tomorrow and we’ll have lovely post for you.
    I’m here Pedro… where is my lovely post? Need my Le Grove word count.. no slacking, big final Saturday.

  55. TR7

    Buendia, Rubin Neves and Declan Rice – 3 good EPL midfielders who if signed can improve our midfield instantly, they won’t take much time to bed-in.

  56. Marko

    Can’t think of many who came to a club in the premier league and pulled up trees at 28 or later

    You come up with some really stupid stuff. He’s already pulled up trees.

  57. Valentin

    The Newcastle deal was never about making money or restoring the glory of Newcastle FC, it was a Trojan horse ploy by the Saudi to mess with Qatar influence.

    The Newcastle deal collapse may be more due to the premiership suddenly waking up to it and requesting some guarantee of non-interference by the Saudi with the Premiership deal with BeIn Sport.

    With COVID-19 and the impossibility to mess with Qatar too publicly, the certainty of losing money funding a second rate club may not have sounded so appetising.

  58. DivineSherlock

    Cant believe its been 2 days and people are still debating about Coutinho on here . We have an FA Cup Final on Saturday against the chavs . Just saw the Mertesacker video Arsenal posted . He played so brilliantly that day .

  59. Champagne Charlie


    It’s less about Coutinho and more about this idea the club shouldn’t be bringing in players of quality because they’re 27/28.

    Weird aversion circulating that every transfer target should be under 23 for them “long term” gainz.

  60. Wasi


    Tbh , it feels like we might land both Partey and Coutinho if we make EL.
    Partey looks like Arteta’s first choice midfield signing.
    Coutinho is a little more uncertain. I feel like if we’ll get him on loan if we muster up the finances.
    Otherwise we’ll go for a younger option.
    I personally wouldn’t be against any of the 2 options.

    That’s because if we don’t strengthen the team now , the gap to the top 4 will only get bigger with City, Chelsea and ManU looking to spend big.
    Again , I think all depends on what Arteta and the club think we can achieve next season.

  61. Calypso

    Players mentioned as possible signings are not very exciting and are no better than stop gaps..

    Replacing your best player with an even better player is how you win tournaments not recruiting like for like.

  62. Wasi


    ‘It’s less about Coutinho and more about this idea the club shouldn’t be bringing in players of quality because they’re 27/28.’

    Add to that he is a Kia client , and the fanbase goes wild.
    Whats the use of a friendly super agent if we cant get first option on his best players

  63. Marko

    Whats the use of a friendly super agent if we cant get first option on his best players

    Coutinho is one of his best clients though. But I think I know see where the trepidation comes with signing Coutinho it’s Kia. The fear mongering worked with some it seems. Shame that because you turn your nose up to working with super agents and you end up turning your nose up at some of the best talent going. Luckily though the club doesn’t feel that way

  64. DivineSherlock


    Exactly , I mean isnt it long term gain if he manages to bring us into CL spot next season ? Coutinho is expensive I get that but to dismiss the quality he possess is quite moronic.

  65. Marc

    Why do people think we’re going to sign Partey, Coutinho on loan and repeat Ceballos on loan?

    I’d love it if we do because it means the end of Xhaka but Arteta seems to rate him.

  66. Dream10

    Raul Jimenez to Man Utd rumors heating up. Portuguese outlet says deal is done.
    Good signing for them.

  67. Marc


    That’s my point – we’re broke and not exactly a great proposition at the moment. Whether we play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 if we sign all three of those players for next season one is sitting on the bench for a lot of time. If we play with a back 3 2 of them are going to get splinters.

    Can’t see it happening.

  68. Marc


    Mate our budget if we don’t win the Cup is £3.23 plus a bag of Jellybeans.

    That by the way is after selling all the players we can.

    We are so fucked.

  69. Calypso

    Something’s gone wrong with team recruitment because our league form has gotten worse not better.

    The board need to shoulder the blame for the length of time it took to dismiss Wenger.

  70. CG


    “””””Better to have team continuity I say. Too much squad turnover, too quickly every season.””””””

    Whats continuity these days ?

    That’s the last thing the Spivs that currently run Arsenal want.

    they want player turnovers, loans and sales.
    Ins and Outs.

    they need their commissions, remember.

    Raul – the Barry Fry of Arsenal.

  71. englandsbest

    Did Xhaka really say ‘EVEN better’? There is no end to his self-esteem. I hope Mikel was only saying nice things to make him SEEM better. With luck some Club will be foolish enough to buy him.

    The price for Pepe was far too high – BUT I think he’s gonna make good. Very good.

    Mesut is sweet, everybody loves him – but he was meant to be a ladies hairdresser, not a professional footballer. I bet he loves not having to a kick a ball around, he can play TV games all day long.

    For all his faults I’m not averse to Mustafi staying. He gives his all. Likewise Luiz.

    Guendozy is another guy who thinks too highly of himself. I’d be happy to see him go.

    If Mikel holds his nerve there will be bargains to pick up this summer, But first things first: get that exceptional creative midfielder. The rest will follow.

  72. Ishola70

    Arsenal never loan high end players on very big wages.

    If Coutinho joins well Kia really has influence as it will be bucking a trend.

    History suggests Coutinho will not be joining the club on loan.