TYPE BELOW: Your end of season vent

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Let it out

I know you’ve had it rough this season.

We’ve been through some hard times together.

It’s been disappointing.

… but the end is nigh.

So instead of a big match preview about how amazing it would be to down Troy Deeney today, why don’t we make this a farewell post to an average season, written by you?

Share your hopes, dreams, and even those ‘OH MY GOD I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT HAPPENED’ moments just so you can vent. Let’s leave it all behind us.

Today is about getting over the pain. Admitting that it was shit this year, and maybe opening the door for a hopeful Premier League next season.

Before I hand the keys over, I just want to say thank you for your dedicated support this year. I’ve been to some dark places this year, so know this… nothing makes me happier than knowing that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always someone waiting in the comments section ready to call me an oatmilk drinking whopper who doesn’t know shit about football. I love you all. You make this supporting Arsenal malarkey a lot more fun than it should be. Thank you.

So go on… this post is for you, let it all out, no one here is going to judge those tears (they will).



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  1. Marko

    It’s gotta start at the back for us this summer. Shocking group of players we’ve got and that’s not even mentioning the injured ones. It needs to get sorted out finally

  2. Receding Hairline

    And by the way Martinez has been performing minor miracles or this would have looked worse than it actually does now. If this was a preseason it wasn’t a very good one.

    Some Players need to be chased out of this club pitch forks and all

  3. Marc


    Well we’ve got Tierney who’s been one of our best performers, Luiz who he demanded the board extended his contact, Saliba joining who we paid £25 million for – a player who if great will be a Mislintat signing and a Sanlleni one if poor, Mari was signed in Jan and Arteta should have knowledge of him and has overseen the signing of Soares.

    Not sure how many new players Arteta needs in that back 4 or 37.

  4. Freddie Ljungberg


    Was it the strengthening on a shoestring part that did it?

    That article could have been written by me if it had more digs at Xhaka being a slow useless cunt only suitable for a low block, underdog defending setup and Ozil needing to be shot into space.

    Plenty of gems out there we can pick up. We don’t need to break the bank to massively improve this team.

    If Auba stays we can get away with spending 60-70m and still come out of the summer stronger imo. We can easily raise that and more.

    Our midfield is a real concern though, looks like we’ll have to keep Xhaka around, at least for cup games and holding his team mates keys or whatever it is he’s supposed to be good at. We don’t have many bodies in there as it stands and it doesn’t look like Torreira is the solution either so sell while we can, Guen is gone, Willock not anywhere ready. Dire stuff.

  5. G8

    Luiz has been very poor , we found out that after few games, to extend his contract is taking the piss!
    it is a depressing thought that he would feature in our next campaign!

  6. Marko

    Marc I would say three including a new starting RB but at the very least we should be targeting two new starting CB’s because the ones we already have aren’t good enough and let’s be honest Saliba is going to take some time to adjust given his age and especially considering the injuries he’s had this past season. It’s not even that far fetched to talk about needing 3 defenders signed considering that we’ll likely have 2 hopefully 3 go in Sokratis, Holding and Mustafi plus you know they’re all fucking shite and need to be addressed.

  7. Freddie Ljungberg


    Just thinking about the aliens, they need someone to probe don’t they? Ozil is used to it after the close attention of Pierre so it’s a perfect match.

  8. Ishola70

    Torreira – really looks like it is over for him.

    He had that spell in Emery’s first season but overall looks like a player that never truly settled at Arsenal.


    Should be looking to sell him and Guendouzi and bring in two new midfielders.

  9. Freddie Ljungberg


    No way we’re blocking the path for Saliba, he was brought in as a starter, 19 or not.
    I’d be happy with one new starting CB and the rest put into our midfield. The rest of the defense can be fixed next summer. Unless we get a decent offer for Bellerin, then sell asap.

  10. TR7

    ‘And by the way Martinez has been performing minor miracles or this would have looked worse than it actually does now. If this was a preseason it wasn’t a very good one.’

    Well Leno had a big role to play too in the massive 70 points we accumulated under Emery.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg


    Forgot about that movie, downloading it now so I can rewatch it. Will block out any thoughts of Ozil and Pierre when I do though.

  12. Nelson

    Chelsea played Willy Caballero today and he earned a shutout.

    That Mason Mount curled a very good free kick.

    They said Wilian is injured. Their front three were Mount, Giroud and Pulisic.

  13. Dissenter

    ‘ Some Players need to be chased out of this club pitch forks and all’

    The problem is that some of these players are staying because Arteta pushed for it.

  14. Marc


    Slightly worried you have to think about blocking Pierre out!

    On the other hand who am I to judge how another man masturbates.

  15. Marko

    Freddie so more of the same then. This defence needs proper investment proper quality and you’re talking about kicking the can down the road.

  16. Freddie Ljungberg


    My idea of comedy isn’t thinking of someone getting anally probed.

    I go to pornhub for that stuff. Don’t think Ozil and Pierre is there, haven’t checked those categories out though. Maybe you can volunteer, for science?

  17. Calypso

    Leno has been culpable a few times since he joined Arsenal in the summer of 2018 but how many errors leading to goals has he made?

    Below you can see the top nine players to have made errors leading to goals in the Premier League since the start of last season, with thanks to Opta.

    8= Martin Dubravka (Newcastle) – Errors leading to goals: 3

    8= Alisson Becker (Liverpool) – Errors leading to goals: 3

    5= Sergio Rico (Fulham) – Errors leading to goals: 3

    5= Angus Gunn (Southampton) – Errors leading to goals: 3

    5= Sol Bamba (Cardiff City) – Errors leading to goals: 3

    3= David de Gea (Manchester United) – Errors leading to goals: 4

    3=. Jordan Pickford (Everton) – Errors leading to goals: 4

    2. Asmir Begovic (Bournemouth) – Errors leading to goals: 5

    1. Bernd Leno (Arsenal) – Errors leading to goals: 6

  18. TR7

    No Receding, not the 70 points but you making it a big deal out of it and then using it to mock what’s happening now. Not to mention showing a complete disregard to the notion that all stat need to be looked and analysed with a perspective.

  19. Freddie Ljungberg


    It showed up on my recommended articles on chrome, I don’t give 2 fucks about any Celtic vs Rangers bullshit.

    Is any of that untrue though? Isn’t Morelos a nutter then? I know we’ve had this discussion before so it’s pretty pointless, like all discussions with you it just goes round in circles.

  20. Champagne Charlie


    It’s not that hard, ask yourself how Arsenal news of any sort would be broadcast on a Spurs fan page.

    I’m not arguing about the player, you don’t watch Rangers or Celtic.

  21. Jamie

    Leicester will definitely finish in the top 4 and Conte’s Inter will definitely beat Sarri’s Juve to the Serie A title.

    Two L’s, one day. Yikes.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg

    “ask yourself how Arsenal news of any sort would be broadcast on a Spurs fan page”

    True, I should have checked the source.

    He’s still a nutter though. That’s pretty clear on previous behaviour and I’m still glad we stayed well clear. Don’t think he’d be up for any non negotiables.

  23. MGooner

    So, before we had no money but would make top 4 and still balance the books.

    Now, we finish outside of top 4 and have no money.


  24. Dissenter

    I must be the only one here who has some reservations about extending Auba’s deal with an enhanced wage [250k + bonuses]
    I understand that he’s a world class striker and maybe 31 years old is the new 29 years old. It’s just that we have to start cutting our coat to the cloth we have. Auba can score his 20-25 goals next year and we will still be mid table. It’s like installing a Lamborghini engine on the frame of a Fiat Punto – the performance will still be shit. We keep trying to eke out a bit more to get to top-4 and it’s not working.
    We are running out of time to make the difficult choices to holistically change the squad.
    We can’t keep these sellable players in current sporting economic climate and then complain that we don’t have enough money to do transfer business.

  25. Dissenter

    Thanks for reminding me that I got two wrong.
    Leicester missed the top-4 narrowly on the final day so it’s not like it was some crazy notion.
    Conte’s Inter collapsed at the end, losing out to the club that spends 23%of all, the money in their Serie A.

    If I placed a medal on the chest of plonkers like you ever time I got something wrong, your chests will be bedecked with more medals than Idi Amin.
    Grow up. It’s just a footballing blog, the score keeping is a bit childish.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg

    How many goals have we scored this season from a Pepe cross from the edge of the box? Has to be a fair few, even though that wasn’t counted as an assist today it was as good as one. We need to get him into those position more frequently. To do that he needs consistent support from his fullback, something we’ll have to work on next season.

  27. TR7

    Very simplistic to look at extending Auba’s contract from only wages point of view. Without him we will certainly finish lower in the table than with him which will cost us money. Besides it will send out a bad signal to not only the existing players but also to players we want to attract. I don’t like Auba much as a footballer but a great golascorer like him deserves mega money.

  28. Champagne Charlie


    We’d not get a player of similar ability for what he’d be sold for. It’s a different argument if there was a decent fee to be had, or we were flush with cash and in for a squad turnover. But we’re not, so keeping those goals is worth the extension all things considered.

    Think the club goes hard this summer in selling fringe players though.

    No dismissing money like we have for Chambers, Nelson etc previously. Good half dozen on the board.

  29. Dissenter

    -Are we better off with a lesser striker and [Auba’s] transfer proceeds to fix our midfield?
    -Are we better off without an elite striker on 250k weekly and bonuses with a system that can get more goals out of the likes of Pepe. I believe Pepe’s output increases next season?

    My Auba comments assumes he will continue to score goals at the same rate…I fear that will still not be enough in itself.
    I think we are taking the painless way out of every difficult problem. We are seeking the sugar high short term solutions. Just my opinions of course. I’m not infallible and I respect the opposing views.

  30. The Godfather

    I wish I could find a stat for:

    How many big chances and goals conceded


    Big chances created and goals scored

    For Arsenal while passing out from the back.

    The whole game turned on Holding playing a short pass that was intercepted similar to Sokratis in the first encounter @Watford when we had a two goal lead and nearly lost.

    Hell Mustafi had a meltdown early in the game vs City and only Ceballos and Tierney saved a sure goal.

    We have players who are so mentally and technically deficient

  31. Overmars

    Chelsea bringing in Havertz, Werner and Zyech.

    Man U will no doubt strengthen with their Champions League money.

    City will spend big as per usual, especially on the defence.

    Liverpool are Liverpool.

    And teams like Wolves and Leicester, even Everton, are not scared to spend a few quid.

    I hope this is a wake up call for the Kroenke’s and they invest their own money, or we could slip further behind.

    We’ve finally got a manager who has the potential to be top class, I still think he’s done brilliant considering where we were before. He needs his own players now.

    I think the signings so far from Raul and Vinai have been successful – Luiz, Teirney, Martinelli, Pepe, Ceballos Marri and Cedric have all done well. Saliba already looks a bargain at 30mil.

    A mix of 4 or 5 defenders and midfielders would be nice this summer so we can at least get in the top 4.

  32. alex cutter

    “No you didn’t you said Wolves would get a draw at Chelsea and the Spud’s would easily beat Palace.

    If you keep moving the goal posts you’re going to be writing a blog about Rugby.”

  33. Champagne Charlie


    I’d say we’re better off with Auba for two reasons.

    1. The money we’d get wouldn’t be enough to redistribute and better us imo
    2. Previously we had more players who could assume that burden which circled back to point 1

  34. Valentin

    3-4-3 makes us more solid defensively, however paradoxically conservative managers find it easier to defeat it. Without introducing more attackers, they unbalance our defense by overloading/lopsiding one side of the defense.

    That drags the wide CB into Full back territory. Most CBs are not comfortable defending on 1v1 in that area. On the left we have played Tierney or Kolasinac who are FullBack and WingBack by trade. So they handle those kind of situation better.
    so most team attack on our right where Mustafi has been struggling in those situation when leaving on his own with Bellerin or Cedric higher up the pitch. Against Spurs, it was painful to watch, because it was obvious that Kane and Son were taking turn to dive into the wide channel to turn over Mustafi.

  35. Matt

    Godfather, while i agree that most of those players should be sold, I just cannot see it happening. I would be absolutely amazed if we lose more than 4 or 5 players tops.

    Like others have said, I’m struggling to have any optimism when it comes to us next season. We have too many issues and we simply won’t have the funds to plug the gaps. All the while teams in and around us and especially those that finished above will do the necessary business.

  36. Nelson

    Today, Arteta again showed his immature side. Our defense was solid for the past few weeks. He suddenly had the urge to change the formation just before the Cup final. Our defense looked confused the whole game. Holding suffered the most.

    Chelsea kept their 3 4 3 formation and earned a shutout. If lost the final, we know Arteta’s mistake doesn’t help.

  37. Valentin

    Luiz has been a disaster. Most penalties (5) conceded in the season by a single player. At one point one has to accept that what he bring off the pitch does not compensate for what he bring on the pitch. He may be a leader behind the scene, but he is a terrible defender.

    Being a manager is also managing the optic and see how other people may interpret your action.
    Mikel wants an ally in the dressing room, and that is the reason he went to battle to keep David Luiz. but for the younger players that smack of favouritism. On his performance David Luiz does not deserve to play. In fact I would rather we had given a chance to Zach Medley (who I do not particularly like) in the final game than Luiz.

    My view is that Kolasinac is mediocre as a wing back. To ask him to play a ball playing CB is just asking him to do things way outside of his comfort zone. He can’t do it and he know that he can’t do it, so make reckless moves. In the end, it was obvious that in some defensive situations Tierney had taken upon himself to switch position with Kolasinac. We do have players in the U23 who would not have been worse.

    To say that Cedric’s performance has been underwhelming is being very charitable with his contribution. I would rather we had recalled Jordy Osei-tutu than give a contract to somebody who is clearly of not the right quality for Arsenal.

    Arteta needs to make sure that by playing favourite with a small number of experienced players, he does not alienate the players who should form the nucleus of the team in the future.

  38. Valentin

    Sokratis will be let go.
    Mavrapanos is sent on loan to Stuttgart.
    Mustafi, Chambers have long term injury, so will not be sold.
    Mari just joined and is injured so no departure.
    Saliba just joined and unless somebody made a stupid offer will stay.
    David Luiz just signed his undeserved extension so will bring his own brand of defending to the Emirates for hopefully his final tour.

    So Holding is likely to be sold to raise fund. Personally I would not have re-signed David Luiz and would have given a final chance to Holding to play on the left side of the defense with a more calming influence player. I think that Saliba despite his young age can be that player. I believe that with a calmer presence beside him, Holding can develop into a real asset. Not world class, but better than what we currently have.

  39. SouthernSlideTackle

    Pedro, long time reader- first comment. Thank you for this forum that I can lean into for my Gunner Passsion. Only wish you could have the commenters you deserve cause half these dumbasses always look for th negative! Arsenal is at a crossroads and this summer, huge future. Get it wrong and we are F’ed! Get it right and Arteta can work with it. The only way we don’t lie in bed with super agents is if we have an internal structure that can think for Itself. Delicate times ahead!

    Cap America

  40. Ishola70

    Players that could be realistically sold from the current squad this summer =


    Kolasinac should be moved on but high wages plus a few years left on his contract makes it unlikely he leaves.

    Ozil we all know his story.

    Willock should be loaned out for next season.

  41. Ishola70


    If Leeds come in with a decent enough offer than Martinez could be on his way then.

    It could be a case of Leeds guaranteeing him no.1 spot there and Arsenal not being able to to do the same.

    It is of course not in the best interests at all for Arsenal to sell him but we have seen before if a club comes in and the player has a real will to leave then we see them go.

  42. Leedsgunner

    If Kia wants Arsenal to help him he needs to start helping Arsenal.

    Instead of trying to flog to our club players that we don’t need, help our club sell the players that we don’t need by opening doors for these players… we all know who they are.

    After all, he’s supposedly a super agent.

    Well, he needs to to start exercising his super powers… and Arsenal needs to start transforming this relationship into a two way one.

    At the moment, Arsenal looks more and more like Kia Joorabchian’s personal cash point.

    Raul, time for you old boy, to start producing the results rather than just relying on your reputation to save you.

  43. Ishola70

    “Martinez isn’t going too be a number 2 goalie anywhere after his performances since the restart.”

    Maybe Leeds will turn their attention to Leno then.

    What it does do for Martinez this reported interest in him from Leeds is give him extra leverage for his claim for no.1 spot at Arsenal.

    If Leeds make a good bid for Martinez he will go to Arteta and want assurances from him that he will now be seen as no.1 ahead of Leno. If this is not forthcoming from Arteta then he could be on his bike to Leeds.

  44. Leedsgunner

    Leeds and West Brom will be hungry for players with EPL experience…

    We should be breaking their doors down with our fringe players…

    Mustafi, Elneny, Sokratis, Torreira… if they were attractively priced are all saleable to these clubs and others.

    Even £20m to £30m from the sale of our fringe players should be achievable… after all this is where Don Raul needs to start stepping up.

  45. Samir

    As someone said the other day, Neuer is getting on a bit so Bayern may come in for Leno.
    If it was between selling Leno or Martinez I’d rather Leno go. He’d also generate a bigger price.

  46. Ishola70

    Ian Wright made a comment that even Chelsea could be sniffing at Martinez due to their recent goalkeeping problems.

    Again what this does is back-up Martinez and his claim for no.1 spot at Arsenal.

    Arsenal and Arteta have this decision to make.

  47. Overmars

    Just looking at players who are available from the teams that are relegated..

    Watford – Deulofeu, Doucoure, Sarr, Capoue.

    Bournmouth – Fraser, Ake, Brooks

    Norwich – Aarons, Cantwell, Godfrey

    Any of them worth looking at and would they improve Arsenal?

  48. Ishola70

    Thought Sarr was quite decent today.

    Him in as squad player in replace of Reiss Nelson would strengthen the squad.

    Deulofeu would also be a decent acquistion as squad player for the left wing.

    But very unlikely to happen.

    Aarons would be of interest as squad player but again not happening as Arsenal have enough options at RB now.

  49. GunnerDNA

    Martinez needs to perform like this for a longer period with fans in the stadium. Most sports athletes get purple patch in their careers and this could be his, no way Arsenal should entertain selling Leno. If Martinez was this super GK, no way he would be comfortable sitting as a number 2 at Arsenal for almost a decade now. I hope there’s some club stupid enough to spend silly money on him that could help with the transfer budget. Arsenal fans have the tendencies to overrate our players once they hit purple patches. Joe Willock, Eddie and Nelson are 3 overrated youngsters who are playing ahead of MG, all 3 players shouldn’t be in Arsenal PL match day squad. They aren’t good enough and should be sold or loaned out. If this pattern continues next season, by Match 10 things could go way left. The xG vs xGA numbers are saying the opposite to what this blog have fans believing. All the talk of improvement is absolutely bs, but only time will tell

  50. Leedsgunner

    If Bayern want Leno we shouldn’t be afraid to play hardball.

    If Liverpool and Chelsea were willing to pay top top money for their keepers Bayern can afford to do so too.

    Think about it £60m for Leno basically buys us Ceballos and in the form Ceballos finished the season in, I would be very tempted to buy him.

    It’s clear that Arteta understands what makes Ceballos tick… a good buy at a good age too.

    Matt Macey as our no.2 makes me nervous though. The word on the street is that he’s nowhere near good enough to step up.

  51. Johnno

    Overmars, mate -you’d improve Arsenal. (and I do not think that you are Marc Overmars.)

    We have so much shite on our books. Look at today – realistically only Auba, Laca and Tierney are better than their opposite at Watford. Maybe Ceballos too.

    Foster Kike Kabasele Dawson Mariappa Tierney Dacoure Ceballos Sarr Auba Pepe

    That side probably beats us.

    Id like to thknk we could offload the Soks Nelsons Eddies willocks and AMNs to the relegated clubs for swaps for their better players. Those lads would be solid contibutors in Championship. Godfrey, Cantwell, Brooks, Foster, Sarr, Dacoure would all improve us (in case of foster we could sell a GK and get a solid #2 for way less)

  52. China1

    I was going to type something about arsenal but Pedro is such an oatmeal drinking whopper that why really bother?

  53. Bojangles


    “Does “giving Arteta time” exclude honest criticisms here.”

    There is nothing wrong with honest criticism at any time but you and a couple other posters here are using Arteta as a stick to beat Pedro with. Nothing honest about that.

  54. Nelson

    Another honest criticism. Arteta is obsess with a left footed CB on the left side. Kola is a bad player. He is not even a CB. Arteta insisted to play him as LCB. It costed us the NLD.

  55. Dissenter

    “There is nothing wrong with honest criticism at any time but you and a couple other posters here are using Arteta as a stick to beat Pedro with. Nothing honest about that.”

    Suck up to Pedro’s balls for all I care.
    You don’t have any reason to question our integrity or honesty. Pedro has the sharpest elbows here and can bin anyone he chooses.
    Managers are praised and criticized all the time, Arteta will be no different.

  56. Dissenter

    Pedro knows how to poke certain posters here. He’s skilled at keeping the blog going, It’s not personal for the vast majority of us – it’s just banter.

  57. GunnerDNA


    What’s up with the xG vs xGA numbers for Emery and Mikel or those stats are irrelevant because Mikel will get 5 yrs to get it right?

  58. Bojangles


    “Managers are praised and criticized all the time, Arteta will be no different.”

    I could accept that if you had been honest with your take on Emery. You was one to defend him to the bitter end even while we, as a team, was falling apart.

  59. Bojangles

    Barca trying to offload Rakatic and Vidal in a swap with Guendouzi after offering Coutinho in exchange for Guen +50 mil, which apparently was turned down.

  60. Sid

    Pedro will be beat with the Arteta stick then probed with it
    because he overhyped Arteta and after Gazidgate he should know better

  61. peanuts&monkeys

    Pedro hardly keys in a full 500 words at a stretch , without pandering to the Arsenal management.
    We had an average season, Pedro? Only 14 wins in 38 outings …. you call that average?

  62. Overmars

    Sarr, Ake, Cantwell and Aarons would be decent additions.

    Doucoure and Capoue would have been good a few years back.

  63. Dark Hei


    Sorry. No

    For Guen just straight up cash.

    Getting Coutinho plus 50m (probably paid in installments) is basically zero net gain since Coutinho is likely to end up in the unproductive veteran’s corner.

    Same with Vidal and Rakatic combo.

  64. Overmars

    I get confused as to why posters on here are so against signing Coutinho?

    Let’s have a look at his stats since leaving Liverpool:

    19/20 – 34 games. 9 goals. 8 assists.
    18/19 – 54 games. 11 goals. 5 assists.
    17/18 – 42 games. 22 goals. 14 assists (for Barcelona and Liverpool).

    For Barcelona and Bayern, I would say that he’s mostly been played in centre midfield, similar to Ceballos for us.

    The bottom line is, will he be an improvement to our first 11? Yes. And does he contribute more than our current midfielders? Yes.

    If the wages are a concern to fans, they shouldn’t be. If we sell Ozil, Mustafi, Sokratis and Guendouzi, then that’s around 585k a week to play around with, plus the money we’ll receive from those players.

    Xhaka, Partey and Coutinho has a good ring to it.

  65. Bojangles


    “Pedro will be beat with the Arteta stick then probed with it
    because he overhyped Arteta and after Gazidgate he should know better”

    I’m not defending Pedro as such but this is his blog and can write whatever the fuck he wants. He doesn’t need to apologise to you or anyone else for what he writes. You can always find another Arsenal blog that suits the message you want to hear, doubt you’ll find many though. Tell you that totally free.

  66. Wasi

    Nubel is not as good as Bayern thought.
    And Bayern will be looking elsewhere when Neuer retires.
    If they come in for Leno , 55-60 mil is a fair price of him.

  67. Freddie Ljungberg


    It’s a combination of the wages, fee and his age for me. By the time we get our shit together and our youngsters are up to speed he’ll be in his thirties. Far better options out there imo.


    Piss poor offers from Barca if true, we shouldn’t even be thinking about them.
    The hell are we going to do with a 32 and 33 year old moving to the PL for the first time? That’s doomed to fail from the start. Not keen on Coutinho either for above reasons

  68. Wasi


    Coutinho is 28 and imo that is the only problem with him. His quality is undeniable.

    I would take Coutinho for a loan move with 55-60 mil option to buy .

  69. Overmars

    Something I noticed from the game yesterday, I think it was one of the very very few times that we’ve seen Pepe, Lacazette and Aubameyang start as a front 3 together, and we score 3 first half goals.

    What does that tell you? Play your best players.

  70. Overmars

    Wasi and Ljungberg

    28 isn’t old these days.

    We signed Aubameyang at 29 years old and look how good he’s been.

    Of course it doesn’t always work out, the players needs that hunger and discipline to continue to be at his best. Hopefully Coutinho would have that.

  71. Useroz

    DissenterJuly 27, 2020 01:54:22
    Pedro knows how to poke certain posters here. He’s skilled at keeping the blog going, It’s not personal for the vast majority of us – it’s just banter.

    It’s business, definitely not personal.

    This TW is shorter and with Covid wrecking havoc to club finances and probably player pricing, it’s going to be fun next couple of months.

    I just hope the current batch of Arsenal execs would be smarter in deals rather than getting into different kinds of mess while still cleaning up Ivan’ shit.

  72. Sid

    BojanglesJuly 27, 2020 05:14:25

    I’m not defending Pedro as such but this is his blog and can write whatever the fuck he wants. He doesn’t need to apologise to you or anyone else for what he writes.

    Flight has never been an option. Just like he doesnt need to apologise not all posters need to agree with his opinions
    Opinions are like girlfriend…..

  73. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, we either have to overpay him into his mid thirties or sell him for a low fee.

    I wouldn’t have a problem if we did a deal like that for someone like Havertz who’s got another 12-15 years left and plenty of resale value if we need to move him on for whatever reason but I think we need to move away from giving expensive players in their latter years their last contract (with uber high wages) that’s only really ok when the rest of the squad is in great shape and you just need the missing piece to take you that extra mile, imo.

  74. Sid

    WasiJuly 27, 2020 05:29:28
    From the relegated teams I’d be sniffing around Buendia , Ake , Sarr .

    I would add cantwell the others are not worth it.

  75. Useroz

    We sell to anyone who pays well!

    50m for Leno and Raul would personally deliver him over dinner.

    What’s your take on Pope , the goalie I mean?

  76. Wasi


    The club was in a different state financially at that time .
    And Coutinho is already on higher wages than Auba
    I wouldn’t be against a loan with option to buy but if we are looking for a permanent buy then surely there’s better options out there who will cost less, demand less wages and have resale value.

  77. Wasi


    Cantwell is definitely quality. But I still don’t know what his best position is. Needs about 2 more years to consistently perform in the Prem.

  78. Pierre

    “I get confused as to why posters on here are so against signing Coutinho?”

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.

    What you have to remember is the majority on here slaughtered Wenger for years so their judgement will always be open to question.

    Those very same posters then backed Emery until the bitter end and are now looking for any excuse to throw Arteta under the bus.

    Of course Coutinho will improve this side as will Willian, as they are both quality players who will walk into this Arsenal side.

    I have confidence that Arteta will bring in midfield players that will immediately improve us and I put Coutinho and Willian in that bracket.

    Signing players of this character and experience will give our kids another year to mature and Arteta then has the decision on who to keep and who to sell.

    Coutinho on loan and Willian on a free is a no brainer.

  79. Pierre

    If we walk away with a trophy this season then Arteta will have worked a miinor miracle.

    The football under him hasn’t been great, that’s for sure, but he is trying to implement change whilst trying to win football matches which is never easy.

    It’s all about the result on Saturday, nothing else matters.

  80. Sid

    If we walk away with a trophy diet Pep will be forgiven for the Olympicos debacle.

    Random advice, avoid sitting on the testes on the toilet bowl, its very painful

  81. The backpass


    “Nubel is not as good as Bayern thought.
    And Bayern will be looking elsewhere when Neuer retires.
    If they come in for Leno , 55-60 mil is a fair price of him.”

    Erm, Nubel has been bought to replace Neuer, and where did you see that Bayern don’t rate him. Infact he is highly rated than Leno by Salihamidzic and the Bayern top brass, Oliver Kahn believes in a year he would take over from Neuer.

    Getting £50-60 million for Leno is just wishful thinking.

  82. Bojangles

    The only player from the relegated teams I’d entertain is Ake but as has been stated, he has been earmarked by Citeh. Don’t fancy our chances there.

  83. Radio Raheem

    Every half decent CB is linked to City. Weird as they conceded only 2 more goals than Liverpool this season. Scored 102 and conceded 35.

  84. Habesha Gooner

    Buendia has been fantastic for Norwich. He has been creating all their chances. And he has fire in his belly which I really like. He is playing RW for them though. If he can do it at CAM as well he would be value for money. At 23 and cheaper than most, I believe we should go for him if we haven’t got much money.

  85. Wasi


    Idk about that. From what I’ve seen , Nubel is not good enough to be Bayern’s no.1 . Ofc I could be wrong or he could get better.
    He is Schalke’s Captain and was benched for games post lockdown due to poor form if I remember correctly. Says a lot doesn’t it. Also Schalke were in fighting relegation and still didn’t deem their captain good enough for a starting berth. He did become thr first choice again as their 2nd keeper was even worse.

    And in a world where Kepa is going for 72 mil , 55 mil for Leno is absolutely fair.

  86. The backpass


    I believe he was benched because he agreed a free transfer to Bayern during the season and that annoyed schalke executives.

    Leno to bayern is a moot point now, Neuer will still top dog at bayern now and next season, maybe two seasons from now if Nubel flops ( I highly doubt it because he is really good) then they would need a new goalkeeper.

    And why pay absurd money for Leno when they can get the next best thing in Germany. There will always be goalkeepers in Bundesliga that bayern would go for before spunking £60 million on a 28 year old goalkeeper.

    Leno to Bayern is just wishful thinking,it is not happening.

  87. Dark Hei

    “I would take Coutinho for a loan move with 55-60 mil option to buy .”

    Well said Wasi.

    But I am not sure where in Arteta’s 3-4-3 is Coutinho going to feature. I am not sure he has the legs to play Klopp or Arteta ball up front on the flanks.

  88. The backpass


    “And in a world where Kepa is going for 72 mil , 55 mil for Leno is absolutely fair.”

    Does Leno have a release clause? Can people stop this Kepa stuff when trying to compare with other goalkeepers. It was a release clause.

    Its just like saying because Joao Felix cost €126 million then a superior player in Sancho would cost €180 million.

    The only club that can be foolish enough next season to pay such amount for Leno next season is Chelsea.. No other top club would presently.

  89. LittleG

    Just thinking of all the possible out goings and think give or take we could easily take a good 190m if we could get rid of all the fringe/ disgruntled players.

    Keeper 25
    Sokrates 3
    Bellerin 25
    Holding 10
    Kola 5
    Guendouzi 30
    Ozil free
    Nelson 20/25
    Mustafi 10
    Torreira 30
    Laca 30
    Elneny free
    Mavrapanos 5
    Mhiki swap?

    Up to 190m

  90. The backpass

    We are not selling Bellerin, Mustafi and Nelson. Others are realistic ( bare minimum tbf with those prices).

  91. Kenyangunner

    Martinez has matured and will be an asset to any team that acquires him.
    His saves are far from reflex. It is about proper positioning ,decision making and confidence.

  92. Wasi


    You are most probably right about Bayern. They wont bin Nubel without giving him a chance.
    Even then there are many a clubs in the world who could do well with a keeper like Leno.
    If Dortmund are serious about competing for the title then they need a serious upgrade on Burki.
    Same goes for Chelsea.
    ManU might decide De Gea is not good enough.
    Psg will soon require a new Goalkeeper.

    All of the clubs mentioned above have the enough money to pay 50m+ for a goalkeeper.

    And 60 mil for Leno in a Covid hit environment may be wishful thinking.
    But 45 mil with 5-10 in add ons is very much possible

  93. Wasi

    I believe the club will give Martinez a new deal.

    Dark Hei

    Arteta will shift to 4 at the back if he gets his players in and he’s shown that he likes to play with a 10.

  94. Wasi


    So what do you want?
    Just because we don’t have a release clause in Leno’s contract doesn’t mean we should sell him for cheap

  95. alexanderhenry

    Ok Pedro, here goes:

    Arsenal fc has been very badly run- neglected even.

    Despite the deck chair moving post wenger, the reality is that the club has continued to drift.
    We are way off the pace right now.


    Arteta looks extremely promising and I’m looking forward to a genuine rebuild this summer.
    I’m also looking forward to beating Chelsea in the cup final.

  96. The backpass


    “If Dortmund are serious about competing for the title then they need a serious upgrade on Burki.
    Same goes for Chelsea.
    ManU might decide De Gea is not good enough.
    Psg will soon require a new Goalkeeper.”

    Dortmund would go into the bundesliga market before spending on Leno

    Man united already have Henderson.

    PSG wouldn’t need a new goalkeeper for the next two seasons, they are safe with Navas.

    Chelsea, this is the only club that needs a goalkeeper like Leno presently but they’ve set their eyes on Oblak ( wishful thinking from them), Onana and Rajkovic.

    “So what do you want?
    Just because we don’t have a release clause in Leno’s contract doesn’t mean we should sell him for cheap”

    Sell Martinez instead, but if Leno is the one to make way then £40-45 million would do it.

  97. Wasi


    Martinez is turning out to be a better goalkeeper than Leno.
    Martinez is a gunner through and through.
    Leno has more market value than Martinez rn.
    Martinez is on 1/5th of wages Leno is on.

    If we are selling a goalkeeper , it should be Leno and not Martinez. Personally I wont look at a goalkeeper sale this summer unless we are desperate for the funds.

    Leno is probably better than all the goalkeepers in the Bundesliga currently.
    Psg are safe but it doesn’t mean they wont look to secure thr future of their Goalkeeping department. They also have bottomless pits of cash.
    Henderson is hyped over the top. He may get better with time tho.
    Chelsea wont get Oblak. And if they do then Athletico will have to look for a replacement and they’ll have 120m on their hands to spend.

  98. The backpass


    “What a load of rubbish. If any good offers come in for those players. They’ll be gone.”

    Yeah if any * good offers”, just like if any good offer comes for any footballer they get sold regardless. But, for the amount that was posted, l doubt Arsenal would be selling this transfer window.

    Mustafi: injured and would be out for a long time.

    Bellerin: AMN according to Ornstein wants to leave that effectively rules out Bellerin leaving this season.

    Nelson:This one is a bit tricky, if an offer comes for him it would be lovely, but i doubt Arteta wants him to leave, Arteta clearly rates him and he is our only back up to Pepe except you fancy Nketiah on the wings.

  99. The backpass


    “Martinez is turning out to be a better goalkeeper than Leno.
    Martinez is a gunner through and through.”

    Based on 1 month of football from him where there are no fans in the stadium? Same bloke that Four managers of Arsenal didn’t think he is first choice material. Same bloke that has O apps for Argentina and Can’t seem to bench Andrada, Musso, Marshesin and Armani?

    “Personally I wont look at a goalkeeper sale this summer unless we are desperate for the funds”


  100. The backpass


    “Leno is probably better than all the goalkeepers in the Bundesliga currently”

    Maybe, but dortmund are a selling club, I dont see them spending £55 million on a goal keeper, when they can get a €20million goalkeeper in the bundesliga that would do no worse than Leno when he was at Leverkusen.

  101. Radio Raheem

    I think Sanchez has scored 4 or 5 goals this season. Lukaku over 20.

    If you make Martinez number 1 don’t you think you’ll have to increase his salary accordingly? If his agent has a pulse I think he/she will already be on the case.

  102. Radio Raheem

    Sanchez is on £390k per week, Inter paying £175k of that currently. Very unlikely they’ll keep him except he decides to take a massive pay cut 😃😃

  103. James

    Partey, Upamecano, Stones and Sarr in.

    Luiz, Mustafi And Sokaratis out.

    Ozil out and Grealish in.

    Keep Guendozi