Arteta having a classic Wenger-week-in-Feb

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This week is a bit of a lol right? It’s like a typical February post-2007. We’d be in every competition, performances might be creeking, but you’d be confident that THIS was the year. Then three games would creep up on us and we’d be out the league, Champions League and FA Cup in one week.

Arteta looks like he’s picking up a bit of that magic from his old boss. We lost the North London Derby, we’re about to get a light/heavy spanking from Liverpool, then we go to Wembley for an improbable semi-final.

It is what it is.

He seemed pretty upbeat in the press conference. Maybe he’s not reading the NO IMPROVEMENT merchants and he saw this comment from CC in the comments.

Here’s a a quick snippet of goals FOR and AGAINST we’ve seen throughout the season at different points….

Week 13 – Emery’s last game: 18, 19
Week 18 – Freddie’s last game: 24, 27
Week 35 – now: 51, 44

Which breaks down as…

Emery: 18, 19 (-1)
Freddie: 6, 8 (-2)
Arteta: 27, 17 (+7)


Emery: 1.38 goals per game, 1.46 goals against per game
Freddie: 1.2 goals per game, 1.6 goals against per game
Arteta: 1.59 goals per game, 1 goal against per game.

It’s late so sue me for any inaccuracies, but its pretty evident we’re scoring more and conceding less PER GAME with Arteta. Otherwise coined as ‘no improvement’.

Core themes in the presser remained that we played well but allowed mistakes to kill us. I think the fact we didn’t get battered and largely controlled the game is his solace, though tactically, it’s hard not to think that Mourinho giving you ball and waiting for mistakes is him controlling the game.

His other theme was about progressing the club forward. He’s very careful with his words, but he keeps reminding everyone that the reason Liverpool are where they are is they made consistently good decisions on players. They were strategic, smart, and they pushed the club forward.

‘Yeah. What they have done is phenomenal, obviously the first two years it took them some time to rebuild the squad and to create a new culture, a new philosophy and a game model that suited the coach. Then they started to recruit every single player in relation to what they needed and that’s where I think they were really smart. They bought with specificity for every position that was required. Financially they had a big backing and made some big signings which completely changed the club in my opinion.’

I think it’s fair to say that the first transfer window can be written off as a hangover from yesteryear. David Luiz and Cedric Soares weren’t my kind of deals, but you can rationalise why they happened because of the state of the squad and the lack of options. Moving into this summer, we can’t be topping up our squad with more players like that. We have to be strategic about who we sign and what the path forward is.

We don’t just want Champions League qualification, we want a squad that can grow into that competition and win it. I know that sounds mad, but you have to shoot for the stars. That means signing players that ‘might’ drag you over the top 4 line is a losing game (it’s also a game we’ve played for 3 years and it hasn’t worked). If this current squad gets us into the top 4 next season with the addition of Willian and some other players looking for a retirement fund, what happens next? They can’t sustain it. We can’t sell them. Our squad is worse off for it. That’s why the better bet would be to sign up players that have the pedigree to make Champions League, but could grow when we make it there.

The big dollars, if we have any, must go on the core this summer. We need a ball-playing centre-back, we need a #6 like Partey, and we need an #8 that is ready to roll. Then we need to upgrade with players that fit the Arteta mold.

We’re being linked with Marc Roca, I’m not shocked. Technical, creative and quick thinker. Our midfield doesn’t create without players like that. We don’t just need one player like that, we need to start building a conveyor belt of them.

Supporting Emery came at a great cost. We brought in someone without understanding what he wanted to do on the pitch, and because his hire wasn’t on merit, no one paid attention to what he wanted. Now we have a coach with a much clearer articulation of what he wants to do. I suspect he has more sway with the staff. He’s Edu’s hire. Hopefully that means something because another incoherent summer and we’re in big trouble. This is more on Klopp.

I know how many decisions have to be right and how much support you need from the club and the people around, and how much connection you to have to generate from your fans to have the full package, and afterwards it’s football. The context right now is different to what it was as well four years ago and the abilities for a club to rebuild something is more limited, but it’s certainly something we have to look at and how they did it because it’s a great example. But we have to know that we have to do it our way with our resources and have it in mind that the content right now is different, but we are heading to be the best and this is my only objective with this club. We have to find a way to do it.

The ambition is to be the best. Not Europa League winners. Not top 4. To get back to the very top. It’s an ambition right for Arsenal, the question is, can it be supported? We’ll find out.

To start, we have to navigate Liverpool at home who are on the charge for the Premier League points record. He was asked if he’d rest players so we had a better chance at the weekend.

I believe that it’s very important to have energy and momentum going into important matches, and in order to do that you have to go game by game. Today and tomorrow we will asses the players and how they are, and obviously they’ve been hit and a lot of them have played some crazy minutes up until now and again we’re going to have games every two and a half days. We will try to put the strongest team out as possible here and as well on Saturday, and to do that we need to know how everyone recovers from the game.

I think he’s desperate to turnover Liverpool. He needs a restart statement win and I’m not sure Wolves quite counts in his mind. I think the idea of Arsenal keeping their concentration for 90 minutes is quite hard to fathom, but we’ve seen crazier things. The weekend game is where it’s at, City have had plenty of bad days this season and their away record isn’t great. Making an FA Cup final would be a different kind of statement.

Let’s see what happens, have a great day.

P.S. Arteta’s opinions on City and FFP were factual but missed the point. City are where they are because they pump a nation’s cash into the project. That result was the final nail in the coffin for Fairplay in football. It also makes a mockery of Ivan G and Wenger telling us for 10 years that when the rules kicked in, we’d be positioned to take advantage.

Now it’s clear. You either have a sugar daddy, or you don’t. I think it’s bad for the game. Bayern don’t have a sugar daddy, but they are financially dominant and just won the league for the 8th year in a row. The Spanish League is fairly locked. Juventus always win in Italy. Paris will always win unless they rehire Emery. The only saving grace our league has is it’s basically 8 mega-rich owners slugging it out. Football isn’t fair and it’s getting more and more unfair. In the end, people will get bored if there isn’t a competition. We’re a way off that but it isn’t beyond the realms that people could lose interest.

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  1. Guns of SF

    What do the rules state about owners pumping money into clubs? What are the rules around that? Certain amount or is it allowed at all?

  2. Guns of SF

    Arteta doing edu and Raul job by coming out with needing money to buy and improve

    Not sure what edu or Raul feel about these proclamations today

    Anyhow glad they were made

    Gives me a feeling arteta knows that players he wants and their price tags.

    Sounds like the research is being done already

  3. Thorough

    The Good:
    We put our bodies on the line, probably had more blocks that all season.
    Our attack was amazingly efficient, I think we actually had two shots on goal all night.

    The Bad:
    We refused to score a ‘security goal’ once again when we had the chance and could have drawn the game, Willock should have at least get a shot on target.
    Playing Auba on the left is like playing with 10 men. He’s not made for the role and looks totally disinterested.

    The Ugly:
    Arteta is developing some really sad habits and he exhibited almost all of them today.
    1. He has favorites and couldn’t wait to show it. That’s why he substituted so early and we looked worse after his first 3 substitutes. He practically sucked the life out of that attack and denied the midfield any ball winner.
    2. Arteta assumes Torreira and Ceballos can’t play together or are fighting for a slot when together their attributes actually should make our team more balanced.
    3. He’s not putting the refs on their toes. For the second time our player was at the receiving end of a nasty tackle and all he could say was ‘They both went for the ball’ WTF? Trent could have injured Saka right there. That was the exact same tackle Nketiah got a red for.

    All in all I’ve not enjoyed a meaningless game like this in a long while.

  4. Guns of SF

    Agreed on the subs
    Laca and Nelson were putting pressure on their defense with their relentless pressing and forcing errors….
    Why put auba and willock?

    I can understand Dani

    Amn should have started. Better than soares

    Saka should have stayed on… left side stagnates with auba trying to create anything there.

  5. Pedro

    Thorough, I’m not sure how 3 points against Liverpool that keeps us in contention for Europe is meaningless.

    You ‘really bad habits’

    1. He brought on subs you didn’t like that saw out the game
    2. He didn’t select a midfield combo YOU have spotted that he should be using after he just delivered 3 points against the champion using another one.
    3. He can’t make refs conjour red cards

    Not sure these are concerns anyone is going to care about after a win

  6. Thorough

    True. Laca and Nelson made the goals out of nothing.
    And what’s Arteta trying to achieve by not having a ball winner/tackler in the team? I actually think Torreira ought to be the first name on the team sheet for being our only genuine tackler.

  7. Thorough

    No,he brought on players that put us more in the back foot.
    He is better off saying ‘I didn’t see the tackle’ than giving the opposition a benefit of a doubt every time.

  8. The Godfather


    “And what’s Arteta trying to achieve by not having a ball winner/tackler in the team? I actually think Torreira ought to be the first name on the team sheet for being our only genuine tackler.”

    You are dead on Mate.
    Well said.

  9. Thorough

    Thank you.

    BTW I’ve been trolling my Liverpool friends all night and they’re such sore losers. Time ti go to bed.

  10. Guns of SF

    Torreira is fine and good but breaks after a few games… he in some games is totally over run. His size is too small. Big heart.

    A great energy sub though when we are on tired legs

    I can’t see him being a constant starter

  11. MidwestGun

    Good pod Peds .. all good points. I agree #spendsomefuckinmoney.

    Thanks for the positivity.. definitely needed some. So for that, Ok I take back my bald spot comment.. I shouldn’t be spreading second hand info unless verified by an independent source.

  12. peanuts&monkeys

    “3 points aside, which is terrific mind, I’m not sure how beating liv with the worst performance under arteta is being celebrated.“

    When a club is so boring for 12 years now, its fanbase would be of similar characteristics. Most boring people can’t see through between performances and results because they ARE ………So, why don’t you get it @Frost that this celebration is another result of misplaced excitement?

  13. peanuts&monkeys

    Guns of SFJuly 16, 2020 03:13:42

    Abt Torreira: sad but true.

    He knows he has to be back in Serie A. His height will draw him back to Serie A. Arsenal has to let him go.

  14. Guns of SF


    He has declined since the closure… what did he do today? His 8 and 8 seem average for what he was hyped up to be.

    Dude has to really improve mentally and physically.

    He looks lost most of the time… when he gets the ball it’s all too predictable

  15. China1

    When we have saka and martinelli + Tierney as LB/LWB I think buying a winger would be a monumental mistake in light of our tight resources

    We can’t dominate the midfield. This is the biggest issue we consistently face. If you can’t dominate the midfield you will always struggle to control the game. Unless you go for a very negative football style. It’s one thing choosing to play slow and deep and nicking goals on the counter, it’s another thing being forced to do that because the midfield is gash. Not having a choice in the matter is an issue that must urgently be resolved

  16. Dream10

    Guns of SF

    Torreira’s athleticism is a limited
    Struggles when the game gets stretched.
    The big issue since he’s been here is that his forward passing is not crisp enough.
    He’s an easy sell back to Serie A.
    A starter at Milan/Roma or a squad option at Juve/Inter.

    Pépé flourished at Lille. Team defended well and played on the counter. Arsenal are defending better under Arteta, but we’re not going to be a counter attacking side and he won’t be first option as long as Aubameyang is here. He won’t live up to the 72m pound price tag though. Good player with flaws.

  17. Receding Hairline

    I think the question Pedro should be when last have we played Liverpool after they had already won the league and were already on the beach? Never that’s the answer.

    We have games remaining with teams that still have something to play for.

    Just look at the goals they gave away and you can just tell they are already on holiday, out of the champions league too.

    Yes we can enjoy a win but that’s just about it. Nothing to see here.

  18. Guns of SF

    Issue with pepe is that you don’t see him put his body on the line to win duels on the ground and in the air.
    He like Dani needs 10 lbs of muscle …

    Pepe likes the ball at his feet and needs to those passes… to his feet

    His movement off the ball needs to improve …. move into space, stop dribbling into danger and losing the ball when a second defender comes

  19. China1

    Torreira will do really well alongside a good CM

    I don’t know if Ceballos can be that guy as he’s also very slight.

    Anyway Arteta doesn’t rate him so not sure we’ll find out this season

  20. Receding Hairline

    “There is no magic to build a squad, you need to improve with quality quality players”


    That’s a problem for me, we don’t have the money for quality quality players, so what next? Backs to the wall football where we struggle to ping passes together and praise our goal keeper?

    This isn’t the tactical, coaching revolution Pedro promised, you specifically said he would have us playing better football with the same squad.

    Literally any coach in the world will love to have “quality quality player’s” nothing unique about that.

  21. Dream10

    Martinez is looking like our new #1
    Fantastic save near the end for to secure all three points.

    I’m not have Holding as a starting level CB.
    He’s not as error prone as the other options, but he’s less talented than Luiz and Mustafi. You cannot build around a CB who has no significant strengths. For a club like Arsenal, it’s’s dangerous to keep him around. He’s 25, young for a CB. If he stays, he’ll give you the illusion that he’s the solution.

  22. DivineSherlock

    The worst Arsenal team in years beat the premier league champions and we were led to believe this team can beat Invincibles haha . A strong Liverpool team that was . Highlight : Van Dijk bullied into mistake by Reiss Nelson . No analysis of how poor Klopp’s in game management was ? or is that only reserved for our manager who is only 6 months into our job.

  23. Sid

    Not even the greatest DM in the world would look good in a midfield with one of Xhakalson and Ozil, not even Torr,
    Bring in a quality CM and CAM and majority of Arsenals problems are solve, from attack to defence.

  24. Dream10


    Get your Xhakalson jersey for next season.
    He’s virtually guaranteed to stay

    I’m telling you this for free!

  25. Pierre

    Strange that Pepe is getting slaughtered on here for failing to perform after playing in a team that hoofed long high balls to him for 99% of the game.

    Let’s wait and see how he performs when we dominate the ball and someone actually passes the ball to his feet.

    In all honesty , we would have been better putting a lump like sokratis up top to battle for the endless high balls that were pumped down the field.

  26. Receding Hairline

    Don we beat a Liverpool team already on the beaches by camping in our own half for 90% of the game. Our goalkeeper had more touches than any other Arsenal player.

    If you think this is us “doing well” then you don’t mean well for this football club.

  27. DivineSherlock


    A liverpool team that badly wanted to break the record point tally. I know you want to discredit the win but the stats of the game speak otherwise.

  28. DivineSherlock

    Not even Arteta has said that this was us doing well . Stop your nonsense . Enjoy the win . How hard can it be if you are an Arsenal fan .

  29. Tee

    Good morning all,
    Great, confidence booster and needed three points yesterday..

    For the fact that we last beat them in the league in the year 2015 (4-1) makes the victory even sweeter for me.

    Liverpool had 24+ shots but only 8 on target. I love the way Nelson forced van dyke to commit the error that led to our first goal scorer. He complained to the ref but the ref was having none of it.

    Laca also worked his socks off.

    To those saying Liv gave us the goals, didn’t we give Tottenham their goals? You need to ride your luck when presented. Liverpool also, with their great performance this season, rode their luck in many matches.

    We just have to go smart with our ins and outs. This is the time for our scouts to earn their pay.

  30. Pierre

    “The team fared well without Aubameyang who looked a spare part again when he came on.
    Proves we can beat the big sides without him”

    When Aubameyang came on , he actually won 4 or 5 balls in the air which surprised me.
    Up until then we had not won a single ball

    To lose Aubameyang at the end of this season will be a massive negative.

  31. Receding Hairline

    Divine Sherlock what are the stats of the game that speaks otherwise? What win am I discrediting? You really think a klopp team desperate for anything gives away those two goals in that manner?

    I think the coach talking about quality quality players moments after the win discredits it more than anyone else.

    I am not enjoying the win because I didn’t enjoy the game, I can’t banter team that won the league with games to spare after camping in my half for 90% of the game. We are supposed to see the blueprint of where we will be as a team next season from the rest of the season, are you seeing it?

    Support the way u want and let me do mine. Most of you were miserable last season in the middle of an unbeaten run now you want to lecture me on support

  32. Calypso

    Liverpool had nothing to play for while Arsenal were playing for their future.

    Playing under Wenger was a joy to behold, I wish i could say the same for Arteta.

  33. Tee


    Don’t waste your time on them.

    They are all Emery goons.

    Like you posted, Arteta didn’t do a Mourinho in his press conference.

    So, don’t know why some so called Arsenal fans would keep digging deep to find a negative. Even those fans who believe in Arteta never said we are there but these agenda driven sadists keep repeating the same thing hoping it turns to fact. A dead clock is always right twice a day.

    Let them keep digging to make a point. Who knows they might discover the remains of the 18 century mummies.

  34. Tee


    “Klopp was least concerned about the games results.
    Im telling you for free!”

    Kids think better than you do.

    Did you watch the game at all? I asked because from the look on klopp’s face, it showed he really wanted the 100 points record.

    For your info, klopp opened his mouth wide for more than 10 seconds when the second goal went in. What does that tell you?


  35. Ishola70

    The real test for Arteta is going to be when he tries to get this team to play more expansive.

    Atm what we are seeing is certain elements put in place to recover from the very bad place it was when Arteta took over.

    There is a long, long way to go for this current team to be a consisent serious side.

    I thought Pedro’s podcast was a good one because it seemed heartfelt. But we are seeing no revolution here at present. What we are seeing is a manager that is trying to mend a team in certain aspects.

    Any team can defend low block for virtually the whole game and give the opposition basically continous possession throughout the match. You see it with big underdog teams in cup matches.

    Arteta has already alluded to that he needs better players. The positive aspect is that so far he has shown certain tactical ploys and actions that can be beneficial when the team is a better one overall in the future for him to work with.

    So no revolution as yet but need to see what the near future brings and hopefully a few better players brought into the first team in the transfer market.

    It will be a very difficult job for Arteta next season if new additions are not added to this team.

  36. DivineSherlock


    Yes in fact I can see what Arteta is doing . He has made every Arsenal player fight for the team . Hell even Lacazette was out defending . Was it pretty ? No . But that was the gulf in quality and Arteta recognised that and played accordingly . Tactics were adaptable . Emery got smashed , Wenger got smashed, Arteta didnt. If we had lost this game 4-0 maybe you wouldve had been right . That there were no improvements . But we won and every player last night gave it all. If you cant see that maybe you should revisit your reasons to watch Arsenal.

  37. Receding Hairline

    If you call that digging deep Tee then you should be in standup.

    Were u also celebrating the 22 games unbeaten run last season or were you looking beyond the results?

    Is this the football, not just yesterday mind you, you envisaged a “progressive young coach” building a team for next season will play?

    Anyway I’m already at the office so enjoy your day with the “real fans”.

    Once the term Emery goons surfaces you know you are out of actual points to make

  38. Receding Hairline

    Sherlock Emery didn’t get smashed when he hosted Liverpool at home last season (early in a season when they were fighting for the league).

    We played a wonderful game that day, fought for every ball and caused them problems, we were sad not to win.

    One would have thought a poster going by the moniker Sherlock would remember facts like that .

  39. Sid

    “For your info, klopp opened his mouth wide for more than 10 seconds when the second goal went in. What does that tell you?”

    Trying to control yawning from boredom.

    Im telling you for free!

  40. Mr Serge

    I agree with Sid a great cam and DM will solve most of our issues look at Bruno for utd he has changed them from a joke to a top 4 team by himself in 6 months

  41. Receding Hairline

    And please stop telling me how I should support Arsenal. That’s insulting.

    We played like a championship team and won and I should celebrate that as the reason why I support a team with a champions league wage bill? That’s nonsense.

    We have played better, fought better, won better. Yesterday wasn’t memorable in anyway. Nor was it tactical as you claim.

  42. Bojangles

    After every match we play (especially if we win) someone comes out with “his big test comes…..” How many big tests does the man have to pass before he is accepted.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Yes I would open my mouth wide too if I saw my two most expensive signings make school boy errors to gift opponents goals.

    Dunno why I as an Arsenal fan should take solace from an open mouth

  44. DivineSherlock


    So you dont wanna celebrate this win because Emery played well that day and didnt win ?
    I dont understand .
    You remind us of that 22 game unbeaten run , what came after ?
    Why didnt Emery the master coach build something from that ?
    Why did we have the worst start in 38 years after the so called winning run ?

    You know what I may not be Sherlock but it doesnt take a detective to know what youre doing .

  45. DivineSherlock


    Your excuses are getting poor . We played like championship team ? wow thats new. Look at Pl Table and tell me how many championship teams have beaten Liverpool this season . They have been defeated only 3 times now. Watford , City and Us. All these years you know we wouldve thrown the lead , Heck you wouldve been on here throwing that stat of giving away most points from winning positions if we had drawn/lost the game yesterday.

  46. Bojangles

    So Klopp wasn’t bothered by the loss, eh. His answer when questioned about his players mistakes he responded with

    “Is someone surprised these boys [Alisson/Van Dijk] are humans? I am not. I need David Luiz? He’s signed a new contract, eh?”

    Yep the “saucy” prick was wounded ok.

  47. Kenyangunner

    I can’t believe some people are comparing Pepe and Ozil.
    I can remember Ozil having some good matches before he became a liability.
    I have not seen anything from Pepe that would suggest he is worth 36M leave alone 72M!
    He only flourished at Lille but has been a flop for Cotedvoire and Arsenal.

  48. Ishola70

    I’m getting a little concerned with Pepe’s character.

    You can have all the talent in the world but if you can’t back it up with good character then it falls well short.

    Character as well as talent is important in a player.

  49. Bojangles

    Arsenal are going to have to make a decision over Leno or Martinez. Martinez has already stated he wants 1st team football and Leno won’t settle for second place. Both are first team gk’s.

    My preference is Martinez; he seems a little more realiable to me.

  50. Thank you and goodnight

    I have to say I’m now 100% behind arteta now. His comments last night were on point and he’s put pressure on the board and owner. At long last we have a manager who tells it how it is and I think it explains why he signed luiz, Mari etc. I think if he knew he had the money I honestly don’t think he would of signed these players. But it’s refreshing that he’s told the truth and put pressure on the board unlike wenger who was too busy collecting his salary and protecting Kroenke by pretending everything was dandy

  51. DivineSherlock

    Here is another stat .
    Arsenal first 18 games : 27goals conceded.
    Arsenal last 18 games : 18 goals conceded.

  52. Ishola70


    Leno will get back his first team spot back when Martinez makes a really big error.

    May seem harsh because he has performed well overall but that’s the way it is with a No 1 and No 2 goalkeeper.

    Martinez was close to making a really big error last night when his kick was blocked by Firmino and the ball hit the side of the post early in the match.

  53. Thank you and goodnight

    And I have to say he was right. You can make the players fitter and work harder, but if the talent isn’t their that’s not much more you can do with those players. And he’s come out and basically said you want top four you have to back me financially. For a rookie boss in his first managerial job that takes balls.

  54. Mr Serge

    Receding you really are a miserable git lol
    We best Liverpool for the fist time in 5 years with a lot of younger players in the side and you are crying
    You need to get s life and face reality that this is not an easy fix and it will take time,bit we are going the right way

    Chill out ffs

  55. Leftside

    He has also played a significantly less amount of games too Un.

    Leno was probably our best player this year which shows the kind of season we have had. Martinez has done well, exceeded my expectations but I think people are slightly hyperbolic when saying that Leno doesn’t get back into the side.

    Martinez is there on merit now but as Ish says, all it takes is one error.

  56. Ishola70

    “Leno has made more big errors in one game this season than Martinez has during his arsenal career”

    Well Leno won’t get a clear run will he like he did before if he fucks up.

    And if Martinez comes in a second time for him and not to due to injury then Leno should be worried then that he will no longer be seen as No.1

    It’s a good thing to have healthy competition between the keepers.

  57. Ishola70

    As leftside has already said Don Martinez has played far less games than Leno.

    If you rate Martinez higher than Leno now fair enough but the club won’t see Martinez as No.1 just yet.

  58. Ishola70


    This isn’t about me rating Leno over Martinez.

    It’s just that the club will still see Leno as No.1 at this point.

    When Leno is fit to play he will have to wait for his chance. When Leno gets that chance he knows he has to perform or Martinez will be straight back in again and the second time Leno knows it gets more dangerous for him to be demoted from No.1

  59. CG


    “””””I’m getting a little concerned with Pepe’s character.”””””””

    24 years of age. And still yet to play ONE champions league fixture. That’s all you need to know.
    And I doubt he will ever play one.

    A gratuitous signing by Raul- when we were well stocked with wide players and lacking elsewhere.

    The Clown wanted the aggressive and prem proven versatile Zaha ( correctly).But The Spiv because it was a good deal for him and his spivvy chums wanted Pepe.

    totally shocking,

    Arsenal best hope for next season and future ones.

    Is not Arteta coming good or Josh turning on the spending taps.
    Its that Tim Lewis- gets Arsenal running honestly, competently, TRANSPARENTLY and professionally.

    If Raul gets his hands on another £250 million to spend on players- we will still be useless.And midtable.

  60. Salman

    Good Lord some of you guys are absolutely miserable in these comments. We just beat Liverpool for a change in years. Take a day or two to just enjoy the win no matter how we got it and relax.

  61. prvhc

    We’re a mid table team celebrating a fluky win against the Champions after being dominated at our own ground and gifted two goals.
    That’s a fact

  62. Ishola70

    I like Martinez over Leno but that’s because I’m biased over a keeper being better aerially and I think if you are better aerially you give a nore calming infuence to the defence.

    But of course Leno is the better with actual shot stopping.

    Leno is like the modern keeper now because so many are very good shot stoppers but have question marks about them in other aspects. In the past there were far more keepers who were good aerially as well as being good shot stoppers. Both.

  63. Ishola70


    “A gratuitous signing by Raul”

    He does look like a bit of a suspect signing at this present time yes.

  64. Northbanker

    We will concede fewer goals with Martinez than with Leno. His demeanour and handling ability makes him our new no 1 on merit, whether an error is made or not.

    MA isn’t going to be worried about a £20m price tag when he has shown he’s not worried about a £42m price (Ozil) or a £72m one with Pepe.

  65. prvhc

    Is we’d beaten Liverpool convincingly, even after accounting for the fact they were on holidays, I would’ve been happy.
    If the result helped us in securing European places, I would’ve been ecstatic.
    There was nothing to gain from the result or performance yesterday.
    It was a mere 3-4 years ago that we could say Liverpool were our rivals. How did we fall so far behind so fast ?

  66. Ishola70

    The thing with Leno is that he is excellent agility wise with his shot stopping but I don’t think overall his actual presence itself calms his defence in front of him.

  67. prvhc

    You don’t defend ‘well’and concede 24 shots on goal.
    That’s not an interpretation.Don’t post like a moron.
    It’s because of such BS that this blog has lost all semblance of objectivity.

  68. Ishola70

    For me he is the better overall keeper for Arsenal at this time yes.

    A weakness in Martinez though could be that he is a bit slow and not that agile when one on one with an attacker bearing down on him.

    In that instance you would probably prefer Leno.

    But overall Martinez for me.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Let’s not have a discussion about goalkeepers at this point.

    Frankly this is the one position in our team, which is the least of our worries.
    Currently Martinez is the player who starts and frankly I have no qualms keeping him there.

    A successful team needs two good gks on the books.

    The only concern that I have about both keepers is their kicking and distribution if compared to some other keepers in EPL, but that is not for me a
    major issue.

  70. Frost

    “we just beat Liverpool and you want to relitigate Emery,”

    Errr not sure we getting a trophy for this pedders, also not sure how it moves arsenal forward looking at the performance. Wenger & Emery had their fair share of big scalp wins, they were still shit.

    You know what would excite me tho? A good summer & a (at least) champions league run next season where I don’t have to jump over the moon when we beat one top team in a season.

  71. Ishola70


    “The only concern that I have about both keepers is their kicking and distribution if compared to some other keepers in EPL, but that is not for me major issue.

    No it shouldn’t be a major issue.

    The overwhelming majority of keepers if not all make a hash of it on occasions when trying to play sweeper.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    In recent weeks there has been a considerable amount of criticism about Bellerin at RFB/RWB. Some want us to sell the player.

    First of all Bellerin was out of action for almost a full season so the idea that he
    will come back 100% playing fit is ridiculous.

    On the evidence of what I watched yesterday there is absolutely no evidence that Soares is an upgrade. I thought that his positional sense was poor and
    on the odd occasion that he travelled upfield there was nothing to suggest that
    he was better at beating his opponent or crossing the ball.

    Okay he was marking Mane, but even so he should have made a better shot of
    doing so than he did.At best he is a squad player.

  73. UTarse

    Ffs, let’s look at the facts that all Arsenal fans agree on :

    Do we have a decent squad ? NO
    Are we behind our main rivals ? Yes
    Will it take 2-3 years of a rebuild to compete at the top table ? Yes.

    So whether we played like a championship or relegated team or were lucky , whether we dominated spuds but the usual brain farts cost us a win etc. etc. It’s all par for th course.

    At least let’s see what arteta does this summer, then judge him.

    Am I convinced he’s the one to take us back where we belong ? Not yet if I’m honest. But I’m willing to give the man a chance, like we afforded emery.

    Relax with all the tribal hang bags.

  74. Jim Lahey

    To be fair, we just played probably the beast team on the planet at the moment (typing that caused physical pain). We were lucky but how easy would it have been for us to completely capitulate and get beat by 4 or 5? I can bet that is what we all thought would happen once the first goal went in.

    ALSO! Once again how was TAA not shown a red card? The fucking bias is shocking, they’re not even subtle about it.

  75. Valentin

    On his showing Soares is definitely not an upgrade on Bellerin. In fact I would play AMN before either of the two. Better defensively and better crosser overall

    Some players seems to get the implicit trust of the manager and need to royally mess up to lose it whilst others don’t seem to given a chance despite their good performance.
    Holding was MOTM in one outing then benched. Luiz keeps making horrendous mistakes but is offered a one year extension whilst Holding is offered to other clubs.
    AMN was called upon to tame Adams Traore then told to sit down.
    Pepe is stinking the place to high heaven but keep his place whilst Nelson sit on the bench.

  76. Tee


    Go and watch the video and the reaction from klopp before coming here to show your myopic nature on things.

    Get yourself out of Emery’s a** to where sun shines.

    You ain’t making sense but killing sense.

    There’s nothing to write home about concerning Emery’s tenure for Arsenal. All we read from you lot is is record of former glory which we don’t give a shite about. His records for us stink to high heaven. He gave us our worst start in how many years?

    Deal with it. On your bike to blow air of Emery’s a**

  77. Dissenter

    It was good win no doubt but we needed a lot of luck to get it.
    It’s extremely rare for good teams like Liverpool to make make two defensive errors that lead to goals in the same game?

    Let’s stop acting like a mid table club and approach the win with some perspective.
    I just hope it gives the team some belief going forward, besides that there;s nothing more to such a win.

  78. David

    The victory was kind of a fluke. It is unsustainable to face that much pressure, give up that much possession and chances against any team let alone a top team Calypso. More often than not, it will result in a loss.

    That being said, I’m an Arsenal fan and I’m thrilled when we beat big sides however we do it. Our recent record against Liverpool doesn’t make pretty reading. On the other side I think they’ve only beat us at home three times in almost twenty years so we tend to do better against them at home obviously.