The @Spursforlife take on, errr, Spurs?

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Well, today is your lucky day people. I’ve asked some PRESSING questions of Andy and the team over at Spurs for Life. Enjoy the read!

1) Tell us what it’s like to have a new stadium compared to the old one? 
The new stadium is fantastic if we’re honest and is the biggest thing I’m missing from football since the pandemic. The atmosphere is bouncing inside the stadium before the big evening games with the two Champions League knockout games versus City and Ajax the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced before a game.

White Hart Lane was always great when the big games and obviously against Arsenal, very compact like Highbury, but the new stadium is just special. I prefer it.

2) Explain to Arsenal fans why things went so badly wrong for Pochettino? 

I don’t know. There are lots of stories and rumours and maybe it will never all come out? I sense it’s the same at Arsenal but a lot of fans sometimes have unrealistic expectations for the club given the wage budget and the competition. We lose a few games and people are calling for his head and the pressure mounts.

From where Pochetttino started to a Champions League Final is insane but it’s modern football isn’t it and I for one think managers should be given a chance to fight their way out of a slump. 

3) What are your thoughts on Jose Mourinho so far?

Once again, I get frustrated at our fans. Maybe it’s just the vocal ones on social media but Mourinho has taken over halfway through a season and has been without our best players for most of it and yet people calling for his head!

The style of play has been boring recently and we are negative but the guy is an absolute proven winner and if that’s how he thinks he gets results with this set of players I’m inclined to trust him.

Spurs fans have been spoilt with an exciting style of football for a few years but we have won nothing so when we get a manager who has won everything we should be patient in my opinion.

4) What is your assessment of post-lockdown Spurs?

Not good. There are glaring issues in our side. How Serge Aurier is a Premier League footballer I have no clue and with the reliable Vertonghen and Alderweireld getting on now forging a new partnership hasn’t been seamless as was shown in the shambles against Sheffield United with defensive errors all over the shop.

That said it took a late penalty where Pogba went over easy for United to draw with us, we had a ridiculous VAR handball equaliser ruled out against Sheffield United and won the other two games.

It just hasn’t looked very pretty!

5) What are the vibes on Daniel Levy’s leadership of Spurs? 

Once again, this is probably an unpopular opinion with Spurs fans but I wouldn’t complain. We have this incredible stadium and have punched above our weight to bring Champions League football to the club for a fair few years now. Anyone who remembers the 90s and 00s at Spurs will remember it being pretty dreadful.

Of course we all want investment in the squad but it’s just not that easy, you’re competing with the big boys for all the players who are going to improve your first team and in pretty much every case they’re going to have higher budgets whether it be giant revenues at United and Liverpool or oil money at City or whatever Abramovich’s money comes from?!

I think Spurs and Arsenal kind of have to pay big bucks for second-tier players and take a bit of a punt. Ndombele came in for us with a big reputation but his work rate has been questioned which I’m not sure is ideal with Jose!

Let’s just say the Amazon Doc would have been better last season for Spurs fans and probably better for Arsenal fans this season!

6) Who out of the young players coming through most excites you?

I actually worry about this at Spurs. Mourinho doesn’t have a great track record of bringing through youth players and the reason we’ve punched above our weight the last five years is bringing through Dele, Kane, Winks and Dier and giving them a proper chance.
Spurs fans will talk about Troy Parrott but he’s realistically not going to play in front of Kane and his attitude has been questioned. Tanganga started well but has been injured so the jury is out.

I think people forget Dele and Winks are still only 24 and I actually fear for them reaching what I thought was massive potential for both of them if they’re not trusted to play week in week out.

7) What should Arsenal fans expect from Spurs tactically at the weekend (and a prediction)?
Against better sides we tend to play two banks for four with Kane and maybe Bergwijn up top which means Son is quite defensive on the left side, normally because Aurier flies forward the other side and they all shift around.

I do think in Lo Celso and Sissoko we are better in the middle of the park than Arsenal and although they have improved I’m sure most attacking players fancy a mistake off your defenders but that said I’m sure Aubameyang and Saka (who looks the real deal!) won’t mind playing off Aurier.

Who knows on the prediction? Close game I guess but will be weird watching the North London Derby without the fans. As much as we hate you lot it’ll be a shame to not us all there!

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  1. Pierre

    “No one needs your hot take on Coutinho, lad.”

    Actually, if we can , though I doubt it, I would love coutinho in the side..

    But for you to think Coutinho would score a hatful of goals for a team(huddersfield)fighting relegation, is at best naive.

    I watched ESR yesterday, and yes he found it difficult to make an impact.
    He was tidy on the ball and rarely gave away possession ( unlike his team mates) but failed to impose himself on a tough physical game…

    If you ask the Huddersfield manager or fans what they think if ESR, you will get a much more positive reaction to his ability than you get in here ….there’s a surprise.

  2. Useroz

    I posted earlier in the week that Dominik Szoboszlai appears a good young talent we’d take a serious look based solely on the YT highlights. I am no scout nor most of us here but this fella does tick the boxes and is a 20 yo!

    Would be happy if he delivers 80% of what he shows in YT week in week out.

    Imagine… would similar highlights be put together by our current MFs, setting age aside?

    If Szoboszlai pulls a 20m+ fee, would seem a no brainier compared to 100 others linked to the club.

    Would Szoboszlai be the first Hungarian played for Arsenal if bought?

  3. Useroz

    ESR and Coutinho comparison seems to be the topic of the day before we beat spuds up.

    There’s not exactly comparable across all levels Stage of careers; age; abilities; price tag, risk, etc.

    Where the club is financially , we couldn’t afford Coutinho, unless the deal is a bargain basement sale. The deal includes fees to his club and agent / uncles and aunt/ cousins etc, plus wage.

    Coutinho didn’t work out in Spain after his high profile exit from the Pool. We don’t but on his record in Spain so what’s his value? Not worth the punt (ie that he’d rediscover Pool form) for more than 20m and 150k pw. I think reportedly he’s already on 200k+ … we can’t have another Mikhi/ Kolac/ Ozil type buys.

    ESR is a potential at best. May have more talking points due to his loan spell but lower in pecking order compared with the like of Saka, Martinelli, Willock, Guendouzi etc. On that basis, what’s his chance to get into the squad and perhaps starting 11 next season? Low. Cameos mostly. More minutes in cup games may be. If he lights it up it’d be a different story. But until then, let’s not hype up the kid and kills his confidence. Also, ESR must demonstrate physically he’d cope with the rigor of the PL, even if Championship players ain’t saints.

    Partey only isn’t going to fix our many MF issues viz physique, mobility/pace; height/ aerial; creativity and flair. And forget consistency for now.