The @Spursforlife take on, errr, Spurs?

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Well, today is your lucky day people. I’ve asked some PRESSING questions of Andy and the team over at Spurs for Life. Enjoy the read!

1) Tell us what it’s like to have a new stadium compared to the old one? 
The new stadium is fantastic if we’re honest and is the biggest thing I’m missing from football since the pandemic. The atmosphere is bouncing inside the stadium before the big evening games with the two Champions League knockout games versus City and Ajax the best atmosphere I’ve ever experienced before a game.

White Hart Lane was always great when the big games and obviously against Arsenal, very compact like Highbury, but the new stadium is just special. I prefer it.

2) Explain to Arsenal fans why things went so badly wrong for Pochettino? 

I don’t know. There are lots of stories and rumours and maybe it will never all come out? I sense it’s the same at Arsenal but a lot of fans sometimes have unrealistic expectations for the club given the wage budget and the competition. We lose a few games and people are calling for his head and the pressure mounts.

From where Pochetttino started to a Champions League Final is insane but it’s modern football isn’t it and I for one think managers should be given a chance to fight their way out of a slump. 

3) What are your thoughts on Jose Mourinho so far?

Once again, I get frustrated at our fans. Maybe it’s just the vocal ones on social media but Mourinho has taken over halfway through a season and has been without our best players for most of it and yet people calling for his head!

The style of play has been boring recently and we are negative but the guy is an absolute proven winner and if that’s how he thinks he gets results with this set of players I’m inclined to trust him.

Spurs fans have been spoilt with an exciting style of football for a few years but we have won nothing so when we get a manager who has won everything we should be patient in my opinion.

4) What is your assessment of post-lockdown Spurs?

Not good. There are glaring issues in our side. How Serge Aurier is a Premier League footballer I have no clue and with the reliable Vertonghen and Alderweireld getting on now forging a new partnership hasn’t been seamless as was shown in the shambles against Sheffield United with defensive errors all over the shop.

That said it took a late penalty where Pogba went over easy for United to draw with us, we had a ridiculous VAR handball equaliser ruled out against Sheffield United and won the other two games.

It just hasn’t looked very pretty!

5) What are the vibes on Daniel Levy’s leadership of Spurs? 

Once again, this is probably an unpopular opinion with Spurs fans but I wouldn’t complain. We have this incredible stadium and have punched above our weight to bring Champions League football to the club for a fair few years now. Anyone who remembers the 90s and 00s at Spurs will remember it being pretty dreadful.

Of course we all want investment in the squad but it’s just not that easy, you’re competing with the big boys for all the players who are going to improve your first team and in pretty much every case they’re going to have higher budgets whether it be giant revenues at United and Liverpool or oil money at City or whatever Abramovich’s money comes from?!

I think Spurs and Arsenal kind of have to pay big bucks for second-tier players and take a bit of a punt. Ndombele came in for us with a big reputation but his work rate has been questioned which I’m not sure is ideal with Jose!

Let’s just say the Amazon Doc would have been better last season for Spurs fans and probably better for Arsenal fans this season!

6) Who out of the young players coming through most excites you?

I actually worry about this at Spurs. Mourinho doesn’t have a great track record of bringing through youth players and the reason we’ve punched above our weight the last five years is bringing through Dele, Kane, Winks and Dier and giving them a proper chance.
Spurs fans will talk about Troy Parrott but he’s realistically not going to play in front of Kane and his attitude has been questioned. Tanganga started well but has been injured so the jury is out.

I think people forget Dele and Winks are still only 24 and I actually fear for them reaching what I thought was massive potential for both of them if they’re not trusted to play week in week out.

7) What should Arsenal fans expect from Spurs tactically at the weekend (and a prediction)?
Against better sides we tend to play two banks for four with Kane and maybe Bergwijn up top which means Son is quite defensive on the left side, normally because Aurier flies forward the other side and they all shift around.

I do think in Lo Celso and Sissoko we are better in the middle of the park than Arsenal and although they have improved I’m sure most attacking players fancy a mistake off your defenders but that said I’m sure Aubameyang and Saka (who looks the real deal!) won’t mind playing off Aurier.

Who knows on the prediction? Close game I guess but will be weird watching the North London Derby without the fans. As much as we hate you lot it’ll be a shame to not us all there!

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  1. Tom

    The fact the game is played without fans , and Arsenal had two extra days of rest and to prepare, are a massive advantage for us.
    The fact Oliver owes them a penalty call is a bad omen for us.
    Kane and Son are usually good for a dive in the penalty area against us and we all know Oliver’s pen record with Arsenal.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Justice For Guendouzi

    I’m so glad Arteta has left him off the squad…not sure why some people are whinging the boy has been properly hyped up here, without him our midfield has looked a tad decent.

  3. Thorough

    Seriously no matter how good ESR is he should be on another loan next season. Chelsea are seriously sniffing around Havert, Manu have Bruno Fernandez, City have DeBruyne, and ESR is nowhere near that level, which is the level we should be looking to compete at.
    I’ll seriously look at Coutinho on a loan with an option to buy when Mr Stinkers contract would have elapsed.

  4. Victorious

    So we have to entertain spuds crap on a supposed arsenal blog now? What a joke!

    Hopefully we smash them to smitherens on Sunday! such a disgusting club.

  5. Chris

    Chill the F out Victorious, I enjoy the banter re Spurs and take pleasure from their troubles as much as any Arsenal fan, but it is nice to see it from a sensible perspective such as this one.

  6. CharlieRose

    Spurs seems to be on their way down, great opportunity to take them apart this weekend

    Hope well sell the dross (incl. that parasite Ozil) this window and Arteta gets who he needs, future of Arsenal looks good

  7. Thorough

    Un Nai.
    That’s really funny. I’ve seen too many like ESRs actually. Remember Wilshere? Remember McEachran with Chelsea? Remember those shiny youth players we had who never made it?

    And FYI I watched him a few times and he’s good but we’re looking for great to magnificent now. If he’s going to be an Arsenal starter he may be about two years away. In the here and now, ESR won’t help us. I’m not even going to discuss that again.

  8. Chrispy

    Easily the dullest read I’ve put myself through in a while. Quite simply couldn’t give a fcuk about that lot. Was hoping for some insight and perspective on the KSE re financing…..

  9. Champagne Charlie

    ESR over Coutinho?

    Absolutely not. Coutinho is brilliant, ESR has a longgg way to go to get near that level. Our attack needs balance, can’t be full of potential.

    Saka, Nketiah, Nelson, Martinelli, Willock. Barely a pube between them.

  10. andy1886

    To be honesty I’m struggling to accept that I share a first name with a Spud but I suppose it was statistically inevitable despite them having a much smaller fan base than us.

    It’s all very nice to have a civilised chat with one of them of course, unfortunately I’ve never been able to do that without resorting to taking the piss half way through (or sooner) even if they do come across as reasonable people (well, sort of people anyway).

    Having forced myself to read the article (no offence Pedders, honest) it’s very much reinforced the idea that Arsenal and Spuds fans are poles apart in so many ways:

    Spurs fan likes new soulless stadium – Arsenal fans miss historic Highbury.

    Spurs fan accepts mediocrity is their lot, Arsenal fans insist on at least trying to be the best.

    Spurs fan thinks that Maureen should be allowed to play dull uninspired football if it wins trophies, Arsenal fans think Jose should be allowed to play dull uninspired football because it probably means Spurs will remain potless under his management.

    And just when you start to feel sorry for them that natural aversion to all things Spursy kicks in and you realise the only thing you can do with a club like that is offer them a one way trip to Switzerland – it’s the compassionate thing to do.

  11. Aaron


    Let me help you out, from a guy that lives in US and follows his ways.

    The Emirates should have been paid off, AFC had the money but stan the maN looted it to buy out Usa’s shares.

    AFC now owe more money than before.

    The LA rams stadium is a fiasco ($5-6 billion +), no nfl stadium money as there most likely won’t be a season at all, especially with fans.

    Economy in CA is going to be in full meltdown, especially with companies moving to work at home employees, many are fleeing the cities, and rightly so.

    All of stan the maN’s teams suck, of the teams he own only 1 has a winning record- the Avalanche, and they have always been winners, but will fall to mid pack in less than 5 years.

    Hope this helps.

  12. Thorough

    @Un Nai.
    Coutinho won’t even go for half the price they bought him for. And I suggested him for a loan with an option to buy if it works out. If Coutinho is the comparison then ESR is pants.

  13. Valentin

    Football can be tribal, but it does not have to be hateful. There are Spurs Supporter who are more realist and sensible than some here and with who I would rather have a drink with.

    You may see the club as the enemy, but you don’t have to see their fans as such. Personally bar the occasional drunkards and idiots (and every clubs have some of those), I find Spurs fans to be a lot more agreeable than the Koppite and ManUtd glory hunters supporters.

  14. azed


    Aren’t we tried of players that can’t make it elsewhere and are on inflated wages?
    I’d rather take a chance on ESR than have Coutinho in the squad.

  15. Jamie

    “The Emirates should have been paid off, AFC had the money but stan the maN looted it to buy out Usa’s shares.”

    Stan did what?

  16. Thorough

    Un Na.
    The first day I watched Saka I knew he was different. It was an Europa league game if I remember correctly and this teenager had 8 freaking take ons. Indeed, I remember what Gary Neville said that night ‘That’s the best debut I’ ve seen since Ronaldo’ debued for Man U’ or something along that line. Infact that’s why I was 100% behind Diamond’s eyes stance that Emry should use Saka and Willock more instead of spending that January.

    Let’s put it this way, assuming we buy Partey, and we’re facing ManCity with Rodri, Silva and DeBruyne in midfield. Would you rather have a midfield of Xhaka, Partey and Coutinho or Xhaka, Partey and ESR?

  17. Chris

    You read stories about the River and Boca rivalry, where families living in the same house who support both teams do not speak to each for the whole weekend when they play each other, and that’s a load of bollocks to be honest. It is a big part of our lives football but it should not cause a divide such as that.

  18. Graham62

    It’s always nice to get the perspective of a Spuds supporter.

    As for Mourinho, I think the writings on the wall. Irrespective of his past glories, the style of play is rancid.

    Players these days don’t want to play this style of football.

    I reckon we’ll get a result on Sunday.

    Fancy a 2-1 win.

  19. Chris

    I’d sooner give Smith-Rowe decent game time then commit to the next Ozil (Coutinho)

    Overall in terms of attacking midfielders I would much rather we look at exciting prospects in the 18-24 age range with high sell on value.

  20. Aaron


    stan used a leveraged buyout to purchase Usmanov’s 30% shareholder stake.

    How did he get the cash to do so outright? Of course he borrowed it, as is his normal modus operandi when buying anything.

    Most of that money AFC had in reserve has gone poof.

    But, at least AFC owes more…

  21. Aaron

    With Un on this one ESR looks quick with the ball, and his movement direct.

    Coutinho would be a waste of time and money which AFC has none of at the moment.

    Bring up more youth or buy it!

  22. Jamie

    Aaron –

    AFC’s cash reserves have nothing to do with Kroenke’s buyout. The cash reserves are depleted because the club has spend poorly on players and wages for years.

    I think you’re conflating two separate issues.

  23. SpanishDave

    ESR ripping it up at the bottom of the championship !
    He should be at this crap level of football.
    Another average joe.

  24. Jamie

    How many goals would Coutinho have scored against bottom of the Championship Luton today? If this isn’t the type of game for ESR to dominate, I don’t know what is. So far it’s worst half of football since restart.

    Folk need their head examined if they think ESR can currently do half of what Coutinho can.

    I’m all for promoting our youth players, but to suggest that ESR will provide the same level of ability as Coutinho is not serious thinking.

  25. Guns of SF

    If Coutinho could be had a good price, I would do it.
    Nothing against ESR, but PC is still quality. He needs to find his place again, and I think would fit into Arteta ball fairly well

    ESR is our future… we will need him but PC could also help us

  26. NJ Gooner


    Certainly, an unexpected and unusual approach to one of the biggest games of the year (in every sense). I was expecting your assessment. But perhaps that will come tomorrow or Sunday.

    In the neighborhood where I grew up in North London, the definition of inter-marriage wasn’t black or white, it was marrying a Spurs fan. Many I knew got excited when they got Ardiles and Villa and won the cup. That was the level at which they operated. But at least they had flair.

    Now they play defensive football. I don’t know what Andy’s father would have said!

    Pedro, can you please talk about the implications of KSE’s financing arrangement? I confess, I was looking forward to you (always informed and thoughtful) assessment.

  27. Chris

    Agree Un

    I don’t think anyone is disputing who is the better player out of ESR and Coutinho right now, but surely we should be looking to build on our future with players who are on the up, not the down. Coutinho has not been on top form since his Liverpool days and there is no guarantee he would hit the heights again with us, and it would come at a hefty price with nothing to gain back from it.

    We should be putting on our stock into one of Europe’s brightest young talents, and paying good money initially if needs be, a far better spend if he limited finances we have than on Coutinho

  28. Freddie Ljungberg

    ESR should stay with us next season as back up Cam to whoever we buy, preferably Szoboszlai:) he’ll get plenty of game time and doesn’t have to be thrown in at the deep end. We have no one else capable of playing Cam at the club right now so loaning him out would be silly imo.

  29. Aaron


    stan has done both.

    He hired incompetent leaders to run the club, and they spent the clubs reserves lavishly, unchecked.
    Borrowed heavily to take it private.
    Never spends a dime of his own money to assist his teams, so any money that is spent on players comes through the gate, sponsorship deals, player sales, ECL and CL tournaments and Cup wins.
    They are two separate issues but of the same origin.

    The club is being bled dry.

  30. Guns of SF

    This fella is pretty good. Good technical, size and does not go down easily… very good.
    I say we get him… but hearing Milan is leading the race?? if we jump, we need to jump NOW.

  31. Valentin


    Reserve cash and bond buy back are linked.
    The bonds had covenant which forces the club to have minimum of £36 millions in reserve at all time. Redeeming early the bonds and reissuing the debt at KSE level has had the following effects:

    1) the overall capital amount due by Arsenal as a Group has increased by £40millions due to the early redemption fee.

    2) the monthly/annual repayment will be lowered due to the interest rate being lower. If you borrow £1 Millon at 8%, and another at 2% the capital due is both 1 million but the monthly repayment are not the same.

    3) there is no more minimum cash reserve for Arsenal to keep. The previously required £36 millions can be spent instead of lying in a bank account. That does means a short term injection of cash, however if an emergency occurred Arsenal would not have a buffer anymore. Same effect of spending your rainy day cash reserve, fine in the short term, but I would not recommend spending it on buying frivolous rapidly depreciating assets or pay for operational day to day expenditure.

  32. Pierre

    “How many goals would Coutinho have scored against bottom of the Championship Luton today? If this isn’t the type of game for ESR to dominate, I don’t know what is. So far it’s worst half of football since restart.”

    Excellent analysis…coutinho would have scored 5 maybe 6 goals against bottom of the table Luton despite the fact he is playing in a team that are fighting relegation and can’t put 2/3 passes together.

  33. englandsbest

    Stan borrowed £500m from Deutsche Bank to buy out Usmanov. You can betcha life that down deep in dark Delaware the debt has been loaded on AFC. Failure to pay on time gives the German bank the right to take over the Club.

    By now the cost of borrowing has added close to £100m to the debt.

    Things are not going too well for poor old Stan. Aaron has focused on his sport enterprises. But who’d want to be in shopping malls right now?

    I know I’m an optimist but it’s hard to see him hanging on to Arsenal for much longer.

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    I read that the lower interest rates saves us 20m a year, that’s not too bad. Along with all the other savings we’ve made in the last year I don’t think it’s as bleak as some predicted.

    We cut 30ish m off the wage bill, we save 22m on the wage cut. 12m on Mikhi. If we can add half of Ozils wages to that it’s a cool 90m saved.

    We still have more fat to cut from the wage bill with some high earners probably on the way out this summer too so it’s starting to look better.

  35. Frost

    I feel violated having a spurs fan post on here. Violated!

    Like why tf are you opening the door while I’m dressing violated

    Here’s hoping we do the needful Sunday.

  36. Freddie Ljungberg


    “Failure to pay on time gives the German bank the right to take over the Club.

    By now the cost of borrowing has added close to £100m to the debt.”

    Why would he do that to his own asset? Makes absolutely no sense.

    Also he’s been getting richer during the pandemic, just like most billionaires. Walmart and businesses like them has been the only places open during this whole thing so where else is people going to spend their money?

  37. TR7

    Never understood the hype and hoopla over Coutinho. Even at Pool, he was little more than a dead ball specialist. When he moved to Barca, I had said Liverpool would benefit not only from the proceeds of the sale but also their attack would become more direct and potent in his absence. Of course he is much better than ESR as of now but I would rather we spent our money on a central midfielder than on Countinho.

  38. James wood

    Interesting how highly they rate their new Stadium.
    Not many here would rate the Emirates like that.

    More money or not.
    The biggest mistake the club have made .

  39. Wasi

    Redtruth us out here every day trying to make Saka look average. I’ll just give you one stat.
    Of all Prem players Saka is only behind Kdb and Trent for assists in all comps.
    He has played Lb , lw , lwb , lm, 10 and rw.
    What more do you want?

  40. Wasi

    But some of that Spuds are overrated thanks to them being the media darlings.
    For eg. Alli , Sanchez , Winks.

  41. Jamie

    Un –

    “If you think spending £40-£50m upwards plus wages”

    I didn’t say that either. Who is more likely to help us achieve our goals next season, ESR or Coutinho?

    Pierre –

    How’s your analysis on how things couldn’t have worked out better for you now Arteta is in charge? Tell us more about how recognises intelligence on the pitch and doesn’t want his attacking players to track back. You’ve been embarrassingly wrong about Ozil for years. No one needs your hot take on Coutinho, lad.

  42. Champagne Charlie


    You can glorify every youngster at the club but you’re only fooling yourself. Arsenal have enough young talent in and around the side, we need a couple of additions that can produce now and lead the talent in the right direction.

  43. Luteo Guenreira

    Joke Friday

    A woman joins a country club and when she hears the guys talking about their golf round, she says, “I played on my college’s golf team. I was pretty good. Mind if I join you next week?”

    No one wants to say ‘yes’, but they’re on the spot. Finally, one man says, “Okay, but we start at 6:30 a.m.” He figures the early tee-time will discourage her.

    The woman says this may be a problem and asks if she can be up to 15 minutes late.

    They roll their eyes, but say, “Okay.”

    She’s there at 6:30 am. sharp and beats all of them with an eye-opening 2-under par round. She’s fun and pleasant and the guys are impressed. They congratulate her and invite her back the next week. She smiles, and says, “I’ll be there at 6:30, or 6:45.”

    The next week she again shows up at 6:30 sharp. Only this time, she plays left-handed.

    The three guys are incredulous as she still beats them with an even par round, despite playing with her off-hand.

    They’re totally amazed. They can’t figure her out.

    She’s very pleasant and a gracious winner. They invite her back again, but each man harbors a burning desire to beat her.

    The third week, she’s 15 minutes late, which irritates the guys. This week she plays right-handed and narrowly beats all three of them.

    The men grumble that her late arrival is petty gamesmanship on her part.
    However, she’s so charming and complimentary of their strong play, they can’t hold a grudge.

    This woman is a riddle no one can figure out.

    They have a couple of beers in the Clubhouse and finally, one of the men asks her, “How do you decide if you’re going to golf right-handed or left-handed?”

    The lady blushes, and grins. “When my dad taught me to play golf, I learned that I was ambidextrous.” she replies. “I like to switch back and forth.”

    “When I got married after college, I discovered my husband always sleeps in the nude. From then on, I developed a silly habit. Right before I leave in the morning for golf practice, I pull the covers off him. If his willie points to the right, I golf right-handed; if it points to the left, I golf left-handed.”

    The guys think this is hysterical.

    Astonished at this bizarre information, one of the guys says, “What if it’s pointing straight up?”

    She says, “Then, I’m fifteen minutes late.”

  44. Jamie

    Aaron –

    Stan isn’t bleeding the club dry, it’s been poorly run. There’s a distinct difference. I’m not arguing that he’s a particularly good owner, but he isn’t asset-stripping.

    Val –

    The discussion is about Kroenke leveraging his full buyout with club resources. He hasn’t (so far).

  45. Words on a Blog


    I am a liberal cosmopolitan globalist woke social justice warrior.

    But I draw the line at being forced to read a Spurs blogger on my favourite Arsenal blog.

    Those people are SCUM!

    Make Arsenal Great Again.

    Build a wall and ban the Scum from Le Grove.

  46. Northbanker

    Un na – agree that we need to bring ESR back and see how far he can go. I’m optimistic he can achieve great things for us.. What budget we have needs to be focused on getting Partey and Upamecano.

  47. Words on a Blog


    Coutinho is skilful but slow, and -a bit like Ozil- very often struggles to impose himself on a game, even if he is much better at free kicks and shots from distance.

    I really can’t see us going for him given our finances in general, and now post-COVID.

    ESR is MUCH more mobile, and could be the next KDB, but is young and could easily fall by the wayside. A lot will depend on the reports we get back from Huddersfield.

    I’m with Un, and would prefer to take a footballing risk on a dynamic and skilful young player than a very expensive and declining Nearly Great Footballer.

  48. Words on a Blog

    I personally can’t see Arsenal and Arteta going for another expensive older “luxury player” like Coutinho after our experience with Ozil. I think that they’d much rather go with talented younger (and cheaper) players who they can mould into the style of play Arteta wants.

  49. Words on a Blog


    I totally agree. A few years ago, Grealish caught the eye, but was pretty inconsistent. Now he is the real deal (and sadly probably too expensive for Arsenal).

    I know it’s easy to be derided as naive backers of “project youth”, but I do feel that in the last 2-3 years there are many more talented young players coming through Arsenal and other English clubs.

  50. Words on a Blog


    The other thing is, what with clubs being much more financially strapped post COVID and the absence of match day revenues, there’ll be a lot more fishing for young English/British talent across the divisions.

    If you’re Arsenal you’ve got a prospect like ESR, for heaven’s sake use him.

    Otherwise he’s gone.

  51. Valentin

    Countinho is not a bad player, but he is an old school No10. In order to thrive, he needs a specific environment where the team is organised for him.

    Unfortunately for him most top teams don’t play like that anymore and he does not really fit into the most commonly used formation. Not dynamic, nor pact or tricky enough to play wide winger, not physical enough to play link-up man at the top. He can only play CAM and most teams don’t have a CAM anymore. The creative side of play has been outsourced to the wide men, mostly inverted wingers.

    Liverpool plays a 4-3-3 but the midfield 3 is pretty functional with some good but primarily hard working players who quickly recycle the ball to the trio of attack. In fact Liverpool most creative players outside of the trio of attackers are their fullback. That may change if Keita is gets more game time.
    At ManCity, KdB, Silvas, play on the wing.
    At ManUtd, Pogba plays on the left. Fernandes is primarily at the end of chances.
    Spurs have sold Ericksen.

    Sorry but I can’t see him a future for a top team. If his wage were lower he would be able to settle for a lower team with lofty aspiration. Being the big fish in the smaller pond.

  52. Jamie

    I’m not saying we should go hard for Coutinho, I’m just saying he’s twice the player ESR is currently.

    No idea where all this chat of spending £40m on him is coming from.. Has anyone actually advocated for this?

  53. Champagne Charlie


    Is that your elite analysis of Coutinho? Drafting in David Luiz as a diversion?

    Brilliant point, tell everyone about how an academy player with less than 5 senior appearances is the clubs answer as an attacking midfield starter to try and crack top 4 again.

    He’s English, that’s about the length of it with you sometimes.

  54. Words on a Blog

    “The days for expensive punts are over.”

    Perfectly put.

    We tried that and failed.

    And now COVID has happened and we (as well as lots of other clubs) don’t have the financial wherewithal.

    It’s now about a series of experiments with younger and cheaper options.

    We could do much, much worse than taking a risk on young players that we already have a good idea about.

    Yes, lots of talented young players fail.

    But if they do, it won’t cost the club that much.

    And (more importantly) sometimes they don’t fail.

  55. Thorough

    Un Nai.
    No I didn’t. I said we could get him on loan and come to a conclusion in the summer. And BTW, I was more against ESR getting into the Arsenal 11 now than I was for buying Coutinho.
    He’s just not ready.
    Buy Szobolai, Havert, Buendia or somebody ready not just ESR. He won’t push us to the next level.

  56. izzo

    ESR is a nothing burger. Look at Kai Havertz and then look at ESR and ask yourself who would you rather have next season. That video from the huddersfield just showed no end product as soon as he got anywhere near the penalty box. He’s not gonna make it. Just another Jack Jebb, Mark Randall and Henry Lansbury that won’t amount to anything. But hey go ahead and keep gassing him up to be something he’s not. We should be inviting the likes of Kai and Camavinga to us and not wasting time with our overhyped loanees that aren’t doing shit while away. Same can be said of the likes of Nelson who has been putrid every time i’ve seen him get game time. You either have it or you don’t.

  57. Words on a Blog


    I know you were referring to Un’s views rather than Valentin’s.

    Having said that, Valentin’s analysis of Coutinho may or not be “elite”, but it’s pretty much on the money.

    He is an old style number 10, in a world where old style number 10s are no longer really wanted or needed.

  58. Words on a Blog


    Also, I really can’t see Arteta pushing hard for getting Coutinho in – he doesn’t strike me as having the profile of an Arteta Player.

  59. Northbanker


    I’m all for investing in Szoboszlai as well – could be one of the greats

    You wont get everyone on here agreeing though – listen to all the shite uttered about ESR having no end product – as if they’re experts on youth development.

    What we DON’T want is washed up Overpriced has beens like Coutinho. The risk is massive and we need to focus on becoming great again – the only way we can do that is by punting on top young players..

  60. izzo

    Lol ESR isn’t dropping assists at Huddersfield. Youth development. He turns 20 in a couple weeks and every one has been making noise about him for over 3 years and he hasn’t done shit to warrant being drafted into the first team for us. Saka and Martinelli are the real deal youth prospects we have. The rest are pretenders that have conned a lot into thinking they’re worth starting or even being on the bench for that matter.

  61. Northbanker

    Izzo will be watching another YT video by then and proclaiming expertise on the next poor sod who doesn’t dominate the entire single game he watches

  62. Champagne Charlie


    You’ve forever oversold my view of David Luiz, you did so when he signed and you continue to do so. I said I rate him because he’s technically top tier, and he was a ‘late in the day’ purchase i’d sooner have than not.

    I also said numerous times I’d have preferred we brought in an Upamecano, so quite how you arrive at this idea David Luiz is my fave ever defender is beyond me. Ask Arteta his view of him though, sure he shares your sentiments….

    Same with Coutinho, I’m not advocating we spend 60 mil, like you’ve mentioned about 8 times, I’m saying a loan would be ideal for us because it’s minimal outlay upfront and we get a player who’s a mile better than any attacking midfielder we have at the club.

    Yes, even better than ESR at Huddersfield.

  63. izzo

    You mention Grealish. He has character and aggression along with the technical skill and that’s why everyone is talking about him. It was always there. So its not a surprise hes what he is today for a crap Villa in the prem. Can you look and ESR and say he has ever shone those three ingredients??? You can guarantee Mikel won’t be drafting him anywhere near the first team and he’ll be sold to Huddersfield playing championship football. I’ve seen this film many times before. He doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the prem. He is right at home at Huddersfield. What happened to Zelalem??? Lolz

  64. izzo

    ESR is on his second loan after playing in Germany. He came back played a couple games got hit in the face with the ball injured and disappeared to Huddersfield yet you’re all saying he should be starting for us next season. HAHAHAHA!!! Ouuuuuu look at this KDB lite!!!! HAHAHAHA!!! i don’t watch youtube. I actually watch games to see what a player is about, You’re all creaming yourselves over a highlight reel at 19th placed Huddersfield. Are you fuckin kidding me?!!!

  65. Thorough

    Un Nai.
    Szobolai is know all over Europe whereas ESR doesn’t even get mentioned with the best in the Championship like Berahma, etc. I’m not even sure he’ll make the top 20 players in the championship.
    Let’s stop flogging a dead horse. ESR isn’t what we need now. We have to look for better and our pockets will determine if it’s a trusted oldie or an upcoming talent but not ESR. I’m not even sure he would be making the bench if we do a proper job in the summer.

  66. Champagne Charlie


    He is a baller, that’s still clear to anyone who watches him. We brought him in deadline day the day after Koscielny went, I wasn’t chuffed I was content despite the fact I would’ve preferred we bought an Upamecano type – something I said throughout the summer.

    Ive already made my point about our needs this summer, our most senior midfielder is 27 year old Xhaka. Fully understand why 27 year old Partey is our number one target. More youth in that department will leave us short for our immediate goals.

    Coutinho was an 8.5 million Euro loan to Bayern this past season, which is easily worth paying for someone that knows the league and has his ability/skill set. Mkhi has left the building on 180k, I’d have little hesitation replacing his void with Coutinho.

    25 goals and 18 assists in 69 games (League and CL only) the last 3 seasons. Wish we had a failure like that in midfield.

  67. Guns of SF

    ESR seems like a nice kid who works hard.
    However, I do not see one Iota of KDB in him…

    Not sure where that is coming from….

    Coutinho has been in Prem, La Liga, Bundesliga.

    He is no Ozil.

    He might not be at his peak but for the right PRICE, if we can get him, I would prefer him over ESR.

    We are selling at least 2 defenders this summer, maybe more. Guen gone, maybe Laca gone.

    We will have some money to spend. Scolobaszi is the one for me as my top pick …
    Then Coutinho

  68. izzo

    Grealish is Villa captain brought them into the prem. Smith Rowe isn’t bringing Huddersfield into the top 10 of championship.
    At least Thorough understands what I’m talking about. ESR doesn’t have the attributes to make it at prem level and at 20 with years on loan it’s not happening.

  69. izzo

    He never played in Germany. And body is saying he should be first team next season. Just that he should get game time to develop rather than waste money on a dead end, over priced 28 year old”

    Huh??? We loaned ESR to RB Leipzig. Game time =first team football. Coutinho while i don’t want him I would take him a 1000 times over ESR pretending to assist or score goals. Pretty sure Coutinho does those things well even for an old man.

  70. Guns of SF


    Maybe a loan then makes sense…. one year and take it from there. Just like Dani.
    Im ok with that…

    PS he is no OZIL. Un, you know there is only one of those on the planet.
    Plus we aint paying that crazy money anymore

  71. englandsbest

    Silent Stan is an enigma. The way he has allowed Arsenal to decline defies commonsense. And to blame the people who ran Arsenal for him is equally nonsensical because he hired them.

    So, in trying to understand him, his motives, dismiss commonsense and substitute ego.

    Now ask again: why did he buy Arsenal? Why buy out Usmanov? Why is he building a stadium in LA? Why get into the sports business in the first place? Indeed, ask any question, and the answer is always the same: ego

  72. izzo

    Accomplished what exactly? Getting injured and scoring and assisting zero? Arsenal football club can do better than gifting a first team spot to an injury prone overrated youngster that has done nothing of note playing in a position that demands assists first goals second. Where are those at Huddersfield???
    I couldn’t give a rats ass about Grealish fyi but i’m also not dumb enough to be championing a nothing player in to our squad. We need to buy an AM thats provides assists(16 min) and (8-10 min)goals in the league alone if we don’t plan on playing 5-2-3 for us to have hope of getting back into the top four and challenging the top two.

  73. izzo

    LOL I have never uttered a word about Guendozi as I don’t even chat much on here. I have never rated him and don’t care if he’s sold. Just another denilson type player can’t defend can’t attack only difference is the hair and loud mouth.
    I want an actual athlete at CM(Box to Box) rangey ball carrier and pace monster that can also tackle and position properly to intercept when we don’t have the ball.

  74. izzo

    UN you’re a funny dude. He is playing at Huddersfield now is he not? Where are the assists and goals in that playmaker role of his there since he’s hot shit? He should be blowing it up there pushing them up the table not languishing at 19th placed.

  75. MidwestGun

    Now ask again: why did he buy Arsenal? Why buy out Usmanov? Why is he building a stadium in LA? Why get into the sports business in the first place? Indeed, ask any question, and the answer is always the same: ego
    Huh? Ego? no… He bought Arsenal because it’s a good investment, He bought out Usmanov because it’s a good investment and he doesn’t have to share profits. He built a stadium in LA because it’s a good investment. He got into the sport’s business because it’s a good investment. Stan is a successful businessman by buying up property, investing in real estate and making long term investment. One of the biggest real estate investments you can make is to buy a stadium or an arena. Unfortunately that usually also entails buying a professional sports team with it. Therein lies the problem… The sports part of it. Stan is not an enigma at all..very predictable really. And no he won’t sell during a bad economy.. no businessman with any sense sells when your investment is low.. Buy low/ sell high.

  76. Words on a Blog

    Arteta is on record saying that he has a “very clear plan” as to the kind of players he wants.

    Based on his time at Man C, and based on what we’ve seen so far at Arsenal, in midfield and further forward he wants intelligent, dynamic and technically proficient players willing to put a proper shift in defensively.

    Coutinho is intelligent and technically proficient. But he ain’t dynamic, and is no great shakes putting in a defensive shift.

    Still can’t see us going for Coutinho

    I don’t wanna second guess him, but I can’t see Coutinho being

  77. izzo

    UN how did Benik Afobe, Chuba Akpom, JET, Nacer Barazite, Lupoli, Jack Jebb, Chuks Aneke, Mark Randall, Henry Lansbury, Asano, Nwakali, Bramall do on loans?? Why is ESR any different when he is just as shit as that lot?? Gnabry you could tell he was different gravy and Le Clown decided to let go. If ESR is let go everyone would be like who???

  78. izzo

    Where are the England call ups for ESR??? Hot prospect alright!!! can’t wait for him to light up the prem KDB lite style. HAHAHAHA!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your night! I’m out!

  79. Pierre

    “No one needs your hot take on Coutinho, lad.”

    Actually, if we can , though I doubt it, I would love coutinho in the side..

    But for you to think Coutinho would score a hatful of goals for a team(huddersfield)fighting relegation, is at best naive.

    I watched ESR yesterday, and yes he found it difficult to make an impact.
    He was tidy on the ball and rarely gave away possession ( unlike his team mates) but failed to impose himself on a tough physical game…

    If you ask the Huddersfield manager or fans what they think if ESR, you will get a much more positive reaction to his ability than you get in here ….there’s a surprise.

  80. Useroz

    I posted earlier in the week that Dominik Szoboszlai appears a good young talent we’d take a serious look based solely on the YT highlights. I am no scout nor most of us here but this fella does tick the boxes and is a 20 yo!

    Would be happy if he delivers 80% of what he shows in YT week in week out.

    Imagine… would similar highlights be put together by our current MFs, setting age aside?

    If Szoboszlai pulls a 20m+ fee, would seem a no brainier compared to 100 others linked to the club.

    Would Szoboszlai be the first Hungarian played for Arsenal if bought?

  81. Useroz

    ESR and Coutinho comparison seems to be the topic of the day before we beat spuds up.

    There’s not exactly comparable across all levels Stage of careers; age; abilities; price tag, risk, etc.

    Where the club is financially , we couldn’t afford Coutinho, unless the deal is a bargain basement sale. The deal includes fees to his club and agent / uncles and aunt/ cousins etc, plus wage.

    Coutinho didn’t work out in Spain after his high profile exit from the Pool. We don’t but on his record in Spain so what’s his value? Not worth the punt (ie that he’d rediscover Pool form) for more than 20m and 150k pw. I think reportedly he’s already on 200k+ … we can’t have another Mikhi/ Kolac/ Ozil type buys.

    ESR is a potential at best. May have more talking points due to his loan spell but lower in pecking order compared with the like of Saka, Martinelli, Willock, Guendouzi etc. On that basis, what’s his chance to get into the squad and perhaps starting 11 next season? Low. Cameos mostly. More minutes in cup games may be. If he lights it up it’d be a different story. But until then, let’s not hype up the kid and kills his confidence. Also, ESR must demonstrate physically he’d cope with the rigor of the PL, even if Championship players ain’t saints.

    Partey only isn’t going to fix our many MF issues viz physique, mobility/pace; height/ aerial; creativity and flair. And forget consistency for now.