The kid looks GOOD

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Quite interesting to continue reading people furious about the Matteo stories that are doing the rounds.

The biggest critique of Arsenal over the past 10 years has been the lack of a winning culture. We let players do as they please, we haven’t held them to a standard, and we’ve suffered as a result.

Matteo is a problem. Has been for all his managers, whether it’s Freddie or Emery, or the crew over at Lorient. There is a discernable pattern there and you can’t argue it. He is now under new leadership and the same pattern has continued. We saw the blow-up in Dubai, we now have the bad behaviour with Edu and Arteta after the Brighton game, we also know that Luiz couldn’t talk him around, and I’ve been told from multiple places that the way he conducts himself around the club is not impressive (which obviously adds meat to the reason the club is going hard at him).

What else is there left to do? You drop him. You hold him to the same standard you hold everyone else. When he comes round to the idea that he’s not special, he’ll be forgiven.

That is standards people.

Things to remember:

He was brought in from the cold after Dubai

Pepe was dropped then brought back in when he started to deliver

Ceballos was benched after he begged to go him, now he’s pushing for a move

AMN was dropped for turning up late, last time he was seen, he had Traore in his pocket

Forgiveness is part of the culture, you just have to play the game.

You think other clubs have different ways of looking at it? Spurs biggest signing of last summer was NDombele. He’s a £60m midfielder, a total powerhouse in France last year, he was the future of Spurs midfield. How has Jose dealt with it? He’s savaged his fitness, he’s questioned his commitment, and the club has leaked hard against him in the press. Oh, he’s also not played a lot of games.

It was hardly any different when Poch was dealing with the player. The leaks were there, the player didn’t get games, and the manager said it was hard to assess him.

That’s a £60m player we’re talking about. Not a 20-year old that’s achieved nothing in the game so far. Is Jose bad at dealing with ‘characters’? Do we think he’s naive? Are the leaks a disgrace?

Arsene Wenger didn’t hold players to standards towards the end. Emery flip-flopped and lost respect in the squad because of it. Arteta said he’s going to hold players to account and he has. I do not get the fuss unless you think rules should be unequally distributed based on perceived talent.

As for the debate about the press around him, well, he’s not exactly a popular character. You have over 100 people that are at the training ground. You have the agents of the players who talk. You have a club that wants to get ahead of the story so they’re not hammered in the media for inexplicably dropping a ‘kid that just wants to win really bad.’

Annnnyway, some of the football sites in France are reporting that Lille (remember what I wrote about them) have agreed in principle to let Oshimen go to Napoli for 80m Euros.


A player with 2 seasons of production in Belgium and France? Going for a fee bigger than United are willing to pay for Jadon Sancho? To a club as small-time as Napoli? DURING A PANDEMIC?

If I speak, I am in trouble.

Look at that sexy comp of ESR at Huddersfield. A lower division, but still fast and absolutely brutal for a young Arsenal player. Great to watch him boss games. He’s technical, he’s creative and he is explosive over 5 metres.

Injury permitting, he’ll be one to watch next season. Also interesting to read that Miguel Azeez has been asked to get educated on playing the 6 role. The player models his game on Busquets, clearly another product with a lot of potential, hopefully he lands a loan move next year to get some game time in him.

Right, that’s all I have time for today. ENJOY YOUR DAY BIG LOVE SEE YOU SOON. xx

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  1. Dissenter

    “We saw the blow-up in Dubai
    ..oh no you didn’t SEE any blow-up.You don’t know what happened in Dubai other than the stuff the club is selectively leaking.

  2. Upstate Gooner

    If a player is a distraction, he needs to be dropped/sold. Simple as that. Bigger names have been disciplined in the past at bigger clubs. Matteo needs to be taught a lesson and made an example of so other young players don’t get any ideas.

  3. Tee

    Bar injury, ESR, sooner or later will make it up the ladder. I will like him to either be brought back to the team or loaned to pl team next season.

    He plays like Debryne in the way he knits the parts together. Hope his injury record is a thing of the past.

  4. Dissenter

    Sell Guenouzi ASAP, just stop all the thousand-cut razor blade attacks on his character. .
    I don’t think the 100 people on the training ground were present at the private meeting between the lad and the Arsenal hierarchy..

  5. Thorough

    That’s conjecture. Maybe Sokratis and Guen scuffle mirrored Guen and Maupay’s,we will never know.

    And by the way you conveniently left out the part I was harping on:

    “He took his job seriously, his training was no problem, and his character is to always want to win.
    “Sometimes when he talks it’s good. But sometimes he talks badly. He talks too much.
    “His talent isn’t in question, that’s not the issue. He can be a top, top player and I think he can still succeed abroad. It’s up to him to change his attitude.”

  6. Champagne Charlie


    What’s this I’m reading about KSE acquiring the clubs debt to free spending? COVID moves? Or a whiff of ambition?

  7. Radio Raheem

    We need to talk about Ings.

    We can’t buy top dollar strikers, not that there are (m)any of those around.

    Surely surely Ings is an improvement on Laca and Eddie?

  8. Darren

    ESR – No idea if he will actual make the cut at Arsenal, but man, did that YouTube clip remind me of Tomas Rosicky. Not everything came off, but each touch was always an attempt to make something happen. I miss players like that at Arsenal. No risk, no reward.
    Perhaps I just miss Rosicky.

  9. Batistuta


    Remember out talk last year when i told you Conte and Inter wouldn’t go the distance with Juve? He just doesn’t have the players to go a whole 38 games with that insane energy he likes. Juve don’t too but they’ve mastered the art of learning to just slow down games and preserve their energy and it’s working wonders. Sad how Lazio have lost their way since after the lockdown. Atlanta though just keep motoring, they’re like an incredible machine.

    Seems Fonseca might be out of a job too soon if Roma don’t pick up.

    Also maybe out old pal Gazidis and co may have finally made the right choice with Pioli, Milan are on fire at the moment

  10. Champagne Charlie


    No to Ings for me, would be 30 mil and I think we should be looking at guys 5 years his junior.

  11. The Backpass


    “Seems Fonseca might be out of a job too soon if Roma don’t pick up.Also maybe out old pal Gazidis and co may have finally made the right choice with Pioli, Milan are on fire at the moment”

    I actually think it would be wise from Roma to take Pioli when Rangnick starts at Milan next season.

    Re Lazio: I think the break really affected them, they have a small squad and getting to play 2-3 times a week was just to much.

  12. Thorough

    He’s not performing?

    You can say that of the whole team.

    This is where we have to agree to disagree.
    My points were as folliws:
    – It’s okay if Arteta wants to do away with Guendozi
    – However he could have been more tactful instead of letting it fester.
    – Ultimately Arsenal will be the looser by not getting the best value for money they could have gotten otherwise.

  13. englandsbest

    Membership of a team demands obedience. Not absolute obedience. Room should be left for inspirational players to work their magic. If Guendozy was a Maradonna or a Gazza, I’d say, ‘Fine’ . But he isn’t.

  14. Radio Raheem


    Get that but if he can deliver 15 to 20 a season for the next 3 in addition to Auba’s it’s a no-brainer. £30m will be a snip.

  15. Batistuta

    Back pass

    Sad for Fonseca too because they started very well but lost their way.

    Pioli is an okay manager, not bad actually to be honest. Been really impressed with Kessie since the restart. You look at how mobile he gets across despite the technical skills and look at how awkward our midfielder look when they try to run with the ball

  16. Champagne Charlie


    Yea I appreciate that, I just think you could get a talent that might get near that AND have room for growth/resale value.

    The Old Firm have strikers for that price who would do well here imo, and they’re under 23 years of age.

    Memphis Depay is another touted to be there for the taking at 20 mil in his last year, he’d slot in left side and see Auba through the middle. Ings has been excellent, but issue is his contract is long and he’s a PL player. Can’t see anything but a proper bid taking him out it. Everton the sort to spend 30-35 mil on him.

  17. englandsbest

    I have never been a fan of Bellerin. He neglects the cardinal responsibilty of a full-back: defend. Never a fan of Sansom either, and for the same reason.

    Whether Mikel can lick him into defensive shape remains to be seen, but it’s quite clear that is his intention. The perfect role model is – dare I say it? – Ashley. He was always back there when needed, balanced and ready.

  18. Guns of SF

    I don’t get this Guen love all of a sudden.
    Fella is bang average if that.
    Bad seed… then there is consequences.

    I doubt he will ever be the pipe dream some state on here. No 60M player.
    No Barca, no Madrid nada.

    He has been with us 2 seasons. had lots of time, he is not some brand new kid who didnt know the rules.

    Let him make another coach miserable. We need the $$ anyhow

  19. Dissenter

    “Remember out talk last year when i told you Conte and Inter wouldn’t go the distance with Juve? He just doesn’t have the players to go a whole 38 games with that insane energy he likes. Juve don’t too but they’ve mastered the art of learning to just slow down games and preserve their energy and it’s working wonders. Sad how Lazio have lost their way since after the lockdown. Atlanta though just keep motoring, they’re like an incredible machine.”

    I remember, honestly I’m shocked how easily Inter’s challenge fell apart. I never expected a Conte-coached team to fall apart so easily.
    Juventus still needs to be investigated. They always get key refereeing decision go their way when it matters the most.

  20. Wasi

    What is the latest Kse development going around.
    Does anyone have any details.?

    Esr is bossing it in Championship. If last year hadn’t been so bad for him injury wise he’d probably be at Arsenal fighting for a first team spot right now.
    Esr along with Saka and Gabi are the 3 players I have full confidence can become starters at Arsenal.
    Before Saka’s emergence , Esr was widely regarded as the best Arsenal academy product to come out in some time. Injuries derailed him somewhat but he is really bossing games at Huddersfield.
    Their manager is a huge fan of him.

  21. Batistuta


    Juventus haven’t even been at their best this season, they’ve just lost to Milan and are conceding goals for fun, the thing is that they have a much deeper squad than those closest to them. Inter were always going to fall apart, Lazio was the last hope we had but they’ve just not coped well since the restart. Refereeing over here isn’t perfect but beats whatever it is they serve up in Engurland

  22. Thorough

    Anything could have happened. If Arteta, as the coach, is demanding Apologies from Guen, then he could as well have just taken a senior player’s side, against a petulant kid.

    And who banished him to train alone? Was it Raul? You could allow him train like everyone else and refuse to play him a la Martinelli. That’s a statement right there.

  23. Valentin


    How can you argue in about team cohesion/standard and then be in favour of buying Depay. Just this year, he was fined for publicly criticising his teammates and the Lyon management’s team.

    Depay has previously been lambasted at all his clubs as unprofessional and a nightmare to manage. He may be cheaper because being in his last year of contract and at Lyon at time he has been unplayable, but there has also been times when he was just not interested.

  24. Dissenter

    You know Conte’s record in Serie A was very good so that’s what I was basing my prediction on.
    There were many risks that inter took that didn’t work out; i also though Alexis
    would regain some of his form.

    Where do you see Milan right now.
    I think Gazidis is beginning to get some things right by trial and error. He’s signing some good players and has signed a very good manager.

  25. Radio Raheem


    Nah I’m not convinced by Memphis, he isn’t consistent in his application. We can’t afford that, we pay £20m for him tie him down to a long contract and we’ll be looking to offload in a year – another Ozil – no thanks.

    The last time we went north of the border we ended up paying twice what we thought we’d pay. I’d rather pay £30m for a somewhat proven Premier league striker, even at 27, than £60m for a striker from Scotland. I’m not sure when last a striker from there did much in the Premier league.

    We have enough to sell on, one of which includes Eddie. We can’t be thinking resale for every single position we buy.

    If Auba extends I expect his numbers to start to drop off in a year or two. We need someone that support now but also take over in the medium term. By which Eddie will be ready or we can get a younger player to grow into the position.

  26. Dissenter

    “How can you argue in about team cohesion/standard and then be in favour of buying Depay. Just this year, he was fined for publicly criticising his teammates and the Lyon management’s team.”

    It’s the same people that are also asking for us to sign Malang Sarr from Nice without bothering to ask about his temperament. Who lets a 21 year old defender run down his contract if he doesn’t have behavior issues.

    Arteta will struggle to manage the likes of Memphis Depay if he can’t man-manage Guendouzi.

  27. Thomas

    Guns of SFJuly 9, 2020 18:02:06
    watch Mourinho complain that his team had only 3 days rest.
    Typical bitch ass


    You’re obsessed with Mourinho.

  28. Dissenter

    ‘Sarr is on a free
    Like Guendouzi we can sell up in a season or two for big money. It’s a no brainier.
    Surely you can see the business acumen in buying up top youngsters on the cheap and developing for profit a la Dortmund”

    What’s the point of buying young temperamental players that the manager cannot handle?
    Aren’t you curious to know why Nice [with Vierra as manager] is letting a 21 year old run out his contract.

  29. Freddie Ljungberg


    “For the moment, I have taken the decision not to extend my contract with OGC Nice. We will see how the season finishes and from then I will take my decision. I would like to finish the season with OGC Nice and then see what is going to happen.”

    Sarr on running down his contract. If the player doesn’t want to stay they can’t make him. Doesn’t necessarily mean that he has issues and they’re letting him leave.
    He played 119 games for them, and they tried to extend his contract, he just wanted to move on, been with the club since the age of 5.

  30. azed


    Player leaving on a free doesn’t mean he’s a problem.
    You can’t force players to sign contracts.

  31. Thorough

    Sure thing. The Manager deserves to be backed whatever he decides. I guess that’s that for Guen then.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg


    I doubt Mari was bought as a starter long term, more likely a cheap back up that would allow us to keep the same system if our main left footed CB is out. At least I hope so, think we need someone with a bit more pace starting.

    Buying Mari also allows us to offload a couple of the more expensive backups and make some money off them like Sok and hopefully Mustafi, the same can be said if we get Sarr as it would allow us to sell Kola and pocket his transfer fee.

  33. Champagne Charlie

    “How can you argue in about team cohesion/standard and then be in favour of buying Depay. Just this year, he was fined for publicly criticising his teammates and the Lyon management’s team.“

    Does that mean he wouldn’t meet the cultural standards at Arsenal?

    Aubameyang fell out massively with Dortmund but we signed him up and he’s been exemplary, David Luiz had fallen out at Chelsea but he’s another leading by example.

    I’m considering Depay as a footballer, it’s the club who would have to assess his character and whether they feel he’s someone eager to adopt to the culture at this football club.

    The transfer record in Scotland is 25 mil mate, there’s not a chance any player is going for 60 mil. Rangers have no money, Morelos won’t move for more than 20. Celtic are more established, but still Edouard isn’t seeing much beyond 30.

  34. DivineSherlock


    Barcelona career ender thing , you forgot Vermaelen . Also I was referring to fact that assuming Barcelona or Atletico are after Guendouzi sort of certifies how good a talent he is. His talent is not even in question , its just his attitude and character. All this talk also really deflects the real issue of how our highest paid player is a bad apple . I was really a big fan of him , now I think he really shouldve been sold with Sanchez.

  35. Champagne Charlie

    I’d be looking at that Douglas Luiz at Villa if they go down, he’s an interesting one. Grealish is their undoubted star, but he’s quietly been improving as the season goes on.

    Didn’t realise he was 22, seems a pretty accomplished CM potentially.

  36. Thorough

    Seems Tottenham just played 100 minutes of football without a shot on target.
    Guess we’ll get battered at the weekend then.

  37. Guns of SF

    Pepe needs to show up…. has not played much lately.
    I want to see us hammer them early… would be great.
    Son and Lo Celso injured… great
    just smash this team to pieces
    Make Mourinho go berzerk. good times

  38. Pierre

    Fernandes stands on the villa’s defender’s ankle and United are awarded a penalty..

    Poor decision

  39. Champagne Charlie

    Gary Neville calling Bruno’s wet lettuce dive clever. The standards do shift depending on the player.

    Joke decision.

  40. Thorough

    Think Mourinho is just plain dumb.
    Easy points against Bournemouth – he decides to rest his players for a NLD that could go either ways irrespective of form or freshness. Almost like Emery resting our players when we could have gotten 3 easy points against Crystal Palace last season and probably made Top 4.

  41. andy1886

    Terrible decision, what’s worse is that VAR had time to look at it and still gave it. Utter nonsense.

  42. Ben D

    Even if it’s a foul (which it is not), it was not in the box. Joke decision. Favouring Man U as usual

  43. Guns of SF

    Mourinho is dumb

    Son and Moura did get in the game today.

    We have to be smart. No red cards on Sunday please. Refs seems out for blood with us

  44. Champagne Charlie

    John Moss is a tubby middle-aged cunt trying to keep up with 20-something elite athletes.

    How is refereeing a serious profession? Honestly..

    Penalty yet the ball never once went in the box and it was Bruno that was studs up on the Villa defender. Cannot fathom this league at times

  45. Guns of SF

    Fernandes another cheater.
    Terrible reffing.
    Is there an oversight committee on reffing standards???

  46. Pierre

    Fernandes and Greenwood are making a difference to united.

    Getting a lot of help from officials though.

    The tackle( foul) by Matic on Grealish was very similar to the Eddie challenge.
    He got there a fraction late ,was out of control and looked like he raked his studs down his shin, though unsurprisingly no replay was shown from a conclusive angle , probably as they didn’t want to incriminate matic.

  47. Batistuta


    We’ve been quietly good since the restart and think the players are starting to respond to Pioli very well plus Ibrahimovic coming in seems to have had everyone taking it up a notch. Bennacer and Kessie in midfield is starting to look really good and more importantly Chanaloglu is starting to score again. If we can get into Europe and then get some very smart signings come in this summer then I’d be mightily pleased

  48. Guns of SF

    Jose throwing a fit as per usual.
    Knows this weekend he loses…. will be 4 points back from us then

  49. Pierre

    Makes you wonder what VAR are looking at when they are making decisions.

    How that penalty decision wasn’t overturned by VAR makes you question the honesty of officials.

    The thing is , it wasnt even a difficult decision , should take 5 seconds to realise that Fernandes was the perpetrator in standing on the defender.

  50. Zfree

    Horrible officiating.

    That said – big laughs at finished Jose taking aim at VAR for their result. Zero shots on target, Jose. Against relegation fodder Bournemouth who have conceded 60

  51. David Smith

    Nobody can deny the officials are instrumental in paving the way to Utd in a champions league place.
    Why aren’t other clubs up in arms at this favourable refereeing they get every game, along with a record breaking penalty haul?
    Not even as if Fergie is bullying these spineless , and quite possibly corrupt refs

  52. London gunner

    That was the worst penalty I have ever seen given.

    Fernades should either get a yellow for diving or going studs in on the defender.

    How on earth was that a penalty when someone physically jumps on you?

  53. Frost

    “I think he has bigger characters in the squad to worry about than a 20-year old that has done nothing in the game.”

    We don’t have big characters in this squad Pedro. We have a squad full of chickens.

  54. Frost

    I’d say his entire style is more penetrating and protagonistic (if that’s a word)
    “His passing in the final 3rd is better
    He has the nack for timing his runs and finding space
    He creates space for others and has an eye for goal.
    As well as boundless energy and enthusiasm.”

    Lol eye for goal. You mean his 1G in 25games in the PL? You’re right, mind-blowing numbers.

    The lengths yu’all go to to justify a nothing player getting game time over better talents. You did get the energy part right tho Unnaii

  55. Daniel Altos

    Penalties aside,am I the only one worried about united and this ole fellow next season?He doesn’t look like the bum I thought he was and if they sign a defender and left back then they have a serious team for next season

  56. Frost

    P.S. Have no Issue with the club disciplining players if they in the wrong. About time really.

    Definitely have an issue with folks asking for the lad to be sold when we’ve got a plethora of nothing players in his position getting game time.

    I do like ESR tho. Hopefully he kicks on next season playing backup to whoever the AM would be.

  57. Tee

    Where did you get that from?
    Where and when did I make such comment?
    I posted that I see ESR as Debryne that knits other parts together. It’s Miguel Azeez that I see as a deep lying playmaker.

    Please, Go and check again and stop misquoting me.

  58. Tee


    Man u is yet to play any strong team since resuming from the break.

    Not disputing the fact that that Fernandes guy as rejuvenated them but their performance against a top team would show where they are.

    I believe they have the easiest run to the end of the season.

  59. Champagne Charlie

    “Manchester United equal Premier League record for penalties awarded in one season“

    The most Man United stat ever

  60. Thomas

    So much crying about the officials on here. This place has almost turned into Untold. Pathetic stuff.

  61. Dissenter

    Spuds are stuck with Mourhino. How can they be so poor offensively with so many quality players upfront?.
    It’s almost like that guy goes around with a go fund me account to many big clubs. His pay-out from clubs has to be in the 75-100 million range by now.

  62. Leedsgunner

    I agree with CaliGooner, Malang Sarr on a free has to be a risk worth taking. Right price, right age profile.

    Sell Mavropanos for £5m to £6m and we’ve covered his wages too.

  63. Overmars

    Pogba, Fernandes and Greenwood have turned Utd’s fortunes around this half of the season. It’s like 3 fresh new signings coming in, as Pogba’s been injured and Greenwood was still finding his feet.

    I don’t blame VAR. The technology is there to make the correct decisions. Unfortunately we have Mike Riley running the show and the referee’s behind VAR that are making the decisions clearly haven’t got a clue. Of course as per usual, Arsenal were always going to be the team that are done over the most. Used to it now.

  64. Dissenter

    Bamford was right about United but he wouldn’t have known they would sign Fernandes at the time he made that prediction.
    Greenwood is going to be a top player for them for many years to come. England is blessed with so much talent now.

  65. Overmars

    England’s forwards have a lot of potential.

    Kane, Sancho and Sterling are probably the preferred choice, and rightly so. But knocking on the door we have Greenwood, Saka, Hudson-Odoi, Rashford, Abraham. Nketiah, Nelson and Balogan could be involved in a couple years.

    Foden, Grealish, Rice, Mount and Maddison is as good as most midfields potentially. All would could get in the Arsenal team I reckon. It’s a shame Billy Gilmour isn’t English.

    The full backs is where we are strongest in my opinion. A choice of Alexander-Arnold, Tripper, Walker, Reece James, Max Aarons and Maitland-Niles at RB James Justin at Leicester could be in with a shout in a few years. Then we have Chilwell or Saka potentially at LB.

    Future’s bright.

  66. luke

    Guns of SF
    July 9, 2020 19:36:01
    Son and Lo Celso injured… great

    Where did you see this? They both played today

  67. GunnerDNA


    “Bamford was right about United but he wouldn’t have known they would sign Fernandes at the time he made that prediction”

    Most were more interested in getting personal with Bam but it was always a fact even without Fernandes signing that United have a better squad than Arsenal.

  68. Guns of SF

    I was forecasting that would happen when we play them. Sorry train of thought comment
    I dislike both players a lot

  69. Words on a Blog

    Kroenke and KSE redeeming Arsenal’s outstanding debt is an interesting move.
    Not much detail available, but it would mean that cash locked up for the debt service reserve (Around £25m) to pay interest and principal due would no longer be an issue. Plus (provided the owner’s loan which replaces the bond has a lower or nominal interest rate) there could be around £5m in interest costs saved.

    I don’t think it will do much for Raul/Edu/Arteta’s transfer “war-chest” but it will help offset the loss of revenues from the fan base at the Emirate post COVID.

  70. China1

    ‘Is Jose bad at dealing with big characters’

    This cannot be a serious question Pedro. Jose is notorious for losing his way with teams after a couple of seasons and losing the players

    Also you’re right there’s a big difference between ndombele and Guen. Fans expect there to be a damn good reason why their most expensive and most talented players aren’t playing. No one even cares about Guen. That’s a very significant difference. Pushing him out doesn’t require some kind of media PR campaign. Who are the club trying to convince? No one cares

    He’s not like ozil who has some eternally loyal set of devotees who will harp on and on about how he’s being badly utilized and is still world class or whatever.

    Guen is irrelevant. It’s not entirely clear if he’s even good enough for arsenal at a time when our midfield has been dismal (maybe will be at some point, not clear yet)

    So who are we trying to impress or convince with the leaking? The fact that we need to try so hard to justify why we are hard on a player who is a footballing nobody in the grand scheme of things just makes us look weak and a bit desperate. This kid shouldn’t be worrying the club higher ups this much

    It’s like at school when a gobby little shit half your size on the playground insults your mum so you beat him up. But then go back to the class afterwards and start telling everyone who wasn’t there that you beat up that kid half your size. He deserved it, ok, whatever. He’s still half your size, no need to shout it from the roof tops as if people will be impressed

  71. China1

    I’d be more understanding of a media pr campaign to justify pepe’s treatment

    He’s the 70m player with enormous talent, newly arrived, has been scoring and assisting pretty well but still a bit ‘on the outside’. This is the kind of player where clubs need to manage carefully in terms of PR and fan perceptions, not guendouzi lol

  72. China1

    Guns I agree – and I think a lot of us do. But the club has always been relatively quiet about why he doesn’t. We got a little bit out of Arteta recently but fans have mostly been left to guess why our star signing doesn’t play for most of the season

    But Guen? Shout it from the rooftops lol. The fans must know every grimy detail of this boy’s sordid life to understand what a monstrosity he is!

  73. China1

    Imagine if a few years back we’d needed a PR campaign to manage the fans expectations when we decided lord bentdner needed selling

    Or if denilson was a bad boy in training and the club was trying so hard to convince everyone why we are punishing him.

  74. Guns of SF

    My guess is lack of effort in training
    Maybe arty is demanding more right foot action… at least I hope
    His one footedness is really annoying

  75. Emiratesstroller

    So Kroenke [KSE] has redeemed the Bonds covering the construction of stadium and has pumped money into the club. This is a positive move in the current CV epidemic by a “responsible” owner of the club.

    I made the case several months ago that Kroenke did not own the club until the end of 2017 when he bought out Usmanov and other shareholders. He was merely the controlling shareholder and therefore unlikely to finance the club

    This decision may not result in significant investment in the transfer market
    this summer, but at least it will allow the club to make rational decisions in
    its operations.

    For all the doom and gloom about the club’s finances it is in better shape than
    most other clubs in EPL.

  76. China1

    ET I don’t know the specifics but I read this move from Stan will likely greatly lesson the burden of our debt obligations over the coming years.

    Would be nice if that’s the case

  77. China1

    I just really want Sarr to sign da ting if it’s true that we’ve given him a contract offer

    To have him and saliba join us would be a great boost to our defensive squad depth at no additional cost going into next season

    Saliba, Sarr, Luiz, Holding, Mari, Chambers, Tierney, Mustafi, Sok… we’d do well to sell sok and mustafi and be nicely in the money.

    Saliba sarr Luiz holding and Mari can compete for 2-3 CB roles depending on formations and chambers can be backup RB and squad utility man across the back line for when needed.

    Do that business and we’ll be stronger and have a younger profile going into next season, with some an additional 10-15m in cash to put towards the midfield.

    This is a great chance if we get sarr for free

  78. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    I think that we are seeing already the impact of Kroenke’s decision with the
    deals signed with Mari, Soares, Martinelli and Saka.

    Also I suspect this will be followed by contract extension with Aubameyang and the acquisition of Partey.

    The club will now be able to move into transfer market on a limited basis without being forced to sell first albeit I do think that the club will need to
    balance the books.

  79. Guns of SF

    I’d like to think that a one arsenal legend who happens to coach Nice., and is of Senegalese French background might be helping us with mr. Sarr

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Incidentally I think that other decisions taken recently may also be consequence of financing.

    1. Tim Lewis was appointed a Director. I am fairly sure that he was heavily involved with the KS deal.

    2. Mkhitaryan was allowed to leave without a transfer fee. The object being to
    get him off the wage payroll.

    3. Ozil is on gardening leave. I suspect that the message to the player is that if
    he wants to play football next season find another club who will pay your wages.

    4. Arsenal can afford to act the way that they have done with Guendouzi.

  81. China1

    Yeah ozil is a special case. He’s a player who sadly needs to be hounded out of the club as if we don’t threaten to make his remaining time here awful he will gladly go on gardening leave for a year and collect his ridiculous wage

    He has to be driven out by any means possible. In ozils case there’s no shame in doing whatever it takes. The stakes of keeping him are worse than the fuss and negativity of treating him like a cunt

  82. Guns of SF

    I always envision Ozil picking flowers or weeks in his yard when you say gardening leave.
    Ozil might be good at gardening… a noble endeavor.

  83. China1

    I’d have ozil training with the youth team tbh. He has to be made to feel than rinsing the club for every penny he can is not worth the consequences

    Sadly he might even dig in further if we do that just because he doesn’t care about playing and wants to punish us for being hard on him


  84. China1

    Guns he’d probably be awesome at gardening. I think as long as he cares about something and can be arsed he’ll be elite at whatever he wants to do with his life

    He’s a naturally gifted guy. What a waste

  85. Wasi

    Tim Lewis’s job role is not mentioned . All we know is he is a lawyer and a lifelong Arsenal fan.
    And assuming Lewis is already a director at the club is far fetched.
    Because with a director as his job role , does he got equal or more power than our technical director , Head of football operations , whatever role Vinai is in ? I dont think he holds that much power.

  86. Guns of SF

    When Madrid gives away their star player you have to wonder why.
    The word in Madrid was that he was lazy, smoked, went out to much for nite life, and didn’t have the stamina. An owner of a Turkish restaurant here in town, told me years ago that something similar… he was not working hard enough, and was too much into the fun stuff.

    Madrid do not play… we got him on the last day…. Wenger hardly scouted him but made him as a panic buy and years later, gave him a panic extension that has ruined us since.

  87. Emiratesstroller


    Lewis handled the acquisition of shares on behalf of Kroenke family and is
    a leading commercial and corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance.

    So I am fairly sure that he would have acted for the Kroenke family in the latest

  88. Emiratesstroller

    China 1/Guns of SF

    I think that the situation with Ozil is not altogether different to Mkhitaryan.
    The player has been given the message that he has no future at Arsenal and
    should look for a new club.

    I don’t think that Arsenal are being particularly ruthless, because they will honour their commitments to the player.

    My guess is that if Fernarbace and Ozil come to an arrangement which pays
    him a significant portion of his wages Arsenal will then underwrite the deal
    even if it costs them £7-10 million to get him off the books.

  89. Guns of SF

    Its been talked about before about paying some of his salary. I do hope, and I wish I was a fly on the wall listening to the conversation where Ozil was told he was no longer part of the team. that would be priceless.
    Ozil is about Brand Ozil… he wants to maximize his Brand for the most $ he can make.
    MLS might be better for his Brand than Turkey but I really do not care at this point.
    I certainly hope that the “conversation” has been had with him….
    At least Mikki is smart enough to know and has the integrity as a footballer to know he needs to leave to be a professional football player.

    Ozil, is happy doing nothing. I have never seen such a person in my life watching sports…
    We are the fools for giving a fool such a contract

  90. Emiratesstroller

    Guns of SF

    The ball is now in Ozil’s court. He has a simple choice. Find another club on your terms and we will facilitate your departure so that you can play football next season or do nothing and stay at home.

    Personally I think that Ozil is a “proud man” whatever others may think. The
    message will have hurt his pride, but he will be realistic. I suspect that behind
    the scenes there are discussions going on to move him on.

    His departure will not come cheap for Arsenal, and hopefully we can mitigate
    part of cost.

  91. Guns of SF

    8.5 million is about half his yearly salary.
    We can cover that I hope…heck, Kola was a free. We sell him and perhaps we can use that money to pay that for Ozil.
    Fener is high on him, so I do hope we are talking to their folks about how to finance this move…
    MLS cannot afford that money for a player like him.
    He is no Ibra

    His claim of love for Arsenal over social media etc is what really irks me. Who is he trying to fool at this point? He has shown no loyalty… if he did, he would be busting his ass for the team he loves.

  92. Guns of SF

    3k per week Saka racking up the assists as 350K per week star sits at home and plays fortnite.

    I wonder what he thinks about that?

    time to go??? no not him. He loves that cheddar too much

  93. TallestTiz

    How glaring decisions evade VAR officials is baffling.
    Nice to be back commenting.
    Nice Job Peds for keeping the blog running during the pandemic. I’ve been reading but first time commenting since the break.

  94. Wasi


    Yes he might be very well involved in the current debt reshufflling that happened. Im not arguing that. I just said we don’t know what Lewis’s job description is yet. Saying he is a director is like putting him on the same pedestal as Raul. And I don’t think a lawyer will br given that much power at Arsenal when we already have Raul , Vinai , Huss and Edu quartet.

  95. China1

    Wasi wasn’t Ivan a lawyer before he became arsenal CEO? Maybe my memory is wrong on that

    Not saying it means that he has power mind, just pointing out

  96. Dream10

    For those clued up on corporate finances,

    If the Kroenkes are injecting a substantial amount of cash to ensure operations run more smoothly, why did the players have to take a pay cut? I’d be fuming if I was an Arsenal first team player.

  97. Emiratesstroller

    Wasi/China 1

    Lewis is a “non executive” director. He is not on the payroll of club in that capacity.

    He is however a partner in the firm of solicitors who act for Kroenke family and the firm will be paid for professional work undertaken by them.

  98. Emiratesstroller

    Dream 10

    I understood that the players agreed to take a pay cut when Kroenke first made
    the proposal to finance the club so that non playing staff were being paid.

    So I am fairly sure that they were informed about what was happening.

  99. Wasi

    In a statement, Stan and Josh Kroenke said: “We are pleased to announce Tim’s appointment. He will bring additional experience and skills, starting with our work to come out of the current situation in as strong a position as possible.”

    Yes he is an executive director. Maybe his appointment is to help us with our finances that have taken a hit due to covid-19.


    I think he Is a lawyer. Yes. But we all know how Ivan’s reign panned out. One of the worst decisions a football club can make is to give a money guy the power to conduct football operations.
    Imo a good structure would be
    Power level -1
    CEO- Someone who understands football and has good knowledge about finances ( Someone like Rangnick). Bonus if loves the club he is working for.

    Power level -2
    Tech director – Someone who heads the scouting team and whose sole focus is to find the right type of players for the head coach and sell/loan players.
    Head coach – Head coach who also has a say in the transfers in and out of the club.

    Power level -3
    Finance guy – Someone like Vinai
    Bagsman( as Pedro likes to call him)- One who can push through difficult deals. ( Someone like Raul).

  100. Nelson


    I am afraid that Arteta hasn’t made up his mind on Ozil. Recently, he still said that Ozil can come back if he is fully dedicated.

    It is clear that Ozil didn’t care about Arsenal. He has already said that he’ll join either MLS or the Turkish League next year. We should cut the tie now. Give him the Guen treatment (train away from the first team).

  101. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Arteta’s statement is for public consumption.

    I think that Ozil’s career at Arsenal is at an end. Of course if the player shows
    some commitment to the cause whilst he is at the club things might change.

    However, the fact that he is not even on the bench tells you a different story.

  102. Emiratesstroller


    Tim Lewis is a “non executive” director and not as you posted an ‘executive”
    director. He is not therefore on payroll of the club in that capacity.

    You can google Arsenal’s website for confirmation of the status of his appointment.

  103. DivineSherlock

    Guns of SF

    Exactly . If he loved the club he wouldve made an effort. Even Sanchez cared more than him . God I really wish we had sold him or didnt extend his contract. what a fall from grace.

  104. Pierre

    There’s a feeling of deja vu on Le Grove with the amount of claptrap being written about Ozil because he’s not in the side.

    The facts are , he started every league game under Arteta before lockdown and had been an integral part of the team.

    After lockdown, for whatever reason,things changed .

    Arteta went on record as saying on june 19th “”A lot has happened to him in the last few weeks and I have to respect the timing of every player. Sometimes they need a bit of time.”

    Arteta never expanded on that comment.

    Since then Ozil has picked up an injury, which believe it or not happens to players from time to time.
    After an injury , a player then has to get himself back to match fitness before being considered for selection

    They are the facts as much as we know , the rest is just conjecture and claptrap which we always hear whenever Ozil is not in the side.

    The only question that could be asked is, is Ozil really injured and that we may never know.
    Back injuries can flare up at any given time.

    I will go back to Arteta’s original comment ” a lot has happened to Ozil over the last few weeks”…which seems to imply it isn’t football related

  105. Emiratesstroller


    Whatever you may think I believe that Ozil has been told to find another club.

    The fact that he made an announcement through his agent about his future
    plans would appear to confirm this.

    The only part of my story which is different is that the agent and Ozil said that
    they will make plans in January 2021 i.e. six months before end of his contract.

    My guess is that Arsenal are attempting to accelerate that process.

  106. Freddie Ljungberg

    So this KSE loan buy out saves us 20m a year and frees up the 36m we had to keep every year as security for the loan.

    Coupled with the 30 ish m we cut from the wage bill last summer , the 22m saved from the 12.5% wage cut and the 12m we’re saving on Mikhis last year puts us in a better place economically than many thought. If we can cut half of Ozils wages out while getting rid of him on loan it’ll look even better.

    There will still be losses because of the pandemic but not as bad as first feared.

    Now we need to smash the transfer window and come out of this with a genuine top 4 squad.

  107. Nelson

    “Now we need to smash the transfer window and come out of this with a genuine top 4 squad.”

    It would need more KSE financial injections. Manure recently looks as strong as the Pools and MC. Chelsea has signed all those forwards. Unless MC is binned for two years from the CL, 5th spot is the most we could hope for. Arteta can’t fight the war without the guns.

  108. Emiratesstroller

    Despite a lot of negatives posted in the media as well as on Le Grove I think that there is growing evidence that Arsenal have been planning behind the scenes in a fairly professional way over the last few months and the future does not look nearly as bleak as some portray it.

    The club is taking the opportunity to rebuild itself with a refinancing, appointment of new director and review of how the club is being run including trimming of staff.

    Under Gazidis and Wenger the club was far to often “laisser faire” and “inactive” in its decision making resulting in an accumulation of problems
    whether it was in transfer market, renewal of contracts or even how players
    were scouted or the academy run.

    Clearly that is now changing. The club is making considered decisions on playing personnel. Contracts have been renewed, transfers are being negotiated early and those staff who for a variety of reasons need to be shipped out are being so.

    I think that it is now highly likely that both Guendouzi and Ozil will be leaving
    the club this summer. In the case of Ozil I suspect that the club are willing to
    take a financial hit to get him off the books.

    We have already seen Arsenal taking a financial hit with Ramsey, Welbeck and Mkhitaryan. One suspects that those decisions were more calculated than
    many might suspect.

    The club are perhaps looking at the bigger picture and longterm future rather than short term hits.

  109. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have been heavily criticised for giving Ozil a contract of £350K pw.

    However, I wonder how both Juventus and Man Utd are feeling at the moment
    having given 4 year contracts to Ramsey and Sanchez costing them respectively
    £400 and £450 K Pw ?