A different kind of disappointment?

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Arsenal failing to take their chances and losing a lead late in the game? That feels a little more Arsenal. That feels like a weird kind of progress.

Last night’s game against Brendan Rodgers excellent Leicester team marked a step forward in attacking football under Arteta. We dominated the first half, utterly. We were given far more space than we were against Wolves and we fully exploited it bar the finish. This wasn’t purposeless possession.

Auba opened the scoring after Saka killed a career with a one-two shuffle and a pinpoint cross.

Leicester had a goal disallowed after Kola was down in an attacking scrum with Iheanacho. A good call in my opinion.

Our second half wasn’t that pretty, Leicester came to play and we didn’t react particularly well.

The msot contentious issue was our sending off. Eddie was subbed on and made a very clumsy challenge and to my mind, was rightly sent home for an early shower. What didn’t quite compute was Jamie Vardy kicked Mustafi in the head in what looked like a professional ‘accident’, and he didn’t even land a card. One was sly, one was dim.

Our confidence and game collapsed around that decision, then Jamie V broke our line and sneaked a goal at the back post. It looked offside on the VAR, it took the customary 8 minutes to decide, and it stood.

We was robbed.

We fluffed our lines in the first half, witnessed a worldy from Kaspar, and conceded late on.

Very Arsenal.

The point was a disappointment. I’ll take it regardless. After the Wolves game, the ghouls were writing us off against a ‘proper’ team, and really, we should have taken the game. That first half, under normal circumstances, would have seen us 3 goals up.

I’d bitch about the reffing, but you have to cost it in. Leicester made 14 fouls and didn’t get a booking, we had a booking and sending off on 10.

The night wasn’t to be.

Champions League football is no longer a prize.

Though a scalp in the NLD certainly is.

You can say whatever you want about the red card (Arteta’s 4th), you can pretend Matteo was making a difference, you can bitch that taking Auba off was a bad move… the reality is we are now competing with good teams.

The football was almost sexy in the first half. The defending for the most part was solid. We do not look like uncoachables these days.

There is still a lot of work to do, but coming away from a game against a top 3 game feeling robbed is part of the journey.

I don’t want to feel like that on Sunday. Mikel’s first NLD in the dugout will hopefully be special. Let’s see what we have there.

I will take a better kind of disappointment.

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  1. Sid

    Ah. When in doubt, shift those goal posts or back track.
    So kumbaya boys is ok for the elite sides?
    I’d also like to point out that the highest places team in the fair play league are the best team in Liverpool
    Spin your way out of that one, FOR FREE

    Nowhere did i say its okay, told you reasons it works for others,
    We are trying to copy paste Pep last manager who went down that road didnt succeed

    Im telling you for free!

  2. Dissenter

    I’m just musing loudly but if Guendouzi had been the one that committed a reed card offence within a minute of coming on, would Arteta have been so unforgiving?

    I read that the club is filing an appeal to rescind the red card.

  3. The Backpass

    “I’m just musing loudly but if Guendouzi had been the one that committed a reed card offence within a minute of coming on, would Arteta have been so unforgiving”


  4. Thank you and goodnight

    Agree on Willock. I’ll be surprised if he’s still an Arsenal player in 2 years time as I really can’t see what his attributes are. But as for MG, in all honesty bar a couple of games don’t rate him either, to slow for this league ,Sorry. Take what we can for him.

  5. Thorough

    Backpass, if a player is disruptive to your training session, maybe you do what’s best for the greater good of the squad? That’s leadership.

    No he is not.

    First of this latest incident stemmed from his handling of the Maupay Saga.

    His previous misdemeanor was an argument with Sokratis in which Arteta took sides with Sokratis.

    In addition, Bernard Casoni said on the Laurens piece that he’s never had such problems. Don’t take my words for it:

    “on’t want to sell’ Matteo Guendouzi despite ‘big issue’ with Mikel Arteta (Image: GETTY)
    He told journalist Freddie Paxton: “Guendouzi’s problem is not physical and is not technical. It’s his attitude, it’s not good for the team or the coach.

    “My relationship with him wasn’t very good. I picked him for a cup game against Nice but he got booked early on. The ref told me at half time to warn Guendouzi: one more foul and you’re off, but in the second half nothing changed.

    “I was left with no choice but to sub him off. When I did, he refused to shake my hand.

    “He took his job seriously, his training was no problem, and his character is to always want to win.

    “Sometimes when he talks it’s good. But sometimes he talks badly. He talks too much.

    “His talent isn’t in question, that’s not the issue. He can be a top, top player and I think he can still succeed abroad. It’s up to him to change his attitude.””

  6. The Godfather

    “ Matteo was a problem under Emery, Freddie and his coaches in France. Reckon there’s a pattern there.”

    So you are now using the opinion of a failed coach in France, who actually touted his abilities, and also saying he was a problem under Unai Emery and Ljunberg? Really?

    Sorry Pedro you are desperately “reaching” here!

    Stop the character assassination … it ain’t cool to do this to a kid who wears his heart on a sleeve for the club

  7. Versus

    PedroJuly 9, 2020 15:14:53
    Divine, Barca has been a career ender for Song, Hleb, Overmars, and Petit (McGuane)
    And Vermaelen.

    Arsenal fans are notorious for overrating their players. ‘He’s wearing our shirt so he must be good’. Matteo is below average. He has no outstanding quality or talent. It’s like some of us have forgotten how good Cesc was, or Anelka, or Wilshere. These players had an outstanding quality that was easily visible. They just needed coaching, guidence, advise and experience. Matteo like most of our players is as good as he’ll ever be. You either have it or you don’t. Being able to dribble past defenders and bang it in the top corner isn’t something he can do. Being able to intercept or tackle attackers simultaneously winning the ball back isn’t something he can do. So what can he do? Get it, give it sideways. Get it, give it Sideways.

    No thankyou. We’re not Le Harve, guingamp or friggin Auxurre. We’re Arsenal.

  8. The Godfather


    “ I’m just musing loudly but if Guendouzi had been the one that committed a reed card offence within a minute of coming on, would Arteta have been so unforgiving?”

    Say it again Sir!!

    This place would have erupted if Guendo had been so stupid

  9. Words on a Blog


    My bad!
    Gnabry played at West Brom (a much sexier club than Stoke, briefly managed by Pulis)

  10. Champagne Charlie


    What’s this I’m reading about KSE acquiring the clubs debt to free spending? COVID moves? Or a whiff of ambition?

  11. Radio Raheem

    We need to talk about Ings.

    We can’t buy top dollar strikers, not that there are (m)any of those around.

    Surely surely Ings is an improvement on Laca and Eddie?

  12. Valentin

    When Troy Deeney went on TV and talked about Arsenal lacking cojones. I don’t remember him being fined and forced to apologise to his teammates.

    If Leno gives an interview in which he basically accuses Neal Maupay of being an mediocre player who injured him and caused him to miss Euro 21. Would Arsenal forces him to apologise to his teammates for his poor behaviour?

    And now if Leno refuses to apologise, what does Arsenal do? Should they escalate the incident up, force him to train with the kids and ending up selling him for less than he is worth?

    Again there is no Pro-Matteo side, the question that is raised about how Arsenal does not seem to keep a lid of resolving the situation before they explode. Adaptability and empathy are not dirty words, stubborness is. The job centre is full of stubborn former managers who stuck to their rigid principles and in the end alienated everybody working with them.

    There is a happy medium between a disciplinarian and a lax manager.

    As an aside note, Being an Arsenal fan is not a cult, we can criticise the leader. I like Arteta, but when I think that he is making a mistake, I would voice that opinion. I don’t think that it is a personal attack on him to state that I think he went about the situation the wrong way.

  13. Valentin


    Debt consolidation does not necessarily means debt cancellation. So If KSE acquires Arsenal debt and cancel it or rearrange it with a lower the interest rate, then fine otherwise the move is irrelevant.

  14. shaun

    don’t think anyone knows what actually happened between Arteta and Guen except those two , so making silly assumptions about what has happened and why Guen is being punished are futile