A different kind of disappointment?

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Arsenal failing to take their chances and losing a lead late in the game? That feels a little more Arsenal. That feels like a weird kind of progress.

Last night’s game against Brendan Rodgers excellent Leicester team marked a step forward in attacking football under Arteta. We dominated the first half, utterly. We were given far more space than we were against Wolves and we fully exploited it bar the finish. This wasn’t purposeless possession.

Auba opened the scoring after Saka killed a career with a one-two shuffle and a pinpoint cross.

Leicester had a goal disallowed after Kola was down in an attacking scrum with Iheanacho. A good call in my opinion.

Our second half wasn’t that pretty, Leicester came to play and we didn’t react particularly well.

The msot contentious issue was our sending off. Eddie was subbed on and made a very clumsy challenge and to my mind, was rightly sent home for an early shower. What didn’t quite compute was Jamie Vardy kicked Mustafi in the head in what looked like a professional ‘accident’, and he didn’t even land a card. One was sly, one was dim.

Our confidence and game collapsed around that decision, then Jamie V broke our line and sneaked a goal at the back post. It looked offside on the VAR, it took the customary 8 minutes to decide, and it stood.

We was robbed.

We fluffed our lines in the first half, witnessed a worldy from Kaspar, and conceded late on.

Very Arsenal.

The point was a disappointment. I’ll take it regardless. After the Wolves game, the ghouls were writing us off against a ‘proper’ team, and really, we should have taken the game. That first half, under normal circumstances, would have seen us 3 goals up.

I’d bitch about the reffing, but you have to cost it in. Leicester made 14 fouls and didn’t get a booking, we had a booking and sending off on 10.

The night wasn’t to be.

Champions League football is no longer a prize.

Though a scalp in the NLD certainly is.

You can say whatever you want about the red card (Arteta’s 4th), you can pretend Matteo was making a difference, you can bitch that taking Auba off was a bad move… the reality is we are now competing with good teams.

The football was almost sexy in the first half. The defending for the most part was solid. We do not look like uncoachables these days.

There is still a lot of work to do, but coming away from a game against a top 3 game feeling robbed is part of the journey.

I don’t want to feel like that on Sunday. Mikel’s first NLD in the dugout will hopefully be special. Let’s see what we have there.

I will take a better kind of disappointment.

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  1. Wasi


    Its clear as day and night that Holding is better at CB than Kolasinac.

    I think the reasons Arteta is choosing Kolasinac over Holding other than him being left footed are
    – Tierney pushes very high so Arteta needs a more mobile player in that position like Azpi at Chelsea under Conte when Moses a RW played RWB and pushed high. And Kola offers that mobility and covers more space in less time which Holding a relatively slower player cannot offer.
    – Also when we have the ball in the opposition’s half Kolasinac joins Xhaka and Ceballos in the midfield as an inverted full back to form a 2-3-5 .Again as a full back and being faster than Holding he is more suited to this role too.

  2. Batistuta


    Now imagine just how much more potent Auba would be for us being played in his proper position like he did at Dortmund. We have proper players who can cross the ball in Saka and Pepe and Tierney so play your best player at his best position. Shouldn’t be that hard considering at least now we have actual wingers compared to last season when we didn’t. Finding a way to shoehorn Laca and Nketiah doesn’t make sense to me.

    Again Auba and those Laca chances and our CL hopes wouldn’t have ended last night

  3. Sid

    18 yr old Saka recorded 12 assists in all competitions so far, with De Bruyne (18) & TAA (14) the only two ahead of him.

    20 yr Jadon sancho has 15 assists
    we have a future ballon d’or winner generational talent

    You heard it here 1st!

  4. crimson

    Sid is becoming increasingly the most annoying awful annoying person on here. And thats saying something.

    You heard it here second.

  5. G8

    Kola in a Arteta new back 3 formation, though a good idea on pape it’s just not working for him
    He is no Monreal..
    I mean Bellend has been bad , but this dude is just shocking ..

    All he did was passed backward, kicked the ball out, or took a throw
    He couldn’t make the obvious simple forward pass, looked scared and mortified anytime he touched the ball
    Panic chaotic defending and terrible positioning too
    Arteta should either play him as a wingback or just bench him

  6. Wasi


    No way Mari can play as a wide CB in a back 3.
    And Kola has been awful for us in the left CB position. He sees the ball and he panics. Rarely passes forward .
    Holding is similar to Mari. Tall , strong ,slow. Not suited to a wide CB role in a 3 back system.

    But Again , I’ll repeat Kolasinac is playing there because we don’t have another option rn and back 3 is getting us good results.
    To revert to a back 4 and still have defensive solidity we need a good DM/athletic midfielder to cover Xhaka , Ceballos. Rn we dont have that too.
    Arteta is having trying to do the best with what he has. Also when you have a good defensive system you dont necessarily need good CBs.
    Kola is fast(er than Sok and Holding) and covers the spaces Arteta wants him to while defending .
    And although he is limited , he is more suited to the LCB position than Holding and Sokratis.

    And I dont think Arteta will continue with a back 3.
    We are more likely to see a 4-3-3 granted we sign the players Arteta wants.
    Partey would be a good start.

  7. Batistuta

    Mane is not a no 9 Un, has always been a winger. Auba is a no 9, the best at the club and shouldn’t be shunted wide to accommodate inferior players.

    Again, Auba in those Laca positions and that game is won in the first half especially with Pepe being fit and on the bench.

  8. Pierre

    Our football for a spell in the first half ad was good as I’ve seen for a while, in fact Leicester at home 20 months ago was probably the last time we played such flowing, fluent football.

    We have had decent results and performances under Emery and Arteta in that time but last night , for that 20 minute or so period, it just clicked.

    The doubts I have in our play is this run , run and run a bit more style of play that I believe only gives you a short term gain and can’t be sustained over a longer period.

    I know I harp on about technique, ball possession , intelligence and letting the ball do the work , but I really do believe that in the long term we have to learn how to control a game with intelligent ball possession..

    it players like Thiago are on the market then this is exactly the type of player we need to control the tempo of the game.

    Ceballos has an excellent first half last night , but there was no way he could play with that intensity in the 2nd half.
    Same with our forwards,from the kick off they are being asked to close down the keeper and full backs and then react when we are in possession , which they did very well in the first half , but again that intensity is impossible to keep up longer than 60 minutes.

    Technically gifted midfielders keep the ball , find good angles in their passing and consequently control the tempo of the game.

    Jourginho came on for Chelsea yesterday and changed the game with his intelligent passing and movement…..If he can’t get in the Chelsea side then put in a cheeky offer.

    I get that Arteta wants the players to work ,work and work a bit more , but so did Emery and in the end he lost the players.

    Arteta is without a doubt more organised and disciplined than Emery, defensively we have improved so much and the players are working as a team.

    I’ll be very interested to see who we bring in , especially in midfield.
    Partey looks to have a bit of everything and it would be nice to bring in a quality playmaker like Thiago or Jorginho to help us play out from the back with confidence.

  9. Ernest Reed

    “What were the excuses for Arsenal’s poor floundering performances before VAR was introduced in 2019”

    Unai Emery!

  10. Pierre

    “If you want someone who can use the ball there then stick Tierney in and pull Saka to left wing back”

    I agree , then Aubamayang can still play the left channel and it enables Pepe to come in on the right side.

  11. Ernest Reed

    “I’ll be very interested to see who we bring in , especially in midfield“

    Do you believe anyone will be brought in Pierre, from outside the organization? I suspect not and any moves will be internal promotion related.

  12. Pierre

    Hopefully Ernest yes.

    I am still not quite sure what style of play Arteta wants..is it just a more organised, disciplined form of Emery football , with a lot of running and chasing about the pitch….I hope not.

    I am hoping and I believe that there is more about Arteta’s style of football than just hard work and organisation..

    This is why I believe he will make demands on the club to bring in a couple of midfield players.
    Smith Rowe, Saka and Willock may be the future in midfield but there is enough time for them to grow into the roles that Arteta wants for them.

  13. Ishola70

    Got to give credit to Sheffield United.

    They were on a losing streak and have bounced back with two big home wins in their last three matches.

  14. Thorough

    If Arteta is he’ll bent on playing a left footed player on the left side of the defence, then why is he so blind to the fact that Saka, is a lot more productive playing from the Left? For example I don’t think he would have missed his chance yesterday if it had been on his left.

  15. Ishola70


    “Jourginho came on for Chelsea yesterday and changed the game with his intelligent passing and movement…..If he can’t get in the Chelsea side then put in a cheeky offer”

    So you want two slow registas in your side?

    You do take this Wenger total footballing notion to the exremes at times.

  16. Pierre

    In a wing back system , Aubamayang has more license to come inside, so I don’t really see a problem there , plus from out wide he is very good coming in on the blind side of defenders .

  17. Batistuta

    Lemme Guess


    Only one of those would play for us right now and you could see reason as to why we let him go

  18. Ishola70

    People going on about Europa League and before the Leicester game outside chance of CL but Arsenal have to put points on the board here just to possibly avoid finishing below mid table in 11th position.

    Spurs is obvious but also really couldn’t stomach finishing below Dyche’s Burnley team.

  19. Pierre

    “What I meant to say was emery gave away all of our possession based players when Arteta took over so he’s cultivating/fine tuning the psychological and positional/tactical side of things until he gets his ball players in.”

    He’s doing a good job , that’s for sure…he just needs the backing of the club to bring in the players he needs.

  20. Ishola70

    Ah so you want Jorginho to replace Xhaka Pierre?

    Get rid of one defensive problem only to add another.

    At least he looks nice on the ball eh.

    There’s a reason Lampard looks to be easing Jorginho out of the side.

  21. Pierre

    “The guy who transforms an entire team like Fernandes at United. (I wish to god we got him in January)”

    me too , a proper footballer.

  22. Pierre

    “Ah so you want Jorginho to replace Xhaka Pierre?Get rid of one defensive problem only to add another”

    Bring Partey in and Thiago or Jorginho…and there’s the base of our midfield.

  23. Pierre

    I do think you are being deliberately stupid , so I will humour you for a while.

    Do you not think it is preferable to have technically gifted midfielders who can control the game , meaning our defence is put under less pressure or are you happy with what we have.

  24. Ishola70

    You do realise Pierre that Jorginho is now seen as useful only in fits and starts and is seen as a problem for the full 90 minutes?

    Defensively and off the ball a problem.

    And you think he is a good idea to buy?

    He is yet another player suited to a slower league.

    Once he is eased out of the Chelsea side which seems inevitable now Arsenal will be the only side in the Premiership that retains a slower type regista european style player that plays every week.

  25. Ishola70

    Rating Jorginho at this time in the EPL is a bit like over-rating Willock for later contributions to a game.

  26. Pierre

    Let’s hear who or what you would bring in , apparently Partey and Thiago are not up to standard for you

  27. Ishola70


    Fernandes is an attacking midfielder.

    He is not a sitting midfielder like Xhaka or Jorginho.

    Chalk and cheese.

  28. Ishola70

    “Let’s hear who or what you would bring in , apparently Partey and Thiago are not up to standard for you”

    Why are you trying to mislead for?

    Where have I said Partey is not up to scratch?

    All I said was Jorginho is a terrible idea.

  29. Redtruth

    With respect to the league champions in the last decade, a look at their possession stats shows how the tables have turned in England. Since Arsenal’s Invincibles season in 2003/04, every champion team has averaged between 55-60% possession throughout the season. The highest was achieved by Chelsea in 2009/10 under Carlo Ancelotti with 59.7% possession over the 38 games played.

    EPL Premier League Champions most possession
    The 2009/10 Chelsea squad averaged the most possession for a Premier League champion team
    Leicester City, on the other hand, have averaged only 40.9% possession this season. Their opponents see more of the ball while the Foxes capitalise on their mistakes and counter or make good use of their set-pieces.

    If they go on to win the league title this season, they will be the only team to have seen less than half of the ball and still won the league – a truly extraordinary achievement!

  30. Ishola70

    No Don

    I don’t want any more dodgy sitting midfielders in front of the defence.

    Fernandes has nothing to do with that. He is a CAM.

  31. Pierre

    Partey and Thiago were my first choices , if we can’t get thiago then Jorginho is better than anything we have in centre mid , that’s for sure.

    Who would you bring in.

  32. andy1886

    Can’t say I’m over fond of the focus on ‘technical’ midfielders over more powerful ones that seem better suited to the PL.

    Title winning midfielders were PV4, Petit, Edu, Gilberto and even on occasion the Romford Pele. So powerful rather than overly technical players. Subsequently the nearest we got to a real challenge was in 2007/8 with the likes of Diaby, Song, Gilberto and the much maligned Denislon alongside Cesc.

    For all the pretty patterns latter day Wenger sides with a focus on passing over athleticism never got close (we may have finished second in 15/16 but were never serious challengers).

  33. Luteo Guenreira

    Saw the replay once I got home last night. Arsenal played well, thought they deserved the win. Vardy goal was offside, if you’re going to ignore the change in spin on a ball on slow motion replay what the fuck is the point in any of it. Really disappointed at the result, but not in the team. It’s a small nuance but also not a feeling I’ve had for awhile watching Arsenal. Please let it continue in this trajectory. Saka is just a delight. Martinez was serviceable once again. Wife still thinks Arteta is very handsome. Then after the camera panned to Brendan immediately afterward she waited a beat before saying with some disdain, “He is not handsome.”

  34. Ishola70

    Well they are very obvious choices Pierre and every man and his dog cites Partey and Thiago is very well known.

    Arsenal are likely to retain Ceballos and keep on with Xhaka.

  35. Pierre

    I’m still waiting for you to put forward some names that are better than what I have mentioned.

  36. Sid

    Next season the balon d’or will be a tight race between Pepe and Saka
    In 2022 Martinez will join them

    Im telling you for free!

  37. Ishola70

    And you will continue to wait Pierre.

    I have no interest in fantasy football scenarios only what is realistic.

    The likelihood at this moment in time is that Arsenal will keep on with Xhaka and extend Ceballos and perhaps get in Partey and a younger CAM that has been mentioned Szoblaszi or whatever he is called.

    Or it may be that Arsenal keep what they have and only extend Ceballos and that’s it due to tight finances at this time.

    Jorginho was an awful call from you.

  38. Ishola70

    Anyway Pierre with all this talk of shiny new midfielders coming in you do realise this will kill your boy Willock’s playing time.

    And I thought you were of the idea that the kid was ready to go.

    Ready to be a first teamer.

  39. andy1886

    Pedro, the difference is that they were powerful players that dominated midfield physically. When we talk about technical midfielders unlocking defences that’s a different animal, it’s people harking back to the likes of Nasri, Santi, Hleb, and
    Rosicky which you have to admit are nothing like their predecessors that I mentioned. And don’t even get me started on Ozil….

  40. Pierre

    “Anyway Pierre with all this talk of shiny new midfielders coming in you do realise this will kill your boy Willock’s playing time.”

    you’ve got this acting deliberately thick off to perfection …years of practice I suppose..

  41. G8

    We had a fair chance of finishing 4th if we won our Brighton and Leicester games
    Shame that combination of individual mistakes and Arteta’s inexperience of in game management and subs cost us valuable points

  42. Sid

    Arteta will win the FA, he is is perfecting the tactics Mourinho used at Inter to win the CL

    You heard it here 1st!

  43. The Backpass

    Are people still on this Cazorla stuff. I keep saying Joaquin at 38 has been one of Real betis best player this season along with Fekir.. Rumours are that Santi is going to Qatar to play for Xavi at Al-sadd anyway.

  44. Guns of SF

    Based on the media stories, it appears that Guen might have found a suitor…
    Hence why he is not getting any time right now to protect their asset.

    Ozil too? I can only hope


    Matteo Guendouzi’s representatives are reportedly in “advanced talks” with Barcelona with the Arsenal star set to make a decision on his future next month.

    The midfielder is training away from the first-team after a falling out with boss Mikel Arteta last month.

    Fiery Guendouzi was involved in a scuffle with Neal Maupay following the Gunners’ 2-1 defeat to Brighton on June 20.

    He has subsequently failed to even make a matchday squad as Arsenal have gone five games unbeaten since.

    Reports emerged ten days ago he had brought up the prospect of leaving the Emirates at the end of the season due to his career’s “regression” under Arteta.

    Now L’Équipe claims the likes of Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid have enquired about him.

  45. The Godfather

    Five point thrown away to Leicester and Brighton from winning positions.
    If we had held our nerve we would now be on 55 points pending United’s game.

    So annoying !!

  46. Ishola70

    Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid also reported interested in him.

    I don’t think it’s astonishing big clubs in europe would be interested in him.

    For the faults he has he also has shown good potential along with it and people are forgetting his young age because he was played pretty regularly in the first team.

    These clubs will see him as a nurturing prospect signing along with plenty of experience of first team football at a high level for his young age and they will be even more interested if they can get him at a decent price.

  47. Ishola70


    I’m not convinced we have superior prospects in central midfield though.

    But if he wants to leave so be it.

  48. Ishola70

    Guendouzi should never have been thrown in the deep end so many times and so early at his young age on first arriving.

    But such was the paucity of the Arsenal central midfield he was playing lots of games.

    He isn’t a Fabregas level of talent so him playing so many first team games at a young age tells you all about the Arsenal central midfield.

    If he was nurtured more properly brought through more slowly though he could have proved to be a very useful player for the team down the line.

  49. Valentin


    I would not use the names of those two coaches as proof of Guendouzi poor attutude.
    If you cast out players who fell out with Bernard Casoni and Mickael Landreau due to their incompetence, you would have pretty much all their former players.
    Casoni pushed Guendouzi aside and was sacked pretty much after abysmal results and an even worse style of play. Casoni is the French Tony Pulis.
    Landreau like Gary Neville has a good talk on TV, but the reality did not agree with the talk. In fact he was so incompetent and condescending with the players, it lead to a group of players asking the chairman for him to be sacked. He was pretty much forced to use youth team players, because senior players stop listening to his orders. When youth team players stopped as well, he decided to quit one year before the end of his contract.

  50. Pedro

    Valentin, you could maybe get away with the sort of chat if he didn’t have problems with Emery, Freddie and now Mikel.

    Matteo is an issue. It’s a fact.

  51. Words on a Blog

    If Arteta doesn’t like/rate Guendouzi, and Guendouzi wants to leave, so be it.

    The question of character is moot. After all, we lived with Lord Bendtner for years, and he was hardly a Very Humble Genius.

    Players come and players go. Guendouzi is a good player but not a “top, top” player. Let him go, and take the cash (provided there’s lots of it.)

  52. Champagne Charlie

    Nah I hear it’s “personal” with Arteta.

    At least that’s what Receding says about it, no issues Guendouzi’s end, this is an Arteta thing.

  53. RockyRoe

    Its imperative we give ESR a run in next season, playing the backup CAM role.

    It’s not like we would be challenging for championship league next season, but we do have some very very good young players in saka, martinelli, Tierney , ESR, Nketiah and pepe coming through, and could explode in a couple of seasons if managed right.

  54. RockyRoe

    On the CAM role, is David Silva retiring completely or just not renewing his manc contract?

    The guys still has it in bucket loads would walk into our team half drunk.

  55. Thorough

    The Papers have it that Guen is being punished ‘for holding Maupay’ s neck’. The same Maupay that injured our goalkeeper and then lambasted the whole Arsenal team in an interview afterwards? And I actually watched a clip that showed Guen going towards the tunnel then sharply turning around because someone said something nasty behind him. The clip seized after so I couldn’t establish if that was the moment that caused the grabbing. But if it is then we need to have a proper look at ourselves as a club? What’s he actually supposed to apologize for, having a reaction towards a dickhead or hating to lose and getting emotional as a result of it? If you fine him and move on would the message not have been passed? Is Arteta so stupid as to want to throw a 21 year old who’s angry with losing under the Bus? Even if he has attitude problem can’t we manage this case better and still preserve his market worth? Can we even get any reasonable fee for him due to the present predicament of most clubs or would it have been better to wait till next year when most teams would be ready to spend big again?

    If Guendozi never plays for Arsenal again and leaves as a result of this then Arteta will be remembered for throwing a pearl away over a trivial issue. And I have absolute no doubt he can only get better. He has the heart and talent he just needs to add some missing ingredients and bulk up a little.

  56. Leftfootcurler

    Coutinho will probably be available in the market. Kia is his agent. It’s a signing that suits us perfectly.
    We simply have to make this happen.
    Coutinho+Partey should be enough to get top 4 next season if our players stay fit and away from red cards.

    75 points should get top 4.

  57. Overmars


    David Silva would stroll into our midfield.

    Agree with Pierre’s previous comment regarding Jorginho and Thiago. Both quality little players both similar to a Xabi Alonso, a Xavi or a Pirlo. Although hard to find, they’re the sort of players we need in the middle. I don’t think age matters much in the position.

    Silva is still pulling the strings at 34. Moutinho is also doing similar things with Wolves at 33. Both top class passers of the ball playing in the best league in the world. Modric is also running the show at Madrid, and I reckon Cazorla could easily do a job in that position for us.

  58. Guns of SF

    I like Coutinho… would be a good CAM.. prem experience too.
    Who knows… we like agents nowdays.

    Its his wages that would be a hinderance….

  59. Saladin

    Should have won but it is what it is. We move on. But I don’t want no fucking excuses on Sunday. We are the better team and we need to batter the fuck out of those cunts at their ground.

  60. Overmars

    Guns of SF

    Coutinho is class. Him in the Ceballos role would be perfect. We’ll have a lot of outgoings in the summer I reckon, so that’ll free up some wages.

  61. The Godfather

    If having a row with Sokratis and grabbing the neck of that c**t Maupay are reasons why a GUENDO is being bullied then Arteta is a total Idiot.
    You’ve gotta be kidding me!

    If this is true then GUENDO should give Arsenal the middle finger and get outta the Emirates ASAP.

    How can Chaka, who has been liability since he stepped into the Emirates, cursed out the fans and openly talked of leaving to a second rate Bundesliga side (because every team of worth knew better than to go anyway near him) ….. yet is still held in high esteem by the coach.

    No wonder this team will always come up short.

  62. Dissenter

    “ Ish, I think Simeone or Conte would be good for his career.”

    Of course a proper experienced manager who’s comfortable managing difficult players, not a neophyte who’s expecting perfection from a 20 y/o.

  63. Dissenter

    Apparently Guedouzi told the neophyte technical director and newbie rookie manager that he wasn’t going to kowtow to them.
    Worse things have been said in football.
    Which of our young players will get the attention of big European clubs.
    Hope it goes well for the lad. Get the £25-40 million for him and let’s move on.

  64. Dissenter

    Players have bust-ups all the time and fisticuffs aren’t uncommon in training grounds.
    Who cares whether Guen had a fight with PapSok.
    The club is just leaking all sorts of shite about Guen.

  65. Guns of SF

    i dont think Arteta wants a young headcase in the midst of a rebuild and relearn situation.

    Plus he is sellable – so some $$ can come in… Our mids sucks bar Dani and Joe W

  66. Guns of SF

    BTW anyone know what Edu is really doing at the club?
    is he our south american scout? Or just Brazil?
    Seems odd what he does… aside chum with his agent for new players….
    I liked him as a player but i am confused as to what he is bringing us

  67. Guns of SF

    This Coutinho idea might not be bad the more I think about it….
    I hope we can get him cheap, if so we should do it.
    Fella should have a chip on his shoulder and would fit into arteta ball pretty easily I feel

  68. Sid

    Exactly, players have bust ups all the time.

    Simeone and Conte ooze prescence,
    I will add no player would have the guts to face off with Viera, Klopp

    Theres a culture at the club of meek lambs singing kumbaya, thats why players from other teams can bully us, refs dont feel the pressure making decisions against us.

  69. Sid

    Arsenal fans have been Arsenalized

    “Red, you and about 6 others appear to be the only people raising eyebrows.”

    Lets all hug and sing kumbaya, same script, different cast at Untold. To clean to bindip, well cultured not a chav

    Im telling you for free!

  70. salparadisenyc

    This space is fucking comedic with former Emeryites using anything possible as ammunition. Arsenal lost in the battle.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s see how many major clubs are actually interested in Guendouzi.

    All we have heard so far are rumours that the player wanted to leave and Arsenal are not too bothered if he does.

    The fact is that whilst he has a decent engine I have seen absolutely nothing
    special in his game either defensively or offensively. He is no better than a
    bench player at best on evidence of what I have seen in last 2 seasons.

    If we get a transfer fee of £30 million for this disruptive player I would jump.

  72. Guns of SF

    Arsenal are leaking stuff I feel to up his price.. and buyers.
    I mean 36M??? Inter? Barca?

    Hmmm seems a bit fishy to me, but hey, ill take that amount in a heartbeat.

  73. China1

    I’m as critical of wenger as anyone but there’s no way wenger was bad for cesc apart from him selling some of his best team mates

    Cesc was the kind of kid that didn’t need hands on coaching. Like Henry, DB10, Sanchez, Pires etc – some players just naturally thrive and don’t need to be micromanaged like most.

    And in fact cesc’s reputation could’ve been even better if he stayed at arsenal – if wenger had been willing to supplement him with a couple more top additions to get us over the line in major trophies

    Going to Barca to play a supporting cast role to xavi and Iniesta limited him imo

  74. Guns of SF

    Cesc did this thing in Barca and I feel badly that he was never embraced like some of the others… he did score a lot more over there. When with us he had this knack of always shooting right at the goalie.
    An old Cesc right now would help us for sure. What a great player he was … never worried when he was in the side. You know we always had a chance with him playing.

  75. China1

    I don’t know about this behind the scenes stuff with Guen and Arteta or whatever, but him shitting on that hunchback was excellent form imo

    I’m not convinced Guen will make the cut at this level and I’m not sure he’s the answer to our midfield problems so if someone offers solid money I’d take it anyway, but this whole ‘classenal’ nice little boys attitude is toxic to our chances of success. Our most successful teams were full of characters who fought back (and in some cases started it). All the best teams are like that.

    Man imagine Martin known being hung out to dry for man handling ruud van nistkerooy when he missed that penalty. Scenes after that moment with half the team getting booked. Parkour was giving it large iirc.

    Good shit, plenty more of that please. Arsenal’s culture became WAY too soft since coming to the Emirates. No wonder opposition teams and refs alike take the piss. What have they got to be scared of?

    The only good example I’ve seen in recent years was last season against Burnley in November or so. Sean Dyche was giving it all that and in the match they got absolutely punked by us. The whole arsenal team were roughing them up, winning every 50/50, manhandling players to the ground in sok’s case… we won and after the match Sean dyche was crying like a bitch to the media about how we roughed them up

    Lovely stuff, really

  76. China1

    Seriously can you imagine Martin keown or vieira in this arsenal squad?

    They’d be training with the reserves for being too outspoken

    Keown especially used to try and rough up DB10 in training because he said ‘get used to it, it will happen in the matches’ 😂😂😂😂

  77. Guns of SF

    Arteta was a nice little boy – just like Wenger liked.
    Wenger liked them choirboys…. the Invincibles handled themselves for the most part.
    He wanted his Barca lite choir boys…
    He got them…. and we have become soft since…
    Now with Guen, I also like the fight but if he is that much of a headcase, then get out… his play is really not that great as well…

  78. China1

    Reports claiming we’ve put a contract offer out to malang sarr, who is a French U20 international defender who plays for Nice but his contract just expired

    Anyone seen him? You’d imagine being in the French youth team hed likely be very promising and he has over 100 senior appearances already so he’s not as green as you’d expect

    Presumably couldn’t command high wages either as a relative unknown. If the kid is good this is exactly the kind of smart recruitment we need. Good players from the bargain basement with big potential and resale value, ok wages and allows us to focus resources on a small number of major signings like Partey

    If he’s good we should be all over that before someone else nips in

  79. Emiratesstroller

    No-one is complaining about a player being aggressive on the pitch or the occasional spat with opposition.

    In the case of Guendouzi we are discussing ongoing behavioural issues, discipline and his relationship with other members of squad and staff.

    If he is seen as a disruptive personality and the club and player cannot find a
    solution then it is better to let him go.

  80. China1

    ET you say that but he did get criticized for his spat with the hunch back

    What happens elsewhere is another story and I don’t know what the truth is on that front, but what he did with Maupay I support 100%

  81. China1

    Guns yeah sarr would be a low risk high reward gamble

    He was also made captain for one league game this season which says he’s held in very high esteem.

    What’s the worst that can happen? We sell him in a couple of years and make an easy profit. I’d be all in

  82. China1


    I actually don’t like this formation, but if we were to use it it would be a pretty good starting 11 and it would only require a proper outlay for one player (Partey)

  83. China1

    I say this every single day but we really need to simplify the auba saka Pepe thing and just put all 3 in their best positions

    We’re trying too hard to make it work with players out of positions etc and we’re not better for it. Give that front 3 5 consecutive games in their best positions and you’ll see our attack look clearly better imo

  84. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    This was not the first reported incident. There was an earlier problem in the
    Training Club in Gulf and also other alleged incidents in London.

    Also when the situation was discussed with the player it is how he has responded allegedly.

    I think the situation goes far beyond just being childish or immature. Every
    club including Arsenal will tolerate a degree of stupidity and misbehaviour,
    but not if it becomes a disruptive influence which appears to be the case here.

  85. Guns of SF

    Auba in the left throws things off
    We need to figure out the left wing
    Should be Saka

    We need a proper cam. Not saka

  86. China1

    Well ET I won’t defend that extra stuff if that’s true, I just haven’t been following closely on those points

    Regardless I think he’s a good prospect but not currently a special looking player. He has some great games occasionally and he could become really good, but he’s not consistently there yet so no love lost from my side if we profit off him and reinvest

    But all these negative leaks about him are really dumb imo. It’s not like he’s super popular with the squad and the fans are on artetas back to keep and play him. No one cares about him that much if he stays or goes imo. Why are we making him look so bad in public if we want to get a good price for him?

    The official message from the club should be that he’s a great prospect but we have a lot of competition for places and no one is guaranteed a place right now. Keep it positive at least

  87. Guns of SF

    Cedric luiz Saliba tierney
    Partey Ceballos
    Pepe coutinho/ szolobai. Saka

    Fire 🔥

  88. Wasi

    Santi with another brace.
    Now up to 24 g/a for the season.
    Those are world class numbers.
    Man is 35 and balling like peak De Bruyne.
    Hate how the media/pundits/everyone overlooks how good Cazorla is.
    He was probably the most underrated player in the Prem and that trend still hasnt stopped.

  89. Sid

    Young black men were stopped and searched by police more than 20,000 times in London during the coronavirus lockdown – the equivalent more than a quarter of all black 15- to 24-year-olds in the capital.

    More than 80% of the 21,950 searches between March and May resulted in no further action

    🔔shame 🔔shame 🔔shame

  90. Wasi


    I get your anger but Guendouzi isnt as bad as you describe him. Thats my opinion.
    The writing seems to be on the wall for him and the club just needs to act and sell him and not do this PR drama displaying him as a big villain.
    It will only hurt the Club’s best interests (i.e. getting the best possible transfer fee we could get for him)
    I also think the fan sentiment is overboard.
    Maybe Guendouzi felt hard done by as he thought he was only defending his teammate.
    Ofc his attitude (according to the press) has been very bad and even though I rate his talent highly I’d let him go this transfer window.

    He’s got an air of arrogance about him that very very few possess in the game. Theirry had that and Arsene used it to make Thierry the player he was.
    Watch the hour long Henry interview on the Arsenal YT channel. Henry mentions 2 or 3 times how Wenger used his temperament to push him to become a better player.
    Theres also Cantona , Zidane , Ronaldo who possess that type of arrogance. These are the best of the very best.
    I think right now, Guendouzi needs someone who can do what Wenger did for Henry.
    And I also think that when Guendouzi matures and uses his arrogance to his advantage , he will become a top class midfield player. Maybe even world class .

  91. Valentin


    Without any doubt Guendouzi is a prima Donna, however to use Bernard Casoni and Mickael Landreau’s words to lambast him is akin to use Tony Pulis’s judgement of Serge Gnabry to prove that he is a bad player.


    Reading what France Football wrote about the circumstances of the dispute, Arsenal management team overreacted and it backfired on them. Now they can’t backtrack because they will look weak. This is a situation that they created. Guendouzi initiated it, but their bad man management just amplified it.

    Anyone who thought that having fiery Guendouzi in a meeting against this four would result in an apology and not in an angry confrontation was seriously misreading the situation.

    Again to use his reaction to Maupay to come down hard on him thinking that he would cave in was a bad move. I said it before using extra discipline with immature people nearly never work. You have to find other way to make them grow.

  92. Thorough

    Un Nai.
    Out of those 4 that sat down with him you want to tell us none of them have dealt with a troublesome teenager before? Do they throw them to the wolves every freaking time they misbehave, which I assume is a lot?

    Now compare that to Maupay, no public shaming even though he lambasted our whole team afterwards? Arteta even indirectly supported him by saying the injury was an accident even though every time I’ve watched it Maupay bagging into Leno was uncalled for.

    This is the way I look at it, if you have a young lad who’s neither doing drugs nor getting promiscuous you can straighten them out. Petulance is their way of life ffs and I’ll be surprised if Raul and his cronies are actually surprised a young lad is showing occasional Petulance

    And if you want to sell Guen this is the worst possible time for two reasons:
    – Post-covid stringent spending in Europe.
    -His stock is at an all time low due to our terrible handling of his issue.

  93. Tee

    Casoni, guendiuzi’s former manager has this to say
    “It’s his attitude, it’s not good for the team or the coach. My relationship with him wasn’t very good.”

    “He took his job seriously, his training was no problem, and his character is to always want to win,”

    “Sometimes when he talks it’s good. But sometimes he talks badly. He talks too much.

    “His talent isn’t in question, that’s not the issue. He can be a top, top player and I think he can still succeed abroad. It’s up to him to change his attitude.”

  94. Valentin

    When Eric Cantona launch a kung-fu kick at an idiot in the public, Ferguson did not come down hard on him. He took him aside, expressed his support and accompany him to grow.
    Cantona repaid his manager faith and treatment by maturing on and off the pitch.

    That’s what experienced managers do. Assess the situation and never go into a meeting without making sure that the worst outcome is not the most likely outcome. If Ferguson had come hard at Cantona, any meeting would have resulted in an angry fight and his career as a top professional player would have been over.

  95. Tee

    Arsenal fans, in their quest to unearth the next fabregas will leave no stone unturned backing a troublesome and not that good young player.

    If Arteta sees guen as not good enough, then do be it.

    I even read that Luis has spoken to guen but he refused to change.

    If the situation remains, by the end of the season and a good offer comes in then he should be sold asap.

  96. Ishola70


    “The official message from the club should be that he’s a great prospect but we have a lot of competition for places and no one is guaranteed a place right now. Keep it positive at least”

    That would be telling fibs though and fans would see right through it.

    There isn’t great competition within the squad for CM.

    That’s why a kid like Guendouzi who came from French Ligue 2 level has over 100 appearances for Arsenal.

  97. Tee


    You sometimes make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Cantona was a special breed that couldn’t be discarded just like that.
    He was super talented unlike guen.

  98. Ishola70


    “I even read that Luis has spoken to guen but he refused to change”

    Even David Luiz?

    Well that’s Guendouzi absolutely done for isn’t it.

    Even Coco The Clown couldn’t get through to him.

  99. Thorough

    The boy think he was right to have defended his teammate. Arteta and the board seem to think he’s wrong. That seems the bone of contention. So do you all want teenagers that apologize for anything and everything? Even if Pope talks to him but canr clearly show him why he’s wrong tgwb why should he apologize? Apologize for what exactly? Like Nketiah should apologize for getting a red even though he was only trying to press the opposition as his coach encourages? Is Arteta so soft? Has the world gone Loco?

  100. Tee


    What has he won?
    Anything to to stupidly get at Arteta is ok by you.

    Can you name any of his former managers and coaches who haven’t praised his talent and also complained about his attitude?

    Everything ain’t about Arteta.

  101. Tee

    Bitching on here wont stop guen from been shown the way out if he doesn’t change.

    Arteta is the coach and has his standard.

    Not like we have been doing any worse since he was ostracized.

    He should be sold whenever a good offer comes in. There are better young midfielders out there.

    It’s high time we stopped holding to nothing in the name of looking for the next Viera.

  102. Pierre

    It’s probably a build up of events that have got us to where we are with Guendouzi.

    I’m sort of 50/50 with the way it’s going.

    I can understand Arteta wanting to show who’s boss but I will refer back to Emery in October 2018 or thereabouts.

    Arsenal were on an unbeaten run, things were going exceptionally well, the players and fans were happy and then Emery decided to try and show the players who’s boss.

    Ramsey shook his head after being substituted…..marginalised.

    Ozil showed his disappointment at being substituted….marginalised

    Lacazette shook his head at being substituted….marginalised, though to a lesser extent because he decided to play the game and pretend to be happy the next time he was substituted.

    Emery did reinstate these players a few months later but for me, the damage was done, he lost the respect of the players and a large percentage of the fans.

    Arteta needs to be careful that his non negotiables don’t become a noose round his neck .
    Players are human and will show their emotions , look at the invincibles when van nistelrooy missed that penalty, wenger was spot on in defending and not castigating his players as was George Graham on a regular basis.

  103. Redtruth

    MIKEL ARTETA bizarrely claimed the Turf Moor grass was too long as Arsenal drew AGAIN. … The Arsenal chief said: “The conditions were difficult. The grass was this long. They didn’t put water on it and that is difficult to play football.

    Comedy Gold lol

  104. Thorough

    @Unai and Tee.
    Arsenal are supposedly skint and the way we’ve demonized the boy will reduce his value further. Even if he was worth 30million before we’re definitely not getting that now. How does it benefit us if we get another 5 million like Gnabry if we could have handled it better and get close to his worth?

  105. TR7

    I don’t think Arteta is handling the Guendouzi saga rationally or any foresight. Endless media leaks regarding Guen is pathetic and unsavory. Althogh I am in favor of keeping Guen at Arsenal but even if Arteta wants to get rid of the player he should have done it subtly without making any noise about it.

  106. Nelson

    When Son and Lioris had a public argument, Mou said it was a beautiful thing. Wenger would say that I haven’t seen it. A mature manager always plays down the situation in public first.

  107. Valentin

    My point of contention is not that Guendouzi is not an arrogant prick, because he most certainly is. It is how do you deal with difficult characters.
    Do you come down on them like a ton of bricks, because to me it is clear go hard on that type of character and then expect to lose them at the next flash point.
    Or do you play the long game and give them time to grow. To you treat them in a manner to force them to mature. They are then more likely to be grateful and do the extra mile for you.

    BTW, regarding the Neal Maupay incident, I would also like to see Arteta and the club grow a backbone. When Arsenal players are targeted and not protected by referees, I do want the club to publicly criticise the opponents and referees. If you never do, the Liverpool and ManUtd dominated media pundits will not do it for you.
    The clear ratio of number of fouls per yellow cards should be proof enough that referees give Arsenal opponents an easy ride.
    Mention it enough time and it become a public issue. From then even Mike Riley will not be able to enforce his underhand preferential treatment tactics.

  108. Uwot?

    OiRed,have a day off ffs! As for Gwen Dozy.Apparently the Barca bandits are sniffing about & his agent is in talks.Excellent news if so.One,we get rid of an overrated troublesome brat & two and even more pleasing is we once again shaft the Barca bandits into handing over a shed load of dosh.cant seem to resist our players😅

  109. Leftfootcurler

    We can only speculate what’s going on with guendouzi.Can’t say anything concrete.

    I can only judge performances on the pitch.
    He is a decent talent,nothing breath taking.
    His vertical passing is very good and can drive forward with the ball.

    His biggest quality is that he never hides,always wants the ball despite not playing well.
    As of right now,he is a nothing player.
    His passing overall is not good enough to compensate his defensive weaknesses.

    He is a bit flat footed that limits his passing angles and ability to turn in tight areas.

    He is bypassed/overrun too easily. Doesn’t have a clue how to block space.
    Is weak in tackling/duels.
    Loses concentration often.

    Of course,in time he can improve.
    As of now,he is simply a talent,not a player.

  110. Graham62

    Guendouzi wears his heart on his sleeve, of that there is no doubt. Compared to a Willock/ Nketiah/Nelson/ESR and others, it is refreshing to see. In fact, it would be nice if these same youngsters showed a bit more oomph and passion when they played.

    He was thrown into the limelight at a time when things were in turmoil at Arsenal. Suddenly he was playing in the top league in the world at one of England’s biggest and most famous clubs.

    The weight of expectation was huge and, for the most part, he took it in his stride. He is still learning but the environment he has been a part of and has had to absorb, over these past two years, has not been conducive to his development.

    This is a learning curve for him, as it still is for Arteta.

    Let’s hope it ends happily, as I still feel Guendouzi has tremendous potential.