A different kind of disappointment?

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Arsenal failing to take their chances and losing a lead late in the game? That feels a little more Arsenal. That feels like a weird kind of progress.

Last night’s game against Brendan Rodgers excellent Leicester team marked a step forward in attacking football under Arteta. We dominated the first half, utterly. We were given far more space than we were against Wolves and we fully exploited it bar the finish. This wasn’t purposeless possession.

Auba opened the scoring after Saka killed a career with a one-two shuffle and a pinpoint cross.

Leicester had a goal disallowed after Kola was down in an attacking scrum with Iheanacho. A good call in my opinion.

Our second half wasn’t that pretty, Leicester came to play and we didn’t react particularly well.

The msot contentious issue was our sending off. Eddie was subbed on and made a very clumsy challenge and to my mind, was rightly sent home for an early shower. What didn’t quite compute was Jamie Vardy kicked Mustafi in the head in what looked like a professional ‘accident’, and he didn’t even land a card. One was sly, one was dim.

Our confidence and game collapsed around that decision, then Jamie V broke our line and sneaked a goal at the back post. It looked offside on the VAR, it took the customary 8 minutes to decide, and it stood.

We was robbed.

We fluffed our lines in the first half, witnessed a worldy from Kaspar, and conceded late on.

Very Arsenal.

The point was a disappointment. I’ll take it regardless. After the Wolves game, the ghouls were writing us off against a ‘proper’ team, and really, we should have taken the game. That first half, under normal circumstances, would have seen us 3 goals up.

I’d bitch about the reffing, but you have to cost it in. Leicester made 14 fouls and didn’t get a booking, we had a booking and sending off on 10.

The night wasn’t to be.

Champions League football is no longer a prize.

Though a scalp in the NLD certainly is.

You can say whatever you want about the red card (Arteta’s 4th), you can pretend Matteo was making a difference, you can bitch that taking Auba off was a bad move… the reality is we are now competing with good teams.

The football was almost sexy in the first half. The defending for the most part was solid. We do not look like uncoachables these days.

There is still a lot of work to do, but coming away from a game against a top 3 game feeling robbed is part of the journey.

I don’t want to feel like that on Sunday. Mikel’s first NLD in the dugout will hopefully be special. Let’s see what we have there.

I will take a better kind of disappointment.

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  1. SWG

    No mention of Laca’s piss poor finishing.. can’t understand why we’re keeping an improved Pepe on the bench and one of the deadliest strikers in the league on the wing and our prized young asset on his weaker side.. all to accommodate a championship level striker in Alex Lacazette!

  2. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Bring on the Spuds, hopefully we sink Mourinho and the swamp dwellers good and proper.

  3. Danny

    disappintment? Pedro?
    Joking aside, another good right up. Evans is a dirty bastard, how he escaped a booking is unbelievable.

  4. Uwot?

    F*****ng refs again.I don’t care what anyone says.Theres one rule for us & another for the rest.Its been going on for Donkeys years now.Actually since that c** t Riley took over the PGMOL .Its like playing with one leg tied up…..That & that sly rat faced f** k Vardy getting the winner when it was offfside & he shouldn’t have been on the pitch was a double stab in the back.

  5. Big Perm

    Disappointing result and kills any hope of top 4/5 but we really need to make a stand against these referees when so many big decisions go against us.

    How can you make 14 fouls and receive no cards?

    That number 8 for Brighton made about 10 fouls himself without a card it’s a disgrace.

    It happens all the time. Something needs to happen. PEDRO START THE MOVEMENT AGAINST THE PGMOL

  6. David Smith

    I get the positives from our recent performances, and also get the fact Leicester should have been put to the sword in the first half, but frankly, getting pretty sick of seeing us refereed differently than other teams. No way those key decisions would have gone against Utd, Liverpool, or others.
    The sending off, it is like VAR intervened after he gave a yellow, and made the ref on the field examine , examine, and then some more until he agreed with whoever was in VAR, is that really their role?I havent seen that before, not sure I have even seen them look at a monitor for anyone else in the Premier League games? I would love to hear them miked up.
    If we are refereed differently, does anyone have any theories as to why?
    Cant Vardy be done retrospectively? Not that I will hold my breath on that one.
    Still , hope they take a sense of injustice to Tottenham

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    I agree about the vardy incident as well. Looking back on it is does seem to me that he lashed out at mustafi, obviously he didn’t mean to kick him in the face, just like Eddie didn’t mean his tackle to injure the defender, but fact is he did lash out

  8. Spanishdave

    Exactly his record is poor he has to go.
    Arteta isn’t doing well for attack formations.

  9. Tom

    “That first half, under normal circumstances, would have seen us 3 goals up.”

    Define “normal circumstances “ Pedro.
    I googled “ Arsenal score three goals in first half” just to see when was the last time that happened , and Google replied “ did you mean Arsenal conceded three in first half?”

  10. Emiratesstroller


    A fair assessment of the game.

    However, on the positive side we have won 4 and drawn 1 game in a difficult schedule conceding just two goals. A month ago I doubt that we would have
    expected that outcome.

    We are now playing to a system with a higher level of performance and discipline apart from yesterday’s red card, which was unfortunate.

    Most genuine supporters recognise the improvement despite the limitations
    of our squad.

    Arteta despite all the criticism from the habitual moaners has made rightly some difficult decisions. He has sidelined two players in Ozil our underperforming and overpaid £350K pw earner and Guendouzi the spoiled

    The club has made some major internal decisions with appointment of new
    director and the finalisation of 5 contracts. My expectation is that at least
    two more most notably Aubameyang will be concluded in next fortnight.

    There will be a clearout in the summer albeit perhaps not as many as some might have expected or hoped for and we will buy probably a couple of strategic players in midfield.

    Considering the current economic climate I don’t expect realistically more.

    Arsenal’s horizon this season is the Europa Cup and not Champions League if
    we are going to be realistic and that is 6-8th place in EPL.

  11. Crimson

    Probably was a red for nketiah. Unfortunate but under the current rules he had to go, although the ref did look at the camera. He was bloody quick to make the decision and from only one angle!!
    Still not sure about Vardys red, it was a weird kick out when he was falling and the usual “only the player will know if he meant it”
    The one for me was there goal. It was offside as Perez touched it in the way through to Vardy. Crazy they don’t have better cameras to pick this up properly.
    Another year in the Europa league beckons me thinks…
    Ceballos and his teeth retainer were excellent. Another year on loan please.
    Love the way Tierney is progressing, if only the strikers could get on the end of his first time crosses.
    With Nketiah being banned for 3 games, maybe gives the opportunity for Balogun to get on the bench and get some minutes. We might be able reverse his decision and get him to sign a new contact cause he will be a great player in a future and don’t wanna lose another young talent.

  12. Wasi

    What a bitter defeat. I mean draw but it felt like a defeat.

    Great performance from the team in thr first half. And like the trend is we tailed off in the second.

    Saka’s brilliant shuffle ended Evans like Messi ended Boateng and then a pinpoint cross with his weaker foot. This kid is something else and he was playing in a position he is not really suited to.

    Mustafi was MOTM. It was close with Tierney if you ask me but Mustafi took a boot to his head , elbow to his ribs and he still gave his all.

    I thought Kolasinac defended well yesterday. And his play with the ball was not as bad too.

    Bellerin tho is another gravy. Watching him feels like he’s forgotten how to play football. Lost the ball many times. Provided a peach of a cross to Laca which he expectedly didn’t take advantage of.
    But other than than didn’t do anything else. Amn / Soares should be starting ahead of him.

    Laca was poor again. His overall game yesterday was not bad but he had 2 or 3 good chances. 2 of which ( Saka cutback and Bellerin cross) were much more than half chances and at least one should’ve gone in the back of the net. Both shots were hit too close to the goalkeeper. Could’ve killed the game in the first half itself. Sell and replace with Edouard.

    Ceballos put in a very good first half and a poor second . This seems to be the case with him in many matches recently. Works hard defensively and has good ability on the ball when given enough time and space.

    Xhaka was again Xhaka.
    Good passing . Check.
    Gave the ball away in dangerous areas . Check.
    One which could have easily turned into a Leicester goal.

    Tierney is Massive. Would it be too much if I already said he is World Class?
    I mean he is a workhorse and is one of the reasons we aren’t missing Ozil’s creativity in the squad.
    His delivery is very very good and will only get better . One of my favourites already.
    25mil ! Bargain.

    Martinez was very good again.

    Eddie’s foolish challenge was a red. No question.

    But the thing what I dont get is how can Vardy get away after kicking someone in the face. And no matter what a Pundit , or the commentators or anyone says, that kick was intentional.
    If you’ve every played football , or better yet if you’ve ever fell to the ground you’d know nobody swings their trailing leg in the way Vardy did. Maybe he thought Mustafi was on his legs and aimed to hit his legs and bring him down instead of hitting him on his face but that kick was VERY MUCH INTENTIONAL.
    Here is a replay

    What Eddie did was Unintentional but it was dangerous and imo definitely a red.
    What Vardy did was intentional , awfully dangerous ( imagine if the cleat had hit Mustafi’s eye or something with all that momentum) and imo should be given a fine and longer ban than just a mere 2 or 3 games.
    The refering decisions , Var is awful in the Prem. Especially when it comes to decisions involving English players , media darlings.

  13. James wood

    It was one of those games Luiz also left an elbow
    in the face of someone..
    I felt sorry for Eddie he had just come on and had not
    got the feel for the game.?
    Martinez excellent in the air and just as good on the floor.
    A huge plus for us.

  14. Versus

    Arsenal 34 12 14 8 8 50
    Tottenham 33 13 9 11 8 48

    9th Thursday (Bournemouth vs Tot.)

    12th Sunday (Tot. Vs Arsenal *away)
    Both teams 35th game. Only 3 games left

  15. Graham62

    Tierney is captain material.

    Mustafi is growing on me.

    Xhaka is not!

    VAR remains farcical.

    Referees are substandard.

    Martinez should be our #1.

  16. Leedsgunner

    We are disappointed that we didn’t win. That’s definitely a step up from relieved that we didn’t lose. Emery played always on the back foot and looked not to lose, Arteta plays to win (tinged with pragmatism).

    There is a world of difference in mentality in the two approaches.

    Hopefully this will fire up the players for the NLD on the weekend.

  17. Wasi

    Forgot to mention the poor in game management by Arteta.
    Last 5-10 mins. Need a goal on the break. Something out of nothing. Look at the bench. Did we have someone who can maybe do that.
    Yes we did. We had Pepe. Our best game-changer , and what does Arteta do?
    Bring on Amn and throw willock into St. Baffling

    Really don’t get this. 🤯
    As much as I admire Arteta his in game management is poor. Also he needs to understand that not all players are the same and that a 20yo , homegrown academy graduate will Always Always Always train harder than a 72 mil foreign player on high wages bought to bring quality to the side.

  18. Tom

    Arsenal players continue to give up easy chances from situations that should be easily dealt with though.
    Another short corner 2v1 from which Leicester almost scored on 12 minutes.
    You either commit two defenders to prevent the short corner , or get out and clear your lines as soon as the ball is put into play.
    Arsenal do neither.

  19. DaveB666

    So looks like Moanrinho won’t have his donkey Dier on the pitch on Sunday.


    As regards last nights game I can not comprehend how not one single Leicester player got a card. 14 fouls – a shoulder barge to stop a promising attack, tackle from behind just outside their area, rugby tackle on Kola in their disallowed goal not to mention Vardy putting two holes in Mustafi’s(who put in a great shift BTW) head.

  20. Wasi


    During that short corner it was again Bellerin who kept everyone on side. The whole backline had moved up and the return pass wouldve been off but Our Social influencer kept him on which led to a very good chance for Ndidi.

  21. Matt

    When Arteta brought ANN on it was clearly to secure the point rather than go for the win, which you have to say was the right decision.

    I do hate Vardy and his bird of prey face!!

  22. Nelson


    We were playing with 10 men at that time. Leichester had their tail up. The priority at that moment was to save that one point.

  23. Dissenter

    Small consolation
    Eric Dier banned for 4 games and fined 40k for that incident where he charged into the crowd because someone insulted his brother.
    That looked like a Cantona moment to me and I never bought the bullshite that he was entitled to defend his family. His brother is a grown man and Eric could have just bought his family a corporate in the stadium. He should have been banned for half of next season.

  24. Nelson

    It seems that our players lacks energy to play 90 mins. More energy drinks during the half time break may be required.

  25. Tom

    I think this time around Arsenal fans are scapegoating the referee.
    We got a break when Iheanacho was deemed to foul Kola , while it was Kola who initiated contact and flopped like a fish to ground.
    That goal should’ve stood.
    Just look at a play five minutes earlier when Kola flattens Iheanacho from behind and takes the ball of him to create a counter for Arsenal and ref let that go.
    That was more of a foul than the one Iheanacho goal was chalked off on.

  26. G8

    Here is my two cents,

    Played well 1st half,  were complacent 2nd half
    A part of scoring a tap in goal Auba was guilty of loosing possession and was weak in all one on one encounters, really poor

    Lacazette huffed and puffed, but his link play was very poor and wasn’t clinical enough 

    Saka did ok, but got out of steam 2nd half

    Xhaka, ceballos did well, though xhaka should have  done better closing down Gray 
    Kola was a waste of space, would rather play Holding or put extra midfielder who can actually play football 

    Ref watch 
    Vardy intended the assault on mustafi,  he was very clever about it that even VAR wouldn’t prove his intention, ref should have given yellow though 

    Nkeita’s red was harsh, he had the rights to go for the ball, yes the studs were up, but he didn’t harm the player, yellow should have stood

    Saying that, I don’t think his dismissal would have changed the result, Leicester were all over us and we were loosing control, it was a matter of time ..

    I can’t understand why Arteta is not using our 70M asset despite his very decent return recently , buffeling!

    Leicester without Madison and their full backs were there for the taking and we failed miserably!

    The derby would be same cautious borefest from both managers I think 

  27. Dissenter

    The club is back negotiating with St Étienne to allow Saliba play in the French cup final.
    I can’t believe that St Étienne assumed Arsenal will allow them to have a loanee for free after the terms of the loan expired on June 30th and still be charged an extra €2.5 million because that cup final would be the 17th game of the season to activate a contractual clause.

    For some reason, some in the footballing community saw us an soft target, I wonder why.

  28. Wasi

    Fun stat – Auba is the only player along with Ronaldo , Messi and Lewandowski to have scored 20+ league goals consecutively for the past 5 seasons.
    World Class.

  29. GunnerDNA

    The same lack of accountability under AW is slowly creeping back in the fan base. Most fans are quick to class anyone who questions the manger as “anti Arsenal”. Its so obvious the differences in the first and second half with Mikel teams, its night and day. Arsenal have the opportunity to finish the game off in the first half and we didn’t resulting in fingers pointing in the wrong direction, something that’s happening at Arsenal for years. Mikel Arteta is still too reactive than been proactive with his substitutions and its costing the team points. Both substitutions yesterday was just plain dumb. Willock who’s a AM/CM coming in to play on the right side of the attack when Pepe is sitting on the bench. That was a classic brain dead decision. The club is chasing points to play in the CL and your go to substitutions is a striker that was at Leeds in the championship on the bench months ago and some other youth player that doesn’t know his best position? The Club spend 72 mil on a player to get us into the CL and he’s been overlooked for kids who shouldn’t be on the bench. Someone needs to tap Mikel on the shoulder and tell him this is Arsenal Football Club, where too much experiment will see him out before he knows it.

  30. Graham62


    I agree, our players lack that physical intensity.

    Look at Southampton against MC. They were at it the whole game. We can’t do that.

    When you’re caught between keeping possession and trying to play attractive football, this can happen.

    We are not good enough, at this stage, to do either on a consistent basis and when you have visible weaknesses in the team and still make stupid decisions and play sloppy passes as Xhaka is programmed to do, you’re never going to be in a comfortable place. This is Arsenal’s problem.

    A positive mindset comes into all of this, unfortunately as far as I’m concerned, this is something that remains a core weakness.

  31. Wasi


    I’m sure Pepe has the legs to go up and down with full intensity for 5-10 mins.

    Also I would of brought Pepe on instead of Willock when we were playing with 11 men. Willock is not a right winger. Pepe is. And at that time I think Fuchs was playing LWB for Leicester. Pepe jogs faster than Fuchs.

  32. Freddie Ljungberg

    Better play from us yesterday, especially first half. Laca is not the guy to lead our line though.

    It’s good that Arteta has raised the work ethic and intensity of the players but we can’t sustain that over the full 90 and that’s the only thing that masks the lack of quality in the team.

    Seriously don’t understand why we still haven’t seen Saka Auba Pepe as our front three.

    Ceballos has done really well the last couple of games but he has to run for 2 in there and blows out of his arse after 60 mins. Maybe worth keeping if the price isn’t crazy and we play him next to someone like Partey with a Cam in front that can also dig in and defend.

  33. Dissenter

    ‘ Ceballos has done really well the last couple of games but he has to run for 2 in there and blows out of his arse after 60 mins. Maybe worth keeping if the price isn’t crazy and we play him next to someone like Partey with a Cam in front that can also dig in and defend’

    You don’t think that’s down to fatigue?
    The loanee with weeks left on his contract is showing more devotion than the highest paid player in our history. Ceballos is playing way too many minutes and can be excused for fizzing out in games.

  34. Jamie

    “a homegrown academy graduate will Always Always Always train harder than a 72 mil foreign player on high wages bought to bring quality to the side”

    This is meant as a joke, right?

  35. Tom

    Not only did Leicester miss their three more influential players but also their away record since January has been awful – 2draws and 3losses.
    Some Arsenal supporters, including Pedro, have lowered the bar considerably for what constitutes a good or great result these days.

  36. Freddie Ljungberg


    Of course it’s down to fatigue, part of that is imo because he plays next to Mr mobility scooter.

    Xhaka has been playing better lately, but there’s always a mistake in there, we just haven’t been punished for them. His lack of pace and mobility is holding us back too, we’re not going to make any great strides next season if he’s still a starter.

  37. Wasi


    Why do you think its a joke? Its a simple fact.


    That wasn’t my statement but agree with you that its ofc down to fatigue. Ceballos gives his all and gets drained in the first half.

  38. The Godfather

    “ No mention of Laca’s piss poor finishing.. can’t understand why we’re keeping an improved Pepe on the bench and one of the deadliest strikers in the league on the wing and our prized young asset on his weaker side.. all to accommodate a championship level striker in Alex Lacazette!”

    Amen and please preach.
    It’s a simple point that’s lost on some knuckleheads including the one in the managers seat!

  39. Globalgunner

    Pepes wife gave birth before our last game. Unless there is some distress involving the birth why was he not available yesterday. What kind of world are we living in when both parents have to be on maternity leave for the same period. having kids should motivate you to work harder not less

    Yesterdays game was typical Arsenal that we have seen for 14 years now. Unable to translate dominance into goals are mentally fragile under pressure. Arteta has not changed any of this. United or City would have filled a basket of goals yesterday with that first half performance.

    We are running fast and moving slowly

  40. GunnerDNA

    Ceballos is showing some decent form lately but if signing him will prevent Arsenal from signing a proper athlete with good technique to improve the midfield Arsenal need to let him go back to RM. When given space he looks decent but lacks ideas when he’s denied space. I’m starting to worry because its seems we are rewarding mediocrity. New contract for David Luiz, rumored new contract for Mustafi and DC and the talk of a midfield pairing of DC and Xhaka moving forward. The Club keep doing deals that no other Club fighting for Cl spots would do is worrying.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Lacazette’s finishing is not piss poor, but it is unfortunately far too predictable so
    that a good goalkeeper can and does anticipate where the ball is going.

    That is in direct contrast to Aubameyang who is able to place the ball where the
    gk is unlikely to reach it.

  42. Sheldon

    Love the podcast normally, but the guy who keeps interrupting and shouting over everyone else is really annoying. He needs to be reigned in.

  43. The Godfather

    Hate to keep going on about this but one of the main issues with this club remains XHAKA!

    His negatives far far outweigh any positives he brings to the game.

    He is just a lumbering clumsy oaf in the middle of the Gaddem field taking up a roster spot and bringing so little ….

    So he can move the ball under minimal pressure but what else. He is so bloody slow, can’t defend to save his life and arghhhh ..:: Please just go to Berlin Xhaka.

    If Ceballos has more clout on the team he would have cursed him out as he literally had to do the job of two players as that oaf strolled around the field.

    Please bring in Partey and pair him with Ceballos and see the immediate difference and upgrade.

  44. andy1886

    Cesc on the best managers he’s played for:

    “I played under some of the best managers – not just in recent times but in history.

    “If I have to pick one or two: Pep Guardiola played the game in the style I love at Barcelona, same with Arsene Wenger at Arsenal, but under Jose Mourinho at Chelsea I had a really special year. He is probably the one I had the best connection with. The way he played with my mind was unbelievable.

    “I would pick Guardiola, Mourinho and Wenger because I owe them all so much.”

    Surprising that he had more of a connection with Maureen than father figure Wenger….

  45. englandsbest

    Spot on, Pedro. A top 4 place was never on, a top 5 unlikely. Who cares? This season was never about winning things (though we still might.)

    What happens this summer matters far more.

    The improvement under Mikel is miraculous. But (as he has made clear) personnel changes are essential, additions and subtractions. As far as possible he should be given full rein.

    This summer will be a season of bargains, most clubs will be forced to reduce expenses. The departure of Mikhi for NOTHING is a sign of what is to come. ‘Bye, ‘bye, Mesut.

    It mays also be a summer of swaps. Who can he get for Guendozy? For Bellerin?

  46. Graham62


    Not really.

    Playing under Wenger must have been exceptionally frustrating for someone like Fabregas and, in a way, soul destroying.

    He knew it only required a few simple ingredients, as we all did.

    Of course he’ll never admit this.

  47. Ishola70


    “Mustafi was MOTM”

    And yet he was beaten in a key moment in the Vardy goal.

    This has always been the problem with Mustafi.

    He can have a good match overall but then switch off, get beaten or make an unforced error in one key moment in the match.

    Fans should be more annoyed at how easily the cross could come in but by the same token Mustafi was lacking as well in the Vardy goal . People can say it’s no shame to get turned over by Vardy but with Mustafi it can be any player where just a few too many times he is failing in a key moment.

  48. Jamie

    Wasi –

    It couldn’t be further from a fact. It’s an absolute nonsense to suggest all home grown players always always always train harder than marquee signings.

    So many examples to the contrary. Weird thing to declare as an absolute.

  49. Ishola70

    Players usually appeal for offside once a player has put the ball in the net.

    Xhaka was appealing for offside even before Vardy connected with the ball and as the cross first went in.

    And he was the only Arsenal player to do so.

    I think that was a guilty gesture by Xhaka and so he should feel guilty. Not good enough his lack of closing down on the player to prevent the cross. His limitations in certain defensive situations again exposed.

  50. Pedro

    GunnerDNA, you have an absolute cheek questioning any fan. You are only on here when there’s a sniff of a bad result. Totally absent during the winning the streak. Your main objective is to defend the honour of the previous manager. Not sure you have the write to question how most other fans behave around the club if the only joy you take is in a loss or a draw.

  51. englandsbest

    Cesc’s attachment to Jose doesn’t surprise me. The point to bear in mind about most players is that they are not grown-ups like the rest of us, they are mired in a schoolboy wonderland. They need a father-figure. Who better than the manager?

    Mourinho (an outsider, never a pro footballer) understood this clearly, and he played the role perfectly. The Special One. The supreme example of man-management.

  52. Useroz

    The post would appear too forgiving in some ways. We have played well for essentially one half since the restart. Rest you’d probably not want to watch again unless you’d like to do video analysis on why and what didn’t work.

    • most played well last night; even Bellerin made an excellent floating cross

    • Laca isn’t the future – being predictable and not scoring isn’t desirable attributes for a striker

    • Martinez should keep his place if he maintains consistency for rest of the season

    • we can’t claim progress if our not so shabby forwards (cough, Laca) keep missing very decent chances

    • MF still weak – Ceballos is not consistent; though better recently. Not the future unless RM subsidise his wage or sell at bargain price Need major surgery if we aspire to be something

    • Referee sucks. Open the damn market and allow continental referees in the PL. Mike Riley needs to explain what’s the obstacle. Or, what’s the scare? No more bias? Losing brown bags ??

    • Who hide behind the VAR sucks. Must revamp the way it’s being operated. So fucking inconsistent and that’s a polite way to say it.

    The club is accountable if we lost a game but referees and VAR are equally important parts of the ecosystem.

    One snapshot of eal-time VAR clearly shows Vardy offside when Perez ‘touches’ the ball. That’s offside; not when Gray crossed it. Say again that you’d see VAR doing (via TV broadcast) a lot more analyses for much simpler situations. The VARdy offside check was damn quick. The snapshot I referred appeared only once and I wonder why.

    Fixing the team is in Arsenal’ control however much noises we make on referees and VARdy.

  53. Redtruth

    We can dismiss the win over Norwich as everyone is beating them. It’s the back to back losses and now this draw which should raise eyebrows on whether we have the right man for the job.

  54. Pedro

    Red, you and about 6 others appear to be the only people raising eyebrows.

    Still, you and those 6 were the few asking for 18 months for Emery.

  55. Ishola70


    “Fixing the team is in Arsenal’ control however much noises we make on referees and VARdy.”

    Of course.

    But this blame everyone else but yourselves culture was nurtured with Wenger.

    It’s always been said that Arsenal players need to take more responsibility over their own actions. Far too many times Wenger would give the players a free pass in this aspect. That would then forward onto the fans.

    If Arteta adrresses this element then he will be on his way to becoming a succesful manager with Arsenal.

    Personal responsibility.

  56. Frost

    Deserved red for Nk. Stupid stupid challenge. Bring up whatever excuse you can but the fact we couldn’t beat a Leicester team that had 3 of their major stars out says alot.

  57. Thorough

    I think by far the worst mistake Arteta made was to sub Ceballos. Ffs we had 15 minutes plus injury time to defend a 1 goal lead, sacrifice the damn striker. 9 put of every 10 coaches would have done that. He finally sacrificed him later and we looked like we wouldn’t concede.

  58. Champagne Charlie


    New threads to your agenda, now you’re a behavioural expert and raising an arm for offside is really an admission of guilt/fault from a player?

    Tell Tony Adams that.

  59. Dissenter

    It’s hard to use last night’s game to beat up Arteta. Nkettiah made a rash challenge and he let his team mates down. I’m not even mad at Eddie, it was just a rush of blood.
    I wonder what Arteta told Eddie afterwards. Had it been Guendouzi who made that challenge, they would have sent him to train with the U-12s.

  60. Dissenter

    ‘I think by far the worst mistake Arteta made was to sub Ceballos. Ffs we had 15 minutes plus injury time to defend a 1 goal lead, sacrifice the damn striker. 9 put of every 10 coaches would have done that. He finally sacrificed him later and we looked like we wouldn’t concede.’

    Fatigue is the reason, most likely. The lad is knackered.

  61. Ishola70


    In this certain instance where an offside is so close in whether or not it can be deemed as such professionalism should ensure that you play to the whistle.

    If Tony Adams were to put his hand up in a similar situation then yes he would be at fault in that instance. No player beyond revoke in certain situations however good they are overall.

    But you would be the only one that would have the idea to group Tony Adams with Xhaka as if they collaborate somehow in their importance to Arsenal which of course is laughable in itself and you are most definitely in denial of course that Xhaka did anything wrong in relation to the Leicester goal.

    Surprise us all and admit Xhaka was poor in that play.

  62. Jim Lahey

    I guess one positive to come from last night is that Arteta can’t play Nketiah for the next three games! 😅

  63. GunnerDNA


    “GunnerDNA, you have an absolute cheek questioning any fan. You are only on here when there’s a sniff of a bad result. Totally absent during the winning the streak. Your main objective is to defend the honour of the previous manager. Not sure you have the write to question how most other fans behave around the club if the only joy you take is in a loss or a draw”

    The cost for me to fly from NY to London to watch 4 games per season gives me the right to say whatever I want about Arsenal. For the record since the resumption of the season I post here, so your statement about loss or draw is inaccurate. Go back and look at your tweets, post and comments when Arsenal was 22 games unbeaten couple seasons ago and see who needs to be questioned about their support for Arsenal. I don’t know why you think you’re gang leader in the Mikel Defence Army. Emery is no longer here, so its logical that errors by the current manager will be highlighted. Is he exempt criticism?

  64. Dissenter

    Mourhino doing his “if it talk, I ‘ll get in trouble” act.
    Eric Dier should have had a 10 game ban to deter future player incursions into the stands. Just get a corporate box for your family or tell your brother to grow a pair and not whine because fee paying fans are having a go at you all game long.

  65. Wasi


    Mustafi was at 0 fault for the goal.
    Here’s why –
    – The backline held a good straight line and Mustafi was a part of it.
    – Vardy was offside when Perez came into play
    -Very very few CBs in world football can keep up with Vardy’s explosiveness and acceleration in the first 5-10 metres.
    -The cross shouldn’t have been allowed to happen in the first place.

    Mustafi probably only made 1 error in the whole game which was a misjudged header near the throw line after 80+ mins I think.Here the ball was won back I think.


    I am ofc exaggerating about it being a fact. But 9/10 its true.In football , corporate or any other sector.
    The one who still has to prove his worth to everyone and make it big time will always ( most of the time ) work hard than someone who has already made it big.

  66. Guns of Hackney

    Lacazette has to go. He’s a total non entity for me and we can and should do better. No way should we blow £175kpw on him at 29/30. Dembele being linked. Young and we should get him at a snip. I’d still sell Auba as I feel he has the most value and the worst age…so to speak. But, if we lose Lacazette, we could save his wages and give them to Auba while still signing a young lad on lower wages.

    Martinez still doing good. Really good.

    Not sure where Arteta’s clothing game is but you’re a cunt if you think you can wear cream caramel trousers in the pissing rain. You can’t.

  67. Guns of Hackney

    Kola turned away on a grass pass last night. Who does that? This square headed clown fought off a knife attacker while Ozil drove away but a football coming slowly at his feet? Forget about it…coward.

    If he doesn’t turn away, we stay 1-0 up.

  68. Ernest Reed

    Takeaways from yesterday’s match were clear and obvious, failure to finish great opportunities coupled with careless play from some allowed Leicester back into things. Blaming the referee and VAR is too easy an out on this one.

    The Red was a Red, the offside never was because Perez never touched the ball so Vardy was onside. The boot to Mustafi was accidental on momentum and in consideration that Mustafi complains about everything all day and all night, likely curries no favours for him.

    The draw was the outcome given all things transpired. This was Arsenal’s to win and they didn’t, simple as that and they paid for it.

    Positives? Plenty – Arteta has the team believing in themselves – Martinez is the real deal – the defence has stopped leaking like a sieve- offensive posture is gaining confidence and drive.

    Sorry, but some of the whining is beyond ridiculous. This was Arsenal’s to win and they didn’t.

  69. Ishola70


    Vardy was Mustafi’s man in that play and he got beaten by him pure and simple.

    And you say as I did that it is no shame to get beaten by Vardy.

    That has already been pointed out.

    But Mustafi’s problems have been that he can switch off in key moments or get beaten in key moments or make unforced errors in key moments against lesser players than Vardy. This while performing well enough around those key error moments.

    He got beaten again in a key moment last night.

  70. Freddie Ljungberg

    Reports we have an offer on the table for Malang Sarr from Nice. 21, a 100 senior games under his belt, free transfer, left footed CB that can also play LB.

    Haven’t watched more than some highlights of him but looks good on the ball and looks like he can defend. Would take him over Kola in a heartbeat.

  71. Champagne Charlie

    “But you would be the only one that would have the idea to group Tony Adams with Xhaka as if they collaborate somehow in their importance to Arsenal which of course is laughable in itself“

    I think I’ve given you far too much respect previously, it’s looking more and more likely that you are in fact a complete idiot.

    How does making an example of your lazy rhetoric about raising an arm for offside in any way compare a players respective “IMPORTANCE TO ARSENAL”…..

    You’ve got to be far more subtle and nuanced when you’re attempting to undermine someone so their view is compromised. This just isn’t it, you look a bellend.

  72. Ben D

    The point about the refereeing isn’t restricted to Iheanacho v Kola encounters. How did Vardy get away with what he did? Evans stepped right across Laca’s Achilles and got nothing… etc etc

  73. Pedro


    I’ve been here daily for 13 years. Win or lose.

    You just book a flight to this site when we’re losing. That’s poor form. Where are your hot takes on brain dead decisions when we win?

    You can’t call out other fans if you’re only committed to opinions when things are going badly.

  74. Ishola70

    Only bellend on here is one that looks and scours for posts that hurt his feelings in regards to an individual player.

    And unsurprisingly you have absolutely nothing to say in whether Xhaka was poor in regards to that Leicester goal last night.

  75. Champagne Charlie

    Vardy is a pricks prick, but slating Mustafi or whoever you like for getting beat to a ball in the 85th minute of a game is pure nonsense. He’s an annoyingly good striker that doesn’t stop.

    He himself said after the game that playing against 10-men meant they could move the ball and get us running so we were tired enough for them to make a chance.

    That’s an admission that they had very little to penetrate us and had to rely on the fortuitous circumstances of the game to get an opening of note. Still, you have a few specials on here gleefully flogging their faves for tired decisions or being half a yard off it. Just rubbish.

  76. Wasi

    Feel kinda sad Dier got banned just before our game.
    Him being on the pitch would have increased our chances of winning tenfold.

  77. GunnerDNA



    I’ve been here daily for 13 years. Win or lose.You just book a flight to this site when we’re losing. That’s poor form. Where are your hot takes on brain dead decisions when we win?You can’t call out other fans if you’re only committed to opinions when things are going badly”

    You have Admin permission to go back and see that your accusation is inaccurate. I understand your problem with me so its all love. The under-mentioned was my comment yesterday at half time. You been here for 13 yrs straight which is awesome and something I have to commend you for, but minus that from 11, 227 days of pure loyalty to this football Club.

    GunnerDNAJuly 7, 2020 20:15:31

    Good first half from Arsenal. The dissapointing thing is we should be leading by at least 2 goals. Lacazette missing chances but he’s having a good game

  78. Thorough

    Dissenter and Un Nai.
    I’m not sure. Every single time Torreira is on bench he always gets swapped with Ceballos at some point. It happens everytime even though I’ve not checked the record. We could have brought in another midfielder even if Ceballos was really knackered.

  79. Wasi

    ‘The boot to Mustafi was accidental ‘

    Looks like you’ve never fallen while playing football.
    Nobody accidentally swings their foot mortal kombat style.
    I posted a twitter link in my comment above , check that out. He knows what he was doing. Maybe he wasn’t aware that Mustafi was already on his way down and didnt aim for his head but that swing of the boot was completely intentional.


    You say Mustafi switches off in key moments and that has happened a lot of times in the past. Agreed.
    But most of his lapses come when he is on the ball .
    Vardy outpacing him is not a switch off moment. Its just one man being more explosive than the other. Also note that Mustafi took 2 big beatings in that game.
    Switch off would have been Mustafi playing him onside which he didn’t and had the VAR not been high yesterday ( Seems like they are Always high) that goal wouldn’t have stood.

    Some people say Perez touched the ball , some say he didnt . But in both the cases Perez attempted to touch the ball and I think according to the rules that is offside too.
    Look at the Soucek’s cancelled goal against someone they played last time or before that.

    Antonio wad just lying on the ground and didn’t even attempt to do anything with the ball, VAR judged it offside.

  80. Champagne Charlie

    “Only bellend on here is one that looks and scours for posts that hurt his feelings in regards to an individual player.“

    Yes, had to scour the whole 25 comments on the first page of a new post from Pete. Definitely didn’t just scan what’s being said and comment on the ludicrous chat of an obsessive.

    “And unsurprisingly you have absolutely nothing to say in whether Xhaka was poor in regards to that Leicester goal last night.“

    No poorer than Tierney, Kolasinac, Torreira, Luiz, or Mustafi…. all of whom were bypassed or beaten by the cross.

    Unlike you I don’t watch matches with the view of highlighting the negatives of my chosen pet hates. Demarai Gray has good feet and shifted it a yard to put in a really good ball into a dangerous area. He was fresh on as substitute and it was the 85th minute and a good 10 minutes into us playing with 10 men – fatigue, heard of it? This is why you’ve never played.

    On reflection the back line could’ve been 5 yards deeper, Mustafi could’ve been goalside of Vardy, Kolasinac and Torreira could’ve been tucked in tighter and not left a gap for a ball through, Xhaka and Tierney could’ve gotten out to the ball quicker.

    That’s football. Only a melt would use such piss poor opportunities to push agendas against particular players. It’s clear for anyone to see.

  81. Wasi

    We should be looking at nabbing Malang Sarr for free.
    Left footed highly rated CB who wont require massive wages and sign up bonuses. Has High potential and resale value too.
    No brainer imo.
    Can cover LB to.

    Will also allow us to sell Kola while having a LB cover.

  82. Ishola70


    I think some get the general gist here.

    This being that Arteta is going to turn water into wine in regards players like Mustafi and Xhaka or at least make them less of a problem with tactics, coaching etc

    We shall see whether this does actually turn out to be the case next season during the duration of a whole season or whether their faults as players will still hurt the team enough regardless of Arteta.

    All will be revealed.

  83. Ishola70

    Charlie excuses Xhaka yet again and everyone is hugely shocked.

    Your liking for this player is amusing more than anything as has been pointed out by more than enough posters on here.

    Continue on Charlie.

  84. Champagne Charlie

    “Charlie excuses Xhaka yet again and everyone is hugely shocked.“

    Unable to follow what was said yet again. You’re on form today, what was it about me apparently comparing his importance to the club with Tony Adams? Go over that gem again hahaha

  85. Champagne Charlie

    “On reflection the back line could’ve been 5 yards deeper, Mustafi could’ve been goalside of Vardy, Kolasinac and Torreira could’ve been tucked in tighter and not left a gap for a ball through, Xhaka and Tierney could’ve gotten out to the ball quicker.“

    You’re right, no mention of Xhaka 🤡

  86. Ishola70

    But Charlie by grouping them altogether you are excusing Xhaka.

    That’s plain to see.

    They can’t all be equally culpable for the goal. That’s too convenient by far.

    Was Xhaka poor in his attempt to stop the cross coming in?

  87. Daniel Altos

    Miguel Azeez: Mertesacker [asked me to learn the deeper 6 position] says he’s seen a specific trait that I have which is that I have a good range of passing, I can run a lot so he said that there could be an opportunity for you in the first team in that position

    My favorite youth player,I think he is a proper baller…I think him and Ballard in central defence will be proper players for us in the next two seasons

  88. Danny

    the moment he ran out of steam was the moment we were on the back foot.
    Exactly, so why the fuck did Arteta wait till the 71st minute to take him off? Rodgers made 2 subs on 59th minute but with 5 subs at his disposal, Arteta pissed about.

  89. Pierre

    Vardy’s kick was deliberate.

    Eddie’s tackle was accidental as he was a fraction late in going for the ball.

    This is obvious to see when looking at both incidents.

    It’s VAR’S job to get these details correct and to understand the game.

    Arteta was pitch side and he didn’t need a replay to know that Vardy deliberately kicked Mustafi..
    He was adamant that Vardy should have seen red , and he was right.

    It is not surprising that sky didn’t highlight Vardy’s kick, they rarely do when it’s an Arsenal player on the end of an act of thuggery.

    If Arteta hadn’t brought it to their attention, it would have been swept under the carpet without a mention .

    As it was, Sky only gave the matter a few seconds before deciding it was inconclusive whether it was a red or not.

  90. Wasi


    From what I know , if someone interferes with play then it is also taken into consideration when judging if a player is offside or not.
    I may be wrong here.
    Also Azeez is definitely looks the real deal.
    Dont know much about Ballard tho.


    Yes, we’ll see what happens in the next season.
    Would Xhaka start for a title winning team?
    Probably not.
    Would Mustafi start for a title winning team?
    Probably not.

    But both these players can be starters for a top 4 challenging team granted they got players around them to cover their weaknesses.
    Xhaka needs to partnered with a very athletic midfielder to play to his full potential.
    Mustafi just needs good coaching , and by coaching I mean mental coaching. A no mistake Mustafi is a top class defender.

  91. Ernest Reed

    “It’s VAR’S job to get these details correct and to understand the game.”

    That in itself is the flaw Pierre, VAR is not supposed to understand the game, its a black and white, yes or no view. The flaw is that those that are supposed to inject the human element or understanding of the game are abysmal failures at doing so – hence why many call VAR a POS! VAR is fine, its the useless tools that use it that are the problem.

  92. Batistuta

    Plenty of positives last night but again, playing your best striker on the wings to accommodate a far inferior one means we’d go into more games like last night 1-0 up instead of 3/4 up.

    This madness to accomodate Laca and Nketiah somehow still doesn’t make any sense to me and neither does playing Saka on the right or in the middle. He does the most damage on the left so why not stick him there and move Auba central and play your 72 million pound winger on the right, it’s not rocket science really.

    Happy with Tierney, Auba will maybe score more trying to poach those his delicious crosses than laca who just stands behind the defender when there’s a cross coming in, i honestly don’t get it at all.

    Ceballos been good last few games and Xhaka has been Xhaka. Bellerin had one of his better games and nothing about Luis or Mustafi gives off any sort of confidence.

    Arteta has to pin down this sub thing down and quickly too, more often than not his Auba have been very questionable but guess that comes with being a rookie. So far so good though but and i hate that we have to do another season in that stupid Europa tournament but that’s where we are at the moment.

  93. GunnerDNA

    I don’t want to get banned but I have to agree that Rob Holding is a better defender than the 3 that played yesterday. That’s just my honest opinion, nothing against the manager preferences

  94. Ernest Reed

    “Forgot to mention the poor in game management by Arteta.”

    When have you ever forgotten to mention such things, Wasi? Have you ever mentioned Arteta and good in-game management? That would be the “forgot to mention” associated with you.

  95. Valentin

    If reports are true that we have made an offer for Malang Starr, then that means the end of Kolasinac.
    If Sarr arrives and Kola were to stay, then I would not understand giving contract to David Luiz AND Pablo Mori.

    Sarr arrival could also mean that we really intend to get rid of Sokratis, Holding, Mavrapanos. However unless we promote another CB from the youth team, we would need to keep at least home grown CB.

  96. Gonsterous

    Am I the only one getting really annoyed with the “we move on” phrase that is getting thrown around when we don’t pick up 3 points?

    No, we don’t move on, we need to feel the lose so we don’t fking repeat it again. Same slow intensity with no desire at the start of every game. It’s what’s costing us points.

  97. Champagne Charlie


    You’re making my point for me with statements like that. You’re always desperate to vilify particular players because that suits you down to the ground.

    But you’ll argue that me pointing out culpability for ALL those involved is bias because I don’t reserve special contempt for your fave pet hates 🤡

    It’s clear, you be only ever known football from your chair.

  98. Champagne Charlie

    “Doubt Arteta will want him then. Holding has been frozen out for fucking kolasinac“

    No he’s hasn’t lol

    It’s not by coincidence that he wants left sided players on the left side and right on the right. It was the methodology behind Pablo Mari being recruited.

    Holding is competing against Mustafi and Luiz.

  99. Daniel Altos

    They see ESR as our Gundogan if he hits peak.

    But pedro esr plays like a generic version of kdb lol…at Huddersfield I have watched him in like 4 matches and he is usually in the attacking third,mostly right side making those diagonal passes.

    @Val isn’t sarr left footed and is he really an arteta type?Doesn’t seem that cultured according to me

  100. Daniel Altos

    CcYeah well i disagree with that choice.What’s the point of having a lcb who’s only saving grace is that he’s left footed but inferior in every other way
    Holding is comfortable on the left. He’s very good in the air and much more accomplished defensively than kolasinacIt’s a centre back position so to say holding isn’t competing for it doesn’t make sense to me

    Un I agree….kola gets turned so often and I think holding would do better there.I think sarr is on a free and if he is coming then I think the plan is a back three next season,as he seems one if those hybrid lcb/lb….not really a left back but not really a centre back either

  101. Gonsterous


    We lost?

    Well we didn’t get 3 points. A draw is almost as bad as a lose. Would rather lose a few and win games then draw a lot and think it’s a great unbeaten run.

  102. Guns of SF

    All the Dani haters now saying he needs time and space?!

    Like WTF?

    He is like a mosquito, all over the place. He engages the man with the ball, he breaks up plays. Dude was like on coke yesterday and indeed fizzled out in the second. Our great play in the first was largely due to him. I would have kept him on, albeit with tired legs in the second… he could still have given the killer pass we needed.

    As soon as we pulled him, we really stagnated.

    Saka is not effective on the right despite the goal and assist from there the last 2 games. He struggles in tight spaces- he is better coming from deep with space in front to make runs and passes

    I thought Laca did well during the 10 minute spell when we had them on the ropes badly. He made good moves and found passes to dangerous positions.

    The real question is why not PEPE for Saka? That made no sense…. If we were chasing another goal, why put Willock on? I understand he has been playing well, but Pepe could have moved the ball more into attacking spaces.

    Anyhow, back to Dani…. if we can we should sign him for cheap as we can. He is an asset . If not, upgrade …not sure Willock brings the same as Dani

  103. G

    ” .Playing under Wenger must have been exceptionally frustrating for someone like Fabregas and, in a way, soul destroying.”

    Yeh that’s why he stayed with him 8 years.. And to get it right he said he had learnt different things from all 3..maureen best in terms of playing with cesc s mind.. No where in his interview did he say he preferred maureen..

  104. MidwestGun

    I don’t think Arsenal fans are using VAR as a “scapegoat”.

    What they are saying is VAR is wildly inconsistent, Slows the game down, Doesn’t correct mistakes any better then live decisions, Adds time on to the end of the match that could change outcomes, and bottom line isn’t doing what it was intended to do, which is to make the game better by overturning blatantly bad decisions. It has turned into nothing more then getting out a ruler on a video screen with bad angles and relitigating judgement calls that have already been decided in real time. The over rule should be “clear and obvious” , it is that simple. And a 5 minute goal check after every single goal is ruining the flow of the game for the fans.

    In short Fuck VAR.

  105. Ishola70

    I think the term Dani “haters” is too strong for the majority on here.

    Rather they think that overall Arsenal should be looking at someone else for CM.

    For all his good work on the ball recently I have seen Ceballos get caught on the ball in his own half in dangerous areas a few too many times. Not all the time but enough to have concerns. This is when he wants too much time on the ball when first receiving it or wanting to do too much when he first receives it.

    We have another player of course that can also be slow in central midfield when first receiving the ball.

    But if Arsenal are skint as some report there can be seen a big chance that Ceballos’ loan will be extended for another season.

  106. Guns of SF

    Xhaka has really benefited from Dani next to him doing the running and engaging attackers.
    This is still the problem area. Xhaka.

    Anyhow, looks like Arteta wants to keep most of the team in tact. I can understand why, we are finally seeing them gel more and getting better results.

    However, we do need to upgrade in our midfield. IF we keep Dani, great.
    Sell Guen, Torr to Serie A, move Xhaka back to Germany…. great

    Partey DM
    Dani B2B
    Szolobai CAM

  107. Ishola70

    What Ceballos needs to learn is when to do his spinning top moves and when not to.

    Better judgement in what areas and instances he can do this sort of stuff.

  108. Guns of SF


    True Xhaka has mostly done ok. My point was that he still is the immobile player in the middle. His neat and tidy passes are great but what we need is another athelete in the middle …. a proper DM- called Partey.

    Not so sure Saka ran out of steam, versus struggling to get the ball and do more with it…. He has struggled with the right side… great effort but bar the pass from Dani to him to the goal, I did not see much more…
    I would prefer him on the left
    Pepe need to be on the right…. especially if we are looking to put the game away

  109. Champagne Charlie


    You can disagree if you like, but claiming Holding ‘better in every way’ than Kolasinac is extending the truth some.

    Also, we were 5 mins away from our 4th clean sheet on the bounce so the outrage about Kolasinac is a bit hollow. Holding at the left side of a three doesn’t appeal to Arteta, so he uses a natural left sided player for balance.

    I’m sure he’d prefer a better defender (he bought Mari, and we’re linked with another), but he’s seemingly valuing balance and comfort over perceived individual qualities. Hard to argue with.

  110. Guns of SF

    I hope this result stings the team into a frenzy on Sunday against the spuds.
    Would love to see them on the ropes… want to see us punish them…. shut up Mourinho’s ugly mug.

    pepe needs to feature in that game. If he does not, something is def up

  111. Redtruth

    Clean sheets are only half the story.
    Arsenal got opened up against Wolves and Traore missed a sitter, the same against Leicester when they had a perfectly good goal chalked off for an apparent foul…

  112. Champagne Charlie

    “Xhaka has really benefited from Dani next to him doing the running and engaging attackers.“

    Ceballos isn’t a runner, he has good feet but isn’t a player that can burst past anyone. He’s not athletic, or quick across the ground at all. The idea of him “doing the running” is wildly rose tinted.

    Him, Xhaka, Torreira are all the type of player that lacks explosive movement. Guendouzi is the most mobile, and I fully expect our recruitment to address that particular imbalance.

    Thomas Partey goes a long way to injecting more athleticism and mobility that is lacking. It’s the very reason many don’t fancy Ceballos long term, plenty of technicians out there but with the more suitable physical abilities.

  113. TR7

    ‘You can disagree if you like, but claiming Holding ‘better in every way’ than Kolasinac is extending the truth some.’

    Holding indeed is superior to Kola in every aspect. Kola is a championship player.

  114. Dissenter

    “I just know the stand in keeper is due an almighty clanger..”

    It seems that will make your day when he makes a big mistake.

  115. Guns of SF

    . Guendouzi is the most mobile, and I fully expect our recruitment to address that particular imbalance.

    This ? He is least mobile in my book. Cant dribble, falls over, has very little technical skills. He can run but is hardly a power player or explosive.

    Dani covers the most ground in the team… how do you say he is not a runner?
    Maybe you are confusing explosive with overall running?

  116. Valentin


    Malang Sarr is left footed and can also play left-back. From what I gather, Arteta absolutely wants to play a left footed on the left side of the defense, because it open better line of passing to the left wide players (LWB, LW, LIW). With coaching, he could become an Arteta type of player: able to step into midfield and whiz passes to attackers.

    Sarr may not be as cultured as Saliba, but he is a solid dependable player. In fact he may find it easier than Saliba to adapt because of his more robust style of play.

  117. Chris

    We have seen Tierney fill in at LCB briefly. Perhaps him instead of Kolasinac, with Saka playing on the left behind Aubameyang.

    Although I see where CC is coming from. We have looked largely comfortable with this back 3 and Kolasinac has played his part in that. Not to say he is a long term part of that plan there at all.

  118. Champagne Charlie

    “Dani covers the most ground in the team… how do you say he is not a runner?
    Maybe you are confusing explosive with overall running?“

    Where are you getting the idea that Ceballos ‘does the running’ in midfield?

    I say Ceballos isn’t a runner because he isn’t, the same way Xhaka and Torreira aren’t runners either because they lack that dynamism. Guendouzi has shown more than any the ability to burst past players but I’ve said since last summer that we lack some attributes centrally that hurt us a lot.

    Kolasinac is playing left side of a back three, almost an inverted left back. How are you going to tell me Holding is better suited for that role?

    Kolasinac isn’t a brilliant fit by any stretch, but I can understand exactly why he’s been chosen for that side and it’s been working.

  119. Champagne Charlie


    I don’t see how you can chalk up the role as a Cb, it’s much closer to a fullback. When we’re out of possession both him and Mustafi were tucked fullbacks, and when we gained possession they were on the touch line playing genuine fullbacks.

    When you consider the ability for one to step into the shoes of the other it’s always easier for a fullback to play central than a CB to be pulled out wide. Especially a right footer playing an aux left back.

    It’s marginal, and certainly not an obvious case of who is better suited. But I can fully see why a left sided fullback is a better fit for that role, especially against mobile sides.

  120. Henry Root

    I just know the stand in keeper is due an almighty clanger
    Time to get Ospina back sharpish …not
    All goalkeepers drop clangers ( especially the useless Ospina) . Most Arsenal fans are willing Martinez to do well but maybe not everyone…?