Matteo training alone is correct + Thoughts on the lawyer

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Matteo G has been training on his own. Sad to see so much talent, with so little control. There are folk painting this as ‘caring too much’, but it’s nonsense. He’s badly behaved, he’s unpleasant to the staff, and he refuses to get on board the new direction the club is heading.

He had issues with Freddie before him, so it’s not just a Mikel thing.

So what do you do? Do you truly believe that elite players behave like this? They don’t. If he won’t play by the rules, he has to go. We’re not far enough along in the process to absorb a player like that. This is not Nik Anelka here. The delivery on the pitch doesn’t merit the problems off it.

Barca had something similar when Pep landed. He booted out problematic players way more accomplished than Guen, all in the name of making sure Messi and the kids coming behind him could thrive. Arsene Wenger did it when he landed, moving on senior players he thought were a bad influence.

We’re not quite Barca, or the squad Arsene inherited, but we have a lot of youngsters giving more than Matteo, and preferential treatment would not be helpful. That is Emery-style thinking.

The only shame of the blow-up is it might reduce interest in him, or lower the asking price.

I think it might work out well for us though. He’s a pretty sexy make-weight. Might be perfect for Simeone. He’d look like a smart move and allow them to save face on the Partey deal. Let’s see where it goes, but don’t cry over someone that thinks they make the rules at 20.

In news that I didn’t speak on, Tim Lewis joined the Arsenal board. I’m going to stick my neck out here and say that sort of hire from the Kroenke’s makes for ominous reading if you are Raul.

A few things stuck out for me:

  1. The KSE group don’t exactly have a lot of trusted confidantes in London. I’m pretty sure this guy worked with them on the stadium or takeover move. He’s trusted.
  2. Tim is a lawyer. They ask questions, they probe, they get to the bottom of things. What Arsenal need right now is someone assessing how we landed on deals and why we did them. Having someone with laser focus and the time to assess is going to be very valuable to the family. We don’t have a counter to Raul, a Clifford Chance partner; if activated with a mandate, is a force for good.
  3. He’s a ‘lifelong Arsenal fan.’ I don’t know the guy. I’ve never had a beer with him to assess how much a fan he is (‘DO YOU GO TO AWAY GAMES MATE’). But if he is like you or I and spends over 16 hours of screentime on Newsnow, reads all the blogs, pays for The Athletic, mainlines AFTV, and has a google alert set up to catch transfer stories from Eastern Europe and beyond, my hope is he gives a fuck about Arsenal and wants the club to do right by the fans.
  4. This move has happened as leading bloggers and journos write about the wacky goings-on at Arsenal… combined with very senior people at the club clearly leaking hard. I just do not believe that billionaires don’t pay attention to their most valuable assets. For me, being a total amateur, this looks like a statement addition to the hierachy.

My hope, at the absolute minimum, is this means Raul and Edu have a very long think about how they want to conduct this summer. Do they want to bring in players that have been recommended by Arsenal people? Or do they want to continue suckling the contacts teet of Kia and Canales?

We shall see. We’re rooting for you, Tim.

Arsenal has a huge game later today. Spurs beat Everton in a horrendous game. We need to make some space before Sunday. If we go to 52 points, and beat Spurs, we’ll be 4 points clear of them with 3 games to go. Lose tomorrow, and lose Sunday, we are in biiiiiig trouble.

Let’s see what we’ve got.

I’ll leave you with a solo podcast. It’s a good one. So listen. x

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  1. Graham62

    Arsenal should have had the game in the bag before HT, we all know that.

    The Nketiah incident was frustrating because of the VAR interpretation(ongoing replays) and the refs ability to see it as a yellow in real time and then making a quick decision , after seeing it on screen, a red.

    Everything looks different in slow motion, especially when tackles are flying in. Imo, it was yellow but did not justify a red.

    As for the Vardy goal, I’m confused. Wasn’t Vardy slightly off as the initial cross came in? Didn’t we all see that? The deflection occurred after Vardy had started his initial run.

    Enlighten me someone.

  2. Sid

    48%Arsenal vs wolves

    1st Luiz attempted 67 successful 63
    2nd Mustafinovs attempted 68 successful 58

    Pass combinations
    Luiz to mustafinovs 25
    Mustafinovs to Luiz 21
    Kola to luiz 17

  3. Nelson

    I think VAR should also review Vardy’s action. He did kick towards Mustafi while lying down. It has even resulted in facial injury.
    Eddie’s action was also a clear red card. You never challenge an opponent with the studs high up.

  4. Redtruth


    When Emery was in charge this season, the Gunners had an average possession of 56.23%, but that has surprisingly dropped to 54.4% under Ljungberg and 52.57% under Arteta.

  5. Un na naai


    You’re aligning yourself with RT and have the temerity to label me embarrassing? And why? Because I express my disgust at awful refereeing decisions that directly impacted the result of the game. That’s not his job. His job is to ensure the game is played safely and the rules are followed, punishing those who don’t.

    Did he succeed at doing that? No. No he did not

  6. Un na naai


    Vardy was off with the initial ball and off if/when Perez got a touch which still I’m not sure wether he did or not. It looks to me as though he didn’t touch but is he interfering with olay by attempting to touch the ball and the ball being so close to him that we can’t tell if he touched it

    There is too much down to interpretation within the current premier league officiating rule book. There needs to be clear and definitive rules. Like Luiz being sent off when city and chelsea both scored their pens. They changed the rule to allow the player to stay on in such circumstances.
    It gives too much leeway to narcissistic officials to alter the game and satisfy their burning desire for attention.

    A good referee should go unnoticed as the old saying goes.

  7. Tee

    We need a good summer to compliment Arteta’s good work on the team.
    Not necessarily expensive players but players that fit the system Arteta wants to play.
    We need to go big on a midfielder, and another inexpensive striker should aubameyang stay and lacazette sold.

  8. Goobergooner


    Pierre already pointed out the irony of my comment. The sentiment of Reds comment still holds true though 😂😂😂

    I’m not aligning myself with anyone. I supported Emery as the manager as I support Arteta as the manager of this great club.

  9. China1

    Tierney is a great crosser. Might have put in some bad ones yesterday but his crossing is really dangerous normally

  10. Bojangles

    Nkiteah’s tackle was reckless, a straight red. When the ref showed him yellow, I thought Nk got away with one but then VAR came into play. Vardy’s goal was not offside.


    It is possible to be an Arsenal supporter and watch the game with both eyes.

    Thought we did enough to win the game, was annoyed when they scored. Imo, if Martinez comes off his line quicker he may have saved it. Not blaming Martinez for their goal, it’s just an observation.

  11. Bojangles

    Regards Vardy/Mustafi incident, it looked to me like a deliberate kick to the head. We do get our fair share of these decisions going against us. If the ref’s’ are doing nothing to protect our players maybe we need to buy in a “Dirty Harry” to exact retribution.