Auba hits 51 as rumours heat up that he’ll sign da ting

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Well, what a day yesterday was! Our best young player signed a new deal with the club and we beat Norwich 4-0 in our first home game in 8 years.

You can only play what is put in front of you; admittedly Norwich were not really up to much, but I’ll take the positives and there were quite a few.

The main one was lady luck, she’s been pretty absent for Arteta in general since he took over. Injuries, sendings off, bad luck on the pitch, pandemics, literally being the one that shut down the Premier League, you name it, we’ve seen it. So it was nice for a second game in a row to start the ball rolling on the scoring front with a nice dollop of keeping mess. Tim Krul tried to turn an incoming Auba, he messed his timing up, he was tackled, leaving one of the deadliest sharpshooters in the league to sweep home into an empty net. You could call it lucky, or you could salute the fact the manager has been hounding his strikers to shut down keepers because they are shit on the ball. If forcing errors is part of your plan, it’s not really luck.

The second goal was far sexier in its architecture. David Luiz pinged a long ball out wide to Kieran Tierney, he controlled the ball and slipped Auba into the box, then Granit Xhaka stormed through the middle like peak-Freddie to scored the second goal of the game. The Swiss certainly enjoyed that moment, he looked very excited.

The third was another gift, Norwich made a mess of a throw, the attempt to switch the ball out of danger was actually a well-weighted pass into Auba, he took his chance stroking a low shot into the far corner. Super cool, as ever.

The fourth was a fun goal. A right back I’ve been hyping as the future of Arsenal FC for a while made his debut after 150 odd days. Dani Ceballos drilled a bad corner into a Norwich clearance. Soares was the recipient, he controlled the ball, looked up, and cleverly lashed the ball into the bottom corner, ensuring a touch of deflection along the way to fool the keeper.

Soares, I’m sorry man, you’re the best and contacts scouting truly is where the game is heading.

Was the game a full 90 of bliss? No. We came out from the second half looking a bit of a mess again. We allowed Norwich to run at us and play some football. They didn’t really create that much that was truly dangerous, but we gave them time on the ball, and a better team could have punished us. Just to give some data to that observation on danger, the Norwich xG against us was 0.15.

I don’t really know what the problem is with the second half football, but it’s a bit of a theme. What I will say is that at least this time we wrestled control back and really got at Norwich towards the end.

Special shout out to Dani Ceballos, I thought he had an excellent game. He’s always at his best when he’s given time on the ball, he played some lovely dangerous balls and overall he was very sharp with his passing. Though it also has to be noted, his defensive works was great. He’s very quick at intercepting the ball, and he puts it about. The manager seems to like him as a player, I would as well if he could carry that sort of form into games against better clubs.

Martinez continued to impress. He really is quite good. He’s a bit more of a catcher than Leno. His huge frame allows him to command his box and it gives the opposition more to worry about from corners. We’ve gone over his great distribution, but more importantly, his shot-stopping really is a different class.

Finally, Auba. We love him. He’s the fastest striker to 50 at Arsenal. That’s incredible stuff. It was pretty clear watching him in the stands after that he’s a happy man. Arteta seemed very confident we could keep him at the club longterm. That’s really good news.

The issues… and I hate to do this, but Hector still looks below where he should be. It’s hard to tell if he’s lacking pace, confidence, or lacking confidence because he’s not at the races pace wise. Lacazette also stank the place out again, I feel for him, but he’s just not quite there. There’s no sharpness to his game and he looks a little sad on the pitch. Also, Kola just ain’t it, is he?

Finally, let’s pour out a warm Stella for the comrades that couldn’t make it again. Mesut Ozil has a sore back. Must tough carrying all that bad media attention. He’s basically done at the club, Vinnai and Raul need to cut him loose this summer. Matteo G was also missing, the manager basically said he hadn’t changed anything since the last time the press asked. I am glad that we are seeing strong leadership here. If you don’t put in the effort, someone else will. The trick for the fans is to stop getting so triggered when they are not there… and to not fall back on the idea that if we lose against Wolves, the missing ingredient was two players that don’t give a fuck. One of my pals in the Whatsapp said, ‘He’s clearly an arsehole but he doesn’t feel like ‘our’ arsehole’, I thought that was a deeply poetic observation for a group chat.

As for the manager, well, things are looking up. It’s a slow process, but it’s working. You cannot and will not deny that things are moving in a better direction. These sort of stats below are sexy to me.

Extrapolate that over a season and my guess is that even with this squad, we’d be higher in the league table. Does that mean we have a world class squad? No. It just means that better coaching has better outcomes for squads.

Then look at the numbers above which will only have improved as they were recorded before yesterday.

If your expectation was that we’d be playing like City before the season was out, you only have yourself to blame for the disappointment. If your hope was that we’d be more difficult to play against and we’d be more organised, it’s hard to deny that’s what you are seeing.

Outside that, the tactics, though not always executed to perfection, actually make sense. He has interesting spins on the Emery classics, and whatever he does, you get it as a fan and you can understand why he’s doing it. He has clarity in his ideas and he has not shied away from enforcing his principles. I also think it’s cool that he communicates to the players on the pitch in different languages. Super basic, but it’s good.

There’s still a very long way to go, there’s still some beastly games to tackle with plenty of disappointments to come, but I’m still very confident the club has the coach issues solved. Whether Edu and Raul have it in them to make smart purchases this summer is still very much up for debate, but you’ve read my thoughts on that in great detail this week.

Right, that’s me done. We have Wolves next, with a chance to close the gap on them to 3 points. Then it’s Leicester, Spurs, and Liverpool. Yikes. Fingers crossed Sheff U smash the Spuds tonight. x

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  1. Leedsgunner

    We were linked with Saint Maxim before he went to Newcastle. I think they were asking £20m and Wenger said no… I believe he was in Ligue 2 then, top scorer in Ligue 2 but still Ligue 2.

  2. CG

    leeds gunner

    “””””We were linked with Saint Maxim before he went to Newcastle. I think they were asking £20m and Wenger said no”””””

    I knew it would be our Wengers fault somewhere down the line.

  3. Wasi

    Maximan is like last season’s Traore. Teach him better decision making and improve his end product. That is a world class player.

  4. Ishola70

    Rustie Lee.

    Very under-rated. Bubbling just under the radar.

    What a lovely smile and laugh she had. No BLM for her. Far too care free was Rustie.

  5. G8

    it would be real shame if the PL and UK government allowed the criminal Saudi crown Prince aka the butcher to take over Newcastle FC
    scandalous and disastrous association!

    # Jamal khashoggi

  6. alex cutter

    “No BLM for her.”

    Yeah. She knows what her place is.

    Running as a candidate for the UK Independence Party, and doing reality shows for retards like Celebrity Super Spa and Who’s Doing The Dishes.

    Shut the fuck up.

  7. Wasi

    “I would play right-back every week if I had to. I am not really fussed. The main thing is being out there with the team and helping them win games.”
    “If the manager says to me ‘Ains you gotta go in goal this game I will put the gloves on and I am ready to rock n roll.’

    That’s where some people may have misjudged what I said before in a different interview.”

    Arteta effect.

  8. Wasi


    Honestly , Maxim could go any way. Gervinho mk 2 or maybe a Traore mk 2.
    Traore last season was very much like a Gervinho . This season he has been nothing short of top quality.

  9. Wasi

    If Auba wants 250k a week for 3 years, the club needs to get it done as soon as possible.
    Werner who has not achieved half as much as Auba is on 285k I think .
    Sane on 385k.
    Peak Auba at 250k a week is a bargain.

  10. Jamie

    Wasi –

    It’s not so much what other clubs are paying, it’s more what we should be paying.

    Our wage bill has been outrageous for years.

  11. Wasi


    I know but that is moreso due to the bad contract and transfer decisions made by the previous leadership i.e Gazidis and Wenger.

    250k a week for a player who’s scoring at a higher rate than Henry and Wright in a very dysfunctional team is more than fair in the current market imo.
    Auba is the highest quality player we have. Guaranteed 20+ league goals a season and a phenomenal injury record.
    Got to be done.
    Sell Laca. Buy Edouard.

  12. Trap

    A world class striker wanting 250k at the top of his game is a bargain. Look at his fitness levels ?? If ozil leaves he becomes the highest paid player …get it done

  13. CG

    Sir Geoffrey Boycott scored lots of runs for England- it didn’t make England win more test matches.

    That’s the PEA dilemma.

  14. Guns of SF

    No question the club will look to sell Laca and get younger and cheaper. Maybe Eddie is the next option.
    We need monies to fund this pay raise an extentsion

    I see selling some vets this summer to help offset the expense.
    Auba is legit, proven.
    Edouard Id love to have but never know how they turn out.
    Look at Laca, great in the beginning now is shit

  15. Chris

    Sign him up. Sign him up.

    It’s a big contract but the difference is Auba is performing at an exceptional and elite level, unlike Ozil.

  16. Guns of SF

    Auba will retire with us. Love how Arteta is in the media saying that he can get Henrys record.

    YA right…

    Does not matter. Auba is with us for the long haul. Even if he gives us 15 goals a season on decline hopefully we will have scoring mids and others who can help out.

    I say sign him up.. lets get selling the others now

  17. Chris

    You have to think that if we sold Auba, his goals need to be replaced.

    Either by a striker in his class which wouldn’t be cheap, fee or wages.

    Or internally form the club, now I don’t think anyone we have can replicate what Auba gives us. And I don’t think we are the finished article yet where his goals would be shared out across the team. Not with the current squad. It won’t just magically happen.

    There was many a discussion here about how Auba is a limited player and doesn’t show up against the big teams, I simply don’t agree.

    Tierney/Saka left side and Auba/Martinelli central attack gives us a great part of our team that we can rely upon for next season. Even the latter two can interchange for the left side of the attack.

  18. Guns of SF

    Auba looks like he might get another golden boot.
    250k seems very good considering he is about 200K already…
    Im sure there are going to be bonuses built in like crazy. But hey, he has been our savior the last 2 seasons… without him, I don’t want to think where we would end up

  19. Moe

    Walked back into a Freddy/CC duel. Freddy ain’t no slouch, I see.

    Anyways, am still Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi out. Add Bellerin and Laca to that mix now. Bellerin is absolute pants now. Poor AMN is even a better RB backup. I still have high hopes for Arteta, I believe he knows the game and has a plan. The benching of Ozil alone is enough reason to have faith in his judgment.

  20. Globalgunner

    Auba is not the difference maker Henry was or even RVP. in our current clime we can do without 250k players. There is no guarantee we will be having crowds in games for the whole of next season. How many of you are going to renew your season tickets if you wont get to watch games.
    Sell, sell , sell. 31 years old on 250kpw for 3 years. thats almost £40m