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Oh come on, I wasn’t going to NOT mention the great news.


What a moment. The young defender, winger, number 10, put pen to paper and committed to a glorious future with Arsenal. I couldn’t be happier.

The player is simply everything you want in a youngster. He’s extremely intelligent, he’s unbelievably humble (he thanked about 50 people in his Arsenal.com interview), he’s technically excellent, mobile, fast, fit and he is absolutely willing to learn and be the best there is.

He is the benchmark for what Arsenal talent should look like. I love him. Is that wrong? Maybe, I don’t care. Mikel Arteta had some kind words to say.

“Bukayo is a talented and intelligent young player. He has impressed me with his work ethic and attitude to learn and adapt, and it has paid off in his performances. I am excited to continue working with him to develop him further, and for him to help us achieve our goals.”

Edu, the handsome man that always looks like he’s accidentally walked into a photo also offered some words of support.

“This is something everyone involved wanted to happen and we are delighted that Bukayo has signed a new long-term contract. He’s making great progress and is one of a number of young players who have developed through our academy. This is so important for us as we move forward as a club.”

What a great day. Watch the interview on Arsenal.com, it’s brilliant. He clearly sees himself as a Gooner and the way he communicates his love of the club should remind you that we are still a force when it comes to prestige.

“It’s Arsenal, you know. Come on, it’s Arsenal!”

“The stadium is great, the fans are great, the club is great. Everything about this club is great.

“I love playing for Arsenal, you know. I love playing for the coach, the fans, my team-mates, I really believe in the philosophy that the boss is bringing and what he’s building, and I’m just really excited to see where he’s going to take us in the future.

“I felt that it was right in my heart to extend my contract here and I feel like this is going to be best for my development.

I think this signing also says a lot about the new coach he has. If Arteta had failed to convince the player, it would not have reflected well. My hope is this contract sends a message to the rest of Europe’s best young talent, come to Arsenal, and we’ll grow you out and make you better.

I also thought it worth mentioning that 1) He thanked E*ery. That was very kind of him. 2) He also had a HUGE shoutout for David Luiz.

However you package the Brazilian up, it was not a smart bit of business in the grand scheme of world football. It was a deal rooted in cronyism and it was flushing money down the drain for a club that is struggling. However, let’s face it, we are where we are and the man, David Luiz, is a huge name in the game. He’s a legend. He’s a massive personality. He is at that stage in life where he wants to give something back to the future generation coming through and you can see that in his behavior after games, on the pitch when he’s encouraging people, and with the noises that come from inside the club. So, bravo David Luiz.

Also, might as well touch on the tit-for-tat going on with William Saliba. It’s a mad situation where St Etienne called the club out on Twitter for making the finances of the deal difficult. Arsenal responded and said 1) The French club refused to train the player properly 2) They made the financials impossible. From what I’ve seen, they wanted a £2.5m fee from Arsenal to keep OUR player. Madness.

It’s a little sad that they are willing to blow their cup final chances because Arsenal have said they will give them Saliba for nothing, even though they don’t need to. A teenager getting exposure to a cup final would be immense experience, but I guess Arsenal has to look out for their player and their desperately shite finances.

Before I go, Mikhi confirmed that he basically has a deal in place to go to Roma next season for nothing. I salute this deal and hope there are more to come. If a player is too expensive for a fee, and they are a bit rubbish, why keep them for another year if you can terminate their deal? That’s £10m back in the coffers for next season. I suspect we’ll see some more of that. Arsenal, according to lots of reports, really want Upemacano and Thomas Partey. That would move us to a different level of competitiveness, especially if we landed Dominik Szoboszlai. I’m dreaming, but those three would change the face of the club in one sweep, and I CAN DREAM.

Ok, that’s me done. Listen to my podcast and have a very nice day.

P.S. We have a game today, let’s hope it’s more good news. x

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  1. Sanmi

    That’s a testament that you dont need the best defenders in the 4 positions to be the best defense

  2. Ishola70


    You keep saying Liverpool have very limited midfielders.

    Yet they are all better defensively than Xhaka.

    That is my major problem with Xhaka. He is defensively suspect.

    I want the Arsenal midfield to be more mobile and better defensively as well as getting in a ACM that can cause damage to the opposition.

  3. MidwestGun

    what exactly are Liverpool doing which is any good .
    Hahaha classic Red.. your in rare form today. 😀

  4. Sanmi

    I never said their defense is shit or midfield is shit.
    They have a weakness at RB, they have limited midfielders.
    Their mode of attack is press.you into a mistake and attack before opponents are back in position. OR, create using the full backs.
    Or long ball from van Dijk to the front men.
    Seldom create anything from the midfield. Because the midfielders are limited creatively. That’s a good system that covers their weaknesses.

  5. Receding Hairline

    Northbanker first off I don’t know where you get the impression I am somehow pained by an Arsenal victory or what moment really there is to enjoy.

    This place, especially the posts mind you, have been awash with what this club needs to do to be taken seriously and begin to compete, I never read one of those things as being beat Norwich, bottom of the table, at home.

    Its celebrating run of the mill victories like this as some sort of corner turned that leads to the overreactions when you realize you weren’t even at the corner yet

    Its a routine victory against a sure relegated team, we had the third best home record in the division last season and I don’t remember any of this back patting

  6. Sanmi

    It’s up to arteta to get the best out of Xhaka, because he is not selling him this window, we have bigger problems. The solution in my opinion is get a creative AM, and then you can have a Torreira sitting next to Xhaka and not ceballos or guendouzi because we have to create from deep

  7. Goonah



    you want to improve upfront and left wing when we have:


    (and keep xhaka the biggest problem)


    just pointing out midfield problems
    sell kola ffs

  8. Sanmi

    We have a problem on the left wing. Saka is not yet the answer. This is the reason we play Auba there. And auba doesnt beat players well enough to benefit whoever is playing CF. Compare to what Mane or sterling/sane do on that wing.
    And we don’t have an AM a Silva, Cesc and Bruno Fernandez type

  9. Sanmi

    If you think Xhaka is our weakest link, explain why we are seldom fluid when he is not in the side

  10. Ishola70

    Receding Hairline
    “Lol @ Chelsea, could have gone third today but decided it was a nice day to concede three against a team who haven’t scored since the restart.”

    They don’t become a truly serious side until they improve their central defence.

  11. Goonah


    The whole midfield is shit

    we need a complete revamp
    I like Torreira but he is a midget and not strong enough like Kanté
    Xhaka is just not for this leauge

  12. Sanmi

    Buy an AM and a left wing and see a different team. Auba moves to the front, pepe and the new left wing can isolate full backs and beat for fun. AM treads passes to front 3. Torreira covers the defense and Xhaka just stick to covering left back and punching balls to front 4 which he does very brilliantly.

  13. Receding Hairline

    Ishola they have lost ten games in the league this season, really shows how poor the league has been overall they still have a chance for 3rd/4th place.

    Rudiger has always been a clown, Christensen overrated by Chelsea fans.

    Wolves have a legitimate chance for champions league football this season which is funny as they have been good but not great. Pretty average season all round once you take out Liverpool

  14. Ishola70


    “Xhaka just stick to covering left back and punching balls to front 4 which he does very brilliantly.”

    Is that all you want him to do?

    With this sentence you are admitting that he is limited.

    I prefer as do many others to have a more all round midfielder as the pivot of the team.

  15. Goonah


    sry I don’t see it. And Xhaka punching balls to front 4 brilliantly? I know I’m on a bender but how many games did I miss?

  16. Guns of SF

    We need the Spurms to lose tomorrow for this to be really good. I want Sheffield to get them…

    Wolves will be really tough… a draw might be a good result over there. They have 4 clean sheets in a row so far.

    We will need some serious creativity to score….

  17. Overmars

    Guillem Balague on Cazorla returning to Arsenal: “I do know that Arteta will ask Cazorla to be as a member of the coaching staff at some point in the future because them two understand football the same way, they love working with each other.”

    Balague: “We will see when because Cazorla has decided his future already, has told no one about it. The only thing I can tell you is Arsenal has not made an offer for him as a player, but Arteta and Cazorla at some point will be on the same bench, that’s what I believe.”

    What a combination that would be. Having Cazorla come in and coach Willock, Smith-Rowe, Saka etc would be brilliant.

    … Meanwhile, Steve Bould’s is somewhere on the training field picking up cones and bibs.

  18. Pierre

    “Northbanker first off I don’t know where you get the impression I am somehow pained by an Arsenal victory ”

    I wonder why northbanker would think such a thing..

  19. Saladin

    Back to back clean sheets in the league? 2020 really is a strange year 😂.

    Anyone else notice we look less stagnant without Guendouzi in the middle?

  20. Saladin

    The Godfather

    Believe it or not, I actually feel confident about those first 3 games for some odd reason. Well, as long as we don’t decide to just gift goals away like at City and Brighton 🤞. Liverpool won’t have their usual intensity hopefully as they have wrapped up the title but their quality will still prove too much for us I think, so not expecting anything out of that game.

  21. Guns of SF

    I would love to see us beat pool. I think we can. They are demotivated even if they don’t say it.

  22. Sanmi

    Being limited doesnt mean you cant do a job if your coach get the system right. For example, Firminho should never be considered an elite striker barely doing 9 league goes in a season when they are coasting the league and he is playing virtually every match. But his coach covered for his weakness. Firminho is a limited striker. He is a Maupay level striker. Nothing on Aguero, Aubameyang and Kane level. They are doing 20 league goal with eyes closed every season

  23. The Godfather

    Beating who?
    All this woofing because we beat the worst team in the league.
    Easy there folks.

    I’m not an Arteta fan, but I respect his gangsta stance with Ozil and even with Guendo who i support. A coach needs to draw a line in sand and clearly Arteta ain’t scared of doing that.

    Now how that pays off against the squads in our next four matches remains to be seen. Not to talk of City in the semis.

    Nevertheless let’s enjoy today, the extension of Saka, the smiles on Auba and Laca playing himself out of the club!!

    I hope Arteta doesn’t fold to the Play Mesut clowns who will come out of the woodwork if results fizzle ….. Emery folded and brought him back to his own ruin so I’m hoping Arteta stands firm and results back him up

  24. China1

    Bellerin has been done as a serious prospect for about 2-3 years. The penny is finally dropping tho

    Even back in wengers final couple of years he was *really* bad

    Anyway I don’t wish any ill on the guy but I dislike seeing him get overrated and walking into the team when his level is not there. The biggest mistake is not selling him when he was stock higher than his level a couple of years ago. We should’ve been trying to find a suitor willing to pay the ‘market rate’ for this ‘top prospect’ when his form had gone for sufficiently long enough

  25. The Godfather

    Bellerin look pretty good under Emery until he tore his ACL. The comments here and everywhere else confirmed that. It’s a damn shame but I’m hoping the kid can find that spark again. On the other hand, that Cedric guy is a dwarf!!! Holy cow he is tiny !

  26. China1

    Godfather he definitely did better under emery but I wouldn’t say he looked anything special, just ok

  27. Danny M.O

    To mitigate the threat from wolves i would go all out on our lbs

    Auba upfront
    Saka Lm Pepe Rw
    Tierney lwb Xhaka Cm Ceb cm Amn rwb
    Kolasinac lcb Luizcb Mustafi/cedric rcb
    Emi gk

  28. Guns of SF

    Yea we have a small team. Wenger did it… his midget barca lite midfield ( incredible) introduced the idea of the small technical player over the tall power player.

    Also do not believe wikipedia on heights. Mustafi is a midget too…
    Most of them are all about an inch or three smaller than what Wikipedia says.

    Soares is small. indeed.

  29. Guns of SF

    Santi is tiny. Torreira is super tiny
    The tiny players are quite good though.
    Alexis another tiny one…

  30. Leedsgunner

    Angel Gomes left United yesterday, and is a free agent. An attacking midfielder with a decent level of experience despite his young age… worth a punt?

    We could adopt the Juventus approach and flip him on if we manage to attract any interest the following year?

  31. Leedsgunner

    No to Willian and Thiago Silva… despite being free agents and being vastly experienced… they are the wrong age and the wrong people to sign if we want to convince our most promising youngsters to stay and sign on.

    Our playing squad has plenty of older players as it is…

    Unless they want to come on staff as coaches…?!?

  32. Sid

    Redtruth was right, Messi isnt much without Xavi and Iniesta,
    Barca in the CL have been as ordinary as Argentina
    Iniesta is especially underrated

  33. China1

    Yeah I saw gomes is available on a free

    As you say how much risk is there if we managed to pick him up on a 3 year contract at reasonable wages? He can’t command high wages as he’s not a major name or anything…

    Worst case scenario you flip him in a year or two for an easy profit. Best case scenario he improves the squad. Could be worse…

  34. China1

    Sid if you took Messi out of the post xavi and inesta Barca teams they’d have been miles worse for it

  35. DivineSherlock


    Messi scoring 50 goals a season even without them disproves your point. Its the constant changing of managers and their Chairman spending crazy money on players has let to their downfall.

  36. Wasi

    Messi isnt much without Xavi and Iniesta !!!
    LOL 😂
    Whats next? Messi is cheap man’s Robben.

    Been carrying on his back for years now.
    Look at the Business Barca have been doing. Worse than us. Especially in the last 2-3 years ( Coincidentally after Raul left). 140 mil for Coutinho and then not utilising him properly.
    120mil for the overrated Griezmann and then playing him on the wing.
    105 mil for a Dembele who has been very very unfortunate with injuries at Barca.
    Add to that Braithwates and Boatengs and you see how awful they have been .
    But they are still competing .
    You know why?

  37. Overmars

    How good has Zidane been at Real Madrid…

    In his 1st spell he won 3 Champions Leagues and 1 La Liga.

    Him and Ronaldo left and there was a massive dip. Now it looks like they could win the league again.

  38. Sid

    Xavi and Iniesta Barca won CL with their eyes closed, they won the world cup, euros in the same way,
    Messi is yet to win CL and world cup without Xavi and iniesta

  39. Sid

    Barca are 1 point behind an average Real Madrid who have a game to play,
    Messi’s 50 goals this season should be analysed for context.

  40. Leedsgunner

    ESR immense again for Huddersfield…

    Looking forward to how he will feature under Arteta next season.

    We’ll have Saka, Nketiah, Willock, ESR in the first team regulars directly from our academy.

    That’s not even counting Tyreece John Jules and Folarin Balogun…

    Per, Freddie, Steve Bould… take a bow. Even Per’s predecessor, Andries Joncker deserve credit for developing a great group of kids.

  41. Valentin

    I would say Kwame Ampadu deserve most of credit for the success of the youth team. He had then as U16 and then again at U18 when he was promoted. Saka thanked him in his interview.
    A shame he left to join Henry doomed reign at Monaco.

    Talking about Henry, can our Canadian friends tell us what they think of him at Toronto. Can’t really judge without knowing the context and I must admit I don’t really follow the MLS with great attention.

  42. Sid

    Random fact,
    A 2015 study found that venting your anger online only makes you angrier

    Im telling you for free!

  43. Valentin


    Folarin has announced that he will not sign an extension so most likely he will be sold this summer.

  44. UTarse

    A good win to help the teams confidence…. doesn’t matter that “it’s only Norwich”….

    Pedro, you want to know who doesn’t comment when we win …..?

    “Arsenal 4 Norwich City 0The Wolves next…..”

    Not his usual essays pointing out how shit we are eh ?!

  45. Gonsterous

    Great result. Wolves next. If we can win the next 3 PL games, we May end the season at 6th, but that’s being hopeful.

  46. Guns of Hackney

    How much is the Saka deal worth? For a man who doesn’t score, assist or tackle…I want to know what we’ve signed.

    And before anyone blows their little wad on Auba…come on. Bread and butter for the flat tracker. He doesn’t do that against the top seven clubs, does he? No.

  47. Versus

    Arsenal vs Norwich City (4-0)
    32 games played
    Bottom of the league heading for the championship.

    Everton Vs Leicester (2-1)
    32 games played
    55 pts
    Heading for the UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE

    Anchelotti 20th dec 2019
    11th Everton 44pts

    Arteta 21st dec 2019
    7th Arsenal 46pts

  48. Leedsgunner

    Despite his announcement, Arteta didn’t seem to think the Balogun situation was irretrievable in his press conference when he was asked about it recently.

    I personally think the Saka extension changes a lot of things… if people are happy with their job, people USUALLY want to stay and work with people they are friends with.

    Nketiah, Willock, Nelson, ESR, Saka and Balogun they are all a close knit group.

  49. Valentin


    Lille is back at it. Playing the market and ready to sell for €80 millions a player who has had 1 one good season in Ligue 1. Victor Osimhen is this year Pepe.
    I can see him as an understudy to Firmino at Lille. But in this climate he is more like a €35 millions player than a €80 millions.

  50. Batistuta


    Osimhen was good at Wolfsburg too. Napoli are just about preparing for Milik leaving for Juventus but agree the 80 million euros fee is a bit steep but dude has the potential to be one of the best in the world at the rate he’s going

  51. Batistuta

    Barca taking 31yr old Pjanic and giving Juve 22yr old Arthur is some of the most brain dead transfers I’ve ever come across in football. I know they need to balance the books but they could do with selling off some of their absolute failed transfers for a lower fee than signing another ageing midfielder. They’re going to fall so hard when Messi retires that it’ll be so fun to watch

  52. Wasi


    Not to mention that with Pjanic Barca now have 4 defensive midfielders/ deep lying playmakers/ 6/ whatever you want to call them.

    Busquets / De jong / Pjanic / Vidal play their best when as the base in a 4-3-3.

    Here I am being made to Raul was the one who messed Barca’s business up.

  53. Thorough

    Ceballos played well simply because he was playing further forward. He’s looked inept because MA was trying to turn him into a deep-lying playmaker which he isn’t. He’s great when he has less defensive responsibilities. People keep saying Burley was his best game but I disagree. His best game was against Tottenham. He came in and everything changed. And guess what? He played further forward too. More like an 8 or 10.

  54. China1

    There is an interesting trend in players running down contracts recently

    I know we’ve been sucker punched this way with players like Ramsey and maybe auba, but actually Chelsea, pool etc have all also lost some regular first team players on a free

    Emre can to Juve was a free for example

    I think agents are pushing for this as a core strategy now unlike in previous years when it was a novelty. Now agents want their players on ridiculous high salary contracts or on 3 year ones that they can easily run down if they want to and get major sign on fees next time

  55. China1

    Batistuta yeah man that Barca transfer is a proper head scratcher

    I assume they were told it’s cash + him or no deal at all and they were too desperate for the cash to say no

    And I also would like to see them and Madrid get their comeuppance. The way we used to get bullied in transfers by Barca tapping our best players up and the way the refs favored them in the CL always made me sick. Real didn’t bother us as much but it’s still funny to see them not what they were

    Fuck both of them