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Congratulations Liverpool. I hate it, but you can’t be angry at Jurgen Klopp. What a manager, what a job, what a season. Well done.

Onto Arsenal.

The bloodletting has officially stopped for a few days.

We won a fucking game. Lovely.

It wasn’t always pretty; there were some heart-in-mouth moments, and there was some luck… but we won.

Arteta switched things up with 3 at the back and we looked pretty solid. He’s still prioritising defensive structure over attacking flair, but the formation allowed us to get in behind Southampton and force Hassenhutl into changing his approach.

Our two goals were pretty lucky, the first came from Eddie’s relentless pressure from the front, he chased down their keeper, forced an error and picked up an easy tap-in for our first.

The second, LATE in the second half, came off the back of some serious Saints pressure. Again, it was another error. Auba was professionally fouled in the build-up forcing the ref into a red card for Jack Stephens. The resulting freekick on the edge of the area from Lacazette was parried poorly, giving Joe Willock the chance to sweep home for the winner. It was great to see two of Arteta’s subs give us the edge after some horrible in-game ‘accidents’ during his short tenure.

So what to make of it?

Well, a few things. We’ve quite often been a bit shit against Southampton over the past 5 years, so it was nice to pick up an away win there (Arteta’s first in the league at Arsenal). Additionally, we have been a car crash off the pitch and even worse on it in the last two matches. Actually, when you layer in context, not as bad as everyone has made out, but let’s just say it’s been a miserable start, so anything that stopped the rot was happiness.

Sure, we weren’t great in the second half, but the fear kicked in. We’re dreadful away from home and the team was clearly nervous. It showed character for the boys to see out the win and stick to the plan.

Additionally, it’s clear that Arteta has a plan he’s activating against. He’s making it clear that a new dawn is ahead of us and there is a clearout that is certainly happening this summer. Mesut Ozil, Alex Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac all sat in the stands as the kids kicked on. That was a long overdue statement that I thought was pretty bold. A lot of people thought Arteta would bottle it and roll out the Ozil apology. He didn’t. That’s good leadership.

The coach also left out Matteo Guendouzi. This has drawn some anger amongst the fans because there’s a chart going around showing that the Frenchman is a standout talent on the stats front. I totally understand that, he’s exciting, he’s only 20, and the world is his lobster. However, we have to live in reality. If you work for an organisation and you are a precocious talent but can’t behave, you are a problem. This is elite level sport, we are looking to activate a high-performance culture, if you can’t play the game, you don’t have a right to be a part of the club. Being a massive whopper is not a key attribute worth having around if you don’t live up to the non-negotiables.

I have told you for a long while that he’s a problem. The staff find him difficult and even the players think he’s problematic and unfocused. More interested in Instagram babes is something I’ve heard, very unArsenal is something I’ve heard from other quarters. You can’t afford that in a team that is at the bottom. I’d draw parallels to Dennis Rodman who won a championship with the Pistons but was a wild child. The only reason the Bulls pursued him in is that they had two alpha males at the club they knew could control him. Matteo hasn’t won a championship, he’s just acting out like peak Mario B without the substance. Put him with Diego Simeone, maybe that’ll help him, but let’s not make out it’s an Arsenal problem if they can’t control a player who has fucked over 3 managers in a row. It’s a Matteo problem.

Still, the one positive with Arteta is he always leaves a door open for forgiveness.

Some additional positives from yesterday. I really thought Martinez looked good. He has a great frame for a keeper and the Premier League, he’s a good shot-stopper and he is shockingly good with his feet. I thought he was a calming figure in the defence yesterday.

Rob Holding, who was a little bit on the outside also had a good game yesterday. He’s regaining confidence, he looks stronger and a clean sheet will do him the world of good.

We also need to give a shout to some of our counter-attacking play. It was much better yesterday. We created 4 big chances yesterday. I thought Saka found a good stride yesterday and we were unlucky not to score more goals. Granit Xhaka, love or loathe, made a difference with his passing. We missed him, suck it up, it hurts to say it, but he was good. He made one sublime line-breaking pass in the first half that was very, very sexy.

The two worries were Spanish. Hector Bellerin still doesn’t look comfortable at right-back. He’s lost a bit of pace and he looks broken. His decision making isn’t quite there and you can see the nervousness in his game. I’m not sure if that’s just him moving forward, but he’s a shadow of his former self at the moment.

Dani Ceballos just ain’t it. We’re looking at a player that isn’t suited to Arsenal as an 8. Bake in that he doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal, and, well, you have a hot pie with a nasty filling. We need a proper number 8 that has power, pace, great passing and a presence on the pitch. That has to be top of the list this summer, hopefully Kia has a good idea of what we can do there, because our midfield isn’t right. Does he know Dominik Szoboszlai by chance?

Big shout out to Eddie, he earned his bread yesterday. He’s a hard worker and he patrols that frontline with more and more urgency. I think he’s a good bet for the future, he needs a few more goals, but if you get his confidence in the right place there’s no telling how far he can go. Also, I am thankful for Auba when he plays in such a selfless way. He was unlucky not to get his 50th goal, hitting the bar early on, but overall, he had a great game.

Just before I tap out of the game commentary, just a reminder, last time we beat Southampton in November, we conceded 21 shots and lost on xG 2.71-1.91. Today, our xG was 0.76-2.53.

Final word for the coach. It was a solid performance. He was tactically correct, he lifted the players, and his in-game management was better. As I will continue to say, he is the least of Arsenal’s worries. The guy has it all, leadership, passion, tactical vision, communication, and positive vibes. Limited experience, but that’s what vision is about, taking a chance on potential. Arteta just needs a bit of luck and a very good squad overhaul this summer.

Onto the next game, an FA Cup quarter-final against Sheffield United. xxx

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  1. Marc Faber

    Arteta is proving he is not yet ready to manage top level players. Drops Ozil because he did what? Miss a conference call or some such nonsense?

    Drops Guen because he shows fight and character? How would Arteta have managed a 19 year old firebrand called Vieira? Banished him to the reserves because he could not control it on the pitch? Or do what Wenger did and nurture that talent…?

    His default position seems to be kindergarten stuff… and one explanation is that he is out of his depth, does not know how to do it, so reverts to pseudo-disciplinary shit as that is the only way he knows how to impose his personality at this level. Rioch could not have done it better.

    Arteta needs to learn fast as right now he is showing no sense that he knows how to manage egos and complex situations at an elite level club and things will deteriorate quickly…

  2. englandsbest

    Interesting how one’s awareness (as a fan) changes.

    Early on it’s all about the players.

    Then middle-aged with a family, the focus switches to the manager.

    Finally, old and grizzled, the truth finally dawns: the folk who REALLY shape the Club are the owners.

    A footbal club is the physical expression of the owner’s persona. Arsenal is a classic example.

    Solid and respectable, the Bank of England club had a BoD of English gentlemen.

    Somewhat flashy under Fizman, a BoD that sloped off with sacks of gold

    Grey and characterless under Stan, no BoD at all.

  3. Freddie Ljungberg

    If this is all the business we do when the window opens I’m going to be seriously pissed off and heads should roll.

    If we sign Partey and Szoboszlai for example or players of that calibre I’m more than fine in the reshuffling of backups to raise money for that.

    Time will tell.

  4. Thank you and goodnight

    Liverpool needed a defender, they buy van dijk for 75 million. We’ve needed defenders for years, we sign 3 fucking rejects., On top of the rejects from other clubs we’ve bought over last 10 years.
    “Hey player, are you passed you’re best, no other team want you? Then don’t worry, Arsenal OAP home for useless over the hill players will snap you up”
    Yep the Arsenal are going places with these owners.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg


    Do you think a defender is the last missing piece of the puzzle we need?

    They did that after 3 years of rebuilding, and on a much bigger budget than us because they had sellable assets. They had Coutinho we have Ozil.
    We’re not in the position to spend all our money on 1 or 2 players yet.

    If you can’t see the difference I can’t help you.

    I honestly don’t know how some of you pessimistic cunts get up in the mornings.

  6. Guns of SF

    I think we will see Guen and Ozil against Sheffield
    Laca as well…

    That is also a must win game if we have any chance of silverware…

    I do think Guen needs to be sold. We need to keep Willock but thats about it.

    Guen has benefited quite a bit over the years when Xhaka has been out for whatever reason. He did have a great preseason his rookie year with us, but since then, its hard to really point to what he brings to us. There are a lot of better CM in the world to chose from. MA clearly has issues with him.

  7. salparadisenyc


    Whats up mate.

    With you, last summer was the perfect moment to sort defense with option a plenty out there. Looks like some good work was done with Saliba but I wanted it taken a step further with another CB for current season instead of pissing £72m up the Pepe wall. Which may prove to be great business but our defense should of been main focus for me.

    Instead we got David Luiz in.

  8. Chris

    Guendouzi has to show a lot more consistency and maturity if he is to fulfil his potential here.

    He is young but that shouldn’t be en excuse for poor attitude. There are lots of players his age or younger how show exemplary behaviour.

    The club needs to have a disciplinary process at work for him (and others) not necessarily 3 strikes and you’re out but something along those lines. If he repetitively fails to be what is expected of an Arsenal player then he needs to be sold.

    Myself I liked what I saw of him initially, ie his energy, but am starting to doubt what he can be for us, is he a creative or a destroyer, a box to box? Combine that with his well documented attitude and he has it all to do to prove he can make it with us.

  9. Valentin

    Last year when I was criticising Guendouzi I got slammed. Now that I have warmed up to him he gets it in the neck. He is emotional but at least he cares which is more than some of his teammates.
    I also think that he needs a different style of coaching than Arteta is providing. He needs somebody who focus on improving his flaws incrementally rather than an immediate perfectionist.
    For example during the game Southampton, Arteta kept shouting at Nkethia left, right, push, close down. I can see some players getting very irritated by that constant micro managing approach.

  10. Ishola70


    “Arteta kept shouting at Nkethia left, right, push, close down.
    I can see some players getting very irritated by that constant micro managing approach.”

    He would have picked that up at Man City and their own pressing from the front which for me would be a good thing to emulate. Liverpool’s forwards also worked hard when they don’t have the ball.

    There are some posters here not necessarily you who still live in Wenger Wonderland and have a distaste for this kind of thing. They don’t like the less glamorous side of the game. They dismiss graft as agricultural and uncouth which is very silly considering that being an effective pressing team seems to be a necessary ingredient now for a succesful team.

    Atalanta are performing beyond their means this season and they are another side that have an effective press throughout the side starting from the frontline.

  11. Ishola70

    I don’t think Nketiah has obvious class as a player.

    Doesn’t jump out at me.

    So if he does lack real class he better make up for that with his work rate for the side.

    In that way he can be useful for the side.

  12. Pedro

    Freddie, when you keep populating the squad with players that have no resale value, you never move anywhere. We should be finding a young talent for backup. £200k a week goes a long way in Europe. That’s 4 top kids from France with a couple of seasons under their belt. 2 of them make it, you are in good shape.

    Filling the squad with dross isn’t a strategy for success because you’re not building toward anything.

    Also, we’ve tried it for 3 years now, where has it taken us?

  13. Freddie Ljungberg


    That’s all well and good wage wise but what do you sign them with?

    Do we spend that money in defence on backups or do we save the money and spend it where it makes a bigger difference?

    I’m all for going with youth but filling up every single position with them isn’t smart. We already have a squad filled with kids and likely there will be 1 or 2 more in the summer.

  14. Wasi


    To get those 4 kids from France , you’ll need 40-60 mil transfer budget too. Maybe less if you get lucky with 1 or 2 free transfers or cheap players due to 1 yr on their contract.
    And if you want to Strengthen up your midfield first , then the patch up for a season or 2 will work just fine. As a better midfield will provide good cover for the defence.
    And with all the links and rumours going around , it looks like we will use majority of our money to buy quality CM.
    Defense is patched up for a season or 2. Attack is good and Saka, Gabi , Pepe , Reiss , Eddie will only get better.

  15. Guns of SF

    We need ready made starters in Midfield . ready to make an impact asap.
    We continue to neglect this area and we suffer in all areas.

    we need a DM, B2B and CAM

    All ready to go… energetic work horses, skilled and can press and can chip in goals and assists. Good injury records too. God knows what is happening with us, but injuries are decimating us.

    Our defense seems set but the budget we have… I do hope Edu and Co are going to go hard at midfield.

    Xhaka Guen and Torreira still have value. We can recoup monies from their sales for sure to spend on the new mids

  16. Wasi


    ‘I don’t think Nketiah has obvious class as a player.’

    I agree here but Eddie has a great work rate. Works his socks off for the team and is always receptive to learning. The more time he is getting on the pitch he is getting better and maturing very fast.
    He might not become a world class striker but I think if he continues his upward trajectory he could easily be relied on to score 15-20 goals a season.

  17. Habesha Gooner

    I hope these rumors about Guendouzi wanting out are just stories. From all our midfielders I would let go of him last. If he had very good players with him, He has insane potential. I would even let go of torriera before him. He is similar to Busquets and Jorginiho. Get his defensive work up and you will have an elite controller in the middle of the park. We will regret this like many have when they let go of their elite talent. Arteta has been poor on how he rates players to be honest. Martinelli. Saka and Guendouzi are the future but he seems to only rate one. I would take a problem Child great footballer than an average Nice one. Arteta needs to show him the way. 4 months is not enough to bin a young player who has shown real potential. we need to give him at least to the end of next season.

  18. Wasi


    We aint selling Xhaka.
    Torreira doesnt have many suitors right now.
    Only one who can fetch some money is Guendouzi who I personally would like to hold on to.

    Not to say we cant generate any funds. Even if we consider worst case scenarios we can get
    mkhi – 10 m
    Elneny – 5 m
    Sok – 5 m
    Mustafi – 10m
    Lacazette – 20 – 25 m
    Kola – 7-10 mil

    Thats about 57 mil from deadwood in the worst case scenario.

  19. Goonies


    ‘ He is similar to Busquets and Jorginiho’

    Worse Guendouzi comparison I’ve ever heard.

    They look after the ball, aren’t careless with it, can penetrate with pass and know how to effectively break up play.

    Guendouzi does none of that. He’s a liability not an asset.

  20. þorkell einarsson

    Emi was great vs s.hamton and his kicking is decisive and fast unlike Leno !
    Who was the player who tackled Martinelli in training ?
    Auba looked sharp when fed the ball
    The Swiss had a solid game
    Lets win Sheffield 0-3 on sunday !!

  21. Habesha Gooner

    I said he can be coached to become them. He isn’t the finished article. He doesn’t pass between the lines often enough to be a modern CM. but he can absolutely become a top deep lying midfielder. He has the frame for it, His reading of the game is what needs to improve. And His passing success rate in a dysfunctional arsenal midfield is 88.3 percent which is comparable to 89.5 by Busquets and 88.7 by jorghinho. I would say he is trust worthy in possession. He gets caught some times as both Busquets and Jorghinho do too. If he improves how he reads the game, I can see him becoming them. His Interception rate can improve and His tackling and areal prowess too. But He can become a great midfielder. Thomas Partey wasn’t as good when he was 21 and he has become a beast and now he is every one’s target. I don’t see why Guendouzi can’t improve.

  22. Habesha Gooner


    Here is the season stats between the three players. Guendouzi falls short in tackling and Interceptions but he is playing alongside the likes of Xhaka, Ozil, Willock and torriera while Jorghinho has Kovacic, Kante, Mount, and Barkley. Busquets has beside him Arthur, Dejong, Rakitic. Sure Guendouzi can improve but he hasn’t got support around him yo see his best self.

  23. NJ Gooner

    We often hear of discussion of Dortmund as a model. We’d applaud them if they bought a player for £7m and sold him for nearer £40m two seasons or so later. That is what we are looking at with Guendouzi.

    And how many people would complain if the £40m was used to buy Partey? I’d call that good business.

    Why the “rejects”? Interesting question. I think Arteta is trying to change the culture and sees these players as central to instilling some values in the younger players. I also wonder if he is lining Luiz up to be a future coach after his one-year contract is up. I’ve no evidence for that. But at least it would explain the move.

  24. Thank you and goodnight

    Anyone seen the comedy on bbc2 ‘The First team’? That is so obvious it’s aimed at Arsenal, they even have a player called Carlos Velez . That’s kroenke’s legacy right their, we’ve become a laughing stock under his stewardship that everyone’s laughing at us.

  25. Wasi

    ‘I said he can be coached to become them. He isn’t the finished article. He doesn’t pass between the lines often enough to be a modern CM. but he can absolutely become a top deep lying midfielder.’

    Habesha Gooners

    It doesnt work like that for an unusually high amount of Legrovers. They think that a player’s development stops at 20 or 21 especially if he is not English.

  26. Graham62


    Regrettably, we became a laughing stock many moons ago.

    Some Arsenal fans though fail to acknowledge it.

  27. Marc

    Funny how Pedro seem’s determined to repeat the mistakes of history by bringing in “young top talent” but without having any experienced heads to help guide them.

    It’s a balance.

  28. Ernest Reed

    “If this is all the business we do when the window opens I’m going to be seriously pissed off and heads should roll.”

    Freddie, this is all the business that will be done.

  29. Pedro

    Marc, not sure that the strategy of peppering in average bums on big money is me making a mistake on what we should do moving forward.

  30. Goonies


    Yes he can pass to high 80s in pass completion but if 95% of the passes are sideways and backwards (not very difficult or brave) who gives a fuck?

    Yes he may develop but he’s not worth the hassle.

    I have never really rated him but the turning point for me was at city. He was hiding from the ball when his team mates needed him, every time Tierney had the ball at full back he never showed for it and made sure there was an opposition player between them when he could have easily side stepped to get a yard.

    People talk about he’s up for the fight? Fuck that he’s a coward when he’s needed.

  31. Marc


    Filling the team with young raw talent didn’t work out for Wenger – my point is we need a balance.

    Your criticism is of Luiz and Soares? Any other players you’d like to add to the list?

  32. Pierre

    ” Regrettably, we became a laughing stock many moons ago.Some Arsenal fans though fail to acknowledge it. ”

    If they were laughing, they were laughing at our entitled fans who despite winning trophies and qualifying for champions league with a fraction of the money spent by Chelsea, city and united, they slaughtered the manager.

    And now, they will still be laughing at those same entitled fans who after supporting that clown Emery , are now showing their true colours again with their criticism of Arteta who is trying his hardest to clear up the mess left by Emery.

  33. Pedro

    Marc, you’ve been shrieking about squad poverty for a year and now you’re struggling to work out who we should keep?

  34. Valentin


    Pressing and being a nuisance has always been a big part of Eddie’s game. Lots of his goals are self made because he press the opposition and get at the end of mistakes or miscontrols.

    I was not referring to the pressing, I was referring to the constant shouting. I can understand doing it during training and during games when the player is not doing it, but doing it when he is clearly following the instruction is bit much. Nkethia got a goal for that.

    There was an interview of Roberto Carlos who explained that once he faced a team whose coach was constantly shouting instructions and it annoyed him so much that at end he shouted at the coach to sit down and shut up.

    I am just saying that Some players may not respond well to that constant shouting of instructions approach. I suspect that Guendouzi may be one of those.

  35. Champagne Charlie


    You seem to be leaning heavily on Cedric as proof of the axis of evil.

    Did you not post his numbers that showed him a more competent defender than anyone in our current ranks?

    Point being if he wasn’t repped by Kia would he not be example of Arteta getting in someone of good pedigree, for little outlay, in a position we needed cover for?

    Idk, to me the recruitment of Luiz, Mari, and Cedric are good pieces of business when looked at in terms of the needs of the squad and the desires of the manager.

    1. Experienced leader that can play from the back
    2. Left sided Cb, good age, good fee
    3. RB cover/comp, good pedigree and experience, bosman.

  36. Marc


    “Ironically 2 of our best performing players. ”

    Are you slightly stupid or the whole package? I’m sure it has escaped you that their arrivals coincide with us dropping out of the top 4?

  37. Pierre

    “Freddie, this is all the business that will be done.”

    I’m not so sure Ernest, there is a little room to manoeuvre, I would expect a deep lying midfielder to come in at least, other than that it may be a case of bringing through a few more of our talented youngsters.

    smith rowe is ready to make his mark, plus I can see Nelson given a decent run and of course there are a few more waiting in the wings.

    Next season will be a make or break season for players like Willock ,Nketiah, Smith Row and Nelson.

  38. Marc


    “There was an interview of Roberto Carlos who explained that once he faced a team whose coach was constantly shouting instructions and it annoyed him so much that at end he shouted at the coach to sit down and shut up.”

    Yeah but it wasn’t his coach was it, so no reference to whether it was effective. I’d also love to know who the coach was – I’d love to see someone try that with Simeone, Fergie or Souness!

  39. Habesha Gooner

    Funny you see him failing at city with a midfield with Debruyne, Silva and Gundogan and he has as his partners Willock and ceballos ( who had a crappy game btw) as his yard stick. The people who see Guendouzi as a failure at arsenal still expect him to be sold for over 30 mil. So if you guys thought we will get 30 mil+ for him be must be decent at 21.

  40. Marc


    “I’m not so sure”

    I do hope you’re right but it’s going to be a difficult window, not only for us but most clubs.

  41. Goonies


    Again are you being ironic throwing the word stupid around. I know you bullshit prejudices of both players renders you unable to form a reasonable opinion by just using your eyes.

    Currently they are 2 of our our best performing players.

  42. Goonies


    He was hiding. I couldn’t give a fuck if he was showing for the ball and got crowded out or pressured of the ball but the point you are missing is HE WAS HIDING when we were under pressure.

    Don’t suppose you’ve ever played football to understand that this happens.

  43. Versus

    Guendozi £40k pw
    Maupay £50k pw


    Hey lads. You wanna read a joke. It goes like this. Go to whoscored.com. click comparison. Select NEAL MAUPAY and LACAZETTE. Enjoy.

  44. Habesha Gooner

    Goonies, Guendouzi is rarely accused of hiding. You are the only one I have heard say that about him. Others criticize him for not contributing enough to offensive play or his positioning and tackling abilities which some of it is fair but never hiding. He actually was the best arsenal player on the pitch the year before at the ETIHAD. He didn’t hide at city this year too in my eyes. Gary Neville even pointed out how much he showed up for the ball this year too. I didn’t see what you saw happened. He is always confident and shows up. He may even be too arrogant sometimes.
    And your judgment sucks because you think he is a pro when he is just a year older than Willock and smithrowe and the same age as Nketiah. But he is judged as an older player because of the levels he showed before. Anyway time will tell whether he will become a top player. I think he will become one. whether that will be at arsenal or not remains to be seen.

  45. Thorough

    I saw a tweet about Guendozis imminent departure and Arsenal fans were jubilatinf.
    Came on LeGrove and it’s exactly the same thing.
    I think Arsenal fans actually deserve the despondency they get.
    We, as a club, just never learn.
    If we paid attention to our youths our attack probably would have been Malen, Gnabry and Saka by now.
    Our midfield prolly could have consisted of Benacer, Adelaide and some DM worth the hype.
    We sold those 5 players above and they are better off and worth more to their respective clubs.
    In a midfield consisting of Saka, who can’t dribble his own spit, and an apathetic Ozil, people are clamoring for Guendozis and Torreira to be sold.
    What next? Sell Saka, Martinelli and Olayinka?
    If MA does not know the best managers have to be great man managers maybe he’s not worth his salt after all.

  46. Valentin


    It depends at what point of their development you get those French young players. If you get them when they have signed a long term contract and have just been called to the France U21 team for which they have been excellent, of course they are going to be expensive.

    But look Jean Clair Todibo was bought for less than a million by Barcelona in January 2019. Within six month he was send on loan to Schalke where he is now considered a €25 millions player.

    The club needs to be smarter and have proper scouts in those markets. Guess what we don’t a French market and especially the French 2nd Division. When both Grimandi and Sven criticised the scouting setup, people dismiss it as sour grapes but only does it look like most of their criticism were correct.

  47. Goonies


    Again missing the point. Against city he was hiding from the line of the ball when we had it. He wants the ball when he’s in acres of space that’s fucking obvious not when he’s in serious danger of losing it and making him look bad. He’s a shit show pony.

    He’s never brave on the ball,will never receive it when he’s crowded or on the half turn. Cesc was so brave on the ball, would take it in any position and it often goes unsaid but he had fire and he could back it up unlike this jumped up shit.

    Busquets and Jorginho also receive it when they and the team are under pressure not poor little Matteo though.

    Willock, Eddie and smitH Rowe don’t give it the big I am drawing negative attention to himself. Ever heard the expression ‘let your football do the talking’.

    Can’t believe he gives you such a hard on. Even the flashes of talent he shows isn’t that impressive.

    If we double our money on him bite their hand off seriously.

  48. Goonies


    You’re taking shit. Those players were subpar just like Guendouzi is.

    The only mistake and it’s massive was

  49. Marc


    Clearly you are not stupid – you’re a cunt. PL numbers since Arteta took over

    Xhaka stats

    11 appearances
    3 yellows
    5 wins
    5 draws
    1 loss
    0 goals
    0 assists

    Mustafi stats

    10 appearances
    3 wins
    4 draws
    3 losses
    13 conceded

  50. Thorough

    I’m talking shit but Gnabry was good. Which one is it?
    Bennacer was best player in afcon and won it for his country. He’s linked to Man city now.
    Adelaide had only a season with Angers and Lyon paid 25 million euros for him, whereas Ozil has been around for 3 years and nobody has offered us 25 dollars.
    Donyell Malen is already established in the Dutch team and is valued highest in the PSV team and has the 6th highest valuation of all the players in Eredivisie.

    So who’s talking shit now?

  51. salparadisenyc

    Arsenal supporters always want the next shiny object, nothing new there.

    If we do end up selling Guendouzi for decent money will have been a great signing considering he was plucked from Lorient for £7m.

  52. Wasi


    I’d happily warm to that strategy.
    The thing is right now a lot of young French players choose to stay in France and develop their game before moving abroad. So their value automatically goes up when they are high potential and play in the Ligue 1 for a season or 2 .
    It seems to be the trend and helps in their personal development.
    And I do agree we need to look for bargains like Todibo. The recent one we missed is Kuoassi.
    Reportedly we were in the race but he had many suitors and Bayern is massive.
    I have been banging around on this sub about Aouchice too. Good young prospect. Need to convince him of the project and bring him here.
    Malang Sarr is another. Theres some good quality we should be looking at and definitely the club will be the better for it.

  53. Marc


    All supporters of all clubs always want the next shiny object.

    If you don’t know that you have no idea about football fans.

  54. Wasi


    You mention about Grimandi.
    But if you read the article ( I cant remember which one) it says Sven started trimming the scouting system because we had a very bloated but inefficient system. And Raul reportedly stopped that. So we dont know who cut out Grimandi and tbh we don’t know if he was good enough or not.
    What we know is that we still have capable people in and around.
    We found 2 gems last summer. Saliba and Gabi.
    And I hope we keep finding more.

  55. Marc


    What I’d like to hear but the Mislintat “groupies” never answer is if he is so good would they rate the signings that we made whilst he was head of recruitment?

  56. salparadisenyc

    Didn’t really put my opinion in there Marc was just a statement.

    Think your just pissed Mislintat was involved and it could produce a nice profit for club. You may not rate him but it sounds like PSG and Barca do.

  57. Marc


    Er – not at all I’d love Mislintats’s time to produce some money to offset the rest of the money he pissed up the wall.

  58. Pedro

    Marc, think Mislintat made some pretty good signings, also, he was an elite name in scouting who had his career cut short by… Raul. Who is terrible.

    But of course you rate Raul… like you did Emery. You are addicted to average.

  59. salparadisenyc

    If were going to really slate Mislintat lets do it for being complicit in the Emery hiring along with Gazidis and Raul.

  60. Marc


    Stop lying.

    1) I said I’d give Emery a chance which I’m doing to Arteta as well – the fact that I enjoy baiting you over him is banter.

    2) ” think Mislintat made some pretty good signings” who? name them? Of course if they don’t play for us they don’t count!

    3) Mislintat “was an elite name in scouting who had his career cut short” and where’s he working now? PSG, Barca Madrid or the football equivalent of Morrisons?

    4) “But of course you rate Raul” One summer of Sanllehi vs one summer of Mislintat and yeah I’ll rate Sanllehi as better than Mislintat.

    5) “You are addicted to average.” Bit harsh to judge me because I read here every day!

  61. Goonies

    Learn to thoroughly read you clown it’s not difficult. The players you mention are all average with the exception of gnabry you pedantic prick.

  62. Goonies

    Marc the way you go on and try to overcompensate on a daily basis screams average, bland, lacking, whatever you want to dress it up as.

  63. Marc


    Yeah because you’re a real fan – overcompensate, I gave you stats and you’re bitching like a little whore.

    Does mummy know you’re still on the internet?

  64. salparadisenyc


    Most who questioned the Mislintat dismissal were doing so wondering what fucking direction this club was going in the power vacuum Danny Devito sprung, not really groupie stuff for a talent spotter.

  65. Marc


    Please rate the signings made whilst Mislintat was head of recruitment?

    You guy’s never do – everyone loved the idea of Mislintat, the reality was a world away. Some of us can see that other’s can’t.

  66. salparadisenyc

    Mislintat wasn’t what we hoped but what are his big misses?

    Emery, Sokratis no question along with Lichsteiner. The latter who came in on a free to add a season’s depth to our 23 yr right back.

    Mislintat inherited the shit storm Sanchez spun under the architecture of Wenger for not selling to City that summer. Then Wenger apparently wanted either Mkhitaryan or Martial in return for Sanchez that January from United. Hard situation to shine.


    All solid signings. Torriera may not work out but were not loosing money. Guendouzi has all the qualities to be a huge player may not transpire at the Arsenal, so the clubs churns large profit. Leno our most promising keeper in some time. PEA the obvious signing that has done nothing but live the fuck up to his pedigree.

    Mavro was development purchase, like I said his biggest miss was certainly Emery.

  67. Pedro

    Marc going full on Marko over here.

    Sal, pretty apparent the Emery was Raul’s doing.

    Torreira, Matteo, Auba, Tierney and Leno isn’t a bad run… especially when Marc is out here defending someone that just signed up Mari, Luiz and Soares.

  68. Marc


    “Torreira, Matteo, Auba, Tierney and Leno isn’t a bad run…”

    Torriera – failure can’t get a game
    Guendozi – What did you call him the other day a “wrong en”?
    Auba – £ 56 million and 28 – not exactly the rough diamonds you’ve been
    preaching about.
    Leno – I’m so glad we signed Diamond Eye’s to get an Internationally Capped keeper.

    Tierney – Ops again signed by Sanllehi long after Mislintat had left.

  69. Marc


    I read his comment and was dismissing him as he should be. He was talking up Mislintat and managed to prove his period at Arsenal was a disgrace.

    Why is it everyone who talks a progressive Arsenal can’t see that Mislintat was a fraud?

  70. salparadisenyc


    Yes but Sven was a party to Emery being the third member, not to mention he could easily take Raul in a knife fight.

    Should of stood his ground then.

  71. Pedro

    Marc, why are you talking about Sven still? A guy with a far better record than the man in charge now?

    Are you just being contrarian?

  72. Marc


    Eh again you just laid out his “amazing” performance only for me to bitch slap you and now you don’t want to discuss Mislintat – someone you said the other day the Kroenke’s should take advice from.


    I’d start with a brain before you start making bold steps to season tickets.

  73. Pedro

    Mislintat is top class and left the project early because of Raul.

    Not sure what is left to discuss. Our biggest assets are his buys. Case closed.

  74. RockyRoe

    Not sure what is left to discuss. Our biggest assets are his buys. Case closed.

    Pedro oh pedro!! Making shit up again I see 🙂

    Here are mislintats signings:

    Auba – very very important signing, no one can deny BUT not an unknown signing for the so called data driven maestro AND from his last club to. Talk about spreading the net far and wide.

    Mikki – you want me go into how this turned out for us?

    Mavroponos – can’t get games with Mustafa and luiz ahead of him. As you say, case closed.

    Lucas T – again can’t get a game to save his life.

    Leno – very very good signing.

    Sokratis – a 29 year defender signed AGAIN from his last club, who is warming the bench at 80ishk

    Matteo – well you just wrote a piece on how there isint a whole lot going on there

    Stephen L – it’s funny how Emery gets the flak on this and mislintat was the one bringing in the talent.

    On the same point how is it that Emery gets pounded for Stephen L while Raul gets it for Luiz signing and not arteta?

  75. David Smith

    Raul next in the firing line if things go wrong next season.
    Then KSE to sell.
    Hopefully failed Wenger transition will rid us of this owner as he releases money for other issues
    This club needs a new owner to achieve its massive potential

  76. China1

    I don’t think Sven or Raul have done a good job tbh

    I don’t see it as good vs bad, more like bad vs bad

  77. China1

    Man the Ox won the lottery joining Liverpool

    He was a permacrock at arsenal, didn’t live up to his potential at all, had a worse record on the pitch in terms of goals and assists than Wally walnuts and apart from having a great frame, and being a powerful sprinter, lacked any particularly special qualities. Then he managed to get sold despite his very hefty price tag to the best team in the world where he has again spent half the time injured and only in and out of the team but he’s now collected a CL and a PL and will go down as a squad member in the Liverpool history books

    That’s some serious fortune he rolled on right there lol. Could’ve just as easily ended up at an Everton or Palace considering his level and lack of consistent fitness.

  78. Bojangles

    For those who feel Guendouzi has doesn’t progress the ball.

    “2nd on the team in progressive passes/90 (10th among MFers in the League) – 6.75

    2nd most progressive distance/90 (among Arsenal MFers, 13th in the League overall) – 282m

    2nd in progressive distance carried/90 (among Arsenal MFers, 3rd in the League overall) – 200.6m”

    Taken from 7am.

  79. Johnno

    Arteta has the power now. No way club sacks another manager. No point not supporting him LeGrovers. He has work to do but he will be given the chance to fail.

    All Stan would have read about in dispatches would be all the player drama these past 2 years. I’m sure arteta will have been told to fix the culture so we start getting our monies worth.

    So he had laid down standards. Expects discipline. Diligence. Guendouzi- a 19 year old with a lot to learn – has took one look at what arteta demands and said “non merci”

    Says it all. Lots of talk of his potential on here. To me he always looked like he had the potential to be a total plum.

    He has fulfilled his potential.

  80. CaliGooner

    Hey Marc just start your own blog since you love your own opinions so much while insulting those with contrary opinions. Like dealing with trump.

  81. azed

    Our signings over the last few years have been dodgy because we recruited players without a plan for the team.
    What was the point of signing Torriera and Guendozi in the same window?

    Luiz and Mari should be back up defenders so we should be signing only one of them so our CB’s look like Saliba, new CB, Holding, Luiz/Mari

  82. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal is a club in transition. Our horizon this season if we are being realistic is a top 7 place finish ahead of Spurs and Sheffield United if we are lucky. We are not going to overtake either Man Utd or Wolves.

    My personal preference is not to finish in Europa Cup places so that the club can focus on our performance in EPL. That view is not widely accepted by other posters, because of financial implications.

    Sometimes you need to weigh up your priorities and getting our squad/team
    up to scratch is more important than the money.

    At the moment we have got a lot of young players in our squad, but very few
    experienced players who are top 4 standard. The only two who fit the bill are
    Aubameyang and possibly Leno.

    So we are a “rebuild” job at the moment. If we are going to spend serious money in the transfer market on any player then it should be focussed on
    players with proven track record and will take us to next level. I would rather
    buy 1 or 2 such players annually than recruit wholesale dross.

    The second issue for me is that Arsenal’s squad is currently unbalanced. The
    defence has too many CBs most of whom are second or third tier level.

    Our midfield is also very weak. We signed Ozil and Mkhitaryan respectively
    on £350K and £180 wages and neither is performing for the club and are either
    sitting on bench or loaned out. Both are unsaleable.

    The rest of our midfield is at best mediocre lacking defensive solidity and creative quality.

    If we are going to move on then we need to sort out our spine in these departments.

    Despite what is posted about our finances I think that the club does have resources if they choose to use them. Liverpool were far less well resourced
    than us not so long ago with a tiny bank balance and owners with far less
    financial clout than Kroenke.

    Yet they have managed to turn around the club in six years and won last season Champions League and this season Premier League Title.

    We need to follow the same route, but be patient and make the right decisions
    with a proper plan.

    The starting point is getting most of the dross and unwanted players out of club in next two seasons and replacing them with better and more reliable

  83. Wasi


    ‘What I’d like to hear but the Mislintat “groupies” never answer is if he is so good would they rate the signings that we made whilst he was head of recruitment?’

    Marc they wont do that. They love Mislintat because they like the idea of what Mislintat does
    (which I do too). But the fact is other than Leno and Guendouzi Mislintat did no good for the club with his diamond eye( Did great for other clubs I’m only talking about Arsenal). Auba didn’t need a diamond eye. Diamond eye was needed to see that Sok , Mkhi and Lich will never cut it at Arsenal. So you could say he failed there.

    What the groupies and Pedro do is group the good signings made by Raul and Mislintat and say they were all Sven’s signings. What they do is lie.

    Man . Pedro even went so far as saying Mislintat signed Tierney. 😂 The player who was signed under Raul and who has himself admitted that Arsenal had been keeping an eye on him since he was 18.

  84. Useroz

    Additionally, it’s clear that Arteta has a plan he’s activating against. He’s making it clear that a new dawn is ahead of us and there is a clearout that is certainly happening this summer. Mesut Ozil, Alex Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac all sat in the stands as the kids kicked on. That was a long overdue statement that I thought was pretty bold.

    As I will continue to say, he is the least of Arsenal’s worries. The guy has it all, leadership, passion, tactical vision, communication, and positive vibes. Limited experience, but that’s what vision is about, taking a chance on potential. Arteta just needs a bit of luck and a very good squad overhaul this summer.

    While the game commentary on individual players is mostly on, these statements on MA aren’t. Well at least a bit stretched.

    None of us know what he has. Sure, a head coach would have plenty of scenarios, plots etc. Even high school coaches have those. The point is, we still didn’t play that well. Fewer square pegs in round holes argument?

    MA hasn’t a usual pre season nor a full season but he has quite some time. We can blame the players and I have no doubt they are part of the problems but great coaches can do very positive things quickly. Can’t always resort to long term when top 4 was within line of sight however shut the team may be.

    Don’t disagree MA probably is for now least of our problems. Just not convinced he’s as good as we all hear on here looking at outcomes. It’s a result business after all. If he needs Arsenal as his sandbox to becoming a great coach he should pay us 5m! A lot is at stake. Club reputation, ability to attract players ( well, now dial a Raul would do) , commercials etc.

    In business a new leader must stop the rot and show what he/she can do very quickly. I know MA isn’t the CEO but… Also, don’t like his spill at all about the Mari, Soares and Luiz. It’s absolutely shocking coming from a supposedly great coach?!

  85. Moray

    Useroz, the problem is that Arteta is not the leader as such. Certainly not in the Wenger mould.

    The manager these days is really a glorified coach and a figurehead.

    We have a set up which purposely weakened the power of the manager after Wenger left. Unfortunately we didn’t take that time to bring in proper governance or “Arsenal Football men” Into the fold. Neither Gazidis Nor Sanhelli one suspects see the club as much more than a cash cow. But then neither do the owners, so you get what you deserve.

    We lack passion and a sense of history now within the club and this shows on the pitch. It will be tough for Tets to turn this cultural part around on his own. The only hope is he can get support to bring that back. I hate Liverpool FC with a passion but this is something they do well and it helps them when the chips are down.

  86. Pierre

    Clearly you are not stupid – you’re a c*nt. PL numbers since Arteta took over
    Xhaka stats
    11 appearances
    3 yellows
    5 wins
    5 draws
    1 loss
    0 goals
    0 assists”

    I Like the disingenuous way you include the Man city defeat as Xhaka’s only loss to prove a point , despite the fact he was injured in the first 5 minutes.

    I would think it’s fairer to say he had 5 wins and 5 losses in his 10 games played and in the 3 league games he was missing, we lost all 3.

    That sort of proves goonies point I think it’s fair to say.

  87. China1

    If we do serious work on the midfield this summer then next season could be interesting. If we’re still rocking into matches with a vaguely similar midfield as now then all hope is lost lol

  88. China1

    I don’t mind if we don’t get partey if there are some serious under the radar players out there we can get instead

    I just hope the quality of the midfield signings is serious because we’ve been trash in midfield for so long and we’ll never even be slightly relevant without a midfield

  89. China1

    Totally agreed useroz

    I think Arteta didn’t need to get us top 4, it was always going to be tough coming in when he did and enacting change – but the door has been wide wide open to challenge for 5th at least, so if we don’t do that Arteta shouldn’t walk away without any accountability in this.

    I’m Arteta in and have high hopes he’s going to do big things, but those hopes shouldn’t negate the reality that he’s not overachieving which is what top end managers are often able to do. The whole point of what distinguishes solid and good manager is if they can make their team look stronger than the sum of its parts. That’s not been apparent yet and if we’re still excusing regular poor performances and results because of the squad then it’s kind of an acceptance that Arteta isn’t doing anything special and that the player quality is the only thing that matters, not the manager.

  90. Useroz

    Moray. Dialling back the authoritarian regime Wenger manages to built is definitely needed however we don’t seem to have the smarts to put a proper target operating model in place. It’s a chicken and egg situation. Classic.

    With both owner/KSE and the board practically ignorant of how to build a successful football club let alone in the PL, they defer the business plan (VMV really) to these cronies. What had Raul achieved at Barca really, other than built a network of super agents around himself? Vinai is an accountant who got more than he bargained for. And why not if it were you?

    The thing is, these guys don’t give you the sauce for lack of a better word. In advisory speak, they lack very much needed competencies. Where’s the know how in crafting a sensible business plan to take us where Arsenal is supposed to be.

    Vision? Let’s simply revisit the ‘why’ we moved to the Emirates and take it from there. It’s not very different to what some also brought up on here.

    Recruitments should be done in alignment with the plan and resulting operating model, considering various milestones over time. We may need some supplements of ‘senior’ players but there must be by design, and not names that came up when Raul happens to have a few glasses with his super agent mates over dinners.

    Simply out, let’s be hones, Arsenal is not in transition We are in chaos.

    Transition almost always implies we know there’s a positive sort of destiny ie not heading south like we appear to!

    Fire Raul and hire a CEO proper. ASAP.

  91. Graham62


    There’s a passion at Liverpool, amongst the entire Footballing structure and fan base, that demands success.

    Arsenal hasn’t had this ever since we left Highbury.

  92. Graham62



    As an “obsessive and entitled fan”, as some on here like to see me, it was clear that the structure created by Wenger, was also there to protect him from his obvious flaws. This is my club, my methods, my way.
    Unfortunately our ignorant owners and somewhat deluded fan base, bought into all this crap.

    Pretty football became more important than winning football. Winning the Emirates Cup, Community Shields and a few FA Cups became the new norm.

    Consumed by this philosophy, we became a lost cause.

    The consequences are there for all to see.

  93. China1

    Liverpool have also blown away every excuse that arsenal relied on for years when we were just treading water and aiming for top 4

    There was a lack of money, there was oil money competition, then there was a second oil money club and arsenal were absolutely loving having every excuse under the sun to not win any PL titles or compete in Europe

    Then Leicester came along and won the league. Now Liverpool have not only won the CL last year without being bank rolled but finished with breathing distance of winning the league ahead of record breaking oil money city. Now they’ve savaged the whole PL this year and will likely break half the records on the table

    And arsenal fans will still be complaining that we don’t have a £200m transfer kitty to compete with city.

    Liverpool got their money through buying low and selling high followed by high league and CL placing. There’s literally zero need for a major club to be bankrolled to compete at the top if they are well run

    But we have Stan so good luck with that

  94. alexanderhenry


    It’s not just the money. The Fenway group are proven winners.
    Look at their track record with the Boston red sox.

    Now look at KSE’s with their franchises.

  95. Emiratesstroller

    I suggest that many posters who are currently so negative about Arsenal take a look at Liverpool’s progression since Fenway took over as owners.

    In first two seasons Liverpool finished 7th and 8th in EPL and there was little
    or no significant investment in the team.

    Liverpool’s reputation until recent times was a Cup team not dissimilar to Arsenal.

    The major difference between Fenway and Kroenke is that they owned Liverpool 100% and therefore could make decisions without reference to
    other parties.

    Kroenke became owner as opposed to major shareholder only at end of 2017.
    So you can only make a comparison since that point.

    Liverpool’s strategy under Fenway has been different to Arsenal’s history.
    They made a decision early on not to move from Anfield and their rebuild
    of stadium strategy has been fairly limited.

    Also Liverpool’s revenue reserves until now have been remarkably thin. Most
    of the inward transfers have been funded by sales specifically of Suarez and

    Liverpool’s first team choices under Klopp have been fairly stable in recent years. In most seasons he has made maximum of two to three changes apart
    from this season when he has brought in just one new player in Gomez.

    The key to their success is “stability” a commodity which has been lacking
    at Arsenal for a considerable length of time. Liverpool’s first team self selects
    itself. Arsenal does not.

  96. Graham62

    Arsenal should have been renamed Excuses FC as soon as we left Highbury.

    The really amusing thing in all of this, is that those that have been critical of everything post-Wenger, are the same individuals who bought into all the excuses.🤪

    What a surprise!

  97. alexanderhenry


    Good points regarding the stadium. Dein was against it and I think that lead to him being pushed.

    I disagre on your point about decision making however.
    KSE has had a controlling stake at arsenal since 2011. Usmanov , despite owning a third of the club had no influence on decisions whatsoever.
    He didn’t even have a seat on the BOD.

    As for the other BOD members, as they have no shares at all or very few, they have. no real power.
    They pitch up to club events, give speeches, cut tape etc.

    Kroenke owning 100% of arsenal won’t make any difference in his attitude. The advantages for him are this: He no longer has the inconvenience of having to be at the AGM and now can be a lot less transparent about arsenal’s finances.

    Let’s hope he doesn’t do anything really stupid.

  98. China1

    ET the difference between Liverpool and Arsenal comes from the fact that their owners are aiming for major success and have been recruiting people below them to that end. They’ve done it expertly and have now been rewarded

    They were funded by the sales of Suarez and Coutinho only because they managed to buy such players low and sell them so high. Arsenal have paid high prices for low quality players consistently now going on several years and this is why we’re left complaining about a lack of money whilst they were not

  99. Spanishdave

    Right on the button.
    Every week there are team changes, which does go down to the coach.
    We need a first team selection and get some consistency so that players know where to find passes and get better movement.
    Arteta must now start to show authority in picking players and get rid of the dross so we can properly start the rebuilding.

  100. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    There should be no excuses, but a sense of realism.

    Arsenal are in transition with a new head coach and if we are to be competitive
    then the club needs to focus on rebuilding the starting X1 in a methodical and
    patient way.

    We should not be spending mega bucks on squad players. Our focus if we spend serious money should be on players who will improve first team.

    If you read today’s Telegraph article on Liverpool that is precisely what they
    have been doing since Klopp has arrived.

    The club is working to a formula based on 4-3-3 and spend only serious money
    on players who fit into the system and improve team.

  101. Jamie

    I think people are underestimating just how wealthy the Kroenke family is.

    Stan and his wife are worth almost $20 billion between them. They aren’t losing any sleep over a potential $2 billion paper loss. They’re empire builders. A shit empire, but an empire nonetheless. Asset stripping is completely counterproductive to that goal.

    They have no reason to sell, imo.

  102. CG

    Martin Keown on Arteta and David Luiz.

    “””””Nonetheless, I think he should be making the right decisions for the football club and I don’t believe David Luiz is the right man to be in that dressing room.

    “Frank Lampard took a different view when he took over at Chelsea; he wanted David Luiz out of his dressing room, for whatever reason, whether that was performance or character, I’m not sure, but he made that clear decision”””””

    No more to add.

    Apart from.

    Maybe one of the reasons Frank Lampard’s Chelsea team beat Pep’s Man City a week after Luiz gets another red at City and we fail to get a shot on their goal.

    Arteta Out.

    (Nice chap and puts on a decent coaching session but doesn’t know the art of management.)

    A Daydreamer.

  103. CG

    Forget all the transition twaddle ES continually spouts.

    I am guessing he is like Arteta.
    Lovely bloke , got an awful lot of contacts but is uber naive in the extreme.

    Quite simply,

    Liverpool would not be English Champions and European Champions today if the inexperienced Steve Gerrard was appointed Liverpool manager.

    They are becuase they recruited a man who has worn the ‘ seen it, done it ,been there ‘ T shirt.

    And that is that.

    Stopp faffing around.
    Arsenal ain’t working.

    Change it and if necessary keep changing it until it does work.

  104. Jamie

    CG June 22, 2020 16:02:30

    “Lets persist with him. Arteta In.”

    Then one game is played: Southampton 0 – 2 Arsenal.

    CG June 27, 2020 10:02:56

    “Arteta Out.”

    There has never been a bigger dipshit on le-grove.

  105. Jeff

    Yes we won but it was a shit game. We have no style, no flare, no charisma, no excitement. The match was so boring that my son – who is a fanatic Arsenal supporter went to play a computer game at half time and didn’t come back for 30 minutes – that’s how boring it was.

  106. CG

    Totally unacceptable Arsenal’s MO is to be a poor man’ s Manchester City for the foreseeable future.

    Even down to the way the incumbent head coach dresses.

    And by the way -City themselves are miles behind Liverpool.

    (Even with all their horrible, cheating blood money.

    Pep has only won 1 league title in 3 attempts.)

    If we are to copy anyone- lets copy Liverpool.

  107. Terraloon


    I think you are in massive denial.

    For me there is no direct comparison whatsoever between the first few years of FSA at Liverpool and KSE
    . Ok Fenway had 100% ownership from day one but once KSE became major shareholder other than forcing through special resolutions or the like they in effect had operational control.

    Klopp was appointed in October 15 this followed a transfer window where Liverpool had bought in 7 players at a cost of £82 million. In the January 16 window , Klopps first, Liverpool bought in one player.

    Fast forward to season 16/17 and Liverpool signed 6 players, in 17/18 5 players, 18/194 and 19/20 4 players each season. Far greater than the numbers you suggest. Also in respect of investment they have spent £67 million, £155 million,£161 million and £12 million. Hardly insignificant sums and yes a chunk has been off set by transfers out but all power to then because any club that could get a combined £34 million from Bournemouth for Solanke and Ibe & £142 million for Coutinho clearly knows the market

    As for league positions the positions achieved by Klopp have been 8th 4th, 4th, 2nd & 1st. Again not 7th & 8th as you suggest.

    As for Liverpool’s approach to their stadium . I think you have to applaud Liverpool’s approach they aren’t a London based team where football tourists need to be catered for nor do they have the numbers that a London offers In terms of corporate customers.

    Liverpool aren’t a model that Arsenal can copy they are unique in so many ways but yes I agree there are lessons to be learnt from every club that said Arsenal have to develop and evolve its own identity going forward

  108. London gunner

    Pedro + arteta fan club.

    I think arteta needs time before both praise and both damnation.

    So far I haven’t seen much to be impressed about but Arteta did inherit a shit show.

    I think he needs this season and half of next before we can fully gauge him as a manager. That’s not to say we can’t praise or critque along the way. But in regards to final judgement pro or against i hold my judgement for now.

    Tbh though @pedro what I’m disappointed about is not the results but the perfomances. Even in klopps first season with the 8th place finish you could see from day 1 the attacking vision with Arteta I can’t see it. Arteta as a player was sensible no thrills played it safe this might be the case as a manager. My main hope for arteta is the fact sterling has praised him for developing his killer attacking game but its odd he seems so offensively beige at this point.

  109. Uwot?

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Partey AND Danillo .Now that would be 😋 Throw in Upamencano & I’d be Dreaming.course I would.Would give us just about all we need.

  110. Emiratesstroller


    You know fuck all about football.

    Teams who win trophies are those who work to a formula and more importantly operate with an element of stability.

    Throwing money at a problem and changing every five minutes your coaching team does not produce results in most cases.

    Liverpool are successful because they have the same coach for five years and
    he has been building methodically the team and not making wholesale changes. Gomez is the only change to starting lineup this season.

    Manchester City under Guardiola are not that different. Yes they buy a lot
    of players, but their first X1 is fundamentally stable.

    Arsenal by contrast is a mess and despite your negative obsession about Arteta the guy has been 5 minutes in club and inherited a bunch of players
    who in many cases are unfit for purpose.

    Stop making unintelligent and illogical opinions. Every manager/head coach on the planet starts somewhere. Some make the grade by design and others
    by luck.

    Arteta is probably more qualified than most who have worked at Arsenal. The
    only Manager since the 1930s who was a proven success before he arrived at
    Arsenal was Herbert Chapman.

    Allison was club secretary, Bertie Mee a physiotherapist, Billie Wright a good
    footballer, but useless as a Manager and Emery an average manager who could not communicate with his players.

    Wenger your favourite had a very modest pedigree when he arrived at Arsenal. He was successful for 8 years and that was the time frame that he
    should have stayed at club, although by necessity during period post stadium rebuild and 2008 recession there were economic reasons for holding onto him.

    What Arsenal needs to do is to rebuild first team by recruiting right players.
    We need to allow Arteta time to develop a team which is initially fit for purpose, followed by being competitive and ultimately winning trophies.

    If after 12-18 months we see no progress then fine sack him, but not on your
    illogical whim after just 6 months because he does not fit into your idea of
    what a manager or head coach should be.

  111. China1

    100% agreed London

    After 2 or so games Arteta clearly had the players persist with 2 touch football for spells of each match. It resulted in us looking fluid and likely for the first time in yonks and we immediately looked better in defense and midfield with quick transitions and movement leading to sudden attacks etc

    Then after about 3 games it vanished and I’ve not seen it since

    No idea why, it was making us look a better team and helping us open teams up with pace, but it got scrapped and we slowed back down with constant back passes from midfield to defense (emery ball) again

    If we persisted with using 2 touch for spells of each game and were inconsistent, winning some, losing some etc I’d at least be thankful that I could see what we are aiming to do and that when we practice more and recruit better it will get increasingly effective

    But right now I’m not sure what we’re about other than hoping for a great saka cross and an auba poached goal

  112. andy1886

    Graham: I’m sure his upcoming book will have us all reaching for the tissues.

    Maybe, but I don’t want to think about what the Wenger acolytes will use them for!

  113. CG


    They sacked Hodgdon after 14 games
    King Kenny after 6 months
    Rogers ( who nearly won the league there)

    They kept sacking until they got Klopp

  114. Dissenter

    I have respect player who requests to leave Arsenal. I wish we had more players with that that type of Cojones.
    We are overstocked with players who just want to s9t in the bench and milk their wages while tweeting that’s the live the club.
    Guendouzi knows when he’s not wanted by a new manager, he wants out…let’s respect that and stop piling on him.
    How many of our 20 year old players are in such demand by bigger clubs?

  115. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest you read the article of Burt in today’s Daily Telegraph.

    There have been very few changes to starting lineup of Liverpool and they
    have been playing in a 4-3-3 lineup for all but first season since Klopp became

    I did not suggest that Liverpool do not make changes to their squad, but when
    it comes to spending serious money that is focussed on first X1.

    The only players in their current squad outside First X1 who cost serious money since Klopp arrived are Keita and Oxlade Chamberlain. Both were
    expected to starting lineup but failed to do so.

  116. Useroz

    That stadium seems a massive risk to me . Way over budget, not in a football town and he’s now had to borrow literally billions to build it.
    Also, Stan borrowed the half billion to buy out usmanov.“

    KSE borrows because HE CAN. Smart businessmen mostly build with others’ monies. As one stated above, SK (and wife) worth plenty and wouldn’t take a hit, ego a bit bruised may be, even if Arsenal bankrupted.

    Comparing Liverpool and Arsenal isn’t relevant at this juncture when winning mentality, passion and footballing know how from inside out are different. They appear to know what they wanted and tried very hard getting it.

    Arguably, from Liverpool owner, the Board , fans and supporters, to managers and players, they all been pulling in same (and right) direction. When Klopp came along things started to fall into place.

    Is Arsenal today even in Liverpool’s pre Kopp era, with the jigsaw in place to thrive?