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Congratulations Liverpool. I hate it, but you can’t be angry at Jurgen Klopp. What a manager, what a job, what a season. Well done.

Onto Arsenal.

The bloodletting has officially stopped for a few days.

We won a fucking game. Lovely.

It wasn’t always pretty; there were some heart-in-mouth moments, and there was some luck… but we won.

Arteta switched things up with 3 at the back and we looked pretty solid. He’s still prioritising defensive structure over attacking flair, but the formation allowed us to get in behind Southampton and force Hassenhutl into changing his approach.

Our two goals were pretty lucky, the first came from Eddie’s relentless pressure from the front, he chased down their keeper, forced an error and picked up an easy tap-in for our first.

The second, LATE in the second half, came off the back of some serious Saints pressure. Again, it was another error. Auba was professionally fouled in the build-up forcing the ref into a red card for Jack Stephens. The resulting freekick on the edge of the area from Lacazette was parried poorly, giving Joe Willock the chance to sweep home for the winner. It was great to see two of Arteta’s subs give us the edge after some horrible in-game ‘accidents’ during his short tenure.

So what to make of it?

Well, a few things. We’ve quite often been a bit shit against Southampton over the past 5 years, so it was nice to pick up an away win there (Arteta’s first in the league at Arsenal). Additionally, we have been a car crash off the pitch and even worse on it in the last two matches. Actually, when you layer in context, not as bad as everyone has made out, but let’s just say it’s been a miserable start, so anything that stopped the rot was happiness.

Sure, we weren’t great in the second half, but the fear kicked in. We’re dreadful away from home and the team was clearly nervous. It showed character for the boys to see out the win and stick to the plan.

Additionally, it’s clear that Arteta has a plan he’s activating against. He’s making it clear that a new dawn is ahead of us and there is a clearout that is certainly happening this summer. Mesut Ozil, Alex Lacazette and Saed Kolasinac all sat in the stands as the kids kicked on. That was a long overdue statement that I thought was pretty bold. A lot of people thought Arteta would bottle it and roll out the Ozil apology. He didn’t. That’s good leadership.

The coach also left out Matteo Guendouzi. This has drawn some anger amongst the fans because there’s a chart going around showing that the Frenchman is a standout talent on the stats front. I totally understand that, he’s exciting, he’s only 20, and the world is his lobster. However, we have to live in reality. If you work for an organisation and you are a precocious talent but can’t behave, you are a problem. This is elite level sport, we are looking to activate a high-performance culture, if you can’t play the game, you don’t have a right to be a part of the club. Being a massive whopper is not a key attribute worth having around if you don’t live up to the non-negotiables.

I have told you for a long while that he’s a problem. The staff find him difficult and even the players think he’s problematic and unfocused. More interested in Instagram babes is something I’ve heard, very unArsenal is something I’ve heard from other quarters. You can’t afford that in a team that is at the bottom. I’d draw parallels to Dennis Rodman who won a championship with the Pistons but was a wild child. The only reason the Bulls pursued him in is that they had two alpha males at the club they knew could control him. Matteo hasn’t won a championship, he’s just acting out like peak Mario B without the substance. Put him with Diego Simeone, maybe that’ll help him, but let’s not make out it’s an Arsenal problem if they can’t control a player who has fucked over 3 managers in a row. It’s a Matteo problem.

Still, the one positive with Arteta is he always leaves a door open for forgiveness.

Some additional positives from yesterday. I really thought Martinez looked good. He has a great frame for a keeper and the Premier League, he’s a good shot-stopper and he is shockingly good with his feet. I thought he was a calming figure in the defence yesterday.

Rob Holding, who was a little bit on the outside also had a good game yesterday. He’s regaining confidence, he looks stronger and a clean sheet will do him the world of good.

We also need to give a shout to some of our counter-attacking play. It was much better yesterday. We created 4 big chances yesterday. I thought Saka found a good stride yesterday and we were unlucky not to score more goals. Granit Xhaka, love or loathe, made a difference with his passing. We missed him, suck it up, it hurts to say it, but he was good. He made one sublime line-breaking pass in the first half that was very, very sexy.

The two worries were Spanish. Hector Bellerin still doesn’t look comfortable at right-back. He’s lost a bit of pace and he looks broken. His decision making isn’t quite there and you can see the nervousness in his game. I’m not sure if that’s just him moving forward, but he’s a shadow of his former self at the moment.

Dani Ceballos just ain’t it. We’re looking at a player that isn’t suited to Arsenal as an 8. Bake in that he doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal, and, well, you have a hot pie with a nasty filling. We need a proper number 8 that has power, pace, great passing and a presence on the pitch. That has to be top of the list this summer, hopefully Kia has a good idea of what we can do there, because our midfield isn’t right. Does he know Dominik Szoboszlai by chance?

Big shout out to Eddie, he earned his bread yesterday. He’s a hard worker and he patrols that frontline with more and more urgency. I think he’s a good bet for the future, he needs a few more goals, but if you get his confidence in the right place there’s no telling how far he can go. Also, I am thankful for Auba when he plays in such a selfless way. He was unlucky not to get his 50th goal, hitting the bar early on, but overall, he had a great game.

Just before I tap out of the game commentary, just a reminder, last time we beat Southampton in November, we conceded 21 shots and lost on xG 2.71-1.91. Today, our xG was 0.76-2.53.

Final word for the coach. It was a solid performance. He was tactically correct, he lifted the players, and his in-game management was better. As I will continue to say, he is the least of Arsenal’s worries. The guy has it all, leadership, passion, tactical vision, communication, and positive vibes. Limited experience, but that’s what vision is about, taking a chance on potential. Arteta just needs a bit of luck and a very good squad overhaul this summer.

Onto the next game, an FA Cup quarter-final against Sheffield United. xxx

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  1. Dissenter

    ***I have respect player who request to leave Arsenal. I wish we had more players with that that type of Cojones.
    We are overstocked with players who just want to sit on the bench and milk their wages while tweeting that they love the club.
    Guendouzi knows when he’s not wanted by a new manager, he wants out…let’s respect that and stop piling on him.
    How many of our 20 year old players are in such demand by bigger clubs?

  2. Goonies


    ‘ The match was so boring that my son – who is a fanatic Arsenal supporter went to play a computer game at half time and didn’t come back for 30 minutes – that’s how boring it was.’

    That isn’t the description of a fanatic Jeff. That’s the description of a fair weather cunt.

    People need a serious dose of reality if they’re expecting the finished article and the razzmatazz of a title winning team after 13 games.

    We need to pick up points, so sorry Jeff that grinding out a result isn’t to your taste.

  3. Emiratesstroller

    Guendouzi is an immature boy and an average footballer. If he wants to leave

    All the noise about which clubs are interested in him is I suspect agent and media talk. Clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Man Utd are not going to buy him as a first team player even if they are remotely interested in player, which I

  4. Goonies


    ‘The match was so boring that my son – who is a fanatic Arsenal supporter went to play a computer game at half time and didn’t come back for 30 minutes – that’s how boring it was.’

    That isn’t the description of a fanatic Jeff. That’s the description of a fair weather cunt.

    People need a serious dose of reality if they’re expecting the finished article and the razzmatazz of a title winning team after 13 games.

    We need to pick up points, so sorry Jeff that grinding out a result isn’t to your taste.

  5. Terraloon


    You accuse CG of knowing FA about football. Sorry but when you suggest that changing coaching teams every five minutes doesn’t in most cases lead to success is laughable,
    I will grant you every five minutes might be extreme but let’s look at the most successful clubs around Europe this decade.

    I will discount interim or caretaker appointments because that only increases the numbers..

    Bayern Munich 11 head coaches
    Real Madrid 15
    Barca 12
    PSG 11
    Chelsea 12

    The head coach can be replaced easily and clearly it sometimes has to be done to freshen up the players, the coaching, the training indeed bringing in new ideas in terms of man management

    Klopp has done a fine job of that there is no doubt but if he stays there too long then Liverpool like UTD, like Arsenal who all had managers/ head coaches in place for too long they risk the choppy waters that seem inevitable when a club replaces someone whose personality dominates a club.

  6. Useroz

    “Liverpool are successful because they have the same coach for five years and
    he has been building methodically the team and not making wholesale changes. Gomez is the only change to starting lineup this season.

    Manchester City under Guardiola are not that different. Yes they buy a lot
    of players, but their first X1 is fundamentally stable.“

    Yes. Takes time to succeed and that’s not guaranteed either.

    What’s unfortunate though is Arteta isn’t a Kopp or Pep that started with Liverpool and Man City. MA is a wannabe perhaps with some potential. That’s a huge difference!

  7. Emiratesstroller


    First of all I am not discussing Foreign Leagues. We are discussing EPL.

    The only club in EPL who change their Manager every five minutes who are
    Title Winners are Chelsea.

    Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal have won titles with stable Management/ Coaching Teams.

  8. Moray

    Teraloon, it helps if the incoming boss has the financial backing to bring in new players to support his new playing style and to garner support among the fans. You could say the club is much bigger than the manager. Chelsea is a great example where you could have Mickey Mouse in charge at one point and they would still have ground out the results.

    We might see the most “successful“ clubs outside of the elite few fare better when a manager stays around for a while.

    Thiigh it is also true that these clubs suffer when such a boss finally moves on.

    We are, alas more in the latter than the former group.

  9. salparadisenyc

    “The only club in EPL who change their Manager every five minutes who are
    Title Winners are Chelsea.”

    Man City has won 4 titles over 10 years with 3 different managers.

  10. Emiratesstroller

    For those who post on here and suggest that clubs are successful if they change
    regularly their management and head coaches I suggest that you look at reality
    since EPL was formed

    Manchester Utd won 13 titles all under Ferguson
    Arsenal won 3 titles all under Wenger
    Chelsea won 6 titles with Mourinho 3 and Ancelotti 2
    Man City 4 titles with Guardiola 2
    Liverpool 1 with Klop after 5 years.

    So 25 titles out of 29 titles have been won by 6 manager.

  11. Dissenter

    ‘ Guendouzi is an immature boy and an average footballer. If he wants to leave

    That’s a useful study in oxymoron
    He’s immature….and he’s a boy?
    He’s an average footballer, yet there are suitors lined up for him…all CL clubs [if you believe the tabloids]

    I know you prefer nice compliant footballers who are too happy to trudge off the field after snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.
    The best footballers hate to lose games in that fashion. He’s just turned 20 years old — his pre-frontal l]cortex hasn’t stopped maturing yet.

  12. Dissenter

    The Fergie situation at United was an exception
    Top managers don’t stay in the same clubs for too long because the demands of top-clubs are exhausting.
    I suspect Klopp won’t finish his contract at Liverpool in 2024. At some point, he will walk away alone. He looks like he’s aged 10 years in the last 5 years at Anfield.
    Pep could have stayed at Barcelona and kept winning with Messi but he was burned to a crisp very quickly. He had to walk away.
    Arsenal stopped being a top club when we kept a manager in a drought for way too long, That’s where the complacency and mediocrity became part of our DNA.

  13. salparadisenyc

    Think its pretty clear the long term manager and those clubs who change with more frequence have both proven successful. Can’t deny the trend in all leagues is heading out of long termers including the Prem.

    In today’s game wages plus transfer spend is the most significant predictor of finishing position, adding value on the metric coupled with good management equals title winner typically. Further evidence Arsenal haven’t a clue in recent years.

  14. Dissenter

    Every player/manager import to Arsenal from clubs with winning cultures have made the point that Arsenal is a pressure free zone.
    Emery made the same point, same as Petr Cech; there’s no overwhelming desire to win at Arsenal. It’s just keeping on for keeping on sake.
    Wenger should have left after we lost the league cup final to Birmingham, instead he stayed.
    He should have left on a high after we won the FA cup final in 2014, instead he stayed on when he was already spent and didn’t have any more vision for where the club needed to go.

    The reason why the managers are changed is far more important that how many times The club has changed managers.
    Chelsea would never have left Emery [this season] and Freddie [interim manager] in charge for so long because they’ve established that winning culture, instead the Arsenal management fiddled while the club was burning.
    We need to have a clear vision of what we about first. We have settled into upper middle class for too long, now we are being dragged into the mid-middle class stratum of clubs.

  15. Dissenter

    This is for Marc and all the other gooners who are smarting the Liverpool league championship.

    We are set to profit form their victory- they have to pay us a little bit of money for Oxlade because we had those routine clauses inserted in his contract for a league championship.

  16. Dissenter

    ‘Think dissenter needs to look up what an oxymoron means….’
    Context my friend

  17. Goonies

    Yes I get it giant shrimp etc
    It was a embarrassing example that wasn’t oxymoronic.

    You try to be clever but come across as a try hard. Just say what you mean.

    RH haven’t you got a bible to read?

  18. Goonies

    Graham you just get your tissues ready for arsene’s book you dirty old bastard.

    You do know it’ll only have a few pictures?

  19. CG


    “”””You accuse CG of knowing FA about football. Sorry but when you suggest that changing coaching teams every five minutes doesn’t in most cases lead to success is laughable,”””””

    Real Madrid sacked a manger after 4 games last season…… you would have kept him.? They are now top and in the CL Q/F

    Bayern Munich sacked a manager this season………you would have kept him?
    They are top and in the CL Q/F.

    Barcelona sacked a manger this season…… you would have kept him?
    They are 2nd and in the CL Q/F

    Spurs continually sacked mangers until they got Poch
    Palace sacked De Boer after 4 games.
    Leicester sack managers annually.

    Arteta has had 6 months.
    Ample time to judge him.

    He thinks Luiz, Soares and left sided center backs are going to make us successful.

    I don’t
    I want him sacked.
    I dont want a day dreamer in charge.

  20. Champagne Charlie

    Guendouzi isn’t average, he plays in a position where the standout traits are difficult to measure therefore fans can’t hang their hat on goals and assists to judge his value.

    He’s a CM who is tasked with showing for the ball, recycling the ball, and progressing the play from deep. He won’t ever be a player that lands double digit goals and assists, but to cast him out as average is a really dim statement to lay at the feet of a 20 year old knocking at the door of the world champions midfield.

    Unpolished? Immature? Unfocused? Sure. Average? Give over.

  21. G

    “” Etc.Arteta has had 6 months.
    Ample time to judge him.””
    Actually it’s not.. He hasn’t even got his Own players in ffs.

  22. CG


    “”””Actually it’s not.. He hasn’t even got his Own players in ffs””””

    Yes. he has

    3. Cedric

    Enough said.
    I have seen enough thank you.


  23. Champagne Charlie


    Ah yes, citing leagues with institutional dominance like Spain and Germany to manufacture a point. Very good.

    Barca and Real are nearly always top two, Bayern is perennially first place. Rubbish examples.

    Your only relevant example was Spurs who achieved fuck all sacking manager after manager until they brought in one they believed in and allowed him room to cultivate which earned them their highest points tally in the PL ever, CL football, and a CL final. Not unlike….no….won’t even bother.

    You started out amusing pushing a few buttons, but you’ve descended into a parody of yourself with this diatribe of British nonsense lauding guys like Pearson, Dyche, and the rest. Hit F5 on your outlook.

  24. G

    CG.. Lol so 2 squad players mayb even 3 and u think that’s his team.. Honestly u couldn’t make it up some of the shit people come out with

  25. salparadisenyc


    “Arteta has had 6 months.
    Ample time to judge him.”

    This seasons is a wash, putting the hammer down on Arteta who took over after 6 league months of abject failure then navigated the storm thats ensued isn’t realistic nor right.

    Get a grip man,

  26. Chris

    Another win for Wolves, they are pushing for the Champions League through the league and the EL.

    They mean business. Their owners appear not to be just pushing the boundaries but attempting to smash through them. They have ruthless ambition. Watch them upgrade their squad even further if they finish top four.

    It is in stark contrast to our ownership unfortunately. KSE have a portfolio of deeply average American sports teams (that is being kind) who have achieved nothing. Their hands off approach is not helping the culture at our club in my view. We need steely determination, ambition and winning culture from the very top to filter down. We do not have that with our ownership.

  27. CG

    Cha Cha

    “”””You started out amusing pushing a few buttons, but you’ve descended into a parody of yourself with this diatribe of British nonsense lauding guys like Pearson, Dyche, and the rest. Hit F5 on your outlook.””””

    Dyche and Pearson have accomplished excellence as managers.
    You may not like the fact.
    But they have,

    What has MA accomplished in management?
    He has not even managed an under 12 team,

    And we expect him to fix out a mess?
    When he is actually adding to it,

    And diluting the Arsenal brand reputation at the same time with his ‘Pep-lite’ attire.

    How does the next manger feel when he has Cedric and Mari on 4 year deals?
    Or Luiz etc?

    If you dont believe me.
    See what Keown stated.

    Arteta with his Luiz Extension is NOT doing whats best for the clubs interests
    I am 100% agreement with him.

    You are right about thing though- the use of the word parody,

    Because that’s Arsenal 2020

  28. CG


    “”””CG Give M.A. a chance.
    You were in support of him only yesterday, what has changed since then?”””

    I was being facetious with a comment. I will now learn not too.

    I actually wanted him out after the 1st match – when he selected David Luiz at Bournemouth when there was no need.

    Arteta is an impossibly naive man and with him sanctioning these weeks contract deals he is also a foolish one

    And I am too old to suffer from them.

  29. Champagne Charlie


    So I need to believe you based on a pundit who himself has zero managerial, or even reputable coaching pedigree? Let me jump right aboard.

    Not every signing changes the game, really wish people would wake up to that reality. I know it’s not sexy to bring in a backup RB on a bosman, or pay a modest fee for a solid defender to add missing traits to the squad.

    But these deals are exactly how you build, and utilise your budget to its maximum. They’re always met with dissenting voices though, as I recall quite clearly the level of disdain I received for saying Jonny Evans was a no brainer at the time for 3 mil. Fast forward and look how that would’ve worked out with him in the squad as a left sided CB.

  30. Chris

    You wanted him out after the first match, is that being facetious again or are you serious?

    People wanted Emery out after the very first game despite it being impossible to predict exactly how he would do.

    If social media existed in 1996 some would have wanted Wenger out after we lost to Nottingham Forest who were rock bottom basement boys of the league that year.

    Consider what he has at his disposal right now and that he has yet to have a full window to work on improving the squad. This is no quick fix.

    In our case, chopping and changing coaches will do us no favours unless they are completely bombing. The likes of Chelsea and Man City already had strong title winning squads that benefited from fresh ideas, as well as more heavy bank rolling for the squads.

    I think I know what your suggestion would.be but you are living in a dream world if you think Seán Dyche is going to win us the title.

  31. salparadisenyc


    Have to say i’d much prefer Liverpool not winning the title with Arsenal not able to collect Oxlades winner fee.

    But he we are, Liverpool has been awoken. The sleeping giant pulled out of its slumber by great ownership. Kroenke doesn’t have the vision to remotely do that with this club, which is a huge worry looking forward.

  32. CG

    Cha Cha

    “””But these deals are exactly how you build, and utilise your budget to its maximum.”””

    Cobblers. They are bad deals. Call them for what they are,

    Arteta has sanctioned a 4 year deal for a player who will be 29 when the season starts. Bad enough pre Corona: post Corona a sackable offence in itself.

    Certainly contemptuous ( and oblivious) to all the people out there who will soon be loosing their jobs.

    Luiz Extension – another sackable offence.

    Mari and Cedric would have signed 1 year deals regardless.
    Funnily enough- they might have even be incentivised to play even better- to get
    that extra deal.

    Not now- Feet Up. Four years of utter garbage at our expense.



  33. Champagne Charlie


    Can you explain to me the massive difference it would’ve made to give Cedric a 3 year deal? Must know some details the masses don’t.

    It’s such a red herring in an argument to mask the very clear fact he’s a bosman RB of good pedigree when it’s precisely what we needed in the squad.

    Same with Mari, the noises are loud and clear that Arteta wanted a left footed CB that was calm and could play from the back. We opted for Mari. That’s him played 200 mins and concrete judgements are made about the lad, meanwhile others are a full season or two here and getting yarn spun about their ability.

    It’s such a nonsense.

  34. Champagne Charlie

    Villa look relegated.

    I’d still absolutely love to somehow snatch Grealish, but think he’s United bound unfortunately.

    Would be everything and more that is expected of Fanny Ceballos.

    Xhaka, Partey, Grealish would be a supreme upgrade on matters in the middle. But absolute pipedream stuff unless we can hoodwink Guen into going for a swap with Partey, and then convince Villa £6.50 down, and a further 6283 payments for Jack is a good deal for them.

  35. CG

    Cha Cha

    “””CG Can you explain to me the massive difference it would’ve made to give Cedric a 3 year deal? Must know some details the masses don’t.”””

    Are you serious? I wont waste my time explaining suffice to say.

    What about the other 28/ 29 years olds in the squad?
    Are 4 year deals the new benchmark for this age group?
    Do we offer PEA get a 4 year deal?
    (Financial insanity,)

    Give me examples of other clubs giving the likes of Soares 4 year deals?

  36. Wasi

    According to reports Guendozi isn’t going anywhere. The club believe in his potential and we should too. He’s got lots to give. 20 year old being called up to the France NT. Key player for the club under Emery at 20 . What more proof do you need that he has it all in him to become a World Class midfielder.

  37. Terraloon


    Including season 2019/20 (28 year seasons ) there have been 11 different managers who have got their hands on the trophy.

    So in the other 15 seasons there have beenWenger 3, Mourinho 3, Pellegrini 1, Ranieri 1, Guardiola 2, Mancini 1 , Dalglish, 1, Klopp 1, Conte 1 , Ancholti 1

    The likes of Fergie or indeed an AW almost certainly will not be seen again and many will argue that Mourinho has become a dinosaur.

    It really is a myth that Chelsea are the only team in the PL that change their coach on a regular basis.

    Just to illustrate since 2000 Palace have had 18 full time appointments, Watford 17 and Southampton 20 all three far more than Chelseas 13 permanent appointments and if you add in the likes of WHU , Newcastle and Brighton who have all had 13 then sort of puts things in perspective.

    The word success is key because to the likes of Sean Dyche and Eddie Howe ( the two longest surviving mangers in the PL ) their definition of success would be staying in the PL but surely at Arsenal the expectation has to be far more than that , far more than the fourth place trophy

    For me as a minimum it has to be mounting a serious challenge for the league do you sense that anyone even expects the club to realistically be challenging for a CL place?

    Money is of course an issue but spending it well is not as easy as some think after all the really big money signings at Arsenal haven’t improved matters or indeed even cemented a recent fourth place finish.

  38. Spanishdave

    Wenger wouldn’t give Pires a contract because he was over 30!
    Now we are the care home for old players.

  39. CG


    “”””What more proof do you need that he has it all in him to become a World Class midfielder.””””

    A couple of goals for Arsenal?
    maybe another assist to his tally of 1.

    58 games and counting,

    If he improves by 100% – the output is still dire.

    Arteta , if he stops daydreaming , should have him out of the club ASAP.

  40. Wasi

    Spending is not an issue for us. We do spend a lot of money contrary to what many people believe.

    In the last 5 seasons , we are 3rd in net money spend.
    Chelsea are 13th and Liverpool are 14th.
    What we have been lacking is a good business model.
    Gazidis ran the club to the ground. Allowing top players run down their contracts/leave on a free or very cheap. Buy average players for inflated amounts. Mismanagement of contracts to Talented young players like Malen , Bennacer , Gnabry. Thats about 100 mil right there.

    There have some positive signs that we are finally learning how to do business.
    Selling Iwobi for 28-35 mil was a good sale imo.
    Selling Bielik who is only proved himself in the third division and is susceptible to injuries for 8 mil which could rise to 10 mil was another good piece of business

  41. Wasi


    You and your British bias. 🤦.
    We have already had this conversation. I gave you a whole host of top class midfielders who dont score or assist as much as you like. That doesn’t make them any less effective.

  42. Graham62

    I’m with CG on Guendouzi.

    There’s nothing there for me, at this stage of his development, that says he’s a special talent.

    His ability to unlock defences is practically non-existent. He is so one-paced. Yes, he is tenacious but come on, is he someone that we see as going to the very top? Not sure.

    He’s 20, so he has plenty of time to prove me wrong. Cesc though, at 16, was a far better player.

    I sincerely hope Guendouzi proves me wrong.

  43. Wasi

    Read somewhere Szoboslai”s 24 mil release clause is payable in 3 instalments. If it’s true I dont see any reason why we shouldn’t sign him. At 18 years old he plays like an experienced midfielder with an air of confidence unbeknownst to players his age. He’s also got a good eye for goal.

  44. Champagne Charlie

    “He’s 20, so he has plenty of time to prove me wrong. Cesc though, at 16, was a far better player.“

    Unreal level of bias if Cesc Fabregas is the benchmark for teenagers. Completely unfair and hilariously stacked against whoever you’re comparing.

    Please keep the ‘are you serious’ stuff to yourself, it’s the proxy response to literally every comment you make on here. Won’t even go any further with someone peddling Barry Fry, even as banter.

  45. Spanishdave

    Partey and Grealish would seriously change things but these days it doesn’t happen.
    Hope for a win tomorrow.

  46. Chris

    Arseblog today laid it all about Guendouzi rather well.

    He is never going to be a Fabregas, in terms of the type of player he is and also likely the overall quality.

    He simply has to keep out of trouble going forward, we do need players with fire i their belly but at the same time they don’t have to act mike petulant pricks.

    He steps out of line again and a decent offer comes in and I would be tempted to cash in if it meant a nice profit on what we paid for him.

  47. Graham62

    Closed doors football is so tedious.

    How many years do we have to put up with this?

    Back to Guendouzi. Who can you compare him with?

  48. Valentin

    The board said no to his transfer request, but then that may contradict Arsenal policy. He has only two years left on his contract and he is unlikely to sign an extension while Arteta is in charge.

    Looks like those who want Guendouzi gone may have their wishes exacted earlier than anticipated. ManUtd and PSG are rumoured to be interested. next season ManUtd midfield could composed of Pogba, Fernandes and Guendouzi.

  49. CG

    Back to Guendouzi. Who can you compare him with?

    Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie perhaps or for younger Le Grovers – Mrs Doubtfire.

    Acting should be next next profession -Because he has no long term career in topflight soccer, thats for sure.

  50. habesha Gooner

    I think the board made the right decision on Guendouzi. He should develop as a person and as a player but shit players don’t get called up to the French national team these days. If he has to convince arteta we should let him do that but selling him is the easy way out. I like him and I think he can be part of our youth players that are about to take center stage if they have proper guidance. Martinelli,Saka, Guendouzi, Saliba, Tierney, Nketiah, Willock, Nelson and smithrowe in are all under 23 and there are players like Pepe and Bellerin coming in to their prime too. We need to mould him better and I think there is a terrific player in there.

  51. MidwestGun

    This United – Norwich cup tie is like watching sap roll down.
    Yep like watching wallpaper dry. Then suddenly I cantwell stop watching.

  52. Terraloon


    The spending point you make is spot on.It’s all too easy to dismiss the relevance of nett spend but clubs who make mistakes when making a signing don’t just keep trying to make it work they make decisive and rapid decisions. Arsenal don’t they keep thinking a player is going to come good. I do wonder if Pepe will ultimately fall into that category.

    As a total aside I was told today that Mkhitaryans will either be coming back from loan or, and this sounds strange, will be offered an extended contract and then put back on loan.

    The money squeezed out of Everton was astounding but the spending an odd five or ten million here on squad players is just throwing good money after bad.

    It comes back to the recruitment and in reality those that have been spending the money are like kids in a candy shop.

  53. Valentin


    The extension for Mhkitaryan is another example of business for dummies move.
    In order to sell Mhkitaryan at a higher price, Arsenal exercise its option to extend his contract, however that option means that his basic salary is increased by £75kpw per week. So in order to get an extra £5 millions, Arsenal commit itself for an extra £7.8 millions.

    Same thing that happen with Ospina. We refused a low ball offer and demanded some extra cash. Except that the extra cash was less than the salary Ospina received during the negotiation.

    You don’t need to be genius to know that Mino Raiola does not have the interest of Arsenal at heart. If he requests that Arsenal extend the contract, it is simply because there is something in it for him or for his player.

    If we couldn’t give him away before COVID-19, there is absolutely no chance we will be able to sell him at a profit after.