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The absolute peak of arrogance is conducting grim business in plain sight of the whole world.

Raul and Edu have moved into the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ territory and it is utterly miserable. We’ve let the foxes into the chicken coup and no one is concerned that there will be no eggs for breakfast tomorrow, next week, or in 5 years time.

We are a super-agent fee trough. That my friends is a terrible place to be. I have been warning you things aren’t right at Arsenal for a while, now you’re witnessing first hand what’s important to our leadership as they double down on average deals with new contracts with a cadre of select super-agents.

Now, to be clear, you can find good deals from super-agents. Their presence in the game is very grim, they suck money out of the sport and offer next to no value, but sometimes the cost of dealing with them is worth it. At a modern superclub, the process should always go in the order of data > extensive scouting > club engagement > super-agent. Not super-agent first. We are now the latter and that has lead us to one of the saddest David Ornstein tweets of 2020.

The problem is this: If the majority of your average deals go through the same people, serious questions arise about the truth of how you landed on the decisions. Why would a club as prestigious as Arsenal lean so heavily on 2 agents? Why do we keep signing up average players from these people? Why, even when our money is being spent badly and we’re 10th in the league, has the club not stopped making these awful deals? How has no one at Arsenal flagged that a technical director using his own agent for a bunch of shoddy deals looks very bad? Huss? Vinnai? Friar? Where are you? Who at Arsenal has the power to scrutinise these deals?

At the moment, it looks like Arsenal are beholden to two agents that are favoured by Raul: Kia and Arturo Canales.

They both have abysmal records with Arsenal.

Canales repped Unai Emery who was an absolute disaster. He repped him BEFORE he officially represented him. His recommendation was so powerful, Raul managed to jam the deal through even though Emery couldn’t speak a word of English to the CEO.

Kia has managed to push Edu, Luiz, and Soares our way. He’s working on Willian and maybe even Neto according to reports in Spain.

Yesterday, despite Arsenal pleading poverty, it was announced that those two agents have managed to land deals for Pablo Mari (4 years), Cedric Soares (4 years), and David Luiz (1 year).

That is contacts football at its peak.

I like Luiz, but his record this season has been atrocious outside a small patch of good games he had before the break.

Pablo Mari, a player I really want to like, has managed a single full 90 minutes for Arsenal, outside that, he has 22 competitive games in Brazil to his name. He lands a 4-year deal with an injury that sees him out until November. Why not a 2 year deal with an option for an extra year? Just to play it safe? He’s a risky signing and let’s be honest, Raul hasn’t exactly been hitting 6s with these sort of deals.

Cedric Soares, a player that Southampton were willing to lose for free because they thought he’d go to a lower league club, has landed a 4 year deal with Arsenal without playing a single minute of football for us. He arrived injured. The player is 28 years old, we’re in the worst economic crisis football has faced in its existence, and Huss Fahmy is out here dishing out long-term deals to questionable talent AGAIN. The man who wanted to instil high-performance culture and smarts on deals is locking an average player into a longterm deal before we’ve seen a single minute of him play? Quite remarkable. Where are the standards?

You’d be hard-pressed to find many people in the world of football looking at these deals positively. The length of the contracts is generous given what we know, the quality of the players is barely subjective, and it is very, very unlikely the players move us onto a level we require. They are unimaginative deals and they are all tainted by cronyism.

Where does Arteta fit in all of this, after all, he’s in the media praising the deals?

Well, you have to put yourself in his shoes. It’s his first job out of coaching University, it’s a huge one, and his boss is in the front seat of the Raul bus of average.

What would you do? Slay your bosses publicly?

I can’t have it.

Martyrdom is for idiots. Very few are remembered or effective. Arteta needs Arsenal to work out for his career to move forward. More than that, he genuinely wants Arsenal to work for him because he loves the club. You cannot affect change if you get yourself marginalised or fired. Complaining in the media doesn’t help him this season and it’d make him look petulant. It’ll also depress an already fragile squad and further fuel uncertainty and stress. He doesn’t have enough reputational capital in the bank to be demanding so soon. Sadly, he has to play the game.

I feel for him. Worse, it now seems apparent that part of his appeal to Raul and Edu is that when you are a maker of Kings, they are in your service. Emery was going to Sociedad before Raul leant a hand. The exPSG coach wanted Zaha, but that didn’t work for Raul who wanted to deal with Lille, so Emery needed to stfu and deal with that. Arteta was a target of Newcastle and Everton before our interest. This is the best first job in Europe he had a chance with. He’s not squandering it, he’s too smart for that. Look how long it took Poch to pipe up about his unhappiness at the way Daniel Levy would run summers. No wonder Raul didn’t want Jose Mourinho at the club, he’d pipe up and get in the way of his special friends.

Not that I think Edu’s decision was a bad one. I am convinced Arteta will earn the right to speak up eventually. It really wouldn’t take much for him to earn more cache at the club that his overlords boast. We know that Josh and Stan love an exciting manager, so let’s hope that despite weak football leadership at the top, he can still achieve something… because my word, we need him to come good, the alternative is bleak.

It’s also up to the people who work at Arsenal to speak out against a Football Director that has taken over and rooted out any possible dissenters or wielders of oversight. Maybe Josh Kroenke should show a bit of interest in the people that have left Arsenal. Sven, Sir Chips, Lord Harris, the data guy to who left for Wenger to name but a few… do they have some insight into the inner workings at the club? Do they have opinions on why we’re landing on deals like this despite all our scouting and technical prowess? Highly likely. I just don’t understand why Arsenal’s owners don’t seem to want to inquire. It baffles me that you can have so little curiosity about what’s going on at something you have a vested interest in.

Still, don’t despair, things always work themselves out in the end. Arsenal is a huge club. We have a curious media. There are a lot of people that are angry about how we’re being run. I don’t think Raul will get away with this sort of performance forever, the question is how low do we have to go before someone at KSE pays attention and makes the necessary changes to push Arsenal back to the top?

A question for the ages, fingers crossed it’s answered soon. x


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    We have had reports today that Arsenal have concluded 3 Deals with Luiz,
    Soares and Mari all of whom I would classify as bench players. The club are
    rumoured also to be on point of signing a new contract with Saka.

    Saliba and Smith- Rowe will also be returning to the club this summer and
    joining the first team squad.

    So any further transfer business will in my view be dependent on who is offloaded this Summer.

    The players I would offload are

    I would focus then on recruiting 3 new starting X1 players [ 1 CB and 2MF].
    The funds generated from departures should be sufficient to cover cost of
    at least 2 of the players recruited and the club should then be prepared to
    cover cost of the third from the sponsorship revenues.

    More significantly my list would significantly reduce the wage bill of the club.

  2. The Godfather

    Why are we always in the eye of the storm.

    Always the club in financial crisis.
    Always the club that can’t close the deal
    and complete transfers.
    Always the Almost-Signed Him club.
    Always the club with key players running
    Down their contracts.
    Always the club that over pays for scrubs.
    Always the club that overpays scrubs.
    Always the club with Open civil unrest
    amongst the fan base.

    We are well and truly fcuked as a Club!

    This is so bad

    Why Mikel why?

    Is David Luiz really worth all the bull crap?

  3. Bee

    Arteta knew Mari from their city days. I believed he sanctioned the buy.
    City wanted a right back to replace Danilo I believe Cedric Soares was one of the players City looked at. Arteta surely sanctioned this buy too.
    As for David Luiz, he is a leader in our team. Aubameyang is a good player but not a leader. Ozil will never be a leader. The 2 players that come close to Luiz are sokratis and Xhaka. And Arteta needs a leader in the team. I believe that’s why he pushed for the Luiz deal. At the end of the season the likes of Lacazette, Ozil, Sokratis, may be Aubameyang might leave. So the likes of Luiz will still be at the club to mentor and guide the young players.
    Cedric soares is a Portuguese international with over 30 caps (more than recardo Pereira of Leicester) he can also play as a left back. He has performed more consistently than bellerin.
    Bellrin has been on the scene before Trent Arnold, wan bissaka and max Aaron but he is yet to reach their level and I believe he won’t reach their level. We need to sell him.

  4. Moray

    Why stick with a leader who has us down in the bottom half of the table? And Luiz has been the weak link in every team he’s played in that won something.

    This is the problem with Arsenal. Not ruthless enough. We desperately need to twist not stick.

    All those four that you mention leave then we should have some Funds to bring in proper leadership.

  5. China1

    Charlie Arteta has had a couple of months of competitive football followed by many months off, where he’s had loads of time to help instill his tactics, vision, plan etc. the idea that he’s still short of a preseason is not serious

    He did inherit a mess from emery, for sure. But that mess was also a slightly more talented and clearly better balanced squad than emery inherited and emery was walking in off the back of a 20+ year manager which is an enormous ask. I don’t rate emery at all, after a good start he did a crap job, but it’s not fair to suggest emery had it so much easier – he didn’t.

    Arteta doesn’t need to have us beasting already but he’s not yet had us doing much of anything. That’s on him however much people want to spin it.

    I’m not Arteta out but can we please call a spade a spade. Arteta has made a lot of mistakes of his own accord and he needs to wisen up quickly if he wants to turn the ship around.

  6. Guns of SF

    Luiz has an option for year 2 and the club did it. I think Saliba and Mari will be our starters . Maybe. Mustafi

    Luiz should be a bench and cup player

    There is too much chumminess going on at arsenal with the execs , agents and players

    Ruthless is what we need to change
    Soft and chummy is not going to move the needle much

    I do hope we go hard for Partey and 2 more mids… there is no shortage in the world of mids…

    Will not surprise me if another agent Raul knows sells us his client… I don’t mind as long as the players is a step up and can change us ASAP

    Jorge Mendes basically represents the entire wolves midfield. They are not too shabby

  7. Guns of SF

    Spot on China
    And please no more pandemic excuses… all teams had to deal with this
    Then break actually gave needed rest to staff and players
    Time to train and get new ideas in.
    So far nothing to show….. and our attack is woeful.

    I pray we win tomorrow somehow

  8. Moray

    Guns, we have no money unfortunately and are still paying off the Pépé fee. It was a risk that hasn’t paid off and which will no doubt cost us CL qualification for the next few years (though we are more likely to be mid table anyway).
    We are also unlikely to command much in the way of transfer fees for our outs though on the plus side, Our wage bill will be going down considerably.

  9. Paul Mc Daid

    Get over yourself , Arteta is a multimillionaire , He does not need this our any job , Guy could live in your ear, He is not part off the solution, He is part off the problem, Another would be if could be but can’t be, Anybody that stood ideally by and let this happen today is not an Arsenal Man,
    We are Owned, Run by and Managed by Gutless, Pathetic, Losers and any person who contributes to this regime is an enemy off THE ARSENAL.

  10. Anonymous Commentator

    Club is a fucking embarrassment.
    Mid table dross.
    Also rans.
    Relegation potentials.
    Who gave David luiz the contract?
    Stackable action.

  11. Elmo

    “We have to be realistic about our club. We’re a shit club with money. Which means we are cannon fodder for agents, shite players who want big deals or end of career players looking for one last pay day.”

    Spot on. We’re regarded as being the bag holders in the market. A club perpetually in crisis with some legacy money, who get left holding the bag of turd as markets shake out because we’re no longer shrewd operators, nor have any long-term strategy: just fighting fires and trying to keep some semblance of a straight face to the paying punters while revenues tumble. All the sharks circle around the dumb money.

    I’d like to think there’s a journalist out there somewhere doing what they can to investigate Sanllehi’s personal finances and history. Would anyone be surprised if he was just an insider hugely enriching himself at the club via back-handers from agents that would make GG blush? It certainly was the cultural norm at Barca while he was there to be involved in all kinds of covert payments with players’ families and agents; once you’ve crossed that river it’s not much of a jump to receiving brown envelopes yourself. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him walk away from the club in a year or so once he’s hollowed out what he can and he calculates that there’s only downside, belt tightening and reputational risk left.

    Arsenal are like one of those whale carcasses slowly sinking to the bottom of the ocean, with every predator and parasite around taking their shot at feasting on the decomposing mass before there’s nothing left to take.

    The question is do the Kroenkes cut their losses like Ellis Short and Randy Lerner if things get bad enough financially, or do they really never sell?

  12. Aussie Gooner

    It was inevitable that a rookie coach would make mistakes. He talked the talk alright but appears unable to instigate any form of change which is really puzzling. Are we really any better off than we were, say under Freddie? We still appear to be rudderless both on and off the pitch. There are no natural leaders at the club period. This is worrying as it appears that the club is directed by non-footballing entities with vested financial interests. As such we will continue to struggle.

    We are now in a position where we are worried about playing Southampton! Let that sink in – especially after we have purchased one of their cast off! And Luiz was a liability already the first time Chelsea sold him. Mari may well make a suitable backup, but because of his injury problems it is hard to tell at this moment. And I thought the purchase of Kalstrom was the pinnacle of stupid! At least some of the Arteta fan boys on here are starting to wake up to the cold reality!

  13. China1

    Mari Soares and luiz might all do a very good job for us over the coming years (dear god I hope so) and we’re all praying saliba is gonna be *dat guy* at CB, but what worries me is that really hope is all we’re now riding on

    It’s not like we’re looking really great on paper and odds are sooner or later we’ll explode into life, it all just feels incredibly speculative and hopeful rather than founded in logic

    We *desperately* need to upgrade the midfield. If we can’t get partey are there some under the radar diamonds out there we can get?

    I don’t mind not knowing what the future holds but I do mind doubting it will be good based on what I’m seeing.

  14. Guns of SF

    Read somewhere that kia might want to push Coutinho our way as well since he reps him.

    I’m on the fence and depends on the costs

    He will need to help us since we giving him lots of business!

    Partey and Coutinho 🤔

    Could be good

  15. Moray

    Our competitors for European places all have better squads than ours and many seem to be strengthening, while we will inevitably weaken while we pay off Pépé and probably lose our top goalscorer.

    We should be writing off next season and looking to blood youngsters. Maybe that is the plan. Our CM is hugely depressing.

  16. Gonsterous

    Hope we are looking to sort our mid with quality, and all this piss poor defender transfers are to save money. This may just be my positive side talking but I feel raul and co are pretty effective when it comes to buying players.
    Fingers crossed we sort the midfield and the balance of the team.

  17. Moray

    It does look like Partey might happen, as we have player swap leverage on Atleti. And it seems the player might be interested (in the money we can offer him if nothing else)

    We desperately need to get the midfield right. Both to take pressure of our calamity backline and to keep moving the ball forward to our strikers.

  18. Aussie Gooner

    “….David Luiz is a character …. so were Laurel and Hardy but I wouldn’t want them in a back four either”


  19. Aussie Gooner

    It is rumoured that it was Luiz that injured Martinelli in training………. Agent Luiz strikes again? Watch this space!

  20. Sid

    PedroJune 24, 2020 22:27:26
    G8, when you are begging for my forgiveness next year, I’ll be fair.

    Did you beg for forgiveness about Gazidis? Do it and we will be fair. Then we will proceed onto the next one.

  21. Gonsterous

    Players that need to be sold this summer:
    Bellerin/ AMN (both are sh1t)
    Auba/laca ( we can’t have both leave)
    Chambers (any one stupid enough to buy an injured player?)

    Is the club ruthless enough to do it? If it’s about rebuilding then yes, they have to be ruthless and sell these duds that are costing us money.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    Before you all rejoice in the news that Saka (yes, the guy who hasn’t actually done anything in his career to date) signs his monster deal…remember that he hasn’t actually accomplished anything! No goals, no assists and generally…FA.

    Well worth his £150,000pw! Another mind blowing decision on the relegation threatened Arsenal.

  23. Freddie Ljungberg


    Well informed as usual. Saka has 3 goals and 9 assists this season mainly being played at left back, pretty decent numbers for an 18 year old.

    He won’t be on anything close to 150k either, it’s not Dissenter that’s in charge of our wage policy.

  24. Guns of Hackney

    I’m afraid we are being treated like a bunch of twunts.

    We will end up like Portsmouth or Leeds. Spending cash like it’s free but not getting the returns. Administration beckons.

  25. Ishola70

    Just to put into perspective the excuses regarding the pandemic Atalanta situated in the area most ravaged by Corona in Italy as well as Gasperini catching the virus as Arteta did have won their two games since resumption scoring seven goals in the process.

    We all know that Atalanta have been in a better place than Arsenal all season but the narrative has been from the excuse makers that Arteta had been doing alright before the virus but it has disrupted. Excuses, excuses.

    Last night’s matches Jimenez of Wolves scores another classic centre forward goal. Shame Arsenal can’t sign him because Wolves themselves now are looking to overtake Arsenal in the pecking order.

    Great strike from Fabinho also. Wouldn’t he be useful in the Arsenal midfield.

    Shout out to Dzeko as well. Single handedly won the game for Roma last night. He may be 34 now but he still has quality.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg

    Not very good at reading stats are you?

    Yeah, he has 21 appearances in the PL, 6 of them as a sub and a majority as a left back, what did you expect? 10 goals 10 assists in the league alone?

    From a 18 year old left winger played as left back? I know you’re unbelievably stupid but this is beyond what I thought was possible even for you.

  27. Guns of Hackney


    I don’t have to read the stats. They are available for everyone to see.

    Whatever way you want to look at it, Saka is a Saka shit player.

    I have seen zero evidence that he will be better than anyone else based on his age, contribution, physical ability etc.

    I don’t want my club to sink even closer to the abyss by hanging themselves on a multi million/year contract on a total nobody.

  28. Northbanker

    My God – we’ve had 2 defeats and a load of you think the world is coming to an end. How do you deal with personal set-backs? Get a grip , stop moaning and just support the club

  29. JJ

    Not sure I agree that “things always work themselves out in the end”… Define “the end”. 10th with 10 more open spaces below?

    Look, I like Arteta but he has not moved the needle on how we play. We still pay the same turgid football that we did under Emery. We still struggle to move the ball forward from the keeper EVERY BLOODY TIME wasting loads of gametime in the process. Only to lose the ball as soon at gets to the front line. What has Arteta done to change this approach? We have speed upfront. Why aren’t we dropping it over the top Edison-style every now and then to keep the opponent guessing? We are so damn predictable. Have been for years and still no change under Arteta.

    You can argue personnel but I see no change in tactics or approach. Hope he proves me wrong in the near future.

  30. CG


    “””Get a grip , stop moaning and just support the club.””””””

    Maybe it’s the not the 2 successive defeats but it’s the inevitable defeats that will surely follow.

    While the rest of the teams in the Prem are looking physically more imposing and stronger we are recruiting injured and pedestrian garbage AND at huge expense.

    If the rumour is true , and Luiz did injure Martinelli .( needs to be confirmed)

    Not only has he seen red at City, Chelsea after being on the pitch for less than 30 minutes and gave a penalty away at Anfield.

    He has wiped out the maverick Martinelli for a while.

    (Will Martinelli do a ‘Bellerin’ and not return looking like the same player after his ACL injury?)

    The Luiz Extension ( a reminder he has so far cost the club £20-24 million) has made Arsenal and Arteta and Edu
    (pillock of pillocks) a total laughing stock.

    They are all on borrowed time.
    They have dragged the clubs reputation further into the gutter with this one.

    NEVER NEVER again, the likes of PedRo can mention the words ‘ elite culture ‘ about MA without looking rather foolish

    ‘Complicit’ is the word that is now appropriate.

  31. Ishola70

    What we need to see tonight is much more expansive and attacking play from the fullbacks.

    It is not acceptable that we didn’t see the fullbacks attacking until the real late stages of the game against a team like Brighton.

    Kolasinac likes to get forward and even Bellerin as he showed against Chelsea isn’t a complete mug attacking but question marks of course about him overall.

    Add to that Arteta has Tierney at his disposal as well who likes to get forward.

    Not acceptable the fullbacks hiding as we saw against Brighton and that would have been an instruction from Arteta.

    It’s not enough just to rely on the forwards for wide attacking play as we saw with Pepe and Saka against Brighton. We need to see the fullbacks overlapping these forwards giving support. We have fans moaning that Pepe is always isolated and gets bottled up. Well if he had proper fullback support that problem would ease somewhat.

    Let’s hope we see more positivity from Arteta tonight and going forward and less caution.

    If Bellerin is not capable anymore of getting up and down the wing offering support attacking wise as well as getting back defending get rid and bring in a fullback that can do this.

  32. NEEG

    It may be all gloom and doom at the moment but this time next year we will be celebrating the departure of Ozil – unless of course our management team renew his contract with an inflation increase.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    There is too much blame game at the moment and not enough reality of the
    current state of the club. Arsenal are a club in “transition”.

    We have a lot of young players in the squad with very little first team experience. Some are very talented as has been proven this season i.e. Saka, Martinelli and Saliba. Others such as Guendouzi and Maitland-Niles are frankly less convincing.

    The club has also recruited over many years some very average and poor players. Last summer we offloaded quite a few of these. The question now is
    how many more can be offloaded this summer?

    As I posted previously what is now important is will the club repeat the exercise this summer offloading up to eight or so players [inclusive Elneny
    and Mkhitaryan] and recruiting 2-3 quality replacements?

    Realistically our current squad is a mid table team at best and the idea that we
    are going to be Champions or a top four side overnight is frankly ridiculous.

    I want to make the point also which seems to be missed by most of the younger posters that pre Arsene Wenger the club was quite often a mid table

    Indeed that applied to a lot of so-called elite clubs in EPL. I suggest that you
    take a look at the history of Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City and Spurs.

    There is no absolute guarantee that any club maintains a top rank position even if they have bucket full of money.

    What is true is that Arsenal have got themselves in a mess in recent times
    through some rather poor decision making and that needs to be resolved very

  34. CG

    “”””I want to make the point also which seems to be missed by most of the younger posters that pre Arsene Wenger the club was quite often a mid table

    We have agreement ES

    They sure did.

    Wenger took over Arsenal just above mid table and having left only 68 games ago soon find they are back entrenched there.


    And there was no transition with Wenger.
    Constant Top ‘s and Trophies though.

    Here is CG ‘ suggestion.

    Sack the lot of them ( from Arteta to Hussey)

    And get the Dein And Wenger Double Act back in the Executive Team
    And Get Vieria and Campbell back in the Dug out.

    Because currently we have a team full of absolute dopes running the club.

  35. Tony

    “I know you’re unbelievably stupid but this is beyond what I thought was possible even for you.”

    Careful Freddie GOH has got a fierce rep.

    Any more comments like that and he’ll be on a plane after you and your family frothing at the mouth.

  36. Leftside

    To say Saka is a poor (for a “better”) word is just GOH going out of his way as per to be the contrarian and garner attention. Saka is one of the few plus points in this squad and of this season.

  37. Guns of Hackney


    Pack it in. Let’s forget my choice of words for a second and look at the cold hard facts. What exactly has Saka done to garner this level of excitement and falling over backwards to get him to sign for the next 15 years on £50m a season?

    As many, many people have said, he doesn’t even have a position nailed down yet but we’re prepared to throw the kitchen sink at him! Why?

    I don’t need attention, but I am providing a counter to the hyperbole that goes off on here.

  38. Freddie Ljungberg


    Oh, I’m well aware, those comments were aimed at me last time. Even if he has tried to walk them back many times after the fact.

    He’s said many times he doesn’t even support the club anymore or watch the games so no surprise he hasn’t seen any evidence of Saka’s potential. He’s just here to troll as usual.
    15 years 50m per season, smh.

    He’ll likely be on 50-80k a week ffs.

  39. Guns of Hackney

    Anyway, we’re a joke of a club so what exactly will it achieve signing anyone?

    One can fix pitch issues with:

    Better managers
    Better players
    Better prep
    Better fitness
    Better tactics

    How the fuck do you fix a problem so deep rooted at the club that everyone from agents, to ex players and the geezer who supplies the grass seed can see? We are on manager no.3 in three years. So we’ve tried that. Whole new playing staff. Whole new backroom…and it’s still not working. Not even nearly.

    This isn’t how you run a corner shop, let alone a billion pound business.

    Fantasy sign all the players you want, but at the end of the day, we will be lucky to finish in the top ten next season.

  40. Freddie Ljungberg

    “What exactly has Saka done to garner this level of excitement and falling over backwards to get him to sign for the next 15 years on £50m a season?”

    “I don’t need attention, but I am providing a counter to the hyperbole that goes off on here.”

    Yeah, no hyperbole here, move along.

  41. Guns of Hackney


    Obviously the wages were a joke. Grow up a little.

    I’m still waiting for anyone to tell me why Saka will be any good or worth anything what we are going to pay him.

    £50k-£80k? Now who’s the joker? He’ll be on over a £100k at least for at least four years. And that’s a lowball estimate.

  42. Leftside

    GOH your response was exactly what I was referring to. It could be said your just as hyperbolic as a huge chunk that post here.

    Everybody has a character to play, back to yours.

  43. Leftside

    3 goals and 10 assists whilst covering a few positions in any team at age 18 is signs of promise. Arguably even more so in a team that has been struggling for quite some team in Arsenal. He has potential, which is hope for the future.

    What do you gain in always trying to dampen spirits and temper excitement? What is the point of following football or living like that in general?

    Misery loves company.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    I don’t think delay in signing contract is just about wages. I think that it may have also something to do with term of contract. Most of Arsenal’s recent contracts with young players is for a 5 year term.

    Saka is without doubt the one major success when discussing youngsters this season and that is reflected by number of starting appearances since Arteta has arrived at club.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    The resume of Wenger in first 8 years of his management is not in dispute.

    However, most supporters recognise that the club failed to maintain standards
    under his stewardship and went into decline in latter stages of his career.

    Football Management is a stressful job and it is exceedingly rare for any manager to perform at high level more than 8-10 years. That applies to many
    other careers as well

  46. andy1886

    Stroller, I’d take issue with your claim that Arsenal were often a mid-table side prior to AW. In the twenty years prior our average position was 5.56 (5th or 6th) in a league of 22 clubs which is nowhere near mid table. Don’t forget that we’re talking about top six or top four in an twenty team league now.

    In that time we finished outside the top third (eighth or lower) on just four occasions which certainly isn’t ‘often’.

  47. Jamie

    Anyone have any idea how much we’re paying Luiz and Mari?

    Soares allegedly on around £50k a week, which is standard for a backup RB. Can’t imagine Mari is on much more.

    The worry for me is if we’re throwing over £100k a week at Luiz for another 12 months. That said, our wage bill will drop considerably next summer when we lose him, Mustafi, Auba, Laca, Ozil, and Sok. Roughly £50m in wages saved for the following season.

  48. Ishola70

    Lawless Britain not too far off then.

    Police running away from the folks of Brixton last night.

    Not just a few police. Plenty of them. On their toes. Being run.

  49. Ishola70

    This total lack of respect for authority is a good thing yes?

    Of course it is.

    These institutions need to be challenged yes?

    Well they will be challenged and to the danger of everyone.

    Well done. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

  50. Daniel Altos

    Pedro is a big hypocrite.Despite arteta saying he wanted to keep xhaka,Luiz and Mari it has now turned to ‘he can’t speak up over his bosses?’….I call bullshit on this.This defence wasn’t mounted for emery when he wanted a defender in January and instead he was supposed to work with what he got. Cedric is a starting right back for the European champions and Luiz is the defender arteta has been defending all over the place ….arteta is apparently a brilliant coach,he should have no trouble coaching these guys to perfection

  51. Daniel Altos

    And before anyone brings the now famous “stop talking about emery” line…I don’t miss the man,but whats good for the gander blah blah I don’t remember how the saying goes…as someone mentioned here,why aren’t we blaming the fitness guys for the injury suffered to leno?It’s just bad luck?You mean,like what happened to holding? Consistency is the word

  52. Valentin

    Daniel Altos,

    Nobody blamed the fitness guy for Holding. Everybody blamed Marcus Rashford for an unnecessary shove.

    Personally I would like referees come down much harder on snide fouls. Fouls that serve no purpose except hurting the opponent.
    The excuse “he did not mean it” is meaningless, because of course he did not mean to seriously injured him, but that is the unintended consequence of reckless and feckless play. I am sure that a lot of drink drivers did not mean to kill their victim, yet they did.

    In rugby, competing for a ball when both players are in the air is permissible, however interfering with somebody who is in the air results at a minimum in a penalty and quite often in a yellow card.
    The first objective of a referee should always be to protect the physical integrity of the players. Unnecessary petty fouls because they take away the ability of a player to reception himself can lead to serious twist injuries, shoulder popping up, etc.
    Arsenal seems to often lose players to those types of fouls: Arnautovic on Debuchy, Rashford on Holding, Maupay on Leno, etc.

  53. Dissenter

    It’s better for police to run and regroup than to use needless force out of pride.
    What do you want them to do?
    blanket crowd with ‘non-lethal force’ like rubber bullets

  54. Dissenter

    ‘ Nobody blamed the fitness guy for Holding. Everybody blamed Marcus Rashford for an unnecessary shove.’

    I like reading most of your posts and find you generally informative
    That’s said, what you wrote there is simply not true. Pedro [and your Emery-hating self ] repeatedly put the Holding injury on Emery’s physio . I recall there were extensive arguments about that false accusation here in December 2018.
    No need to try to casually revise history.

  55. Dissenter

    Soares was on 65k weekly at Southampton
    There’s no way he took a pay cut to come to Arsenal, when this is the last major contract of his career and its as close to a free transfer as can be.

  56. Goonies


    Why wouldn’t Soares take a pay cut to come here?

    He might think it’s a privilege.

    Arteta took one to come here, cesc took one to go back to Barca…it happens .

  57. Ben D

    I have a question: agreed that Luiz, Mari and Soares are massively underwhelming signings. I haven’t heard how much their deals will cost the club. Does all the negative reaction mean we consider them bad deals irrespective of the cost?

  58. Terraloon


    Yes it’s possible that Soares has signed for less than £65k a week but bear in mind he was only going to be paid that till 30/6.

    Some on here would have you believe that he has been signed only as a backup . I have to snigger when people say that for Soares won’t see it that way nor would Arteta.
    Soares clearly is going to cost more than an academy player but I doubt that he will be getting £65 K week over 4 years the likelihood is that he will get a reasonable basic add to that he probably will get decent individual bonuses such as say £5 k per appearance, £2 k for making the bench and so on.
    For me if funds are limited then his signing is folly. Likewise Mari who didn’t have to be purchased at this point in time. As for the Luiz extension I thought like everyone else he was on a two year deal when he signed but once we learnt he was only on a one year deal added to the Mari signing then there seems no plan or indeed sanity in adding to the already too many CDs