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Matteo Guendouzi has been dominating the news cycle because he went after Maupay after the game risking a suspension, then the story carried on when it turned out he was basically calling Brighton players peasants.

That is Matteo I’m afraid. He’s a bit of wally. However, I can’t knock it. If you’ve played football at even the worst level, you know that it is standard to tell a forward you slipped their mum one at half time. It’s just what happens. Being precious about sledging is very Arsenal. Broader issue is this unpleasantness isn’t just on the pitch.

Still, the FA don’t care about the words and they’re fine with the shove after the game. So he lives to fight another game.

Next up is Southampton. He’ll start because we have basically no other options with Torreira and Xhaka out injured. It’ll no doubt be another slog of a game unless there’s a magic 17-year old that can dominate a Premier League midfield that we’ve had hidden away.


Not as depressing as some of the transfer news. We’re signing Pablo Mari, who, look, I kind of like. Right profile, has won things, and he’s the perfect age. Problem with Arsenal is it’s hard to trust the ‘why’ of the decision making.

Cedric Soares looks like he might be signed to a perm deal. Kia.

We’re being linked to Willian again, Kia.

We’re also being linked with Neto, the Barca reserve keeper who is repped by, Kia.

You have to laugh, you really do. What is the point of Edu if his best idea is always to send a Whatsapp to Kia? Pathetic. Hopefully, Josh is starting to pay attention to the two constants in our lives at the moment, shit football and Kia. He must LOVE that we’re being turned into a fee machine.

There’s quite a bit of average talk going on elsewhere. Barca are hedging their bets on Lautaro by talking to Arsenal about Auba this summer. Feels like a bit of a crap rumour to me. Barca tried to loan him in January, which I guess is standard practice when it comes to their piss-taking negotiation tactics. They just sold Arthur to Juve for £72m, so let’s see where that cash heads.

We’re also being linked with a swap deal for Mikhi and Kluivert. Again, the young Dutchman was exciting a few years ago, but a bit of a worry that they are willing to get rid of a player so young for one so average.

Anyway, a lot of blandness online today, let’s hope for something spicier tomorrow. Have a good one! x

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  1. Freddie Ljungberg

    Must have been a lot of over training during the break with all these injuries.

    Leno even got injured the exact same way as Holding was, luckily not as serious, and that was apparently proven beyond all reasonable reason to be because of over training. Consistency is nice.

  2. Dissenter

    ‘ Better hang on to Mustafi though – he’s our best defender’

    Yes these new defenders make Mustafi look like a misunderstood puppy

  3. Freddie Ljungberg


    He always makes himself known quickly, can’t hide that sunny personality. No worries, he never lasts long. He’s too stupid to rein it in. Always going out in a blaze of “glory”

  4. Freddie Ljungberg


    Ah so that’s why we haven’t heard about that for a while. It stopped existing. Gotcha.

  5. Marc


    What is strange is it did exist but didn’t apply when “the Pooooooooooooooooooooooch” was doing double training sessions with the Spud’s.

  6. Guernsey Gun

    If Ornstein is to be believed Mari and Soares on 4 year deals and Luiz on another year. “The defenders will be part of mikael Arteta rebuilding job at afc.” Oh fucking dear, he’s rebuilding an a foundation of actual shit. That sauce is starting to smell like it’s a fish one that’s been left in the sun for a week.

  7. Mr Serge

    Why have we signed Luiz on a new contract ? He deserves to be thrown out of the club for what he did last week

  8. Guernsey Gun

    Surely if Soares is 30 they haven’t given him a 4 year deal……that must be wrong….please.

  9. CG

    Luiz 1 year
    Cedric 4 year
    Mary 4 year

    Equates to Relegation next year.

    We might need to keep an eye on Warnock to get us promoted in a season or two.

  10. Marc

    I make it a rule to dismiss anything a journalist says – it does mean I know what the weather’s going to do more often – but we’re about to see Pedro go full on Sanllehi and agents without considering who’s been pushing for these deals.

  11. Champagne Charlie


    Ornstein literally states the people close to him that he trusts think Arteta is going to be a special manager. Nothing about assisting anything, that’s your snide talk.

    I’m saying if you chuck your vote in with Orny on other topics like dressing room leaks and transfers then you’re a hypocrite if you go deaf when he’s laying it on thick about how good a manager Arteta has the potential of being.

    Dead simple.

  12. Marc

    “Surely if Soares is 30 they haven’t given him a 4 year deal”

    With a club who’s desperately trying to lower the wage bill that would be crazy.

  13. Guernsey Gun

    If that’s the long term plan for our defence, arsenal are fucked. Saints were pissing themselves when we went in for Soares, WTF have we seen in a 30 year old fullback to give him a 4 year deal….it’s staggering.

  14. Thank you and goodnight


    Shocking isn’t it. Clueless, truly no excuse for these decisions. Neither of them are an improvement on the dodgy ones we already have. Jesus wept. Someone needs to get that twat Piers Morgan on it, love to see him grilling the incompetent twats who run Arsenal.

  15. Dissenter

    Bellerin has been average at best to be honest. He hasn’t had competition at Arsenal for THREE seasons.
    Time for him to step up.

  16. Batistuta

    We’re signing a player Southampton don’t want anymore and one that didn’t cut it at Inter to a 4 year deal. That’s the new Arsenal and sadly it seems the new manager is just as culpable in some of these very poor decisions

  17. Marc


    Stop interfering with the truth or facts that’s not what Le Grove is about – if you can’t be hysterical about something then you’re just not a modern balanced oatmilk drinking snowflake.

  18. Batistuta

    Osei Tutu has been brilliant in Germany too, that’s your cover right there if you ask me, no reason why again we’re picking up a Southampton reject and giving him a 4 year deal, absolutely mental.

    Just hope it works out for whatever it is the manager is trying to achieve in his stint with us though

  19. Champagne Charlie

    “Cedric Soars turns 29 in August“

    He also turns 30 next August. Both of which make him 28

  20. Dissenter

    I’ve moaned and bitched about Soares for the better part of two months now.
    There’s something awry at Arsenal, I just hope they have a plan because we don’t have a central midfielder of note in the club. We don’t have a leader at the back.

  21. Dissenter

    You’re taking this too serious
    Chill out, we are all on the same side and just have some reservations. Some of us come here to vent that’s all. It’s not personal.

  22. Marc


    You haven’t heard what we’ve put him on yet, how much we’ve paid his agent and what the VAT bill’s going to be!

  23. andy1886

    No sure what the latest is with ST’s but as an aside the club took payment for my red membership this week. Hmmmm…….

    Let’s wait and see if these signings are confirmed, that’s what – eight CB’s on the books now? Seems at least a couple too many (and Tierney can play CB too).

  24. Guernsey Gun

    Yeah this 29 year old in August is going to go peak TAA. Whichever way you cut it, and if it’s verified, something is badly fucked at the club if that what Arteta is basing his rebuild on. Good luck mikael, as you say if it’s done, it’s done.

  25. Dissenter

    None of the signings are inspiring but maybe the club have aces up their sleeves.
    Maybe they want to take care of the defensive coverage before they start rolling out the big gun signings in the midfield

    Arteta would have been wise enough to extract iron clad guarantees for good signings before coming on board. The Kroenkes are swimming in money – dropping 100 million to help out this summer should be a big deal.
    Lets keep hope alive.

  26. Freddie Ljungberg


    I read there’s some serious doubt about Osei Tutu’s defensive capabilities, he’s played as a right winger in Germany, in bundesliga 2 because he wasn’t trusted at right back.

    Soares isn’t brought in as a starter for us like he was at Inter and Southampton so I’m not too bothered with it. If we want a new first choice RB we can still sell Bellerin and buy a replacement then.

  27. CG


    “””@CG Shocking isn’t it. Clueless, truly no excuse for these decisions.””””

    No surprise to me whatsoever.
    These are charlatans are of the highest order in charge of the club . And they are brazen too,

    And they are humiliating and destroying a good man in Arteta at the same time.

    But they will get their comeuppance in the court of Arsenal public opinion.

    I am hoping the Guvnor will be penning a nice post sometime tomorrow- demanding the return of Arsene Wenger in some capacity.

    Trust me- its the only way to save us.

  28. Dissenter

    I’m very glad that my VAT line is still resonating.

    I pondered hard before dropping it.., and just went WTF, who caress

  29. Marc


    I haven’t herd a peep about my ST renewal, not sure how they can charge you for a Red Membership who’s main thing is access to tickets that might not exist next season.

  30. Freddie Ljungberg


    Is VAT still payable if it’s an Arteta signing though?

    Guess we have to wait to see if they’re successful first to know who gets credit for signing them.

  31. Andy1886

    Marc, my mistake, saw ‘Arsenal’ on the bank statement but on checking it’s my AST membership renewal.

    TFFT, thought I’d contributed to Luiz’s new contract for a minute there.

  32. Receding Hairline

    Charles we take it as truth when Ornstein reports transfer news and contracts because he is reporting actual happening.

    Of course people at Arsenal believe Arteta will turn out to be a special coach, that’s why he is on a four year deal. Dunno why you are making a big deal out of that particular snippet. Doesn’t change what’s actually happening on the field or the fact we are signing players who don’t excite anyone.


  33. The Godfather

    Does Arteta understand how thin the ice he is mindlessly strolling on?
    What happens when he play Luiz and the Calamity lays another egg that leads to a defeat. ..: then what?
    Once again our coach is more interested in making friends than being a successful Manager.

    I guess he didn’t learn much sitting next to Pep G

  34. salparadisenyc


    As Marko Le Grove in all his fuckery use to say “Don’t you dimwits get it!! The D of F makes those decisions now. ”

    Which I always thought was a bit rich, any good manager finds a way to get what he wants. Can say this lot isn’t what I had in mind.

  35. Guns of SF

    Seems like we are really hurting financially
    These fellas are stop gap cheap signing s knowning full well we don’t have big money for a defender
    Some of these fees include the winter loan signing fees included

    As dissenter said I hope the club will use the cash we have on our midfield

    We need 2 or 3 top players there

  36. Champagne Charlie

    Dissenter nobody is taking anything personally you melt, I’m correcting nonsense with a fact. Get over yourself.

  37. Aussie Gooner

    Cédric Ricardo Alves Soares CvIH ComM (born 31 August 1991) – he has letters after his name – he must be good! Bring on the new contract for Luiz!!!!!!

    With Martinelli out for the season (not from being overplayed that’s for sure!) we have no options left. Bring on the kids and see who is worth keeping and who we need to get rid of. Unfortunately any senior player not crocked will now play (find your boots Ozil!). I don’t know what this series of injuries can be attributed to but let’s face it, nothing new here for Arsenal!

    This is a dire situation and we can expect more humiliation for the remainder of the season. Get the record books out and find out when was the last time we were beaten by all of the bottom 6 teams? When did Newcastle last beat us at home? When did Southampton last do the double over us? When did we last fail to score an average of 1 goal a game? When was our goal difference last in the negative? etc etc.

  38. Johnno

    I’m worried like everyone. But signing two experienced pros for peanuts is good business if we are saving our cash to get 3 starters. A CB a Dm and a 10.

    At end of summer if we’ve added – for example – upemacano partey cantwell soares Mari plus Saliba – that’s not a disaster.

    The trouble is ;

    1. We have no trust or faith
    2. We’ve not seen anything of soares and Mari and they are crocked. And we’ve been there before.

    On our budget and in our state we have to do a few things that make you wince in order to do the things that give you hope: Arsenal have a habit of always doing the former first- they just continually test our faith and loyalty.

  39. MD-Gunner

    The only positive on this whole fucked up transfer business id, God will be very kind to me on judgement day because he knows how much I have suffered as an Arsenal supporter.

    Bring on the Dortmund kids!

  40. Guns of SF

    Arteta got his vet luiz

    Maybe auba leaves now… ?
    Wonder if auba rates this new business the club just did

  41. Johnno

    Despite trying to be balanced – I must say that I feel that the club is dishonest and fraudulent at the core.

    Weber since gazidis talking Bayern Munich in 2014 we’ve made out we are in it to win again – post Emirates build. It’s bullshit. We all know it. But we act like we are trying to perpetuate that con. We sign 2-3 trinkets to make it look like we are trying – all with zero intention of adding enough around them to win. Then they get bored/pissed/knackered tying to drag us along and want out.

    Until the owners and execs are honest about who we are – and buy players honestly to fit theme cut of our cloth – I believe that we are doomed to keep falling. We will keep attracting the wrong people and bad luck.

  42. Guns of SF

    I see Kluivert coming in. Not sure if he can play centrally in attack but he has good dna 🧬

    We have a glut of wingers and cb

    I do hope Partey comes… and a proper 10

  43. MD-Gunner

    From Don Raul to Con Raul is what is happening.

    The contract thing is as clear as mud this is what appears on ESPN and it could be just 4 contracts to see out the season.

    “”The club is trying to finalise everything in the next few hours and we have no choice, we have to do it and even more with all the injuries we’ve had. We are trying to resolve this.”

    The deals if completed by the midnight deadline will allow all four players to finish the season at the Emirates, with Luiz’s inclusion after his horror show against Man City the biggest eye-catcher.”

  44. Valentin

    We sign
    … 1 central defender who can’t defend with as many red cards than goals in the EPL
    … 1 central defender who can’t run
    … 1 fullback who last two previous clubs have judged not good enough

    At least they are cheap!
    Clearly Arsenal is going to win this summer TW with those marvellous inspiring deals.

    I think that Torreira lacks the necessary physicality to be a great defensive midfielder at Arsenal. However I do not trust those in charge to replace him with a player with the right attributes. So even if he want to leave, I hope we keep him, because knowing the management team in place his replacement will be worse or more expensive likely both

  45. MidwestGun

    Yep.. bring back Wenger.. he will dither and dither and dither and dither and dither then do absolutely nothing. And Nothing might actually be better then signing David Luiz to another season. So we extended the contracts of all our backup crud? Only problem is.. given our injury history our buck up crud is our starters within a month of starting the season so hopefully it’s not a thing beyond this season. .
    To be honest though.. Mari looked no worse then Mertesacker did when he first got here.. Soares no idea what that is all about.

    More depressed about Martinelli getting injured though… it never ends with the injuries.

  46. Marc

    “will allow all four players to finish the season at the Emirates”

    It’s not finishing the season I have an issue with – it’s signing players up for long contracts.

  47. Guns of SF

    Mari is slow as molasses
    Plays very casually and too high up
    Will be caught out by quick attackers

  48. MidwestGun

    Maybe.. I hated the Luiz signing from the jump. Too many absolutely head scratching fuck ups in his career combined with disaster performances like in the World Cup. Thought we were rid of him. Maybe he is going to be the cone boy in practice. Or maybe Matty G needs a hair doppelganger around to perform better.

  49. salparadisenyc

    Luiz was an abysmal signing, worse to extend, these feel like peak Wenger panic deals. WTF is Huss doing with the numbers here, mental.

  50. Guns of SF

    Soares for 4 years is perplexing
    These old defenders seem to be a pattern


    I do hope luiz sits as a reserve and Saliba and Mari stay fit. Holding and mustafi before luiz please

  51. The Godfather

    The four most divisive players on this team are:


    On all four, Arteta has aligned himself with the players (Save for Ozil Post covid break) against the Majority of the fan base and Management.

    This is why I say the man is riding a bike on some thin ice. If these players are true to form they will cost us games and he will bear the wrath of the fans.

  52. Dissenter

    Arteta wanted Luiz’s contract extensions. He’s publicly stated that he wants him to stay.
    You’ve gone from blaming Raul and Huss Fahmy but you’re leaving out Arteta who’s just as central to these meh contracts.

  53. MD-Gunner

    Guendouzi is a little shit that thinks more of himself then he should Maupay’s comment about him are spot on.

  54. Habesha Gooner

    4 year deal for Cedric is a bit excessive. he will turn 32/33 by then. Still if he is on reasonable wages and we can move him on then it’s okay. I have seen enough of him to know he will be good for us. He didn’t have a great stint at Inter but He has responded very well this season at Southampton.

    I don’t mind Luiz for another year. As I suspected,
    It means we are working on transfers from player sells budget. So we won’t add another CB to the two we are adding. I haven’t seen enough of Mari to have any opinions. He looks very much like Mertesacker to me which isn’t a bad thing. Mostly reasonably well placed and can take care of the ball. It’s Arteta’s call so let’s see.

    Everything feels like we are gearing up for a midfield summer fix. I would love it if it’s what’s on the agenda. Players I think we are going to move on this summer will be based on who arteta values. Mustafi and Sokratis are moving. Rob Holding is also at risk I think from what I have seen from arteta. Miki, Elneny are moving. from our midfielders I think Torriera is moving. It’s a bad call for me to move him out ahead of Xhaka but Arteta will do that I think. AMN is also at risk if the English premium prices are still on the table. There is also chatter He is willing to sell Guendouzi. That would be the hugest mistake so far. I think he should mold his arrogance because we will regret selling him in the future. Ozil isn’t moving because of his wages. If our transfer team moves him on, they deserve a knighthood. Aubameyang is definitely moving. Either Barcelona or Inter will take him depending on whether Lautaro will move. There is no one better on the market for around 30 mil and we won’t replace him because Arteta believes in Eddie so much.

    So from sells I would think we have around 70 to 100 mil depending on Whether AMN and Holding are moving for English premium. And we will target two players. A DM and A CM/CAM. It will have to be spot on for us to do better next season.

  55. GunnerDNA

    Mikel Arteta grace period with the fans is likely to be over with these weird contract for all these average defenders. I expect him to be sacked by April 2021. Don’t underestimate Arsenal fans on social media, they mad toxic.

  56. Moray

    If these extensions are true then we are settling for mediocrity: a guy who wasn’t good enough for Man City, a guy who wasn’t good enough for Chelsea and a guy who wasn’t good enough for Southampton. At least Ceballos wasn’t good enough for Real Madrid.

    We have very little funds available so why commit To these guys who have shown themselves lacking in quality and/or fitness.

    How did it come to this?

  57. Gonsterous

    In a year or two when we are mid table, and you ask yourself, where it all went wrong. It was here, after we signed Luis, soares and mari and then went on to lose at Southampton.

    This has all the makings of a mid table team. Great foundations to put up

  58. Guns of SF

    Some fans already sharpening the knives

    I do hope we go all out in midfield

    Will be interesting to see his midfield plans
    If he we end up keeping xhaka and do not buy a 10 then the knives turn into machetes

  59. post rocky dave

    Extending the dross. Sigh.

    Mid-table mediocrity beckons for at least the next couple of seasons.

    A club position of strength squandered since 2006.

  60. Guns of SF

    I truly hope he is not convincing xhaka to stay or guen or torr. It’s seems like he wants to be liked by giving players contracts ala wenger in return for loyalty

    This would be disastrous

    I said a few days ago I hope Arteta has a say in new players. After today I walk that back…

  61. Tony

    Good to see Arteta getting the players he wants in Cedric, Mari, Luiz extension ………

    Won’t be long before He has His team and we’ll see Arteta’s real saucy game.

    After those signings I can’t wait to see who Arteta wants in midfield.

    Too much sarcasm?

  62. Gonsterous

    Great when your 4th choice defender (Luis) is on 125k. No wonder we have to pay over the odds for saka, a first teamer.

    Don’t know how martinelli is injured, but I have a feeling with arteta here, he might leave soon.

    Arteta reportedly wants guen out of the club which is a shame, because he could be a good useful squad player.

  63. Guns of SF

    I don’t care for guen we can do much better

    We have always had class mids not like this garbage now

    Clearly the worst midfield in a long time.

    I worry the message this sends to auba and also Saka.

    Everyone will want big money on long contracts

    Ala wenger

    Emery for all his failures would have booted these under performers out the door

  64. Habesha Gooner

    My God the reaction in here is over the top. The only deal I am bothered about is Cedric’s contract being for 4 years. I would have preferred a 3 year contract with an option for a year. And I think he can even displace Bellerin. He has been great for Southampton. Stop Narrating he wasn’t good enough for them. They wanted him to sign a new contract but he chose not to.

    Luiz was a calamity at Chelsea and Mancity games. But he has done better in all of the games since arteta took Over. And he is going to be here as a backup for one more year while we try to locate a permanent partner for Saliba.

    Mari is based on Arteta. He might be good. but I still think we will go all out for a major CB next summer. 14 mil is chump change in this market if he is dependable. We haven’t signed any of these players for ridiculous amount of money and they strengthen our team as backups and temporarily. Midfield has way more issues than defense. We have Invested in it. We have Ozil still as our only creator and he barely shows up. Willock is the only other one who has offense as his plan. So we need a summer midfield rebuild.

  65. Habesha Gooner
    How any one can’t see the talent in Guendouzi amazes me. He isn’t going to be Fabregas. But I see him as a Busquets type of midfielder. Doesn’t score a lot or assists but keeps things ticking. If he develops his game I fully believe he can become a very good player for us. If not we will get a very good fee for him in the future.

  66. DivineSherlock

    Nobody is keen on Lewis Dunk . The guy looks solid , dont know if its the system or the player . Good aerial ability , passing and defensively secured . I feel he is better than Mings actually.

  67. Sid

    LeftsideJune 23, 2020 19:50:14
    Why is Song likely an age cheat?

    His uncle Rigobert who took him to Bastia is a known age cheat, Etoo their compatriot is also doubtful and you can tell physically from appearance and perfomance.

  68. Gonsterous


    I agree. Guen is a good player, maybe has a bad attitude. But that shouldn’t stop us keeping him if he develops his game.

    Look at the youngsters, after martinelli and saka, who is the best young player?
    In my opinion, guen is better than willock, nketiah and Nelson.
    I feel he is even better than ceballos, who is a terrible midfielder, but people like him because he occasionally does a little step over in the middle of the park, slowing the game entirely.

    A guen, torreira base midfield, is the strongest we have when everyone is fit.

  69. Guns of SF

    At one point we could have had Jonny Evans for cheap …. wish we pulled the trigger
    Instead of luiz

  70. Moray

    Gonsterous, it depends how that bad attitude manifests itself. If he’s a bite your leg type,fine. If it’s a “go through the team’s pockets at half time” type, not fine.

    I would argue we’ve desperately lacked a leader in the dressing room and a leader on the pitch. Niggly kids with big hair and a bad attitude aren’t going to help with that until we have a Vieira type to slap them down with their cock.

    We also lack professionalism, and have for. For some time. It’s going to be tough for Tets to install that, and even more so if the players are answering back or not responding in kind and with respect.

    Just speculation really. The kid does have talent for sure, but if he doesn’t fit the Soares/Luiz revolution then he might as well go. We won’t get much for anyone else and the cash could come in handy.

  71. Moray

    “At one point we could have had Jonny Evans for cheap …. wish we pulled the trigger Instead of luiz“

    That shows how far we’ve fallen. Once we had so many legendary centre backs we could even fit them all on the bench. Now we’re rueing Jonny Corporal Evans.

    I hope Saliba is the shits, I really do.

  72. Gonsterous


    Attitudes need to be controlled of course. But we cant keep selling players based on their attitudes. It’s how we end up with the Luis signing. Just a couple of yes men to the manager.

    If there are no leaders on the pitch, then the manager has to be the leader. (Like fergie was). A manager who knows what level he wants the club and his players to be at.

  73. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t get this whole bad attitude stuff about Guendouzi. He is a bad loser. He is arrogant but He puts in the work. And He stands up for his team mates and for himself. He may need a bit of humility but that wouldn’t reflect badly on the team as long as he is putting in the work and listening to his coach. He is still 21 so he has room to grow as a person and a player too. And good players always have a bit of ego and arrogance about them.

  74. Terraloon

    There was me telling people that Soares could be signed on a permanent deal before the season ended but no they said he could only sign on a Bosman at the end of the season. So thoughts?

    He had the club by the balls and if the deal is indeed four years then there really is trouble ahead.

  75. Gonsterous

    It seems in the latest reports, arteta is fighting to keep ceballos too. 6 months in, and we have completely lost the plot.

  76. Leftside

    Or that we don’t have substantial funds to bring in players which is why we’re trying to keep these players perhaps

  77. Wasi

    Mikel gets Soares and Luiz.
    Honestly , dont see a any way I can defend these deals. Just hope Arteta knows what he is doing.

    Raul fraud post incoming from Pedro. Surely.

  78. Gonsterous

    Don’t get the guendouzi hate. People expect him to be the finished article at 21, but say nelson, eddie and willock have a higher ceiling, when they are the same age but play worse than guen.

  79. Ishola70

    “Don’t get the guendouzi hate”

    Familiarity in comparison to the others you mentioned.

    Down the line they won’t like those others either.

  80. Globalgunner

    Here we are in 2020. From a 19 year old Colossus Vieira to a 20 year old no talent ballet dancer Guendouzi. And they wonder why the team is crap. Is he as good as Mount as good as Declan Rice. As good as Grealish?. Is he as good as even Tom Davies at Everton?. No. He is a clueless kid who runs around a lot. Losing tackles every time and provides no offence.
    Then again. I’m not surprised. We have fans who were mesmerized by the outstanding talents of Wilshere, Walcott and Ramsey.

  81. Ishola70

    How disappointing Edu has been thus far.

    They have the start of next seasons window to try to rescue matters.

  82. Batistuta

    Don’t think anyone can say there’s an over reaction though, we’ve been here before with filling up the squad with so many average players on long contracts who inevitably turn out to be starters because our equally average starters end up being injured for the most part.

    Unless there is an actual plan to fix that midfield in the summer and build from there, this looks like bad deals all round. Hope Ceballos is not extended too, not enough in his game for me. The hope is that there’d at least be funds available in the summer for the new manager, the owners hopefully are able to put some of their actual money into the club, hopefully though but not so sure there’s any bit of planning going into our transfers at the moment but we’ll see.

  83. andy1886

    Wasi, it will be interesting to see how Pedro spins this when we’ve seen Arteta publicly say he wants to sign these players and we’ve also heard that the suits were not keen to extend Luiz.

    My guess is that we’ll see a bit of a u-turn, Mari will go from being too slow and ponderous to a promising player, Luiz from a disaster to an experienced older head needed to guide younger players and Soares will no longer be a waste of money, he’ll be desperately needed competition for Bellerin.

    Isn’t that what marketing people do all the time – polish turds to sell to the gullible?

  84. PieAFC

    I’m shocked by these transfers, frankly shocked at the way we are handling things.

    Being an Arsenal fan in 2020.

    Just glutton for punishment.

  85. andy1886

    The official word from

    We are delighted to confirm that defenders David Luiz, Pablo Mari and Cedric Soares have agreed contracts to stay with us beyond the end of this season.

    In addition midfielder Dani Ceballos has extended his loan from Real Madrid until the end of the current 2019/20 season.

    David Luiz, who signed from Chelsea last summer, has agreed a new one-year deal. Pablo will complete his formal move from Flamengo on a long-term deal when the transfer window opens next month. Cedric will also join us permanently on a long-term deal from Southampton.

    Technical director Edu said: “I am really happy that we will have these players in our squad for the future. They have been part of the long-term technical plan Mikel and I have developed. They bring the right balance to our squad.

    “David is a really important player for us. He has played most of our matches this season and has been important for the team. His passing, his communication with the team on and off the pitch. He helps everyone.

    “With Pablo we’re all disappointed he got injured at Manchester City. Since Mikel arrived here he was asking for a central defender who was left-footed. We were really pleased with Pablo – his behaviour, the way he is training, his mentality and his quality. Unfortunately, he has that injury but of course we are really happy to keep him for the future.

    “Cedric is also going to be an important player. He has been unlucky with the injuries but he is close to being ready and gives us more strength in the right-back position. We’re also pleased Dani will finish the season here. He is making a good contribution and we look forward to him having a strong finish to the season.”

  86. PieAFC

    Just band aid signings, papering over cracks.

    There seems to be no transfer philosophy in place at all.

    I’m lost what on earth is Edu meant to be doing?

    Saliba and Luiz CB pairing next season?

  87. Leftside

    Pie if you looked at the last 10-15 years there is little reason to be shocked by anything this club do.

    It’s never the deals that fans are actually interested in either.

  88. Wasi


    Theres enough proof that Arteta was behind the extension of Luiz and signing of Mari and Soares.

    Either it will be that Luiz is experienced et al , Mari is exciting and Soares is good competition
    Raul being the fraud he is signed all these players so that he can provide bread and butter to his mates and Arteta has nothing to do with these signings.

  89. Wasi

    Maybe we are papering over the cracks in defense with these signings so that we can focus on leveling up our midfield this summer with our limited funds and then focus on our defense after that.
    I hope that is the case. Otherwise these cheap and average defensive signings dont mean a thing if we dont go out and strengthen our midfield considerably.

  90. PieAFC

    Yeah 100% leftside.

    I’m just astonished at these deals. Claim poverty ask the current squad to take a pay cut?

    Then offer deals out like this, quickly to players that haven’t set the world alight or even played for us?

    When Saka hasn’t even signed a new contract? What are they offering him? What project they trying to get him behind?

    Baffled beyond belief.

  91. PieAFC

    Wasi, that’s what I’m at least hoping for. No transfer fees as such.

    Hopefully, it is stick with what we’ve got and use the rest of the money midfield and/or up front.

    It’s probably just me, but when I see Lacazette, he’s body and mind, he looks elsewhere. Maybe he’s tempted a move?

    Would anyone be happy with us selling Auba and Laca (if auba wasnt going to sign) if it meant we could strengthen the midfield properly?

    I think I would be happy with that. I know Aubas goals would be missed. But were so unbalanced as a team its unreal.

  92. Pierre

    Can’t say I’m overly enthralled with the new signings but the fact is , the money has been spent and Arteta is having to pick up the pieces.

    I don’t see a problem with keeping Luiz, he had a very good few months prior to lockdown so I would prefer to judge him on that than the poor performance after lockdown when it was obvious that Arteta made a mistake in bringing him on when he wasn’t ready to play.

    Mari looks decent at best, though whether he is a commanding centre back remains to be seen.
    From what I have seen , he looks composed and comfortable on the ball and will benefit the side with his passing.
    Defensively , the jury is still out , though in the 200 odd minutes he’s been on the pitch we have not conceded a goal.

    Soares , may prove to be ok , though personally I would prefer we brought in a full back with a bit of height and strength as we are woefully lacking in that area throughout the team.

    The money laid out is minimal for these 3 defenders and will be recouped if/when we sell Sokratis, Mavropanos and Mustafi chambers or Holding.

    It’s the midfield that one would expect some quality to be brought in and this will determine how we go into next season.

    Our problem at the moment is that we have gone from one extreme to the other in that under Emery the discipline and organisation of the team was very poor and eventually it took its toll on the players.
    We now have a much more disciplined, organised manager but , as yet Arteta hasn’t found the key to making the football flow..
    It’s all a little bit too rigid and now we have been struck down by so many injuries , Arteta will have to keep the shackles on as there is little room to manoeuvre so it could be a case of grinding out results

    Luckily for Arteta, he can still call on Mesut Ozil to give us that touch of quality, something that we have been lacking in the last few games.

  93. andy1886

    Not surprised to see that last little gem at the end of your post Pierre. Do you think Ozil will play at Southampton? Surely if he can’t make the team for that game given our recent form, there must be a serious problem?

  94. Gonsterous


    I’d be happy selling one off this summer, and another in the next Sommer.
    We can replace one of them with martinelli ( hope arteta doesn’t ruin him for us) and hopefully we can get in another striker when the next one is sold. Nketiah can be back up.

    Also am I the only one confused as to why so many of our players are just dropping like flies?? Is it the training or is it just targeting injury prone players?

  95. CG


    “””””Since Mikel arrived here he was asking for a central defender who was left-footed. “””””

    Serious managers used to cite ,that they wanted central defenders that couid just defend – what difference does it make he if is Left footed, Right footed or ambidextrous?

    There is no way Arteta will survive the wreckage of June 23rd 2020.

    A day where his inexperience, idealism and possibly his bad luck ( Martinelli) came to head.

    Arsenal will be on the lookout for their 4th manager post Wenger ( inc Fred ) by the turn of the year.

    As for Edu and Raul and their jobs , they are untenable too – the moment the auditors set eyes on the books -they walk..

    The club is heading for relegation and administration unless proven and experienced people are employed in all positions at the club.

    Have No doubt about it.

  96. Pierre

    It’s not about Ozil , the question is should Arteta have stuck to what he was doing before lockdown regarding team selection, formation and tactics.

    I said all along that Tierney( who I like) coming into the side, creates a conundrum for Arteta.

    I made the point of how is he going to fit Saka into the side without disrupting the balance of the side.

    He’s tried him on the right and in the middle and we have lost both games and the fans are already losing their patience, which is sad to see but not surprising , as it’s clear to see that these particular supporters (WOBS) have been desperately waiting for a couple of poor results to vent their anger.

    Does Arteta stick with a more central role for Saka and no , it wasn’t a 4-4-2 that we played v Brighton., despite what some think, or will he bite the bullet and put Saka wide left , Aubameyang up top, pepe on the right and Ozil in the hole.

    That looks pretty balanced to me with Tierney and Bellerin the full backs..

  97. CG

    If there is a more ridiculous man in soccer than Edu?

    (Ps. Andy thanks for the quotes )

    What a pillock of a man Edu is.

  98. DivineSherlock


    Liverpool had 3 players injured in the Everton game . its not just us. Martinelli had a collision in training thats unfortunate

  99. andy1886

    Pierre, those are some of the basics that fans have been raising questions about. Now Martinelli is out it’s obvious that Saka should be on the left, Auba in the middle and Pepe on the right. The two full backs are an easy selection.

    Of course that leaves the Ozil question – does he play or does MA select a second striker and play two up top?

    The real problem of course is the midfield, if we had two decent CMs in the mould of PV4, Petit, Gilberto, or even Edu we wouldn’t have to compensate in other areas because we have a centre about as robust as a blancmange.

  100. Wasi

    Apparently Soares’s salary is about 2 mil a year or around 40k a week. Big score by Kia if you ask me.
    Man is leeching the club dry.

  101. DigitalBob

    Scary stuff if true. I sincerely hope there is a plan in place from Arteta as he would have had to ok the permanent loans and contracts extension for Luiz.

    Personally I don’t see why on earth you would extend a guaranteed mistake like Luiz unless your worried about losing the confidence of the senior players, as on the footballing side, the man is a shit defender, end of.

    Mari we have only seen glimpses of, and is for sure an Arteta approved signing, so I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’ll be a backup for us anyway. Soares is just a weird one, but when he actually plays if he starts crossing like he has in the past , something our current RB options simply cannot do then fair enough.

    I would also hold off on saying this means the midfield is getting some investment, if Arteta get’s his wish and keeps Auba as well, where does the money come from for this new midfield?

  102. GunnerDNA

    Guendouzi Isn’t Arsenal problem, Arteta and Edu is. It’s very obvious that they both are clueless. Didn’t want them at the club in the first place because their appointment was based on sentiments than ability. Can’t believe two former midfielders struggling to identify players with talent.

  103. CG


    “””‘Apparently Soares’s salary is about 2 mil a year or around 40k a week. Big score by Kia if you ask me.
    Man is leeching the club dry.””””

    I hope Hussey , has inserted relegation clauses in Mary and Cedric nice new 4 year ones!.

    Another pillock on the Arsenal payroll!

  104. Valentin

    The signature of Cedric Soares on a new long term contract is the final nail on Jordy Osei-tutu career at Arsenal.
    Jordy Osei-tutu will be sold to a Bundesliga club and uses them as a stepping stone before in two years time join a Champion’s League club.
    Why are we paying the alleged £40kpw salary to Cedric Soares to sit on the bench when we could pay £5kpw a U21 player to do the same thing?

  105. Valentin


    “The real problem of course is the midfield, if we had two decent CMs in the mould of PV4, Petit, Gilberto, or even Edu we wouldn’t have to compensate in other areas because we have a centre about as robust as a blancmange.”

    This is exactly why last summer I was dead against Pepe purchase and kept arguing that for the same price we should go for Tanguy NDombele.
    His impact on our fortune would have been much greater. Same thing about Boubakary Soulmare. From Lille he was the one I would have rather taken.

    We went after the shinny new extension when our house have no foundation and the roof is leaking.

  106. Thorough

    40k per week for abstarter for one of the best European National teams and people are pissed? Fuck I think Bellerin is not a better defender than Soares and he’s getting thrice his salary or thereabouts. The real problematic deal is Mari. The few times he’s played for us he’s been shit. I remember his first game, against West Ham I think, he fell and Antonio had a free run at our goal.

  107. andy1886

    Val, you’re absolutely right. Ask any fan last summer and I doubt that even 1% of them would have said that signing an expensive wide forward was our top priority. Makes you wonder what they are smoking as someone once said.

  108. Ishola70

    It’s always about attack and dismissing defence and as time goes on the attack becomes less and less potent.


    Pepe signed over getting the midfield right and that includes defensively.

    Signing ball playing CBs and not giving a shit if they can defend.

    Continuing with Xhaka who is poor defensively on the whole at the base of the midfield.

    And we know where this laissez faire attitude comes from don’t we in not wanting to get to grasps with the less glamorous aspects of the game.

    It’s in the DNA from years and years of Wenger and the club can’t be arsed to change matters. It’s who we are they bleat. Well what you are isn’t going to win major honours any time soon.

  109. The Backpass


    You mean the same Osei tutu who was so poor in defense in 2. Bundesliga, had to be converted to a right winger before doing anything of note.

  110. The Backpass


    You mean the same NDombele who cant seem to complete 20 minutes before being gassed out.

    Very talented no doubt, but his fitness level is poor. You can do well and ask tottenham fans what they think of him.

  111. Valentin


    Can we stop blaming Wenger for mistakes that people make last summer and today.

    Raul and others were brought to change the culture and the mind set. If they can’t do it, then they should either step aside or be moved out. They promised: Strategic planning, long term squad building, financial tightening, better management of players’ contract.

    I don’t see any of that in those recruitment. I see haphazard purchase of mediocre players who will turn out to be more expensive than young players with untapped potential.

    There are numerous U21 players in France with more potential uplift than any of those. They would be cheaper (in fee and in salary) and even if they don’t make it, we would still be in a position to resell them at a profit or at a minimum without a loss.