A new dawn #TeamPositiveGooners

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Today, it is my birthday, I am now at the age where I’d be getting a one year deal and everyone would be clapping like it was some sort of a major achievement, or worse, I’d be landing that deal because I’d done well for the club. A sympathy contract. I’m basically Dennis Bergkamp right now, slow, but I’ll still pick out the top corner if you let me.

The real birthday story is… I am sad. Yep. Really sad. Arsenal is not joy at the moment.

… but, I am ready to bury that sadness deep within, because I can’t be miserable any longer… metaphorically, I’m one walk to the fridge away from my career being over, so today, we hunt for a bit of positivity, because honestly, the lunatics were out in force yesterday after the game and we have to right some of the wrongs that are being spewed into the Goonerverse.

The surrounding noise

I had the view that the covid-disaster was going to take us places with this group of players. Turns out, I was totally wrong.

My hypothesis was that the uncertainty in the market would push players to find another level on the pitch as they fought for a contract, or, they fought for a future in the game.

This really was naive… no, it was stupid.

When you take people’s money away and they see that no one else in the league really took a pay cut, that has a negative affect. I know personally what pay cuts can do to people and their thinking. At first, it’s like, oh, ok, I’m saving the world out here… then, the dark clouds settle in and you start thinking… fuck you.

Some other factors that aren’t helping.

When Arsenal players are flogged in the press as potential exits or swaps, that has an affect. Lacazette, I am looking at you. He had to come out and call a random Twitter account a liar. Mentally, he’s been affected by uncertainty.

When four players don’t know their futures 2 weeks before they might be cut loose, that can be problematic. Firstly, it can have direct consequences on the pitch, and we saw that. Secondly, people who are at risk can spread misery in the squad. You’ve all had a Karen in the work kitchen telling you that the company is going to collapse, that happens in football.

There will also be a collection of players that know they are leaving in the summer. Do you think they are going to put their bodies on the line? Absolutely not.

Those above issues, at a club with a stronger culture for winning, might have been ok. But this is Arsenal. A place that has allowed our best player to take away days off for the last two years. Each one of those problems takes you further away from an elite culture, where perfection is what you strive for.

I don’t think this season will be a total disaster, but it’s apparent that we have a more complicated set of mitigating circumstances than most and it literally played out in a red card in our first game, and it certainly looked like there was a lack of effort in some quarters for the second.


Arteta has been in the job 6 months, but he’s 13 games into his tenure, with a squad he’s spent zero money on. Why are so many fans jumping down his throat after every bad result? It is quite incredible. He’s picked up a squad of players that are on their 4th coach in 2 years at a club that is at its lowest ebb in about half a century. Freddie hated the senior players so much he fucked them off and played the kids. This is far from an ideal situation.

Picking up clubs midseason is very, very difficult.

Jurgen Klopp took Liverpool from 10th to 8th and he started in October. He had a far better squad to work with.

Jose Mourinho picked up Spurs from Pochettino, a club that was in the Champions League final last season and he has them sitting a whopping 2 points ahead of Arsenal.

OGS at United. A great start going 12 undefeated to… losing 5 of his final 9, notably losing to Cardiff in the last game of the season.

The mighty Carlo is 3 points behind us and barring a miracle today, will likely stay there.

That’s four pretty relevant comparisons. Picking up someone else’s players midseason when they’ve been utterly shit is not an easy job, so when all the new high-standards-bros are chirping away, put a little perspective on things. There is no manager in the world that was solving our issues in 13 games. Also, we have bought into a manager that wants to play like Pep, do we have players to do that right now? No. But we will at some point.


New managers are going to make them. Guess what, experienced managers also make them, especially at new clubs when they’re trying to work out what’s what. Arteta’s in-game management was not at its best at the weekend, but he’ll learn from the experience. Overall though, it’s hard not to watch that Brighton game back and think that we should have come away with three points. Our defending was just criminal, as it has been for years. We’ll hopefully fix that this summer with more suitable players.

Also, I say this in a hushed tone, for fear of waking the Gooners with the heavy set tattoos on the table behind me, but… we missed Granit Xhaka in our side. Our two best players at moving the ball between the lines are out. Mesut Ozil is on an effort holiday and Granit is injured. Say what you will about the Swiss, but the good parts of his game are sorely lacking at the moment. Dani Ceballos is not the full ticket, he’s been a huge disappointment. I like Matteo G, but he’s still a bit of a head-scratcher… I can’t work out what his thing is. That is not the sort of midfield that’s winning you games consistently. We need a Thomas Partey desperately.


This is my favourite debate at the moment. Every time we have a bad result, every man and his dog knows the exact reason. This week, ‘WHERE WAS MARTINELLI’, which is fine, we’re fans, we’re allowed to have opinions… but come on people, do you really think we’re a Martinelli away from cracking the code?

Last week it was Nic Pepe, who, outside an outrageous goal, was largely anonymous.

If the Brazilian isn’t playing, I suspect there’s a reason. At the moment, it’s because Saka is ahead of him in the pecking order, and I have to say, that’s absolutely fair. We all have this quick win solves that the entire coaching staff are missing, but we need to be real, there’s not a silver bullet in this squad. If there were, they’d be playing.

The Past

I know there are a lot of wounded Emeryista out there. They go into hiding during the good times, then as soon as we drop a few points, they’re out in the street, ringing a bell, messing their pants in public. We have to move beyond this. I could absolutely tolerate the AKB pining after their leader, because he was more than just a manager, he was… a father figure to a lost generation of fans. Yep, I know that’s weird, but it’s true.

Unai Emery? That’s a whole bag of weird. He was an abusive stepfather who didn’t even take time out to work out how to pronounce your mum’s name. How anyone can still be trying to litigate his passing is beyond me, but it has to stop, and I have to weed the poison out of the comments section here.

It’s time to move on.

On the Arsene piece, there’s also a collection of muppets that think the Wenger Out fans are getting what they deserve. No my friends, the sycophants that supported Wenger’s prolonged tenure are getting what they deserve. Wenger held onto power too long, he crashed the culture, he didn’t innovate, he held on to average staff, he spent bad money after bad money, he didn’t get contracts right… and then we doubled down on a terrible succession plan.

Wenger is not to be blamed for Arteta’s mistakes, but it is disingenuous in the extreme to say his exit was the problem. The problem is we didn’t move him on soon enough. We should have hired Klopp before Liverpool. We should have snapped at Pep when he was interested. We should have moved on a whole host of managers that could have moved good squads forward. Remember, Wenger blew the league to Claudio Ranieri’s Leicester.

Also, you don’t have to look at me for clarification on whether Wenger was finished. Just look at where he works now. That’s not because he was the magic wand keeping Arsenal together, it’s because his slow-motion crash over 10 years made it very clear that his idea of what the game should be was for 2004.


Onwards and upwards, we have to pick ourselves up the same way the players will be expected to. We have to get out the end of this season with a few wins. We have to hope the kids can pick up their game. Then we have to look forward to fast-forwarding 3 years transfer windows and reshape Arsenal into a lean, mean, battle machine.

The real focus for us should be on Stan Kroenke. He’s a real estate mogul, the market has crashed, he should move in on the weak clubs this summer and bring the squad up to standard in one quick hit. There will be SO much value to be had, but I fear we’re going to have wheel and deal with zero funds.

Josh and Stan need to step up, Raul needs rip the emergency cord and do something special this summer, Arteta needs to make sure he’s heard so there are no excuses next season.

Right, next up, a team we always have a good time against… Southampton.

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  1. Dissenter

    Hopefully Marc will answer the question Samir is asking.

    We will be Ego-full of pride of knocking back an ‘excessive wage‘ demand armed with £8 million of transfer fees to do as we please.

    That will be a meaningful resolution.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Hyperbole alert. Hyperbole alert!!!

    Let’s hold onto our hats. Saka May be the second coming…he probably won’t. He might be good, he may go the way so many of our prospects go.

    The fact remains that Ashley Cole is the only genuine world class player our academy has produced in the past 20+ years.

    I hope Saka finds his position, gets his head down and doesn’t become a Jack Greilish.

  3. Nelson

    I hope Arteta has a free hand to do his job. I remember Emery once told the media that it was the board’s decision to freeze out Ozil. I also see Ozil as son of a bitch. But Arteta should not waste time to single Ozil out. I suspect that the board asked Arteta to push Ozil out. We all know it is a waste of energy.

  4. Dissenter

    Guns of Hackney
    What are you smoking?
    Jack Grealish is a very good player who’s not going to be at Villa next season.
    Maybe you were looking for a better example to use to make your point.

  5. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The club is dead, it’s bleeding from the inside out.

    Ok Aubameyang

    Seven players that have to go if the club is going to have a reason to re birth.
    Sad about Leno, but maybe Martinelli will step up.

    Stan should pay Ozil up his contract at a deal. 10m cash go find yourself a new club.

    Personally I’m not looking forward to Saliba joining as he will be shit in this current set up.

    It’s a fitting end to the bollocks we were told the new stadium will bring us..

    It was once a great club to support you know… not no more.

  6. Jamie

    I love Saka, but slow your roll. The kid has scored exactly zero league goals in 20 appearances. His ‘contributions’ are being elevated to absolutely absurd levels.

    He’s a shit-hot prospect, nothing more, and hasn’t come close to earning a mega contract (over £100k a week) yet.

    Even Anelka was more advanced than Saka at the same age, but if you know nothing of Ashley Cole, you probably know even less about Nic.

  7. Moray

    Saka would be an idiot to stay at Arsenal.

    We are only going one way. He is good enough to get into most teams straight away, despite his years.

  8. Guns of Hackney


    I’m talking about the drink driving, Covid law breaking and blow taking mother fucker. Not the bang average pikey bastard you’re referring to. JG is a 5/10 player.


  9. Nelson

    We are all disappointed with how the team performed in the last two games. It will be a learning experience for Arteta. I hope he can lean from it. For me, he should now use the remaining games to find out who he wants to keep for next season.

  10. Dissenter

    …and did those things affect his football or his transfer worthiness to a big club in the summer for big fees?

    Some people are wired that way; temperamental traits, impulsiveness etc.

  11. Marc

    “You can’t even admit that we stand to lose him for very little money.”

    Yeah I just did.

    “If we don’t keep Saka, this will be the end of Arsenal.”

    Fuck me Arsenal are bigger than one player – some of you really are hysterical little girls.

    What If Saka demands £200k per week? Dissenter you’re acting like I’m saying we should only offer him £50k per year.

    No one is saying we want him to walk but throwing unlimited funds at a player in his breakout season is daft.

    I bet Dissenter doesn’t even know the Ridsdale story.

  12. Guns of Hackney


    He hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

    I’m all for maverick players etc but for me, JG is another overhyped English lout. Come on, we’ve had to deal with this every year since Gazza retired.

    The next big English talent….fill in the blank.

  13. Nelson

    I wouldn’t be surprise that the Pools is interested in Saka. They may sell Mane and replace him with Saka. If the Pools is calling, do you think that we can stop Saka to join the “champion”.

  14. Dissenter

    Since you’re the repository of Arsenal’s history, pleas explain why you re lumping in Anelka into a conversation about academy products.
    Cashley…. blue argument, Anelka- pointless contribution.
    I never argued that Saka was the best 18 year old that was ever created.

    I do think that had he gotten a chance to play consistently in his best position under one good manager in a balanced team …his contributions will be off the charts.
    The fact that he’s done so well in the crazy world of Arsenal’s 2019-2020 season says a lot about his talent. At the rate we are going, we will soon try him as goal keeper.

  15. Marc

    “At the rate we are going, we will soon try him as goal keeper.”

    What we’ve seen during the last week it wouldn’t surprise me i the slightest.

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    “It was once a great club to support you know… not no more.”

    Many here should be able to gauge the pain and heartbreak one has to endure to write such lines. Its far far tougher than a breakup. Now on the rebound, I am falling for Dortmund. But first love is first love.

  17. Nelson

    Imagine if you are almost sure to win trophies, play in the Champion League, play with much better teammates and a better change to be selected in the UK national team. It will turn every young player’s head.

  18. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    I never claimed to be the repository of Arsenal’s history, but someone thinking Saka is undoubtedly the best player our academy has ever produced hasn’t been following for very long. Pure comedy. He isn’t even the best of the last 20 years, and Arsenal started keeping score before you showed up.

    That Saka is an academy product is rather moot to the wider point. He’s 18, a hot talent, and you can find one at every major club in Europe. After you’ve watched for longer than 5 minutes, you’ll realise very few go on to be global superstars for a multitude of internal and external factors.

    I really hope Saka stays, but not for silly money. He should be on no more than £80k a week until he proves over the next 18 months that he’s worth 6 figures weekly.

    You always take such an extreme view out the gate and invariably have to scramble to roll it back later on. Bizarre.

  19. Goonies

    China we played 443 in both games since the restart.

    The fact we played different personnel causes you to assume differently.

    Saka drifted to the left Auba moved centrally, it’s called a fluid formation when we have the back but the Starting positions were a 433.

    Are you one of the muppets that take the formation you seen on sofa score as gospel without using your own eyes? In fact don’t answer that, it’s obvious you are.

  20. andy1886

    Wasi, JW scored two goals that season although that wasn’t his role as he was playing deeper alongside Song. Initially he was viewed as a potential DM for both Arsenal and England.

  21. Champagne Charlie

    “Dissenter your opinions are horrendous. You don’t deserve one they are that bad.“

    As I was saying..

    Next we’ll hear about how Saka deserves a statue already, ‘best academy player ever’ jeeeeeesus. The guy still eats turkey dinosaurs for dinner let him live.

  22. China1

    Lol I just described Auba’s and saka’s drifting explicitly, perhaps become literate before insulting me lol

    Saka spent most of the match far wide of the Centre. He spent most the game by the touch line. Pepe the same.

    If we had those two spending so much time on the touch line and demonstrably far back from auba and laca (apart from when auba sometimes drifted) then what do you think that formation is lol

    Or would you have called pires a CM and Henry a winger because they both sometimes drifted? Yeah.

  23. Chris

    You gotta love this place. Dissenter should change his name to ‘Hysterical’. You have Valentin who has an invisibility cloak to become privy to private club conversations.

    And we have our resident top tipster CG! 👍 I assume you are buying Southampton goals for Thursday?

  24. China1

    A better question might be if you think that was a 4-3-3 what position do you think Ceballos was playing? He was right of Centre mostly and broadly parallel with guen who was left of Centre. So if we had two CMs in those two both playing off Centre and parallel then are you suggesting we had an off right CM, an off left CM and a far left CM? Are are you suggesting he was most playing in a 10 role despite spending the vast majority of the game by the touch line?

  25. CG


    “”””And we have our resident top tipster CG! 👍 I assume you are buying Southampton goals for Thursday?””””

    If Arteta is in charge of the travel itinerary- I sure will be.

    Why don’t they get a coach down there and a coach back , score some goals, collect the 3 points and have fish and chips on the way home.

    Life used to be so simple once upon a time.

  26. Terraloon

    It really is fast approaching make your mind up time for both Saka and indeed Arsenal.

    If he runs down his contract and goes abroad then the compensation will be a few hundred k. If he goes to another PL club the likelihood is that the compensation will be way less than £8 million more like £5 million or potentially even less.

    As for Arsenal they aren’t going to get him to sign for less than £100k a week. My guess is that he will only sign if he gets close to the likes of Hudson Odi and whilst there has been some suggesting that’s closer to £150 k a week the likelihood is that to achieve that there will be all sorts of add ons meaning the basic is in the region of £100 k.

    Can Arsenal afford £100k a week? What message does that send out to other youngsters?

    It’s a classic Catch 22

  27. Freddie Ljungberg

    You have to be pretty stupid to think the head coach is doing the travel arrangements for a club the size of Arsenal. Luckily CG is just that.

    We have a fuckton of staff for a reason, and it’s not so the head coach have to oversee every small detail of the clubs running.

    There’s also the small matter of a pandemic going on at the moment that impacts travel, guessing there’s still restrictions in place in the U.K.
    since we were the first game on after the break of course it would affect us the most with no prior experience of the exact situation.

  28. Goonies

    China you’re struggling with basics. The invincibles played 442. Arteta hasn’t and doesn’t play the 442. That’s not my opinion it’s a fact.

    Guendo was the deepest midfielder and Ceballos amd saka were either side of him with license to roam.
    Saka has a natural inclination to drift wide and Ceballos is by nature less likely to drift wide.

    Auba Laca Pepe
    Saka guendo Ceballos
    Kola hold must bell

    Not difficult to see or work out really.

    ‘ Lol I just described Auba’s and saka’s drifting explicitly,’

    No you described it backwards you moron so before you talk about literacy maybe brush up on your comprehension of some basic football principles.

    Players starting positions aren’t rigid there’s fluidity and dependent on the personnel. Players will dictate where they gravitate to.

    If Willock played instead of saka he wouldn’t have drifted wide and you’d not have even mentioned 442.

    Just another billy basic that reside on here.

  29. Guns of Hackney

    God, you lot love talking about formations…I bet you’re fun to be with at a party.

    No one gives a shit about formations. No one. What matters is the result. Whether that comes from playing a 352, 442, 433 etc makes no difference.

    Good players should be able to play and adapt. Or if they are really fucking good…they can do what they want.

  30. S Asoa

    Wishing you a happy birthday, health and happiness
    and a stout liver for your celebration.
    Thank you for the efforts you put for Le Grove Community of dedicated Gunners

  31. China1

    ‘ Players starting positions aren’t rigid there’s fluidity and dependent on the personnel. Players will dictate where they gravitate to.’

    Yes, that’s exactly what we saw happening. We both agree there was some drifting as usually happens.

    Doesn’t stop it being a 4-4-2 ‘mate’

  32. Dissenter

    I like the way you weigh whatever wages we pay against the risk of losing him for little money.
    That’s the way it has to be frames not to throw some arbitrary wage ceilings up in the air.
    I don’t blame Saka’s agent for pushing the club to the very brink of negotiations. He has our balls in a vice and will get most of what he is seeking. We will have to break the bank to keep him.

  33. Ernest Reed

    Geez i hope Arsenal win soon, otherwise this place will be even more unbearable. Some of you need to calm down a bit, Arsenal suck at the moment – its not the end of the world!

  34. andy1886

    Compared to £350kpw for Mesut and £200kpw for Mhiki the Theo deal was an absolute bargain.

    We got £20m+ for Walcott, we can’t give the other two away.

  35. Guns of Hackney


    It’s a cautionary tale regarding Saka. He’s done fuck all and we’re ready to make him the highest paid clown at the circus.

  36. Moray

    Guns, I agree. Mess around with formations when you’re finessing a very good team who all know what they’re doing due to coaching.

    When you have our shower of shit, the last thing really we need to worry about is whether we are playing 4-4-2, 4-3-1-2 or whatever. I hope Arteta understands that. This is not Man City 2019. We aren’t even Arsenal 2019. Our issues need proper coaching and discipline.

    What is needed is some leadership. Sack the players who don’t give 100% and bring back some coaches like Keown who remember when Arsenal could win something worth winning.

  37. andy1886


    Yeah, we can’t throw huge money at him. You would think that our executive team could come up with some sort of incentive based offer that would work and protect both sides (performance bonuses, release clauses etc.) but then again these are the people who seem to have failed to put in very basic clauses to reduce salaries for failing to qualify for the CL or EL so I wouldn’t be too confident.

  38. Dissenter

    “It’s a cautionary tale regarding Saka. He’s done fuck all and we’re ready to make him the highest paid clown at the circus.
    Exactly why would any 18 year old talented player want to stick around a mid table club that can’t decide which position to play him at.
    I’m sure there are better circuses in town.

  39. CG

    G of H

    “”””Good players should be able to play and adapt. Or if they are really fucking good…they can do what they want.”””””

    Absolutely. ( all these fans have been duped by then likes of Pep) All utter cobblers.
    Formations this, No.6 , no.8 that.

    Lets see Pep perform his wonders at Ipswich Town. He can click his fingers as many times as he likes- wont make a jot of difference to Ipswich players.

    And you actually only need tactics when you play teams that are BETTER than you.

    Just get your best players out there ( especially attacking ones) and go and beat Brighton/Saints.

    Forget what players do in training. Training only exists to keep the fitness levels topped up and get the camaraderie flowing.

    Biggest bullshit industry in the world, this one, Guns.

  40. Pierre

    Just read this, which is interesting..

    ” this is Arteta’s Premier League record when Xhaka has completed all 90 minutes: Nine games, zero defeats, four clean sheets and 90 minutes per conceded goal.

    Compare this to when Xhaka does not complete 90 minutes: Three games, three defeats, zero clean sheets, 34 minutes per conceded goal.”

    I think you will find Ozil has similar stats to Xhaka.

    Is there something in this , who knows .
    We lost at home to Chelsea , were 1-0 up with Ozil on the pitch, he went off and we conceded 2 goals and lost the game.

    Xhaka and Ozil are regarded by many on here as a liability but the stats prove otherwise .

    Does it mean that many on here know nothing ..it looks like it

  41. Goonies

    China it’s not a 442 if it’s a 433.

    That you can’t see or tell the difference highlights the issue that some people watching football haven’t got a fucking clue.


    Just one example from today. There’s plenty more from over the weekend if you want be conclusively proved totally wrong.

    I’d actually prefer it if we played 442 and had Laca and Auba up top together.

  42. CG


    “”””Xhaka and Ozil are regarded by many on here as a liability but the stats prove otherwise””””

    You will Love this titbit too.

    When we beat Manchester United last season 2 zero to go third with a handful of games to go ( Xhaka scored) x 8 Wenger players played,

    Sead. K

    But he left such a mess?

    They can get in as many managers/head coaches/travel planners/DOF/tech directors in but I guarantee they still will never outshine or our outperform our Wenger( even if he was on his Last Legs)

  43. Ernest Reed

    Using Ozil as part of any argument Pierre, only makes you look foolish for supporting a fuckwit lazy ass shitbag of a player, whom i might add, also has a lousy attitude.

    Come on Pierre, you are better than that.

  44. Guns of Hackney


    Performance related bonus. This should be standard and an incentive to PERFORM. Here’s the thing, how many forwards go months without scoring but still earn their millions? How many shit performances that are still rewarded with hundreds of thousands every week? Ozil FFS.

    The problem now is Saka gets on the blower to one of his mates down the road on £90,000pw and realises that Arsenal are only offering him £70,000. No brained, Saka leaves.

    I think we all need to calm down about our players because 97% of them aren’t good enough.

    We aren’t quite the draw many would have us believe. At least 15 clubs also play better football than us. We don’t have that anymore. As for London? F that. Stabcity can go fuck itself.

    Saka needs to earn it. As do all our players.

  45. Receding Hairline

    Here is another interesting bit for you Pierre

    Arsenal were a champions league team before the likes of Xhaka and Ozil came to town, since then we have regularly failed to qualify for the champions league

    How do you like that

  46. Ernest Reed

    Why all the fuss over Saka? If the kid wants to leave at the end of his current contract then more power to him and good luck. Odds are he wont, because no contending team has the roster space for a green and pretty much unproven talent, other than Arsenal. Saka will ride the bench elsewhere looking for any opportunity to get playing time elsewhere. Arsenal offers him first team play and if he’s interested in that as a priority he will get a fair and decent wage.

  47. Guns of Hackney

    I’d be embarrassed if I earned £300,000 pw and stunk the place out. Like really ashamed.

    There’s no way I could look in the mirror while I masturbated. It just would feel right.

    But that’s me.

  48. Guns of Hackney

    Basic wage.
    Goals scored. Bonus.
    Goals saved. Bonus.
    Wins. Bonus.
    Losses. Basic wage.

    Shit performance. Charity donation.
    Many shit performances. Wage cut.
    Ozil. Sacked.

  49. Receding Hairline

    Goonies better team in what sense?

    As flat track bullies …maybe

    As a team that really wants to contend,? Those Two should be as far away as possible.

    We have seen both their best, and it’s not good enough.

  50. Guns of Hackney

    I just don’t understand why clubs don’t get their shit together and start taking back power.

    Are we seriously going to be held over a barrel by a child or a 31 year old forward who both want big deals and more money?

    Saka: I want more money.
    GOH: Fuck off.
    Saka: what?
    GOH: release the hounds.

    We have to start acting like a business.

  51. Pierre

    “Come on Pierre, you are better than that.”

    Until the team performs better without Ozil ( and xhaka) in the team then I don’t see any logical explanation as to why they shouldn’t play.

    I will be more than happy if Saka, smith rowe , willock, ceballos or whoever comes in and plays the Ozil role better than him.

    Im actually looking forward to the day this happens and I am hoping it will be one of the kids coming through .

    Anyway 4.20 tee time today ..looks beautiful out there

  52. The Backpass

    Ozil and Xhaka were in the team that lost the most important arsenal match this season… Olympiacos.

  53. Goonies

    RH we win more games with those two involved, that’s evident from the stats Pierre presented so currently without them we’re a worse team without them.

    The alternatives to those two are obviously sub par so who would you play instead
    to make us ‘contend’?

    By the way we don’t need to contend, that implies a title challenge, we need to win as many games this season to try get champions league.

  54. Receding Hairline

    Goonies forget about Champions league this season, as for contending doesn’t mean the title, Chelsea and Leicester are having good seasons contending for champions league places, so too wolves to an extent.

    We are below palace

  55. Dissenter

    The club’s PR have conveniently leaked news that three members of the squad were caught up in a false positive COVID-19 test and could not train for some days before the city game.
    They are not required to name the players but one can assume that every poor sub Arteta made can be rationalized away with the false positive tests.

  56. CG


    “””””Pierre, Ozil only plays the easy games, he’s too homesick to play away from the Ems. A fraud.”””””

    no, its you who have been conned.


    Thats why you need a top manager- to whip him into shape to perform.
    Thats the managers job.

    Pick your best team. Tick.
    move on to next fixture. Tick.

    Played well enough under Wenger
    Played well enough under Jose
    Plays well for Germany

    All about man management.

  57. Dissenter

    Ozil has one more season left on his London work-cation.
    The Ozil problem is a self-limiting one- it will truly go away on June 30th 2021.

    Until then, he’s not worthy of all the arguments that go back and forth here.
    Pierre is applying for Turkish citizenship as we speak.

  58. CG

    G o H

    “”””””We aren’t quite the draw many would have us believe. “”””””””””

    Wenger has spoiled them all. You have sampled caviar for 2 decades.
    Well back to sausage for a while.

  59. andy1886

    “Plays well for Germany”

    I think you missed the memo, he hasn’t played for Germany since he got tangled up with his buddy Erdogan.

    So good at RM they flogged him.

    So good for us that we fell out of the CL places and AW got sacked.

  60. Ts

    Isnt it odd how after 13 or so signings since Wenger left, the board hasnt been able to find better players to replace his purchases.

  61. Goonies


    ‘ as for contending doesn’t mean the title, Chelsea and Leicester are having good seasons contending for champions league places, so too wolves to an extent.’

    We used to do that all the time under AW but they weren’t classed as good seasons so do a favour and put your double standards away.

    We’re talking about this season what is your solution to finding alternatives for Ozil and Xhaka that make the team better.

    I’ll wait but you can’t provide one. They are two of our best players.

  62. Receding Hairline

    Goonies you seem to have some frustration bothering you. Consistently qualifying for the champions league was considered a good season even then, you will notice Wenger only left when he failed to do so twice in succession

    As for Ozil and Xhaka being our best players, that alone tells the story of where we are as a football club.

  63. Receding Hairline

    And no I am not talking about this season anymore, its gone for us. I’m talking about the future of this football club. If we roll up next season with Ozil and Xhaka still being called our best players Arteta doesn’t stand a chance

  64. steveyj

    How can a 18 academy player who is getting regular team football at a club like Arsenal. Still not have signed a new deal it is f*****g embarrassing it not like he needs to leave to get game time is it. Surely he must realise that if he goes to a team like Liverpool
    He will be permanently be on the bench or loaned out. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if the parasitic scum that run our club would sell and loan him back. Because they have f**k all ambition. It is a disgrace how this scumbag owner treats our club. Hand off approach more total f*****g neglect.

  65. Ishola70


    ” They are two of our best players.”

    And that’s the problem if we want to see this team kick on.

    No different to saying David Luiz is our best CB.

    All not good enough for a serious side.

    But I get your point. You make do with what you have. Just a shame that these “best” players are flawed.

  66. Dissenter

    Why is 2007 the expiry date for Arsenal football club?
    Please don’t use that tired Highbury excuse.

    Do you mean to say that we have been yammering about a zombie club here for years.

  67. Valentin

    Against Brighton, we clearly played a 4-4-2 which did not work. The problem is that instead of having Auba playing on the shoulder of the last defender and Lacazette dropping in, we had Lacazette on top wrestling with their man mountain defender and Auba trying to play between the line between their right fullback and the right CB.
    Against Brighton, playing 4-4-2 made sense, but not with those players assigned those roles. The top two were isolated and were our two wide men. Pepe in particular had absolutely nobody to pass. Either to cross to the second post or back to Bellerin. The one time he had a little bit of space, because of Ceballos (might have been Guendouzi) and Bellerin occupying the defenders he shot and scored.