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If you thought you were here for a beast of a post, you’d be incorrect. I wrote ‘TALKING’ not ‘READING’ points. Unreal con right there.

You see, this is a plug for our FIRST PODCAST BACK.

So exciting.

We cover all the topics.

Wenger, the new new, transfers, contracts, training, TV rights, and the Manchester City game.

It is a robust and meaty podcast and I think you are going to like it.

Enjoy, I’ll be back with a real post in a few hours.


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  1. Pierre

    Arteta could be tempted to change formation and personnel for the city game.

    Tierney and Aubameyang are nailed on starters for the left side .
    Bellerin and Pepe look favourite for the right.
    Mustafi and Luiz will probably start at the back and up top it’s a toss up between Lacazette and Nketiah, my gut feeling is that Lacazette will start.

    Central midfield is more difficult to predict, the choices are

    Whoever Arteta chooses will depend on whether or not he changes formation to a 4-3-3.

    If he stays with 4-2-3-1 then I wouldn’t expect much to change from pre lockdown.
    Ozil, Xhaka, Ceballos/Torreira would be favourites with maybe Torreira getting the nod in front of Ceballos due to his defensive awareness.

    4-3-3 is where we may find a completely different midfield combination.
    We may see the introduction of Saka and Willock playing in front of a deep lying playmaker.

    There would be an element of risk for Arteta to experiment with 4-3-3 in such a high profile game, it will also provide an element of surprise for city so there are pros and cons to a change in formation.

    Personally, I would like to see a change in formation , a 4-3-3 will suit Pepe and Aubameyang and will give them more freedom to attack and take away some of their defensive responsibilities as they can press from the front.

    Having 3 players with energy in central midfield should make us more competitive, playing Saka and Willock will provide the team with good attacking options plus they are more than capable of playing a defensive role if needed.

    Playing City is always a difficult test these days, we must be confident and brave in possession of the ball.
    Being loose in possession will result in our defence being overrun.
    Important to stop City players getting in a position to slide the ball across the face of our goal as a large percentage of city goals occur in this manner, easier said than done though.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    I’m going to stick my neck out and say we’re going to hand city a thrashing.

    My confidence in Arteta has only galvanised.

    If we can get rid of the three bad apples, four if you include the dreadful Chaka, buy some yoot, we will be doing rather well.

    Hopefully Arteta has his targets and has already started work.

  3. Danny

    Expect Pep to go easy on Arteta after they go 4 nil up, wouldn’t be gentlemanly to embarrass his “friend” too much.

  4. Useroz

    I reckon it’s going to be a ‘boring’ selection from Arteta tomorrow. Other than those back from injuries (eg Tierney @LB) we’d see familiar faces starting.

    Mid field anchored by the almighty Xhara, flanked by Torreira , and with Willock adding a bit more physique and pace (cf Guendouzi, say).

    Forwards would likely include Pepe and Saka, with Auba down the middle. I’d like Martinelli in place of Saka but I think Arteta would want added defence abilities. I’m hopeful we’d see Martinelli playing a part especially if we fall behind!

    Again, a nil nil draw would do for me.

  5. Waz

    It’ll be interesting to see how the tea look with a little more time under Arteta. I like others am very confident in his approach and ideals (less so in the execs). However, that confidence can’t be blind as the reality (thank you Tim@7am) in terms of performance needs improvements no matter how incremental quickly. I’m no coaching expert but these stats paint a pathetic team ethic and endeavour.

    – Creating chances: Arsenal are 10th in xA, xG, npxG+A, and 14th in shots per game
    – Arsenal are 13th in Shot Creation Actions per90
    – We need to get more than just Pepe creating chances for the team but also I think Pepe needs to take all corners and set plays. He’s our best dead ball striker, hands down.
    – Progressive passing: Arsenal are 8th in progressive distance, 8th in passes into the final 1/3, and 6th in passes into the penalty area
    – Pressures: Arsenal are 15th in pressures, 17th in successful pressures, 15th in middle third pressures, and a god awful 16th in pressures in the attacking third
    – Tackles: we are also awful in tackles in the attacking third, and last in tackles in middle third

  6. azed

    Where the fuck are the people? Seriously, did 99% of dicks on here only use work computers?.

    Why work when you can be on Le Grove.

  7. Sid

    If you replace Xhakalson and ozil from the team the stats about pressures will immediately shoot to top five.
    You heard it here 1st!

  8. Sid

    People are not back to work because theres no work not because of health concerns,
    The corporate ponzi scheme has crumbled

    Im telling you for free!

  9. Marc


    I can’t see why anyone would look at a different front 3 for matches where we’re not going to control possession and need to play on the break.

  10. Marc


    I think Pepe needs his confidence boosted – Arteta needs to tell him to run at the opposition it’s what he wants him to do.

  11. Wasi

    Those appalling numbers all fall on Raul and Edu .
    Need them to buckle up and perform better against City. Raul needs to Score some and create some and Edu needs to shore up the midfield.

  12. DigitalBob

    Un – I echo that, he’s a confidence player and we now have a coach that instils confidence in his players, i’m expecting big things over the next couple of years from Nico providing he stays fit.

    Thanks for the podcast, Pedro! I gave it a listen and would agree Saka’s deal is incredibly important for the football club as whole, I’d go as far as to say more important than a new deal for Auba and/or Laca.

    Auba leaving due to not having parity with Mesut or wanting to win things is something we’ve seen here at the arsenal before. But Saka, an 18 year old lad saying the Arsenal isn’t the right place for him would hurt.

  13. Danny S

    I would love to see Pepe, Auba and Saka up top, with any mixture of CM (bar ozil) in a 3 behind using bellerin and Tierney as the deliverers.

    Hold solid in the middle and just play wide.

    However, my guess is it’ll be xhaka, guen ozil auba laca and pepe probably in a 4-2-3-1 as this seems to be the default of every single arsenal manager recently bar emery’s horrific diamond.

  14. Guns of SF


    Ozil will start. I will bank on that.
    Defies explanation, against a high octane pressing team…
    I have my doubts about Arteta and his formation tomorrow, let alone his starters.

    I think tomorrow will be more of the same old same old.

  15. DigitalBob

    Danny – I’d go alone with that front line, bags of attacking threat, but as you said Arteta will probably go for Auba wide with Laca upfront.

    Mustafi at the back, Xhaka in the middle with 2019-2020 Ozil in the starting 11 at the Etihad has all the makings of the bubbleguts for me, don’t like it.

    Un – Saka’s decision making is superb for a player of his age, all those assists, just great. I still love Martinelli, the effort levels and unpredictability are assets but currently he’s not as much as a threat to the opposition.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Arteta now has a clear picture on the players, which he wants to keep and those he would like to offload in the forthcoming transfer window.

    I don’t think that Arsenal are interested on making changes on either flank. It
    is likely that he will retain the services of Bellerin and Tierney as first choice
    fullbacks and Pepe, Nelson, Saka and Martinelli will be competing for the wing

    So any recruitment will be confined to the spine of the team. I would like to
    see both Upamecano and Partey recruited, but that is likely to cost at least
    £80-90 million. That will only happen in my view if we can generate a significant transfer budget or swaps.

    Also I think that the final decisions will also depend on whether the club can
    hold onto Aubameyang and what will be the additional cost of keeping him.

    The two departures, which might generate £40 million+ are Lacazette and
    Maitland-Niles. That would go a long way to covering the cost of one of the
    two players I listed.

    Frankly I don’t see much transfer budget being generated by most of the other
    offloads. Ceballos will return to RM. Mkhitaryan and Elneny will are also unlikely to generate any fees.

    Arsenal will also choose to offload a number of Centre Backs, but I cannot see
    us receiving more than £25 million for Mustafi, Sokratis, Holding and Mavropanos combined.

  17. Danny S


    I really like martinelli but in the case of having a winger that will provide a more complete performance I’d go saka.

    I like Martinelli up front, but not for this game.

  18. Guns of SF

    Any chance against City means that we have to create something…
    This is where the problem lies.

    Again it will be an individual effort via Auba Pepe or Gabby that might lead to a goal. Great! However, I do hope that Arteta has been working with our mids to establish some form of attacking and creating… against City we will need our mids to be on point and no gaps!

  19. Freddie Ljungberg


    Konate is likely to cost more, got a much longer contract (2023 I think) the only reason we have a shot at Upamecano this year is because his contract is up next year and he doesn’t want to sign a new one so they’ll have to sell. No one is going to pay his release clause at this stage either which is why the price tag has been rumoured to be around 35m.

    We paid that for Mustafi and Xhaka So paying that for someone actually good would be nice for once.

  20. Santan

    Konate is likely to cost more, got a much longer contract (2023 I think) the only reason we have a shot at Upamecano this year is because his contract is up next year and he doesn’t want to sign a new one so they’ll have to sell. No one is going to pay his release clause at this stage either which is why the price tag has been rumoured to be around 35m.

    Im an idiot

  21. Wasi


    Sure. That slow old geezer. Needs to step up his game if he is to ever redeem himself.


    Im honestly happy that people are not hyping up Gabi too much. We cant put so much pressure on a kid. But unfortunately all that hype is going towards Saka. Us fans need to be considerate how much pressure we put on our young players.

    Agree with your point that Saka is the better player for the LW right now but imho Gabi will be a much much better player than Saka. His drive and determination is a rarity nowadays. And he has got the special sauce ( why arent people using this term anymore) that very few in our squad possess.

  22. Guns of SF

    Dani C must start tomorrow.
    He has been doing well lately. Also that nasty streak… we need that.
    He is our best CM… need to play him before he heads back… Get what we can from him!

  23. Chris

    Martinelli will be sold for a Ronaldo style fee to Barcelona/Real Madrid in 3-5 years.

    You heard it here first!

  24. Wasi


    We’ll see in the future.
    Just a lil snippet – technique , game intelligence can be taught , physique can be improved. Mentality is constant.