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I can’t wait to actually start writing about real football news, this purgatory nonsense has had me writing in something that feels more boring than preseason for 3 months.

I clicked a link with the headline


Once I landed in the link, the story was 2 lines long and basically said they have no injuries. Marvellous.

Aaron Ramsey is, shock horror, being linked with a move away from Turin after one pretty bland season away.

Who’d have guessed it? The 29-year-old Welshman might find it tough to find a club willing to pay his fat wages, but his energy would certainly be welcome in our midfield right now. You can never say never, but I do think the Welshman had some rough treatment in his last season at Arsenal, so not sure how sexy the relations will be.

In additional shocking news, it turns out that Cedric Soares might not play a single minute for Arsenal. He arrived injured, with a poor rep, and he’s injured again with some face problem, and there might not be a deal ready for him.

Quite a farcical signing in the first place. Especially after we did the same thing last season with Denis Suarez, another player wholly unsuited to the Premier League or our dysfunctional midfield. £10m in fees and whatever on two players that were straight-up shite. Hilarious if Raul signs him just to make the point that it was, you know, a well researched and clever deal.

Can’t wait to see who we line up this summer. Kurzawa? Willian? Coutinho? Anyone from this list?

One deal I would welcome from a Super Agent is the swap of Kluivert for Mikhi. I don’t quite get it, but bringing in a player with a lot of potential with a lower age profile would make sense to me. Still, I don’t understand why they’d do that?

Some stuff from Mikel. The Arsenal captains suggested the BLM picture opp with the players and he was pleased with the messaging. Always a bit embarrassing to see the All Lives Matter crew out in force under the imagery. The same people usually have strong theories about the Mccann’s, they are big on Bill Gates and ‘that’ vaccine he’s pursuing, and they will definitely post ‘I’ve not problem with the gays, but’ at least once this month. Social media has a lot to answer for, but at least it helped me get funding for this site from George Soros.

Arteta also says it’s going to be weird to play a game against Pep G. I tell you what would be weird… us NOT getting beat by 3 goals that are scored in the opening 20. Anything else would be welcome.

Before we go, was having some thoughts about how next season starts.

Is there a preseason? Do we have a month off again? How do transfers happen?

If this season is done by August, when are they planning the restart? Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere, but is there political capital in another shutdown if things flair up after global protests and rule relaxation?

It’s going to be a very weird couple of years for football.

Let me know what YOU think in the comments.

P.S. Podcasts start up again on Monday. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL TO RETURN xxx

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  1. Maker

    Berlliren Mari Luiz Tierney

    Pepe Saka
    Lakazette Aubemeyang

    I would love to see this line up on Wednesday i think it might work against Man City pase and hardworking it might prove to be handful for City boys who doesn’t have much to fight for lately except pride

  2. CG

    Latest Lockdown Friendlies results.

    Arsenal 2 Brentford 3
    Chelsea 7 QPR 1.

    Chelsea showing ominous intent on and off the pitch as usual.( Werner)

    This Gilmour lad seems a player. And they have him signed on a long contract too ( effortlessly, it seems)

    Expect ES to pop up and explain the Blues are on the cusp of bankruptcy soon.

  3. Terraloon


    Gilmour is something really really special and the more you read about him from various sources they talk about his ability both physically and mentally .

    I read reports about their game with QPR and he scored a brace but what is interesting is his emergence alongside Loftus regaining fitness suggests that they will probably be selling Kante. Berkeley and maybe even Gorgino .

    The point is that that seem pretty intent on a similar model to Arsenal where they now will be having around half the squad through the academy and the rest of the squad made up by way of incomings

  4. CG


    “”””CG Gilmour is top drawer
    Controls the game”””

    Have not seen him.
    Have to go some to be as good as our Saka though

    Just pointing out , Chelsea have him signed on a long term contract

    And the Chelsea young players instinctively know that’s the best place for them to be.

    At Arsenal- we just stumble from one saga to the next.


    All our decent players think about leaving
    And all the crap ones ( Luiz, Cedric and Mari ) dream of staying.

  5. CG


    (Just shows you , British talent is out there)

    Shame we have no scouts on the payroll out there ,unearthing it.

  6. China1

    I may be wrong but suspect China won’t be offering auba any crazy contracts. The country is trying to reign in those crazy deals we saw before and money will be harder to come by post pandemic

  7. Jamie

    Valentin –

    “Aubameyang’s interview with Telefoot is now been transcribed and translated for English reader. During the interview he made clear that he had not received any offer from Arsenal.”

    This is not true. He didn’t make it clear he hadn’t received any offer from Arsenal. The opposite, in fact:

    Interviewer asking Auba about his contract situation or if he plans to leave:
    Est-ce que tu as reçu une proposition ou, voila, tu as d’autres objectifs?

    Alors, je n’ai pas reçu..
    [then he pause to correct himself with a wry smile and head-shake]
    ..Enfin, récemment je n’ai pas reçu de proposition, bien sûr. Mais bien sûr qu’on a déjà échangé avec le club ça fait pas mal de mois, et ils savent très bien pourquoi jusque-là rien ne s’est passé.

    The translation that Freddie found is accurate. Auba clearly says “recently” he hasn’t received an offer from Arsenal. What does “recently” mean? Last week, 5 months ago? Certainly not ‘never’.

    He then goes on to say “the club knows very well why nothing has happened up to now.”

    Sounds to me like he wants more than Arsenal have offered, either in terms of wages or the level of ambition the club is showing.

    p.s. I’m fluent in French, so I don’t need to ‘learn’ the language or rely on transcriptions lost in translation.

  8. Samir

    If we swap Laca for Partey, we should sell both Xhaka and Torreira. Get a decent CM in.

    Bring in Upamecano and Aarons. KEEP Auba. I would also sell Bellerin along with all the dead wood.

  9. Wasi


    Kluivert hasn’t shown enough to directly leap in front of Gabi and Saka in our lineup.

    And if you ask me anything above mkhi + 10-12 mil would be a really crappy deal on our side.

  10. CG

    Wonderful Wasi

    Would you not agree with me, that Adam Lallana would be an eminently sensible signing for Arsenal?

    He is a local player too.
    Prem experience, 2 footed etc.

    This Partey fellow.
    To me – this is the Arsenal equivalent of signing Paul Pogba

    Ie. A very expensive deal that will ultimately work out best for the Spivs involved and not the clubs.

  11. Wasi


    You arent possibly saying that Lallana would be a better choice for us than Partey in the current situation.
    And tbh in any circumstance Partey is a better player than Lallana.

    Now I wouldn’t be completely against signing Lallana on a free tho.
    Say we sign Partey/ a DM and a CB , sort the situation with our strikers then our next problem would be finding a replacement/alternative for the Ceballos / Torreira position.
    In such a scenario Lallana could make sense because he is quite good with the ball at his feet.
    But the question is can he perform his defensive duties. Klopp doesnt seem to think he can.

  12. Valentin


    Plusieurs mois…

    So according to PEA, the situation has been in a deadlock for a few months now with no further communication.
    In the meantimes a few weeks ago, Arsenal briefed newspapers that they were actively negotiating with PEA about extending his contract and that him extending was still a possibility.

    So which is it: deadlock or actively negotiating?
    So like I said at least one parties is misleading the public. In my opinion both parties are. They are engaged in a PR battle.

    I am with the current regime on that one, because we should sell him and not repeat the make the same situation than with Özil and Sanchez. However Arsenal put itself in that situation because of it did not follow its own policy. What is the point of publishing a new contract policy and not follow it. PEA should have been sold after the defeat in Baku or forced to sign an extension.

    Worse, next summer we will be facing the same exact situation with Lacazette. 12 months left and unwilling to extend. It looks like we did not learn anything from the Sanchez, Özil and Ramsey mistakes.

    Right now Arsenal know exactly what they need to do, but they don’t want to negotiate at the level of wage PEA is demanding. They also don’t want to have him sulk until the end of the season, so they wait. Brief behind the scene that we are still negotiating, when they already know that he won’t sign and bar PSG nobody with enough financial clout is remotely interested in him for the fee Arsenal demands.

    Fans should know that unless Arsenal qualifies for the Champion League, those aging stars will not sign a new contract with Arsenal.

  13. STerraloon

    The only way that PEA signs a new deal is if somehow Arsenal can put a package together that will work out more beneficial to him over a 2-3 year period. I know that sounds obvious but one thing he isn’t going to write off is the value of his current deal which, it seems, will include a CL qualification bonus at the end of 20/21 even if Arsenal don’t qualify for the CL.

    Arsenal are going to offer at lest a two year deal or more likely a three year deal to get him to sign an extended deal and I just can’t see how he will sign an extended offer on less money.

    Another thing that he will be factoring and of course will any suitors is that as things stand he will likely be missing from midDecember through to possibly season early February.

    Nah I think he is leaving and in 11 months will walk on a free

  14. Jamie

    Val –

    Auba says ‘pas mal de mois’ not ‘plusieurs mois’. Listen carefully at 6:14.

    Semantics, though. He doesn’t say ‘jamais’, which is the critical distinction from what you alleged was (or rather wasn’t) happening re: contract negotiations. And this is what affects your credibility, in my view.

    “So which is it: deadlock or actively negotiating?
    So like I said at least one parties is misleading the public. In my opinion both parties are. They are engaged in a PR battle.”

    This is a quick shift of the goalposts. This is what you said yesterday:

    “During the interview he made clear that he had not received any offer from Arsenal.”

    Auba is crystal clear – they’ve been in discussions for months, nothing has progressed ‘recently’, but the club knows full well why no progress has been made (paraphrasing).

    Either he wants more money, a longer deal, or assurances that the club will strengthen the squad to give him a better chance of winning silverware. Of course it’s a PR battle. He wants more, Arsenal want to pay less, and they tango until the music stops either in an embrace, or they go their separate ways. Fairly standard.

    Essentially, the same shit all our ‘marquee’ players say right before they jump ship. Except Ozil, of course, who’s happy to sit on his ass and collect his obscene wages.

    Some of your content is top level, but only when you don’t try to pivot away from one of your earlier statements when it isn’t accurate.


  15. andy1886

    Realistically we’ll struggle to put out a decent side until the midfield issue is sorted. We have no threat through the middle and can’t play a decent wide game because the options in the middle are too weak to cope with players coming inside to help out.

    Xhaka is not only a weak point, he compromises others around him who can’t focus on their strengths as they are too busy covering for his lack of mobility and inability to tackle.

    If we sign one decent player this summer it has to be a replacement for the Swiss. If that doesn’t happen, and Arteta keep selecting him, then it’s mid-table mediocrity again next season.

  16. UTarse

    So the shock of today is…..

    Valentin still lying to push his agenda….
    Cunt grandad still shitting on Anything non wenger
    Little p still swallowing ozil’s loads…

  17. Marc

    “Xhaka is not only a weak point, he compromises others around him who can’t focus on their strengths as they are too busy covering for his lack of mobility and inability to tackle.”

    Andy absolutely bang on.

  18. Marc


    You need to remember that any money off the wage bill is not necessarily available to be used on incoming players. We were losing £20 million plus a year and need to balance the books and that was before what’s going on now.

    It’s going to be tricky to balance strengthening the team so it can get CL football again whilst cutting costs.

    Of course next summer Ozil’s salary disappearing will go a long way to help with the losses if we don’t manage CL football in the meantime.

  19. Dissenter

    You are now another gooner who has delusions of grandeur regarding Arsenal.
    You even used Ozil’s salary as a metric to support your claims when I was using it as a symptom of our malady.
    You remind me of once when Valentin claimed Arsenal is a bugger club than Juventus

  20. China1

    Xhaka appears to have a folder on his laptop with compromising blackmail material on not only Arsene, emery and Arteta, but also a solid fraction of the arsenal fan base

    I’m out of other explanations

  21. Marc


    I’m glad it’s not only me. I don’t see anything positive he does and that’s before the arguments of his negatives outweigh his positives – what positives?

  22. China1

    Xhaka could take a steaming dump in the Centre circle, smears his fingers in it and run around the pitch giving his team mates wet willies and we’d still have a solid fraction of the fan base explaining that it wasn’t that bad and that at least he is good at diagonal long balls

  23. China1

    ‘Yes xhaka gave auba an ear infection. YES auba might end up losing his hearing. IM NOT DENYING it smelt awful.

    BUT who else in this squad can play a long diagonal ball like him?


  24. China1

    Xhaka could even tell his own fans to fuck o- ah wait he already did it and got forgiven because.. because.. well because xhaka 🙂

  25. Gonsterous

    June 15, 2020 11:11:16

    Xhaka could even tell his own fans to fuck o- ah wait he already did it and got forgiven because.. because.. well because xhaka

    Lmao. Yup, sadly fans are seen as a nuisance by the club. They couldn’t care less if a big fire broke out in the toilet and killed a lot of fans, they’ll just be worried about the damage to the toilets.
    Sadly, the essence of the club is lost forever and no matter what happens, it can’t be bought back.

  26. Wasi


    You are the one who said that even right now Ac Milan is a bigger club than us.

    I pointed you out with metrics that right now
    Arsenal are a bigger club financially and on the pitch (5-1)

  27. Marc


    Crazy thing is I was there that night and didn’t know he’d sworn at the crowd till afterwards. Truth is I don’t give a fuck personally (it is of course a terrible example for the Captain of Arsenal to set to young fans) my anger is still directed at the fact that he at no point seems to have realised that the fans booed him because he was sauntering off from the far side of the pitch (he could have walked off the other side) whilst we were chasing a result.

  28. China1

    Wasi I think that debate is a bit skewed tho because what does ‘big club’ mean

    The AC Milan name carries more prestige than arsenals – but in 2020 they are probably weaker and poorer

    So it’s a question of what ‘big’ means at the end of the day

    City are not a ‘big’ club but they are, if you see what I mean

  29. China1

    Jokes on you Marc when Granit sends your mrs those pics he got of you grinding up that Greek lass on holiday in Crete!!!

  30. Graham62

    AC Milan are an iconic name in club football.

    They are and always will be a bigger club.

    Unless that is Arsenal go on and win 8 CL titles.


    We beat Inter 5-1 in the San Siro, not AC.

  31. Wasi


    In this debate the I am talking about which is the ‘bigger club ‘ in the present.

    You can associate it with
    Recent trophy haul.
    Financial power.
    Player pulling power.
    Recent Head to head record.

    In the past 5-10 years we edge Ac milan in all of these metrics. So in the present We are the bigger club.

    I am in no way taking the past into account.
    AC Milan are a bigger club than us historically .
    But if you ask a player which would club would you join between Ac milan and Arsenal in the current circumstance, majority would choose Arsenal.
    That is due to a variety of reasons like better league , more chances of winning a trophy and getting back into the elite , London , better paycheck , etc .

  32. Valentin


    Jamie you are inferring that Arsenal made him an offer. However nowhere in the interview does he say that.
    In the interview, he said that he gave them his demands and that they have not come back to him since.
    There is a difference between negotiating around a table and being given an offer that you reject.
    Compare that with Ramsey, there was a contract on the table that he refused to sign unless there was some amendments on the image right and subsequently we withdrew the offer. That’s not the case here.
    Clearly they sat down, he made his case for more money or proof that funds will be made available to recruit elite players to be able to compete. And that was it, silence radio from Arsenal since.

    Regarding the PR war, clearly both sides are at it.
    Last week Arsenal were briefing that they were hoping for the deal to be extended.

    PEA’s answer to Arsenal shot: I am still awaiting them to come back to me.

  33. Dissenter

    Isn’t that a bit thick, you’re now basing our relative superiority over AC Milan because we beat them 5-1 in the EL quarterfinals?

    Like I said before, your assertion is as laughable as when Valentin said we were bigger that Juventus because of revenue from TV.

    Question; if a new player was being signed by either team, which trading ground gives more aura of greatness; London Conley or Milanello.

    Maybe this is a generational device issue, some people weren’t around to see what Milan is.
    The only two UK clubs that can rival AC Milan or Inter for history are Liverpool and Liverpool.

    Milan are in crises, just as much as Arsenal. We both share the fate of Gazidis.

  34. Marc

    “Compare that with Ramsey, there was a contract on the table that he refused to sign unless there was some amendments on the image right and subsequently we withdrew the offer”

    Didn’t someone say on here a while ago that the PL has fairly standardised terms on image rights etc to stop clubs paying a player through image rights and not direct salary re tax implications?

    Or at least something on those lines!

  35. Marc


    Mate not looking to get into a row on this was just making the point that it’s going to be a balancing act getting this right.

    Of course if our performances reflected our wage bill it wouldn’t be anywhere near as much of an issue.

  36. Wasi


    I havent seen the greatness of the Milan times , sure. But doesnt take away the fact the you are associating the past successes of the team to win an argument. When the argument is itself about which is the bigger club in the present.

  37. Snap

    It’s not a big deal really. Arsenal at present time is a bigger club than ac Milan . what is there to argue about? Much bigger revenue players etc

  38. Jamie

    Val –

    We’re going to have to end this soon.

    You said he said clearly he ‘hadn’t received any offer’. I’m not inferring anything, I’ve listened to Auba’s own words several times now to make sure I didn’t miss the things you allege he said.

    He didn’t implicitly say he had received a final offer because he qualified his own statement as soon as he started making it.

    “I haven’t received an offer… … I mean, I haven’t “recently” received an offer but we’ve been in discussions for several months and the club knows what I want.”

    A far cry from “Auba said he hasn’t received any offer from the club” and inline with what Areta was saying a couple months ago – we’re talking, we want him to stay. Hopefully we can make a deal.

    If his demands are Ozil-level outrageous, he won’t get the deal he wants at Arsenal. Totally standard, and not sure what the point of contention is.

    If you’ve ever negotiated a contract, you would know that verbal discussions between counsel take place first, a tentative offer is put on the table (either figuratively or literally), and the details are hammered out until an agreement is reached, or it isn’t. You don’t send a written offer through counsel every step of the way.

    Anyway, I can see you aren’t going to hold your hands up and say “yeah, in my haste to make a point I actually sort of misrepresented what was said. Discussions are ongoing, and have been for months by Auba’s own admission. My bad. My other points about xyz still stand though..”

    Avoue ou pas, ce n’est pas la cata, mais à mon avis c’est quand même un peu juste…

    p.s. I don’t read tabloids, so no idea what the link you posted contains. I much prefer to hear the words from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Auba was crystal clear in that regard.

  39. Graham62

    Historically, for me, the big clubs are those that have CL/ European Cup pedigree. They would have to have won the trophy at least 3 times.

    Are you a big club because of money? From a fans perspective…………no, you aren’t.

    Ajax, for me, remain a massive club, because of what they achieved in the seventies. AC Milan, Juventus and Inter are big clubs. Of course RM and Barcelona can be added to the list, as well as Liverpool and MU.

    I don’t consider Chelski or MC to be big clubs because they achieved their success through unplanned financial gain and not through a fit and proper business model.

    That’s me.

  40. Pierre

    “That one had completely gone out of the memory banks.”

    That’s because your memory banks are clogged up with negative results…

    I’m not wrong.

  41. Chris

    I think if Serie A was held in higher regard also, it would tip the balance toward Milan in terms of who is bigger.

    It’s hard to see Serie A ever recovering to the point of its heyday, to the point where it would eclipse the Premier Leagues popularity.

    I grew up as a youngster with AC Milan dominating Italy and Europe so in a way I miss their absence from the very top. Maybe again one day, who knows.

  42. The Backpass

    Historically Ac Milan are bigger than us, everybody knows that but what Wasi is simply saying is that right now we are better than Ac Milan.

    Dissenters own words “. It could easily get worse for us but at the moment we aren’t any better than AC Milan”. Which is simply not true.

    Are we shit? Absolutely, but still better than Ac Milan.

  43. CG

    Wenger made Arsenal a huge club.
    Certainly equal to the likes of Milan and Juventus

    2 years on from his departure, we are back as the plucky underdogs .

    We are now more in the Atlanta and Udinese category of clubs.

  44. Jim Lahey

    “2 years on from his departure, we are back as the plucky underdogs .”

    We have been that way for a decade.

  45. The backpass

    Historically Ac Milan are bigger than us, everybody knows that but what Wasi is simply saying is that right now we are better than Ac Milan.

    Dissenters own words “. It could easily get worse for us but at the moment we aren’t any better than AC Milan”. Which is simply not true. Are we shit? Absolutely, but still better than Ac Milan.

  46. Marc


    Agree we need to free up players from the wage bill.

    Over the next couple of summers I think we’ll see major squad evolution.

  47. Dissenter

    I’m not disputing the recent fall of Milan, it’s a bit like Liverpool not winning the domestic league title for three decade but no one in their right minds would have labeled them a small club in that drought period.

    My assertion is that Arsenal was never at the level of Milan, not even in our glory Wenger days. We just were never on the same scale in terms of winning history – Milan is royalty.
    We have also been really really bad recently. I mean… we are now in the division of drop-outs in the the last 32 of the EL; that is where we are at right now.
    I understand the gooner puffery but it’s divorced from reality. We most likely won’t even be in Europe next season unless we go on a crazy winning streak.

  48. Marc

    The problem with anything Valentin posts is that there’s always an element of him wanting to “blame” Sanllehi for something or start laying the ground work to blame him for something whether he did it or not.

    If Sanllehi signed a new player and 10 sources said he was on £100k per week and 1 said he was on £250k per week we all know which one Valentin would quote and then argue that every other source is wrong with no absolute proof at all.

  49. Marc


    The question between Arsenal and Milan isn’t who has the more prestigious history but who has the greater potential right now.

    We’ve got to win that one purely on having survived Gazidas and not having in charge now.

  50. Dissenter

    The backpass
    I think you’re under-estimating how far Arsenal has dropped as well.
    We can’t eve go beyond the last 32 of the EL … so when you say currently, think of that fact.
    Milan are currently 7th in serie A, they will most likely still qualify for the EL. They aren’t as bad as people here are saying. We aren’t as good as you ‘re implying.

  51. Dissenter

    Bamford’s assertion abiut United doesn’t look as crazy as it once did

    United look like they have a lot of pieces of the puzzle figured out and will be competing for the title next season.
    A midfield with Pogba, Fernandez and (possibly) Grealish will be crazy.

  52. andy1886

    Jim, I’m not even sure that the word ‘plucky’ was applicable given our repeated round of 16 capitulations under latter day Wenger.

  53. Pierre

    “I think you’re under-estimating how far Arsenal has dropped as well.
    We can’t eve go beyond the last 32 of the EL ”

    It’s called the Emery effect

    It will take more than a few months to repair the damage inflicted by the clown.

  54. Pierre

    “Jim, I’m not even sure that the word ‘plucky’ was applicable given our repeated round of 16 capitulations under latter day Wenger.”

    Yeah , losing to Barcelona and Bayern every other season, dreadful state of affairs.

    Ot surprisingly, the original WOB’S are now begging for a return to the top 4 and financial security.

  55. Dissenter

    “The question between Arsenal and Milan isn’t who has the more prestigious history but who has the greater potential right now”
    What potential do Arsenal currently have?
    When you take off the red tinted glasses, you’ll see our situation fr what it really is.
    Where exactly is this potential coming from? —- A rookie manager that couldn’t get us past Olympiakos in the EL round of 32?
    Your comment is another case of Arsenal puffery divorced from reality.

  56. Marc


    No you’re just being a miserable bugger – Milan’s T/O in 2019 just over €200 million ours prior to COVID was just under £400 million.

    As we get the poor players off of the wage bill and get things balanced we will have far more money to spend to help improve.

  57. UTarse

    Dissenter have you hit your head on something blunt lately ? All you spout is negative hyperbole and when you’re in agreement with CG you must somewhat be worried yourself ?!

    Get a grip man.

  58. Wasi


    The interest is definitely real. Orny has also reported that. The club is just playing media games rn. My guess is , they are doing it to make Athleti lower their price by unsettling the player and making it clear to the world that he wants to join Arsenal. A direct swap for Laca + 5-10 mil might also be a good deal imo.

  59. Dissenter

    Okay lads, I’m going to inhale some nitrous oxide and agree with you all.
    …then I’ll puke and come back to reality.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Arteta, key word is caution because there’s very little I’ve seen that suggest unrestrained hopefulness.
    He’s a throw of the dice from a desperate club. He didn’t even get a new manager bounce. I’m dismayed that he doesn’t seem to be showing enough courage and is edging for the seemingly safe options by supporting us keeping a lot of older players.

    We were promised pizzazz and special sauce, ….still waiting for the magic.
    Cheers people.

  60. Valentin


    If you had been reading what I wrote before jumping on false conclusions as usual.
    I explicitly said that I did not blame anybody at Arsenal for Aubameyang not having re-signed with us because it is obvious that he is playing a waiting game.

    What I DO blame them is for not follow through with their own policy.
    As a club Arsenal can’t say we will never be held hostage again by players and letting them get away with exactly the same than before.
    PEA should have been sold last summer or signed an extension.

    Next summer we will have exactly the same situation with Lacazette.

    With other premiership club and some German clubs sniffing around Saka, even our youth team players will play that same game. Saka’s agent represents a certain number of youth team players so don’t be surprised if suddenly we see an exodus of our better academy players.

  61. Daniel Altos

    Just my two cents in two players being banded about Justin Kluivert and Dayot Upamecano…Dayot is not what people think he is,he has alot of mustafi brain freeze moments and would get slaughtered by our fans….Ibrahima Konate(his partner)is much better and I don’t know why he is so underrated…Justin Kluivert on the other hand,I think we have better in our academy.He wasn’t even top 3 players in THAT Ajax side and I have no idea why roma payed all that money for him.He also happens to be a techncal midget and am sick and tired of them in our club..

  62. Bob N16

    Agree Valentine, it’s unforgivable that we find ourselves in this ‘last year of contract’ position. I have not heard any explanation for why we’ve allowed this situation to be repeated when Sanhelli was quoted as saying that the club wouldn’t let players get to the final year of their contracts.

    I believe we have five players now approaching that situation. I appreciate Saka’s meteoric rise may have surprised them but when he first starting getting games, his contract should have been extended. Mustafi and Sokratis ought to have been sold last summer ( or at least one of them). PEA’s situation is inexplicable. Ozil we all know couldn’t be shifted because of his outrageous contract.

  63. Daniel Altos

    Dani altosI’d take all our midgets back now. Cesc, rosicky, hleb, santi, Jack, Alexis.Anyone of them. In their arsenal prime of course

    Unai those were quality players though.Kluivert isn’t anything special,Iwobi is far much better,if we are raiding roma we can do a deal for pellegrini!..we have been down this technical midgets path for over a decade now and it has not taken us anywhere,time to go big,fast and powerful.We have plenty of shirt people at arsenal and the few tall ones are weak.

  64. China1

    So long as Milan has gazed is in power they have no hope of ever returning to glory

    It’s a shame in a way as I like Milan. Couldn’t we have sent Ivan to utd, spurs or Chelsea instead?

  65. Sid

    Are we shit? Absolutely,
    Is AC Milan shit? No, they are shittier, living on past reputation just like us, complete with our former shit ceo,

  66. Valentin


    Regarding youth team players, I understand that Arsenal does not want to give 17 years old a long term contract on high wage that later on does not represent their real level anymore. For years we had players at U23 that we could not shift because they were on £5kpw~£7kpw as youth team players where as lower League players the best they could hope was £1kpw.
    League 2 average salary is about £775pw, League 1 is £1350pw and championship is ££6,500pw.

    However in that academy, there is about 5~6 players who everybody know have a real chance of making it at Arsenal or at least at a top championship club initially. Those players should be signed on long term contract with ladder incentive payments/salary increase if they make X appearances for the first team.

  67. Valentin

    Un na,

    I am saying that Saka will not sign with us. I believe his long term interest caterer wise would be best served by staying with us for the next 2 years (unless Liverpool or Pep come for him). However the interest of his agent may not be exactly aligned with that.

    Also by selling Iwobi the way we did, we potentially created a rift within the academy. Basically the Arsenal hierarchy told them we see you as expandable and potential revenue stream. That agent (who I think was also Iwobi agent) is likely to use that argument to convince them that there is no loyalty in football.

  68. Sid

    2016- 2nd
    2017 -5th
    2018- 6th

    Its clear if wenger was around the following would be the results
    2019- 9th
    2020 -10th
    2021 – 13th

  69. CG

    The G

    “””That agent (who I think was also Iwobi agent) is likely to use that argument to convince them that there is no loyalty in football.”””

    Great observation ( as usual)

    If you allow people like Raul in charge of your operations, dont expect anything but disloyalty and a constant stream of players coming IN and a constant stream of them going OUT.

    We are not a football club anymore in the real true sense.

    Just an investment vehicle for KSE and for a coterie of agents to milk the clubs resources.

  70. Marc

    “If you allow people like Raul in charge of your operations, dont expect anything but disloyalty and a constant stream of players coming IN and a constant stream of them going OUT.”


    I can’t be bothered to go on – CG you are without doubt more full of shit than anyone else on the entire planet.

  71. CG


    Great players that lot.
    I wonder who recruited that lot of superstars?

  72. Habesha Gooner

    I would go up to 120k for Saka. I believe he is worth the money. He is intelligent and capable. I would rather lose Aubameyang than Saka. That’s how much I highly think of him. Sancho didn’t become a 100 mil player by staying on the bench, If we let him play I believe he is as good as any teenage winger out there.

  73. Marc

    “Up to what level do you think Arsenal should go?”

    I was going to say the million dollar question but that’ll just infer that’s what we need to offer!

    Fact is we don’t know what we’ve offered or what he’s asking for. There have been rumours that it’s not the wage that’s the issue but the length of contract.

  74. Marc

    I’m not actually sure that City or Liverpool are reasonable or attractive options for Saka unless they are going to sell not only an established player but one that’s performing.

  75. Guns of SF

    Funny, but it seems that this is not the time for any player to get a big pay day due to Covid

    Auba will see out his deal and sign an extension- chances are other teams will not take a gamble on a 32 year old for the kind of money he is asking for.

    This could be gamesmanship on his teams part, as some have said, he might want assurances of certain thing, longer deal etc.

    He would be a fool to not re-sign given these circumstances.

    I can see us selling Ozil( ball and chain) Laca and some others… so things might ease up finacially for us. Perhaps, he gets a bumper deal when we get rid of Ozil.

    We do however need to ditch some of the higher earners.
    Laca Luiz Kola Xhaka Bell

    That would be a good savings…. we can keep some stars but we have to also balance the $$ with others not being paid ala Wenger and Gazidis style.

  76. Valentin


    I read the same thing that Arsenal wants him to sign a 5 years contract, but he is only willing to sign a 3 years contract.

    A 3 years contract means that every year you renegotiate the contract because you reach the two years barrier. And until the player reach 30 those renegotiation only go up.

    In another report, the stumbling block was not the length of the contract but the release clause. He wants one, Arsenal does not want one or at least not at the level his agent was suggesting.

  77. Kenyangunner

    Daniel Altos,
    You are right on Dayot Upamecano
    Hé is not yet the deal and his coach said as much recently.
    Even Senderos looked good playing with Sol Campbell.

  78. Valentin

    Forget selling Özil. He has one year left on his contract that nobody will be even close to match. Those £17 millions are not shifting anywhere.

    Aubameyang is not going anywhere until next summer. Very few clubs can afford £35 millions fee plus 3 years wage at £200kpw. That is a total outlay of £65 millions over 3 years. He may then be forced to re-sign for us because his other offers are even less interesting.

  79. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree can’t give Ozil away literally

    The club will fuck up on saka like they did on Ashely..

    Club is like an old market leading supermarket

    Think they
    Know best and tradition will see them through.

    Resting on their laurels
    Thinking they bigger and better than they really are.

  80. Marc


    It’s a difficult one on length of contract because right now we’re not in a strong position but come next summer we may have CL football lined up so things are moving in the right direction.

    You could be right on Auba as well – even if we’re willing to accept £25 million there aren’t many clubs who can pay that and offer big wages.

  81. Marc


    I could ask were you out vandilsing Churchill’s statue or causing 30 odd police officers to require medical attention with yours?

  82. Bob N16

    Love the way the right just want to talk about the Churchill statue which is low down on the list of statues that are questionable in this day and age. Trying to take the narrative away from the real issues as usual. Such an obvious tactic but you go for it Marc, got your Ingerlund pants on?

    Unnai – touche, rapier like!

  83. Guns of SF

    What I meant, was , Ozil has one year left ( next season) we will not be renewing that contract….

    if somehow, someone stupid at the club offers him an extension I do not know what Ill do. Likely Ill pass out from grief.

    Anyhow, Auba should know that our finances will ease up a little. Ozil salary can offset a raise for Auba and also go to other needs.

  84. Marc


    No just pointing out that there are “dubious” characters on both sides of this.

    There’s talk today that “Penny Lane” in Liverpool might have to be renamed – even the Mayor of Liverpool said he wasn’t sure of the real origins of the name.

    There’s genuine insult and there’s going out of your way to be insulted. If it turns out “Penny Lane” is named after a slave trader do you think the song should be banned as well?

  85. Marc


    I don’t have a problem with recognising mistakes in history and certainly trying to learn from them. I also believe it should be remembered that this country was instrumental in stopping the trans Atlantic slave trade. Bob’s just being a twat in trying to justify the vandalism of Churchill’s statue – I wonder if he’s aware that as well as the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust 5 million various ethnic minorities were killed as well?

    My biggest issue with the “statue” thing is basically the events around the Colston statue in Bristol – I hadn’t heard of him prior to this and didn’t know he even had a statue so couldn’t give a fuck but the thing was erected in 1895, Bristol has a Labour Council and a Labour MP, if the thing was such an issue why was there no campaign for it taken down by legal means years or decades ago?