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I can’t wait to actually start writing about real football news, this purgatory nonsense has had me writing in something that feels more boring than preseason for 3 months.

I clicked a link with the headline


Once I landed in the link, the story was 2 lines long and basically said they have no injuries. Marvellous.

Aaron Ramsey is, shock horror, being linked with a move away from Turin after one pretty bland season away.

Who’d have guessed it? The 29-year-old Welshman might find it tough to find a club willing to pay his fat wages, but his energy would certainly be welcome in our midfield right now. You can never say never, but I do think the Welshman had some rough treatment in his last season at Arsenal, so not sure how sexy the relations will be.

In additional shocking news, it turns out that Cedric Soares might not play a single minute for Arsenal. He arrived injured, with a poor rep, and he’s injured again with some face problem, and there might not be a deal ready for him.

Quite a farcical signing in the first place. Especially after we did the same thing last season with Denis Suarez, another player wholly unsuited to the Premier League or our dysfunctional midfield. £10m in fees and whatever on two players that were straight-up shite. Hilarious if Raul signs him just to make the point that it was, you know, a well researched and clever deal.

Can’t wait to see who we line up this summer. Kurzawa? Willian? Coutinho? Anyone from this list?

One deal I would welcome from a Super Agent is the swap of Kluivert for Mikhi. I don’t quite get it, but bringing in a player with a lot of potential with a lower age profile would make sense to me. Still, I don’t understand why they’d do that?

Some stuff from Mikel. The Arsenal captains suggested the BLM picture opp with the players and he was pleased with the messaging. Always a bit embarrassing to see the All Lives Matter crew out in force under the imagery. The same people usually have strong theories about the Mccann’s, they are big on Bill Gates and ‘that’ vaccine he’s pursuing, and they will definitely post ‘I’ve not problem with the gays, but’ at least once this month. Social media has a lot to answer for, but at least it helped me get funding for this site from George Soros.

Arteta also says it’s going to be weird to play a game against Pep G. I tell you what would be weird… us NOT getting beat by 3 goals that are scored in the opening 20. Anything else would be welcome.

Before we go, was having some thoughts about how next season starts.

Is there a preseason? Do we have a month off again? How do transfers happen?

If this season is done by August, when are they planning the restart? Covid-19 hasn’t gone anywhere, but is there political capital in another shutdown if things flair up after global protests and rule relaxation?

It’s going to be a very weird couple of years for football.

Let me know what YOU think in the comments.

P.S. Podcasts start up again on Monday. I CAN’T WAIT FOR FOOTBALL TO RETURN xxx

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  1. China1

    So long as Milan has gazed is in power they have no hope of ever returning to glory

    It’s a shame in a way as I like Milan. Couldn’t we have sent Ivan to utd, spurs or Chelsea instead?

  2. Sid

    Are we shit? Absolutely,
    Is AC Milan shit? No, they are shittier, living on past reputation just like us, complete with our former shit ceo,

  3. Valentin


    Regarding youth team players, I understand that Arsenal does not want to give 17 years old a long term contract on high wage that later on does not represent their real level anymore. For years we had players at U23 that we could not shift because they were on £5kpw~£7kpw as youth team players where as lower League players the best they could hope was £1kpw.
    League 2 average salary is about £775pw, League 1 is £1350pw and championship is ££6,500pw.

    However in that academy, there is about 5~6 players who everybody know have a real chance of making it at Arsenal or at least at a top championship club initially. Those players should be signed on long term contract with ladder incentive payments/salary increase if they make X appearances for the first team.

  4. Valentin

    Un na,

    I am saying that Saka will not sign with us. I believe his long term interest caterer wise would be best served by staying with us for the next 2 years (unless Liverpool or Pep come for him). However the interest of his agent may not be exactly aligned with that.

    Also by selling Iwobi the way we did, we potentially created a rift within the academy. Basically the Arsenal hierarchy told them we see you as expandable and potential revenue stream. That agent (who I think was also Iwobi agent) is likely to use that argument to convince them that there is no loyalty in football.

  5. Un na naai


    I disagree entirely
    Unless Saka is thick he will know there is a world of difference between him an iwobi
    Iwobi was sold because he had no future with us and emery has no emotional or professional resonance with his team

    Different set of circumstances
    We want Saka. He’s already better than iwobi could ever be. It’s his agents job to ensure his contract reflects that. The club either want to prove how much they want him or they don’t.
    Nobody knows what he’s asking but whatever it is, there aren’t many players of his age in the premier league who are as good or as valuable.

    I’d argue Foden, Martinelli and Gilmour are the only teenage players comparable
    In short he’s a gold mine. Wether it’s for his talent or his market value. Sign the kid up

  6. Sid

    2016- 2nd
    2017 -5th
    2018- 6th

    Its clear if wenger was around the following would be the results
    2019- 9th
    2020 -10th
    2021 – 13th

  7. Un na naai

    SidJune 15, 2020 15:36:46
    2016- 2nd
    2017 -5th
    2018- 6thIts clear if wenger was around the following would be the results
    2019- 9th
    2020 -10th
    2021 – 13th

    So clear

  8. CG

    The G

    “””That agent (who I think was also Iwobi agent) is likely to use that argument to convince them that there is no loyalty in football.”””

    Great observation ( as usual)

    If you allow people like Raul in charge of your operations, dont expect anything but disloyalty and a constant stream of players coming IN and a constant stream of them going OUT.

    We are not a football club anymore in the real true sense.

    Just an investment vehicle for KSE and for a coterie of agents to milk the clubs resources.

  9. Marc

    “If you allow people like Raul in charge of your operations, dont expect anything but disloyalty and a constant stream of players coming IN and a constant stream of them going OUT.”


    I can’t be bothered to go on – CG you are without doubt more full of shit than anyone else on the entire planet.

  10. CG


    Great players that lot.
    I wonder who recruited that lot of superstars?

  11. Valentin

    Un na naai,

    Saka may be the hottest young player right now, but there is no guarantee that will still be the case in two years time. He may hit a plateau or get injured. He may also has a fallout with the headcoach.

    In my opinion his best interest is to stay with Arsenal for the next 2 years and learn under one great coach. However his agent may have his own agenda. Make the most of cash quickly rather than the long term interest of the player he represents.

    His agent could also genuinely believe that Saka best interests are best served by moving to Liverpool, ManCity, BvB or Bayern.

    Also Arsenal financial situation is not the same than those clubs. Arsenal is trying to reduce its wage bill. We may not be able to push the envelope as much as some other clubs are willing to.

    Up to what level do you think Arsenal should go?

  12. Habesha Gooner

    I would go up to 120k for Saka. I believe he is worth the money. He is intelligent and capable. I would rather lose Aubameyang than Saka. That’s how much I highly think of him. Sancho didn’t become a 100 mil player by staying on the bench, If we let him play I believe he is as good as any teenage winger out there.

  13. Marc

    “Up to what level do you think Arsenal should go?”

    I was going to say the million dollar question but that’ll just infer that’s what we need to offer!

    Fact is we don’t know what we’ve offered or what he’s asking for. There have been rumours that it’s not the wage that’s the issue but the length of contract.

  14. Marc

    I’m not actually sure that City or Liverpool are reasonable or attractive options for Saka unless they are going to sell not only an established player but one that’s performing.

  15. Guns of SF

    Funny, but it seems that this is not the time for any player to get a big pay day due to Covid

    Auba will see out his deal and sign an extension- chances are other teams will not take a gamble on a 32 year old for the kind of money he is asking for.

    This could be gamesmanship on his teams part, as some have said, he might want assurances of certain thing, longer deal etc.

    He would be a fool to not re-sign given these circumstances.

    I can see us selling Ozil( ball and chain) Laca and some others… so things might ease up finacially for us. Perhaps, he gets a bumper deal when we get rid of Ozil.

    We do however need to ditch some of the higher earners.
    Laca Luiz Kola Xhaka Bell

    That would be a good savings…. we can keep some stars but we have to also balance the $$ with others not being paid ala Wenger and Gazidis style.

  16. Valentin


    I read the same thing that Arsenal wants him to sign a 5 years contract, but he is only willing to sign a 3 years contract.

    A 3 years contract means that every year you renegotiate the contract because you reach the two years barrier. And until the player reach 30 those renegotiation only go up.

    In another report, the stumbling block was not the length of the contract but the release clause. He wants one, Arsenal does not want one or at least not at the level his agent was suggesting.

  17. Kenyangunner

    Daniel Altos,
    You are right on Dayot Upamecano
    Hé is not yet the deal and his coach said as much recently.
    Even Senderos looked good playing with Sol Campbell.

  18. Un na naai

    I dont remember senderos looking very good outside of our champions league run in 06

    The club needs to do whatever it takes to keep Saka
    If that’s on a 3 year deal then fine
    We cannot allow that level of talent to leave right now
    He is the future
    Maybe I’d wait until the season is over and IF we have proved successful and emotions are highly positive then would be the time to strike. Get him on a 4 year deal. Then take stock in two seasons and extend

    Easier said than done but whatever way you cut it we cannot let Saka go right now

  19. Valentin

    Forget selling Özil. He has one year left on his contract that nobody will be even close to match. Those £17 millions are not shifting anywhere.

    Aubameyang is not going anywhere until next summer. Very few clubs can afford £35 millions fee plus 3 years wage at £200kpw. That is a total outlay of £65 millions over 3 years. He may then be forced to re-sign for us because his other offers are even less interesting.

  20. Valentin

    Un na naai,

    No. what I am saying that the circumstances are the same than with Iwobi when he signed his new contract. He was the new kid that we wanted to keep AT THE TIME.

    Things may change. In his favour or against him.
    He may become the new Messi.

    But in 2 years time, Arsenal may have a new shinier player coming from the academy. When Rennes FC sold Dembele to Dortmund, nobody was expecting that within 2 years another player at the club would be viewed as even more valuable: Camavinga. Dembele is now valued at less than half of the new youth diamond.

    Also the current regime may decide that if somebody is willing to pay £100 millions right now for him, it may be a deal too good to pass.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Agree can’t give Ozil away literally

    The club will fuck up on saka like they did on Ashely..

    Club is like an old market leading supermarket

    Think they
    Know best and tradition will see them through.

    Resting on their laurels
    Thinking they bigger and better than they really are.

  22. Marc


    It’s a difficult one on length of contract because right now we’re not in a strong position but come next summer we may have CL football lined up so things are moving in the right direction.

    You could be right on Auba as well – even if we’re willing to accept £25 million there aren’t many clubs who can pay that and offer big wages.

  23. Marc


    I could ask were you out vandilsing Churchill’s statue or causing 30 odd police officers to require medical attention with yours?

  24. Un na naai

    Bob N16June 15, 2020 16:53:42
    Jawohl Unnai…out pissing on monuments over the weekend with your mates?

    I would have been if I wasn’t parking my car in your mum‘s garage 😉

  25. Bob N16

    Love the way the right just want to talk about the Churchill statue which is low down on the list of statues that are questionable in this day and age. Trying to take the narrative away from the real issues as usual. Such an obvious tactic but you go for it Marc, got your Ingerlund pants on?

    Unnai – touche, rapier like!

  26. Guns of SF

    What I meant, was , Ozil has one year left ( next season) we will not be renewing that contract….

    if somehow, someone stupid at the club offers him an extension I do not know what Ill do. Likely Ill pass out from grief.

    Anyhow, Auba should know that our finances will ease up a little. Ozil salary can offset a raise for Auba and also go to other needs.

  27. Marc


    No just pointing out that there are “dubious” characters on both sides of this.

    There’s talk today that “Penny Lane” in Liverpool might have to be renamed – even the Mayor of Liverpool said he wasn’t sure of the real origins of the name.

    There’s genuine insult and there’s going out of your way to be insulted. If it turns out “Penny Lane” is named after a slave trader do you think the song should be banned as well?

  28. Un na naai


    Where does it end? Roman coliseum? Egyptian pyramids? Large parts of the Middle East, North Africa and turkey?
    Pets of Ancient China.

    All built by slaves
    Certain religious books glorify slavery.
    Where does it end and why Is the focus so narrow and inconsistent?
    Let’s just erase history
    Change every street name
    Burn every book

    That’s where this is heading
    It really is George Orwell come to life

  29. Marc


    I don’t have a problem with recognising mistakes in history and certainly trying to learn from them. I also believe it should be remembered that this country was instrumental in stopping the trans Atlantic slave trade. Bob’s just being a twat in trying to justify the vandalism of Churchill’s statue – I wonder if he’s aware that as well as the 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust 5 million various ethnic minorities were killed as well?

    My biggest issue with the “statue” thing is basically the events around the Colston statue in Bristol – I hadn’t heard of him prior to this and didn’t know he even had a statue so couldn’t give a fuck but the thing was erected in 1895, Bristol has a Labour Council and a Labour MP, if the thing was such an issue why was there no campaign for it taken down by legal means years or decades ago?

  30. jwl

    Marc/Un na naai – I wish they would focus on something positive, slavery still exists in many regions around the world, so why not try to reduce actual slavery happening now instead of neurotic focus on past that can’t be changed.

    This blogger did lots of research, Penny Lane has no connection with English slave trader but there are other roads in Liverpool named after slave traders.

  31. Un na naai


    I honestly can’t respond mate

    Not this close to kick off
    He will can me. Even though that prick Alex cutter can be as vile as he wants.
    Different set of rules