All in or future planning?

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Arsenal are probably not going to extend our Dani Ceballos past his current loan deal, which makes you wonder if we’re going to use him in any sort of capacity over the next batch of games. Would it be wise to play him when you could give Joe Willock some games?

That’s the major talking point for me. Does Arteta think about next season, or does he get the job done with the best of what he has?

I suspect he’s going to go all out at 1) Finishing in the top 4 2) Winning a trophy

The thing that excites me a little is knowing that every player is going to want to fight. If you’re leaving, you want to show risk-averse clubs you are worth the cash. If you are staying, you’ll want to ingratiate yourself to the manager and make yourself a first-teamer in a squad of players that haven’t found a pattern with the new system.

I am genuinely thrilled about where this squad could go. I think there are big futures for the kids we have at the club at the moment. The hopes are high for ESR, they think he really could be something special. Martinelli, Saka and Saliba are all pretty big names already considering they are teenagers. We might get to see a run with Tierney, who has a dreamy delivery. Then there are the maybe crowd. Willock, Eddie, AMN (who found his way back into contention), and Matteo all have it in them to be big players. Then you have a whole batch of kids that are buried in the reserves that might have something special. Balogun, Greenwood, Medley and Smith

This is a good time to be an Arsenal fan. We have an exciting young coach, we have young kids that are ready to break, and the world is going to look very different for football… hopefully, we can find some stardust to add to the talent. This could shape our summer nicely, if young talent speak to Arteta, they’ll be sold… but if they see the actions of a club that gives youth the chance at a major club, they’ll be more likely to join.

If we get it right, we could be challenging for the title in 2-3 seasons. Get it wrong and it’s going to be miserable. Hopefully, the club is going to refocus on landing more of the Martinelli’s, versus some of the other bums we let in the backdoor because of special relationships.

Right, short post, see you in the comments! x

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  1. Marc


    Chambers as RB is better cover than anyone else we had before the loan of Soares – who is still to be judged.

    I didn’t saying he was the greatest RB we’d ever seen.

  2. azed

    Why do people even bother to think we can sign Upamencano?

    We have 8 center backs so we will not be signing any center back unless we sell 5.

    Anyone think we can sell 5 center backs this summer?

  3. Bob N16

    You do like to come across as the Sage Marc.
    In real life are you as confident in your judgements or do you just knock them out of the park when it comes to your past times ?

  4. Marc


    I tend to be quite reserved on player judgement’s, if you look at my comments the 2 I regularly criticise are Mustafi and Xhaka – 2 players I watched for over 3 years now.

    AMN wasn’t great at RB and certainly doesn’t seem to be showing the right attitude to get him a chance in CM if reports are correct.

    Fact is – like it or not – but the vast majority of players coming through our youth system will not make it at Arsenal.

    That’s not sage – it’s being aware of history.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg


    If we wanted to we could get rid of quite a few without any problem.

    Luiz out of contract, Mari just on loan. That’s 2 gone already.
    Apparently there’s a lot of interest in Mavropanos from the Bundesliga with 5 clubs keen so that wouldn’t be a problem.

    Chambers is injured so we can’t sell him or include him in players to be counted on next season.

    Sokratis has some pride so would leave if asked, don’t think it would be that hard finding a new club for him.

    Mustafi would be the biggest problem as usual but at a low fee maybe someone would take a gamble, he’s a decent defender when his brain works.

    That would then leave us with Holding, Saliba, Upamecano and an injured Chambers, a bit light no?

    Maybe not get rid of 5 after all.

    Not that I think we’ll sign him but he’s only going to be available now and probably at a knock down price so I wouldn’t mind.

    Him and someone like Soumare as the only business with a bunch of dross and Laca and Xhaka out would be fine with me. Hard to upgrade Cam when you have a 350k a week stumbling block in the way so maybe that has to wait until next year.
    A new striker in only if Auba leaves.

    I know we have a lot of holes in the squad to fill but they’re not as urgent or plentiful as in the last 2 years so imo it’s time to start focusing on quality over quantity with incomings. Still so much dross to get rid of though for so little money, it’ll hold us back for another year.

  6. Habesha Gooner

    I think AMN deserves a shot at midfield. We need to know if that Man United game was a one off or not. I think he has enough technique to be a dribbling energetic CM. The only player that has the same attributes in midfield is Joe willock in our squad. If we aren’t signing a CM that replaces Xhaka, I am willing to try him and Guendouzi alternating next season. He has ability to take on players but what let’s him down is concentration and Poor body language. If he isn’t up to it by the end of next season then we can think about selling him but not while we have Xhaka as our Main CM. This is a league where athletes can succeed at. Look at sissoko, No technique but energy and burst of speed from midfield and he isn’t doing badly at Spurs.

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    We’re now linked with Thiago Silva on a free. 35 years old and on 240k a week at PSG. That would be stupid. We need to stop stockpiling CBs now. The next one we get needs to be the long term partner for Saliba. We could potentially sort that area of the pitch out for the next decade or more.

    Or if we need to sell one of them in the future we’ll get more than enough money to get a replacement.

    This having to sell 5 players to buy 1 bullshit is getting tiredsome and anyone that can’t see that it’s holding us back is blind on both eyes.

  8. Marc


    Do you actually believe that rumour?

    That we’d actually sign a 35 year old on almost £12.5 million a year salary?

    Christ he’s not that much younger than Arteta.

  9. Freddie Ljungberg


    Nope, not really. If it came true it would be worth all the outrage the Luiz and Soares deals weren’t though.

    The scary part is all the Arsenal fans actually hoping we sign him. Idiots.

  10. Marc


    Every club has a small number of “internet” fans who will make a lot of noise over players signed / not signed.

    Outside of Mari I’d be amazed if we were to sign any other CB’s – now getting rid of a couple I could go for.

  11. azed


    I don’t trust the people running out club to be able to do it.

    We still have Mkhitaryan and El-neny to offload this summer.

  12. Freddie Ljungberg


    I don’t see it either, unless we can’t get who we want in midfield and we feel someone like Upa is a player we can’t miss out on.


    We did a decent job moving on deadwood last summer, there’s just so many of them accumulated over the years, most of them on high wages, that it was always going to be slow and painful to get rid of all of them.

    If Auba starys I’m happy with 2 top players in. If that is 2 midfielders or a midfielder and CB doesn’t matter too much. We’re not looking for the last piece of the puzzle this summer anyway, the rebuild has to continue next year when finally all the dross will be gone.

  13. Marc


    What we need is a Superhero – Super Sanllehi with his band of Super agents saving the Arsenal from mediocre players!

  14. Marc


    There will always be players who fall out of favour or who don’t work out – our problem now is the volume of overpaid dross we’ve accumulated.

    Come the end of next summers transfer window and I think we’ll be clear of the vast majority of it.

    Of course by then Arteta would have won the Quadruple so it won’t matter anyway.

  15. Dissenter

    I really think it’s unrealistic to expect that we are going to move these dead weights on excessive wages out.
    Best we can hope for is that Arteta can extract a workman performance out of them till they run out their contracts.
    I mean who’s coming for Mustafi at this stage? Elneny too, who’s going to buy him. He’s going to be on loan until his contract runs out.

  16. Thorough

    We don’t need another center back especially if that allows us to concentrate on fixing our I existent midfield.
    Saliba partnering Mavropanos is something I’m looking forward to. If it works we may be about to sort that part of the field for the next 10 years.

  17. Valentin

    The Transfer room is only one of numerous platforms that currently try to corner the transfer market.

    Transfer room does not change or remove agents fees, it just allow clubs to directly initiate talk to each other. However negotiation and more importantly payments are is still taking place outside that platform.

    Agents can still demand illegal or egregious payments. The only way to remove such behaviour is to standardise players contract and make all transfer payments (fees, agents, …) go through a transparent clearing house system.

    With standardised (I said standardised not uniformed contract) adjustment can still be made, but the possibility for an agent to make extraordinary demand is limited. Also access to the platform can be restricted to those who have a valid agent license. The same way only license accountants have direct access to live accounts on HRMC and company House web sites. No more unlicensed agents receiving a fee that is then disguised as transfer management consultancy fees.

    FiFA, UEFA and even one football game editor (whose name escapes me) are working on such platform.
    Infantino the guy in charge of UEFA is now even starting to suggest that a salary cap may not be such a bad thing after all. Let’s see if he will really follow through with his big ideas.

  18. andy1886

    Freddie, just because we’re paying the little German has been £350k a week doesn’t mean we have to play him. I’m sure some of his wages must be related to appearances, wins, etc. so binning him would save some money at least. We don’t need a #10 anyway, what we need are two decent midfielders who can cover for each other and get forward and score a goal now and again. Worked perfectly well when we were winning titles…

  19. Dissenter

    If you had a lease for a Lamborghini Diablo parked in your garage, wouldn’t you drive it as much as you can until the lease expires?
    Ozil, like the Lamborghini is unsuited for many terrains, but can still do a job if utilized carefully.
    Arteta likes him and played next to him for 3 season, don’t forget that.

  20. Aussie Gooner


    If the Diablo was plauged with problems and wouldn’t perform you would leave it in the garage and drive the Honda Civic. I should know I once owned a Jensen Interceptor!!!!!

  21. Overmars

    Question: If we fail to get a Champions League place end of this season.. If we sold Mustafi, Chambers, Sokratis and Luiz, but brought in Thiago Silva on a free, brought Marri permanently and Saliba. Would that be good enough to challenge next season?

    Would leave the 4 CB’s as Silva, Saliba, Holding and Marri. Thoughts?

  22. Overmars

    Regarding Mavropanos, I like him. I remember at the end of 2018 he had played a few games in a row and looked the real deal. If it weren’t for injuries, Mavropanos and Holding could have been our first choice centre backs by now. I’d stick with both of them, Mavropanos will probably be loaned out again. And it wouldn’t be a bad idea to loan Holding to another Premiership club next season to gain his confidence back, especially if we still have more than enough numbers at the back, same game time will do him good. A decent passing team like Bournmouth, Sheffield Utd or Southampton could be a good shout.

  23. Marc


    “I really think it’s unrealistic to expect that we are going to move these dead weights on excessive wages out.”

    Really don’t a chunk of them have contracts that run out next summer? Which is when I said we’d be free of quite a few of them – hopefully we’ll sell as many as we can.

    Don’t let the facts get in your way though.

  24. Mr Serge

    We need two midfielders not another cb bring in Partey and an attacking cm and we will be far better

  25. jwl

    “The Transfer room is only one of numerous platforms that currently try to corner the transfer market.”

    Valentin – Did not know they existed, never heard of before. I always assumed there was a directory for phone numbers of execs that was kept private for all of European football. It sounds like interesting concept, facilitating connections between clubs without agents involved at beginning.

  26. Danny M.O


    You say AMN is not good enough yet look at the stats:

    4th most interceptions in the team. 10 more than xhaka
    More aereal battles won vs Guen + Tor
    2nd for most tackles in the team
    top 10 for passes completed
    tied 4th on assists

    The boy is doing good for someone who is not a trained right back. His defensive nous is sorely needed to stop a leaky midfield. His passing and positioning will come with time. He has not been afforded the same opportunities as xhaka or guendouzi.

    Answer me this, can players glide past AMN the same way the go past Xhaka?

  27. Emiratesstroller


    My view of Chelsea’s finances have not changed.

    They are 100% dependent on Abramovich continuing to pump money into the

    No other club is run in this fashion not even PSG or Manchester City.

    At some point Abramovich will no longer be around and then the question will
    be who can or will be prepared to buy the club unless the debt is written off?

    There is absolutely no commercial sense or fiscal prudence in what is being
    done there.

  28. Overmars


    Chelsea were always going to come in strong this summer window, even without Abhramovic backing them . Remember they still have the 100m or so for Hazard, plus another 50m coming in for Morata, Champions League money still sitting there,and they’ve only brought in Kovacic over the last 18 months . Financially, they’ll be one the strongest sides in Europe this coming window.

  29. Overmars

    Danny M.O

    Good stats regarding Maitland-Niles. I read an article earlier about his performance in the middle of the park against Charlton, apparently he stood out in the box to box role. It makes sense really, he’s got the required energy for that position, he’s quick, a good passer, his final ball has improved over the last couple of years, and as your stats suggest, he’s capable defensively.

    I’d like to see him given a run of games in midfield. He’s still only 22, we could have a gem of a midfielder sitting there without realizing it.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    I thought that Chelsea bought Pulisic in anticipation of Hazard’s departure.

    The main point is that Chelsea are operating in a fashion, which no other serious business would do in current economic climate.

    Most other businesses are cutting their cloth to meet their needs.

  31. Overmars


    Either way, the transfer ban has actually worked in their favor. They’ve held on to their money over the past year or so and discovered the likes of Abraham, Reece James, Mount, Gilmour and Tomori. Now they’re sitting on a couple hundred million whilst everyone else will be cutting costs. Money doesn’t always guarantee you success, but I’d watch out for them next season.

  32. Emiratesstroller


    Let us see the true financial picture when Chelsea’s accounts are published. I doubt that they are sitting on a couple of hundred million as you suggest.

    There are very few well run businesses coming out of this pandemic which will be in good shape.

    Just three months ago we were told how Spurs were flourishing financially.
    Now we see the impact following the Bank of England loan.

  33. Terraloon


    When the accounts are published you won’t get a true picture as the next trading year will be the best part of halfway through.Also none of the incomings or outgoings will reflect in the 2019/20 accounts

    The Spurs businesses model was very finely balanced and the £100 million that they will be short in terms of match day income, the costs involved in sacking Poch, the cost of Mourinho, the probable loss of 2020/21 CL money and the fact that they have to a degree pushed the boat out in the two last transfer windows came together and have caused a perfect storm.

    See any similarities between the Spurs situation and the position at Arsenal?

    Of course Chelsea won’t be sitting on a couple of hundred million but there is no doubt that the CL qualification, transfer ban, the imminent changes to the rules on the number of loan players and cancellation of their stadium build have all worked in their favour.

    I wasn’t aware till I looked at the numbers but in January they sold two academy players one to Brighton and one to Fulham for around £15 million that was on top of seven academy players they sold in the summer for around £40 million.

    As I have pointed out before they already have agreements in place to sell another £75 million worth of players in the summer window add that to the two they sold in January and that not only cancels out the money they are said to be paying for Werner and Zileych but maybe just a little profit.

    Overmars comment regarding the players that they have in their first team squad who have come through their academy is relevant and of course all bar Gilmour had benefited from a season out on loan. Add to the names he lists Ruben Loftus Cheek who is a monster of a player who without doubt would have been featuring for them had he not had the ACL injury and of course Hudson Odi who as we know has his issues.

    According to Dave, my brother, their are others that are knocking on the door . Players like Ampadu who already has played for Wales on a dozen or so occasions who in all likelihood will take a squad place alongside Gilmour enabling them to move on probably Barkley and Jorginho and possibly even Kante .Add to that they almost certainly will sell Batshuayi and a CD. And that’s before you even start talking about players like Bakyoko and the likes who are out on loan.

    The point is that they will probably sell these type of players on for very agreeable terms because they aren’t in the same predicament that many others are in.Indeed if Spurs or Arsenal were to sell a player they almost certainly need the cash or at least a chunk of it immediately.

    Look I am not saying it’s not going to impact them of course it is but didn’t Napoleon talk about luck Generals and whilst I realise RA is Russian not French he seems to have the Midas touch and it seems to me his strength is he regularly mistake turn to gold and that in part is down to the structure he has put in place at board level.

    They are ruthless when it comes to negotiation and I have no doubt that they will exploit the situation and take massive advantage of the situation.

    Forget about the Hazard money they sold a s

  34. Thorough

    Saliba partnering Mavropanos”Same guy currently playing in Bundesliga 2?

    Just like Gnabry before him who couldn’t get a game for west brom?
    Or Benaccer and Adelaide who were struggling at u 23?
    And Donnyell Malen who couldn’t break into our first team?

    If there’s something we’ve learnt it’s that we need to pay attention to these boys and give them a proper chance before we throw them off the cliff. Ffs Gnabry and Malen are worth over a 100 million. Benaccer is getting linked to Man City. Jeff had a big transfer after just 1 season out of our clutches.

    For me the players we should absolutely not sell are those we’ve refused to give a fair run.

    Maitland Niles with all his baggage is another blindingly obvious one. I said about Chamberlain the other time but Lord Wenger wouldn’t bother try him in midfield even though the few times he played there he stood out. I remember him against Bayern. Our coaches just never pay attention.

    I’m more curious to see a partnership of Saliba and Mavro as opposed to Saliba paired with any of those oldies or even with Chambers whom I think is a distinctively average player.

  35. Pierre

    I would imagine that AMN would want to prove a lot of people wrong if he gets the chance in CM.

    Centre midfield is not really a position that you can be loose in possession of the football and wasteful in your passing or switch off , these are the areas that AMN need to sharpen up on.

    Lose the ball in the middle and the team will be punished and then the knives will be out for him from the ” I told you so’s”.

    Personally, I think AMN should be given a run in midfield , he has the skill, pace and technique to be a success and importantly, he is different to anyone else who we have in CM who tend to be one paced plodders.

    Arteta knows that a central midfielder needs to be disciplined to play the role as he was the epitome of a defensive midfielder.

    Balance is also the key for a strong midfield , which is something we have struggled with since the Cazorla/coquelin days.
    I would expect Arteta to drum into AMN the importance of discipline to maintain the balance in midfield.
    Gaps in midfield will only lead to the defence being put under pressure.

    As good a footballer he is, Ramsey always unbalanced our midfield with his inability to maintain his discipline in the central midfield role.

    Putting AMN in the central midfield role v Charlton means that he is gaining Arteta’s trust and AMN will want to prove a lot of people wrong.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    There is an interesting article in today’s Telegraph that most clubs in EPL made considerable losses in the Financial Year 18/19 and not as some suggest

    This is particularly applicable to the so called 6 clubs who were seeking top
    4 Champions League Qualification.

    Professional Football in general has been struggling to balance its books for some time even before CV.

  37. andy1886

    Well it would certainly be interesting to see an AMN and Willock midfield pairing for a few games, rather more dynamic than the current options.

    I’d question if we really need a so called DM. One may be more defensively inclined but if we use the Petit/Vieira model and they operate as a pairing there is no reason why it couldn’t work. I guess it goes back to working as a team rather than a group of individuals, something that hasn’t been evident recently.

    Re: Chelsea I saw an article recently on PL net spends over the last 5 years in which AFC were third after the two Manchester clubs (£260m+) whereas Chelsea were way down the list. Yet we were supposed to be the ones with the sustainable business model…

  38. Emiratesstroller


    There is no debate about Arsenal’s mismanagement and poor financial decision making in recent years.

    However, the one positive is that the club is genuinely solvent albeit that the famous bank balance is reducing.

    My view is that Arsenal are selling the idea that they are not in great shape to put the finances and staffing levels in order and reduce costs.

    It should not be forgotten that last summer we were told that we had a limited
    transfer budget and yet we spent more in that window than ever before.

  39. Terraloon


    The sustainable business model to a large degree is a slight of hand. The PR department really should take a bow.

    My view was that somehow the hierarchy at Arsenal convinced many many supporters that the positive balance sheet was the top trophy.

    Didn’t AW invent the term financial doping ? Yet no one ever talks about the circa £100 million additional shares created in Arsenal to accommodate Granada Media.

    The irony is that in one breath so many wan Football to be run as a business yet when the owner puts money in people cry foul .

    Wish KSE would inject capital

  40. CG

    Chelsea ( Roman) 5 Arsenal ( Stan) 0
    That’s league championships.

    People continually underestimate Roman and Chelsea.

    They are now the London club – we used to be.
    We are now just a middling, piddling and pretty irrelevant outfit in comparison.

    They are run fit for purpose and poised for more trophies in the next decade.

    We are just fit to be a better version of Brighton H.A.

    Ps.Has this teenager Saka signed yet?
    If not, why not?
    Chelsea would have it done months ago.

    (Arsenal 2020 cant even get a bloody teenager who had 15 games to sign a contract)

  41. Pierre

    120 grand a week was the reported wage for Odoi.

    We should offer Saka that amount at the very least .
    To lose him so early on in his career would be criminal.

  42. andy1886


    Yes, the PR guys did a great job as did Ivan when they convinced so many supporters that financial results were just as important as winning titles. Quite frankly it was bizarre.

    Yet now Kroenke us perceived as being ‘tight’ even though the reality is that the club have invested significantly in the transfer market and on player wages.

    All of which highlights just how poorly we have run the football side of the business as ES already mentioned. At the risk of harking on and on about the same topic for me it comes down to too little genuine expertise on the football side of the business amongst the decision makers.

    Until that changes we will continue to be run like a Poundland version of ManU, another club who under perform woefully relative to their available resources.

  43. CG


    “Chelsea would have it done months ago.”

    Roman will see Corona as an opportunity to make Chelsea even bigger and better,

    Stan will see Corona as opportunity to shrink the wage bill , make scouts redundant and brainwash the the likes of ES- we are on the right track and they are not.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    There need to be changes made in the Boardroom, but I do think that there is
    growing evidence that the club is making an effort to improve the management and coaching departments at the club.

    Last summer there was serious work done to offload a significant number of
    players. 11 First team squad players left and were replaced by a similar number of transfers and promotions from U23.

    I suspect that this process will be ongoing this summer albeit probably on a
    slightly reduced scale.

    There is also some evidence that the club’s wage bill is being reduced as well.
    Some criticise the wage reduction imposed on first team, but frankly I think
    that was a sensible decision.

    The decision to offload part-time scouts was probably necessary as well. Many
    have been on the club’s books for a very long time and there has been some
    criticism about our Academy and First Team recruitment.

    Sometimes you need to take steps backwards to move forward.

    The club i s in transition. It will take time to turn the ship around.

  45. CG


    “”””The club is in transition. It will take time to turn the ship around.”””””

    As we currently have no:

    Owners in the UK
    Manager ( we have a trendy head coach)
    and no money.
    and soon no hope.

    Looks like we will be in permanent transition.

  46. Emiratesstroller


    You are really rather immature.

    Yes the board needs replacements and most probably a Non Executive Chair.

    However, the suggestion that we need MORE changes to our Management and
    Coaching Departments is ridiculous. We have made major changes in the
    last two years.

    Stop keep on rabbiting with your concern about lack of an experienced Manager. The club has appointed 3 people in senior Management Team who
    are Managing Director, Football Director and Technical Director.

    Arteta is at 38 more than qualified to be Head Coach despite your constant
    assertions that he is not. There are plenty of people in all sorts of professions
    who reach the top in their careers at that age.

  47. Northbanker


    I would ignore CG – his views are worthless and negative and really don’t know why he is on here. Some people just enjoy drowning in misery

  48. Marc

    Whether Chelsea are financing their current expenditure through funds they’ve generated or whether it’s Abramovich putting money in again (he certainly backed off from doing this) they are gambling their position at a time when 99% of clubs are or will be taking a cautious route.

    If it works and they win the title they’ll look like geniuses, if it goes pear shaped 99% of those praising their actions will deny that they ever did it.

  49. Santan

    Things that do not seem the way they look to me

    Ozil has been at the club 7 years.
    Ronaldo is only 3 years younger than Arteta
    We have spent 100m on Ozil alone
    Werner is 24 years old
    Boateng is 31 (I thought he was 35 or something)

  50. Gonsterous

    Honestly, I think the saka hype is only from arsenal fans. Ask any other fans and they will tell you he’s a good player who needs to prove that he’s world class, and that can only happen if he features regularly and plays well regularly.

    Asked a few of my friends and the only youngster they see with potential at arsenal is Martinelli.
    They were not as confident about saka but then again, saka doesn’t play with the same energy as martinelli, and I rate him. But I don’t see how he could be worth 150+ kpw.

  51. Gonsterous

    Watching a few highlights from earlier in the season. I can conclude that Leno has been saving our bacon time and time again and contrary to popular belief, ozil can dribble and has provided quite a few pre assists, though not enough to warrant 300k per week.
    Guen has also done well, sok and David luiz have given away a lot of silly goals. Auba is lethal, bellerin has hardly featured and AMN is very poor at RB.

  52. andy1886

    Pre-assists? I guess if you look at pre-pre-pre-assists then even Xhaka might look good. Seriously though Ozil is a luxury that we can’t afford and the sooner he packs his bags the better.

  53. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Saka is a very talented footballer and has the potential to become a
    regular first team player whether in LWB or LW positions. I am sure that the
    club will offer him a wage commensurate with his level and status. What is
    also important is the length of contract. Most of contracts signed recently by young players are 5 years.

    I have watched a lot of games played by Maitland-Niles since he joined first
    team. He is a utility player and unlikely to get a regular starting place in any

    He is not in my assessment on same level as Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi or
    Gibbs all of whom made senior international appearances at the same age and
    were better players. All three failed to make the grade at Arsenal.

  54. azed

    “Just like Gnabry before him who couldn’t get a game for west brom?”

    Gnabry’s issues at West Brom wasn’t that of talent but more of attitude.

    Not all going players will make it at Arsenal and we need to stop holding onto players for longer than necessary.

  55. azed

    Centre midfield is not really a position that you can be loose in possession of the football and wasteful in your passing or switch off , these are the areas that AMN need to sharpen up on.


    In my opinion, AMN is at the last chance salon and the only way he stays is if no body offers decent money for him.
    Cesc, Bellerin, Iwobi, Saka, Holding and even Eddie grabbed their opportunities with both hands.
    AMN has been around the first team for close to 4 years now and we are still not sure about him.

    If any club offers anything close to $20M for him, I think the club would take it.

  56. azed

    AMN had all of last season to make the Right back position his own but he did not.
    I get he doesn’t like the role but it has been reported that Saka also doesn’t like playing left back but that didn’t stop him from giving it his all.

    The problem with AMN is not skill and that’s the problem.

  57. Terraloon


    It’s not about praising Chelsea it’s about dispelling the narrative that is blindly being put out on here that Arsenal are in a better state than most of the PL

  58. CG


    “”””The problem with AMN is not skill and that’s the problem.””””

    The problem with AMN is he is too good. So coaches continually play him in every position to fill the gaps.

    And that no one can see his true potential and play him in his best position-center midfield

    Play him there and you would need this Partey either( Arsenals Pogba)

    AMN has talent oozing from every pore. Just a shame very few can see it,

  59. CG


    “”””It’s not about praising Chelsea it’s about dispelling the narrative that is blindly being put out on here that Arsenal are in a better state than most of the PL”””””

    and emphasing the vast class in their executives between the two clubs.

    They have the gold standard of executives ( because Roman demands it)
    We have the dunces. ( because Stan don’t care and Josh is too dopey)

    Maybe negative – but is undoubtedly the truth,

  60. Jamie

    “The problem with AMN is he is too good.”

    Yeah, that’s the problem with AMN, he’s just too good.

    When no one says any stupid shit for a couple hours, you can always count on CG to swoop in and pick up where he left off. Nice one.

  61. Sid

    AMN with the right coaching is as good if not better than Wijdnaldum.
    Dozi, Willock can get to Henderson, Milner levels respectively but the coach is massaging Xhakalson, Ozil, balloon boy who are not going to get any better.

    Im telling you for free!

  62. Gonsterous


    Pre-assists? I guess if you look at pre-pre-pre-assists then even Xhaka might look good.

    Don’t know why u are taking the piss but a pre assist helps to set up a tap in goal but I do agree that ozil is a luxury we cannot afford, which is a shame because I liked him when he was in bremen. He could dribble, score and assist then.
    Now he plays like he’s got nothing to prove.

  63. Santan

    Its a shame with Ozil. He has lost passion for the game imo. The talent is there but the game moved on without him and he didn’t really try to catch up and run ahead

  64. Graham62

    AMN has, imo, all the necessary attributes needed to succeed at the top level. Unfortunately though, he lacks one fundamental asset that would not only enable him to fulfil his true potential but also, significantly, give him the opportunity to show Mr Arteta and us as fans, what he is truly capable of.

    – A burning desire and attitude to really want to succeed and, significantly, as far we are all concerned, clear and visible proof of this. That’s right, it’s his ability to concentrate and give it his all, that is really holding him back.

    If he displays these important mental traits, then there’s genuine hope for him.

    It’s now or never though.

  65. Dissenter

    I don’t think AMN has the midfield skill set to play in the premier league. He wouldn’t be good enough to play midfield for any other club in the league, why us?

    If he insists on being a midfielder, send him away on loan to the championship. The last time he was at Ipswich, even they didn’t play him as a midfield.

  66. Santan

    Arteta should let AMN have a run at CM. If he does bad there then we should sell if we get the right price. His heart clearly isnt in playing utulity man.

  67. Dissenter

    Are we so shite or bereft of ambition that we will throw AMN in there.
    If he’s so bad, why would anyone buy him?

    I’ve disliked AMN since the day James Maddison dived to get him sent off and AMN still went to embrace him. There no fire in his bones – he will trudge around in any position he finds himself.

  68. Dissenter

    In fairness, I think CG was trying to stay that AMN is a jack of all trades and a master of none. He clumsily made a point about his versatility.

  69. Marc


    I should’ve guessed. Having a versatile player in the squad can be a good thing although I don’t think AMN has the mentality for it.

    He’ll be gone this summer or next, as soon as we get a decent offer.

  70. Jamie

    He doesn’t think AMN is a master of none, he thinks he’s a master of centre-midfield.

    A few days ago he said AMN is ‘probably the best player at the club’.

  71. Pierre

    “Its a shame with Ozil. He has lost passion for the game imo. The talent is there but the game moved on without him and he didn’t really try to catch up and run ahead”

    I’m more of the opinion that it is a shame that a minority of Arsenal fans cannot recognise quality.
    They have allowed his contract to dominate their thoughts instead of taking him for what he is ….a highly skilled , highly intelligent footballer who makes the game look too easy with his effortless exquisite first touch and ability to find space on a football pitch and his willingness to bring others into the game with his selfless play.

    sacking that clown Emery and bringing in a manager who(unlike some fans) recognises Ozil’s quality couldn’t have worked out better for me.

    When he was breaking assist records for Arsenal he was criticised, when he was creating the most chances in europe he was criticised , when he created the most chances per 90 minutes in the last world cup he was criticised…Emery tried (and failed) to destroy him and was applauded by these fans for marginalising him from the team …and where did it get us, heading towards relegation .

    Criticism of Ozil has been ongoing from day one by the know nothings on here, so I wouldnt expect anything different until he leaves.

    The fact that the season he arrived we started to win trophies again and compete in cup finals after a barren spell of 8/9 years seems to have gone over the heads of many on here…maybe it was just coincidence.

  72. Spanishdave

    AMN is a dosey half arsed dick.
    Wanders back when he losses the ball, has that dopey attitude.
    Get rid.

  73. Valentin


    At Ipswich he was their best player. He got injured and was not put back in the team when he recovered as they were concerned about his fitness level and they were trying to make a point to Arsenal as they wanted to buy him.

    His mum kicked a fuss (she left an expletive laden voice mail to the head coach, she was also suspected of slashing the tires of some of the coaching staff) and they decided that as Arsenal was not going to sell him to them it was not worth persisting with him.

  74. Marc

    “sacking that clown Emery and bringing in a manager who(unlike some fans) recognises Ozil’s quality couldn’t have worked out better for me.


    So it wouldn’t have been better if he’d got more than 1 goal and 1 assist?

  75. Dissenter

    AMN’s problem is mainly mental and cognitive.
    Like many have said, he’s playing in cruise control or on auto-pilot.

  76. Valentin


    You seem unwilling to countenance the possibility that people at Chelsea know what they are doing. They are ruthless in using any tool, loophole at their disposal to improve Chelsea.
    Their use the loan system as a source of revenue was unprecedented. I found that distateful that they had 70 players on loan, but it worked.
    Yes RA is funding them, but if you look closely, you’ll find that the management team is quite impressive. They seem to always find a way to generate money and extract the maximum from their resources.

    Nobody can say the same about Arsenal. Arsenal loaning and borrowing is done in a haphazard way. Only team whose players seem to lose value when they go on loan even when they are regular starter (Ospina, Elneny, Mhkitaryan, …). The buying side is as bad. Last summer, we spunked money on area that did not need upgrade while leaving the big black hole of central midfield untouched.

  77. Jamie

    “sacking that clown Emery and bringing in a manager who(unlike some fans) recognises Ozil’s quality couldn’t have worked out better for me.”

    This is some sad shit. Imagine thinking things are working our well for yourself when a new gaffer comes into the football club you support from your bedroom.

    CG and Pierre, the comedy tag team.

  78. Dissenter

    ‘I’m more of the opinion that it is a shame that a minority of Arsenal fans cannot recognize quality.”
    You’re willing to throw minority of the fans under the bus for Ozil?
    Jeez man, you do love this boy. What will you do when his contract runs out?

    Rob a bank to get the funds to resign him?

  79. Marc


    “AMN’s problem is mainly mental and cognitive.
    Like many have said, he’s playing in cruise control or on auto-pilot.”

    He’s coming up to 23 years old – he shouldn’t need to be told to switch on or focus doing something he’s paid a great deal of money for compared to what the fans watching him earn.

  80. CG

    I have no doubt whatsoever- if our vibrant and hungry Wenger Academy boys play in Manchester next week ( AMN/Willock/Eddie/Saka /Bellerin etc) we will score a minimum of 3 goals.

    Hopefully – the rebirth of Wengerism under Arteta to commence after lockdown.

  81. Marc


    I don’t need to learn anything off of you. You made a daft statement and I showed it to be so.

    Or are you saying if he’d got 3-4 assists plus the goal wouldn’t have been better?

  82. Marc

    “if our vibrant and hungry Wenger Academy boys play in Manchester next week ( AMN/Willock/Eddie/Saka /Bellerin etc”

    Well in Bellerin’s case that’s what happens when you’re a vegan!

  83. Dissenter

    Abramovich doesn’t get as much credit as he deserves.
    The vast money he’s spent aside, one of the first things he did at Chelsea was appoint on one of the brightest minds in sports management to run the club. In appointing Peter Kenyon, they laid out a way to always be ahead of the curve.
    While we were passively waiting for FFP to level out the playing field, Chelsea were actively creating ways to go around FFP. We were stashing money away in a bank vault waiting while Chelsea were setting up US baseball style farm system with the loaning system. That’ s what Emenalo brought to their team. He set that up.
    We were banking on bank deposits while Chelsea were banking on footballing deposits. The bank pays 1-2% interest on that type of deposits while a loaned player will typically appreciate in double digit interest on their initial value. They won that round and are still making money of it…and it was 100% legal.
    The people that made fun of Chelsea for letting go of Salah and Kevin De Bruyne seemed to forget that they made a good profit on those players too. They’ve been excelling at retail football for a long time.

    ..and as Valentin mentioned they have a lady CEO who has balls of brass. They way she extorted Real for Eden Hazard was amazing.

  84. Dissenter

    Yea, it’s obvious Abramovich can’t keep away from Chelsea, UK work visa or not.
    He truly loves that club and is definitely directly financing some of this transfer business.
    I think he sees an opportunity for a hostile take over of the footballing space again.

  85. andy1886

    Gonsterous, it really wasn’t a piss take of your comment, more of a view on how over analysed player performance actually is. I’m sure that there is a term somewhere that could be dragged out to claim that just about any player had some special attribute that justified their inclusion. Even ‘assists’ weren’t a ‘thing’ so long back. Now it’s ‘pre-assists’ and ‘playing between the lines’ and all sorts of nonsense.

    Let’s be honest, the majority of fans know if a player is worth his place from just watching the game without all this over analysis of what are quite often very average players doing some pretty basic stuff.

  86. CG


    “””””……and as Valentin mentioned they have a lady CEO who has balls of brass. They way she extorted Real for Eden Hazard was amazing…….”

    She also extorted £8 million from our Dopes for Luiz.

    (She is also extremely attractive too,)
    We have Vinny,.

  87. That Dreamcast Kid

    there are still other combinations in the midfield that Arteta haven’t yet try

    the dynamism (however little) is there just need to be figured out as each midfielders have their own unique attributes albeit limited

    so for the remaining matches I just want fresh look and more play in the midfield that can be the engine to the team

    enough loanees next season no more Suarez no more Ceballos just play our own players

    at least these kids are not as bad as Denilson

  88. Santan

    “a highly skilled , highly intelligent footballer who makes the game look too easy with his effortless exquisite first touch and ability to find space on a football pitch and his willingness to bring others into the game with his selfless play.”

    1448 minutes played
    2 Through balls
    176 passes forward
    217 passes backward
    1 big chance created

    compared to guendouzi (a more defensive cm)

    1591 minutes played
    7 through balls
    313 passes forward
    151 passes backward
    1 big chance created

    Make of it what you will

  89. Graham62


    Basically what you’re saying is that while we dithered and stagnated, Chelski moved forward.

    Been saying this since 2006.

  90. Dissenter

    Can you imagine where we would have been gad we appointed a proper footballing mind as CEO instead of Gazidis-the pretender?

  91. Valentin

    Arsenal is like the military, always trying to win yesterday’s war instead of preparing for tomorrow’s.
    Like it was said waiting for FFP to level the playing field instead of trying way to circumvent it. ManCity got caught doing things illegal, but Chelsea just exploited loopholes.

    I have been saying for ages, we should send scouts untapped market.
    Hungry, talented Teenagers players currently

    1) in France Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 because the academy system there is much better. You can buy a decent player with bigger potential and better technique for less.

    2) Lower English league where we then place the player on loan for 2 years before giving them a chance when they reach 21 years old.

    3) South American market where we then properly place them in Portugal, Spain, Dutch lower teams. I mean place them not dump them trying to make a quick buck on them. Following them with a loan manager and giving them a proper training program in term of skill set and playing awareness.

  92. Freddie Ljungberg


    Please tell me these stats are Papasoks?

    1448 minutes played
    2 Through balls
    176 passes forward
    217 passes backward
    1 big chance created

    Surely can’t be the player Pierre just wrote Opus 536 to.

    That’s about as piss poor as it gets stats wise for a Cam, I’d be surprised if any other attacking midfielder has worse having played as much as Ozil. Pathetic

  93. CG

    The G

    (Quite simply )

    Arsenal under Stan are a reactive club.
    Chelsea under Roman are a proactive club.

    Every and I mean every decision AFC make – we stand still at best.
    (Look – we cant even sign a talented teenager to a long term contract without it being a saga )

    Nearly every decision Chelsea make- it makes them better and bigger.

    They are 2 steps ahead of us all the time.

    I guarantee their executives must laugh at our lot.
    ( eg. signing Luiz)

  94. Emiratesstroller

    I find it difficult to understand why those who post on here deriding the class of the current team and in particular our midfield believe that Maitland-Niles is remotely of the calibre to improve the team

    CG states that he “oozes” talent. In what respect? He is positionally poor in defence and there is nothing in his repertoire which suggests that he has the creativity or can offer the level of assists and score goals required.

    There are some who are suddenly asserting that he has class based on his
    performance against Charlton! This is a team ranked 22nd in Championship.

    Last summer we sold Iwobi who was in my view at a level significantly higher
    than Maitland-Niles. Yet there were many who suggested that he was not good

    AMN is now 22 and we have several younger midfielders and wingers coming
    into the frame who are already playing at a higher level or have better potential specifically Martinelli, Saka, Nelson, Smith-Rowe,Willock and Guendouzi.

    So my view is that if we manage to generate a transfer fee of around £15 million+ I would jump at selling him. He is at best mid table level in EPL.

  95. Pierre

    “That’s about as piss poor as it gets stats wise for a Cam”

    CAM.= CENTRAL attacking midfielder.

    Now if you had an understanding of the game you would have noted that Ozil is rarely central as he is playing to the manager’s orders.

    Personally, I would prefer to see him play as a CENTRAL attacking midfielder as it his best position.

    However, Arteta prefers Ozil to play a little deeper and wider which results wise has been working.

    So yes , those stats are as you say “piss poor for a CAM” , but as Ozil hasn’t played as a CAM , it doesn’t apply to him

  96. azed

    “However, Arteta prefers Ozil to play a little deeper and wider which results wise has been working.”


    Did you actually type that with a straight face?

  97. Pierre

    I had made the point a number of times before the lockdown that I would prefer Ozil to play more CENTRAL as his lresent position negates his creativity in the final 3rd.

    Ozil I’m sure is happy enough to continue to follow the manager’s orders of feeding the wide players as he understands that it’s the team that comes first and not his own personal glory.

  98. Pierre

    We are the only unbeaten side in Europe this year in their respective league, so yes , results wise one would presume it is working.

  99. Terraloon


    Interesting alas I think that the imminent changes to the numbers of players that a club can loan in our out (8) reducing in a very short while to 6 alongside the inevitable changes to players being allowed to play in English Football post Brexit mean that the focus on players will shift massively toward players being bought into academies at a young age .
    Arsenal don’t nowadays seem to be able to plan ahead they just seem to react after the event and in an ever changing environment in football Arsenal need to get a whole lot smarter but sadly I just don’t see enough evidence to suggest that those in strategic positions aren’t gifted planners

  100. Dissenter

    Marina Granovskaia is the one running Chelsea, she has a direct line to the billionaire owner and used to be his personal assistant.

  101. Habesha Gooner

    Honestly If you gave me the option between Xhaka and AMN, I would choose AMN. If we aren’t signing anyone, Atleast we are going in to the Unknown with him. Xhaka isn’t it. The man United AMN might be. That’s why I would give him a shot. Because Our central midfield can’t get any worse offensively.

  102. Pierre

    Let’s hope that Guendouzi steps up to the plate as fred and Santander seem to think he is a creative force.

    Personally, I put my money on Smith Rowe to stake a claim in the side, and if he ultimately produces more than the “piss poor ” Ozil then that will be a positive for Arsenal football club.

  103. Habesha Gooner

    Guendouzi needs to aim to be a player like Busquets. He is a deep lying play maker kind of player. He needs to work on his defensive game but I think he can succeed.

  104. CG


    “”””Arsenal don’t nowadays seem to be able to plan ahead they just seem to react after the event and in an ever changing environment in football Arsenal need to get a whole lot smarter but sadly I just don’t see enough evidence to suggest that those in strategic positions aren’t gifted planners.””””

    100% Accurate.

    One only has to read Jens Lehmann article about Emery

    It was a present for him to get the post of Arsenal manager.

    Apply that to Raul, Edu and Vinny. More bloody presents dished out.

    They cant believe their luck they hold the positions they do.

    What has that soggy trio of uselessness ever accomplished ?

  105. NEEG


    Chelsea’s execs ,0wner and an ex Manager and ex player certainly laugh at AFC and in particular our old long standing manager (your idol). Roman played a game with us when we bought Walcott. I expect they still laugh at us now.

  106. azed

    We are the only unbeaten side in Europe this year in their respective league

    But we did lose to that Greek side at home.

    PS: if Emery had done that, you would have gone on a crusade

  107. CG


    “””Roman played a game with us when we bought Walcott. I expect they still laugh at us now.”””

    I doubt it.

    Walcott 100 goals. And numerous assits
    And a few Cups…
    Bought for £12 million
    Sold for £20 million

    I think him and his scrumptious CEO quite admire that type of dealmaking and typical Wenger ingenuity.

  108. jwl

    Stuart MacFarlane has one of best jobs in world, hanging out at Arsenal everyday taking photos. It is sweet gig, wonder how he got job.

    I have lost track of Arsenal schedule, did not know we had match today. Did we play second team squad, how did we lose 3-2?