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Arsenal beat Charlton 6-0. Does that mean we’re winning the race for top 4? I believe so.

Goals from Laca, Auba, Willock and a TREMENDOUS hattrick from the boy wonder Eddie Nkeitiah sealed the deal in a warm-up game at The Emirates.

I don’t have much of a download from the game.

Key points for me:

Arteta now has a month of Zooming with the players and a month of working with them on the training pitch. They will be fully fit, mentally prepared and eager to impress before the summer of uncertainty gets underway. The last 10 games might be awful, but I really think the next batch of games favours Arsenal because we were in such a mess.

Eddie Nketiah is going to be important over the next few years. His job for the remainder of the season is to prove he has a top-level gear. He has the potential to be a 20 goal a season striker next season. His current goal ratio has him scoring every 135 minutes. If he maintains that at Premier League level, he’ll have a good season for us (25 over a season). Coming off the bench and smashing home three is a statement of intent, I will be FASCINATED to see if he starts ahead of Lacazette when the big games return.

There are rumours that Saka is being considered for a position higher up the pitch because of where he’s been practising in training sessions. I don’t know where he played yesterday, but one thing is for sure, the manager seems to love Kieran Tierney, who is fit and he seems to have a lot of joy for Saka. Can he map them into a single system? It’s possible… but it might feel like we’re wasting one of the best young left-backs in the world.

I don’t think there’s much to take from either side, other than most players landed a runout, and most are fit.

That’s me done for today, enjoy your Sunday! x

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  1. Mikel's Immaculate Hair

    I’m happy to just let the likes of willock and nketiah develop.
    it’s too soon to be saying what their ultimate level of performance will be in the end.
    we have some nice youngsters around, they will either be valuable members of the team going forward or they’ll serve as decent make weight to get someone who is.

    i mean, its just good economics we have setup for the future.

    if none of them are eventual arsenal standard then we’ll be making decent money on the lot.
    I can’t complain.

  2. Ishola70

    “What’s Lineker bin rabbiting on about now.”

    Everything and anything. He has a view on almost every matter.

    Fully woke is Gary.

  3. Dissenter

    “Hard to respect a guy who shat his pants on TV”
    Many a professional sportsperson have shat themselves during play. It’s one of the best kept secrets in sports. Some athletes wear adult diapers/fitted briefs to prevent spill overs.
    Marathon runners routinely shit themselves, their bowels give out ..footballers are no different.

  4. Terraloon

    I probably have missed it but has there been any announcement re the three loan players having there loans extended or come to that Luiz agreeing an extension be it a temporary or another season.?

  5. Jamie

    Gary wasn’t a marathon runner. He shat his pants on the football pitch, rubbed it in and sniffed his fingers like a dirty get.

  6. Marc


    I haven’t heard a peep on any of it – you’d assume common sense would say extend loans until the season is played out as players can’t be registered unless they open the summer transfer window whilst the season is in play. Same goes for Luiz – we’ll pay you for an extra 1 – 2 months outside of extending his contract / letting him leave.

  7. Terraloon


    I am hearing that the odd player has agreed to see out the season but I am reading that a few aren’t.. It seems that Pedro at Chelsea hasn’t agreed to an extension but Willian has but these both have contracts that end on 30/6.

    As a total aside there are rumours that despite the fact that PSG have been crowned champions in France that they might yet play the season out.

  8. Dissenter

    Honestly, If I was a 30-32 year old player like Pedro with a contract ending on 6/30, I wouldn’t renew.
    The risk of an injury that will scuttle the chances of that last big contract is too great.
    What if William gets a major injury, he’s done for and Chelsea already have a replacement in place.