Fixture times announced.

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Well good morning to you all. Today, I’m starting the blog with bold type. No reason for it. Just a stylistic choice to keep you on your toes.

Here they are.

Wednesday June 17

Man City vs Arsenal

Kick-Off: 8.15pm; Live on Sky Sports

Saturday June 20

Brighton v Arsenal

Kick-Off: 3pm Live on BT

Thursday June 25

Southampton vs Arsenal

Kick-Off: 6pm; Live on Sky Sports

Wednesday 1 July

Arsenal v Norwich

Kick-Off: 6pm Live on BT

So all of our openers are on paid-for channels, which is a shame, but hey, I’m sure you’ll find ways to access them.

The real shame is that you can’t enjoy the games with a pint in hand at a local bar in the summer. Maybe they’ll open some beer gardens and get a socially distant big screen for you?

Either way, it’s starting to feel very real. Football is coming back. So are the Le Grove readers, I lost 75% of my traffic over the last few months. Now you’re creeping back here begging for me to give you the good content.

Well fuck you. Loyalists only. The people who came here to read about my concerns around Billy Bear Ham sandwiches, they’ll be getting the free stuff, the rest of you? Hit me with a Patreon donation.

Chelsea are making moves already, there are strong rumours that Timo Werner is going to join Lampard’s revolution at The Bridge (might actually be confirmed). I’ve got to say, I am very jealous of that move. They’ve already nabbed Ziyech. They are going to be pretty deadly moving forward next season. Also, they landed him for £53m… that’s £20m cheaper than Pepe. We won’t be crying about that if the Ivorian delivers on that talent he has, but at the moment, it’s looking worrying.

The other worry is that Liverpool are still looking for a sharpshooter. Auba has a great relationship with Klopp and you could easily see them coming in for him. You’d imagine they could land his signature for less than £50m. Worth noting that Lampard was sniffing around him as well, Petr DIRTY Cech had been telling everyone what a model pro the Gabonese was when he was at Arsenal.

Spurs announced they are taking a £175m loan from The Bank Of England. The club reckon they have lost £200m in revenue to date. Never, in the history of football, has there been a worse time to move to a brand new stadium. They must be pig sick. Getting more than 30% capacity in their ground is a pipedream for at least 2 years… but the creditors don’t stop getting their cash. Poor Jose, I wonder what his transfer fund is looking like right now?

A lot of Arsenal fans are bemoaning the lack of ambition of our owners. Chelsea are out picking up bargains, United have drawn down on a £140m credit line to engage in predatory behavior, and Madrid are sniffing around… what will Arsenal do? Nothing I suspect. Though the Thomas Partey rumours will NOT die. The player wants in at Arsenal and so do his people… same old story though.

‘The deal could happen if the money is there’

Kind of an amusing way to finish an 800 word story, right? However, the money should be there. If Stan K had big brass balls, he’d hoover up elite young talent that will be 50% cheaper right now, ride out the bad times, then he could sell them in three years and make a killing… and also have a decent football club.

I think the only way big deals happen for us is if we can convince people of swaps or loans. Lacazette or Matteo Guendouzi look like the only type of players Simeone might be interested in. Maybe we could convince him that AMN could be a goer? Outside that, I struggle to see how we find the money to make the deal happen.

Alex Lacazettes agent has a piece in one of the french papers where he basically says swap deals are a thing this summer. He reckons it’s usually a nightmare to deal, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented moves. Fingers crossed he’s going to find his client a new place to play and the return players will be more suitable to the Arsenal system.

Ok, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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  1. Wasi


    ‘You haven’t heard what he paid for a ream of paper to print the contract out on – £137 million and then paid a delivery charge on top.’

    This 😂

    Wonder how much he filled his Swiss account with his deal.

  2. Pierre

    “Btw Eddie played 251 minutes of PL football spread over 5 games and scored 1 goal.
    Hardly the mainstay you make him out to be, guess it’s a fair share of goals though.”

    I prefer to look at Arsenal players from a positive angle Fred, unlike yourself.

    He has started 5 games for Arsenal this season and scored 3 goals , which equates to better than a goal every 2 games .

    Also worth taking into account that in the 5 games he has started , we have scored 12 goals .

    His record this season in games he has started is
    Played 5
    Won 5
    Drawn 0
    Lost 0

    I rest my case.

  3. Ishola70


    “I rest my case.”

    What case is that?

    That Arsenal are nigh on unbeatable as long as Eddie N starts as CF?

  4. Marc


    We all know you like the player but it’s more complicated than what you’ve just laid out.

    Firstly minutes per goal is a more realistic measure you’ve also got to take into account the competition those matches are in. A League Cup match is not the same as a PL match.

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I prefer to look at Arsenal players from a positive angle Fred, unlike yourself.”

    Unless it’s Martinelli the lucky heads down merchant, or anyone else you don’t like. Gotcha.

    All I said was there’s a big difference in some of the kids impact in the league and in the cups, that’s only natural at this stage and hopefully if they’re of the required quality that will improve.

    Saying we should temper our expectations until we start to see some top performances in the league too, not just friendlies and lower level cup games isn’t negative, it’s just being realistic.

    The only one that has truly shown that he’s a fullblown PL level player already is Saka. The rest are still finding their feet, including Martinelli. No doubts about his talent or work rate though.

  6. Marc

    “Saying we should temper our expectations until we start to see some top performances in the league too, not just friendlies and lower level cup games isn’t negative, it’s just being realistic.”

    Actually that’s wrong Freddie – it’s not realistic it’s being fair and giving the kids a chance before people start to write them off.

  7. Pierre

    “That Arsenal are nigh on unbeatable as long as Eddie N starts as CF?”

    100% record is not a bad start is it ..

  8. Spanishdave

    Our first three games are away, strange although with no crowds will that matter?
    Will Arteta play our strongest starters or use some youth.
    Saka must be used more forward to convince him to stay.

  9. CG


    I stated 12 months ago whilst he was on the US tour- this lad is the nearest I ve seen to the great Gerd Muller.

    I also stated AMN if he played in his correct position central midfielder – could be our Gerrard.

    Play people in their right positions and give them a bit of spit and polish and get them away from the Clowns clipboards and then you have some potential nuggets.

    (And Saka.)

    And they said our Wenger neglected the youth team and bequeathed such a mess.


  10. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not writing anyone off yet. I still have hope for Nelson and always had despite many being harsh on him in the beginning, I think for him it’s more about a lack of confidence than lack of ability. He’s been at the club since he was a boy and I think he chokes a bit stepping out at the Emirates in the PL, it’s starting to look better now though.

    Not writing off Willock or Eddie either but they need to start showing more against top level opposition. Willock for example scores freely in the cups but finds it much harder to have a meaningful impact when the level of opposition goes up. They still have time so no worries, same with Guen for me, he needs more consistency but they’re all young and I wouldn’t sell any of them right now.

  11. Pierre

    I’m hoping the premier league use the background crowd noise as they did today in Germany … worked quite well.

    I have no doubt that Arteta will go for the strongest possible line up , which may include a couple of academy players.

    Playing away games with no crowd will no doubt work in Arsenal’s favour .
    It has already been recognised in Germany that since the return after the lockdown, the away teams have been more successful than previously ( maybe coincidence) and referee decisions are much more balanced regarding cards and free kicks awarded.

  12. Marc

    “referee decisions are much more balanced regarding cards and free kicks awarded.”

    I hadn’t heard that although it doesn’t surprise me. Having a bit of background noise will just take the strangeness out of having no crowd. I’d still like to be able to hear what the ref’s say although I doubt they want their bias / incompetence to see the cold light of day.

  13. Northbanker

    I can’t wait for the games to start

    Found myself watching the 3 cup final highlights 2014 – 17 and 2005 penalty shoot out and champions league final 2006 today

    Haven’t sent any of those games since the live events of their time

    Paris game absolute disaster as had my worst ever argument with my wife that night simply because I was in a terrible mood as couldn’t successfully hook Sky dish up in my house in France and therefore had to watch final on French domestic TV

    Now need live matches to get my system going

  14. Marc


    Are you telling me that in your time of need your wife didn’t climb up on the roof to fix the Sky dish, having filled the fridge with cold beer and ordered you a curry?

  15. Chris

    The Pain and the Glory there eh Northbanker.

    I have seen the goals again of Paris 06 on various tv nostalgia programmes but don’t think I could bring myself to watch extended highlights. Henry clean through at 1-0 is still something I can picture clearly.

  16. Bojangles

    Who to believe?

    According to reports, Timo Werner to Chelsea was done and dusted, now Oliver Mintlaff, the CEO at Leipzig, is saying there has been no approach for Werner.

  17. Wasi


    Cause he is way smarter than you and knows Saka is not a 10.
    Also because you are not telling this for free.

  18. Pierre

    The Godfather
    “Here I’m praying Arteta leaves Ozil at home for the trip to Manchester. If he sees the field, a proper tanking awaits Arsenal.”

    Excellent analysis, you are wasted on Le Grove with such insightful words of wisdom.

    Here is another classic from the Godfather.

    ” It’s time for the little Spaniard to start earning his keep and stop trying 2 make friends”

    Brilliant observation, Obviously making enemies is the way forward..

    Though making enemies didn’t work too well under Emery did it , but it’s worth another try as we wouldn’t want the players liking and respecting the manager would we.

  19. Useroz

    …loose cannons?

    Guendouzi surely but Martinelli??

    Unless Eddie is a late bloomer, don’t see signs he’d become a first choice striker for Arsenal, assuming first choice means Auba sort of level. Not lethal enough so far.

    However Raul and Edu would like to fool around , must do two things or we might as well pack the bags.

    1. Sana’a contract

    2. Competent attacking midfield(s)

  20. Northbanker

    Thought someone said Sok played at RB
    Not according to that report
    Interesting though thatAMN played in midfield – maybe MA has forgiven?

  21. Wasi


    Yes Maybe. He forgave Matteo for a similar thing.
    Would love to see Amn get some time in the midfield before deciding what to do with him in the summer. He bossed against Man U in midfield under Wenger.

  22. Northbanker

    Ok thanks Wasi – will take a look later
    Sounds like he tried as many options as possible which means little to read into it

  23. CG


    “””He bossed against Man U in midfield under Wenger.”””””

    Yes, Because Wenger plays players in their rightful positions. (Probably why he was a legendary manager for 30+ years )

    You play AMN in center midfield.
    And you have a potential Aston Martin of a player on your hands.

    British ,stylish , slick and with a majestic engine just for starters.

    AMN is probably the best player at the club – but no one except him and me knows it

    After all which other player can play right back,left back, right midfield and center midfield in the Prem competently.

    (He could probably play center back too)
    Just dont. ….center midfield.

    Genduzi and Cebollas combined dont have as much talent as there is in AMN ‘s left boot.

    They crap: he ain’t.

  24. Jamie

    “AMN is probably the best player at the club – but no one except him and me knows it”

    It’s shit commentary like this that makes people realise just how dumb CG is. Poor lad.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    There is a report today that Arsenal’s Senior Overseas Scouts may also be laid
    off in addition to those working for Academy.

    Personally I think that this may well be more than just a financial decision as
    many have concluded.

    For a start most of the scouts will have been recruited during the Wenger era
    and as we know there has been a lot of criticism in recent years about not only
    the Academy, but also the recruitment programmes both at senior and junior

    No-one doubts that the club has recruited a lot of talented forwards and midfielders in the past, but the club’s recruitment of good defenders has been
    fairly abject.

    When was the last time that Arsenal produced a decent defender or indeed one who progressed to the first team? Bellerin who came out of the Barcelona
    academy is the last one who made the grade.

    Players like Gibbs and Maitland-Niles were converted from wing and midfield
    positions and have frankly not been a great success and you need to go back
    to Tony Adams to find a Centre Back who started out in our Academy.

    So the hard facts are that the Scouting Programme has not been an overwhelming success in recent years and there may be a strong case to change the system and the personnel.

    We are now in a different era and methods of recruitment and analysis is
    changing. I recall what a Sports Journalist who follows Arsenal’s Academy told me in the final season of Wenger. It was not fit for purpose and well behind the programmes of both Chelsea and Spurs.

  26. CG

    TYand GN

    “””” BUT Wenger didn’t play players in their right position , Arshavin being one such player.””””

    Well he did at Anfield.

    4-4 and Wengers Arsenal and Arshavin looking for the 5th in the 97th minute.

    We dont get that entertainment and thrills and spills now, that’s for sure.

    A tad more sedate these days.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Give it a break. Arshavin may have been talented, but he was a playboy and unsuited to rigours of EPL.

    You persist in flogging a dead horse. Wenger was a successful manager for
    8 years, but overstayed his welcome. There has been only one manager whose
    career was successful for more than 10 years and that was Ferguson.

    No manager or head coach should overstay his welcome.

  28. CG


    “”””We are now in a different era and methods of recruitment and analysis is

    We are indeed.

    And our new method is for Edu to call Kia and ask who you got ?; and a what price?

    And if that dont work – we get Tubby to ask one of his continental chums to assist us.

    We dont have any other methods because all of the other scouts have now been sacked.

  29. Thank you and goodnight

    I’m seriously worried as to where Arsenal are heading. I actually feel sorry for Mikel Arteta as he’s being asked to do a job with both hands behind his back. It’s bad enough he won’t be given funds needed to improve the squad significantly. I’d love to see him or any manager of Arsenal, given the funds to improve the team as we, as it stands, are years away from competing.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    If you reread what I posted I acknowledge that Arsenal recruited a lot of talent
    in forwards and midfield during Wenger era. That included in Academy.

    Sadly the club’s track record in identifying good defenders at Academy level
    was poor.

    Every dog has his day as I have just posted in response to CG who persists with
    his love affair with Wenger.

  31. Wasi


    Just saying but Wenger played Amn in midfield for 1 game only when he was resting the starting midfielders and players for the Semi final of Europa. And he played Amn at LB , RB for the majority of his minutes or rather all of his minutes bar the Man U match.
    FYI I dont doubt Wenger is the biggest Legend of our club but you have to stop defending Wenger at every opportunity you get.

    BTW why not overhype Amn to levels of Zidane just because Arteta played him in midfield for a friendly. Yeah lets to that at Le grove today.

  32. CG


    “””be fair though stroller. Tell me the last time Chelsea, United, City, Spurs or Liverpool produced top class defensive players from their academy?”””

    Great Question but far to tough for ES to answer all on his own.

    He will need to call a journalist, the PFA pension manager, James Bond or a government official first.

    (Because , you just know ES will know someone.)

  33. Pierre

    “Lovely goal it was too from willock”

    Remember Un, we are not allowed to compliment our academy players due to the fact it was a friendly against a championship side…

    There appears to be a common consensus from many òn le grove that any goal contribution is worthless unless it is a premier league game.

    Goals or assists against FA cup, Europa , league cup, even against premier league teams don’t count , unless of course it is Martinelli, then the rules change and everything is included.

    It was a superb strike from willock from a classy cut back from Eddie. ..I would imagine that our manager would have been very pleased to see such a well worked goal.

  34. Andy1886

    Pretty much sums up that period. And he obviously still doesn’t get it. You don’t automatically win football matches or trophies by playing the most attractive football, there’s much much more to it than that.

    If he had looked outside his fantasy bubble he may have realised that the likes of United probably didn’t spend two seconds worrying about if they were playing the most attractive football, they were too busy finding a way to win whatever it took to do so.

  35. Wasi

    Spot on about Amn switching off.
    He lets his best quality which imo is his composure on the ball turn into his worst nightmare as he becomes too complacent and loses it in dangerous areas.
    Amn looks a bit buff in the photos and I work reallly like to watch him get some time in the Ceballos position. With 5 subs Im sure he will get it granted he works for it in training.

    Willock scored a beuty and again showcased his ability to make late runs into the box. Something he cannot do when deployed at 10. 8 is his best position imo.

  36. Pierre

    If you’re reading
    Nketiah hat trick yesterday!!
    What you reckon?”

    If you scroll up , you will see last night’s comments in which Fred took exception to.

  37. Graham62

    Ah yes, Andrey Arshavin, such a talented individual but a wasted commodity.

    He was more than “suited to the rigours of the EPL”, as he proved at Anfield, unfortunately Mr Wenger persisted in playing him out of position, which drained him of belief, desire and confidence.

  38. Chris

    It’s like a primer league World Cup tournament
    Games coming thick and fast
    Can’t wait
    Roll on the 17th

    I was thinking this, hopeful for some lovely summer evenings, move the telly into the garden, alcoholic and snack supplies, job done!

  39. Chris


    Arshavin didn’t help himself though, his fitness (or lack of) also suggested he want looking after himself properly off the pitch.

    Also I think Russia’s failure to qualify for the 2010 World Cup knocked him down a bit.

    We will always have Anfield, though.

  40. CG


    “””Spot on mate. So true. Utterly perplexed at how arsenal fans routinely dismiss their own homegrown players to elevate their new toys. “””

    But they are not really fans.
    Like the proper, older supporters

    They are like entitled and spolit children – stamping their feet when they dont get what they want.

    (They just want as you say new toys.)

    Look at this lanky, useless Mari chap.

    Fans automatically wanting him in the side over Rob Holding.

    Mari might have a better left foot.
    Never in a million years will he a better natural defender than Rob Holding

  41. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m not responsible for your feeble minded attempts of trying to understand my posts. Not my fault your reading comprehension is that of a 9 year old.


    Yes, Willock has really lit up the PL so far, you’re so vindicated.

    Like I said, there’s a difference doing it in friendlies and lower level cup games to doing it in the league. Hopefully they can take that step soon but in no way have they done that yet.

    I did say that it depended on if Ceballos adapted to the league, but he’s a better player than what we have in there. Unfortunately for us he hasn’t adapted though. Guess you’re happy about that.

  42. Freddie Ljungberg


    I really fucking hope you’re not calling yourself a “true” fan? You hate everything about the club that doesn’t have Wengers fingerprints on them, you’re not an Arsenal fan you’re a Wenger fan 100%.

    It’s only your own fault that you can’t see that Wenger drove that squad into the ground and we now have to rebuild from the ground up with one hand behind our back because of stupid player and contract decisions made by him and Gazidis.

    If you thought the transition from the shitshow of the old management was going to be smooth you’re even dumber than I think you are and I’m not sure that’s humanly possible.

  43. Freddie Ljungberg


    In the PL? He has 0 goals in the league this season. Idiot. Another chump that can’t read.

  44. China1

    Lol @ CG for concluding Mari is useless based on a grand total of zero minutes of observing him play for us

    He may or may not be good but he got a lot of plaudits at his last club.

  45. Valentin

    Arsenal academy has not produced a single CB or defensive midfielder of premiership quality. To me that shows that the issue is not just the scouting. It is the coaching that is at fault. Or more importantly the philosophy of coaching.

    At lower level Arsenal Fullback tends to be converted wingers and CB converted defensive midfielders. The idea is that you have players with more technical ability.

    That is exactly what is wrong with the approach. 17 years Defenders are deemed not good enough and in the 19 age group are replaced by defensive midfielders deemed not good enough as DM but good enough for CB. The result has been players who either do not have the characteristics for CB at senior level (too short) or not the desire /talent to make it their position.

    If you look at Zech Medley who was released by Chelsea as not good enough for CB. Because he is composed on the ball, at Arsenal he was tried in a few game as a DM. That was a disaster, so he went back to CB. The reality is that as a CB, he will never make it at Arsenal. He does not smell danger.

    It may be old school, but a good defender wants to defend and contain any danger. A great defender not only defends but can also contribute via his passing to the attack. What the academy produces is players who don’t think like defenders but are not good enough to contribute offensively.

    Instead of advocating versatility in players, maybe the Academy should concentrate more on the defensive side of the game and not treat it as an afterthought.

  46. China1

    William is a very interesting prospect but as with guen he needs a huge boost in his consistency to make the grade at a big club

    He has very useful qualities and is unique in terms of what he offers the team but until he can do it regularly he will continue to be of limited value for us right now

    I don’t blame him for being inconsistent at his age but the fact is we can’t carry inconsistent players in our first team, least of all in our midfield where he’s playing alongside some extremely dubious players.

    If this was 2010 or 2005 our awesome midfield could compensate for his inconsistency and buy him room to breathe but in 2020 if you play in arsenal midfield and have a quiet one we’re effectively playing with zero midfielders half the time lol

    Here’s to hoping Arteta can help willock and guen kick on

    At least in a worst case scenario we can sell with or both in a year or two to a lower PL team and probably make some tidy change off it.

  47. China1

    Willock is a very interesting prospect but as with guen he needs a huge boost in his consistency to make the grade at a big clubHe has very useful qualities and is unique in terms of what he offers the team but until he can do it regularly he will continue to be of limited value for us right nowI don’t blame him for being inconsistent at his age but the fact is we can’t carry inconsistent players in our first team, least of all in our midfield where he’s playing alongside some extremely dubious players. If this was 2010 or 2005 our awesome midfield could compensate for his inconsistency and buy him room to breathe but in 2020 if you play in arsenal midfield and have a quiet one we’re effectively playing with zero midfielders half the time lolHere’s to hoping Arteta can help willock and guen kick onAt least in a worst case scenario we can sell with or both in a year or two to a lower PL team and probably make some tidy change off it.

  48. China1

    Will ok’d most useful trait is his ability and willingness to pick up the ball deep and drive past his man through the midfield

    Our offense tends to be very one dimensional insisting on going wide so to have a player who can open spaces for chances through the Centre is a great option….. when William has a good day

  49. Freddie Ljungberg


    looks like you missed it the first time:

    “I did say that it depended on if Ceballos adapted to the league, but he’s a better player than what we have in there. Unfortunately for us he hasn’t adapted though. Guess you’re happy about that.”

    My whole point yesterday was that we need to see Willock Nelson and Eddie show more in the league before hyping them too much. If we want them to be regulars, which I would like btw, they’re just not ready yet.

    Spare me the I’m great at football and you’re not bullshit, you know nothing about me and I doubt some racist chimney sweep that can’t read is the reincarnation of Beckenbauer.

  50. Northbanker

    So according to CG and to paraphrase – a true fan wants only home grown players in his team? What utter shite. I have probably supported Arsenal longer than most on here (I started supporting in 1968) so not accepting that bollocks at all. Unlike you CG my views aren’t frozen in time.

    I simply want the best player we can get in every position. I’m patient enough to accept we’re not going to spend billions doing that and want to see young player signed that can move this process on. We proved that we can do this with Martinelli but we also proved with Saka that we can blend with home grown – there simply isn’t going to be enough of a pool though to make it From the academy and so you have to use the market to supplement.

    For that reason I think that Kokcu could be a potential replacement for Ozil – even better if Matt Smith could emerge but he is probably a couple of years behind Kokcu. If AMN is really good enough to play CM then great and I will be very happy to see that happen but he has an attitude problem and that needs to be resolved quickly.

    Likewise really hoping to see Balogun emerge now and whether Sam Greenwood can also do so the following season.

  51. Northbanker

    Un na – overall yes it would be Willock but I’m going by the last few games where Ceballos has demonstrated he can be a superb no 8 and distribute the ball intelligently from our own half. That gives the team more options than Willock does.

    We will see soon if that trend continues,. When Ceballos leaves we shall need to find another player who can create the space from in front of the defence to find our wingers and bring them in play. I don’t think that will be Willock

  52. Wasi


    According to James Benge Soares didnt play.
    So you were probably right that Sok played RB.
    Makes sense too cause then Holding and Mari would have played CB.

  53. CG


    “”‘Who’s had the better season

    Willock or Ceballos?””””

    Willock and two different managers have subbed him at half time this season.

    Cebollas ( circa £10-15 million loan fee and wages) another criminal ill thought out and waste of money from these Dopes in charge.

    Did not occur to Raul – that if the best midfielder of the last 20 years – (ZZ) didn’t fancy ‘onions ‘ there might be something wrong here….

    Obviously not.

    But that’s what happens ,when you get nincompoops like Tubby running the show.

  54. Wasi


    I think its Ceballos. Both have been nothing more than rotational options for the most of the season.
    But under Arteta Ceballos seemed to have found a role which really suited him and in turn he provided good performances. Willock has good potentially but not 1st team ready yet.

  55. Emiratesstroller


    I do not need to refer to Chelsea, Man City or Man Utd, because all three clubs
    were willing to spend large sums of money on defenders in contrast to Arsenal.

    Wenger always chose to spend peanuts on his defenders.The one occasion he
    spent serious money was Mustafi!

    When it comes to expressing an opinion on football it is always helpful to having a discussion with third parties who in many cases have more information or background than me.

    For example many years ago I spent a day talking to George Graham when he
    was on holiday in the Far East post Arsenal winning the double. It was very
    interesting to speak to someone who was managing the club.

    Or having lunch with Ken Friar who started his career as working at the ticket
    box at Arsenal in his teens, and has worked in his entire life at the club.

    So whilst you may belittle the point of reference I make about speaking to others with a football knowledge/interest more often than not greater than my own I do think that those with a modicum of intelligence will see the
    reason for doing so.

  56. CG


    Dont bother extrapolating Genduzi stats.
    I can do that.

    55 games

    Zero Goals
    1 assist
    Horrendous Attitide.

    Get him and Cebollas out.

    And get AMN and Willock in their places.

    (Much more suited to the Prem)

  57. CG


    Your Contacts book is bigger and better than Rauls.

    Maybe you should be running the club.
    I would much prefer it.

  58. Northbanker

    Un – you’re missing the point as Ceballos plays most effectively when deeper as seen now that MA has used him there rather than as an Ozil replacement which is where most of us assumed he would be deployed when first signed.

    The stats won’t reflect that switch – Willock has generally been used in a more advanced role. He is a high energy player but I’m not sure what else he really offers and seems to be quite one dimensional

    I can’t see him progressing that much further – he is a bench player at best and useful for final 20 mins v tired legs.

  59. Sid

    Nketiah is a lethal and natural finisher, his only weakness is Pierre being his fanboy, im worried for Nketiah
    Ozil and Wenger were jinxed by Pierres loving

    Im telling you for free!

  60. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t pretend to be an expert on Arsenal or football for that matter, but I have
    been watching Arsenal and for that matter English Football for a very long time and am I think entitled to express an opinion.

    On the other hand it is smart listening and talking to other people who have
    perhaps more in depth knowledge than myself.

    I referred to the Sports Journalist, because in contrast to me he attends Academy Games and Arsenal Training on a fairly regular basis. So I am fairly
    sure that he has far more knowledge of what is going on at the club than me
    or for that matter most if not all other people who post on here.

    If he tells me that the Arsenal Academy was not fit for purpose in the latter years of Wenger I believe him. It was blindingly obvious for quite a long time.

  61. Freddie Ljungberg

    How many times have we had kids from the academy shining in pre season friendlies, league cups or in the group stages of the CL against shite opposition? How many of them could translate that into the league? Very very few.

    Hopefully a couple of the kids in and around the first team can do that but so far only Saka has done it 100% and to a degree Martinelli in the limited time he’s had.
    Saying anything else is just bullshit at this stage.

  62. CG


    “”””If he tells me that the Arsenal Academy was not fit for purpose in the latter years of Wenger I believe him”””

    That may or maybe not the case- but it could also be a journalist being over dramatic or not having the foggiest in what he is talking about.

    After all where did Saka, Willock,AMN , Iwobi ,Bellerin, Eddie come from?

    (That’s half our team yesterday by the way)

    Spurs academy?

  63. Marc


    You’re over complicating things – if the Arsenal Academy was producing quality young players they’d be playing whether for Arsenal or other teams.

    We’d then have all the press stories about “Arsenal let young talent leave”.

    How many products of our Academy are out there playing for other PL teams? Not many.

  64. Marc

    “After all where did Saka, Willock,AMN , Iwobi ,Bellerin, Eddie come from?”

    Well AMN will be sold soon, Iwobi wasn’t very good (Sanllehi should have a statue built for getting over £30 million for him), Willock and Nketiah still have to prove themselves at the top level.

    Saka is the one real talent we’ve produced recently – some of the others might go on to be the level required but not yet.

  65. Emiratesstroller


    Are you seriously suggesting that the number of Players in yesterday’s friendly against Charlton is a barometer of the Academy’s quality?

    Charlton are Relegation fodder in the Championship!!

    I am willing to bet that we put an entirely different team against Man City.

  66. Marc


    Ceballos came into a new league and a team that was “dysfunctional” – I’m not saying he’s the new “X” but he’s a talented player.

    He’s also a different type of player to Willock so hasn’t held him back.

  67. Emiratesstroller


    People are judging yesterday’s performance against a team which is currently
    22nd in Championship!!!

    I would be seriously worried if we could not put out any side from our first team squad and beat them comfortably.

    CG seems to think that this was a brilliant result.

    What is remarkable is that he has not even watched the game. Opinions are
    based on the result!!!

  68. CG


    “”””Sanllehi should have a statue built for getting over £30 million for him”””

    You probably would.

    I personally like to see the scouts who discovered him and do the unglamorous dirty work- get a pay rise and keep their jobs.

    But each to there own.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    No-one is suggesting that the Academy has not been producing any good
    footballers, but none apart from maybe “Saka” is special of the current crop.

    Messrs Nketiah, Nelson, Smith-Rowe and Willock justify a place in the squad
    and to sit on the bench from time to time. Maitland-Niles will struggle at Arsenal and I think that he will be offloaded.

  70. The Godfather

    I don’t know what hole you crawled out from but you give “straw men” and their arguments a poor name!
    Don’t blame me for your inability to understand basic sarcasm or unpack a base level nuanced argument.

    What’s your problem with the statement of the coach being more concerned with making friends rather than pruning the tree correctly?

    Well I’ll start with asking you how many Gooners were fretting with despair when it was rumored that Chaka was leaving in January? Maybe you, yer party of zeros and unfortunately Mikel Arteta!

    Surely it was a perfect time to get rid of one the biggest dead weights on the roster, no? But nah it was the Kumbaya time at the Emirates and time keep the peace he convinced the man to stay. A head shaking moment if I’ve ever seen one.

    When Arteta came on board he said everyone was given a clean slate, and he then promptly ruined the budding partnership of Saka and Martinelli on the left side to shoe horn others into the lineup.

    Pray tell me what Ozil has done of any note aside from “running” against Manchester United?
    Again what does this man bring to the table to warrant all the pacification and division amongst fans when he is benched?

    Ok let Arteta continue to coddle Ozil and start him against City, which is tantamount to playing with 10 men, and watch the cricket score get run up.

    People like you just love being LOUD and WRONG! Please go smoke a peace pipe by the lake

  71. Marc

    “Well I’ll start with asking you how many Gooners were fretting with despair when it was rumored that Chaka was leaving in January?”

    All the Gooner’s I know in the real world were gearing up for a party. Unfortunately we’re now stuck with him because I can’t see anyone coming in with a reasonable offer in the summer.

    Xhaka = no CL.

  72. The Godfather

    “All the Gooner’s I know in the real world were gearing up for a party. Unfortunately we’re now stuck with him because I can’t see anyone coming in with a reasonable offer in the summer.Xhaka = no CL.“

    There is HOPE after all!
    Thanks Marc, couldn’t have said it any better!!

  73. Marc

    Marlon Brando

    Sorry but there’s no hope whilst Xhaka is still at the club.

    I’m for the most part pleased with what Arteta has done but that decision was atrocious. I reckon a Spud fan got him drunk.

  74. Tom

    As much as I like AMN’s physical attributes ( mainly speed) , he possesses no natural talents to be a successful midfielder in the PL.
    Vision , anticipation, range of passing, and most importantly close ball control, are all in short supply with him as of now.
    Some of these can be improved up on for sure, but if I were a betting man I’d put money on him failing as a midfielder at the highest level.

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    On the contrary I said that they are all “good players”.

    However, none of them are currently regular starting X1 players or potential apart from Saka.

    I would play Nelson, Willock, Nkietah and Smith-Rowe in our Cup games
    and periodically against weaker opposition in EPL games when senior players
    need a rest.

    They may be in due course as you are suggesting making the breakthrough and play on a regular basis in Starting X1, but not yet.

    For example I made the case earlier this season that I did not rate Guendouzi
    and suggested that Willock was in my view a better prospect However, as I have said many times we need better players in midfield than we have got.

  76. The Godfather

    “ Godfather What’s there to converse with? A numpty who’s jumped down the throat of a coach who’s done more for the team in 6 weeks than his predecessor could in 18 months and throws a tantrum because he plays people you don’t have on your little PS4 dream team? Boohoo. Put your dummy back in. Time for a nap”

    Arteta has done more in six weeks than Emery did in 18 months?
    Do you mean losing to a Greek team while the other made it to the Europa finals with scalps of Napoli and Valencia on the route?
    Was it Emery coming up a Chaka shirt grab and a tap in miss from Auba short of a champions league spot?

    Calling you a moron might be an insult to morons.

    Unfortunately you have all the characteristics of a dog except the smarts to know when not to bark at your master.

  77. Dissenter

    Unai na
    Y0u don’t think Emery gave our youth players opportunities?

    The club didn’t give Emery opportunities , you can deny that from now till eternity…it’s still true.

  78. Dissenter

    Arteta is going to have to figure out how to extract the most from our academy players. That’s where is much vaunted ‘special sauce’ will come in

    Let’s just hope it all works out for Arsenal.

  79. Tom

    The club didn’t give Emery opportunities , you can deny that from now till eternity…it’s still true

    How do you mean?

  80. Dissenter

    Your Xhaka-hate has blinded you to other possibilities.
    Arteta wanted him, convinced him to stay and had already gotten better performances from him.

    ….maybe it’s because Xhaka has a good influence in the dressing room😀😀😀

  81. Dissenter

    Emery wanted a proven premier league dribbling winger- he wanted Zaha, the club went for Pepe who was going to need time to get up to speed.
    Emery wanted Ozil gone, more so after the foolish tantrums he was pulling at Baku. Any serious club would have ditched Ozil after that incident, instead they did nothing and allowed his corrosive influence on the group to continue
    Emery told Mustafi…point blank- vamoose , instead the club choked and still let him stay.

    Arsenal didn’t give Emery the tools he needed to succeed. He deserves his sack because he totally lost control of whatever he was trying to do, very early this season.
    I hope the club backs Arteta, when he says to Edu that he wants this player out….the club moves fast and executes it. AMN is knee I’m watching right now – it’s clear Arteta wants him out, let’s see if the club with drug their feet.

  82. Marc


    Well he can fuck off and be a good influence in someone else’s dressing room.

    He is by far the worst player I’ve ever seen play so regularly for the club.

  83. Dissenter

    He wanted to leave. He had a buyer lined up.
    If you’re going to keep being angry at him, at least direct your anger to the right source.
    Arteta knows best 🤭🤭🤭

  84. Tom

    It’s hard to get rid of players nobody wants or can afford.
    Emery got his shot and failed.
    When players make fun of their direct boss’ accent out in the open then you know it’s curtains.

    If you think Arteta’s gonna get all “his players “ before he needs to prove he’s got what it takes then I think you’re wrong.

  85. Northbanker


    You can be as sarcastic as you like but it doesn’t alter the fact that Emery did give young players a reasonable opportunity. I’m not defending Emery btw as in all other respects he was a dreadful manager and a dubious track record when he arrived (there were enough problems at PSG to be an alert)

    BUT your point that he only wanted old war horses was patently wrong

  86. Marc


    If you read the earlier comments you’ll see I described Arteta’s decision to persuade him to stay as atrocious.

  87. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Glad we have pulled out of signing Aaron’s,,

    Don’t mess the tutu,,,

    Youth youth youth ..

    The only way forward..

  88. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Was it a good buy in the reality of thing…

    Did the club not asses the youth players coming through.

    So many …

    Poor ill throughout decision from the owners narks.

    Why many have fallen out of love With the club.

  89. Dissenter

    I did read it.
    My point is anything Xhaka fucks up, cuss Arteta.
    Xhaka has more self esteem and integrity than most players. He stood up for himself when he felt he was being bullied, refused to back down, truly wanted to leave and only stayed because the new manager made personal entreaties to him.
    If you noticed, he never joined the pile up on Emery. He maintained his professional distance. He’s the type of player who will engineer his way out if he feels he’s not wanted.
    Arteta is the ONLY reason why he’s still at Arsenal. Sheath your misplaced grievance at the player.

  90. Northbanker


    Let’s do this a different way – name one of the current crop who made their debut under Arteta rather than Emery. Answer = 0

  91. Redtruth

    Getting knocked out of the Europa League by a pub team is about as low as it gets and would make even someone as shameless as Johnson blush with embarrassment.

  92. The Godfather

    See yer getting desperate and yer ovaries are Swelling!
    Who is backing Unai Emery?
    Is this yer straw man grasp on yer sinking boat?

    There must be nothing but smelly gas and mucous btw your batty ears.

    Hey Undie, criticizing Arteta’s choices doesn’t equate to being an Emery fan boy. Only a dumb mute like would make such a leap.

    Thank God stupidity isn’t genetic or communicable … your whole lineage would have long died off or been put outta their misery.

    Keep flapping Uranus cheeks :.. it makes even those in the trailer park feel good about themselves when reading your drivel

  93. The Godfather

    “You mean he selected our captain over an 18 year old? I mean I’m not Aubameyang’s biggest fan but have to concede it makes sense to play our top scorer at the expense of a promising youngster“

    LMAO … Your stupidity clearly has no limits.
    Once again you prove you have the IQ of a squirrel …

    Dummy what does maintaining the budding partnership of Saka and Martinelli on the left side have to do with Auba?

    Are you seriously this stupid?

    What part of playing them on the left and Auba through the middle where he belongs is beyond your comprehension?

    Gosh your dumb LMAO

  94. The Godfather


    Which point is causing flares in yer small brain?

    Is it that criticizing Arteta doesn’t mean flying the flag for Emery?

    Oh dear, what a slow learner …

  95. UTarse

    Gotta agree with Marc, xhaka is the worst pound for pound signing I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.

  96. UTarse

    Whilst Ozil ,as an outlay, runs Xhaka close for worst investment ever, at least he actually was a top performer for Arsenal at some point….. Xhaka has never been worthy of he Arsenal shirt. As for the others you mention in your list, they cost fuckall relatively speaking.

  97. Northbanker

    Sorry but left the debate to cook dinner

    So the point isn’t omletely lost i wasn’t arguing against MA – I’m a huge fan and exceed by what he brings and not arguing against what he has done for many of the players so far

    I was also against Emery’s appointment and wanted him removed after the Europa Cup Final. I was merely trying to put the record straight on his selection of young players

    That was it and nothing more