Fixture times announced.

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Well good morning to you all. Today, I’m starting the blog with bold type. No reason for it. Just a stylistic choice to keep you on your toes.

Here they are.

Wednesday June 17

Man City vs Arsenal

Kick-Off: 8.15pm; Live on Sky Sports

Saturday June 20

Brighton v Arsenal

Kick-Off: 3pm Live on BT

Thursday June 25

Southampton vs Arsenal

Kick-Off: 6pm; Live on Sky Sports

Wednesday 1 July

Arsenal v Norwich

Kick-Off: 6pm Live on BT

So all of our openers are on paid-for channels, which is a shame, but hey, I’m sure you’ll find ways to access them.

The real shame is that you can’t enjoy the games with a pint in hand at a local bar in the summer. Maybe they’ll open some beer gardens and get a socially distant big screen for you?

Either way, it’s starting to feel very real. Football is coming back. So are the Le Grove readers, I lost 75% of my traffic over the last few months. Now you’re creeping back here begging for me to give you the good content.

Well fuck you. Loyalists only. The people who came here to read about my concerns around Billy Bear Ham sandwiches, they’ll be getting the free stuff, the rest of you? Hit me with a Patreon donation.

Chelsea are making moves already, there are strong rumours that Timo Werner is going to join Lampard’s revolution at The Bridge (might actually be confirmed). I’ve got to say, I am very jealous of that move. They’ve already nabbed Ziyech. They are going to be pretty deadly moving forward next season. Also, they landed him for £53m… that’s £20m cheaper than Pepe. We won’t be crying about that if the Ivorian delivers on that talent he has, but at the moment, it’s looking worrying.

The other worry is that Liverpool are still looking for a sharpshooter. Auba has a great relationship with Klopp and you could easily see them coming in for him. You’d imagine they could land his signature for less than £50m. Worth noting that Lampard was sniffing around him as well, Petr DIRTY Cech had been telling everyone what a model pro the Gabonese was when he was at Arsenal.

Spurs announced they are taking a £175m loan from The Bank Of England. The club reckon they have lost £200m in revenue to date. Never, in the history of football, has there been a worse time to move to a brand new stadium. They must be pig sick. Getting more than 30% capacity in their ground is a pipedream for at least 2 years… but the creditors don’t stop getting their cash. Poor Jose, I wonder what his transfer fund is looking like right now?

A lot of Arsenal fans are bemoaning the lack of ambition of our owners. Chelsea are out picking up bargains, United have drawn down on a £140m credit line to engage in predatory behavior, and Madrid are sniffing around… what will Arsenal do? Nothing I suspect. Though the Thomas Partey rumours will NOT die. The player wants in at Arsenal and so do his people… same old story though.

‘The deal could happen if the money is there’

Kind of an amusing way to finish an 800 word story, right? However, the money should be there. If Stan K had big brass balls, he’d hoover up elite young talent that will be 50% cheaper right now, ride out the bad times, then he could sell them in three years and make a killing… and also have a decent football club.

I think the only way big deals happen for us is if we can convince people of swaps or loans. Lacazette or Matteo Guendouzi look like the only type of players Simeone might be interested in. Maybe we could convince him that AMN could be a goer? Outside that, I struggle to see how we find the money to make the deal happen.

Alex Lacazettes agent has a piece in one of the french papers where he basically says swap deals are a thing this summer. He reckons it’s usually a nightmare to deal, but unprecedented times call for unprecedented moves. Fingers crossed he’s going to find his client a new place to play and the return players will be more suitable to the Arsenal system.

Ok, that’s me done, see you in the comments x

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  1. Marc


    Well he can fuck off and be a good influence in someone else’s dressing room.

    He is by far the worst player I’ve ever seen play so regularly for the club.

  2. Dissenter

    He wanted to leave. He had a buyer lined up.
    If you’re going to keep being angry at him, at least direct your anger to the right source.
    Arteta knows best 🤭🤭🤭

  3. Tom

    It’s hard to get rid of players nobody wants or can afford.
    Emery got his shot and failed.
    When players make fun of their direct boss’ accent out in the open then you know it’s curtains.

    If you think Arteta’s gonna get all “his players “ before he needs to prove he’s got what it takes then I think you’re wrong.

  4. Un na naai

    Gob father

    Naaaaaa. It was the fact that for the first time in years we looked like a cohesive unit hunting in packs and working together to close down space

    The fact that we looked better going forward against chelsea and United than we had under emery at any point.

    The fact that he’s taken a completely demoralised squad, many of whom who were halfway out the door and galvanised them.

    The fact that he’s the ONLY coach at arsenal who could get a tune of of xakha.

    I know you’re sore over emery. You’re obviously another mug who ran his mouth off before you even knew what you were looking at and now you’re embarrassed.

    You Karen

  5. Un na naai


    You’re right. The club didn’t go along with the ridiculous demands of emery. And who could blame them. He was weak. The players took advantage, the suits mugged him off and the fans didn’t like him.

    Arteta is already more of an arsenal success story just in how he’s got the squad pulling in the same direction.

  6. Northbanker


    You can be as sarcastic as you like but it doesn’t alter the fact that Emery did give young players a reasonable opportunity. I’m not defending Emery btw as in all other respects he was a dreadful manager and a dubious track record when he arrived (there were enough problems at PSG to be an alert)

    BUT your point that he only wanted old war horses was patently wrong

  7. Marc


    If you read the earlier comments you’ll see I described Arteta’s decision to persuade him to stay as atrocious.

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Glad we have pulled out of signing Aaron’s,,

    Don’t mess the tutu,,,

    Youth youth youth ..

    The only way forward..

  9. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Was it a good buy in the reality of thing…

    Did the club not asses the youth players coming through.

    So many …

    Poor ill throughout decision from the owners narks.

    Why many have fallen out of love With the club.

  10. Un na naai


    Who? Who did emery give game time to that he wasn’t forced to?

    Guendouzi maybe. But only because Ramsey got injured and he benched Torreira for not being Nzonzi

    AMN because bellerin got injured and Lichtensteiner was so god awful.

    That’s it.

  11. Dissenter

    I did read it.
    My point is anything Xhaka fucks up, cuss Arteta.
    Xhaka has more self esteem and integrity than most players. He stood up for himself when he felt he was being bullied, refused to back down, truly wanted to leave and only stayed because the new manager made personal entreaties to him.
    If you noticed, he never joined the pile up on Emery. He maintained his professional distance. He’s the type of player who will engineer his way out if he feels he’s not wanted.
    Arteta is the ONLY reason why he’s still at Arsenal. Sheath your misplaced grievance at the player.

  12. Northbanker


    Let’s do this a different way – name one of the current crop who made their debut under Arteta rather than Emery. Answer = 0

  13. Un na naai


    He took over a team half way through the season. How many were you expecting to get a debut at this stage?

    I’ll tell you what he has done though. He’s been brave enough to give saka and Nketiah a run in the side, in the league. And both are playing better than they did at any point under emery.
    That solo goal from martinelli. That cake under Arteta.
    He’s using Nelson regularly too and he looks much better than he did under emery.

  14. Redtruth

    Getting knocked out of the Europa League by a pub team is about as low as it gets and would make even someone as shameless as Johnson blush with embarrassment.

  15. Un na naai

    When Arteta came on board he said everyone was given a clean slate, and he then promptly ruined the budding partnership of Saka and Martinelli on the left side to shoe horn others into the lineup.

    You mean he selected our captain over an 18 year old? I mean I’m not Aubameyang’s biggest fan but have to concede it makes sense to play our top scorer at the expense of a promising youngster

    “People like you just love being LOUD and WRONG! Please go smoke a peace pipe by the lake“

    Genius. The height of wit. You really nailed Pierre with that one.

  16. The Godfather

    See yer getting desperate and yer ovaries are Swelling!
    Who is backing Unai Emery?
    Is this yer straw man grasp on yer sinking boat?

    There must be nothing but smelly gas and mucous btw your batty ears.

    Hey Undie, criticizing Arteta’s choices doesn’t equate to being an Emery fan boy. Only a dumb mute like would make such a leap.

    Thank God stupidity isn’t genetic or communicable … your whole lineage would have long died off or been put outta their misery.

    Keep flapping Uranus cheeks :.. it makes even those in the trailer park feel good about themselves when reading your drivel

  17. The Godfather

    “You mean he selected our captain over an 18 year old? I mean I’m not Aubameyang’s biggest fan but have to concede it makes sense to play our top scorer at the expense of a promising youngster“

    LMAO … Your stupidity clearly has no limits.
    Once again you prove you have the IQ of a squirrel …

    Dummy what does maintaining the budding partnership of Saka and Martinelli on the left side have to do with Auba?

    Are you seriously this stupid?

    What part of playing them on the left and Auba through the middle where he belongs is beyond your comprehension?

    Gosh your dumb LMAO

  18. Un na naai

    There must be nothing but smelly gas and mucous btw your batty ears.

    Batty ears? Where did you learn that, Your biology degree?

    “ Only a dumb mute like would make such a leap.“

    Oh, no I’m a mute? Do you even know what you’re saying? Hahahaha. Do you know what mute means? Somebody get this doughnut a dictionary. His swede is on fire.

    “Thank God stupidity isn’t genetic or communicable … your whole lineage would have long died off or been put outta their misery.Keep flapping Uranus cheeks :.. it makes even those in the trailer park feel good about themselves when reading your drivel“

    Ah. Your attempts at making points on football were dismantled and this is all that’s left.
    I’ve found my new Joe. 🥳 🎉 🎈

  19. The Godfather


    Which point is causing flares in yer small brain?

    Is it that criticizing Arteta doesn’t mean flying the flag for Emery?

    Oh dear, what a slow learner …

  20. UTarse

    Gotta agree with Marc, xhaka is the worst pound for pound signing I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.

  21. UTarse

    Whilst Ozil ,as an outlay, runs Xhaka close for worst investment ever, at least he actually was a top performer for Arsenal at some point….. Xhaka has never been worthy of he Arsenal shirt. As for the others you mention in your list, they cost fuckall relatively speaking.

  22. Un na naai

    I’m actually starting to think you are joe and that you’ve changed your name after your last humiliation on here.

    Whoever you are, I’m glad to have you. Another retard to run rings around

  23. Un na naai

    Google it you window licker. You’re all kinds of special
    Modestly titles himself the godfather. Incapable of fact checking a basic stat.
    They mustn’t teach that at Tesco’s

  24. Northbanker

    Sorry but left the debate to cook dinner

    So the point isn’t omletely lost i wasn’t arguing against MA – I’m a huge fan and exceed by what he brings and not arguing against what he has done for many of the players so far

    I was also against Emery’s appointment and wanted him removed after the Europa Cup Final. I was merely trying to put the record straight on his selection of young players

    That was it and nothing more