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What is UP my darlings?


Ok, Mesut’s deal expired and didn’t get renewed.

Ok fine, Mesut is going to blow up his own brand and he’s not signing with anyone.

No controversy here. Though it was interesting how many journos ploughed into Adidas for persecuting the German company for dropping a client over his defence of Uighurs but failed to note that he’d been, you know, hanging out with a major human rights abuser himself.

Both situations are awful, but you can’t be a moral bellwether when fighting for rights of one group, whilst giving legitimacy to abuse with your fame on the other.

In less serious news…

There are some reports saying Arsenal will keep Auba if they can’t get more than £20m for him this summer. Not sure I believe that, but I do think that at a certain point, 30 goals guaranteed might be worth more than a really embarrassing transfer fee.

The only problem you face with someone heading into their 32nd year with under a year on the contract is that at the action end of the season the player starts to protect their body. They don’t give it their all. They stop playing 3 games a week. It’s natural, if they blow out and ankle, that’s a 5 year deal, gone.

Still, quite incredible that leadership at Arsenal said they’d never let players run down their deals again and here we are, 1 year after Aaron Ramsey left us for a free, 2 years after Sanchez forced his way out of Arsenal at a knockdown rate, and we’re sitting here with a £60m striker who could move on for a very small fee.

How does that happen? We seem to have gotten closer to doing a new deal with Emery than we did Auba.

Still, on the business side of things, if we can get a fee for him, and it’s good, we’d be better to sell than anchor ourselves into a mega-deal again. Someone like Odsonne Edouard might be a good replacement, maybe we have 35 goals between Eddie and Gabriel. I’m sure there’s a solve that could work.

Most important thing for Arsenal this summer is coming out of it with a midfield that is built for the league. Power, finesse, size, and fitness. Give me those things, or I shall be furious.

Let’s talk more tomorrow, stay safe my darlings. x

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  1. Guns of SF

    Im with you. Crushing defeat across the country- for Republicans.
    The one I hope loses his seat, is McConnell.
    We need to win the Senate.
    McConnell is the puppet master.

  2. andy1886

    Sorry ES, I’m with CG on the Chelsea question.

    I’m not sure what the point about their debt is, it’s owed to the club owner so would be easy to resolve. Chelsea is worth £2.1BN according to Forbes and owe Roman £1.2BN. He can sell for market value and still clear the best part of £1BN profit. He isn’t going to ask for £2.1BN plus the £1.2BN debt, that would be stupid.

    Compare with AFC, worth £1.8BN according to Forbes. Which, as a billionaire would you think is better value? It’s not a difficult decision is it? And Kroenke is likely to want to extract every penny he can. Kroenke views our club as an investment unlike Abramovich for whom Chelsea is more of a rich man’s toy.

    As for buying something on the cheap that’s okay if you have the time, money and inclination to build it up, but Chelsea has the name, the fan base worldwide, a recent history of winning titles at home and in Europe as well as being situated around the most desirable part of one of the world’s great cities.

  3. jwl

    Joke Friday –

    What’s the difference between a G-spot and a golf ball?
    A guy will actually search for a golf ball.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    I am not going to respond to CG, because frankly he does not have a business brain. He is clueless.

    If you are going to buy a football business you don’t want to inherit a huge debt. That will not be discounted.

    Liverpool was also in debt but it was bought relatively cheaply and Newcastle
    if sold to the Saudis it is going to cost only £300 million.

    Whoever buys Chelsea as a “FOOTBALL” club is not going to spend £2 billion
    on the project and then an additional Billion developing a football stadium.

    The point made previously about the potential real estate value has some merit, but I don’t think that the Stamford Bridge site is going to fetch a Billion
    Pounds if sold on the open market and I am pretty sure there will be objections if the site was sold and Chelsea left homeless.

    Arsenal despite its recent financial loss is by comparison to both Chelsea and
    Spurs relatively unencumbered.

    CG makes the point about Chelsea’s relative success in recent years. So what.
    Chelsea is not a “heritage” club. The goodwill value is minimal if you take out
    of equation Abramovich’s expenditure.

    There are plenty of heritage clubs around the World which would cost a lot
    less than Chelsea.

  5. China1

    If you want to see a prime case of institutionalized racism look no farther than British football management

    Gerrard, lampard, shearer, southgate etc all walked into good starting roles. Artetas first management role is arsenal ffs

    Meanwhile sol Campbell had to go to the very foot of the football fucking league to get a chance. So much respect to him for seeing that and still having enough good will and positivity to take that role and actually do a great job

    Anyone whose ever seen an interview with work from his playing days knows the guy is a thinker, not some typical football player gorm. He was also an elite player with loads of trophies who could command respect in any dressing room. He should’ve been getting his first role around the championship level at least, surely?

    Also the kick racism out campaign is a fucking joke considering how small the punishments are for racism. It happens even in England but when English teams (or England) go pretty much anywhere in Eastern Europe it’s absolutely shocking how much racism there is.

  6. China1

    Who remembers the Spanish manager years back calling Henry a monkey and getting fuck all punishment because…. I’ve no fucking idea why not

  7. Jamie

    It was Luis Aragonés, and he called Henry a ‘black shit’.

    Deplorable. Only marginally worse than John Terry calling Anton Ferdinand a ‘black bastard’.

  8. Marc


    Only this season we had the first time event of a stadium announcer “requesting” 3 times fans at a PL match stop making racist chants against an opposition player.

    The Police and PL review afterwards – couldn’t identify any fans doing it and no punishment to the club involved.

  9. Guns of SF

    China keep it going man..
    Yes the EPL has a racism problem. There is a glass ceiling for non whites… coaches, refs, etc

  10. Terraloon


    Look at like this RA has effectively put in £1.2 billion into the Chelsea . As I explained the other day that includes the money he spent on buying the shares from Bates. His investment is still on a holding clubs book by way of a loan but selling the shares would clear this and result in a profit.

    We know Kronke has just spent £567 million buying 30% of Arsenal. I can’t be bothered to do the calculations but would imagine it’s at least £633 million , probably even more. So he has invested in shares where RA has invested by way of loans.

    So if you discount his original investment the situation is exactly the same as RA.

    You keep suggesting that Chelsea need to spend £1 billion in building a new stadium. I am far from sure that they need to or indeed will but asI suggested the likelihood is that they will re build on a stand by stand basis as opposed to a total rebuild.

  11. Gentlebris

    ‘Just look at our schedule. There will be 5 matches in 15 days. Hopefully, no one get hurt.’

    I have been following the bundesliga post covid-19, looks so much like women soccer.

    I’m sure the prem, on resumption, will be slow and without much passion for the rest of the season. The empty stadiums will make it feel like training sessions to the footballers and they will respond to that feeling.

    I also learnt some of the dudes came back with beer belly…can you imagine!

  12. Emiratesstroller


    Interestingly I have just done an exercise of looking at how much it has cost to
    buy major football clubs in UK and Europe.

    Kroenke is by far and away the biggest investor in buying shares in a football club anywhere in Europe. As you quite correctly point out he spent £633 million buying out Usmanov and the other remaining shareholders including
    AST. At the time he owned about 60% of equity having bought out the shares
    of other Directors at club including Fiszman and Nina Bracewell Smith.

    So he must have spent almost £1 billion on buying the club.

    By contrast you will be hard pressed to find any other club which has cost their owners or controlling shareholders more than £400 million.

    Heritage Clubs like Inter Milan, AC Milan and Liverpool cost a lot less. Man
    City cost £200 million and by all accounts their total investment is still less than £1 billion.

    Arsenal’s valuation when Kroenke took ownership of Arsenal in September 2018 was calculated at £1,800,000,000.

    Abramovich bought Chelsea for peanuts and yes he has put in a huge investment in the club secured mainly by loans, but the difference is that
    the club has still got to build a new stadium because capacity of Stamford
    Bridge is too small.

    Also most investors prefer to buy a club at low cost and then invest money
    building it up. They don’t want to pay full market price as you would have to
    do in case of Chelsea.

  13. Marc


    That could explain why Joe Lewis has been unable to sell the Spud’s – he’s been desperate to for years but of course wanted top dollar.

  14. Valentin

    For an investor, there is a few difference in spending £300 millions for a club and then spend £700 millions to increase its value and buying a club worth £1 billion.
    The difference is:
    Do they view that £1 billion as an investment or as boy’s toy?
    Did they need a loan to purchase part of the asset or that spending?

    In Chelsea, it is clear that RA does not view Chelsea as a long term investment. That does not mean that he wants to lose that billion, but that the objective is not lose rather than to make money.
    For question 2, again RA did not had to borrow money to finance that. In fact he lent money to Chelsea that is regularly converted into equity. For tax purpose and legal matter it is better to lend money and then convert that loan into equity than directly injecting the same amount as equity.
    So again unless RA suddenly dies and his estate wants out immediately or RA is under serious financial pressure, Chelsea is in a stable situation. He will continue to finance them and in the grander scheme of things the loan is irrelevant.

  15. andy1886

    Marc, I’m pretty sure a new stadium is off the agenda. It wouldn’t make economic sense when gate receipts are less and less important, and anyway Chelsea’s revenues are already some $80 million ahead of ours.

  16. Valentin

    Joe Lewis’s plan has always been to increase the value of Spurs organically so he could sell it at a massive profit.
    The two issues he has is that it took them a long time before finding a manager who could deliver on the pitch within the financial constraint and now COVID-19 is killing their revenue stream at exactly the time they have taken a loan to expand.
    I see them badly struggling for the next 5 years, before slowly raising again. They will not reap the full benefit of their stadium until at least 7 years.

  17. Marc

    Emirates / Terraloon

    I’m going to let you explain to Valentin the difference between buying a club for £300 million and then spending £700 million to increase it’s value and just playing a billion.

    He’ll just say I’m being racist!

  18. Valentin


    Chelsea revenue are ahead of us because

    1) they have had better result in the pitch
    But that could change

    2) their sponsor deals are not as dishonest that ManCity, but still RA heavily use GazProm connection. In view of the situation in Russia, that well may soon dry out

    3) their business model relies heavily on getting loan fee and reselling loanees at a profit. However FIFA and UEFA have just put a limit on the number of players a club can have on their books, seriously curtailing that avenue of revenue.

    I do expect RA to still finance them, but if he really tri anti get them self sufficient their organic budget would be lower than Arsenal’s.

  19. Marc


    Chelsea had a plan to redevelop Stamford Bridge and pulled it after Abramovich lost his visa.

    As for gate receipts not being important – I think the current panic over football finance is showing how short sighted football was in forgetting the fans who attend matches and their worth to the club – it goes a lot further than just money.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    Let’s see how club revenues evolve in the next few seasons.

    I think that most clubs will struggle in future to raise sponsorship at the levels
    we have seen in past and that will include Chelsea and Man Utd.

    The main point that I made previously is that Kroenke has made a major investment in buying the club and he is unlikely to walk away from it particularly if you take on board what Marc has raised about Spurs.

    Everyone is agreed that Kroenke was not the ideal owner, but I do think that
    sooner or later he will bring in the right management to run the club in better
    fashion than has been the case in last 10 years.

  21. Valentin


    You have alwqys had problem with comprehension.

    But even you show be able to spot that the biggest issue for a billionaire when developing an asset is not spending the money, but the leverage and cost of carry.

  22. Marc


    “3) their business model relies heavily on getting loan fee and reselling loanees at a profit. However FIFA and UEFA have just put a limit on the number of players a club can have on their books, seriously curtailing that avenue of revenue.”

    Agree – Chelsea have been incredibly clever in the way they have “used” the loan system to generate income.

  23. Marc


    ManU’s Chevrolet deal expires next year – even though it’ll be 7 years old it still dwarfs any other deal in the PL.

    I can’t see them getting close to matching it unless we see a crazily quick rebound in economies.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    Chelsea have been a well managed club, but I still think that the financing arrangements and the way that they buy players will become more difficult to

    Real Madrid and Barcelona can no longer depend on Central and Local Government and the Spanish Banks to bail them out every time that they
    get in a mess.

    Both Bayern Munich and Juventus are also heavily dependent on the motor
    industry. How long will that continue?

  25. Un na naai


    But kroenke didn’t buy the club out of his own pocket. He took a loan and levied it against the club. The club is paying for him to own the club no?

  26. Habesha Gooner

    What’s happening at Chelsea? Now they are talking with Leicester for chiwell and they have Ajax’s Tialafigo as a backup target. Are they rolling in money? What are they going to pay for chiwell? Anyone have any Idea?

  27. Valentin


    Marc is right. The Chevrolet deal was so loaded in their favour that the guy who signed it got sacked.
    Like I have said before, the last few years of bad sport results by ManUtd have come to roost. Until now no matter what happen on the pitch, ManUtd was still making money. That’s not the case any more. For the first time under the Glazers, ManUtd have made an operational and real loss.
    Unless they quickly sort the sport side, I see trouble ahead for them.
    The salary of Sanchez, Pogba, De Gea are not sustainable if they can’t generate the same revenue.

  28. Guns of SF

    Eat shit Unai

    You mis answered my post on purpose the little piece of shit you are. Deluded dipshit

    Run on now… watch some alt right stuff. Do something else besides being you.

  29. China1

    ET arsenal have been run very poorly since the day Stan walked in. That was over a decade ago. If we start to become a well run club now it will have been a lucky coincidence rather than active effort on behalf of the owners.

    You don’t behave negligent for a decade then wake up one day switched on and taking it seriously. If Stan cared about running us properly he’d have been pushing through interventions in how we operated several years ago proactively

    Sorry to tell you he doesn’t give a fuck mate

  30. China1

    Un he gave multiple examples of a glass ceiling that were clearly not players

    But don’t let that get in the way of your defense of institutionalized racism