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What is UP my darlings?


Ok, Mesut’s deal expired and didn’t get renewed.

Ok fine, Mesut is going to blow up his own brand and he’s not signing with anyone.

No controversy here. Though it was interesting how many journos ploughed into Adidas for persecuting the German company for dropping a client over his defence of Uighurs but failed to note that he’d been, you know, hanging out with a major human rights abuser himself.

Both situations are awful, but you can’t be a moral bellwether when fighting for rights of one group, whilst giving legitimacy to abuse with your fame on the other.

In less serious news…

There are some reports saying Arsenal will keep Auba if they can’t get more than £20m for him this summer. Not sure I believe that, but I do think that at a certain point, 30 goals guaranteed might be worth more than a really embarrassing transfer fee.

The only problem you face with someone heading into their 32nd year with under a year on the contract is that at the action end of the season the player starts to protect their body. They don’t give it their all. They stop playing 3 games a week. It’s natural, if they blow out and ankle, that’s a 5 year deal, gone.

Still, quite incredible that leadership at Arsenal said they’d never let players run down their deals again and here we are, 1 year after Aaron Ramsey left us for a free, 2 years after Sanchez forced his way out of Arsenal at a knockdown rate, and we’re sitting here with a £60m striker who could move on for a very small fee.

How does that happen? We seem to have gotten closer to doing a new deal with Emery than we did Auba.

Still, on the business side of things, if we can get a fee for him, and it’s good, we’d be better to sell than anchor ourselves into a mega-deal again. Someone like Odsonne Edouard might be a good replacement, maybe we have 35 goals between Eddie and Gabriel. I’m sure there’s a solve that could work.

Most important thing for Arsenal this summer is coming out of it with a midfield that is built for the league. Power, finesse, size, and fitness. Give me those things, or I shall be furious.

Let’s talk more tomorrow, stay safe my darlings. x

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  1. Habesha Gooner

    What’s happening at Chelsea? Now they are talking with Leicester for chiwell and they have Ajax’s Tialafigo as a backup target. Are they rolling in money? What are they going to pay for chiwell? Anyone have any Idea?

  2. Valentin


    Marc is right. The Chevrolet deal was so loaded in their favour that the guy who signed it got sacked.
    Like I have said before, the last few years of bad sport results by ManUtd have come to roost. Until now no matter what happen on the pitch, ManUtd was still making money. That’s not the case any more. For the first time under the Glazers, ManUtd have made an operational and real loss.
    Unless they quickly sort the sport side, I see trouble ahead for them.
    The salary of Sanchez, Pogba, De Gea are not sustainable if they can’t generate the same revenue.

  3. Guns of SF

    Eat shit Unai

    You mis answered my post on purpose the little piece of shit you are. Deluded dipshit

    Run on now… watch some alt right stuff. Do something else besides being you.

  4. China1

    ET arsenal have been run very poorly since the day Stan walked in. That was over a decade ago. If we start to become a well run club now it will have been a lucky coincidence rather than active effort on behalf of the owners.

    You don’t behave negligent for a decade then wake up one day switched on and taking it seriously. If Stan cared about running us properly he’d have been pushing through interventions in how we operated several years ago proactively

    Sorry to tell you he doesn’t give a fuck mate

  5. China1

    Un he gave multiple examples of a glass ceiling that were clearly not players

    But don’t let that get in the way of your defense of institutionalized racism