No one can agree

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I uhmmed and ahhed over whether to address the horrendous race riots in America. I don’t know how you say something that means anything when you write an inconsequential blog. Then I realised that my privilege allowed me to decide whether to say something. I’m living in the heart of the BK protests, I can watch safely from my window, this is not ok. Black lives matter. What is going on in America is absolutely horrendous. We should all stand united against hate, bigotry, and lies. I truly hope America votes with its conscious this November. One positive: Nothing warms my heart more than to see people of all races, gender, age, and sexual orientation peacefully protesting injustice.

Onto news of a more trivial nature.

There is a battle of PR going off in the media, BATTLE OF THE FEE, is how it shall be labelled.

You have Amy Lawrence saying £24m for Luiz, consisting of £6m in intermediary fees, £8m in transfer fee, and £10m in wages.

You have John Cross saying Arsenal didn’t give more than a £1m away in fee and we’re negotiating down from £130k a week, with Arteta hopeful of him agreeing to a new deal based on performance.

You have Kia saying on Talksport, “we have all the proof and have gone legal with them (The Athletic).”

I’d be super interested to see if Kia goes ahead with this threat. He’d have to prove that the story was untrue and in the process, he’d have to subject himself to some form of discovery which would mean allowing lawyers to explore bank accounts, contracts, interrogate clients, rifle through e-mails, put him on the stand, and it’d all be under oath. You’d have to be pretty offended by a story to go through that to make a point about something that could just be a simple correction. Also, who is he getting angry for here, because football agents are there for the fee, £6m is a lot, but in the grand scheme of BIG numbers, Raiola picked up £40 million for the Pogba deal… the number quoted in The Athletic would have him laughed out the room at the Super Agent Christmas party. Be interesting to see how that plays out.

Anyway, what to make of the noise on the wages, which weren’t disputed by Kia, but were by a few other club-friendly journos.

What do we actually know before the actual payslips and agent contracts are leaked?

  1. Luiz signed a 2-year deal 3 months before moving to Arsenal with Chelsea
  2. He moved to Arsenal on a 1-year deal, with an option to extend
  3. He moved to a club in a total mess, to play for a manager with a less than elite reputation

Does anyone, anywhere in the world, think that a 33-year-old footballer breaks a 2 year deal with a club in the Champions League, opts for a move to a club in disarray… for less money, and less security?

Whatever the lowered rate is, it’s too high for Benfica who said they couldn’t match it.

“He was in a car with businessman, preparing to renew his contract with Arsenal. He is someone who loves Benfica, is a great professional [but] has to earn money. What he earns [with Arsena] is unthinkable for Benfica to pay.

“If David Luiz one day decides ‘I want to leave here’, is 35 years old and in perfect condition, of course we would take him. [But] eight million [in wages] would have to be one million.

“But, as a father, I would say no. I’d say: ‘oh, David, you’re not coming, don’t be crazy.”

Is there a round two of intermediary fees associated with this renegotiation?

Also, just to clear something up.

I actually LOVE David Luiz. I do not want people thinking my critique of this deal is a slight on him. When he moved to us, the worry was age, suitability, and another ‘character’ signing from Chelsea. I wrote this at the time.

What I’m saying is this… don’t turn your nose up at someone that isn’t Mustafi. I’d hire you mum if the chance arose. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that one of these last-ditch ‘character’ signings from Chelsea (or anywhere) finally pays off at some point.

I’d be delighted if he signed back on (which Kia seems to think is on the table). He’s a strong leader, he clicks with Arteta, and we know he has star power for the kids. However, you cannot tell me the investment we made in him was worth The Athletic numbers Kia is disputing. Even if you take out the agent fees, we paid £8m for someone on a 1-year deal. At the lower end of Arsenal freindly journos estimations, all in, we’d have paid £15,760,000 (£120k p/w (6.76m) + £600k Kia fee + £399k (Arsenal said less than a million in fees) + £8m transfer fee) for someone who we are currently renegotiating with so he doesn’t leave for nothing. That is terrible business, especially after the fuss we kicked up to earn a fee from a 9 year veteran of the club.

So for all the ‘THAT WASN’T THE FEE’ noise from Arsenal and Kia, the reality is, even without it, the deal was still an abomination.

Anyway, to refresh my point if it was lost yesterday.

Super agents should not lead or interfere in the process of player/manager identification. They are an unfortunate byproduct of elite scouting. They live for one thing only, the fee. Doesn’t matter who they support, it’s all about the fee.

The patterns are clear with Arsenal. We have too many favourable agents that sit front and centre at the table of our worst decisions. That has to stop if we’re going to be more efficient with our limited funds moving forward.

Caggigao should be bringing the names to the table. More Martinelli like talents. More Cesc’s. More players that have a long future at Arsenal.

Talking of our limited funds, according to Julien Laurens, we have not offered a new deal to Auba. For a Football CEO who said we’d never let a player run their deal down again, we’re in a moment where Auba, Saka, Mustafi, Sokratis and Ozil all have 1 year left. Our 2022 holdouts are Matteo, Lacazette, Eddie, Kola, Cal and Martinez. That’s 11 players with two years or less on their deals.

I think we should sell Auba. I love him, but I’m not sure I see the value in offering him a £300k a week deal heading into his 31st birthday. If our ability to manoeuvre this summer is going to be drastically limited, every penny counts, and there are positions we absolutely have to address. We need a powerhouse central midfielder, we need a centre back, we need a decent right back, and possibly a modern number 8 like player.

There is a lot to do. We have very few assets that are going to fetch mega-money, so we need to raise cash and make tough decisions. The club need to give our young players the best chance to thrive. We don’t need hacks, we don’t need whispers in the ear, we need players like Martinelli. That’s where the magic is at. You only get there by listening to the recommendations of the smartest scouts and analysts… not the slick-haired, pin-striped suited fee merchants in the executive box pretending they love The Arsenal.

Anyway, tomorrow, we talk about something else because we need to start getting excited about ACTUAL football coming in 3 weeks time.

Big love, stay safe, be kind x

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  1. CG


    “””””I am not a fan of Kroenke as I have said many times in the past, but if I have a
    choice who owns Arsenal between Kroenke and a former Russian Mafiosa I know which option I would choose.””””””

    But you are ok the likes of Kia sitting in the directors box?
    And you are ok with a fat spiv like Raul running Arsenal like Derek Trotter?

    I don’t doubt dispute Roman A has a shady past- but at least HE WANTS TO WIN!

  2. andy1886

    Freddie, I like Bellerin and wouldn’t be confident that Soares is the answer (like Mari who everyone seems to love we have no idea if they are up to the job). But if I truly believed that we’d sort the midfield out with the money I’d reluctantly sell.

    Trouble is, and this it’s one reason I’m not actually sold on Arteta yet, I think that we will still see the likes of Xhaka as on of the first names on the team sheet. For me he’s a ‘nothing’ player. He has no obvious attributes, a modern day David Hillier if you like.

    If I actually thought that we had a plan I’d be more relaxed about who we buy and sell. Right now I don’t see it.

  3. andy1886

    Arguing over who is the worst billionaire owner is a bit like arguing over which bowl of excrement tastes better. Ultimately they are all bad for football.

    Stan isn’t the owner I would choose but I suspect that the fans at Liverpool would say that Hicks and Gillett were worse, United fans would say the same about the Glazers too.

    Ultimately these people are only in it for the money. They don’t love the beautiful game.

  4. Valentin


    A lot more than 2 burgundy vineyards have been bought by foreigners.
    There was a period of time where investors saw French vineyard as safe investment. That has now receded. Land is limited (if the land is outside of burgundy, champagne or Bordeaux, then it can’t use the name of the region), so it is near impossible to transform a small family oriented business into a huge operation.
    So nowadays, outside of Chinese investors who still try to buy indiscriminately Bordeaux vineyards, only wealthy connoisseur (or like somebody else put it wine snob, personally in most cases I can’t make the difference between a £200 bottle and a £1000 bottle) buy vineyards.

  5. Marc

    The question on Bellerin isn’t about a cheap replacement being available it’s a) is he going to be able to stay fit and b) how much has the ACL injury affected his ability specifically his pace which he was reliant on.

    If someone’s offering “good” money you’re not selling player from a few years ago you’re selling a player who’s lost a good yard of pace.

  6. CG


    “””””Abromavich is an opportunist and not a gangster.”””

    Ditto Raul.
    But you seem ok with him.

  7. HillWood

    Didn’t Arsenal buy a data analysis company to get the stats on less well known players they were interested in buying ?
    If so why are they paying untold millions to super agents to land players every man and his dog know all about

  8. andy1886

    Marc, I really don’t think that Bellerin is our biggest problem. Like I said earlier if I was sure that selling him would help sort our midfield then I’d be okay with it. Unfortunately as long as Arteta keeps selecting Xhaka and Ozil we will struggle down the spine and in particular in midfield.

    If he boots both of the above out this summer then I’d be happier regardless of any other transfer activity. It’s not going to happen though.

  9. Marc


    Well you’re going to get the “anti Sanllehi” mob tell you that we’ve just let go one of the guy’s involved in that. What they will avoid like the plague is the fact that we bought that company in 2014 and it doesn’t seem to have done much does it?

  10. andy1886

    Hillwood – simple answer is that the data analytics people recommended the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka. Case closed really.

    I’ve always believed that data is no substitute for good scouting and a clear plan. You can’t reduce football to mathematical equations.

  11. Marc


    That was sort of my point – if Bellerin can generate funds to be spend elsewhere then I’d go for it.

    Even if Soares (if we were to sign him permanently) is only OK I’m not sure Bellerin is going to be any better going forward.

  12. NEEG

    ES – spot on. Stan doesn’t own the whole vineyard. It is common for the 30 odd Grand Cru vineyards to have several owners – most are local.

  13. Samir

    I don’t know why everyone is so against Soares? Whenever I’ve seen him play he’s been pretty good! Probably better than Bellerin.
    What has Bellerin done that makes him so good? He isn’t the best going forward nor defending?

  14. HillWood

    Hence why I clearly stated “ less well known players they were interested in buying “
    I’m talking about young players under the radar
    Not Mustafi or Xhaka

  15. andy1886

    Samir, if he’s not good enough for a Southampton side that’s been around the relegation places during his time there what makes you think that he would be good enough for Arsenal?

    I can see he’d be good cover, but as a regular starter? There’s no evidence to suggest that this would be a great idea.

  16. andy1886

    Hillwood, if they want to use data analytics to narrow down the field then fine, no problem. I still believe that effective scouting is the best method, no reason why if they are wrong on the big buys they would be any better on younger players where the stats may not even be so readily available.

  17. Marc


    “less well known players they were interested in buying ”

    Yeah but we had this company since 2014 and long before Sanllehi joined the club – who were these young players we were signings and not using agents then?

  18. Dissenter

    Adidas aren’t renewing their £22 million Mesut Ozil deal.
    That’s a bit surprising because he’s a big draw in many places where people can afford to pay £75-100 for jerseys.
    When we went to Dubai last yea, Ozil was the biggest draw.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Frankly I don’t think that Bellerin is leaving the club this summer. His contract does not expire until June 2023 so as you point out RB is not a priority position now that we have got the option of Soares as well.

    Similarly as I pointed out earlier today I am not 100% sure that Kolasinac will be sold. I think that he will be very difficult to shift as he arrived on a Bosman
    and is being paid a wage well in excess of £100K pw.

    Who is going to pay a transfer fee plus that level of wage for a player who is now our second or third string in that position?

    As Arteta pointed out last week the club’s requirements factoring in CV and
    our financial situation is shifting all the time.

    My view is that Arsenal will buy Mari + 2 midfielders in this transfer window
    and that is it.

  20. andy1886

    Given that Chelsea are looking for a left wing back, and their previous experience with a certain A. Cole , I’d be surprised if Saka wasn’t at least on a list of possible options. Obviously Saka is a winger but so was Cole prior to transitioning to full back and he became an excellent defender.

  21. Spanishdave

    The only sensible debate is how we can do best with what we have got.
    The owner isn’t going to go away, Wenger is history, and our finances are what they are.
    We have to tie up the Saka deal first, and then sort out Auba to see if he’s off or not.
    Cellebos can go and we need two solid midfielders as a priority.
    Unfortunately we have a rookie coach with limited experience so the future is uncertain as to whether we can move upwards.

  22. Pedro

    Dissenter, he’s absolutely average these days. Really not sure he has pull based on where his game is now, at least not to the value of the deal he’ll want.

  23. Terraloon


    Once Red & White holdings agreed to sell their shareholding to Kronke it was pretty obvious that he would either by agreement or by virtue of company law buy out all other shareholders.
    KSE valued the club as being worth £1.8 billion meaning to buy up the 32.91% shareholding he didn’t owe he had to shell out £602,398,000.
    Deutsche Bank agreed to advance your way of a Bridging Facility £557 M which meant that Kronke had to find £45,398,000. The facility secured against shares owned by Kronke
    The Deutsche facility never had a timeline of 6 months it had a maximum life of 24 months from 7/8/2018. There were conditions in the agreement that would enable, early repayment but I can’t find any reports that this financing agreement has indeed been settled or what is in place.
    To service the £557m facility interest was/ is chargeable at LIBOR +2.25%. There is an undertaking that in respect of this agreement that to fund the offer no debt would be saddled on Arsenal .

    I found this article which is quite interesting

  24. Jamie

    That yahoo article is a perfect example of clickbait.

    Literally not a word of it is sourced. And the author is an unknown freelance journalist. Checks out.

  25. Sid

    Wenger tried to imitate Pep and failed, now Arteta is trying to imitate Pep, Soares is no Kyle walker, Xhakalson is no Rodrigo, and they have 2 for each forward positions while we only have one each Saka, Auba, pepe Martinelli could much Jesus with time

  26. Jamie

    So page 41 is where it gets juicy, and frankly somewhat reassuring. Kroenke can’t load debt onto the club nor can he asset-strip (as some suggest he would after taking control).

    Seems like he can repay the bridging loan when he wants. And the interest rate is super low.

    Might need to read it a little closer at some point though.

  27. Bob N16

    Sid, ‘Arteta is trying to imitate Pep’.

    Is it too early to say that?

    Would you accept that Pep is an excellent coach and that Arteta’s experience as his no. 2 would allow Arteta to ‘steal’ some worthwhile ideas?

    Either way I’m struggling to see the negativity that you appear to see. We obviously don’t have City’s financial or player resources so comparing our squads is not a water tight argument to say we can’t attempt some aspects of the way Pepe sets up.

  28. Terraloon


    I agree that I came to the same conclusion about saddling debt on the club but my reading that was in respect of buying the shares.

    I said the day that the next set of accounts will tell a story but we have no idea what the position will be regarding cash reserves or indeed the declaration of dividends .

  29. Wasi

    ‘I think he was saying we had the best summer in a while but now they are all of a sudden bad signings? ‘

    I do remember that Pedro and many of us including me were raving about our summer business. And if we look long term it was successful imo. Saliba , Tierney , Martinelli , Pepe can be starting 11 players for years to come. All signed under Raul.
    I also remember a lot of supportive to the club spending a lot in the last summer because we apparently had a great chance of finishing 3rd. I dont really remember if Pedro was also in this group.
    But now many of those having turned their back on Raul thanks to Pedro continuously making him looking like a Fraud are saying the complete opposite. Criticising how the club used next year’s funds and how doomed we are.

    ‘Pedro is smart in a way. He writes something again and again and Hope’s it feels like the truth. ‘

    It does work tho , the commenters here are proof of that.

  30. Bob N16

    I’m no fan of Kroenke but Arsenal is set up to be a self-sustaining model so being an ‘Abramovic’ was never in his playbook.

    Where he should be criticised is his overseeing of the key appointments- letting Wenger drift, Gazidis etc

    I would hope and expect that in these unprecedented times he will use his financial clout to ensure that AFC does not suffer too badly from the lack of gate receipts for next season. At a time of transition and real potential to improve, he must see the benefits of a solid TW that would otherwise not be possible without help from his deep pockets.

  31. Graham62


    You really think “Arteta is trying to intimidate Pep”.

    What made you come to that assumption?

    Copying is a childish action. Wenger didn’t copy Pep, he just tried to experiment with something new by cloning too many players of the same ilk.

    Arteta will obviously work on the structure and tactics based on the players at his disposal but that doesn’t mean he’ll intimidate Pep in the process.

    Fake news.

  32. CG

    “”””Would you accept that Pep is an excellent coach and that Arteta’s experience as his no. 2 would allow Arteta to ‘steal’ some worthwhile ideas?””””

    But that is a hindrance not a help.

    Man City are elite, they need always to be looking for an extra percentage point here and there to beat the likes of Bayern and Barca etc

    Eg, A left sided center back or specialists in various positions.

    We are far from elite in aspect of the org,
    We cant beat Olympias over two legs- But MA still thinks a left sided center back is priority, despite there are 7 others to choose from and wage cuts are taking place.

    Arsenal need pragmatism for a while, and getting shot of the hangers on and spivs and get back to basics.
    An experienced manager from the prem is needed( who is allowed to choose his own players and not be a poodle and be told , who he must have) and who has shown loyalty, consistency and extracts the most out of his players.

    There is a very talented one in Burnley,

  33. Sid

    Bob N16June 3, 2020 13:20:12

    Arteta is using inverted fullbacks like Pep does, one of their CM drop between their CBs, Xhakalson drops to be the left sided CB.
    ‘Stealing’ some of Peps ideas with limited resources will only take you so far,

    look at Pochs, simeone, approach original though anti football.
    Chris wilder, brendan, Nuno have their own ways

  34. CG

    Having said that.

    If Stan decides to flog off some of his Burgundy wine collection – and wants to compete with Manchester City – Arteta is our man.

  35. Pedro

    You don’t think Arteta is pragmatic? He’s strengthened our defence, kept 7 clean sheets in 15 games, we’re difficult to beat.

    He’s well on his way to fixing the belief in the squad, he’s resurrected players confidence, he’s dealt swiftly with bad behaviour, he’s made us fitter.

    Hard to work out why you’re begging for us to hire in Sean Dyche? Is it because people are saying Arteta has similar vibes to Arsene Wenger?

  36. Guns of Hackney

    I’m educating my child about racism…I mean, who doesn’t want their child to be the best racist they can be?

  37. Valentin


    ManCity system is quite different from Arsenal. Both fullbacks go very high. When on the ball, oth CBs go wide and the defensive midfielder drops between them. Turning a back 4 to a back 3 with a reverse sweeper when on the ball.

    For Arsenal Xhaka does not drop between defenders, he drop into the left back position. Both CBs are the slightly sliding toward the right. With our right back moving up a little bit tucking inside to make some lopsided back four.

  38. CG


    “”””Hard to work out why you’re begging for us to hire in Sean Dyche? Is it because people are saying Arteta has similar vibes to Arsene Wenger?””””

    I like Arteta , and I hope he stays at the club for lengthy time- maybe even longer than our Wenger.
    But in the right role.

    He should be our Teck Deck.He should be getting all the youngsters drilled and coached etc…. thats his skillset.
    He is an Arsenal man of the upmost integrity. And I am a huge admirer.

    I just don’t think he is cut out for the ‘dog eat dog’ world of professional management,especially with Raul pulling the strings and KSE as absentee owners. ( its not a slight on him, personally)

    Now some one like Dyche is cut out for it.
    Dyche could handle Raul’s shenanigans.
    Dyche would not be dictated too: he certainly would not allow Edu and Raul traipsing into his sanctuary before and after matches, that’s for sure.

    And that’s probably, why he wont get the job.

  39. Pedro

    CG, you don’t make it as manager of one of the greatest clubs in the world if you’re not a political beast. He’s 38 years old and absolutely knows how to look after himself.

    … but regardless of your speculation about whether he’s tough enough, you think giving a smalltime manager a massive role at Arsenal would put him in the driver seat with Raul? Dyche has next to no credibility at the highest level. He’s a solid coach of a small team. He’s not tactically interesting, not an innovator, he doesn’t play great football, he’s not ‘modern’ inspirational, and he didn’t have a top-level playing career, and he only speaks one language.

    How would that work at Arsenal?

  40. Sid

    7 clean sheets in 15 games sounds like emerys 22 game unbeaten,
    goals conceded per xGA shows arsenal has benefited from poor finishing by opponents.
    thats clear if you consider the strikers the have faced.

    Im telling you for free!

  41. CG

    “”””How would that work at Arsenal?”””

    Dyche has shown loyalty, consistency and real leadership in 10 years of management at Burnley. He is PROVEN to out perform every season with the resources he is given.
    He knows how to organise and galvanise a group of promiscous young men on a weekly basis.

    What more do you actually want from an AFC manager with KSE as owners?

    (We are only bigger version of Burnley these days, I am afraid to say.)

  42. CG

    Anyway, we tried this No.2 experiment in the 80’s with Don Howe.

    Magnificent coach , and ex- player but not quite cut out for the management malarkey.

    Club eventually turned to George Graham who we would agree has similar attributes to Sean Dyche!?

  43. Bob N16

    Sid, the example you give about how Arteta has copied Guardiola’s use of full backs is a strange area to focus on. For most of the games he’s managed, Arteta has had to make do with second and third choices for those two positions. When using Saka, he sensibly in my opinion gave Xhaka the responsibility to cover him when he was going forward.

    I would wait and see Arteta’s tactics when he has say Tiernay and Bellerin both fit and at least one, if not two new starting CMs. He’s being pragmatic this season, next season is the time when we will see more of his vision of how he wants to play.

  44. Dissenter

    Damn, I think you’re tying to bet binned by popular mob action with the Sean Dyche nonsense.

  45. Marc

    That’s why I struggle with all these tactics and stuff, I thought Arteta was telling Xhaka “stand over there and for fuck sake stay out of the way”

    14 days!

  46. Dissenter

    Good coaches are students of the game.
    They always copy successful tactics from other managers.
    It’s no different from other walks of life.

  47. Freddie Ljungberg

    “He knows how to organise and galvanise a group of promiscous young men on a weekly basis.”

    Aside the fact that CG is a total lunatic and absolutely clueless on every aspect of “soccer ball” as he calls it, this still has to be one of the weirdest sentences written on le grove in a while. Not buying that it’s a typo either. Not when it’s him, he’s that strange.

  48. Gentlebris

    “At this stage, there’s no doubt about it, Aubameyang is too good for Arsenal,”
    -Jamie on Sky.

    Exactly the way they ruined Alexis.

    I’m telling you now, Auba moves and he’s done.

    Arsenal have a way of bringing the best out of dudes…Henri, Cesc, Song, Alexis, Hleb.

    RVP played one good season after.

  49. Pedro

    CG, Unai Emery outperformed budget for years at Sevilla. Small time manager that couldn’t cut it with big players. The same will be true of Dyche.

    Arteta is exactly right for Arsenal. An elite coach, Arsenal DNA, and experience at the very peak of the game, taking players to world-class levels.

    To hear someone that beats on Raul so often suggest we take a downgrade on ambition is weak sauce.

  50. Marc


    “I mean what kind of sick operation does he think Dyche is running?”

    I have no idea but apparently CG’s trying to book an all inclusive 2 weeks there!

  51. Marc

    Without getting into politics of etc why has a guy who’s at the London “Black lives Matter” demonstration just been shown on the news wearing a balaclava in June?

    Isn’t is supposed to be a peaceful demonstration?

  52. Gentlebris

    Not that I think our next level should be a Burnley coach but I kind of see the argument against Mikel.

    There are two sides to football management.

    One is when the tide is calm and you only need to be innovative to get your pass mark. Arteta should do fine there. Sean would be lost.

    The other is when the vampires come for your throat in the dressing room. Arteta wouldn’t last three months. Sean looks like a vampire himself. Should do fine.

    Arteta is a rock star of a coach and that’s why Pedro sees him every night in his dream. But when it comes to taking a big club out of years of shit, you need a guy slightly insane and with a proven record…

  53. Bob N16

    Glad your not in the new head coach selection panel, Gentlebris,
    -Must have ability to deal with vampire attacks
    – Being slightly insane would be a benefit

    So Mikel, it’s a no from Gentlebris!

  54. CG

    “”””Arteta is exactly right for Arsenal. An elite coach, Arsenal DNA, and experience at the very peak of the game, taking players to world-class levels.”””””

    So you would be in total agreement with me that he would be the perfect Teck Deck for Arsenal?

    (Isn’t that the Teck Decks job?)

    Getting all that young talent moulded to world class status for a experienced and proven manager to select.

    (Because that’s what happens these days at every successful club in the world.)

    By my reckoning.

    We dont have a proper owner,
    manager, captain or a Teck deck.

    No wonder ,why nothing functions at the club efficiently.

  55. Bob N16

    Are you making a point here that’s going over my head Marc?
    Is there something sinister in the wearing of a balaclava?

  56. Marc


    Only that is covers your face when there’s loads of CCTV. If it was the height of winter he’d been wearing for warmth but would you want to be out in June wearing a Balaclava – it’s a bit warm for that.

  57. Bob N16

    Am I wrong in thinking that Arteta is the Head coach and that we no longer have a position of manager? This may be splitting hairs but I would have thought that his experience allows him to take on the role of novice head coach more confidentially than if he was a novice manager in old money. It’s still a step up but surely one that an individual that shows such promise would be capable of making.

    Surely post -Wenger there was a reorganisation so that we have a Head coach now.

  58. Santan

    The guy wearing the Balaclava was white!I never commented in the ethnicity of the guy wearing it.

    Pulled an uno reverse card there marc

  59. Marc


    It didn’t cross my mind to mention the colour of the guy – my comment was more aligned with you will always get some people who just look for any excuse for violence and or destruction.

    Just the same that there’s always (a very tiny minority in modern times thankfully) who will look for trouble at a football match.

    Nothing to do with race or colour – a fucking arsehole is a fucking arsehole whatever the colour of their skin.

  60. CG


    So who is responsible for Laca smoking balloons and filming it and embarrassing the club?

    Who reminds Hector of his tweets about politics if it ain’t the manager?

    Are we expecting Raul to step in and remind the player of their responsibilities.

    ( the same man who is giving our money to his cronies ?)

    The whole structure is a complete farce, will fail and absolves responsibility and accountability.

    Which is exactly why it was set up.

  61. Pedro

    CG, who let Chezzer smoke in the changing rooms? Who allowed Gallas to sit on the half way line? Who let Nik B pick a shirt number that reflected his weekly wages?

    Also have no idea what a teck deck is.

  62. Dissenter

    So now you’re giving out dressing etiquette advice on le-grove?

    The very act of wearing a balaclava isn’t violent. Why don’t don’t you wait for him to throw a rock at a shop window before slighting him.
    Maybe he likes his hair balaclava – baked, who knows. His head…his problem.

  63. Dissenter

    I know exactly what you mean by “balaclava”
    Wearing it in the late spring or summer will get scrutiny on anyone like leeches but it’s not violent in itself. You implied that wearing it was against the goals of a peaceful protest.
    If not for anything, he’s making it easier for him to be identified and arrested should he do some thing wrong.

  64. CG


    “”””CG, who let Chezzer smoke in the changing rooms? Who allowed Gallas to sit on the half way line? Who let Nik B pick a shirt number that reflected his weekly wages?Also have no idea what a teck deck is.””””

    Arsene Wenger. Who released all three soon after without fuss or fanfare.

    And I am glad you illustrate some instances how stupid players can be and why it helps to have an experienced manager to resolve or diffuse these situations.

    And would it not be wonderful and extremely beneficial for Arteta to lean on a man like our Wenger with all his 30 + years managerial experience when these incidents naturally occur.

    After all, who does Arteta call upon when things go awry? ( as it does for all managers, at stages)

    Steve Round ? Edu?

    ps .(Technical Director.)

  65. Dissenter

    That’s not fair to CG.
    Not far. He’s annoying but every once in a blue moon he sees something more clearly than most people here.

  66. Marc


    We’ve had problems in the past with the May Day rallies where a small minority of arseholes highjack a peaceful protest purely for an excuse to destroy property and commit violent acts.

    I think this subject is too important for a bunch of fucking idiots to detract from.

  67. Chris


    Except Gallas didn’t leave us for 2 years after the Birmingham meltdown. He was stripped of the captaincy 10 months later, not immediately after the cry baby antics.

    Bendtner changed his shirt number on the even of the 09-10 season. He left Arsenal in 2014.

    That is very swift action indeed.

  68. Pedro

    CG, I suspect Arteta has a pretty good mix of people to call on.

    His close friends: Pep G, one of the greatest managers of all time. Poch, one of the top 5 managers in the world. David Moyes, I wouldn’t call him, but he’s been around the block.

    Odd that you keep bagging on Steve Round, a coach that is highly respected in the game, but not fancy and hip… then say we should hire Sean Dyche, who is equally unfashionable but never tasted a big club?

  69. Dissenter

    I bet you that your police know his name, they know where he lives, know who his dependents are. All the balaclavas in the world won’t protect his identity should he do something daft

    My point is simple; don’t stereotype him based on his choice of head wear, Wait for him to actually do something daft or violent before you jump all over him.

  70. Emiratesstroller


    You keep on making assumptions that Arteta because of his age and so-called
    lack of experience is not capable of imposing discipline on or gaining the respect of players in the squad.

    What is your evidence that he is not capable of handling himself in such a situation?

    Frankly there is more evidence that he has adapted very well to the set up at
    Arsenal and that even the most experienced players such as Ozil, Luiz and Aubameyang have huge respect and rapport with him.

    He has had an issue with Guendouzi over the young player’s behaviour and he
    appears to have handled the situation very well.

    Moreover it is interesting that Cazorla someone with vast playing experience wants to return to Arsenal and coach alongside Arteta. That would be most
    unlikely if he did not respect him or was not willing to acknowledge Arteta’s
    leadership qualities.

  71. andy1886

    Pep, one of the greatest managers when at a top two club in any league and a endless pot of money.

    But could he do it at Burnley? Or even at Arsenal with modest funds? Guess we will never know….

  72. Uwot?

    Valentin.Diaby,Eduardo & Ramsey all victims of systematic fouling in the premiership aided & abetted by a shameful & hopelessly inadequate refereeing body overseen by the FA & media who all bought into the “ Arsenal don’t like it up em “Viewpoint perpetuated by British managers unable to deal with Arsenals possession football played by a bunch of kids.So the solution was “ kick em off the park & Bully them”They are no longer the sides of 98 & they won’t match us physically.This was adopted by Ferguson,Allardyce,Hughes Pulis chiefly.Just to name a few.

  73. Bob N16

    Uwot, agree with your point completely. ‘They don’t like it up ‘em’ team talk assisted by weak refereeing.

    Only problem was Wenger persisted with this idealistic, pure vision of football which meant the we had a very skilful but lightweight midfield. He should have realised that having some physical presence, particularly in CM, would have countered the strategies of Bolton, Stoke etc

    There were many games, moves of absolute footballing beauty but we didn’t have a way of always dealing with the brutes.

  74. Sid

    The foreign coaches have moved the EPL from agricultural, rotational fouling(pulis, alardyce) to more sophisticated tactics,

  75. Marc


    And that’s precisely why England couldn’t perform at International level.

    Once in an arena where English players didn’t receive protection from the ref’s and had to compete against skillful players on level terms they were useless.

  76. Dissenter

    Has anyone used on those plasticky head wear things to eat out at a restaurant?
    Suffocation while out dining

  77. CG


    Just read your post,
    I am glad you get what I am trying to say.

    Horses for courses and all that,

    Ps. How is that little one- he must be bigger than Torreira yet!

  78. andy1886

    Pedro, surely you’re not comparing our club to JC Penny?

    Surely that makes him a man that’s right for elite clubs rather than a true elite manager if he can only do it in a very specific environment? And if Arteta learned from him does that learning also only apply in an elite environment?

  79. CG


    “”””then say we should hire Sean Dyche, who is equally unfashionable but never tasted a big club?””””

    I dont want big Sean to do the coaching, I want him to be recruiting the best coaches to do the coaching ( people of the calibre of MA)

    I want big Sean managing and motivating , cajoling and putting the fear of God into our players so they can perform like his Burnley team performed in their brilliant recent 2 zero win at Old Trafford.

    After all, isn’t that what in essence what the fans wanted after 20 years of Wengerism?
    Something slightly more muscular and different?

  80. CG

    “””””Moreover it is interesting that Cazorla someone with vast playing experience wants to return to Arsenal and coach alongside Arteta. That would be most
    unlikely if he did not respect him or was not willing to acknowledge Arteta’s
    leadership qualities.””””

    or is because he will soon need a job?

    never trust these soccer players motives , even the nice cuddly ones, ES!

  81. izzo

    Werner has until the 15th for any club to buy him. WTF are we waiting for?? We have players we can give Leipzig for free plus cash. Auba isn’t signing on so whats the hold up?

  82. andy1886

    Apart from all the obvious hurdles that are in our sphere of control I would say the biggest reason we’re not going for Werner is that we know he has no intention of moving to a mid table PL side with very limited ambitions.

  83. Dissenter

    I see you’re still butt-hurt from being called out about your balaclava comment earlier.
    Has the lad committed any violence yet?

  84. Dissenter

    Unai na
    I said wait till he does something daft or violent then eat him for breakfast. I’m sure the Met police knows where he lives.
    I really don’t give care but I’m sure your police won’t knee his neck for 9 minutes till he dies in a puddle of his piss.

  85. Jamie

    The brilliant Sean Dyche also managed and motivated , cajoled and put the fear of God into his Burnley players so much that they lost 2 ‘zero’ at home to Utd this season as well.

    Keep it up.

  86. Pedro

    Andy, we use data in the US of A.

    Eddie current GPM is 136 and Gabi 146. Keep that up over 38 games next season and we actually 25 (Eddie) and 23 (Gabi).

    I lowballed.