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Quite the scene in America at the moment. I walked through the protests yesterday, I’ve never felt sadness in the air like it. I hope everyone can stay safe and out of trouble this evening, it sounds like it’s going to be a very unpleasant weekend.

Onto the football.

The Premier League will be back, as will a lot of other live sports. We might not have normality in the streets, but the level of content on the TV is about to notch up a couple of levels.

The clubs themselves are doing a good job keeping the case numbers incredibly low. There have been a few cases, but in the main, the ramp-up in testing is doing the job.

Arsenal players look fit and raring to go. They all seem very excited to be back. There’s nothing quite like playing football in the sunshine. This will be the first-ever Premier League game in June. I’m so excited. A summer of football. It’s just a shame we can’t drink in bars to watch the games.

As it stands, Arsenal has 3 games in the books. We have our first game, versus Manchester City on the 17th, then we’re straight into the weekend to play Brighton. I wondered if that was a disadvantage, but likely not. Having a bit more fitness in the legs will probably work for the players.

We also have an FA Cup game against the very impressive Sheffield United on June 27th. The final will be August first this year. We’d normally be pissing around on a foreign tour at that point. Imagine not being able to attend an FA Cup final? Or winning one without a crowd?

There are 5 subs allowed this time round, but you only get 3 goes at making them. This could open up space for some of the kids to impress. From what I understand, the club is very excited about a couple of kids that aren’t widely known by the public. Matt Smith and Trae Coyle have both been seen training with the first time, not sure if that’s just a standard rotation, or it means bigger things… but as the belt buckles tighten, you’d imagine Arteta might see this final run of ten games as a great chance to let some of them shine.

It’s important to note that we will likely take these games a little differently. I mean, that’s what I’m guessing. The manager is working with new information in a new reality. The game is different, the club will have less money, certain players will not be allowed to stay on at the club even if he wants them. That’ll change the psychology of some of the players. They might feel despondent… or they might need to play for their careers because landing a contract elsewhere has also become exponentially harder.

If Luiz is going, how much game time will he land? If there’s no future for Lacazette, does Eddie get the nod for the last batch of games? How will he approach youth?

So many questions that’ll be answered in about 18 days!

Short one today, stay safe my darlings. x

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  1. Ishola70

    “It was 4 days ago!”

    And before that.

    But he knows that others as well as myself have disagreed with him on some of his previous views on Luiz.

  2. Marko

    The only reason why you kept using that so called Simpson joke is because you knew I was French and black.

    I dunno about Marc but for me this is the first time I’ve seen you write anything about your ethnicity. The Simpsons thing wasn’t in any shape or form meant as a racist insult you need to get over it it’s from a cartoon for kids ffs

  3. Marc


    It was taking the piss out of the French – who in my opinion are or at least should be big enough to deal with it.

    I’m sure the French have taken the piss out of the English at some point in history.

  4. Emiratesstroller

    Sometimes in business you need to take a hit in your finances to put the house in order.

    In the 1980s there was a 2 years recession in the housing market and I took a
    substantial hit on the flat I owned to buy a house. The house is worth significantly more than what the flat would have been.

    The same applies to football. A lot of clubs have on their books what looks like
    valuable playing assets. In reality they are in the current market and impending recession worthless and costing a lot of money to maintain.

    The art is to get them off the books and reduce the cost of their wages and recruit players who are going to have better potential and cost you a lot less.

  5. Marc


    The English invented everything – it’s why everyone hates us because we’re so amazing.

    It can’t be easy for the French to constantly gaze across the channel and see perfection!

  6. That Dreamcast Kid

    we are already on our way to trim the fat so let it be then I thought in terms of experience of youth the squad is quite balanced it’s just in terms of positional prowess that we lack balance

    already adding to defense now more on midfield like some said the outgoings are bigger these days so the squad is constantly changing in personalities and chemistry within 6 months (if you’re going to be generous)

  7. China1

    Speaking of inventions I had to run a cultural event at work for an afternoon last year and decided to introduce a bit about English food, history, geography, sports, famous people, music and inventions

    I searched online to check what was British and Marc you are not far wrong haha. The list of major inventions was practically endless! Was quite proud to see so many world changing things coming off that little old island

    Damn, now I miss home… 🙁

  8. Marko

    Of course they’re credited with inventing a lot they took over half the globe way back when. Took credit for everything except potatoes and Guinness that’s ours.

  9. Sid

    “The downtown Minneapolis Target store was built with a public subsidy of $60 million. Nearby Brooklyn Park gave $22 million in tax breaks for Target’s headquarters. In 2015, the company laid off 1,700 people. Who exactly is looting whom?”

  10. Sid

    English physician Joseph Mortimer Granville invented an electric vibrator in 1883

    Im telling you for free!

  11. WengerEagle

    Mancs I’ve been talking to are literally braindead turning their nose up at Jadon Sancho for big money in favour of Grealish or grooming Daniel James/Greenwood.

    This lad is already the second best player in the Bundesliga after Lewandowski and he’s a twenty year old. He’s in a different stratosphere of talent to Grealish and only M’Bappe is comparable of those around his age.

    Elite talent, English, marketable, decade plus of prime ball ahead of him. Will be worth every penny and more of a nine figure fee.

  12. Ishola70


    |”He’s in a different stratosphere of talent to Grealish and only M’Bappe is comparable of those around his age.”

    Only comparable?

    You see both players in exactly the same bracket?

    I’d like to see Sancho strut around in the really big matches such as World Cup finals before stating that he is on the exact same level as M’Bappe let alone that M’Bappe is anywhere near comparable to him.

    As for Grealish let United have him. Thick as shit that boy as we saw in the early lockdown and tries too much stuff in dangerous areas. Talent but not a totally mature player.

  13. WengerEagle


    M’Bappe is elite and at a different level to Sancho even, was just using him as a comparison as they are both head and shoulders above anyone else their age.