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Well good morning.

Bad news at Arsenal as the sort of cuts they need to make become clear. We’re not renewing 10 scouts this June, which according to reports is about £8k a month. Minor league stuff you have say, but I guess it’s quite tough to scout right now. The club doesn’t have a lot of money, there isn’t a lot of football, and we are not in great shape financially. Good luck to the scouts, they should be proud of their work, we’re certainly producing a lot of very good local lads, hopefully, they find work fast.

We’ve signed a youth talent by the name of George Lewis. He’s coming over from Norway. His old coach had this to say on him.

“It’s been in the news over here about Arsenal but no-one really gave it much attention at first.

“I’m delighted for George, but I’m also a little surprised. He’s nearly 20 and never been near the national teams and it’s not like he’s gone off the radar here during his development.

“So it has come as a surprise, but hopefully he can do well over there if it happens.”

Hardly glowing, but I’m excited for the kid. Going from 3rd tier in Norway to Arsenal is quite the achievement.

L’Equipe are saying we’re interested in Moussa Dembele this summer. I find this sort of story hard to digest when we’re cutting costs on part-time scouts. But, there might be a grand plan if the club has found big money for Auba. For me, the need is more in the middle of the park. All our budget should go towards solving that issue. Mobility, power, height and a good range of passing would be nice.

Ryan Fraser has gone from being linked to Arsenal and Spurs… to Galatasaray. Good.

Barcelona is demanding a £10million loan fee for Coutinho and the full coverage of his wages (Or £80m). I’m glad they are playing hardball here because doing favours for agents should not be the strategy this summer. When you’re cutting player salaries, the idea that you can suddenly find money for a player that has failed to live up to the hype at two clubs would be quite a shocking display of dontgiveafuck-ery.

Hector Bellerin wants to stay at Arsenal and fight for his place. This is great news. Hopefully he can recover some of his pace, then get made captain. Guy is a natural leader, he’s a modern pro, and he could really go places with some great coaching.

Finally, Arsenal are after Adil Aouchiche, a 17 year old midfielder from PSG.

Here’s how you become THE KNOWLEDGE on him.

Have a great Friday, big love x

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  1. NEEG

    Well Well Upstate you should have carried on. 4th place is the real trophy but as I have had time to read the post and watch the video you could have broken DM’s record.

  2. Guns of SF

    Bellerin needs to be sold.
    You dont get that pace back after an injury like that.
    It was basically all he had…

  3. NEEG

    A wing back needs to be fast going forward and even faster coming back. I doubt he will ever regain the speed he had before. Tough – but that’s football.

  4. Henry Root

    The savings through the scouting cutbacks are the sort of cuts that will need to be seen all over the game . We will certainly need to cut back on our playing staff and the signing of Lewis seems as Pedro says a bit of a surprise in a position where we seem well served . What is interesting is the apparent promotion of Coyle and Smith to the first team squad.
    Key priorities-
    Strip all deadwood – Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Elneny, Holding, Mustafi , Ceballos( back to RM) , Xhaka , Lacazette, Kolasinac
    Confirm Mari
    Sell or extend Auba
    Extend Saka
    Address our midfield – Partey plus one other

  5. Upstate Gooner

    Agree with Guns as well, Bellerin needs to be sold. Xhaka is a natural leader too. So? He’s still a shite player. Bellerin can go with him. Thanks for a couple of good years but he’s never been the same since his injury, and I’m afraid he will never get back to the level he was playing at before he got injured.

  6. Globalgunner

    Henry Root. i like how you get to the Root of things. Good post and I agree with every word. Mind boggles how we can be saving 8k a month on scouts while 1 player pockets more than £1,4m in the same period.
    Bellerin is a bust. Not captain material. Why on earth would you do that. It would be so Wenger to make a crock captain and give him a 5 year contract when no one else on the planet has shown any interest in the player.
    Our midfield is low on talent and has zero goals in it, Zero. but our world class manager is going to perform wonders on Xhaka and get him to up his velocity from 10m/h to a mind boggling 12m/h. I cant wait

  7. Terraloon


    If it’s correct that future Arsenals model is going to based on youth development then the idea of cutting back on a group who it seems have unearthed significant members of the current HG players then sorry this is not the best of areas to cut first.
    I did expect cutbacks maybe in the bloated administration areas of the club but the sums being saved are so insignificant in the overall scheme of things I am surprised that this is the first area to be looked at.
    My only question is are these PAYE employees or do they work on a self employed basis. Why the interest? Well employees will inevitably have to be made redundant and with that additional costs and restrictions regarding employing scouts in the future

  8. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

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  9. Marc


    That’s why I’m a little cynical about the angle of story without more details.

    How many people do we have in the youth scouting department? How many are full time employed by the club and how many are free lance like these guys?

    There’s not enough information to make an informed judgement.

  10. Spanishdave

    The F A dates are at the end of June so maybe we can get to the first Final with no fans!
    That is going to be strange to say the least, maybe by then a small crowd allowed.
    If we can get a better right back we would get more out of Pepe.

  11. Marko

    The fear mongering about our finances because we let go of a few youth scouts is laughable when you consider OUR YOUTH DEPARTMENT SUCKS DICK has done for a long time is slowly getting addressed since Jonker fucked off I see this as more cutting of the fat. Basically a good thing. Bemoaning losing some youth scouts when the best we’ve come up with over the years is Gibbs, Wilshere, AMN and a rare talent like Saka or Balogan is silly.

    Also Adil is off to At Etienne

  12. andy1886

    “L’Equipe are saying we’re interested in Moussa Dembele this summer. I find this sort of story hard to digest when we’re cutting costs on part-time scouts.”

    Nah, according to some posting on here we’re not really skint at all. Time will tell, bet they don’t have to come back in six months time and admit that you were talking complete b*llocks.

    ITK’s = twats.

  13. Marc


    Knowing the FA and their very special level of stupid they’d be allowed a crowd of 2,000 fans and have 1 from each team in the final and the rest given to “friends” of the FA

  14. Guns of SF

    Un Nai
    Got the clippers last month from Amazon and did a pretty damn good job on this ole noggin of mine the other day.
    Went for the deadpool hairstyle.

  15. CG


    “”””””If it’s correct that future Arsenals model is going to based on youth development then the idea of cutting back on a group who it seems have unearthed significant members of the current HG players then sorry this is not the best of areas to cut first.

    I did expect cutbacks maybe in the bloated administration areas of the club but the sums being saved are so insignificant in the overall scheme of things I am surprised that this is the first area to be looked at.”””””

    Well said. And spot on.

    This is such a minuscule amount- its not even worth the time or effort to make the cull.

    All we have done is allow these ‘unsung heroes’ to tip off other clubs about the next potential superstars they might be currently unearthing.

    One could actual argue – if these scouts are on such a paltry amount – why we don’t employ more of them?

    Someone, somewhere , at some time scouted Saha- and he will make the club millions ultimately.

    No, this is a political and strategic decision and certainly not a cost saving one.

    Tubby Raul , once again building up his powerbase.

    I am just surprised some of the more enlightened contributors on here, can not see it.

  16. CG

    Hard to aspire to a Dortmund type model- if we take an axe to the lowly paid youth scouts.

    Are we now solely reliant on Raul’s Contact book?

    Even the away kit is weeping tears of blood, with the way this club is going.

  17. Dissenter

    The US just pulled out the WHO
    Eff me, this is make China Great Again on steroids.
    Any country that relies on Trump’s America deserves to be utterly fu*ked.

  18. Marko

    Letting go underperforming youth scouts equals another power play by Don Raul. It makes sense. Shame because we miss out on the opportunity to pick up another Thomas Eisfeld or Amaury Bischoff or what was the name of that LB we picked up from the lower leagues who we couldn’t get rid of. Damn shame we’re missing out on those kind of pickups

  19. JJ

    Never understood the Bellerin love in. He is (was) fast but never a great defender or in attack. He is short and is a poor crosser of the ball. Constantly caught out of position (bombing forward when not necessary) and has zero physical attributes.

  20. Marc


    “Has anyone else got crazy lockdown hair?”

    Last time my hair was this long was back in the Holy Land and the Roman’s nailed me to a fucking tree.

    If it keeps up like this I’ll end up going full hippy- being tolerant and nice to people, thinking Scousers should be given a quick death and Jeremy Corbyn had some sound economic polices.


  21. Marc


    Mate – I’m still waiting for it to be announced that “Trump for President” is the biggest practical joke ever played. It staggers me you guy’s elected him.

    It staggers me even further that out of a population of over 300 million the best you can put up against him is Joe Biden.

    Remind me to tell you about the conversation I had with a west coast Democrat lawyer in the Tolly before the 2016 election one day.

  22. bennydevito

    Evening Grovers,

    Good post Pedro.

    I find it very odd and contradictory that we want to focus on developing youth and our own players yet we’ve binned off a load of scouts. Relying on championship manager to predict the latest hot prospects is a bit of a risk.

    Our first game back against City might not be that bad. It’s going to be at a neutral ground to orev home fan gatherings and City are out of the title race and could be out of Europe too so have nothing to play for, whereas it’s the opposite for us, bar the title race of course.

  23. Dissenter

    You have a bloated estimation of Boris Johnson if you think he’s any more qualified than Biden. Biden is more experienced that anything Boris can ever be.
    I bet you know as much of Biden like thinking Bill Clinton was a leftist.

    I want the government out my life so I don’t care about excitement in voting.
    So long as the next president doesn’t issue 3am tweets everyday, doesn’t spend all his time golfing, doesn’t feel the need to burn all of America’s alliances while costing up to dictators …Then I’ll be fine with Biden even though I hate his party,

    You do know that these world leaders like Johnson all privately laugh at Trump’s buffoonery, right?
    What good does pulling out of the WHO serve, except for accelerating China’s role a a global actor.

  24. Northbanker

    Absolute disgrace that we’re getting rid of 10 scouts unless they’re not very good. If however its true they discovered Nelson and Saka then you must question the club’s sanity. How short-sighted is this?

  25. izzo

    lol Nelson is trash. Saka is the real deal here. The scouts being let go is a good thing.Do we even need scouts in this age of social media?

  26. China1

    Lol Pedro where is the evidence of Bellerin being a natural born leader outside of not caring that people judge him for liking fashion?

    It’s not even clear if he’s really good enough to play first choice for arsenal long term, he’s not been a stand out leader on the pitch at any point to date so far.

    I know you think he’s cool but there needs to be better criteria for captain material than that surely!

  27. Aussie Gooner


    Got the Stones reference!

    The cuts to the scouting budget is just a smoke screen to cover the money haemorrhaging out of the club in other areas. There appears to be no proper financial control over some departments and many have empire built under the Krankies. The club never used to be run as a business per se. There were never these competing departments that are essentially working against each other. This is what happens when you apply strict business principles to what is essentially an organic organisation.

    George Lewis is just to placate the despot sponsors and will never see the light of day in the first team. There have been many before him, Inamoto springs to mind.

  28. Aussie Gooner

    The hierarchical management structure at Arsenal allows managers to rise to the level of their own incompetence. The grey suited board members at the club are merely window dressing and an operational requirement. They have no governance and/or equity in the club, consequently they drive a rudderless ship.

    Keswick will not be missed, his contribution has always been minimal. Although we laugh at Chelski, in fact Arsenal are fast becoming a model of an Oligarch regime. Gone are the days when board members had equity in the club, passion for the club or integral management skills/connections , providing leadership to the directorate.

  29. Aussie Gooner

    Can someone in the USA please explain to me how a policeman can murder an innocent civilian in broad daylight and only be charged with 3rd degree murder? Not even a rookie cop would be unaware of the dangers of positional asphyxiation on a restrained person, let alone an experienced officer. This would surely be classified as premeditated given the requisite job knowledge?

    It is drummed into you at every academy that deals with restraint techniques in the developed world. In fact I had my annual refresher training yesterday – an 8 hour event in order to be considered competent to restrain offenders.

    Or am I missing something here?

  30. Moray

    I would think a lot of scouting these days is more about looking at numbers and spreadsheets, data and predictive analytics.

    The era of the old guy in the Camel coat and a cigar in the stands spotting the next Roy Keane Is Long gone.

    I would imagine our actions with our scouting network are in support of modernising our approach. If not, and we are outsourcing our scouting to a set of Super agents then heads should roll.

  31. China1

    aussie yeah it’s mad.

    America always views itself at some higher level than the rest of the world but with such frequently reported cases of police brutality (usually met with little more than a tap on the wrist and some paid time off to wait until it blows over), then you have the frequent mass shootings, particularly in schools, the horrendously high murder rate in many cities, the astronomically overpriced health care system, the opiate epidemic, we could go on forever

    China has its own well publicized, major issues including this pandemic, but it would be nice if in light of how many massive issues America has, if the country would be a little more humble sometimes.

    Nothing garners a global eye roll more than footage of people chanting USA, USA

  32. CG


    “”””Absolute disgrace that we’re getting rid of 10 scouts unless they’re not very good. If however its true they discovered Nelson and Saka then”””‘

    And Smith Rowe.
    And AMN.

    So they have already paid back their salaries and expenses a few times over.

    We spend circa £20 million on Luiz for 10 months and now begrudge paying a handful of scouts who could be unearthing the next gem( to avoid paying the likes of David Luiz £150 000 a week) £800 PER MONTH!!

    Other clubs must scratch their heads and wonder what on earth is happening to the club.

    But we will never get any answers from anyone .

    Because no talks, does a press conferences or explains anything.

    Post Wenger – all press releases now.
    No accountability whatsoever.

    Taking us for fools.

  33. Emiratesstroller

    The acquisition of George Lewis is a no risk transfer, because he arrives on a Bosman and will play in the U23 Squad.

    I suspect that he is on a 2 year contract with a basic salary paid to Academy

    If he turns out to be a genius he will be elevated to First Team Squad. If not I am pretty sure that he will be loaned out to some 4th level club until his contract expires.

    Currently there are at least six wingers in the club who are probably ahead of
    him in the queue with higher expectations.

  34. Terraloon


    Even if he arrives on a Bosman being the age he is it’s highly likely that Training Compensation and or a solidarity payment is going to have to be paid.

    Ok we aren’t talking about millions but the probability is it will be a hundred thousand k or so

  35. Terraloon


    The scouts that have been let go aren’t the ones who will be out there travelling the world looking at multi million players coming in or indeed will these scouts be panning over spreadsheets or performance data.
    The scouts that have been let go will be the ones that turn up on a Saturday watching 8 year olds or the like or going to watch other academies seeing if they see something in a player and who knows they might just pick up a teenager who has their association terminated such as Nketiah who was let go by Chelsea after 7 years with them.
    In the short term you won’t miss these scouts but in a year or so then it’s possible/ probable you will

  36. Northbanker

    CG – we’re not always in agreement on all matters AFC but here bang on the nail. I feel completely exasperated by this news and just hope there is a bigger plan, but deep down know it is simply down to shite directors who are clueless.

  37. Northbanker

    Given where the club is at the moment with rebuilding, we should have been doing the exact opposite and doubling the number of scouts.

  38. CG


    “”””In the short term you won’t miss these scouts but in a year or so then it’s possible/ probable you will”””””

    It will be probably be ever longer than that

    Maybe 5 years.

    2 examples .

    Iwobi was in at Arsenal at 9 years of age.
    One of these lowly paid unsung heroes scouted him at some stage.

    He went on to make the club £40 million.

    Saka was in at Arsenal at 7 years of age?.
    One of these scouts handled him.

    He should make the club millions too.

    These dopes we have in charge make bad decisions on a weekly basis – but for sheer basic common sense and incompetence this one , is the most striking.

    They have no idea ,what Arsenal FC is all about.

  39. Graham62

    There is a part of me that actually agrees with CG on this😩.

    My main gripe though, and has been for years, is that those folk entrusted in leading us forward as a club have failed.

    Whether it’s SK/Josh/ The Board/ Wenger/Gazidis/ The new regime, there seems to be a monumental fault in the process.

    They keep harping on about “values” but what they show is a complete lack of understanding and knowledge of what is needed to make the club a success.

    Go back to 2006, when we moved to our plush new stadium. Remember the excitement we all felt? Remember the hope and anticipation we all felt. Our club was going to compete with the elite on a consistent basis. We were going to attract the best players. The club was going places.

    Well here we are fourteen years later and where do we stand? What has happened to this positive and proactive process that was promised to us all those years back?

    My take on it all is simple. Arsenal, as a club/business and as an institution don’t work as a team. It’s each man to his own. All in it for there own selfish needs. From the owner( who doesn’t give a fcuk) to the board and the executives and yes, to the manager, know one really understands what is needed to make things work.

    The fact that we are terminating the services of the smaller people says a great deal about the way the club is run and has been ever since we moved away from Highbury.

    Yep, we’ve lost far more than our soul.

  40. Northbanker

    On the point of Luiz, I’m not sure why we think we’re any worse off now cos of this news
    We knew we would never get resale value on him whether a 1 or 2 yr contract
    This way we offload his wages a year earlier, arguably he did what he came to do and plugged a hole asa stopgap and did it quite well in the end
    And the signing of Mari makes a lot more sense in the light of the contract news although I gather Saliba also plays left CB

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Leaving aside the financial considerations of CV there have been longterm concerns about our Academy Programme prior to Mertesacker being appointed Academy Manager.

    I would remind those expressing concerns about the scouts being laid off that
    Steve Morrow the Senior Scout was laid off some time ago and there have been material changes to the Academy Programme as well.

    The reality is that the Academy rather like the First Team Staffing has been grossly over bloated for a very long time. That was a criticism brought to my
    attention at least 2 years ago before Wenger departed.

    If you look at the set up at Liverpool it is much leaner than ours.

  42. Thank you and goodnight.

    We should just wake up to the fact that under kroenke we’ve gone from being the 2/,3rd best team in England to being nothing other than a mediocre Premier league team. And as the stats show, but for Aub’s goals, we would have been relegated by now over last few seasons. We are the new West ham of London now. Absolutely shocking how far the club have fallen under the kroenkes.

  43. CG


    “”””From the owner( who doesn’t give a fcuk)””””

    And that’s why we fail and thats why we will continue to fail.

    You can have the likes of ES come on here and spout the usual KSE party line.

    (How Stan loves lapdogs like good old ES)

    But until you get owners that actually want to Win and Win again and not use the club solely as an investment vehicle – we ain’t going nowhere except forever in a downward spiral.

  44. Sid

    Decending into a failed state/institution is easier than building it to a successful one, its patching up one crack after another,
    its official the land of the free is in the Europa league and domestically hovering above relegation,
    the protagonist is threatening twitter, WHO etc Saucy president needed

    You heard it here 1st!

  45. Thank you and goodnight.

    As for Arteta, nice guy but time will show, of this I’m certain, that he is not a W/c manager nor will he ever be. Football history is littered with no2’s who never made the cut as a manager. Carlos queroz, Sammy Lee, Brian Kidd, and I’m sure people know of more failed no2′,s than successes. The only reason we ended up with Arteta was to placate a few fans. Fact is no manager of any note would come to a sinking club like Arsenal who show or make no attempt to restore the club to its rightful place in the top tier of the English game. Why would Allegri or ancellotti or any good manager come to a club that are in disarray from top to bottom. It’s a shocking indictment of how bad we are that someone like Ancellotti would prefer Everton to Arsenal. Years ago the top managers would of begged to have come to Arsenal. Piss poor from us it really is.

  46. Valentin

    The release of 10 youth scouts for saving £8000 per month for 2~3 months is the clearest show that we are lead by beta executives.
    The Peter principle is in full display. Vinay and Raul have reached their limits, so they toiled at the edge, afraid of making bold decisions.
    I worked for an investment bank which was hemorrhaging money. The new managing director announced that he was going to make some cost cutting decision. After some push back by the different heads of desks, he backed off. Not wanting to have completely capitulated, he announced a big change. The internal mail distribution service was going to be closed down.
    So now instead of having your mail dropped at your desk, you were going to receive an email letting you know that you have mail waiting for you at the post office.
    Of course you had no idea if the mail was just junk mail or if it was the very important client contract you were waiting for. So you then had to go to the post office, queue, show your badge and pick up your mail.
    Six months in, our beta manager calls an external business consulting team. They spend reviewing every single ones of our processes. Their big recommendation: open a mail distribution service. Having 10 loafers running around was cost effective than having traders, VPs, directors spending time queuing for their mail. Their last recommendation: sack the beta manager.
    Arsenal is exactly in the same point. Sacking youth team scouts looks like a good financial move, but everybody can see that in the long run it is a bad move. The immediate financial saving do not stack when compared with the benefice of finding 1 youth team player making the grade.

  47. Northbanker

    Ancelotti would have jumped at the chance to manage Arsenal and not end up at Everton
    WE didn’t want him

  48. Emiratesstroller


    You are a prize prat.

    You keep on criticising Kroenke and the coaching set up now in place, but the
    reality is that Arsenal’s decline occurred a long time before Kroenke became
    the owner of the club.

    The idea that Arsenal needed a “sugar daddy” came from David Dein. For the
    record he misled both Board and Kroenke, which is why he was given sack.

    I have never been a fan of Kroenke primarily because he is a “distant” landlord
    with limited knowledge of football. On the other hand I would have been even
    more opposed to Usmanov taking over the club. There are enough sleaze bags
    elsewhere in World Football.

    Whatever you may think of Kroenke he is at least attempting to put the house
    in order since he became the owner of the club.

    He is getting some decisions wrong, but I don’t disagree with the fundamentals of what he is attempting to do.

  49. Thank you and goodnight.

    Ancellotti might be a so called yesterday man, but I guarantee come the end of arteta’s managerial career, Ancellotti will be the one with a better CV . I’ve seen nothing in Arteta’s time in charge at Arsenal that has made me think we’ve got the right guy. They might run around a bit more than under Emery, but they’re still making the same amateur mistakes as we have been for years now

  50. Graham62


    I think you’re hitting your head against a brick wall with this one. CG will never accept that things were going pear shape before Stan came on the scene.

    The thing is, I wonder where we would be right now if Usmanov had taken over.

    I sense we would have been Wengerless long before 2018.

  51. Marc


    Yeah but no one talks about what their manager won at other clubs – If Ancellotti isn’t going to win things at Arsenal I don’t care what his CV says.

  52. CG


    “”””You keep on criticising Kroenke and the coaching set up now in place,””””

    Yes because they are linked.

    Stan allowed Emery to become our manager- when no other owner would have sanctioned it.

    He is now allowing an inexperienced but talented no.2 to be our’ manager ‘ when an experienced and proven one should be installed.

    As Thank You and Goodnight has stated.

    What serious club would install Arteta if they actually wanted to win trophies.?

    Anyway- dont know why you attend fixtures or post on here.

    Results dont matter to you.

  53. Marc


    It’s to early to say – you can’t him until he’s had a chance to build a squad of his choosing not what he inherited.

    I will say his decision to persuade Xhaka to stay is looking worse by the day though.

  54. Thank you and goodnight.

    I like Arteta and I wish nothing more than to see him make a success. But in my opinion the gig was to big for a rookie manager. The club is in disarray from top to bottom and asking a rookie coach with very limited finances to put us back amongst the elite, is a job to far too big for a newbie. The squad is a fucking shambles, ageing players on big salaries, youngsters not good enough. Our youth set up is just as bad. Hell even pep and klopp combined would struggle to make anything out of this squad.

  55. Marc


    ” dont know why you attend fixtures or post on here.”

    Er well OK you hardly ever attend matches in fact you tell others they shouldn’t, you hate the owners, the fans, the management, the club and any player who wasn’t bought by Wenger.

    Why do you post on here?

  56. Thank you and goodnight.

    I’d have more faith if we knew the club would back Arteta financially no matter what. But as we’ve been told for years, since we left Highbury, we are supposedly skint. So moving to a new home that supposedly was to see us competing with the big boys , the reverse has happened and we’re worse off than ever before.

  57. Emiratesstroller


    Kroenke was not the owner of the club when Emery was appointed. He was
    the majority shareholder.Yes I agree Emery was the wrong choice, but the
    decision was made by Gazidis the CEO.

    What exactly was the experience of Wenger when he was appointed Manager?

    He was an unknown and some might argue his credentials were far less impressive than those of Arteta. He managed Monaco and an obscure club in Japan!

    For the record Arteta has not been appointed Manager. He is Head Coach and
    well suited to the job.

  58. Spanishdave

    If we had a owner who is a real football fan and loved Arsenal we would go forwards and upwards.
    The Kronkes are in for the asset and property value and as long as it generates growth in their portfolio it good enough for them.
    They are not interested in the day to day problems just the bottom line.
    We are just drifting along .

  59. Thank you and goodnight.

    Take our defence for example, our best defender has been a young boy who’s filling in at left back but is really a winger. Most of our defenders would struggle to make any of the other squads in the top 10 of the premier League. David Luiz, not good enough for Chelsea, so we snap him up. Mustafi, a player who flopped at Everton when they were worse than now, we sign him up. Sokratis, not wanted by Dortmund, we sign him up. Soares, can hardly make a piss poor Southampton team who leaked 9 goals against Leicester , yet we sign him up INJURED. Our recruitment policy has been a shambles for years now. I just feel the job is to big for a rookie coach. Hope I’m wrong.

  60. Marc


    Our problem isn’t that we haven’t spent money it’s that we spent money very badly – most of this is down to Wenger and / or Gazidis.

    Xhaka – £35 million
    Mustafi – £35 million
    Laca £50 million
    Kolas – £100k per week
    Ozil – £350k per week
    Sanchez – turning down £60 million and then swapping him for Miki on a crazy salary
    Not tying Ramsey down to a new contract 2 years before he left.

  61. CG

    Thank u and good night

    “”” But in my opinion the gig was to big for a rookie manager. The club is in disarray from top to bottom and asking a rookie coach with very limited finances to put us back amongst the elite, is a job to far too big for a newbie. “””

    Well analysed.

    Arteta actually made much more sense first time around.

    But second time around- it did not.

    This time you needed a proven Premier league manager who has earned his stripes

    And will stand up to Raul and Edus nonsense.
    Demand more from the owners.
    Demand more from the players.
    Someone who is a natural leader.

    Sean Dyche is perfect for Arsenal 2020.

    ( ironically Dyche was not perfect for Arsenal first time) but my golly he is now.

  62. Terraloon


    Morrow was real easy at the end of 2019 alongside a number of scouts.

    The flaw in your take of things is if the latest round of job cuts had come about as part of a restructuring then why have Arsenal said that if academy football resumes in September then they will be offered new terms?

    Like the David Luiz debacle this is cutting outgoings now.

  63. Thank you and goodnight.


    Oh I agree, you’re right their. We have pissed money away on far to many average players. The premier League is one of the fastest and hardest leagues in the world, where speed and speed of thought is a Biggie. So who in their right mind would of looked at xhaka, who has the pace of a cripple in a wheelchair, and thought he’d make a good fit for Arsenal. He can’t tackle, can’t beat players, constantly error prone, yet we made him captain. Madness.

  64. Emiratesstroller



    I do have some knowledge of Usmanov’s background, which I will not repeat on here. However, there are some facts, which are well known:

    1. The Board under Danny Fiszman refused to appoint him a Director despite
    the size of his shareholding. That puts him in the same category as Roger Levitt who owned almost 25% of shares in Arsenal and was subsequently convicted of fraud.

    2. Danny Fiszman on his dying bed had to make a decision on who to sell his
    shares to. He considered it in the best interest of club to sell them to Kroenke
    rather than Usmanov.

    3. Usmanov’s primary wish was to be appointed to the Board of IOC. That has been resisted.

  65. Graham62

    My ideal choice after Wenger would have been Ancelotti.

    We needed someone with his expertise, personality and temperament to take the reigns, lead the club forward and point out, in no uncertain terms, the inadequacies that exist at the club.

    I am convinced he would have been the ideal manager to lead the team forward and ruffle a few feathers, both on and off the pitch.

    That’s probably why they never considered hiring him.

    I’m happy though we now have Arteta.

  66. Emiratesstroller


    1. Arsenal committed to paying its entire staff until 31st May.

    2. The review of Academy has been ongoing over last 2 years as Mertesacker
    has pointed out.

    3. I do not know the answer to the point you make about reappointment of
    scouts, but I do know that Arsenal’s staffing generally is grossly bloated.
    I am willing to bet that there will be other lay offs. Most businesses in this
    country are reviewing their staffing requirements so why should Arsenal be

  67. Terraloon


    My issue is more about how when Arsenal sign a player who turns out to be a dud they don’t seem to be able to make a decision quick enough in terms of realising he just isn’t up to it and then taking action to either move the player on or loan them out.

    I know that the resources aren’t the same as at a few clubs but there way more than at most ( post Covid they were )

    Persevering with at best mediocre players even to the extent of extending contracts smacks of total incompetence

  68. Emiratesstroller


    One of the major criticisms of the Academy Programme was that recruitment and coaching of their teams’ defences mirrored that of the first team.

    It was brittle and whenever I watched games [admittedly] not in the flesh against the likes of Chelsea we were consistently overrun.

    I watched some extracts of recent U23 games against Everton and Derby. The
    defence looked just as bad.

  69. Terraloon


    1. Except the players and coaching staff will now see their pay fall. No other club has done this in the PL. ok they are probably way overpaid but that fact can not be denied

    2./3 . Of course clubs will be looking to reduce staffing costs. But your initial take on this seemed to me as being part of the plan to restructure the academy when the evidence to me suggests that is purely about cost cutting with little regard to the impact
    Now I am not anti cost cutting and cutting some of the bloated fat makes perfect sense but rid of and then suggesting if conditions are right they will be taken back on coaches who it seems have earned their corn seems far from well thought out.

    I can’t find the article but it was suggested that the players only agreed to take the pay cut after certain reassurances one of them being that no staff would be laid off . Hence why I asked the question yesterday about the employment stasis of these individuals.

  70. Thank you and goodnight.

    It’s like this new kiddie we’ve just signed. Again hopefully he’ll prove me wrong, but fact noone went near him apart from us, or the fact his old club were shocked we signed him says it all. He might be a freebie but we’ll still be paying him a decent wage that could go on better players. I know people will point out to fact that martinelli was plying his trade in the lower leagues , but let’s be honest here, I doubt Brazilian lower league teams are as bad as Norwegian lower tiers.

  71. Terraloon


    That may well be the case but the majority of youth players turn up before they are 10. These scouts will have identified them in their droves.
    The academy takes responsibility for terrible coaching and alongside that telling the youngsters thanks but you aren’t going to make it

  72. Emiratesstroller


    I think that there will be a review of the entire staff at Arsenal and not just the

    For the record I have maintained for some time that our first team squad and
    coaching staff is also bloated.

    Josh Kroenke has also made the case about the club’s wage bill.

  73. Marc


    You missed something off about Usmanov – as soon as he acquired his shares he complained that there was no dividend payout.

    For all the talk about how he would have pumped money onto the club the only action I ever saw was him complaining he couldn’t take money out.

  74. Terraloon

    Thank you

    As I pointed out earlier is that whilst there isn’t a fee there almost certainly will be compensation of at least £100k paid out even though he is out of 20 Training compensation

    Here’s FIFA rules on such matters

    Training compensation shall be paid to a player’s training club(s): (1) when
    a player is registered for the first time as a professional, and (2) each time a professional is transferred until the end of the season of his 23rd birthday. The obligation to pay training compensation arises whether the transfer takes place during or at the end of the player’s contract.

  75. Marc


    It seems to be something we are slowly addressing but it’s not easy to move on a player who’s on wages that won’t be matched anywhere else.

  76. Marc

    Does anyone know how many youth scouts we had before the “10” were laid off?

    Have we got rid of all of them or have we laid off 10 out of 30?

  77. Terraloon


    And yet Chelsea do it time after time often not just getting the fee back but often making a profit

  78. Thank you and goodnight.


    Exactly, money spent on a nobody again. We’ve farted away way too much money over the last 10 years on some really really poor signings. For Josh kroenke to comment about the bloated wage bill at the club makes me laugh as it’s happened on their watch.

  79. Terraloon


    Ok it’s 12 years ago but this article is interesting.

    My guess is that other than the full time scouts they have probably let go most if not all the UK scouts. That is the ones that go looking at 8-13 year olds and probably the ones that turn up at other clubs academy games.

    I know through a friend if a friend an ex WHU scout . I know when he was working he covered 5 counties.

  80. Moray

    “ Hence why I asked the question yesterday about the employment stasis of these individuals.” good point, Teraloon,
    And I remember something similar. It would suggest the guys let go were working in some freelance or contract capacity?

    There does need to be some rebalancing between player salaries/contracts and regular employees, though it’s hard to know who gets to put that particular horse back in the stable.

  81. Freddie Ljungberg

    I don’t get the uproar, all of the 10 that were “let go” were out of contract, we didn’t fire them, we just didn’t renew but might hire them again if junior football resumes, they were part timers before anyway.

    Our culling of the bloated wage bill won’t be done until next summer when the biggest freeloader leaves, hopefully some others leave this year, but so bad was our recruitment and wage policy under Wenger that it’s a 3 year project to clean the mess up. At least we’re almost at the end of it and then we can start seeing real improvements without any wasters holding us back on the pitch and economically.

    Barca apparently wants a €10m loan fee and a commitment to buy for €70m for Coutinho so hopefully we can forget about that now, not worth anything close to that.

  82. Sid

    ESR will not make it at arsenal, Nelson will not come close to Walcot levels, he’s at best a benchwarmer.
    Arteta is another meek lamb, best as a deputy to Pep, lacks that spark that klopp, wenger, Heynkes, Mourinho(hate to say it) have.
    Lampard isnt great but he has more longstuff than Arteta

    You heard it here 1st

  83. Emiratesstroller


    I missed a lot of things off about Usmanov.

    I am sure that the Board were advised not to pay a Dividend. This is why they paid a consultancy fee to Kroenke’s Company.

    Usmanov discovered eventually that there was no prospect of him getting a
    seat on Board, being paid a Dividend or acquiring control or ownership of the
    Club. He also attempted to lend money to the club and that was also declined.

  84. Freddie Ljungberg

    Mavropanos injured in bundesliga 2 again. I hope we’re not banking on him next season in any capacity. Wouldn’t even have him as a backup when he can’t string 2 games together without breaking down.

  85. Graham62


    Arteta doesn’t come across as “ a meek lamb”

    On the contrary, he seems to have that look that says ‘mess me around at your peril’.

    Time will tell.

  86. China1

    ET you say Danny has to make a decision on his death bed who to sell his shares to out of Stan and usmanov

    I’m genuinely curious about this – he didn’t have a choice to not sell? Could he not have entrusted them to a relative (or sold them to a relative for £1)?

    I don’t know anything about the above but it seems very odd that a man on their death bed would need to rush to make financial decisions that surely will make no difference to them in the afterlife and they can surely leave that decision and responsibility to a trustee.

    It’s not a life or death decision if you know what I mean

  87. Wasi

    A high tier journalist says we have made contact with Lyon for Moussa Dembele.
    Would be a good signing if we sell Auba / Laca imo.
    Who would you guys prefer?
    Dembele or Odouard.

  88. Marc


    If he sold his shares that were worth say £50 million for a £1 to a relative they’d get a £20 million inheritance tax bill.

  89. Terraloon


    Danny F owned 25% of the shares. He sold two small tranches to Kronke and as ES on his death bed he sold the balance of his shares , around 17% to Kronke.

  90. Marc


    I’m not an accountant but the Inheritance tax rate is 40% of an estate over circa £400k.

    If you could sell / transfer items below market value no one would ever pay any inheritance tax.

  91. Emiratesstroller

    China 1/Marc

    Fiszman did not live in UK. He was resident in Switzerland. I think that both his children may also have been abroad at time of his death as well, but I may be wrong.

  92. Valentin

    For those still arguing that the UK government has been a beacon of competence, the FT that renowned leftie ragsheet has published a scathing indictment of the number of deaths in the UK due to the dithering of our politicians.

    I do expect the conservatives newspapers to wait for the end of Corona virus crisis to start baying for our supremely incompetent buffoon PM head, but they are really preparing their argument against him.
    Once BREXIT done, all bets are off with regards to his premiership tenure survival.

  93. Valentin


    If you sell items below market value, you have to prove that do not sell to anybody related to you and therefore defrauding the government and the inheritance tax revenue.
    If you sell because you want to defraud your own wife and/or children, then they can sue you. However in most cases the judge sides with you. After all it’s your money and if you want to burn it, then so be it.

  94. Valentin

    Lyon’s Moussa Dembele formerly of Fulham and Celtic is a big no for me. Decent striker but will never be an elite striker.
    For the price that Lyon will demand, we can have better and/or with more potential.

  95. izzo

    TYAGN is telling the truth. You all are in denial. The club from top to bottom are still making the same mistakes on and off the pitch. Arteta playing Xhaka, Ozil and Mustafi just cemented it would be more of the same. Its no surprise he will roll out with these same players next season while we’re all arguing over players we’ll never get to progress. If Arteta didn’t offer a clean slate to those wasters and played the youth I would’ve had more hope about him and the future. Nothing has changed so far and everything is pointing to more of the same. Actions speak louder than words. he can carry on speaking perfect English while you all drool over his hair and past affiliation with Pep and Man City but what happens on the pitch is all I give a fuck about.