FOOTBALL IS BACK, but first game is a downer

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What a fucking day, lads, ladies, geezers.

Sir Chips is out at Arsenal. He’s resigned his Chairmanship. According to Tim Payton, he was #WengerOut early, and also first to recognise that Unai Emery was a chancer. Didn’t make a difference, because his role was ceremonial. Now he’s gone. Arsenal is Raul’s, because Josh isn’t about.

Sad times. Would be nice if someone was at the club keeping an eye on how things are run. Great clubs have clear structures. They have CEOs that hold people accountable. Where is that at Arsenal? We’re signing 34-year-olds, spending £20m on them, then losing them on frees? Who is asking questions about that?

Moving on.

Arsenal is kickstarting the new season against Manchester City away. It’s our punishment for basically locking down the game after Arteta cunningly took one for the team so he could whip the players into shape.

I am a little scared about that match, but hey, who wouldn’t be scared of a fully fit Pep G side? At least we’ll be fully fit and raring to go.

Footyheadlines have leaked the second kit.

Some are saying this looks like raspberry icecream. Some others, are saying it looks lightly blood-soaked. I thought it looked like a training kit. I shan’t bag on it until I see how it looks on a player, but it’s a bit training kittish? That said, don’t be the type that complains we’re doing untraditional things with our kits. That’s design baby. You don’t get to iconic if you never move things forward. The bruised banana was not traditional. The gold kit was a curveball. The hooped socks were pure genius. I like it when we take a chance… unless it’s a navy blue kit. They are always so fucking boring.

Anyway, still grateful every day about having Adidas as our maker.

This is the home shirt.

Again, a bit of a risk with the pattern and the deeper red, but not bad.

The patterns are inspired by this kit from the early 90s. This is one of the first shirts I was bought that I remember. I think I had the green keeper jersey as well.

I climbed a damson tree wearing it and was introduced to ‘bobbling’, that things that happen when nylon pulls. I was utterly devastated. Since then, I have never climbed a tree and I actively cheer rainforest destruction. That was a joke, Karen.

Finally, keep an eye on this Akanji story. It has legs.

Right, see you in the comments. Tell me what you think about the kits or how excited you are to have football back?

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  1. Marc


    That makes no sense at all – 10 staff paid £800 per month = £8,000 per month are being laid off at the end of June but might be reemployed come 1st September.

    The club are going to save themselves the enormous sum of £16,000.

    If it is happening there is more to it than what is being told here.

  2. CG

    “”””They’re millionaires but sure makes the blood boil.”””””

    Read Rhys Nelson’ story.
    Born on the Elephant and Castle sink estate.

    Or Martinelli-from the favellas of Brazil.

    How is acceptable that they are forfeiting their cash to protect Silent Stan’ investment vehicle?

    A Reminder ,Silent Stans wealth has actually increased during this pandemic.

  3. Terraloon

    It makes even less ensue with Brexit and the changes to bringing in non English /Welsh players nor the fact that the scouting system went through a re structure only in November when another batch of scouts were released including Steve Morrow.

  4. Uwot?

    Sir chips steps down some fans clamouring for you know prefer a double D.Club or wenger never the same when he was shipped out.Redemption I tell you😀

  5. DigitalBob

    The new home kit looks great, away kit not so much, but its not terrible.

    In regards to the David Luiz situation, on the pitch he won’t be missed. but apparently he’s a great dressing room presence so hopefully that doesn’t become an issue somewhere down the line.

    Financially it was a shit deal but we all knew that the moment it was announced so going for a free is what it is.

    I’d also get Mustafi and Papa off the payroll before Holding but it looks like he’ll be out before both which is a shame.

  6. Emiratesstroller

    First of all Arsenal announced that they would continue to pay all salaries at the club until 31st May and then review situation.

    So offloading some personnel at that date is not altogether surprising in the present circumstances.

    Second Arsenal will I am sure be reviewing all contracts of players as well. A
    decision not to renew Luiz contract may well be part of the process. Yes we
    spent money on his transfer and his wages this season, but the decision not
    to renew may well be taken to cut cost rather than on grounds of performance.

    I made the point some time ago that I did not believe that Arsenal would need
    a squad of 25 players particularly if they did not qualify for Europe. I would have thought we could operate with 22. Also as has been discussed many times
    we don’t need 8 CBs.

  7. Bob N16


    I think you may be right about Luiz – it’s a straightforward cost-cutting decision. He did look a player again for Arteta but we have too many CBs and it’s easier to get rid of him than anybody else (Mari would be too but, wages and age are in his favour).

  8. Santan

    “Has anyone else got crazy lockdown hair?”

    Shaved my head at the start of lockdown so i’m good. Nobody even saw my egghead cuz i was on lockdown