Ceballos slips

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Dani Ceballos, what is he good for? Top knots and revealing too much in interviews.

“We are going to start a week late with respect to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12, and we are going to start the league on the 20th.”

You bloody doughnut, but the good news? Football is coming home in a month. Just in time for my birthday. Written in the stars that my gift this year is an Arsenal top 4.

In the ‘Thomas Partey Linked To Arsenal’ latest, there are some weird stories going around, mostly driven by Ghanaian media, who all seem to want him to go to the Premier League and emulate midfield powerhouse Michael Essien (gutted we missed out on him back in the day). I like that we have a nation-state pushing this deal.

There are also ITK like rumours that Arsenal are negotiating with Partey’s entourage. This is all starting to smell a little bit like the Nicolas Pepe story. No one wanted to touch the Ivorian because he was overpriced and had a group of people asking for huge fees. I can’t imagine we’re not in a similar situation of murkiness here, hangers-on around the world are shitting their pants that Wenger is going to come down on their fees like a ton of bricks. I have my doubts Raul and Edu are in any rush to rein it in, but hey, they’ll get less outrage if it’s for Thomas Partey than they would if they threw bones to Kia on someone like Willian.

Partey would be a huge missing link for Arsenal. He’s at the perfect age as well. He’d have the experience to drive the team forward, the absolute best work ethic to inspire kids around him, and he’d be a good guidepost for some of the talented midfielders we have at the club.

Again, this is all speculative, I don’t know how we get out of our current situation in good shape, let alone consider the notion we’re going to be splurging for elite players.

Auba still hasn’t signed a deal. One of his insta stories sounded like he was waiting for something to happen there. There are stories today that PSG are waiting to pounce, having not pulled the trigger on the Icardi purchase yet. You start to wonder if Auba is going to be a victim of the pandemic. Arsenal maybe reluctant to spend big, other clubs feeling the same? Who knows. I’d love him to stay.

Right, short one today. But we have had a good week so far. 4 on the bounce. Traffic rising. FOOTBALL IS COMING BACK!


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  1. Robert Acedius

    Poor Dani. He’s like Manuel in Fawlty Towers. “I learn! I learn!” Is he from Barcelona, maybe?

  2. Marc


    From the previous post – agree on ManU being hurt in this, the Chevrolet deal was ridiculous to the point of the Marketing guy who did the deal got fired for it. It would have been difficult to replicate in normal circumstances with what’s going on it’ll be nigh on impossible.

  3. WengerEagle

    Hope to fuck that is a legit leak re season starting back, none of the bottom clubs want the season to resume (convenient) so plenty of mixed signals re the re-start, lot can happen in a month.

    Serie A is in same boat, looks like La Liga will be back June 12 at least!

  4. NJ Gooner

    I am beginning to suspect that both Auba and Laca might go in swaps.

    The product will be a younger forward line (Eddie and Martinelli) but a more resolute midfield (Partey and maybe someone pinched from Juventus, RM or Barcelona) and a young centre half to partner Saliba (Umtiti?)

    It would be a younger, more cohesive and balanced unit.

    We can only dream…..

  5. Marc


    “and a young centre half to partner Saliba” – Mari looks like he’s being lined up for that role.

    “The product will be a younger forward line (Eddie and Martinelli) ” – if you think Nketiah and Martinelli are ready to step in and score 35 or more PL goals between them then you need to lay off the sauce.

  6. Dissenter

    Imagine that we had Ramsey on 250k weekly on our books, along with Mesut Ozil on 350k weekly.
    That’s 600k weekly on two players that cannot really play together and don’t make out midfield whole. That 600k weekly can easily pay the wages of 4-5 solid midfielders.Thanks to Raul for making the necessary and tough decision to let Ramsey go.

  7. Freddie Ljungberg

    “According to Le10 Sport, the Ligue 1 giants are willing to spend up to £44m on Aubameyang, but believe they could get him for a fee as low as £37m”

    Would take either of those numbers right now, better than 0 in a year.
    Splash 25m of that on Edouard and add any money we can get for Laca to the remaining cash and get Soumare.
    Swap Torreira for Kessie or get Ibrahima Diallo/Sangare to complete the midfield base.

    Not expecting much in Cam if we can’t get rid of the black hole of creativity currently occupying that spot but hopefully ESR can step up so we’re not completely useless there.

    Anything more than this would be nice, and is probably needed but our midfield needs at least 2 new additions, it’s not even debatable. Either 2 CMs or a CM and a CAM.

    We also have to sort out our attack, Auba needs to either sign or leave, would rather we sell and invest in the future and Laca just isn’t good enough to be first choice, would much rather Martinelli was second choice than him too.

    The surplus money after shipping out some more dross like Mustafi, Mikhi, Eneny and the likes can rattle around in the piggy bank for next season or be spent on someone like Axel Disasi.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    Aubameyang is the only player on our books aged 28+ that I would be sorry to see leave.

    Finding another striker with his goalscoring ability at an affordable price will be very difficult to find.

    He is also a good football mentor for the younger players at the club

  9. Marc


    Agree – one of the reasons Wenger’s project youth failed was because we didn’t keep a small core of senior player to help guide the kids, it’d be crazy to repeat that mistake.

  10. Marc


    Spot on but it leads to another major question – why the fuck wasn’t it dealt with 2 years before hand when we could have brought in a good fee to fund a replacement.

  11. Robert Acedius

    The wet dream is: Axel Disasi, Thomas Partey and Orkun Kokcu. If we can get these three guys in this transfer window, summer 2020, I’m sure we are on the way back to the top. With William Saliba that is four new members of a Starting XI. A very good beginning.

  12. Marc


    We will not be signing any other CB’s in the summer – I reckon we’ll look to have Mari, Saliba, Luiz and Holding in the squad and unload Mustafi and Sok.

    No idea what happens to Mavropanos.

  13. azed

    “That 600k weekly can easily pay the wages of 4-5 solid midfielders”

    At 100k a week, that’s 6 midfielders.

  14. azed

    If we are signing a defender this summer, it would be a RB and that would most likely mean Bellerin is leaving.

    We have like a million CB’s and we actually have to let some go.

  15. Marc


    At £200k per week it’s 3 top quality CM’s instead we’ve got Xhaka.

    It’s obscene that we’ve got Xhaka and Mustafi pulling in almost £200k per week between them.

    Our problem isn’t actually the amount we pay out in total wages – it’s the fucking dross that means we’re not getting CL football that the wage bill demands.

  16. Guns of SF

    I agree Azed. Bellerin is a touch and go….not sure what to expect of him. He has lost a bit of pace and has not really been consistent.

    I would sell him outright if we get good offer.

    Our LB and RB need to remain healthy next season….

  17. Marc


    ManU are a basket case but what I don’t understand is Sky and BT are playing a dangerous game. If they fuck the PL over too much they could easily see retribution when the TV deals are up for grabs – if the streaming platforms are serious about getting involved this could drive the PL right into their hands.

    Of course maybe Sky and BT have decided that that’s going to happen anyway so fuck it.

  18. Marc


    So you’d sell Guendozi, Torreira want’s out, Xhaka’s worse than useless, Ceballos loan is coming to an end and Willock is still learning.

    Not sure we’d have a midfield!

  19. Trask


    Ideally it should be Sangare, Soumare, Szoboszlai and Edouard and maybe a CB the next couple of seasons, getting rid of 8-9 players

    Don’t know if that’s even remotely possible though.

  20. Freddie Ljungberg


    That would be pretty close to my ideal wishlist for the next 2 summers too.

    None of the players are excessively priced, ranging between 15m for Szoboszlai and Soumare probably the most expensive there for 30-35m, the others in the 20-25m range.

    Completely doable imo if we sell Laca, Auba and Torreira wants to move back to Italy this summer. Then we just need to get rid of some dross which would be difficult but at least 2 of the biggest ones are out of a contract next summer (Mustafi and Ozil in case someone missed that) (looking at you little P)

    Not super likely to happen maybe but if it came close it would be a remarkable turnaround from the utter garbage we had on our books just 2 years ago and well ahead of schedule. A young, hungry team, full of athleticism, skill and pace. Yes please.

  21. Jamie

    Marc –

    They’re in a right state. Makes all the clickbait surrounding their signing of Saul even more ridiculous. £70m +£200k a week for 4 years. No chance.

    They need to sell too, but all their assets are on Ozil money. In this climate, can’t see too many clubs spending a fortune on recruitment this summer.

  22. Sid

    The poster who talked about sangare, soumare, szoboslai knows his stuff.
    Partey would be a mistake, not a goal threat, not even in creating chances we can get what he offers from Dozi, not much upside and age is doubtful.

    You heard it here 1st!

  23. Tom

    I believe it was you who asked yesterday about Trumps grades and test scores – none are available of course since there’s absolutely no upside for any institution of higher learning or otherwise presenting evidence that the” leader of the free world” was a terrible student and a moron, but you might be pleased to learn that Trump aced his latest test.
    When asked whether he was tested for covid19 this morning he said he was and that he “tested positively toward negative “

  24. Freddie Ljungberg


    Yeah, we get it, the world is falling into an endless abyss that we will never be able to climb out of etc etc.

    5 positions, for about 110m (if the CB is someone like Disasi) isn’t really that crazy spanned over 2 summer windows, corona or no corona.

    We spent more than that just last year without having the sellable assets we do now with one foot out the door already. Sure, most of last summers business was staggered payments but that’s more the rule in footballing deals than the exception anyway.

    If we don’t do something about our midfield asap there’s only so much improvement we’re going to see on the pitch, most of our players there are unfit for purpose.

    You agree that we should get rid of both Auba and Laca this summer,ow is it crazy to suggest that money be spent on someone like Edouard and a dominant CM? We already have second and third choice strikers at the club lined up so we only need one striker.

  25. Marc


    For a good 3 or 4 years De Gea was not only their best player but someone who was keeping them in the top half of the table – since he got his £375k per week he’s gone down the toilet as well and there’s 5 more seasons of that deal.

    It almost makes the Sanchez deal look sensible.

  26. Spanishdave

    Torriera has been homesick all last year and strangely very injury prone, so dump him.
    Douziguen has nothing to offer, can’t shoot , doesn’t assist falls over easy.
    Midfield is a mess it’s a priority job to rebuild.
    The first transfer will set the tone and there will be player swaps as the cash is dried up.
    The one eyed man will be king this summer.

  27. Marc


    It’ll be interesting to see how creative Sanllehi can be – there’s a world of difference between “a contact’s” man” and “someone who knows how to use contacts to close a deal”.

  28. Freddie Ljungberg


    So you think we’re getting a combined 0 for Laca, Auba, Torreira, Mikhi, Elneny and the rest? Interesting but not very realistic.

    We have more than 110m in sales if we want to be ruthless. Again, I’m not saying it’s likely that we do all this in one window, or that it’s the exact players that I’ve mentioned, but I have little doubt that that’s the 5 priority positions that will be addressed in the next 2 summer windows, if it’s the players mentioned we’re probably coming out with a little bit of extra cash at the end of it and a fuckton saved in wages, especially after next summer when Mr cement boots leaves.

  29. Northbanker

    If we can move players on then we should have enough funds to buy what we need. Part ex is the way to go – Auba-Jovic; Laca-Partey

  30. Spanishdave

    Marc they have got to earn their corn this window whenever that is.
    The first transfer will set the new trend, values will certainly be lower until clubs get somewhere towards normal.
    We have a lot of average joes on high wages, somehow they need shifting..
    Exciting quality youth is not that easy to find.

  31. Marc

    I don’t know if Un’s right in the long term but certainly it’ll be the case this summer, probably next as well.

    How the fuck we get Mustafi and Xhaka off the wage bill now is beyond me – we had £21 million on the table for Xhaka FFS.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There is no way we will be buying 30m or 20m players…

    Think the Ryan Fraser and Johnstone’s stories will suffice again.

    An money made from sales will be kept in the bank for not summer
    Maybe a few swap deals…

    AUba to PSG 35m
    Laca for lemar or partley… neither any good,

    May be mikkhi we will get 8m ?
    Elnenny may get 2
    It’s Poundland arsenal.

  33. Marc


    Out of our current crop he’s the best CM we’ve got – why everyone’s so keen to sell him when we’ve got other players who are far worse I really don’t get. It’s not as if we’re talking about someone offering a shit load of cash, at best we’ll only recover what we bought him for.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Said before let’s go yoot… with a few maybe signings

    Xhara/ mattie/
    Saka/ Fraser

    Along them lines..

    Still with plenty yout coming through.

    Could be a good season a few bumpy games…

    But a foundation to build on

  35. Marc

    Just a question for those claiming the days of “silly money” are gone from football.

    Once we get over the current situation and we will get over it the TV deals are still going to be bringing in billions and crowds will return paying 45 odd quid a ticket, if the money isn’t spent on transfer fees or salaries where do you think the money will end up?

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The price of season tickets will go up b6 a jacks a game…

    They will start clewung it back .

    Put it this wY Marc in a term you will get

    Arsenal is like England… all the agents are trying to get there players over to the promised land where the streets are paved with gold..

    Arsenal like England no one leaves till they get their full value of stay .

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    One question

    Will the government stop uk based nurses n doctors pay their N I every month now that overseas won’t be charged ?

  38. Thomas

    “I agree. Pepe will be better than Salah or mane”


    Lol he has a looooong way to go because so far he’s been an expensive flop.

  39. Dominic Bonny

    Le Point report today that the 2021 version of the largest and most famed French dictionary, Larousse, will include the word “Remontada” in it, with the following definition.

    REMONTADA (in Spanish “ascent”) 1. Sports. An unexpected comeback in the score that allows a team that is losing to win a match in football, despite there having been a big gap in points/score between the two teams; by extension, an unexpected victory of a team or a player during a competition, whatever it may be. 2. Return to the fore, spectacular victory of a party or a politician, after an electoral defeat, a crossing of the desert, etc.

    The word Remontada became famous in France first in 2017, when Unai Emery’s PSG were knocked out of the Champions’ League by Barcelona, who won the 2nd leg of their Round of 16 tie, 6-1.

  40. Valentin


    Gravity always win in the end. For a few years ManUtd had been able to still make money and increase its sponsorship deals despite getting worse and worse not only in terms of results but also in term of spectacle. Unfortunately for them, COVID-19 looks like the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

    With the long term deals they are saddled with, I do expect them to have to suddenly reduce their transfer budget. As the rest of world has cottoned on the value to get the best young players early on the cheap, they will have to adapt their organisation and business model.

    I am sure that they are ready for that massive change. As their academy has been poorly run for a couple of years, they won’t even be able to rely on their own players. Sprinkling some star players on top of academy players, can only work if the academy is decent.

  41. zaco

    “Lol he has a looooong way to go because so far he’s been an expensive flop.”

    Salah was an expensive flop at Chelsea and didn’t do much at Roma but look at him now, so why do you think Pepe won’t make or surpass that level

  42. Valentin


    The era of silly money in football is gone for a few years. It may come back.

    Right now many clubs are staring at the abyss, default, bankruptcy and for some liquidation. When clubs like Burnley, Liverpool publicly state that they will run out of cash by August, that means that clubs in Italy, Spain will go under.
    Loss of revenue (gate are closed, TV deal claw back) will be translated into reduction of expenditure.
    Unless a vaccine is suddenly announced, nobody is going to sign a player at an astronomic value on a long term contract at inflated wage.
    If players who were worth £200 millions are now worth only £100 millions, then £100 millions players are worth only £55 millions and £55 millions players £30 millions etc.
    Any clubs who has paid a player’s in the last two years for top money is now unlikely to be able to recoup their money. Worse, many will show as worth less than residual accounting value. Forcing clubs to cut their budget even further or to hold on onto those players. So for financial reason and accounting reason those players may be loaned, but they are unlikely to be sold.

  43. Valentin


    Salah was not an expensive flop at Chelsea. Chelsea made money on him between the loan fee and the price reduction they received on Cuadrado. He did not fail, Mourinho did not fancy him because he had Hazard and Willian as starter.
    The grumpy one has a long history of not liking flair players: Kevin DeBruyne, anyone.

  44. Marc


    “Unless a vaccine is suddenly announced”

    There’s a huge amount of research and investment being put into a vaccine – AstraZeneca already have orders for 400 million doses of the Oxford vaccine and are ramping up production to be able to produce over a billion doses.

    Fact is if Burnley go under no one will give a fuck – they’re a tiny club who lucked into the PL and managed to stay there. There are clubs with real histories who have dropped out of the top division and are still about. Burnley will be easily replaced, if Liverpool are in that much shit they should have been run better but someone will buy them out.

    This is a blip – you need to think more long term.

  45. zaco

    if he was good at the time he was at Chelsea do you think Mouriho woul have ignored him? the fact remains that he wasn’t living up to expectation and so did make Mourinhos team as Mourinho.
    KDB was young and had many top players ahead of him, he didn’t leave Chelsea and walk straight into Man City team, he spend a year or two in German became mature and improved him game and then earned his move to Man city, his case was similar to Gnabri who couldn’t make it at Arsenal and couldn’t even make match day squad at west Brom but then came the Olympic then the rest was history.

  46. Bojangles

    Very good article in the Daily Mail by Martin Samuel in which he highlights the problems that exist and have existed at Arsenal for some time. (Sorry, couldn’t provide a link.)

    A short extract:

    “No other major Premier League concern encounters this problem as regularly as Arsenal and once a club gets a reputation for selling, it becomes increasingly hard to lose.

    Why might Aubameyang think he can get away? His people will have noted the career paths of former Arsenal players such as Alexis Sanchez, Robin van Persie, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Ramsey. Most clubs have to sell in some circumstances, yet Arsenal consistently lose players to Premier League rivals, too. Just because Sanchez’s move to Manchester United proved a dismal failure, does not make it a positive move for Arsenal?”

  47. Aussie Gooner

    Can we please stop slagging off Pepe, Mari, Tierney and anyone else before they have had a full run in their best positions in a settled team? Most players take time to adapt to a new team/league/country.

    Personally I believe Pepe, Teirney and Mari will be assets to the club and will contribute towards a new attacking philosophy. Along with Martinelli, who will be/is enormous, Saka, ESR, Balogun, Nketiah, Willock, Bola etc the future looks bright assuming they are all managed effectively and tied down to decent deals.

    We need to get back to the situation where midfielders are contributing to the goals and assists ala Pires, Lundberg, Overmars, Parlour etc. At present our midfield is a wasteland.

    Arsenal will never get more out of Ozil, Mustafi, Xakha, Chambers, Holding, AMN, Luiz, Sok, Kola, Laca, Guendouzi, Nelson etc and they should remain on the periphery until they are disposed of. Of the other ‘senior’ players in the squad I would like to see Abu, Torreira and Leno stay – the jury is still out on Bellerin in my opinion – unfortunately he just doesn’t seem to be able to recapture his pace which was his primary asset.

  48. Aussie Gooner


    Abu’s ‘people’ do not give a flying fuck about his ‘career path’. They will just want to cash in on one last hurrah for themselves. Both you and I know that Abu would be better off, in footballing terms, remaining at Arsenal. Unfortunately we are not his agents!

    This is the modern world – money speaks, people listen!

  49. Emiratesstroller

    We have a new coach in Arteta and the Academy Programme is also being restructured headed by Mertesacker.

    The club has started rebuilding the first team squad by recruiting younger
    players. Most are on significantly lower wages than their predecessors and
    are also on 5 year contracts.

    The overpaid dross that the club has recruited in recent years was shifted out
    of the club starting in June 2019 and I am fairly certain that process will continue this summer.

    The focus of the club appears to be to reduce the age of the squad. Only Wolves appear to have a marginally younger squad than ourselves in top
    10 of EPL.

    Assuming that next season we shift out of club players like Sokratis, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette the age level is likely to reduce further.

    I think that the management are less concerned about securing mega transfer
    fees for existing players and more on reducing the wage bill, which has been
    unrealistic for a very long time.

  50. Bojangles

    Aussie, you missed a couple of things there. It was an extract from the piece I had referred to earlier. The point Samuel was making is that we have become a selling club. Players are using us as a stepping stone rather than a final destination.

  51. Sid

    So Mourinho doesnt fancy Mo Salah and De Bruyne
    Arteta should avoid that path with Pepe, i noticed him pushing Nelson on that right side

  52. China1

    I will be very happy if two of xhaka, mustafi, ozil and laca are gone

    If three go I will be over the moon

    If 4 go I will eat my own face with excitement

    But this is arsenal. Expect regular midfield line ups involving xhaka and ozil next season because…. because arsenal.

  53. China1

    Also what odds on our great white hope saliba getting trotted out at Cb, pickupinf up a long term injury early in the season and we have to endure the never ending clown show that is mustafi

  54. China1

    I think Arteta has high hopes for Nelson on the right wing

    He has blistering pace, very direct and likes to run at his man more than anyone else in the squad

    I’m not sure so far about his end product but for me that’s the most important and clearly remaining question mark. If his crossing and shooting are solid he will be at worst a good squad player and at best a serious option at RW

  55. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are no more a selling club than anyone else in the 21st century.

    Players leave clubs for a variety of reasons including wages, location and of
    course ambition. Many leave because they are no longer wanted by their current club.

    There is only one player who left Arsenal in last 5 years , because he considered that the club failed to satisfy his ambition and that was Sanchez. He went to Man Utd and that has hardly enhanced his career.

    Ramsey left Arsenal, because his contract was not renewed and he was not offered a better wage and Oxlade-Chamberlain left the club primarily because
    he was not happy playing out of position and receiving a regular starting place.

    Aubameyang has always indicated that his dream was to join Real Madrid. Frankly I don’t regard PSG or Inter Milan a step up. If he goes to either of these
    clubs it is for money.

  56. China1

    Emirates I don’t think inter are any richer than we are

    But the benefit of joining them is you have an outside chance of winning serie A and you should get some CL runs. Joining PSG is huge salary + guaranteed trophies and CL run. Frankly psg is the cheap option for a player where they sell themselves out, but if you’re in your 30s with not many trophies to your name and you want some kind of legacy, a handful of French trophies makes for better reading than ‘we got top 4 once or twice’ at arsenal

  57. China1

    Why do the Milan clubs want to demolish a 73,000 seater San Siro and build a multi billion pound 60,000 seater stadium in its place?

    This sounds like a huge waste of money for the milans…

  58. Terraloon


    The surcharge was exactly that.

    All employees in the NHS pay nic if they earn over the threshold irrespective of where they originated from.

  59. CG

    Mr. Bojangles

    “”” Very good article in the Daily Mail by Martin Samuel in which he highlights the problems that exist and have existed at Arsenal for some time.””

    Indeed it was.
    Samuel illustrating the continued demise of AFC under KSE and its dysfunctional structure.


    Wenger chooses Gazidas.
    Gazidas chooses Raul.
    Raul chooses Emery.
    Emery chooses Zaha but gets Pepe.
    Arsenal choose the ex Arsenal player and Man City no.2 Arteta only because Gazidas once said he was a potential Arsenal manager.

    Never forget – Arteta is only the Arsenal Head Coach because Stan is the owner.
    ( in other words- he has no intention of winning the league title)

    If We had any other owners with some serious ambition we would have our own Klopp or Pep in charge.

    Samuel also highlighted, with Newcastle Uniteds takeover finally about to go through- Arsenal look like they will further slide down the table.

  60. Graham62


    Rather harsh don’t you think.👎

    If you love football, any team going under is a travesty.

    I was up in Burnley before last year and I can tell you that the club plays a massive role in the community. Many people in this town of just 88000, are involved one way or another with the club.

    My friend has a printing firm in the town and a large portion of his business is through Burnley FC.

    Any club going under will affect the lives of many many people.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    You can argue that Arsenal have not been a well run club in recent years, but
    Mr Samuel’s assertion that we are a “selling club” any more than others in World Football is complete rubbish.

    Some might suggest that Arsenal have rather naively held onto too many players too long when the opportunity arose to sell them at substantial transfer fees.

    As I posted earlier the only player who has forced himself out of the club in last 5 years on grounds of alleged “ambition” is Sanchez. He chose Man Utd
    a club who have not won a major trophy since 2013 over Man City!!!

  62. whiteydagunner

    I don’t give a monkeys about ” no atmosphere behind close doors”.

    Isn’t this JUST what we NEED right now?.

    An unprecented chance of a series of matches for Arteta to perform a forensic analysis to cut through mess that our team has now become. . with no crowds and blah blah influencing the players and refs decisions….an opportunity for quiet, pure and objective analysis . Prof Wegner would have given his right bollock to be able to to just that..

  63. Gonsterous

    I agree that our midfield is one of the worst in the league. We need to upgrade each and everyone of them. I’d keep guen for another year to be a squad player. He’s not on much wages but can improve.
    I’d sell laca and keep auba, promote the young strikers but I don’t know how brave arteta is regarding being ruthless. (Judging by this season, he prefers the older players to the youths)

  64. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    I see Auba has been roped into doing the virtual F1. He is racing on Sunday. There is a short video on the sky F1 website where he says he sleeps all morning but has been practicing. Surprised our other online gaming fellow didn’t get the call up…

  65. CG


    “””Mr Samuel’s assertion that we are a “selling club” any more than others in World Football is complete rubbish.””””

    Rubbish ot not- the perception is that we are selling club.

    The top players seemingly always wanting to leave the club every season , because under KSE there is no ambition or INTENT to win the league or the CL.

    Eg. Saka, PEA.
    Arguably the best players and both looking elsewhere at more ambitious clubs.

    This happens every season and will happen next season too.

    We are just going through the motions until KSE depart.

  66. Terraloon


    Think your being a little selective . I will grant you that it depends what you mean by ambition. For instance was it Sanchez’s ambition to be paid more or win things?

    Or what about a player whose ambition is to be a regular starter?

    Or what about a player who has always had am ambition to play for a certain club?

    Gnabry for one clearly thought his career would be better served forcing through a transfer. Here’s what AW said at the

    “We had prepared him for us to sign his new contract but then suddenly he wanted to go to Werder Bremen.”

    What about a Giroud?

    Both AWs comments at the time and indeed this article suggest that Giroud forced through the move because of a personal ambition which couldn’t be fulfilled at Arsenal.

    I suspect with little effort you could point at far more players even going as far as Kos who was desperate to play back in France and one things for sure he certainly did force through a transfer

  67. Uwot?

    I’m with Ems on this one.Martin Samuel as far as I a well known Spud.With an agenda.Theres quite a few clubs who’ve sold players to their rivals over the last few years.we were no exception,true.In our case though it was mainly down to the ineptitude of The ditherer. & snake oil salesman Where certainly some sales,could & should have been prevented.

  68. Emiratesstroller


    I made precisely the points you raise in my first post today. Players leave for
    a wide range of reasons and not just ambition.

    I pointed out precisely the reasons that Ramsey and Ox left the club. Gnabry
    left the club, because he was being farmed out by the club on loan and saw no
    immediate prospect of a regular place in first team.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    You are making assumptions about both Aubameyang and Saka.

    Neither has left the club yet.

    In the case of Saka I have highlighted previously serious concerns about his agents. Saka is a young and experienced player being led by the agent who is
    also representing Sancho, Iwobi and 4 other Arsenal players.

    My suspicion is that moving Saka has more to do with the agent earning a fat commission than serving the best interest of player and club.

    Take a look at the Agency’s company accounts. It is insolvent and has been
    struck off in past for failing to file accounts

  70. Marc


    “Any club going under will affect the lives of many many people.”

    Any business going under affects the lives of many people, I didn’t see people up in arms or shouting from the roof tops when we gave away all of our manufacturing industries, something that has come back and bitten us in the arse during the current situation.

    Football has sold it’s soul in the pursuit of cold hard cash – if you want to enjoy the benefits of capitalism you need to understand it bites back.

  71. Marc


    Do you actually believe that article? Do you not think that maybe that was a bit of face saving from Giroud after Arsenal saw him as surplus to requirements and were happy for him to be used as a makeweight to get Auba?

  72. Graham62


    To a degree, Martin Samuel is right.

    It wasn’t a question though of becoming a selling club, it was all based on not being an ambitious club.

    All our top players left because they’d had enough of a system that was breeding a ‘make do’ attitude and with a manager that was too stubborn to make the relevant changes. Yes, they all went for good money and so they should, because they were our better players.

    They were all frustrated and tired of the fact that we had a regime that were clearly not fit for purpose. CG’s assumption that this wasn’t evident until Wenger left, is poppycock.

    Kroenke is not ambitious in the sporting sense but he hasn’t got where he is without having a burning desire to succeed and progress in business. Wenger’s failing was to do it his way, without rocking the boat. He allowed Kroenke too much leeway because he was comfortable.

    It remains to be seen whether Arteta follows the same route.

    My gut says no, he won’t.

  73. Marc

    Just as a reference CG here’s a few players sold (or lost on a free) by Arsenal prior to 2007.


    There are plenty of other names who were sold after Kroenke bought into Arsenal but before he had any sort of control – basically as always you are full of shit.

  74. Bob N16

    Marc, your last two posts are spot on.

    Arsenal are slightly lower in the food chain than they were say 10 years ago but what hasn’t changed is that there will always be more attractive clubs than us, there will always be agents pushing for a commission and there will always be
    some great players who’ll be willing to sign for a massive club like Arsenal.

    Right now, we are an in a transitional period. Hopefully before long we’ll be CL regulars again and that will obviously help.

    It’s always vital to buy well and sell well and in the early stages of Arteta’s
    reign our future improvement is tied into a few top purchase this TW. Get Saka signed up and a couple of midfielders and we’ll be good to go!

  75. CG


    Wasting our time with these cowboys in charge.

    Been here for 10 years- we have gone from 2nd to 10th.
    And all the majority of fans do is blame our greatest ever manager.


    Have you not noticed , whoever is in charge under KSE we just stumble from one crisis to the next?

    Its just an investment vehicle to them and probably Arsenal has some tax saving benefits too I am sure.

  76. CG


    “””””Right now, we are an in a transitional period. Hopefully before long we’ll be CL regulars again and that will obviously help.”””””

    we were Cl regulars for 20 years and you still were not happy!

  77. Pierre

    Unless you are a club like city , chelsea and united , who can pay extortionate wages to fend off other clubs, then I’m afraid that clubs like Arsenal , Tottenham and Liverpool ( Suarez, Coutinho) will always struggle to keep their best players.

    Tottenham, at this present time, are now going through a similar phase to us when we lost all those players to city and Barca .

    They have lost Walker, Eriksen and Trippier and that is only the start, the trickle soon becomes a flood.

    Liverpool( similar to Arsenal’s invincibles) are in the enviable position of having a potentially very successful period at the club, so that will help them keep their best players , but if the level drops then I would expect certain players will get their head turned as they will be able to reap the financial rewards elsewhere.

  78. Valentin

    I don’t think that Liverpool is in a stable financial situation. Their success on the pitch has allowed them to hide their financial poverty. They have no financial reserve.

    Their big luck contrarily to Spurs is that they have not spend a fortune on building a new non-revenue generating stadium. However they have spend a lot of money to buy on the cheap land and houses around the stadium in the view to expand. Now that money is tied in real estate whose values will go down further without any realistic way to build and fund their expansion.

    If they are forced to sell Mane or Salah to finance their club, I doubt they would be able to afford to replace with with players of the same quality.

  79. Bob N16

    You really are a dicksplash CG. I’ve told you to disregard my posts.

    ‘You were still not happy’ – You don’t have a f*cking clue. I’ve had numerous moments of happiness following Arsenal, not least during the Wenger years. Your tiresome, repetitive agenda means that you consistently litter this blog with your one point view.

    I know you can’t help displaying your narrow mindedness and lack of intelligence. You must have a seriously f*cked up life coming on here and repeatedly spewing your poisonous view of the world.

    Scroll down if you see a post from me, it doesn’t involve you.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    Most of the major stars left Arsenal long before Kroenke became a Director
    and took control of club. Since Kroenke became owner we have not sold a
    major player to date.

    For the record the departure of Sanchez in January 2018 was as everyone agrees a poor business decision, but it should not be forgotten that we bought
    Aubameyang in the same transfer window in my view a significantly better and more consistent player.

    Last Summer we spent £140 million on new players. Most of those players are
    considerably better than the departures apart from perhaps Ramsey.

    We sold Iwobi who was often heavily criticised on Le Grove and bought Pepe
    rated a better and less injury prone player for £70 million on a 5 year instalment plan. That costs us £14 million pa. The player is being paid £90 Kpw
    which is also considerably less than at least 3 of the departures last June.

    Arsenal pulled out of negotiations with Ramsey because he was expecting to
    earn at least the same as Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan. For an injury prone
    player that was far too much.

    CG keeps on repeating that Arsenal should have recruited a better and more
    experienced Coach than Arteta. Why? Arteta’s pedigree as a player and coach
    is probably better than most of the managers/head coaches apart from Guardiola.

    He was working at Man City under Guardiola and was rated by the players in
    a winning team as a fantastic coach.

    Arsenal is not a manager in the Wenger mould making business, transfer as
    well as coaching decisions. He is head coach.

  81. Valentin


    ManUtd, Spurs are in financial difficulties and will not be able to spend their way out of trouble.
    Liverpool will fade away, because their squad relies on two key players and I can see them losing one or two soon.

    ManCity will fight the ban and because of the threat of Qatar stopping financing football, UEFA will back down. A compromise will be reach where they will be banned for 1 year that will happen to be the year where the money will be pitiful anyway.

    Chelsea will struggle a little bit but ultimately Abramovitch will still finance them.

    Arsenal has a massive opportunity to get back on top in the next couple of years. I was expecting that with a clear, well executed plan Arsenal to be ready to challenge for the EPL in two years time. I still believe to be the case.

    Personally short term I see a club like Leicester with an heavily invested rich sugar daddy, an already fully paid stadium, an already good squad as a bigger threat for a Champion’s League position.

  82. Marc


    The Spud’s have always been the biggest whores in the PL – the only thing Daniel Levy has ever been any good at is squeezing a good fee out of the buying club. Something he’s completely destroyed by fucking up the stadium build.

    Even off of the top of my head the list of players they’ve lost going back before they had the stadium cost to deal with is shocking:


    And of course Sol Campbell!

  83. Marc

    “According to Sempre Milan, AC Milan are looking at offering 10 mil for Mustafi.”

    10 million what? Because if it’s any form of currency bite their hands off!

  84. Freddie Ljungberg


    Gazidis trying to redeem himself in the eyes of Arsenal fans?
    It’s a good start, now for a 25m bid for Xhaka and taking Ozil off our hands too and all is forgiven.

  85. Valentin


    I am not surprised that the Oxford vaccine does not seem to be successful. There were reports that German scientists recommended against the German government investing or in German labs using their approach.
    There may have been self interest from the part of the German scientists, but I still hope that if they had genuinely believe that there was a strong possibility of success they would have recommended it.

    My fear is that the first vaccine is developped in the US and that Trump then charge the rest of world extortionate amount to be able to use it.
    Macron has made it clear that Sanofi is a French company, and if they found a cure even if it is in a US site, the French government will stop any attempt to control it.
    The German government is also quietly preparing to pass law allowing it to seize any findings/patents in case of medical emergency.

  86. CG


    “”””CG keeps on repeating that Arsenal should have recruited a better and more
    experienced Coach than Arteta. Why?”””””

    Because you massively increase your chances of being successful perhaps?

    I always go back to Ranieri and Leicester City.

    (genius man management got them the title not coaching!)

    And Klopp is in essence is man- managing and motivating Liverpool to glory, not coaching.

    Arteta is a great addition to Arsenal
    But he is a coach.

    In England- its all about man – management.
    Continental Europe – its more about coaching.

    Eg, How does Arteta manage the Laca and Balloon gate?

    He has no experience of these situations?

  87. Emiratesstroller


    I agree 100% with what you have just posted.

    Arsenal will spend money in this transfer window and Arteta will improve the

    There are a lot of other clubs in far worse condition than is being suggested by
    media pundits and people like CG who post on here.

    Of course it will take probably 2 years to reach our potential. We have a very young squad.

  88. Marc

    “CG keeps on repeating that Arsenal should have recruited a better and more
    experienced Coach than Arteta. ”

    That is not an unreasonable statement to make – Arteta was a risk but what CG has to do when he says that is offer a credible alternative. What he actually does is suggest Sean Dyche.

  89. Marc


    You’ve just had a rant about man management vs coaching in the UK and managed to miss out Man City and Guardiola.

    You really do make yourself look ridiculous on here so very very often.

  90. Jamie

    “10 million what? Because if it’s any form of currency bite their hands off!”

    10 million Italian Lira, so roughly £7.5.

    Still a good deal for us if you ask me.

  91. jwl

    Joke Friday:

    A teenage boy is getting ready to take his girlfriend to the prom. First he goes to rent a tux, but there’s a long line at the shop and it takes forever to get his suit.

    Next, he has to get some flowers, so he heads over to the florist and there’s a huge flower line there. He waits forever but eventually gets the flowers.

    Then he heads out to rent a limo. Unfortunately, there’s a large limo line at the rental office, but he’s patient and gets the job done.

    Finally, the day of the prom comes. The two are dancing happily and his girlfriend is having a great time. When the song is over, she asks him to get her some punch, so he heads over to the punch table and there’s no punchline.

  92. Jamie

    Marc –

    We should move quickly before they realise their accounting error.

    Remember when Wenger pissed £230 million up the wall on Mustafi, Xhaka, and Ozil’s transfer fees and wages? Half the cost of the Emirates right there.

    But we beat Hull and smashed Aston Villa in FA Cup Finals the season before they were relegated, so clearly a quarter of a billion well spent.

  93. CG


    “””You’ve just had a rant about man management vs coaching in the UK and managed to miss out Man City and Guardiola.””””

    Man City would win the league if you were in charge
    Their previous managers won it as well.

    in summary

    Klopps management skills defeat Peps coaching skills,

    Quality Management in England will always be more important than quality coaching.

    just look at Fergie
    13 league titles and not one coaching course ever taken!

  94. CG


    “””””What he actually does is suggest Sean Dyche”””””””

    Do you think Arteta could get Burnley promoted twice and get them playing in Europe with their meagre resources?

    or would he be too self absorbed with left sided center backs and rhythmical pressing?

    the irony of Arteta learning from Pep -is that Pep and the teams he manages have unlimited budgets and an array of world class players to coach.

    Slighty Different ball game at the Arsenal.
    City buy £50 million fullbacks for fun we buy crooks from Saints and Celtic.

  95. Marc


    On a serious note it could be a great opportunity to get him off the wage bill. Milan still carries a lot of history and is not a bad place to live.

  96. Marc

    “Eg, How does Arteta manage the Laca and Balloon gate?

    He has no experience of these situations?”

    Er fine him 2 weeks wages for being a dickhead (that’s 1 week’s for doing it and another for filming it) and then sell him in the summer?

    I’ve never managed a team but I seem to have found a solution.

  97. CG

    “”””Er fine him 2 weeks wages for being a dickhead (that’s 1 week’s for doing it and another for filming it) and then sell him in the summer?””””

    What if he does not want to leave?

  98. Marc

    “What if he does not want to leave?”

    Then we’ll lock him in a room with you for 15 minutes – he’ll join Kathmandu Utd after that.

  99. Uwot?

    With regards to the vaccine.Its just been announced this AM that they’re now rolling out vaccine trials stage 2 to a further 10,000 plus age 5 & over & 56 yrs plus.If stage one was a failure how have they arrived at second stage?would have thought its back to square one.? Could any of our scientists enlighten us😀

  100. Marc


    At a guess I’d say with potentially billions at stake just maybe there’s a little bit of industrial “espionage” being attempted.

    If the vaccine is a failure some scientists in Oxford are going to look pretty stupid after the claims they’ve made.

  101. Uwot?

    Agree Marc.who to believe? As you say Oxford sticking their necks out on this one.Doesnt seem like the kind of institution that would go gung ho on this .even if the prize is enormous……..

  102. Pierre

    “But we beat Hull and smashed Aston Villa in FA Cup Finals the season before they were relegated, so clearly a quarter of a billion well spent.”

    To be in a position to beat teams like villa and Hull in an FA cup final , you first have to beat teams such as Manchester United, Manchester city, liverpool, Tottenham, Everton .

  103. Gentlebris

    ‘Be yourself as a coach. If you want to look great, then wonderful. I’m just not made for this. It’s important you do what is right for you because whatever role model you have, you can never do the same things.’
    -Jurgen Klopp.

    Was he talking about Mikel dressing like Pep?

  104. Aussie Gooner


    “10 million what? Because if it’s any form of currency bite their hands off!”

    Currency? I would let Mustafi go for 10 million grains of sand!

  105. NEEG

    Aussie G

    There is a global shortage of construction / industrial sand – Mustafi isn’t worth that much.

  106. Tom

    You guys don’t like clean, jwl jokes?
    Try this one then.
    There’s a soirée at one of Moscow’s embassies and a group of international diplomats brag about their sexual prowess and how they drive their mistresses crazy with different acts of romantic behavior.
    A French diplomat goes: “ I pour hot honey all over my mistress’ body and I lick it off slowly……and that drives her crazy.
    An Italian diplomat says: “ Hmm, that’s good” nodding his head and then adds “ I spread rose petals all over my mistress’ naked body and kiss them off one by one………and that drives her crazy”
    Everyone nods their heads impressed except this one Russian dude who’s shaking his head in disbelief.
    “You guys have way too much time on your hands” he says with a thick Russian accent.
    I drop in on my mistress unannounced, fuck her in the ass hard, wipe my dick on the window curtains on the way out……. and that drives her crazy!!!!

  107. NEEG

    Aussie G

    Most of the demand is in China – not your favourite export destination just at the moment.

  108. Aussie Gooner

    Rabiot incomming? The future of the Arsenal midfield with Guendouzi?

    Dear God! What ever next? We are once again about to sign 200 players according to the media!

    “The report claims both clubs are in discussions over a summer deal and Arsenal have identified the France international as a dream midfield partner for fellow countryman Matteo Guendouzi. Mikel Arteta is convinced Guendouzi is the future of Arsenal’s midfield and the Spaniard believes Rabiot could be the final piece of the puzzle.”

  109. Marc


    I wouldn’t get too excited it’s just the papers starting silly season. The Metro also has a story about us going for another LB.

  110. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have now confirmed that season ticket holders will receive refund credit for this season’s games.

    This is for 4 EPL and 2 Cup Games.

    A full list of refunds for all seats in stadium is included in email.

    I think that it works out around 25% of annual season ticket.

    There is no additional information about next season which remains under