Ceballos slips

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Dani Ceballos, what is he good for? Top knots and revealing too much in interviews.

“We are going to start a week late with respect to what is being talked about in Spain, which is June 12, and we are going to start the league on the 20th.”

You bloody doughnut, but the good news? Football is coming home in a month. Just in time for my birthday. Written in the stars that my gift this year is an Arsenal top 4.

In the ‘Thomas Partey Linked To Arsenal’ latest, there are some weird stories going around, mostly driven by Ghanaian media, who all seem to want him to go to the Premier League and emulate midfield powerhouse Michael Essien (gutted we missed out on him back in the day). I like that we have a nation-state pushing this deal.

There are also ITK like rumours that Arsenal are negotiating with Partey’s entourage. This is all starting to smell a little bit like the Nicolas Pepe story. No one wanted to touch the Ivorian because he was overpriced and had a group of people asking for huge fees. I can’t imagine we’re not in a similar situation of murkiness here, hangers-on around the world are shitting their pants that Wenger is going to come down on their fees like a ton of bricks. I have my doubts Raul and Edu are in any rush to rein it in, but hey, they’ll get less outrage if it’s for Thomas Partey than they would if they threw bones to Kia on someone like Willian.

Partey would be a huge missing link for Arsenal. He’s at the perfect age as well. He’d have the experience to drive the team forward, the absolute best work ethic to inspire kids around him, and he’d be a good guidepost for some of the talented midfielders we have at the club.

Again, this is all speculative, I don’t know how we get out of our current situation in good shape, let alone consider the notion we’re going to be splurging for elite players.

Auba still hasn’t signed a deal. One of his insta stories sounded like he was waiting for something to happen there. There are stories today that PSG are waiting to pounce, having not pulled the trigger on the Icardi purchase yet. You start to wonder if Auba is going to be a victim of the pandemic. Arsenal maybe reluctant to spend big, other clubs feeling the same? Who knows. I’d love him to stay.

Right, short one today. But we have had a good week so far. 4 on the bounce. Traffic rising. FOOTBALL IS COMING BACK!


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  1. Marc


    I wouldn’t get too excited it’s just the papers starting silly season. The Metro also has a story about us going for another LB.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have now confirmed that season ticket holders will receive refund credit for this season’s games.

    This is for 4 EPL and 2 Cup Games.

    A full list of refunds for all seats in stadium is included in email.

    I think that it works out around 25% of annual season ticket.

    There is no additional information about next season which remains under