Lemar swap on the table

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I cannot believe this has drawn so much criticism. I hate the man’s football, but I can’t knock his rationale for not wanting to put his family in the firing line for something as trivial as football.

The guy has a sick kid, he has a BAME family, he’s seen the numbers, he’s made a decision that goes beyond football. That is fair. I live with someone that has underlying health conditions, will that affect my decision to go rampaging back to the office? Absolutely. What use is a test if I catch the virus?

I think we treat footballers like circus animals at times. They are people doing a job. If the health of their family could be a problem, let them do their thing, his football club hardly matters. You also can’t accuse him of being a wimp. The guy is a powerhouse. This is hardly an expensive player taking away days off because he doesn’t fancy it.

‘but Joe Bloggs who runs a market stall can’t say no’

Yes, he can. Everyone has the right not to work in this moment. Joe Bloggs might have trouble with his mortgage, but he can still say no. Just like the majority of people in offices, they too can say no. That might have career implications. If you’re not seen, it’s tough to get noticed, but that’s the choice you make.

I think this is a great opportunity for footballers that WILL play. There are going to be some top players that won’t risk their lungs, but there will be youngsters that jump right into that position. That’s footballing Darwinism baby.

Anyway, let’s talk about something truly serious.


It’s widely accepted that we need wingers as part of the Arteta solution. Thomas Lemar, a player we looked at 3 years ago when we bid £90m for him at Monaco, is someone that is being touted as a possible Arsenal solution. The player predominantly plays on the left, which is where you’d expect Martinelli to take a bigger role next season, but that hasn’t stopped AS report that they’d like to swap him with Lacazette.

I’d rather swap out for Thomas Partey, but I’d be game for any player that boasts a high level of quality. Lemar would certainly be a project for Arsenal. Things haven’t worked out under Simeone, he’s clocked an incredibe zero goals and zero assists in 1000 minutes of football this season. However, if you believe he can find the next level, this is a guy who had 18 assists and 16 goals when Jardim had Monaco purring.

It’d be an odd move, but what is pleasing is the Atletico stories won’t die. They are in trouble financially and they are game to move players around this summer.

News coming out of Italy has us linked to another winger, this time an exchange deal where we’d take on Justin Kluivert as part of the deal for Mikhi. I can’t for the life of me work out why you’d go so hard at an ailing player and exchange them for a youth prospect, but hey, football works in weird ways. The player is only 21, he hasn’t exactly blown up the scene in Italy, but he no doubt has talent. I also really loved his dad when he was playing. I was devastated when we ballsed the deal. So this could be good for nostalgia.

Granit Xhaka gave this response when asked about Mesut Ozil.

“I see him here as a very positive, likeable colleague,”

“He is an extremely down-to-earth guy, always ready to help, and he works hard in training and in my opinion he really enjoys football.

I love it. Sounds like he’s being interviewed for the first time ever by Business Insider.

‘My colleague who I believe to be good makes nice microwave fishes at the work hole’

Granit also had some positive things to say about Arteta and getting the Champions League.

“After the change of coach I had some very good talks with our new coach Mikel Arteta,”

“He convinced me of his ideas and his philosophy for the number six position and showed me a lot of appreciation.

“I’m glad that I could pay him back for this trust and I hope for the future that we can still make it into the Champions League and finally play in the international top league again.”

Right, on that note, I’ll see you in the comments. x

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  1. Marc

    My concern with being linked to all these LW’s is what about Saka? I’d hate to lose him if we can avoid it.

    Could we be looking at Lemar as a No 10? We’re going to need a new one in a years time.

  2. Marc

    Are the PL still talking about isolating the players if the league is played out?

    Because if it is and Deeney is moaning I have one question – if this hadn’t of happened and he’d been called up to the England squad for the Euro’s or the World Cup in 2 years would he have accepted being isolated for that or refused to play?

  3. Sid

    Lemar isnt worth it, Pep got the right guy from that monaco team Bernado Silva.

    Im telling you for free!

  4. Sid

    No thanks to Kluivert, sons of great men are more often than not lesser than their fathers

    Im telling you for free!

  5. Vintage Gun

    Tommy Lemar for Balloon boy is a fair exchange for me. Lemar’s stats have been dry as a desert bone since joining Athletico, but anyone who knows Simone’s philosophy can see why.

    He’s basically a left wingback playing just ahead of the fullback. I’d prefer a Party but wouldn’t turn my nose up to Lemar

  6. Vintage Gun

    if Deeney feels it’s not safe enough for him to return then fair play to him. At least he’s got the nutsack to come out publicly and say what many other play are to afraid to say.

    The fact that 3 Watford players/staff tested positive yesterday kind of proves his point

  7. jwl

    The Guardian –

    Premier League clubs fear there will be huge financial ramifications in the likely event that broadcasters demand heavy refunds even if the season is completed.

    Top-flight clubs were told last week they will have to give between £300m and £350m back to TV companies even if the 92 games still to be played take place and their anger deepened after discovering broadcasters are due an extra £36m in rebates for every week the 2019-20 season extends beyond 16 July. It is understood some clubs are concerned those demands could lead to severe cost-cutting and job losses.


  8. jwl

    I think much pressure will be put on Deeney, and many others, to finish the season.

    Sounds like clubs are going to be in much financial danger, it is not good enough for highly payed players to refuse work while collecting their salaries. If Feeney refuses to work, void his contract and he can go on benefits like everyone else while stay at home declining to work.

    Have there been any cases of virus transferring from one person to another outside? There have been few, if any, so playing sports outside is not all that dangerous. And I’ve seen a few articles recently that virus hates sunshine, being outside in sun is about as safe as it gets.

  9. Un na naai

    Fave arsenal goal post 04
    Everyone……Mine is ozil. A player I’m not the biggest fan ofWas it ludogrets 6-1??When he popped it over the head of the keeper. Then flicked it back and slotted it??Jesus Christ it was DB10. Sumptuous.

  10. Marc


    I reckon this is all a bit of sabre rattling, Sky will be aware that there will be new players when the next round of TV deals come are decided and will be desperate to keep as much PL football as they can. They threaten the clubs with what they’ll have to play back and then look like good guys if they don’t enforce it providing the PL remembers all this when it gives out the next round of TV deals.

    It also of course puts pressure on players who are whinging – Troy Deeney can put his family first and no one will criticise him for that but don’t moan about playing in the Championship next season.

  11. Vintage Gun


    I’m not advocating for Deeney to be paid whilst staying at home, what i’m saying is if he feels it’s too high of a risk then the choice should be his regardless of the punishment.

    And if this virus hates sunshine then why have we been on lockdown?

  12. Rich

    We’re fine for wide players, even if we lose Aubameyang, we fixed that area for the long term last summer.

    Right wing Pepe, Nelson
    Left wing Martinelli, Saka

    Ozil will likely squeeze every last penny out of his current deal, and Smith-Rowe can play wide as well.

    We need a goal threat from centre mid, Lemar as a No8 maybe?

    I’m certainly not keen on blocking the path for our current wide players, particularly as there’s more pressing concerns throughout the squad needing addressing

  13. Emiratesstroller


    I agree there is no logic in recruiting yet another winger.

    If we lose either Aubameyang or Lacazette this summer then we need to bring in an experienced goal scoring replacement.

    Arsenal’s priorities this summer should be in midfield. Our midfielders underperformed this season. The goalscoring and assists stats in EPL were

    Torreira wants to leave so we will need to find a suitable replacement in DMF
    position as well. If AM want Lacazette then we should negotiate with them
    on basis of a swap with Partey with possible cash adjustment if required.

  14. Upstate Gooner

    That Monaco team with Mbappe, Falcao, B. Silva, Fabinho, Lemar, Moutinho, etc. was one of the most exciting title winning sides in recent years. Shame it got completely dismantled only a year later. Mbappe, of course, was the best of the bunch but at the time I wouldn’t mind getting any of the players mentioned above. However, I think we dodged a bullet by not getting Lemar back then, and especially at the quoted 92mil dollar (or quid?) price. That was just ridiculous, IMHO. And now, after watching him fail miserably at Atleti, I don’t think I want him at all. He’s a shadow of himself. Sorry, but if you can’t succeed under a manager like Simeone, and in a less physical league such as La Liga, there’s no place for you in EPL. Lacazette is still worth something, and it’s definitely more than what Lemar’s current evaluation is. So personally, I would be totally against this deal/swap. Partey, on the other hand…

  15. Spanishdave

    Hi Marc
    Pedro took of my positive reply to China today saying it’s about time for politicians to be more positive with progress on vaccines around the world.
    Premiership players need to show their paying public positive attitudes to get over this. They are not in the danger zone like old folks like me.
    Covid blog like it.lol

  16. Rich

    Upstate Gooner

    That £90 million for Lemar would have been offset by the £60 million in for Alexis, and the £300k p/w we’d put aside to try and renew Alexis’s contract.

    The little I’ve seen Lemar he’s looked like a good player, and Pires has spoken in glowing terms about him.

    We need some mobility and a goal threat from midfield.

    I’d prefer Maddison or Grealish, but wouldn’t be against a punt on Lemar, providing he was signed to play centrally, and not block the path of Saka or Martinelli

  17. azed

    I don’t think we need another winger.
    Pepe, Saka, Martinelli and Nelson are until we address other glaring weakness in the squad.

  18. jwl

    Un na naai – my fav goal was TH14 against Leeds on his second debut for Arsenal.

    Marc – I think it sabre rattling as well, Sky Sports and Premier League have symbiotic relationship, both have to be careful how they treat one another.

    Vintage Gun – I agree Deeney can refuse to play but should suffer consequences as well. Deeney refusing to play can mean relegation for Watford, the club is in tight spot.

    Don’t understand lockdowns myself, it safer outside than in.

  19. alex cutter

    “Don’t understand lockdowns myself, it safer outside than in.”

    Recycling other people’s jokes is your lane. You should probably stay there.

  20. Marc


    “And now, after watching him fail miserably at Atleti”

    So you wouldn’t have taken Bergkamp then? After his time in Italy was awful as well.

  21. Marc


    I agree we need some leadership in this and positivity – PL players are held up as role models for everything else in life why not this?

    Of course precautions need to be taken but life is not and has never been completely risk free.

    After all London posted zero new Corona cases in the past 24 hours – we are on the way out of this it’s important not just for people’s sanity but to help get the economy going as well – football might behave as if it’s in a bubble but it’s not. People without incomes don’t pay Sky or BT subscriptions, they don’t buy tickets to matches and they don’t buy merchandise.

  22. Marc


    If someone put a gun to your head would you be capable, if it meant saving your life of making a comment that wasn’t full of spite or criticism?

  23. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in…
    But neither partley or kluviert appeal to me to enhance the team.

    We need to sell..

    Oh and lemar ,, I’m 50/50 on that one…

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I see where y’all coming from on lemar…
    Damaged goods with a bit to prove…

    But only in a swap…
    No cash plus give them 20 per cent of sell on…

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Good point…

    Must be disheartening to the young players seeing players potentially coming in and blocking.

    Would rather lemar then dememble

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Before he is lodges out.

    I would like to see amn given a run there instead of xhara ..

    Think there is a player inside

  27. Marc


    I have no idea whether Lemar would work out at No 10 but buying him takes the pressure off ESR – he’s not even 20 and will need time to step up. 2 – 3 years down the road ESR’s looking the biz then we can sell Lemar and put the funds into another position, in the meantime how many matches do we play in a normal season? At least 50 there’s enough football to go round.

    We’ve seen too many young players who are going to be the next “Henry, Pires, Vieira or Bergkamp” who all fall foul of expectations.

  28. Rich

    I’d rather go with the inexperience of Smith-Rowe or Willock than continue with Ozil.

    At least ESR and Willock look to get into the box, Ozil has become so flat and one paced

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Yeah maybe

    We pump up the expectations of the yoot,,,

    Still it’s a long wY off till football starts.

  30. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t believe Martinelli’s future lies as a winger. The closer he is to goal the better for us. He has instinctive movements and a nose for goals. But he lacks the ball manipulation skills and building to play as a winger. If Lacazette leaves and Auba stays we need to move Martinelli to CF to back up Auba. We would need a 4th Wide player to Back Pepe Nelson and Saka. Lemar was great before but not now. He need to take a step back to a smaller team to move forward again. We need to look elsewhere for that winger.

  31. Marc


    A) Stop flirting with me – no means no.

    B) The French Navy is still pissed off we sank most of it in 1940 at Mers-el-Kébir.

  32. Valentin

    Un na naai,

    This is a very misleading video as usual with Farage who wants to stay relevant.
    My cousin is a French custom officer.
    What happen is that illegal migrant leave France at night on dinghy. The French Navy can’t monitor every beaches. The Chanel shipping lane is so busy that it is dangerous to navigate on a small boat across it. Boat notifies the Navy French or British of the presence of those boat. Trying to board such a small boat under those circumstances is dangerous. For security reason, they are then escorted to British shore by whatever Navy. Once on land, they are processed by the authority and within a week those caught are then send back to France.
    The same thing ping pong game happen higher up on the east coast between the Dutch navy and the British navy.

  33. Valentin


    Two reasons, the first is that those boats refuse to come back, some people even jumped into the sea, there has been a few drownings. Even more paperwork to investigate their death. Same thing happen to the British Navy. Remember when the British government recalled some ship to patrol the Chanel. Lots of noise about patrolling British water! Then they had a few drowning, the policy was discreetly changed to escort illegal boats to shore and then send them back.

    The second reason is that under maritime law, most of them are in international water when caught and that nobody has legal authority to stop them. Only when they illegally enter British water, can they be legally detained. But by then they have to be processed anyway.

    What amuse me is that Farage complain about that, but wait BREXIT is done. The only reason UK can send them back to Europe and France is because of the Dublin agreement and the Le Touquet agreement that will become obsolete. Once they become obsolete, I am willing to bet that within a few years the Dutch, French and Belgium government will just ignore the requests to take those back!

  34. Dissenter

    I strongly suspect that Valentin is right. You’re not going to try to stop those desperate people stuffed on a dinghy without risking their lives.
    There are agreements between the UK and French authorities that neither the nor Unai na are party to. The UK border force knew exactly what to do which suggests that the French boats weren’t being deceitful.
    You don’t even know if those people will be deported back to Calaise the following day.
    Nigel Farage is likely just starting shit as usual.

  35. Sid

    Buendia is a better option centrally than Lemar, cash for Laca is the best option once they sell Saul.

  36. Aussie Gooner

    This: And it will cost nothing!


  37. TheBayingMob

    There was an awful lot of utter bollocks posted in the comments of the previous blog.

    I know this is a footy blog, ideal worlds and all that we wouldn’t be talking about viruses and we’d be arguing the toss about how actually shit Denilson was … but this was just one of many …

    “It’s the reason healthy children pose no risk with coronavirus, because children need to have stronger immune systems to survive into adulthood, but as we age our immune systems weaken, making us more susceptible to disease and fatality.”

    Honestly, the level of ignorance is pandemic!!

    Kids don’t have a stronger immune system than adults. Utter drivel. They have an immature immune system compared to adults, studies show their immune system is not as efficient as adults (which is why they spend most of their lives from 2 through 6 dripping fucking snot from their noses, running temperatures and puking every other week).

    There is a far more interesting debate that this is one of the great things about our immune system, it spends the formative years of our lives gaining bacterial and viral antibody knowledge that in some cases it remembers for a lifetime, an evolved master piece of genetic engineering … but …

    Previous Flu pandemics have tragically targeted the very young and very old in due to this very fact, which is why this virus is so different. It’s not a flu, regardless of what most of the middle aged muddled ignorant morons would have you believe.

    But ironically, this immature immune system might be what’s maybe saving them from the ravages of Covid19.

    If we ignore the fucking odd things this virus is doing in some people’s blood (and maybe this is all related), in some cases, the adult immune system is overreacting to the virus causing the ‘cytokine storm’ that is putting a lot of adults in danger …

    We should really keep to football, the depth of knowledge on medicine, health and politics is dangerously thin around here!

  38. alex cutter

    “If someone put a gun to your head would you be capable, if it meant saving your life of making a comment that wasn’t full of spite or criticism?”

    The same could be said about you and your fucking endless stream of unclever posts made up of platitudes, bad science, and drivel.

    Thankfully you post so often that they become like the chimes and ticking of a household grandfather clock that eventually become unnoticeable due to their sheer repetition and monotony.

  39. Sid

    The players with nothing much to offer on the field are the ones singing A cappella about the manager

    Im telling you for free!

  40. Aussie Gooner


    “Do you want to get relegated?”

    No – I just want to watch an exciting team that is not afraid to move the ball forward at pace. You may wish to see the tired sideways/backward moves of Mustafi/Zakha/Ozil & co but I don’t. And it has not been very successful for us to date. Remember we have flirted with the relegation zone recently. If Arteta is half the coach some people believe then he is surely capable of getting results out of the players that are keen to play for the club rather than the continuous use of players that do not have the heart and/or the skill set to compete. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

    If you think that the club is about to shell out millions on new players, think again. If any new players come in they will be bargain basement entities – not the top draw elite that some people on here seem to believe. Arsenal will not be able to shift much dead wood in the current circumstances. The COVID-19 situation will be yet another excuse why the Krankies will not put their very short arms in their very deep pockets!

  41. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So next season…

    Bellerin Saliba Mari. Tiernay

    Partley . Amn

    Pepe Saka

    Martinelli. Eddie.

    A possibly

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Mar with a c

    Keep your far right posts to the far right bloggers

    Football not politics…

  43. Graham62

    Aussie Gooner

    I’d just like to watch a game of football with a packed stadium again.

    That’s not going to happen too soon.

    Ins and outs are irrelevant at present.

    The only positive is that every other team in world football is in the same boat at present.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    GRAHAM 62

    Interestingly Arsenal phoned me yesterday, a call I missed. So I suspect that
    the purpose was to discuss next season’s arrangements.

    I will return call today.

  45. Wasi

    Due to the Pandemic a lot of clubs and not just Athleti are under huge financial pressure. They have to cut costs no matter how its done. And the best way to do that is to sell your players. You also cut cost as well as get transfer fees . Other clubs in such condition include Roma and Lyon . And Im sure a lot of French , Italian , Spanish , German and maybe some Prem clubs belong to this category too.
    We are more financially stable right now and I think the club HAS to take advantage of the situation. Because if we don’t others will.
    This is the best possible time for Stan to put money into the club. High quality players will be available for cheap + we also have some deadwood which will fetch us a few more millions.
    The likes of Mkhi , Elneny , Sokratis , Mustafi should at least get us 25 – 30 mil combined.
    And if Stan puts in even a 50 mil into the transfer budget ( Which is chump change for him) we can have a very very powerful window when you look at other clubs conditions.

    Chelsea having already forked out 45 mil for Ziyech and will spend reasonably.

    Spuds probably dont have a lot to spend as they are in huge debt now and they cant even generate funds through the massive stadium they whose sole purpose was to generate more funds.

    Citeh are already facing a ban and spending more will be self harming to them. And hopefully if the ban is upheld they might even have to sell some of their star players.

    Liverpool and ManU are in the best possible position. These clubs can and probably will get some big signings in.

    But if Stan helps the club we will be the 3rd best placed club to go into the Transfer Window.

    The transfer (imo) policy should be –
    1) Getting 2-3 good free transfers in
    Kuoassi , Sarr , Meunier , Aouchiche, Willian, Fraser , Mertens are some of the better players available for free whom we can target

    2) Buying good young players for cheap from clubs financially struggling.

    – Mkhi + 15 mil for Zaniolo
    – Partey for Laca
    – Aouar for 30 mil + Season long loan for Guendouzi/ Torreira ( Given they will be in the first 11)
    – Mkhi direct swap with Lorenzo Pellegrini of Roma.
    – 10-15 mil for Buendia
    There are a lot of clubs to be taken advantage of and a lot good deals to be done. Stan needs to pour in some money and Raul- Edu need to be smart.

    3) Young players for the future
    – Kuoassi and Aouchice and Sarr can also come into this category.
    – Veron from Sao paolo
    – One or two unhappy Barca academy players (Cesc and Bellerin style )
    – Top young players from Second division sides.

    4) Smart Loans
    – Umtiti / dembele / Coutinho from Barca
    – Rabiot from Juve
    -Tolisso from Bayern
    – Odriozola / Bale/ Jovic from Madrid

  46. Valentin

    Some posters are still in cloud cuckold land with regard to valuation.
    We won’t make money on most of the players we are trying to get rid.

    Roma can’t afford the £10 millions that we want for Mhkitaryan and they can’t afford his salary so they wants us to subsidise his wage for the next three years. Basically even in a free they can’t afford him.

    Besisktas is willing to take Elneny on a free on the same salary. If we demand a fee, then he has to reduce his wage demand. At least it looks like Elneny is willing take a pay cut and so we may have to split the difference. Half pay cut, half fee.

    Nobody in Italy is going to spend more than £25 millions on Torreira. At least it should be less than what he is currently worth in the book accounting wise. So it will show as a profit, when the reality is we will be lucky if we get back what we paid for him two years ago.

  47. CG


    “””And if Stan puts in even a 50 mil into the transfer budget””””

    The only £50 million Stan is pumping is to his latest 2 personal vanity projects.

    1) His Malibu mansion
    2) His stunning state of the art ranch. ( truly breathtaking mind)

    He would not even know about any one of those players you have mentioned in your post.

    As for Edu and Raul being smart. Didn’t they outsmart the market last year?
    And didnt we win the transfer window trophy ?

    Do you think if these 2 dopes were sacked today any other serious clubs would employ them?

    they would be lucky to get a job clearing out the muck in Stans stables.

  48. Pete the Thirst

    Only the submissive ones Valentin…

    Valentin May 21, 2020 09:36:20
    Some posters are still in cloud cuckold land

  49. Graham62


    Although it pains me to say it, let’s make do with what we’ve got.

    All this ‘who’s got to go’ and ‘who we need to get in’ is doing my head in.

    If in a years time things have improved, then maybe we can look at making the needed adjustments.

    Players will not be keen to move anyway.

  50. Jamie

    “Rumour circulating that we’re in the mix to sign Orkan Kokcu.

    Half Shark / Half Bird”

    Fairly solid material for a first post. I like it. Half whale, but still decent. Welcome.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I have just spoken to Arsenal.

    1. It is confirmed that they will provide credits for all unplayed home games or
    cup games not used.

    2. Season Ticket renewals are in process of being discussed with final
    decisions on prices for next season likely to be concluded next week.

    3. Season Ticket Renewals period will be extended either to end of June or July.

    4. The club may entertain financing arrangements for those who are not
    able to pay cost of tickets in a single payment.

  52. Pete the Thirst

    Cheers Jamie

    Have been on Le Grove for the past 10 years or so, only posting very occasionally over the past 5. Started right back in the glory days of Geoff’s -Pedro’s Dad – rantings about Wenger.

    All the other sites are quiet so here we are!

    Recognise a few names Andy1886 form ACLF – Hi Andy.

    Whatever happened to Gambon? He was really special

  53. Jamie

    My bad, Pete. I don’t read all the comments, so you must’ve slipped through the gap.

    gambon still posts occasionally. There aren’t too many around from 10 years ago though.

  54. Wasi

    Im just saying that this would be a great time if Stan were to ever put in money into the club. Its highly optimistic and probably not gonna happen.

    Saliba , Martinelli , Pepe , Tierney are all Raul’s signings and im sure all of these players will be important players for us in the seasons to come.

  55. Pete the Thirst

    Jamie, I can’t believe you don’t read all the comments!

    There was a poster years ago called Queen of Suburbia on here and a few other sites. Pretended to be a girl and flirted with a number of the posters on here (with a lot of success). Turned out it was a bloke using his wife’s identity to post as a woman.

    Yeah that was good.

  56. Pete the Thirst


    Interesting info from the club. I haven’t heard a peep from them. What about returning the money for the season ticket? I think there are 6 games left on mine.

    I’d much rather get the money back than have a credit. I don’t trust this bunch of jokers running the Club at the moment.

  57. alex cutter

    “I think you suffer from anger management issues.”

    That, or a lack of patience for loudmouth, longwinded idiots.

    What do you think, old man?

  58. Emiratesstroller


    I agree with your last post.

    Arsenal will reach agreement with both Roma and Besiktas and offload Mkhitaryan and Elneny.

    I suspect that Arsenal will insist on nominal transfer fee for both with players
    likely to accept adjusted wages in return for 3 year contracts.

    That is likely to be trend with other unwanted players on our books unless
    we do a swap deal.

    Arsenal’s dilemma is that we have at the moment too many players on our books with inflated wages . The idea that we are able to sell them at imaginary
    transfer fees is delusional.

    Most clubs on the continent have limited budget or no funds to buy any players least of all our unwanted dross.

    Some of these players will have to be retained particularly if they have only one year left on contract.I think that Arsenal will bite the bullet in case of Ozil
    and the same could be the case with Mustafi as well.

    I do think that Arsenal do have some funds to spend in transfer market, but
    probably on a much reduced scale.

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Pete the Thirst

    I don’t know the answer to that question, but obviously if you do not plan to renew Arsenal will be probably compelled to provide refund.

    I think that you will need to look at small print in conditions.

    Overall I think that the club are endeavouring to behave correctly with both
    customers and staff. They have not furlowed any of their staff to date.

  60. Jim Lahey

    No problem with Deeney not wanting to play during the pandemic. Watford should be under no obligation to pay him his wages during the time he is refusing to play though.

  61. CG


    “””””Saliba , Martinelli , Pepe , Tierney are all Raul’s signings and im sure all of these players will be important players for us in the seasons to come.””””””

    How are you sure?

    We all thought Genduzi was a sure thing.And he has turned out to be totally hopeless.

    That is what Arsenal are now?

    Allow a Spanish tubby bloke who has never kicked a ball, coached or managed a team buy an assortment of unproven but very expensive young players that MIGHT turn out OK?

    I thought the name of the game was to win?
    Silly me.

    We will have a great team one day- we might even beat Olympias at home in 5 years time.

    A total joke of a club.

  62. Pete the Thirst


    I find it intriguing how the Club haven’t mentioned ST refunds at all when other clubs have. Usually when June comes around they demand up front payment for season tickets with little flexibility.

    The show is now on the other foot and they are struggling with the laces.

    The Virus has changed football. How can Arsenal possibly be asking for season ticket money for next season when fans may not be able to attend games until 2021?

    I have stories of how Arsenal run their business and it ain’t ‘correct’ I assure you.

  63. Marc


    There’s no way the club can start asking ST holders to renew when as it stands we don’t know when net season will start and when fans are going to be allowed into the stadium. I think it’s currently looking unlikely but you could have a situation where the whole of next season is played behind closed doors. At the moment the club owe us 6 match credits that could turn into 32!

    My guess is they’ll refund money to those who demand it but will try to encourage fans to take the current credits against next seasons ticket, even if that means offering inducements etc.

  64. Dissenter

    I hate it when people offer you a credit rather than just give you a refund.
    The customer ought to have that opportunity to choose a refund. The money may come in handy now.

  65. Marc


    At the moment the club have not contacted me re my ST and renewing, if the club is making preparations that is not a bad thing it actually means the club is doing things the right way.

  66. Pete the Thirst

    Isn’t this the same Troy Deeney that talked about Arsenal lacking Cojones? And the same bloke that served a prison sentence for an assault outside a nightclub?

    The irony seems to have passed him by…the delicate flower

    Jim Lahey May 21, 2020 10:42:38
    No problem with Deeney not wanting to play during the pandemic. Watford should be under no obligation to pay him his wages during the time he is refusing to play though.

  67. Emiratesstroller


    I suspect that clubs are having discussions with Government about what will be allowed next season and when it is likely to start.

    I don’t know if you have read the Latest stats for London, but apparently there
    have been no Corona Virus Deaths in last 48 hours and the number of new cases has fallen dramatically in Capital.

    The main issue for club like many other businesses will be the number of
    customers who are no longer in a financial position to spend 4 figures on season tickets.

    That was a question I asked the Arsenal rep and he came back with the financing arrangement, which is likely to be available.

  68. Marc


    Right now the club haven’t ruled out giving refunds – I believe that under normal circumstances ST holders can get a refund on any cup credits owed or take the money for tickets sold on ticket exchange. Of course the club prefer to credit against future ST’s but that’s not some terrible thing that only Arsenal do.

  69. Dissenter

    I wonder if Emirates stroller still thinks Arsenal just have a ‘cash flow’ problem?

    There’s a possibility that Arsenal and the rest of the league may be forced to play a substantial part of next season behind closed doors. That’s going to devastate Arsenal since we get a substantial portion of our income from gate takings. Then you factor in the reduced revenue from TV because TV companies aren’t going to pay as much for playing behind closed doors. The income from preseason games/travel won’t even be there this season.
    Arsenal is going to be in some deep shite for some time.

  70. Marc


    I heard the stat of no new cases over 24 hours in London I didn’t realise we also had no deaths over 48 hours as well.

    Good news – hopefully we’ll see this thing blow out as quickly as it came in but at least we still have the vaccine and treatment research going on a well.

  71. Marc


    It obviously won’t be good but if next season was played out behind closed doors more matches will be screened on TV making up some of the short fall.

    You do like taking the worst possible scenario whenever you can – the Spud’s will be in a worse position and ManU have the Chevrolet deal expiring at the end of next season – I couldn’t see them improving on that deal before all this started.

    Why not try to take some small positives? We have some really promising talent coming through the ranks for example.

  72. Tom

    “We all thought Genduzi was a sure thing.And he has turned out to be totally hopeless.“

    There are two small problems with this statement.
    One, we all didn’t think he was a sure thing – what 19 year old midfielder from the second tier French football can?
    And two, he hasn’t turned out to be totally hopeless yet, since the club he had joined has been under a rebuild and in transition, and without a single world class midfielder to learn his position from.
    Other than that your statement is perfect.

  73. Bob N16

    I’m not expecting to be able to attend that many games next season. For the sake of argument. let’s say ST can go to games from 1st Jan. Last season we played 10 home PL gams and 3 EL up to this point.

    The season is likely to start say a month later so shall we say 11 home games can’t be charged for in next seasons ST (8 PL and 3 cup ties).

    With 6 credits to carry over and 11 games unattendable, that means the club can only charge for (26-17) 9 games. If that is the case(and Jan. may be optimistic), the club will only be able to collect around 35% of usual money from tickets (very roughly £30m as opposed to £90m) a short fall of £60m (or 3 Ozil’s!).

  74. Marc


    There’s a change that could be where we are but again I will say that if there’s no attendance prior to the turn of the year more matches will be televised – how much can we raise from those matches being shown on TV? I have no idea how many fans do we have that will pay to watch a match? If the club offered a half season TV ticket at £200 could we get 150,000 fans to take it up that would half the deficit?

  75. CG

    “””””And two, he hasn’t turned out to be totally hopeless yet, “”””””

    55 games = 0 Goals
    55 games =1 Assist

    he has more tantrums behind the scenes than either goals and assists.

    You find me a premier midfielder with worse stats.
    Just one.

    Hopeless Tom

    As for that Zaha tackle -that is exactly what a ‘Hackney Marshes’ player would make.

  76. Wasi

    Guendouzi is 21 .
    Its a general consensus that Saliba , Martinelli , Tierney , Pepe are high potential players.
    And even if they dont become world beaters they will at least be cash cows except Pepe.

  77. Bob N16

    Marc, I agree there has to be some creativity to deal with the shortfall.

    I’m not sure how happy Sky and BT will be if a whole load of extra games are made available in club specific packages. The price that they are paying was surely negotiated with the knowledge of how many games were available to be broadcasted. I would understand if they would want to pay less for a less exclusive package.

  78. Marc


    If any of those players come good as expected suddenly they’ll be Sven signings and nothing to do with Sanllehi at all.

  79. Marc


    Well the easiest thing to do would be to bring them in to show the matches and keep certain matches that would’ve been shown under normal circumstances by them exclusively to them.

    It’ll be a complicated thing to sort but it can be done.

  80. CG


    “””””Its a general consensus that Saliba , Martinelli , Tierney , Pepe are high potential players.”””””””

    I could write down 50 names of young players with potential Wasi in 3 minutes.

    And you will still say the same.

    Every club in Europe has young players.

    The assumption that ours are any better is just nonsense.
    We only assume ours are better because they have ridiculously expensive price tags.

    While you are here Wasi…..

    Do you think if we have a scorching summer and games are played in July – MA will still want our players running and pressing like lunatics or should we conserve energy and play sensible?

    I just can not see how if Tierney plays he ain’t breaking down again.

  81. Terraloon


    The live broadcasting rights to all PL games are the intellectual property of the PL as a collective . Clubs under the existing rules and regulations can not go their own way in terms of selling access to games on the day they are played . The same applies to CL/EL games.

    At some point in the future we might we’ll see all live games available but I very very much doubt there would be majority agreement to allow home clubs to keep all the generated monies from those games. If they did keep all monies in respect of monies from home games only the vast majority of clubs would see their broadcasting revenue drop as Sky and BT are committed to showing x number of each clubs games and the collective agreement is a fixed sum, a fee for each hosted game and a prize based on final league position

    Having said all that I do wonder if we will at some point in the not too distant future we will see a very much slimed down PL say 10 clubs where you play each other 4 times a season . If that were to happen then everything changes.

  82. Tom

    “As for that Zaha tackle -that is exactly what a ‘Hackney Marshes’ player would make.“

    Is this the real reason you’re so crossed with Guendouzi, CG?
    Ha ha.
    I can just see it too……Guen doesn’t tackle Zaha , who goes on to run the entire length of the pitch to score for Palace , and you get to use this as a stick to beat Pepe with and to justify Zaha’s 80m price. Oh well, wasn’t to be.
    I thought it was a great fucking tackle lol.

    As for his goal and assist drought, I’m not looking for goals from a holding mid player if he does his main job properly.
    One of the best – if not the best ever to play that role , Claude Mekelele, went multiple seasons without a goal or assist for Madrid and Chelsea while in his prime, let alone at 20.
    I’m not gonna bother looking up his numbers but I’m willing to bet money Mekelele had seasons where his goal and assist numbers were just as poor as Guendouzi’s, in fact I remember Chelsea players insisting he’d take a penalty once just so he could get a goal.

  83. Marc


    I’m not suggesting that this is done on a permanent basis just a temporary period until fans can get back into the stadiums. Of course the bigger clubs will benefit more but it’s in the best interest of teams such as Southampton, Burnley, Watford etc for the Premier League to remain an attractive commodity – overseas countries do not pay a fortune for the TV rights who show their matches and neither do Sky / BT for the domestic rights but those clubs still benefit massively.

  84. Graham62

    Who the Castlemaine xxxx is this alex cutter geezer?

    Comes across as a really friendly guy.

    Is he from over the pond?

  85. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    I am sure that Arsenal’s main focus this season will be to hold onto as best they
    can their regular clients [season ticket holders] and make concessions.

    No club in world football is not going to have to take a financial hit this season.

    However, I think that Arsenal do have more liquidity than most other clubs
    in EPL and elsewhere to bite the bullet.

    I am sure that there will be a cost cutting exercise. If Arsenal finish outside the
    Europa Cup places then I am sure that they can reduce their first team squad
    to perhaps 22 players and offload perhaps a couple of the expensive wages.

    Frankly I doubt that the club needs a staff of 600 in current climate.

  86. Tom

    Mekelele went 80 games for Chelsea in 06-08 seasons with 1goal and 1assist.
    In 02-04 seasons he went 89 games for Madrid and Chelsea with 1 assist.
    There I looked it up.

  87. CG


    “””””I thought it was a great fucking tackle lol.””””””

    It was a tackle not worthy of an Arsenal player.
    It is irrelevant that it was Zaha ( but it does shows how dangerous player Zaha is on the counter by the way as it was injury time)

    It was a tackle that perfectly summed up the club as of today and the way it is heading.

    When an opposition player does that do Martinelli, Pepe , Saliba or Saha next season and puts him out for 12 months or even longer don’t start moaning.

  88. Graham62

    Just come back from having a nice leisurely walk along Worthing and Ferring seafront here in West Sussex.

    A designated green area has been consumed by a large number of people escaping from the cities. Left the place in a real state.

    Garbage everywhere/ broken chairs/ bins overflowing etc. Absolutely no respect for others. Social distancing my ass!

    Give me Singapore any day of the week.

  89. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I will be renewing albeit rather like Bob I will be attending fewer games.

    I share the seats with a member of my family and also a friend and they want me
    to keep the seats.

  90. Dissenter

    Shouldn’t you plan for the worst possible emergencies that are within reason?
    I believe proper preparations for every conceivable exigency will mitigate its impact.
    I didn’t knock you for your wild optimism that the Oxford vaccine will be ready for the public by September as pie in the sky, even though that’s what it is.
    Assuming I’m guilty of preparing for the worst possible outcome, you are certainly in the muck for an head-in-the-sand approach.
    You were just knocking Arsenal for planning to sell season tickets for next season in light of the same uncertainties.

  91. Dissenter

    Singapore is an island that’s geographically protected, same as New Zealand.
    I’m sure Singapore wouldn’t take you in right now, not unless you happen to be James Dyson’s buddy.

  92. Marc


    I don’t have a problem with people preparing for a worst case scenario you just seem to come across as A) that it’s either going to be the worst case scenario or a fate worse than a worst case scenario and B) almost revel in it being as bad as possible.

    “Arsenal is going to be in some deep shite for some time.”

    Is a case in point – Arsenal aren’t going to be in deep shite for some time – the Premier League and further afield is.

  93. Wasi

    ‘If any of those players come good as expected suddenly they’ll be Sven signings and nothing to do with Sanllehi at all.’

    Damn right Marc.
    Sanllehi has been a huge upgrade on Ivan. And had he not signed Pepe for 72 mil or had Pepe been World class right off from the start Raul would still be Don Raul.
    Ivan was our here spending 90 mil on the trio of Xhaka , Mustafi and Lucas Perez.


    We definitely have a better crop of young players than most of the clubs in the world.
    Just compare it to the Prem.
    We have 5-6 under 21 players with genuine potential to be first teamers and 2-3 world class potential.

    Dont think any other club in England possess such high number quality young players.
    Chelsea maybe is the closest with CHO , Reece James , Gilmour and Tomori.

    ‘Do you think if we have a scorching summer and games are played in July – MA will still want our players running and pressing like lunatics or should we conserve energy and play sensible?’

    No sane manager would do that. Be it scorching heat or not , games gonna come every 3-4 days and its only natural to play be a bit more conservative .

    As for Tierney. We have 2 LBs and 1 makeshift LB in the squad. Im sure we can rotate to make he doesn’t break down again.

    As for the Tackle on Zaha. Loved it . Saved us 2 points that lad.

  94. Tom

    “When an opposition player does that do Martinelli, Pepe , Saliba or Saha next season and puts him out for 12 months or even longer don’t start moaning.“

    A bit melodramatic there, no?
    There is a higher risk of injury from a tripping tackle on a player at full flight , as a matter of fact I could give examples of players missing games from the so called “ taking one for the team” type of tackles , but I’ve yet to see a single injury from what Guendouzi did to Zaha , no matter how ungainly it looked.

  95. Marc


    The truth of it is that CG wanted Zaha to score and Arsenal to lose, Guendozi saved us a point. If he hadn’t of fouled him CG would be screaming about how a “proper” player would’ve committed a tactical foul.

    I just can’t be bothered with someone who wants Arsenal to lose matches, get relegated and go bust.

  96. CG


    “””As for the Tackle on Zaha. Loved it . Saved us 2 points that lad.””””

    Oh yes .
    Didn’t we do well, not get beat by
    mighty Crytal Palace at home.

    All these exceptional youngsters could not beat Olympiakos over 2 legs either!

    Totally deluded.

  97. Terraloon


    The current PL broadcasting deal is worth £4.35 billion over a three year period 2019-2022 . Around £2.17 billion a season

    Around 46% of the total income is paid by foreign broadcasters who have access to all live PL games. They is no way that foreign broadcasters are going to agree to the likes of Arsenal showing any games live for a fee in their territory’s

    I can see Sky and BT renegotiating the current deal to enable then to screen a few more games and possibly the likes of the BBC will take a few games if that can be negotiated but sorry I think till the end of the current deals it’s highly highly unlikely there will be any significant changes

  98. Uwot?

    Re CG-as regards to opposition players taking OUR OUT 😂 they’ve been doing that for years the list is prob endless but I’ll mention a few: Eduardo,Diaby,Ramsey …..so I’ll give Gwen a pass on that pussy rugby tackle cos he sure didn’t end Zahas career hey?

  99. Wasi

    ‘Oh yes .
    Didn’t we do well, not get beat by
    mighty Crytal Palace at home.

    All these exceptional youngsters could not beat Olympiakos over 2 legs either!’

    So what did you wanted to happen. Guendouzi do nothing and Zaha score and beat us?

    If you dont like the young signings and academy players , what do you propose , the club bet on the likes of Luiz , Willian and old guys ?

  100. Marc


    If overseas companies are already showing all the games things will just continue as before. Domestically it all depends on how long before fans are back in the grounds – one positive is it might make clubs realise that fans going to matches are the lifeblood of the game.

  101. Un na naai

    WasiMay 21, 2020 11:49:40
    Guendouzi is 21 .
    Its a general consensus that Saliba , Martinelli , Tierney , Pepe are high potential players.
    And even if they dont become world beaters they will at least be cash cows except Pepe.


    Pepe could be the best of lot. His skill on the ball is next level. There’s not one player who can match his dribbling ability in the premier league and I expect him to show that over the course of the next few years

    I mean he twists defenders in knots and turns them into spaghetti bolognese. He sends them so far the wrong way they end up at Gatwick

    He’s got to learn how to drive at space properly and improve his positional sense and decision making but it’s all there.

    With Messi and Ronaldo ageing there is no reason why he can’t go on and become the no1 player in the world but he’s got to get his head screwed on.

    I really rate him that highly

  102. Wasi

    I like Pepe a lot too. And his dribbling ability may only be rivalled by Zaha but maybe you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think he can be no.1 tbh.

    This lil piece tho
    ‘I mean he twists defenders in knots and turns them into spaghetti bolognese. He sends them so far the wrong way they end up at Gatwick’ 😂

    Imo Martinelli is the best of the lot.
    Pepe’s technical ability , dribbling and shooting may be better than and Martinelli may never learn how to spin defenders like Pepe does but he mentality is unrivalled. His work rate is unrivalled and whoever’s had the chance to be with him , see. him has been in Awe (Klopp , Dinho , Luiz ,Arteta These are big names right here.)
    You can hone a player’s technical attributes but mentality is in – built and no one in our squad or maybe even in the Prem has a better mentality than Martinelli does. I mean Sanchez had a winning mentality but he was a Diva. Gabi seems like a humble, ready to learn , down to earth , winner . He’s got it all to become one of the very best imo. Ohh and he’s also fast and ridiculo explosive .

  103. Graham62


    That wasn’t my point.

    Highlighting the fact that in Singapore everyone respects the rules, whereas in the UK we have a core of society that don’t give a toss about anything because our rules and punishments are pitiful.

    Those that do care and do respect( the majority) have to suffer the consequences.

  104. Un na naai


    Yeah martinelli looks good but to me his toolbox is limited. If he’s marked tightly can he change his game or turn an opponent to gain that yard? We will see. Not to put him down because I rate him very very highly and he may turn out to be the best of the bunch. As things stand Saka and pepe offer more of a variety to their game though which makes them less predictable. Like Henry. He could do it all. It’s a high bar to set but because he could attack you using any number of methods it made him a nightmare to defend against

    He could run behind
    He could drop deep and split you with a pass
    If you drop deep he could shoot from 30-35 yards

    Failing any of that he dribbles through your entire defence

    I think saka and Pepe are closer to that benchmark in skill set than martinelli

  105. Northbanker

    If we play 4-3-3 next year, which i gather is MA’s preferred formation, then Saka-Martinelli-Pepe could be electric. I’m assuming no Laca and Auba and i suspect we will have a signing at CF. A real possibility in my mind could be a swap deal with Real for Jovic. That would give us a few options

    Also hoping we don’t waste the Laca Card on a swap with AM for Lemar. If they do want him then we should keep our powder dry for a Partey swap.

  106. Northbanker

    Despite the gloom on here re AFC’s finances i don’t think the squad looks too bad as it is – adding Tierney and Saliba and prob Mari will give us plenty of options and allow Saka to play the LW role which is far better suited to his game.

  107. CG

    Heard it all now.

    Genduzi and Makalele in the same breathe
    Now Pepe is to take over the mantle from Messi and Ronaldo
    And the squad is fit for purpose even though we are entrenched in midtable and cant defeat Olympiakos over 2 legs

    I guess Mari will be the next Bobby Moore in a few weeks.
    Some of My wonderful fellow Le Grove patients seem to be totally deluded.

    Must be the sunshine.

  108. Dissenter

    We don’t need Lemar
    We have a certain exciting young player called Saka who has produced more than Lamar in the past year, playing as a LB or LWB.

  109. Un na naai


    If we go for Lemar it’s at no10 but I agree. We need to focus in the middle of the pitch

    North banker

    Totally agree mate
    It’s mouth watering. You get grealish/Maddison/name your 10 picking out those three and we have an track that could rival Liverpool
    Especially with Tierney overlapping on the left
    Mouth watering

  110. Chris


    I live right where you are by the sounds of it, and yes, that area is busier than in normal times it seems.

    I used to like walking home along the seafront from work but now I avoid it like the plague, because well, it kind of is avoiding the plague if you know what I mean. It isn’t possible to social distance in some stretches because the path and cycle lane is narrow and some people don’t make any attempt to keep 2 metre distance anyway.

  111. Graham62

    Every club is having to amend their policies and procedures in respect to STH’s/Memberships. The fact that fans will not be able to attend games for the foreseeable future will undoubtedly lead to (and already is doing) a revamp of the entire system. Of course, the bottom line is that it all boils down to money and how far the clubs are prepared to go to benefit the fans. Yes, ,that’s right, all those folk who basically keep the footballing world ticking over and have done since medieval times.

    It’s not just a football thing, all major spectator sports will have to adapt to this new system. Maybe, just maybe, for the first time ever, the fans will actually be put first. As far as our club is concerned, it’s about bloody time!

  112. Chris

    It’s great to see most of us excited about Arsenals youth players and the future that potentially lies ahead.

    Shame there is always the same miserable bastard trying to piss on everyone else’s chips.

  113. Wasi

    As i said Pepe is more polished technically than Gabi , Saka as well. But none has the mentality that Gabi possessess and that is why I think that 4-5 years down the line Gabi will be the best of the bunch.

  114. Graham62


    I know where you’re coming from.

    I understand the local community groups are seething and that patrols are going to be set up.

    Bob and Doris then with their tape measures🤪

    Only in the UK.


  115. Un na naai


    Real talk. Letting jack Ramsey and Santi go was him just butchering the team for the sake of it. Dropping Torreira was a tantrum because he wanted Nzonzi

    Petty little man. Delighted he’s gone

  116. Santan

    “But none has the mentality that Gabi possessess and that is why I think that 4-5 years down the line Gabi will be the best of the bunch.”

    You can’t really say that for certain. It is incredibly hard to consistently have that mentality for 5 years straight. I agree though, his work rate is incredible and if he can keep it up then he could be one of the best forwards in the league, if not the best

  117. Un na naai

    Wasi, time will tell. Not dying your wrong. They all have a very high ceiling and ESR is yet to truly flourish and he was rated as the star man among this crop

    Arteta seems to think Nelson can be top class too and willock has already shown his aptitude in front of goal

    We really have an exciting era ahead of us at arsenal. I can’t wait for the season to resume after what is essentially a prolonged pre season with Arteta able to drill the team into his own vision
    I really expect to see rejuvenated arsenal come June

  118. Northbanker

    Chris – best to ignore completely the 2 or 3 on here at the moment who desperately want the club to fail. As for last comment on Wilshere and Ramsey – not sure what point you’re answering but digging into history is pointless.
    It’s where we are now that matters – CG I don’t know how good Mari will be but I’m rooting for him as he is almost a fixture with us. If he is an upgrade on Luiz then what’s the problem?

  119. Luteo Guenreira

    Nice to see LG is as immutable as ever whenever I check in. Decent football talk interspersed with unintelligible blather and caustic comments.

    Anyway hope you’re all well amidst the never ending chaos. I’m bringing a child into this world this fall in spite of all that, so will probably never be around as much as I could previously. No real loss for anyone really though.

    Glad you’re still kicking Cutter keep giving them hell.