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I cannot believe this has drawn so much criticism. I hate the man’s football, but I can’t knock his rationale for not wanting to put his family in the firing line for something as trivial as football.

The guy has a sick kid, he has a BAME family, he’s seen the numbers, he’s made a decision that goes beyond football. That is fair. I live with someone that has underlying health conditions, will that affect my decision to go rampaging back to the office? Absolutely. What use is a test if I catch the virus?

I think we treat footballers like circus animals at times. They are people doing a job. If the health of their family could be a problem, let them do their thing, his football club hardly matters. You also can’t accuse him of being a wimp. The guy is a powerhouse. This is hardly an expensive player taking away days off because he doesn’t fancy it.

‘but Joe Bloggs who runs a market stall can’t say no’

Yes, he can. Everyone has the right not to work in this moment. Joe Bloggs might have trouble with his mortgage, but he can still say no. Just like the majority of people in offices, they too can say no. That might have career implications. If you’re not seen, it’s tough to get noticed, but that’s the choice you make.

I think this is a great opportunity for footballers that WILL play. There are going to be some top players that won’t risk their lungs, but there will be youngsters that jump right into that position. That’s footballing Darwinism baby.

Anyway, let’s talk about something truly serious.


It’s widely accepted that we need wingers as part of the Arteta solution. Thomas Lemar, a player we looked at 3 years ago when we bid £90m for him at Monaco, is someone that is being touted as a possible Arsenal solution. The player predominantly plays on the left, which is where you’d expect Martinelli to take a bigger role next season, but that hasn’t stopped AS report that they’d like to swap him with Lacazette.

I’d rather swap out for Thomas Partey, but I’d be game for any player that boasts a high level of quality. Lemar would certainly be a project for Arsenal. Things haven’t worked out under Simeone, he’s clocked an incredibe zero goals and zero assists in 1000 minutes of football this season. However, if you believe he can find the next level, this is a guy who had 18 assists and 16 goals when Jardim had Monaco purring.

It’d be an odd move, but what is pleasing is the Atletico stories won’t die. They are in trouble financially and they are game to move players around this summer.

News coming out of Italy has us linked to another winger, this time an exchange deal where we’d take on Justin Kluivert as part of the deal for Mikhi. I can’t for the life of me work out why you’d go so hard at an ailing player and exchange them for a youth prospect, but hey, football works in weird ways. The player is only 21, he hasn’t exactly blown up the scene in Italy, but he no doubt has talent. I also really loved his dad when he was playing. I was devastated when we ballsed the deal. So this could be good for nostalgia.

Granit Xhaka gave this response when asked about Mesut Ozil.

“I see him here as a very positive, likeable colleague,”

“He is an extremely down-to-earth guy, always ready to help, and he works hard in training and in my opinion he really enjoys football.

I love it. Sounds like he’s being interviewed for the first time ever by Business Insider.

‘My colleague who I believe to be good makes nice microwave fishes at the work hole’

Granit also had some positive things to say about Arteta and getting the Champions League.

“After the change of coach I had some very good talks with our new coach Mikel Arteta,”

“He convinced me of his ideas and his philosophy for the number six position and showed me a lot of appreciation.

“I’m glad that I could pay him back for this trust and I hope for the future that we can still make it into the Champions League and finally play in the international top league again.”

Right, on that note, I’ll see you in the comments. x

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  1. Chris

    I hate the way he left and do not hold too much respect for him now, but Nasri scored some belters for us.

    Two of my many favourite goals from the mast decade were his, against Porto in the Champions League where he took the ball around 3 or 4 players before slotting home near the by line.

    Another one sticks in the memory against Fulham, he again took it around 2 or 3 players, dummied to shoot at least twice fooling the opposition and then blasting home.