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Arsenal responded to the reports of Lacazette punching his career in the face.

“This is a private matter which we are taking seriously. It will be handled internally.”

Oof… like being told you’ll be dealt with when your parents get home.

Hard to know what the club do here, because, like parents coming home to a child that has disgraced himself by drawing a cock on a Spurs fans notebook at school, how do you discipline something this stupid? Sometimes the offence is serious/trivial.

  • A junior team member throws up on the CEOs shoes at the Christmas party.
  • A stinging accidental reply-all to a company e-mail
  • You’re caught stealing someone’s sandwiches our of the communal fridge

On the face of it, trivial and funny, but to a wider audience, you really can’t defend it.

So what the hell does Arteta do here? How do you tell a 28-year-old he shouldn’t be videoing himself doing something the press call ‘hippy crack’? I’ve seen some say it’s a career-ender. Can’t see that myself, he’s worth too much money and our squad has been in the gutter going forward. I would say that it might sand down any resistance there might have been to moving him on this summer… though I would be very surprised if he didn’t play for the club again.

The SPL cancelled the league and made Celtic champions. I can’t work out if that’s because no one watches the league for it to matter, or there’s more serious underpinnings? Regardless, I’m team Germany. If they can do it, so can we. I’d rather get this season out of the way and worry about what we do next season with TV money intact.

UEFA has said the Champions League and the Europa League must finish by August. So that gives the Premier League a bit of breathing space. I reckon they might try and bang the league out in a month, give the players 4 weeks off in August to work on fitness, then hit the ground running in empty stadiums in September.

There’s been a steady stream of ‘football is shit without fans’ commentary. Honestly, is that really an opinion worth airing? What’s the alternative? Wait 3 years for a vaccine and consumer confidence to return to the point where they’d be willing to sit within inches of other humans?

Football isn’t the same without fans. Of course it isn’t. It’s not supposed to be. There was never a moment where people were saying, ‘I think this moment in time is going to speed up the inevitable. Work from home will become more prevalent, home delivery services will grow in importance, and we’ll play in empty stadiums.’ Football is better with fans. But you know what is worse than football with no fans? No football. So stop whining on about the lack of atmosphere. I’d rather something than nothing at all. It’s an absolutely minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of a pandemic, so I ask kindly, that all you moaners stfu.

Before I go, Arsenal are being linked with a man Steve Rowley called the best target man in France at the moment.

Serhou Guirassy is fast, powerful and tall. He’s also 24 years old, which is quite a bit older than you’d think we’d been looking at. He’s scored 38 goals in 120 appearances, so who knows how good he is, but this is another indicator of the level we’re playing at in the transfer market. We’re not going for the top tier players, we’re going after strikers clubs like Dortmund or Monaco would. Not a bad thing, but certainly more of a risk. Are you buying Adebayor or Yaya Sanogo?

If there’s one place we would LOVE the club to spend money this summer, it’s in midfield. Thomas Partey is once again being heavily linked. It’s almost desperate now. He seems to love the idea of Arsenal. I guess he’d be the star, he’d get a big pay jump, and he might have been sold on the idea that he’ll be the Patrick Vieira like player we’ve been missing since Patrick Vieira.

I would be VERY excited if he were in our side next season.

Also, some journos reporting that Arsenal are calm about the Saka deal. Wouldn’t that be a ray of light in a dark cave of news?

See you in the comments. x

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  1. Marc

    “Also, some journos reporting that Arsenal are calm about the Saka deal. Wouldn’t that be a ray of light in a dark cave of news?”

    Unless of course they’ve been on the hippy crack or something even stronger!

  2. Guns of SF

    why we looking at strikers? unless Laca is off?
    Need to look at mids… CAMS, and break the back for Partey.
    Partey time !!!!

  3. Marc


    Why would we be signing a left winger when we have Saka and Martinelli who can play in that position?

    It’s not as if we don’t have other positions that desperately need to be sorted.

  4. Zacharse

    Damn those partey rumors are not dying anytime soon. Hope theres a few slivers of truth in em. Swap for laca? Yes plz

  5. Sid

    Serhou Guirassy would be a better plan B than Laca, he just turned 23, he is Giroudesque could turn out to be a Drogba late bloomer

  6. Zacharse

    Fuckin damn right marc. That dude would stand out like a 7’ dude in a chinese elevator in our mf

  7. Sid

    MarcMay 18, 2020 17:07:23
    SidWhy would we be signing a left winger when we have Saka and Martinelli who can play in that position?

    Maybe Saka is moving to #10, maybe we sell one or 2 of our strikers then have Nketiah, Martinelli serhou as strikers, maybe one for the future
    Only the Arsenal staff impressed by him in trials can answer that

  8. Tom

    “ Football is better with fans. But you know what is worse than football with no fans? No football. So stop whining on about the lack of atmosphere. I’d rather something than nothing at all. It’s an absolutely minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of a pandemic, so I ask kindly, that all you moaners stfu.”

    Lol, Pedro.
    Just out of curiosity, were the majority of moaners the Bundesliga fans or just football fans in general because , and I’ve got to be honest here, I don’t really give a shit about a league where only one club wins the title nine times out of ten whether they play in a sold out stadiums or not.

    Not knowing half the Bundesliga teams or players has more to do with lack of emotions watching them play than the surreal surroundings.

    The PL , if and when they come back, will be more attractive to most viewers for sure.

  9. Tom

    “Our centre midfield has become a parody of the quality we used to have there. Xhaka is an insult to the position.”

    Funny enough, just posted something to this effect on another forum.
    We went from having the best midfield in the game as late as the 2010-11 season to one of the worst of any big clubs anywhere.

    It’s been a slow decline but a steady one.

  10. Pedro

    Tom, I’d watch old ladies playing marbles if they put it on ESPN right now. German football is more than suitable for me… especially this year as the race is tight.

  11. Marc


    The best CM we’ve got at the moment is probably Torreira and he can’t get in the team and a good chunk on here seem desperate to see him sold.

  12. Khan

    From the video posted, Guirassy seems to be raw product who has quite a short back-lift – reminds me of Podolski. He knows where the goal is & is able to bring the ball down to feet in a jiffy if required. Overall, I would like arsenal to get him and get rid of Lacazette, provided PEA stays. His decision making is not quite there yet, but he could turn out to be quite a profitable project, if he doesn’t develop as quick towards his high ceiling.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    It’s all talk about incomings…
    What’s happening wit( out goings….


    Need to sale before we buy

  14. Marc


    I don’t have a problem with selling him I just find it strange that so many are keen to sell him when the major issue is another player.

  15. Marc


    Neither of those 2 are stinking out our midfield at the moment – those 2 are just financial problems to be dealt with.

  16. Guns of SF

    Yes finances… we need $$

    my worry is Arteta will not be strong enough to let go the “veterans” he caters too.

    Cant really expect him to sell all of them. The bigger question is the dependence on these so called veterans to kick us to the next level…

    You are only as good as the players you have… and these fellas will not get us there.

  17. Marc

    “my worry is Arteta will not be strong enough to let go the “veterans” he caters too.


    Xhaka – so very fucking useless that we need to invent a new word to describe him.
    Ozil – winding his contract down will be gone next summer.
    Mustafi – only fucking useless.
    Sok – actually an OK player – not spectacular but we’ve much bigger problems.
    Laca – again an OK player, needs to get his personal problems sorted or learn to focus on the pitch and forget about them.

    Why any manager would get in a position where he’s “catering” to a bunch of players who the best of are either OK or massively out of form actually leads to a bigger question of is this manager up to the job?

  18. Guns of SF

    case in point. Ozil… our favorite discussion topic on his board.
    Arteta has played him in almost all games since taking over… brought him in from the cold. Ozil has stunk out the place again. So its not the coaching, its Ozil…
    Why persist with this? Unless Arteta does not want to lose the dressing room as Ozil is a figure in there is well liked with the players.
    Hard to see Arteta being as tough as Emery was… this is my point. Emery was not shy to sell and bench under-performers

    And I am no Emery fan.

    These last few games will hopefully show us more of where Arteta wants to take his chess pieces.

  19. Marc


    Arteta came in half way through the season and has picked up a mess of a squad. There’s a difference between picking the best of a bad lot and picking the players you’d want.

    The issue now is how long will it take to unload enough of the dross to set us straight. My guess is going into season 21/22 will see a very different team.

  20. Dissenter

    I share SF Gun’s reticence in jumping on the Arteta bandwagon. I think he’s done some things worthy of commendation same as repeated some of the errors of the past.
    Only time will tell but the club didn’t exactly support his predecessor all the way so I don’t expect that Arteta will have his way more than 60% of the time.
    Arterta was supposed to get strawberry jam from citrus fruit wasn’t he”…with all that pizzazz flowing.

  21. Marc


    I’m not jumping on Pedro’s band wagon – I will try and give an objective viewpoint on what he’s taken on.

    As I said the other day anyone who’s making a judgement call on him now (good or bad) is being unreasonable.

  22. Marc

    Actually that’s 2 places because City also won the League Cup, you’ve also got the EL place that the FA Cup would usually give and I’m assuming they won’t finish the FA Cup so that could / should be 3 places further down.

    Of course all of this assumes that there’ll be any European football next season.

  23. Pedro

    Not strong enough to deal with veterans? Not sure anything Arteta has done so far indicates he’ll be weak with players. Criticising him for making the most of a squad he’s not been able to change seems bizarre.

  24. Pierre

    Guns of SF
    “Arteta has played him in almost all games since taking over… brought him in from the cold. Ozil has stunk out the place again. So its not the coaching, its Ozil…”

    You need educating on the game mate..


    If you think this is stinking the place out then there is no hope for you..

  25. Pierre

    Some players just make the game look too easy and this appears to confuse the uneducated like guns of SF

  26. Pierre

    Guns of SF
    It’s all about the first touch and the perfect weight of pass…watch the link and learn and then come back and tell me he’s stinking the place out.

  27. Guns of SF

    Pierre…. bruh when will you get it… its been discussed to death on here and you, and only you continue to see something none of us do.
    Ozil is shit. has been for years. Wenger coddled him, made him entitled.
    Emery froze him and low and behold Arteta brings him again and Ozil shits the bed.
    When will you realize that your boy Ozil is nothing more than a spoilt primadonna that only looks after Ozil.
    Never I suppose

  28. Guns of SF

    Emery was not taking any shit from Ozil… and I am not an Emery supporter.
    If Ozil is a big part of Artetas plans we are royally fucked my friend.
    His performances since Arty taking over have been shit. yet he still gets picked over and over….
    Makes me wonder … how much reliance on these vets who underperform will he put up with…

  29. Marc

    First it was Ozil’s assists.

    Then it was Ozil and chances made.

    Now it’s “It’s all about the first touch and the perfect weight of pass”

    I’ve seen a conman who wouldn’t keep this shit up. Pierre you really are embarrassing yourself.

  30. Aussie Gooner

    There is a world of difference between Bundesliga fans and EPL fans. Yes the former can be just as loud, feral and one-eyed as any EPL fan but the difference is in the German culture. If the German Government tell them not to turn up at a football match behind closed doors, then they won’t.

    However can you see the scousers on match day with perhaps just one game to win behind closed doors not turning up at Anfield en-masse? Here in lies the problem – cultural competence.

  31. Marc


    Scouser’s are vermin and sub human – not only will they break the lock down but they’ll blame everyone else when they get ill and die.

  32. Andy1886

    Lol, I think that Pierre is confusing football with Strictly. Maybe we should just change the game so that rather than goals scored we decide the winner by holding up a score card for artistic impression.

    When Ozil is on the pitch it’ll always be a perfect ten from Pierre (with a little kiss beside it).

  33. Guns of SF

    My 9 year old son has a better perfectly weighted pass than Ozil! He shows more guts and fight than Mr. Ozil.

    When Ozil leaves Arsenal, what will you do Pierre? Support that team too?

  34. Overmars

    I can’t wait to see the reaction on Le Grove when Ozil leaves. Just like when Emery took him out of the team and everyone on here and Twitter were begging for him to start again.. I predict this’ll happen again. Like when any top class player leaves Arsenal, fans will only really appreciate him after he leaves.

  35. Marc


    You’d have to notice he’s gone to miss him.

    Only place Ozil will be missed is off of the wage bill – thank fuck.

  36. Guns of SF

    That salary is 3 new players who are world class. 117K per week.

    Indeed the wage bill will be screaming Hallelujah.

  37. UTarse

    Little p,

    Only an idiot would claim “Here is a link to Arsenal’s best football under Arteta, and no it is not a montage of Ozil’s best bits.”

    To then follow,up with “you only need to watch the link and you will see that the player who is supposedly done..involved in Arsenals best play………Ozil…

    You’re an obsessed fanboy, a cult worshipper, not a supporter of the football club. Your incessant banging on about Ozil and how he is Involved in 90% plus of Arsenals best football says it all. You are a prize idiot.

  38. Marc


    1 goal in a 4 nil romp against a struggling Newcastle and an assist against West Ham in 16th place under Arteta doesn’t scream Ballon d’Or does it!

  39. Valentin

    Serhou Guirassy is more like a Lite Giroud Mk II than a replacement for any of our current strikers.
    Amiens plays a pleasant game with Gael Kakuta finally delivering on his early promises with deft release balls. I am not so sure how Serhou would fare against low bloc. Maybe Tierney and Saka could cross. The thing is that despite his height, his heading game is not that great. He is very good at deviation, but not so at scoring with his head which may be due to Amiens style of play.
    Serhou is quite raw and not that great technique wise, but he has good movement and good linkups. Maybe he could massively improve under Arteta’s tutelage.

  40. Guns of SF

    He has the physical build, good speed and height. In general, 6’2 is the optimal striker height IMO….
    He doesnt seem to shy away from the physical side of the game, which is a plus.

    Hard to see how we need him, when we have Eddie N still chomping on the bit…
    Gaby too…

    Would rather a CAM- then CM and then RB

  41. UTarse


    At this point, little p and CG’s constant bullshit narrative about our frikkin wenger and Ozil the clapped out rolls Royce is trolling.

  42. Rich

    How about we open the stadium?

    Allow those that want to attend, to attend…

    And those that don’t? Are free to stay away?

    Sounds crazy, but it might just work…

  43. Sid

    Guirassy would be an ideal Laca replacement, faster, stronger, can shoot outside the box, can obviously head better than Laca

  44. Overmars

    Just googled Guirassy’s stats. How can anyone think a player who scores about 3 or 4 goals a season is the ideal replacement for Lacazette?

    Come on..

  45. Bojangles

    Guirassy may not be an ideal replacement for Lafayette but he’s just 24 to, scoring at the rate of 1 every 3 1/2 games in France and 1 in 2 games for France youth teams. He’s tall (ish) and has pace. The potential is there but have no idea if he’ll cut it at Arsenal.

  46. China1

    I wouldn’t be throwing money at a new CF unless we sell both laca AND auba
    And even if we did sell both, I would give priority to spending money on our midfield.

    Going into a season with Martinelli first choice and nketiah second choice would be a big gamble but I’d still get behind it if that money was being thrown at having an actual midfield for the first time in about 4 years

    Frankly I’d be excited by the change.

  47. Terraloon


    I suspect that there will be CL/ EL football next season. Will they finish this seasons competition is more of a question.

    CAS have listed hearings up to 26/6 so there is a possibility that City’s case will be dealt either by way of a formal hearing or possibly dealt with by a sole arbiter behind closed door.

    That said I very much doubt that ether side will be in a position to finalise their submissions or submissions in response.

    My guess is that city will ask for a delay in the suspension being implemented as much because CL monies will be more welcome next season.So I think CL qualification will be Liverpool, City, probably Leicester and one other.

    As for the EL places. Then as you suggest possibly will be three placed PL Cubs

    The FA cup is an interesting one I personally think with only 7 games left In the tournament and only PL teams left in then I suspect that they will play out the tournament if, and I think it’s still a big if, the PL returns.

    I know some point to form suggesting massive improvement in the odds of Arteta clinching a CL spot but even though their has been a PL unbeaten run in 2020 ( miles behind Emery’s stewardship of what was in excess of 20 unbeaten games ) but league form v other candidates is ok but closing the gap won’t be easy

    The form guide is really quite interesting.

  48. Sid

    Laca has to conversion rate is 19.4% he is 27 yrs old
    Guirassy conversion rate 21.9% he just turned 24 yrs

    Im telling you for free!

  49. Sid

    Correction Guirassy isnt Giroudesque, we might be looking at a Drogba/Diego Costa type

    You heard it here 1st!

  50. Olumide

    I’d rather try Martinelli at no 9 than buy Guirassy.
    Martinelli already has 10 goals this season and he’s 6 years younger.
    There are more important parts of the team to improve.

  51. Overmars

    “Guirassy may not be an ideal replacement for Lafayette but he’s just 24 to, scoring at the rate of 1 every 3 1/2 games in France and 1 in 2 games for France youth teams. He’s tall (ish) and has pace. The potential is there but have no idea if he’ll cut it at Arsenal”

    “Correction Guirassy isnt Giroudesque, we might be looking at a Drogba/Diego Costa type”

    I havent seen the boy play yet.. but both your comparisons scream Yaya Sanogo to me!

  52. Wasi

    The notion of Saka at no. 10 is mind boggling.
    But some just dont seem to get it. He is an old school lest winger. His attributes are perfect for LW and with some polishing maybe even the modern wing back role but nowhere near suitable for 10 role. Just get that notion out.

    Guirassy is a good target man sure but is that the kind of striker we’d want if we are going to build a team which plays possession based football ?
    I dont think so.
    He is strong and quick and tall but his scoring record is below average to say the least. Nor does he seem to offer Firmino-esque creativity and off the ball movement to make up for it .
    I would be looking at someone like Edouard .
    Good with his feet. Good goalscoring record.
    Much higher ceiling.

    Also why are we getting linked to Goalkeepers?
    Like anyone with a sane mind would know that a GK is the least of our concerns

    Laca for Partey. Get it done Raul.

    Also free transfers we should be looking at

    Adil aoachice(Idk if i spelled his name right)
    Tanguay kuoassi
    Both players mentioned above have been mentioned as potential world beaters and their contract will expire come June. Psg academy and have already played for the first team this season.
    Signing those 2 would be a steal.

    Kurzawa (Only if we are able to sell Kolasinac)


    Malang Sarr ( another wonderkid . Left foot CB who is strong and fast )

    These players are just off the top of my head.
    If we could get even 1 or 2 of these for free it would be great. Especially the young players. Dont be surprised if Dortmund pick some of these players up.

  53. Sid

    Playing Saka as a LWB is the equivalent of playing Hazard as a LWB
    Guirassy is an option if both Auba and Laca leave, if only Laca leaves Auba Gabriel Nketiah are good enough
    Conversion rate is a better way of judging a striker than number of goals because a striker might be in a team whose other players are poor at creating chances.

  54. Wasi

    ‘Playing Saka as a LWB is the equivalent of playing Hazard as a LWB’
    What do you mean?
    Those are 2 different type of players. One is an inverted winger other is an old school winger.
    And anyways my point was that Saka isnt a 10 and probably will never be.

  55. China1

    I wouldn’t mind see what saka can do at 10 but I don’t have any expectations that he’d be anywhere near as good

    Not sure if he has the mental smarts or through ball skills needed for that position

    Wouldn’t hurt to give him a couple of games and see if he makes a mark tho, but only if Martin Eli is on the left and auba is up front. With saka and martinelli in the squad it’s pretty bonkers that auba is still playing out of position on the left, regardless of how well he’s done there

  56. China1

    It would be nice if smith Rowe would do us all a favour and do big things at n10. Here’s to hoping

  57. Sid

    let Saka play left wing get Buendia as a #10, ESR has to prove his fitness.
    Saka as a #10 is a last option but better than seeing Ozil playing next season

  58. Sid

    Arteta is copy pasting Peps tactics inverted fullback, Xhakalson dropping into leftback(fernandinho drops between the CBs) problem is Playing Auba on the left while man c have de Bruyne pulling strings on that side

    Arteta should try his own original tactical plans

    You heard it here 1st!

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Much has been written about Arsenal’s decline as a club and also criticism about Kroenke.

    However, I do think that Kroenke since he became 100% owner of Arsenal in September 2018 there has been change in the dynamics of the club.

    1. We have now different management and of course a new young head coach.

    2. Despite forecasts that Arsenal’s transfer budget last Summer would be restricted to just £46 Million that was not the case. The club’s transfer budget
    was almost three times as much. My guess is that whilst the budget will be
    less this summer, because of corona virus it will be much larger than most
    people expect. Arsenal have a responsibility to invest in team not only for
    sake of its supporters but also our three major sponsors who are investing
    £110 million annually in club.

    3. Arsenal’s wage structure was complete nonsense and whilst we offloaded
    last summer a lot of overpaid and underperforming players there is still
    work to be done. My view is that it will be completed in June 2021 once Ozil’s
    contract ends. Players like Kolasinac, Mkhitaryan and Lacazette will need also
    to be offloaded, because they are not remotely worth what we are paying them.

    4. It is clear that Arsenal’s current focus is on improving academy and bring in
    younger and hungrier players. The four young players recruited last summer
    [Pepe, Saliba,Tierney and Martinelli] all signed 5 year contracts. My guess is
    that the club will adopt similar policy with new arrivals.

    I think that Arsenal will recruit this summer two new midfield players most
    probably Partey and Kocku. This is the area of pitch where we need urgent
    improvement. Obviously if Aubameyang leaves then the club will need to
    find a replacement striker as well. Messrs Martinelli and Nkietah are good
    young players with bags of potential, but they are not the finished article
    and will need at least a couple of years to reach that level.

  60. Valentin


    Regarding Serhou, he can play as a target man, but there is more to his game than just being tall, physically impressive and good at deviating the ball. He has very good movement off the ball and he can thread good pass. What let him down is the fact that he can be clumsy and does not have great technique.
    In a trident Saka (on the left), Reiss Nelson/Pepe on the right Arteta may be able to fully make use of him a la Firmino. Not scoring a lot of goal but holding up play, linking up with teammates and offering a physical presence in the middle of the box.

  61. Dissenter

    Sid and his comedy self-promotion is kinda tiresome now.

    How do we pay our bills to you Sid? … you know when you’re not giving it out for free.

  62. Valentin

    Emirates Stroller,

    1) the fact that Arteta is a young progressive headcoach is purely due to the fact Emery messed thing up and Raul did not want to put his head above the parapet.

    2) like I have explained numerous time before, you are confusing treasury and expenditure. Arsenal had a £45 millions maximum net spendable amount which we hit. However we stretched the budget by paying in installment. Nothing magic about that. The issue will be that those installments will restrict our spending power for the next 5 years. The saving grace is that the removal of Özil, Mhkitaryan salary from the wage bill should offset that, unless we give huge pay rise or insane salary to new players.

    3) Wage structure has been bonkers for years. However we gave a pay rise to Xhaka, Elneny. We gave a pay rise and an extension to David Luiz at the most inopportune time. Also instead of cutting our loss with Mhkitaryan, in order to sell him at a higher price there are rumours that we are going to exercise the option to extend his contract up 2022. That extension clause specifies that his new salary should now be in excess of £250kpw. Knowing that Roma can’t even afford his current salary. Same thing than last year negotiation for Ospina, we held up for 200k more on the sale which was more than what we paid him in salary during the time!

    4) I would not put Pepe and Tierney in the same category than Martinelli and Saliba. The last two were bought cheap relative to their value. Even now they would fetch more than what they cost (despite Arsenal messing Saliba negotiation). IMHO Pepe and Tierney have both been bought over their estimated values. Also at the price they have been bought, they are not cheap gamble.

  63. Mulerise14

    Song said that he moved from Arsenal to barca for money……how thick can some players be.don’t get me wrong,we all in the business of making more money in whatever proffession we are,but how long did he stay in barca?a season or 2?then statis….backwater teams till date.he could have stayed earn better contracts if he didnt move from Arsenal.
    We all remember Mikel Obi,right?but what most would not remember was that at a time he was only second to Messi in FIFA under 17 tournament that announced ’em to the world.And he was second ‘cos Argentina won the world cup.
    My point is he could have played under Sir Ferguson as heir-apparent to Scholes who was at the twilight of his carreer then,but chose to play for mournhinho of cheskers who covert him from attacking midfielder to defensive midfielder…….the rest is as they say history.
    Many players move too early for diffrent reasons;money,bigger club allures etc
    Applying this to saka conundrum,he should stay and fully develop here under Arteta,then if he wants to move after,he would have his move.beginnings are the most delicate,any wrong turn,we may have another nomadic player on our hands a la Anelka.
    He is worth a 75-100k easily,lets give him that and if he doesnt want to sign 5 years,give him 3 or 4.he has us by the balls,but we should bend a little bit if we have to ‘cos selling him would cost us more than we could ever gain from selling him.
    The lesson in all this should not be forgotten,whenever we are promoting our youthsters into senior team,we should examine thier contracts length and add 2 more years with option of another year,else we may be face with another saka’ saga.
    Beginning with Nelson,smith-rowe,jules,balogun,azeez, and rest.

  64. Micheal


    While I generally accept your assessment about the club’s new direction, I cannot agree on the subject of Kroenke. He has been an appalling owner of Arsenal and, so far at least, there is no evidence he will change.
    The club’s decline has run parallel with Kroenke’s controlling share ownership and later full control. This is unequivocal.
    You are correct in stating that Arsenal have a responsibility to invest in the team for sake of its supporters and major sponsors. But that responsibility has existed before, during and after Kroenke’s arrival.
    The truth is that his hands-off mismanagement allowed Wenger and Gazidis to run amok and we are stll picking up the pieces. Shareholders in a normal business would have been in open revolt about for such corporate irresponsibility – but Kroenke’s owned 100% of the equity and deliberately places his business interests in Delaware to avoid scrutiny.
    The claim of responsibility towards supporters and sponsors sounds very hollow knowing that Kroenke has never invested a cent in Arsenal Football Club. Any funds spent on transfers, for example, is self-generated. Somehow we should be grateful that a billionaire is not syphoning off money from the club.
    I am a lifelong Arsenal supporter. The same cannot be said of Kroenke.

  65. Graham62

    What can be said about Kroenke that hasn’t been said before?

    The fact of the matter is that he is one of the most underwhelming and disinterested(boring) owners in football. There is nothing positive or proactive about him and he exudes absolutely zilch when it comes to having a feel for the club.

    His ability to communicate to the fan base is on a par to having a corpse in charge. There’s nothing there. His son may be his mouthpiece but, let’s be honest here, he has been trained in the American school of business or, as I like to call it, bullshit rhetoric.

    It would be great if we had an owner who truly understood the fans perceptions and significantly had a feel for the club as a whole. We don’t.

    We all remember his inept and embarrassing showing at our final AGM. To not be able to communicate in any form is not only frustrating, it is shameful.

    You never know, the covid-19 outbreak may have changed him.



  66. Wasi

    According to Whoscored, guirassy had played 86 league games and has 20 goals and 3 assists to his name.
    From YT videos it seems he has one standout ability. That is his aerial dominance.
    Apart from that he is a great athlete but his technical ability and his finishing is average at best.
    This has been his best league season and he has only 9 goals and 1 assist. So theres not much proof that his off the ball is good and comparing him to Firmino just because he has been linked is astonishing imo.
    On top that you cannot judge a player’s off the ball movement and his cleverness off of YT videos. We need to match clips of full games to gauge someone’s mental abilities like off the ball movement, composure , etc.
    Big NO for me.
    If we sell Auba , that money should either spent on someone like Odouard or strengthening other areas of the team and giving Gabi a free run in Auba’s position .

  67. alex cutter

    “How about we open the stadium? Allow those that want to attend, to attend…And those that don’t? Are free to stay away?Sounds crazy, but it might just work…”

    What about those at the stadium infecting others afterwards?

    Are you fucking retarded?

  68. alex cutter

    “question. why do
    you write like this?”

    Because he’s 1000 years old and hasn’t figured out how line breaks work?

    Or, he’s a troll like CG, as this subject has been brought to his attention dozens of times.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    I would not have chosen Kroenke to be owner of Arsenal, but the fact is that he
    was only majority shareholder until September 2018.

    The test of his competence and commitment to the club is now that he is OWNING the club.

  70. Dissenter

    What is going on with Troy Deeney?

    Doesn’t he realize that there are people who drive mass transit buses, pick up the refuse daily and staff the supermarkets WHO SHOW UP TO WORK EVERYDAY.

    The lad needs an intervention at this point.

  71. Emiratesstroller

    Alex Cutter

    I have refrained in the past from reacting to your comments about me and for that matter several other posters who you clearly dislike.

    Let’s be frank your contribution to Le Grove has nothing whatsoever to do with football or supporting Arsenal. Its sole purpose is to make negative remarks about others.

    Your “AGEIST” remarks which have been directed at me and at least two others reflects your “low life character”.

  72. Graham62

    Santan/ Alex

    Leave ES alone.

    I like his posts.

    Thorough, informative, and, significantly, no bad language.

  73. Micheal


    “I would not have chosen Kroenke to be owner of Arsenal, but the fact is that he
    was only majority shareholder until September 2018.”

    A fair point. However Kroenke has owned a controlling 60+% of the equity since 2011. The power in the boardroom was enitrely Kroenke’s and the other large shareholder – Usmanov – was not given a seat at the table. The power and influence was undiluted Kroenke.

    Like you, I wish Arsenal only the very best of fortune. But all the evidence is that Kroenke’s ownership has been appalling for Arsenal. I sincerely hope he has developed a new previously unseen degree of corporate responsibility and accountability. But experience tells me not to hold my breath.

  74. Micheal

    “Leave ES alone.”

    Hear, hear. There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion or a healthy debate. Don’t make it personal. Ignore them ES.

  75. Freddie Ljungberg


    I’m with you on Edouard if we sell both Auba and Laca, by far the best option we’ve been linked to and wouldn’t cost a fortune either.

    If we only sell Laca he doesn’t need replacing, we already have Martinelli. If we only sell Auba we have a problem because Laca is not good enough to start for us.

    Get Edouard, Soumare and one of the 563 CAMs we’ve been linked with that are all better than present day Ozil and we will finally have a decent team, might take some time to get it to click though.

    We would still have a couple of puzzle pieces missing, like a long term partner for Saliba and another CM but that can wait if we fix the attack and 2 of the midfield spots now.

    Bellerin and Tierney barely played this season and Saliba is yet to start so I’m expecting a much improved defence when they are all ready to go again.

  76. alex cutter

    “What exactly do you contribute on here, apart from abuse?”

    Letting people know when they’re obviously full of shit?

    How’s your anus, Don?

  77. Emiratesstroller

    Alex Cutter

    I don’t recall a single post of yours in the last 12 months where you have said something positive on Le Grove.

    Your sole contribution is to put others down and vulgarity.

    I am not going to defend my posts or how they appear on Le Grove, but you have made similar “ageist” remarks if my recollection is correct about Bob in last 2 weeks.

    Let’s be clear there are plenty of 60 and 70 year olds on the planet with more intellect and common sense than you.

    I suggest that you take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

  78. Sid

    DissenterMay 19, 2020 11:14:17
    Sid and his comedy self-promotion is kinda tiresome now.How do we pay our bills to you Sid? … you know when you’re not giving it out for free.

    I know what you upto, trying to get my credit card details, you can get the boy out of Naija but you cant get Naija out of the boy!

  79. Bob N16

    ES, I’m a sprightly 54 year old. Don’t remember Alex having a go at someone so ageless as me!

    Only person who I struggle to block out is CG whose scathing wit and intellect enables him him to have the creativity to call me Wally. What an incredible human being.

  80. Micheal

    League update: 6 Premier League players from 3 different clubs tested positive for Covid19 on Sunday and Monday of this week.

    Project restart anyone ?

  81. Valentin


    You are the one making big assumptions. My comment on Serhou is not based on his YouTube videos, but on me watching Amiens play.

    Amiens is not a good team, but they have two outstanding players who make them tick. Gael Kakuta who basically play as a No10 or as a winger when they need more defensive stability.

    Serhou is really the glue who act as a pivot. He does not have the deftness of touch of Giroud, but he makes that up in speed.
    With better players around him, he would be able to play the Firmino role.
    Also from what you state, the YouTube video seems to highlight his aerial prowess, but that is misleading. In that exercise he is very good at deviating the ball, but that’s because Amiens does a lot of long ball. He is not very good at scoring with his head. At set pieces he rarely bring a threat.
    There is a reason why Chelsea were after him this winter. He is cheap and under a proper coach who trust him he could thrive.

  82. Valentin


    Troy Deeney is an arrogant idiot, but on COVID-19 he has valid personal reason to be extra cautious.
    He has a son with breathing difficulty and one of his parents also with pre existing condition.
    In his place, I would not want to be the one who bring home a potential deadly virus.

  83. Wasi

    3 assists in his entire career hardly speaks firmino level off the ball game and if he cant use his aerial ability like Giroud to get goals what good will he be.

    Remember we bought a 25/26 y.o. french ligue striker who was great at hold up play and was also a lethal finisher . He had won the French golden boot too. Just look at what the Prem did to him.

    Now you are vouching for a 24 y.o. French ligue striker who as doesnt even come close in goal comparisons nor is he the creative deep lying forward some might think he is just because Steve Rowley saying he is the best target man in france.

    Anyway I dont think we are going to go for him unless he comes Really cheap like 5-10 mil.

  84. Emiratesstroller

    Bob N16

    I apologise.

    However, there was another person besides me that was ostracised on the basis of his age.

    Anyway I have made my point. The guy is vulgar and has nothing positive to

  85. Valentin


    His value is around £7 millions.
    Amiens is trying to get more, but Arsenal should be able to get him for that price or no more than £9 millions unless we pay in installments.

  86. Wasi

    Thats a good price but tbh I dont know if id even want him as a backup if he cant offer an aerial goal threat like Giroud did.
    Rather give the game time to Gabi , Nketiah and the likes.