Dortmund it is.

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The UK went from SHELTER ME MUMMY to COUGH AT MY FACE ON THE TUBE in next to no time.

Normality is going to be a bit slower here, but the weather is nice and I’m about ready to embrace sharing a Calipo with a stranger.

Football is back, Germany is rolling out the behind closed doors games this weekend. I can’t wait. Schalke vs Dortmund to kick us off is so exciting I can barely contain myself. I am Dortmund. I love their business model and their team. Also their fans.

The Premier League seems to be taking longer to get its act together. The players are complaining, club doctors seem to be against the move, and managers are saying they’ll need a month to get the talent back to full fitness. It warms my heart to think that the players are smashing double bags of Cheetos morning, noon, and night.

Oliver Dowden, Minister for Something, had this to say on the restart.

‘Today’s positive meeting I hosted with the football authorities progressed plans for the resumption of the professional game in England.’

‘We all agreed that we will only go ahead if it is safe to do so and the health and welfare of players, coaches and staff comes first.’

I’m not sure how you determine safe, I don’t know what the ramifications are if things become unsafe, and I have no idea what this means for liability… but look, the world doesn’t have a vaccine and it looks like we’ve decided to move on.

I thought this point was interesting.

‘This should include widening access for fans to view live coverage and ensure finances from the game’s resumption supports the wider football family.’

‘It is now up to the football authorities to agree and finalise the detail of their plans, and there is combined goodwill to achieve this for their fans, the football community and the nation as a whole.’

The world isn’t ready for a return to greed. Premier League football clubs need to make sure they’re keeping the other 72 clubs pumped with enough funds to survive. We all need football. The Premier League is special because the other teams that make up the rest of the leagues. I’d hate the smaller clubs to go bust.

Also, I wish everyone would fuck off with the Super League bollocks. No one is ready for it. We don’t want it. Keep that shit in the states or with Indian cricket.

Arsene Wenger reckons Kanu was his best-ever January signing. I’d agree with that. Andrey Arshavin was also pretty elite until, well, his fitness cratered for some weird reason. Kanu was special, I’ve never seen a player like him, outrageous control, unbelievable ingenuity, and a joy to watch.

This Kieran Tierney interview confirms that our left back is very Scottish. I really like this. What a great story he has.

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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Liked and agree with that post .

    Also like the wording.
    Arsenal are a heritage club ipso facto.

  2. Habesha Gooner

    Emery speaking out. Thank God they chose Pepe over Zaha. It would have been a more waste of money paying 80 mil for zaha. I still think Chelsea’s Ziyech was the Ideal player for us last summer but Pepe over zaha was the right choice. We will see in the coming seasons Why it was the better choice. Emery though needs to look at himself. The same players are playing better for Arteta and It doesn’t justify what he is saying. We definitely need better in the middle of the park but there is a lot to work with in this squad.

    Anyway, This is a football London article comparing Zaha and Pepe performances this season. Sure he is playing in a better team but he is still new to the league. And Zaha is No Mane or Mahrez kind of player who has been making significant impact on a lower team. He is beneath those two and 80 mil was a ripoff.

  3. Sid

    Graham62May 16, 2020 12:41:10
    SidThere are many things out there that can help control some of the symptoms. My sons tried many. The most important thing though, when it comes to controlling your diabetes, is your mind.

    That would be tough for a few here, they have none

  4. Terraloon


    I did but you words were

    You posted “ I have done a 15.2 mile on a hike today; 29075 steps.

    That sort of gives away what the average step length is.

    Look the article is about the cost overrun and indeed the fact that Kronke does indeed want to renegotiate both the term of the loan and indeed getting access to further funds.

  5. Santan

    “Nebil fekir?”

    Isnt he an AM? If we’re talking about AM’s Thiago Almada would be a significantly cheaper option. So is players like Jonathan David

  6. Dissenter

    Those stride calculations are for the typical runs/walks on a fairly level surface.
    I said I went on a hike, which is different. I’m glad that your research didn’t make my claim implausible.
    You ought to also know that the typical reading is an approximation

    Anyways, I find myself revising my posts to you to remove abuse because you’re a good poster that I just happen to disagree with every once in while.
    I agree with you more than you may think.

  7. James wood

    Trouble is with diabetes you can have a few really good weeks
    controlling your sugar levels and then over do it walking or jogging
    or in the garden and then your in Hypo territory that’s alright if you
    have good warning signs but some don’t hence a diabetic hypo and
    Sometimes unconsciousness.

    It’s a bit like watching Arsenal sometimes.😏

  8. CG

    Zaha v Pepe

    Zaha all day long.

    Answer this: are there any Crystal Palace supporters out there that would swap the players mentioned?

    (The answer is No)

    Now turn it the other way- there would be maybe 50% of AFC supporters who would choose Zaha.

    Another huge strategic error in not signing him.
    He would have been a legend in the Ian Wright mould had he joined the club.

    But alas we have the one footed and ridicuously expensive maverick in Pepe.

  9. CG

    “”””CG We couldn’t afford Zaha – give it a fucking rest.””””

    Well why was the Clown having face to face talks with the player?

    (I presume the 2 clubs agreed these talks could take place with the fee agreed?)

    Otherwise we are flagrantly tapping up a player , like Chelsea did with Ashley Cole)

    Or is this just his latest lie?

    We cant afford Zaha but we can afford to give players like Ramsey away for free.

    What a way to run a club…

  10. G

    Yeh Fekir.. Am.. Probably 40mill.. Good age but has had his injuries.. Wasn’t surprised when Liverpool were interested in him

  11. Marc


    Wenger and Gazidis are responsible for Ramsey leaving on a free – why wasn’t a deal signed 2 years earlier? Why were we still negotiating with a player who was 3 months away from being able to sign a pre contract with an overseas club?

    It all should have been sorted way before Sanllehi joined.

  12. Graham62

    Hands up, who’s watching the Football?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Ramsay’s situation arise because of past discrepancies in the system.

    Goal!! 1-0 Dortmund.

    Guess who?

    That’s right……….Haaland.👍

    Football is back.

  13. Paulinho

    Again Emery comes out and speaks the truth and fans have a bizarre cognitive recoiling.

    Player poverty argument was proven absolutely spot on before the season came to a premature end, and thus most of Emery’s arguments/excuses have been validated.

  14. Radio Raheem

    I think the use of sound machines improves the atmosphere in these empty stadia. It might not for the players but certainly does from the telly.

  15. Daniel Altos

    Damn I missed Legrove how are you all peeps?Just finished quarantining for almost a whole month and the virus is off my body now… typical Legrove fashion I come back and the first thing I see is someone saying people expected mustafi to be like vidic(lol) and Wenger in/out arguments

  16. WengerEagle

    Looks like Sancho is off come the window opening anyway, benched today for Reyna when every game from here on in is a potential title decider.

    Would hate to see him go to United or the Chavs, as good as any wide player in Europe and he’s 20.

  17. Daniel Altos

    @Radio Raheem very true,Achraaf Hakimi is pretty much what Arsenal fans think bellerin is….infact I think if we are talking best right backs in the world right now….am going with
    2.Ricardo Perreira
    3.Alexander arnold

  18. peanuts&monkeys

    I would trade the entire Dortmund team with the entire Arsenal + 200 Million at the end of this season. Including the managers okay.

    Outcome: Arsenal are 2nd in PL 20-21.

  19. WengerEagle

    Hakimi’s great but he’s more of a winger than a full-back. As much of an offensive juggernaut as he is, he’s a liability defensively at times.

    Prefer Ricardo Pereirra personally because he’s better defensively.

  20. peanuts&monkeys

    “Good match this, Dortmund v Schalke:

    I suspect you would cuss for this: Bundesliga is better (more enjoyable) than English League now. All their top-7/8 teams play the beautiful game the beautiful way.

  21. Radio Raheem

    Daniel, congrats on your recovery, nothing more precious than good health.

    I do rate Alexander Arnold highly, especially in attacking areas. I haven’t watched the other guys you mentioned as much.

    Pretty glad the madness is back.

  22. Dissenter

    Trying to watch this BVB vs Shalke match . German football was kind of drab with a large crowd.
    Now just comes across as a well made BMW behind closed doors. It works perfectly but has no pizzaz to it.

  23. Radio Raheem

    It depends on what you mean by ‘better’. English clubs won the last champions and europa leagues.

    Though I do enjoy most of the matches I watch.

  24. Daniel Altos

    The shalke keeper isn’t the first choice (Alex nubel) who has already been signed by Bayern….the young lad has been thrown straight into the deep end….it could be 6

  25. China1

    Haland is going to dominate football for the next 15+ years

    He’s the only player I’m entirely convinced will fit into the same sort of category as Messi and Ronaldo. Mbappe is obviously expected to be another and may well, but I actually find haland more impressive so far

    He looks like an 18 year old playing against 14 year olds most of the time. Bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, he has the touch and finish of Van Perdue but so physically imposing and powerful.

    I don’t make huge predictions often but I’ll be shocked if haland doesn’t win several balon d’ors throughout his career. The guy is ridiculous and he’s only going to get better

  26. WengerEagle

    M’Bappe, Haland and Sancho are the top three elite youngsters that will take the game over these next couple of years, I mean you could already make an argument that M’Bappe is a top 5 player in Europe as is.

    As seemingly lucky as Dortmund are to have two of them, doesn’t Haland have a really low release clause in his contract? Was a big factor in the move if I’m not mistaken, and partly to do with them getting him for peanuts in first place.

    Still, they’ll get an obscene fee for Sancho at least who cost them just 8m a couple of years ago.

  27. China1

    ‘Zaha would’ve been a legend in the Ian Wright mould’

    CG literally what are you smoking lol

    Zaha, will be a by and large forgotten player from world football 10 years from now. A footnote in footballing history mostly just remembered by palace fans, and even then I doubt as a ‘legend’

    He’s in his late 20s and hasn’t really achieved anything exceptional. You’re comparing him to Ian Wright, one of the top goal scorers and most important players in Arsenal history. And arsenal are a big team, unlike palace lol

    I know you like zaha and I know you like trolling but zaha’s not a special footballer. He’s good. He’s fast and tricky. He doesn’t have much end product. The above description can be applied to many players who don’t have 70m price tags in their late 20s lol. In case you didn’t notice saka already has better end product and is about 10 years younger…

  28. Graham62


    To be honest, had far too many beers today. Celebrating my neighbours 60th. Passing beers over the fence in the back garden. To make matters worse, he’s a Chelski supporter.

    “Past discrepancies” or, let’s say, inconsistencies, have been evident for years. Illogical salaries/ contract sagas/transfer policies. Where’s the consistency! It’s been a crazy mishmash of a system.

    Where’s the structure?

  29. China1

    Weagle yeah there’s no way in hell haland joined with a plan to stay. He wanted a bit of breathing room in his development at Dortmund before he goes off to presumably Madrid.

    This is the thing I was complaining about Dortmund earlier. It’s awesome that they get players like him and Sancho on the cheap, but it won’t count for much when they’re sold so early. They might win a title or two before losing them but the ‘selling club mentality’ is quite toxic imo.

    Dortmund have only one a few titles in the last 20 years despite the players they’ve brought through because they’re far too willing to sell. What’s the point of it all? It’s like being a (slightly better) spurs fan. You can get all these quality young cheap players but if you always sell them you’ll never be a long term threat to Bayern’s dominance – or in spurs’ case they’ll never be able to regularly win even a tin can lol

  30. China1

    No different from arsenal in those years circa 2010 where our mission was to bring through amazing youth/under the radar players and flog them.

    That was the big dream. Not PL titles or CLs. The dream was to be ‘up there’ and make as much money as possible. It wasn’t fun

  31. WengerEagle


    They remind you of us in the Wengerball years a bit don’t they? Top side to watch but ultimately a feeder club just like we were with that horrible feeling looming all the time that it was only fleeting that we would get to enjoy the likes of Cesc, Hleb, Nasri, Van Persie, Adebayor, etc play for us with more ambitious clubs sniffing.

    Most Dortmund fans know that Sancho will be gone within the next year and soon to be followed by Haaland and likely Brandt and Hakimi.

    They’ve lost many a key player this era in Nuri Sahin pre-injuries, Kagawa, Gotze, Lewandowski, Hummels, Aubameyang, Gundogan, Mkhitaryan, Diallo, Dembele, Pulisic.

    Only reason they never had to sell Reus is because he’s a permacrock.

  32. WengerEagle

    Since RVP was sold to United mind at least we haven’t had to wrestle those demons of the big boys forever kicking us in the balls by poaching our top talent.

    Not that anybody other than Alexis Sanchez and Santi Cazorla was worth the poach.

  33. China1

    Weagle yeah exactly

    That sums it up tho right. We only had Sanchez and santi worth looking at since rvp and Sanchez was sold as soon as big money offers reared up

    The question clubs like Dortmund need to start asking is what is the real goal? If I was in their shoes the only goal worth looking at would be how the fuck do we stop Bayern from shitting on the league anymore?

    The answer doesn’t involve winning a title off them once every 7 years or something. That’s nothing more than a blip for Bayern. The question is how do you build a serious transition from Dortmund from a really good feeder club into one that goes into each season with the same expectations and targets as Bayern.

    Wit the players they bring through and sell at such good value I totally believe it’s in their hands to move to the next level in much the same way I consider it actually quite a bad failure that spurs have won nothing and kicked on despite clearly having good enough players to take the next step

    I don’t think it’s easy but look at Liverpool. They went from eternal also rans, in most seasons miles off the pace over the past 30 years to being the strongest club in world football in a few years. Corona virus (unknown) impact aside, they’ve laid all the foundations in place to remain an elite team for several years to come by having a whole club strategy geared towards how to get to that next level

    Being pretty also rans 9 times out of 10 doesn’t mean shit. Clubs like Dortmund and spurs need to kick on.

    Spurs probably won’t know because of the impact of the virus and stadium debt as well as failures of the much lauded poch to win anything and give the best players much reason to stay

    Dortmund will continue to just win occasional titles and be very pretty also rans whilst constantly selling as that’s just what they do

  34. Sid

    Dortmund players look better than they are because apart from bayern their competition is not great out of
    Nuri Sahin pre-injuries, Kagawa, Gotze, Lewandowski, Hummels, Aubameyang, Gundogan, Mkhitaryan, Diallo, Dembele, Pulisic.

    OnlyLewandoski is worthy and currently Haaland
    The jury is out there on Jadon

    Im telling you this for free!

  35. DivineSherlock

    watching the game it looked more like Hazard was the winger and Brandt the CAM. interesting , see that is why I asked for opinions. That flick for the first goal was Ozil like.