Logo change on new kit?

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Well, things are very slow, aren’t they?

The Premier League does not seem to have a united voice on restarting the season. Players are worried about health and the bottom 6 clubs are being very vocal about their opposition to neutral grounds. The Watford Chairman spoke to The Times today and basically said he doesn’t want to finish a season in an unnatural way that could kill his club. It’s all very self-serving, but I suppose these execs have to be, they don’t run businesses, they run the circus. If they are relegated, it could be over for them.

My guess is the government are going to bottle restarting the Premier League. As much as everyone wants the football back, it seems politically toxic to go hell for leather to restart a game. Players don’t want it, there’s no vaccine, and there will probably be a big second wave coming as everyone heads out for social closeness in the newly opened beer gardens.

It’s all very depressing.

Arsene Wenger is so bored, he dialled into Talksport. He had this to say.

“I worry about the club still a lot and I watch all of the games,”

“I believe there is a culture in the way to play football at Arsenal that I want to be respected,”

“And I hope Mikel can get that back.”

The ‘worry’ comment there is directly aimed at Messrs Raul and Edu and some of the values they’re bringing to Arsenal football club.

The culture comment is a bit rich if I’m honest. Wenger absolutely crushed the winnertivity vibes at the club with his dismantling of standards, constant excuse-making, and socialist wage structures. Doesn’t make him wrong. Emery made things worse, a total joke of a manager… Mikel has a lot of work ahead, but at least he’s seen how it’s done in a modern structure. High standards, visionary ideas, and exacting principles.

It’s a huge job, but it really does help to have someone running Arsenal that actually loves what we’re about. Values was often a crutch to fend of criticisms for our failings on the pitch. Arsenal does have values though, the club does things differently, we are special. That Bank of England vibe needs to extend onto the pitch though. Values without success is kind of pointless when it comes to sport.

Footyheadlines have another kit for us to look at.

I’ll have to see it in the flesh, but it’s ok. A bit boring. Could do better in my opinion. Certainly not on the level of the current offering.

Thomas Partey update: People are still pretending they know what’s going on. I have very, very serious doubts that Arsenal are negotiating 40m euro transfer deals at the moment. Though it has to be said, I’m happy that we’re being linked to him. He’d be an unbelievably sexy signing.

Barca currently trying to bring Lautaro to Camp Nou, they are offering up to 6 names for the swap. Shows you where this summer is going. Interesting times ahead.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments. x

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  1. Marc


    If this vaccine being developed by the lab in Oxford is effective – we should know in the next month or two and come September when it’s approved we’ll see a massive change in how we can approach this.

    During that time hopefully improved treatments are found and an anti body test is also developed.

  2. Jamie

    My oldest friend is a director for AstraZeneca. He’ll tell me nice and early if the vaccine they’re developing has legs.

    Can’t see football resuming until a vaccine/effective treatment hits the market. Players all over Europe are still testing positive on the daily.

  3. Marc


    That’s some site they’ve built up in Cambridge – the CEO was on TV last week (I think I’m losing all sense of time) saying they’d know in June / July if it worked.

    Won’t hurt their share price either!

  4. Jamie

    Marc –

    They’ve already had an early bounce after the partnership announcement with Oxford. It’ll skyrocket if they’re the first to market.

    My friend has been in China for 12 months. His wife and kids are stuck in Australia unable to travel. Hasn’t seem them in months. Pretty grim. Hopefully the money’s worth it..

  5. Marc


    I’m pretty sure his package includes share options – if the vaccine works there’s going to be 7,700,000,000 people wanting it!

    It’s tough now but it’ll work out.

  6. Spanishdave

    The prize is so massive , but time is the enemy as trials take time.
    But they will have something by August if the government allow some corners to be cut.
    Just watched Liverpool v Bournemouth Aka would be a useful player very versatile mid player.

  7. Marc


    From what I’ve heard the Oxford vaccine will have passed testing as to whether it’s effective by June / July – if that’s works then it’ll be known by September if it’s safe for human use.

    The lab was putting out statements a month ago saying they were so confident that it’d work they were going to have a million doses manufactured by September so as soon as it’s approved it’s ready to go.

    With the companies in partnership now I’d say they’ll have plenty more than a million doses by September if all goes well.

  8. alex cutter

    “I think in a couple of months things will look a lot better.”

    Based on your medical background, or the fact that you’re an illiterate geriatric?

  9. Overmars


    “Strangely enough, we only started winning trophies again when a certain German arrived ..”

    What a wind up haha

  10. Aussie Gooner

    The only ‘fair’ thing to do is to void the season and start again next year. No one knows what the trajectory of this virus will be, how it will mutate, if the vacines are effective or safe etc etc. Many pharmaceutical companies have rushed products to market with catastrophic results ie Thalidomide, TV mesh, Cobalt hip replacements, Efalizumab, Bromfenac, Valdecoxib etc etc.

    Don’t take the risk – cancel the season and re-boot next year with adequate insurance and safety measures in place. Sorry Scousers – another 35 years and counting!

  11. Wasi

    Oops yeah
    My bad I forgot to do simple maths there.
    I am thinking that 1 less relegation spot will help convince the bottom half teams to get on board with the project restart on neutral venues.
    Then the few solutions would be
    that 2 go down and 2 go up but that will be harsh on 1 championship team. Knowing they had worked hard for 40+ gameweeks only to be denied a promotion at the last minute.
    only 1 goes down and 1/3 come up
    2 go down 4 come up.

  12. Sid

    The leukoderma has limited access to scientific secrets his goal is accumulating materual wealth, the Ma’at is on earth to perpetuate life

    You heard it here 1st!

  13. Ray in LA

    if the prem follows the Bundesliga and plays behind closed doors…will Arsenal have a competitive advantage being accustomed to playing without the crowd noise?

  14. Uwot?

    Scousers sniffing around Partey.apparently AM want oxocube in a swap.If there’s any truth to this we’re f*** kd.Cos our club couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.As per usual dithering along….

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Why has that trump wenger now come out and say we lost our soul when we left home …

    It was that twats fault we left because of greed ..

    Really dislike that man now.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Ox won’t leave pool

    Story has no chance of floating…

    I’m not sure parsley is the correct man we need.

    Would rather we looked elsewhere .

  17. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Aussie gooner…

    Saw the film extra time over weekend … quite good…

    Is backyard ashes any good?

  18. Freddie Ljungberg

    “I’m not sure parsley is the correct man we need.”

    Ain’t nobody have thyme for that.

  19. G

    RSPC so was wenger idea to move to the Emirates.. I know the money he generated helped but didn’t know it was his idea..

  20. Emiratesstroller

    The decision to build or move to a new stadium was taken by the Board.

    There was we know a difference of opinion there as to what to do. Most of the
    Board led by Fiszman were in favour of the stadium, which has been built.
    Fiszman felt that the club should stay close to its original roots in Islington.

    David Dein on the other hand was in favour of Arsenal moving to Wembley

    Wenger may have had input in how the stadium was designed and built, but
    I think the idea of a new stadium was taken long before he arrived at the club.

  21. andy1886

    Wenger says we lost our soul when we moved from Highbury? How will his acolytes square that with their mantra that he built the stadium himself? he designed it – without soul – right down to the toilet cubicles apparently.

    Loved Highbury (or Arsenal Stadium for the pedants). Our leaving mirrors the way that football sold it’s soul for oodles of cash and screwed the fans in the process.

  22. NEEG

    Dein favoured Wembley and also a ground share with Spurs on land adjacent to South Mimms services. We knew the people that owned the house and a large acreage that would have made up the land required for the stadium. It was Fiszman that overruled both projects.

  23. Pierre

    “Wenger may have had input in how the stadium was designed and built, but
    I think the idea of a new stadium was taken long before he arrived at the club.”

    I’m not sure that is the sort of comment that the Wenger obsessives will appreciate.

    To fuel their obsession they need to hear that all aspects of the stadium move was 100% Wenger’s idea.

  24. Santan

    “he designed it – without soul – right down to the toilet cubicles apparently.”

    Is he an architect or stadium designer now?

  25. Graham62

    Another day and another chapter in the ‘Wenger excuses section’(re: we lost our soul)

    It is incredible or, should I say, downright embarrassing, that a grown man keeps coming out with so many excuses for his own failings and what he could have done IF ONLY.

    It seems that he has this inbuilt desire, or should I say weakness, to latch onto anything that exonerates him from everything that happened at the club since our move to the Emirates in 2006.

    The list of excuses shows him for what he truly is. It is shameful that he comes out with these ‘give me sympathy’ statements on such a regular basis. What a frigging joke!

    ‘I could have done so much more if only’

    The tools he had at his disposal were more than enough to justify a far better return. We had the players and the infrastructure in place, what we didn’t have was a progressive and astute manager to maximise their potential.

    Money was never the issue, although some on here would have us believe otherwise. Missing out on simple cost effective solutions was a major flaw in Wenger’s ability to lead the club forward. Yes there were cheaper and better options out there but he didn’t want them.

    There is no excuse for poor tactics and inept game planning. This is the failing of the manager, pure and simple.

    Of course he is seen as being whiter than white by those same people who sympathised with him, based on the lack of available funds..😂😂

    This in itself is truly embarrassing and a key reason for where we find ourselves now.

    Let me reiterate, he was a great manager for 10 years BUT, thereafter, as the leaders and winners left the club, he was found out, until he eventually had nothing else to give except excuse after excuse.

    The fact we never won a European trophy during his time at the club is, in my opinion, a travesty. I’m sure though Mr Wenger will use his ‘ excuse centre’ to come up with a relevant explanation.

    Have a safe and healthy day everyone.


  26. Marc

    Why do some on here have this compulsion to attribute blame to people for things they didn’t do?

    Wenger had an input into the new stadium but a lot of that was about creating the best possible playing surface – he is not solely responsible for the entire project.

    Just the same as people blaming Sanllehi for things that happened before he joined the club.

  27. Jim Lahey

    Hindsight is great isn’t it?

    Whatever way you look at it, the move from Highbury was a necessary evil. Lets go back to the early 2000s. We had a team that was slugging it out with United year after year form the title. We were a brand on the rise, competing with United both on and off the pitch. We needed a push to overtake them and moving to a new stadium looked like that would be it. We can bitch and moan now considering what we know occurred over the 15 years since we moved, but at the time it was the correct decision.

    And yeah the stadium can feel empty and sterile at times and there is a lot the club could do to remedy this, but is the stadium the actual problem here? What would happen to the atmosphere if you took 60,000 middle class Londoners out and put in 60,000 Boca Juniors fans in?

    Maybe its not the stadium that is soulless, maybe its the fans.

  28. G

    AW saying re losing it soul is true and is true for other clubs that have moved so not sure what the problem is with him stating it… Also the poster who said money wasn’t an issue after we moved rather then calling you thick or stupid I’ll just say your wrong

  29. Jamie

    “rather then calling you thick or stupid I’ll just say your wrong”


    It’s a good thing you didn’t call someone ‘thick’ or ‘stupid’.

  30. Aussie Gooner

    The talk of the stadium move had been a topic of conversation in the board room since the early 80’s. The Taylor Report hastened the move. Indeed there was considerable disagreement about the stadium location and design amongst the board members and Fiszman, who joined the board in 1992, got his way because Dein and the Bracewell-Smith clan did not have a viable alternative. He was a very strong figure on the board at that time! Consequently the Emirates was built with the sale of the club in the back of the minds of some board members. Wenger was not initially involved in the deal but provided input later.

    The re-development of the Arsenal Stadium was actually well thought out and had it not been for the dire financial state of world finances at the time would have proved to be very profitable.

  31. Jim Lahey

    Didn’t Dein want us to stadium share Wembley with Spurs instead of building The Emirates? Thought that was one of the main reasons he left Arsenal.

  32. CG

    Absolutely compelling interview in The Athletic (90 FREE days – then abscond) with Sean Dyche.

    From his early days as a player under Cloughie to his Burnley promotions and their Euro Adventure.

    A hugely impressive character.
    Is there a manager out there that consistently extracts more from his modest resources?

    You don’t get flannel or gobbledegook with SD.

    (Has more than a touch of Fergie about him.)

    Some lucky club will soon be employing his services soon.

  33. Aussie Gooner

    Dein and Fiszman were originally close friends. Indeed it was Dein that sold Fiszman his initial shares of about 8% of the club to get him on the board. Unfortunately they fell out over the new stadium as Dein was initially against a new build in the area as he felt this would be too exspensive to finance. Fiszman was determined to see Arsenal stay in the area and build a new stadium close to Highbury. A lot of strings were pulled and favours called in to obtain the land for the new stadium!

  34. Marc


    Dein didn’t think we could afford to build the Emirates hence the alternative stadium plans – this lead him to introducing first Kroenke and then Usmanov to the club. He ultimately left because he was fired for attempting to arrange a buyout without the permission of other shareholders.

  35. Jim Lahey

    @Marc –

    Ah thanks, I only have vague memories of Dein’s departure!

    It always felt a little too coincidental that Dein leaving the downward trajectory of the club occurred quite close together.

    This is pure conjecture on my behalf, but it seems like once David Dein left Wenger was given far too much power within the club, this in turn hampered our performances on the pitch.

  36. G

    “The fact we never won a European trophy during his time at the club is, in my opinion, a travesty. I’m sure though Mr Wenger will use his ‘ excuse centre’ to come up with a relevant explanation.”
    Explanation is during his time he wasn’t in a position to win a 2nd rate European trophy because we were 90% of the time in the champions league.. So are you saying it was a travesty that we never won a cup while we have never done in our history

  37. Graham62



    22 years, no European trophy.

    Zilch! Nothing!

    Indeed a travesty.

    Obviously you were satisfied with qualifying with zero return.

    Maybe a couple of Europa league wins would have sufficed, even though that would have meant no top 4 trophy.

    What do you think?


  38. Marc


    Only my personal opinion but I think the Wenger Dein partnership balanced out perfectly. Wenger would identify a player he wanted and say he was worth say £5 million, Dein would close the deal maybe paying a bit more than what Wenger valued the player at but he’d get it done without going crazy.

    The closet we’ve come to replacing Dein is actually Sanllehi and that took over a decade.

  39. andy1886

    Some possibly deliberate misinterpretations of posts on here today.

    1. If you read my post on Wenger and the stadium my dig is actually at the people who claimed at the time that ‘Wenger built the stadium’, not actually at Wenger himself. They were, and still are, complete cocks.

    2. European trophies include the CL, CWC, UEFA Cup and Europa League. So unless someone has a very poor memory they should remember that both Bertie Mee (Fairs Cup) and George Graham (CWC) won European trophies despite having far far fewer opportunities than Arsene.

    And although we spent many years in the CL you might also recall that early on we usually failed to qualify for the latter stages and dropped into the lesser cups, which we still failed to win.

  40. Valentin

    There was nothing coincidental between Dein’s departure and the downward spiral the club entered.
    For all his flaws, David Dein was a proper football executive director and loved Arsenal. Once he got kicked out, the board never properly replaced him.
    He and Wenger were the perfect double act. He compensated Wenger natural caution and procastination. Because of their relationship based on trust and mutual respect, he was able to tell Wenger when he was wrong and to force him to make changes.
    Gazidis was an idiot who Wenger never respected and never listened. When you compare David Dein ability to engage and negotiate with people and Gazidis’s, it is night and day.
    Luis Suarez already had a verbal agreement to join Arsenal. All Gazidis had to do was to personally contact the Liverpool board to make the offer. Knowing that he met them a week before in person, he chose to send a fax. That did not go very well…
    As confirmed by Dick Law, it was supposed to start the negotiation, instead it was interpreted as a cheap, disrespectful way of luring their best player away.
    Again the issue with Sanchez was due to lack of foresight by Gazidis and his lack of fortitude. David Dein would never have left the situation reached that stage. He would have confronted Wenger before it was too late.
    Instead of trying to get Martial as requested by Wenger, he got sweet talked into taking Mhkitaryan. And for good measure on a higher salary than he was at ManUtd.
    Gazidis then compounded that mistake by giving that stupid contract to Özil, when it was clear he was being played by his agent.
    The worst is that he kept repeating the same mistakes. He gave an unnecessary pay rise to Xhaka. He and Raul gave a pay rise to Elneny when Arsenal was trying to sell him on the cheap.
    Contrast that with.
    In 2001 David Dein offered Matthew Upson on loan to Crystal Palace for a salary of £10,000 a week – they took him for two months, then later found out his Arsenal salary was half that.

  41. Aussie Gooner

    The irony is that in 2007 Fiszman was first to sell a small amount of his shares to Kronkie. Dein insisted that some external injection of cash was the only way that Arsenal could thrive and he encouraged Kronkie to buy ITV’s shares of about 9% of the club.

    Fiszman flew into a rage and wanted rid of Dein. Indeed it was Fiszman who
    personally took away Dein’s company ‘phone and personally marched him off the premisis! Dein sold his remaining shares to the highest bidder (Usmanov) and walked away. Fiszman sold his remaining shares to Kronkie just 3 days before his death after having already ‘white-anted’ the Bracewell-Smith clan over the appointment of Gazids. The rest is history.

  42. Santan

    Get Cazorla back as a coach he can teach the players how to play with both feet. Could help players willock be the best they can be

  43. Moray

    Wenger got well paid for sucking on the corporate tit for two decades. He lied to the fans, made up shit that was patently untrue and deflected comments and criticism.

    Now he’s sitting on a pile of cash in his old age and can’t get another managerial gig (for obvious reasons), he’s determined to go back and rewrite history, no doubt trying to make himself out as a wounded hero, whose failure for 3/4 of his term is down to the decisions of others, the stadium, the team and financial fair play.

    I would ignore Him entirely. Let him claim what he wants: his record tells the story as well as a good decade of largely failed signings, weak squad management and underperformance.

  44. andy1886

    One for CG here.

    If anyone wants to have a dig at Arteta over losing to Olympiacos in the Europa League they might do well to recall that in AW’s first full season he lost in the first round to PAOK Athens.

    The wheel turning full circle perhaps?

  45. Pierre

    “22 years, no European trophy.

    I’m sure that with your experience of competitive sport over the years you would recognise that in cup competitions, a team sometimes need the footballing gods in their favour.

    We reached the UEFA cup final and lost on pens ,which as you know is a lottery.

    We reached the champions league final and was ahead in the dying minutes, however , an offside goal gave Barcelona the equaliser which then led to the winner as they had their tails up.

    The footballing gods were against us in these 2 finals , just like the footballing gods were with us when we beat united on pens In the fa cup final.

    There was a stage in the champions league knockout stages when it seemed like every season we were drawn against the 2 best teams in Europe at that time, Barcelona and Bayern, which didn’t help our chances.

    Monaco and Anderlecht ( I think)were the sides that we should have dispatched during that time but alas , we blew it

    We could and should have won in Europe with Wenger in charge but it never quite happened, that’s football .

    There were many very good , exciting performances in Europe during that time that enthralled fans all round the world, and of course some poor performances which of course the obsessives like to highlight.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    The fallout between Dein and Fiszman was in part over the construction of the stadium.

    Arsenal had made the decision to build a new stadium many years before
    Wenger arrived. The original idea was to build it at Highbury but local objections, planning restrictions and the fact the East Stand was a listed building prevented this from happening.

    Dein’s fallout with Fiszman AND other members of the Board was mainly due
    to him approaching Kroenke without authority.

  47. Emiratesstroller


    You are flogging a dead horse.

    There are many posters on here who consider that any trophy apart from
    Champions League and EPL are worthless competitions.

    The fact that Pochettino made a similar remark is their justification. Pochettino may be a decent coach, but he never won anything in his career.

  48. alex cutter


    You are flogging a dead horse.”

    That’s an awful thing to say about what’s left of his wally at this age.

  49. Graham62


    This 🐎 is still alive and kicking thanks.

    Where did I ever say that trophies other than the CL and the EPL are worthless?

    Are you telling me that if we’d had a EL return as successful as both Sevilla(5) and Porto(3) during that same 22 year period you wouldn’t be happy?

    Pierre – I’m well aware of our historical failings in Europe.

    You are correct though, “it never quiet happened”………………………………22 years in a row!!

    Ah well, as you rightly highlight, “that’s football” or, as I see it, that’s the way it was under Wenger.

  50. andy1886

    Pierre, being a bit selective about that CL final. The free kick from which Campbell scored was an very obvious dive from Eboue. Sure they had a dodgy goal but so did we. What cost us was Jens’ rush of blood and possibly the decision to take off Pires (which ultimately made up his mind to leave the club).

  51. andy1886

    Pierre, I think you mean PSV in 06/07 (not Anderlecht).

    What also didn’t help was finishing second in the group stage (I recall the excuse was that they were all good teams in the knock out stages) and that was why we kept drawing Barca and Bayern in the next round.

    That loss at home to Chelsea in 2004 was also a poor result.

  52. Graham62

    Anderlecht was a group game back in the 2014-15 campaign.

    3-0 up, with 30 minutes to play, playing at home, and we blew it.

    If we had won, we would have topped our group.

    The rest is history.

  53. CG

    “””The wheel turning full circle perhaps?”””

    Hardly Andy.

    Wenger was more concerned with winning the The Double than beating PAOK in his 1st full season.

    Wengers biggest mistake at The Arsenal- is he made managing Arsenal look too easy.

    And fans assumed the sensational soccer, the trophies, the cup finals and top 4s were the norm.

    Well they are not. (As we are seeing.)

    We are the only club in world soccer that spent 1/4 billion on players and have got SUBSTANTIALLY worse.

    From 6th to 9th.
    Totally unparalleled in the game.

    And I can categorically state , we wont do much better either.

    Club is unsalvergable and unmanageable under KSE.

  54. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Again I think we should go for a cheaper use£ to prem player instead of buying parsley…
    It’s a mistake.

  55. Pierre

    “Pierre, being a bit selective about that CL final. The free kick from which Campbell scored was an very obvious dive from Eboue. ”

    And why shouldn’t I be selective about the team I support .
    The fact is , a Barcelona player was offside for their first goal.

    It’s only a supposed Arsenal fan who would pick out a supposed dive from one of our own players to justify why we lost the champions league final.

  56. Valentin


    Yes Gazidis may be a good commercial, but he clearly has been promoted to a position (CEO of a football club) way above his level of competence.
    The fact he is presiding over an even bigger mess at Milan AC, should put to bed the notion that he was a good CEO led astray by Wenger.

    The problem is that Gazidis did what every unsecured Beta manager does. Hiring people who could never be a threat to them. Filling the place with opportunists and sycophants (who keep telling that he is doing a great job and that those pesky issues that keep coming up have nothing to do with his bad decisions).

    A’s hire A’s B’s hire C’s.
    When A and B leaves, then C is promoted. Every new hire subsequently lower the level of the company.
    Once that cycle kickstart, it is very difficult to stop it. Often a complete clear out is necessary.


  57. andy1886

    Pierre, simply put if you’re going to offer a biased opinion make that clear rather than present it as fact.

    Just like your opinions on Arsene.

  58. Marc


    Self interest will prevail – Sky Sport’s had a headline earlier that more the 50% of clubs in the bottom half of the table want relegation scrapped (this season I assume!), with 6 teams either in the bottom 3 or within 2 points of it is anyone surprised.

    Players are still earning big money whilst sitting on their backsides so no desire to do anything from them either.

  59. andy1886

    The restart?

    It’s already in trouble. The PL have said today that they’ll take on board the concerns about neutral venues and talk to the authorities about it. Of course they know the police will never sanction clubs playing at home so they’re in a no-win situation.

    If they are going to restart I can only see it being on a no-relegation basis unless there is some sort of financial compensation (over and above the parachute payment) to the clubs impacted.

  60. andy1886

    CG – Wenger must have had a premonition about the double in that case – we played PAOK in September, not sure he was ‘concentrating on the double’ at that stage.

  61. Marc


    Do you actually think thousands of Scousers won’t appear at the ground where they are playing for the 2nd win they require? Those that don’t travel for that will be out on the streets to celebrate – I’m just wondering who’s fault it’ll be.

  62. CG

    “”””CG – Wenger must have had a premonition about the double in that case””””

    He had many many qualities Andy,

    He predicted an Unbeaten season was coming AND he dropped an Unbeaten season soon after.

    Book out in October.

    I hope you have ordered your copy.
    I have.

    I am hoping once Graham has read it – we will see a much more emollient side of him too. No good all this Wenger angst and anger inside him bubbling away.

  63. Sid

    people living on modest incomes are proportionately far
    more generous than the rich, often donating money and time at considerable personal
    sacrifice, without receiving comparable recognition or tax breaks for their

    Im telling you for free!

  64. Graham62


    Breath it in and except it, because my feelings on Wenger will never change.

    Yes, I will order my copy of ‘My Life In Red And White’ although I can already predict that there’ll be a fair few excuses thrown in to keep us all amused. I can also guarantee we won’t see too many ‘acceptance of blame’ segments either.

    Remember though it’s an autobiography, which means they will be his own perceptions of his reign and an account of what he saw and felt at the club.

    Will we feel sympathy for him after the read?

    I wonder.


  65. Andy1886

    Read this in a F365 article and it reminded me of someone….

    “For younger fans, often those who are displaced and watching from afar, the individual is king. The team is just the parade float or the podium or the packaging for the figurine that holds their real loyalty”

    Any guesses?

  66. Valentin


    1) Wenger did not chose Gazidis. He was just part of the interview process. I also doubt that Wenger could have said to the Kroenke, the guy you have selected is a complete moron. I can’t work with him.
    I have been in a similar situation when the HR department involve you in the interview process of your next boss, but you already know that he will get the job and nobody care about what you say. One of my colleagues did not understood that the game was rigged and wrote what we all thought of the management preferred candidate. The new guy still got the job. First thing the new guy did was to ostracise the poor sap who quickly realised that he had no future in the company. The new boss who we all agreed was an incompetent moron got sacked 2 years later.

    2) Gazidis came with a stellar career in US Sport. I have absolutely no doubt that he aced his interview. With his commercial background, he was able to say all the right thing. The problem is that when it came to actually implement those marvellous ideas he was out of his depth. Same issue than Emery had. He aced the interview, but by the end nobody understood what he was trying to do.

  67. Valentin


    I did mentioned the Peter principle a few months ago when there was a discussion about Vinay and Raul.
    But Gazidis is slightly different in that I don’t think the Peter Principle fully apply to him. he was not promoted internally. He got the job on the back of his resume and interview. He aced his interview because he is a slick, salesman. I am sure that he has great ideas. His problem is that he is a idea/marketing man without the organisation skill to implement that plan.

    There is different type of leadership. One of them is the inspiration leader who bring people together by his charisma and great ideas. Usually those people needs a second in command who is detailed oriented who can convert those idea into concrete plan.

    Take a classic example of CEO with great vision: Steve Jobs. One big reason he was successful at Apple in his first stint was because he had Steve Wozniak who dealt with all the peaky technical detail. At Next he failed miserably. When he came back at Apple, he had Tim Cook who is a great organiser. The problem that Tim Cook has now is that he has no vision for Apple.

    Gazidis issue is that he had been unable to find a good second in command who could implement his ideas.

  68. David Smith

    Whether or not Wenger was the one behind the Gazidis hire, don’t get the impression they worked too well together for long after that, wouldnt be surprised if in the end Wenger didn’t view him with a level of contempt.
    Gazidis seemed to publicly pressure Wenger to spend where he may not have wanted to , perhaps to please the fans. Maybe he was right to do so, but maybe this is what bought Ozil and what followed.
    Gazidis was also conspicuous in his lack of proper backing of Wenger in the last couple of years, possibly rightly so, but he still seemed a little cowardly to me.
    Ivan Gazidis was no David Dein, and will just be remembered as a footnote in the era of an Arsenal giant